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  Hannity  FOX News  March 3, 2016 10:01pm-10:14pm PST

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>> i did. i actually thought it was going to be much tougher than it was. i thought they'd come at me a little bit stronger. i actually enjoyed the debate. the result was pretty good. so i'm happy about that. >> the number i saw was 69% on that poll. which was pretty con sisz tent all throughout these many, many debates. one of the things that came up tonight, and i want to give you the chance to clarify this, was the issue of trump university. i talked to your attorney on my radio show. and michael said that you have documentation. that you had a 98% approval rating from the students who went to the seminars, the university. and do you feel that this has
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now gotten unfair, as much as nobody's paying attention to that? >> well, we've done so many big deals, massive deals, big real estate projects. nobody ever mentions that. i do hundreds of deals and transactions. and nobody ever merngss it. it frankly, has a very good rating from students who took the coursesment did very well with the better business bur row. and we're going to win the case. maybe it will be a long time, i don't know when it's going to be. when people take something, it's a class action where they're trying to get money back. it's a simple suit. i don't like settling suits. i could have settled the case. i don't like settling cases. when you're known as a settler, what happens is everybody sues you. so i just don't settle cases. but we're going to win the case. >> i've experienced myself. i was once sued by lindsey lohan and her mother. and i said i'm not going it. i refuse to settle.
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and, as a public person, that happens a lot. i don't think people realize that. but it does. let me ask you this, the issue of flexibility came up. they showed a tape of you on my show. i didn't see the night before, apparently, you were on with bill. i didn't see that night. but all throughout this campaign, when i asked you about syrian refugees, you've been very consistent in saying that you believe that they should stay there. you would support a military presence, a coalition of nations. you've supported food, medicine, walter supplies. why does that keep coming up? why do you think? >> well, i think what happens is that was the first time -- yeah, bill only asked the question for the first time. that was a new subject. the mile dwrags was very new. and bill asked me a question and i gave him an answer that seemed do be after studying it, i didn't realize they were going to bring in so many people. i talked about that tonight.
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you have to have a certain amount of flexibility or you're not going to go anywhere. if you're going to have a decision, you have to be able to change that decision or you're going to be in trouble. >> after i realized they were going to bring in so many more people, i said well, in that case, i'm changing my decision. >> you know, i want to g back to -- we also learned new information. not only does the president want to take in 10,000 syrian refu e refuge refugees, but we know what happens in paris. our f.b.i. director, our envoy, our national drek tour of intelligence. all of these people have all said isis will infiltrate the refugee population. to me, isn't the president gambling with the lives of the american people if we take them in knowing that there's going to
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be an infiltration? >> i think it's insane to do it. and i like the whole thing with building a safe zone and we should do that and we shroud get the gulf states to put up the money because our country was $19 trillion. we don't have any money. but i absolutely think it's ichb sane. we have no documentation. we have no idea where they're from. i think it's absolutely insane to take them in. >> i want to ask you about governor mitt romney and his speech that he gave tonight. you supported governor romney. i actually thought and believed to this day he would have been a good president. but he lost the race. and for him to come out as he did today, how did you feel about that considering you had gone to bat for him in such a big way. and he had said such good things about you just four years ago. >> he knows what a great businessman aam. i'm a much better businessman today than i was four years ago. look, mitt romney blew it.
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he's a joker. he choked like a dogmented he should have won that election. he disappeared for the final month. noble knew where he was. obama, give him credit, was on jay leno. mitt romney just disappeared. he wouldn't even do your show. and your show would be a good thing to do. you complained. he won't do your show. mitt romney is a joker. and the last thing we need running for president is a joker. >> this isn't bean bawl. we call it blood sport fur a reason. i'm worried about these people in the future so they can build nuclear weapons. so the question is, as hard as you might be on some of the republican kangd dats, how hard,
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how source does it get if you win the nomination with hillary. >> well, it will be very hard. i mean, she's done a termble job. i think we're going to beat her very big. look, i'm leading on four or five polls already. other than something she said four weeks ago and i think she's probably regret that she said it to me. look, i'm the only one that can beat her. i'm going to bring new york into play. i'm going to bring michigan into play. i'm going to win pennsylvania. i'm going to win ohio. i'm going to win florida. the other candidates cannot win those states. >> do you really believe you can win new york, pennsylvania and new jersey? >> i think there's a chance. >> i think there's a good chance. >> i want to ask, because, you know, i actually was var critical of marco rubio and it made news. i said senate store rubio,
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donald trump had you disavowed the kkk and david duke going back to august of this year. so i wanted to play for you a tape of both mitt romney and rubio seeming to use the same language. and i have a question out of this. >> there's plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> what you have here is a world class con artist and a sham who is praying on people's fears.
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>> the party cannot have someone who refuses to condemn the ku klux klan. >> he is doing to the american voter what he did to the students at trump university. >> as i heard that, and it's the exact same language, maybe it's me and my conspiratorial thinking, but when i hear the exact same words and the exact same language, why do i think that there might be an orchestrated establishment attempt to crush you and try to crush you. do you feel that?
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he's got, by far, the worst voting record that you have now. >> you had answered this question many times and it came up in the last debate was the issue of health care. now, do you want to expand on the thoughts that you now have on your detail plan that you put up? >> well, you know, we're doing the health care savings accounts. we're getting rid of the boundaries and the lines. and we're going to have competitive bidding.
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>> all right, a couple of quick questions and then i'm going to let you go. every single day bait this comes up, how does mexico pay for the wall. last night, we had fox on the air. i showed him, because i've been down to the border ten, 12 times. horse back, all terrain vehicle, boats, helicopters. i've been in the drug ware hos us t. i showed the former president a massive warehouse, floor-to-ceiling drugs aimed at american children and he still can't even recognize that we have a right to protect our kids from the criminal element. i showed him video when i was there and a gang member was being arrested. i showed him tunnels that were dug from mexico to san diego. we're in a battle with him. but it's amazing that he doesn't seem to care about american kids. >> we have no battle.
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let me tell you something about those drug dens. he knows about those drug dens better than you do. you can show him, but he already knows about them. it's not going to be a battle. we lose a tremendous amount of money if you look at trade with mexico. we are losing our shirts. not only at the border. let me tell you, we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall. whether he likes it or not. first of all, he's not president anymore. but whether he likes it or not, mexico will be paying for the >> last question. this is now the 11th debate that you've had. were you happy with the fox debate tonight? are you happy with the debate process? do you think they're becoming more competitive? do you think they've run its course or do you want to keep doing it? >> i thought that they did a very good job.
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i was very happy with the way i performed chlts i think that now it's getting so repetitive, it's ridiculous. i dwesz we're saddled up with one more. i think the moderators were very, very good. i thought fox did a very good job tonight. >> what do you want to say to these young people who are here. it's going to be their country. what's the message and i'll relay it. >> i think the big message is to find something that you love doing and work really hard and be good and successful. you have to do what you love and then work really hard. never, ever give up or quit. >> that's great advice. good to see you. and let me relay it. he said find something you love to do. work really hard. never give up and fight every day. >> mr. trump. thank you for being with us. coming up tonight, peter john son, jr.