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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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fans let's keep talking about the 11th gop debate, who won, who lost and what were the best moments. logon to foxfriendsfirst page. #keeptalking. have a good weekend. bye, see ya. y'all wrote me off. guess what? it is now march madness and we are heading up north to the place, to my turf. let me just tell you this. i will win ohio. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. >> there is a difference tweep flexible and telling people whatever you want to get them to do what you want. >> the people in florida wouldn't elect marco rubio dog
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catcher. >> donald trump, i know it is hard not to interrupt but stop, breath, breath, breath. you can do it. you can breath. i know it's hard but just. >> when they are done with yoga, can i ask a question? >> you cannot. >> i hope that we don't see that on this stage. >> he is very flexible, so you never know. >> the 11th debate was certainly going to stand out. it was fox's latest in the 11th of the series and i hope the last. i think they are just about done. >> that was wup one of the best moments, the yoga moment. >> you can tell they are spending all their ammunition. a ton of back and forth. a lot of frustration. >> right now, trump is the guy to beat. he is doing so well in the polls. they are going to focus on the democratic side. they feel like they have to win
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on the republican side and will focus on the democratic side later. >> their fire was aimed at one man. >> here we go. to one man in particular. >> another special man joining us from detroit fox news team in detroit, john roberts is back on the case. in his pink tie. we love it. >> this is a different pink tie. i would not recycle a pink tie. let me tell you that straight up. >> ryan, ainsley, peter, good morning. i can go to my grave comfortable that after two decades of covering presidential debates, i have heard it all. donald trump talking about the size of his hands means that ner vary na has been achieved. you have seen everything. donald trump knew that marco rubio and ted cruz were coming after him hard. they are running out of time. at the very beginning before the hands comment, it looked like he was trying to fly above the
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fray. he hasn't mastered the political skill of ignoring debate when it dangles in front of his nose. >> you asked him about the economy and the first thing he does is launch an attack about some little guy thing. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> you are not going to stop the corruption and the cronyism by supporting someone who has used governor power for private gain. >> listening to the old talk, no action politician. >> it is trying to con people into giving him their vote like he conned these people into giving him their money. >> there was an exciting moment at the end when all the candidates were asked if they will throw their support behind the eventual republican nominee if it happens to be donald trump. >> let me tell you why. the democrats have two people left in the race. one of them is a socialist. the other one is under fbi investigation. >> yes, because i gave my word that i would.
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if he ends up as the nominee, sometimes he makes it a little bit hard. i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> can you definitively say tonight that you definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it is not you? >> even if it is not me? yes, i will. >> that was a very interesting exchange. you had mitt romney coming out against donald trump yesterday and a number of republicans starting this movement of never trump. for all the candidates on the stage, the remaining three with donald trump saying they will support him is an important signal. >> what would it mean when you have spent months calling each other liars and phoneys and frauds. oh, yeah, i will support him. i don't know how active they will be. what about the megan moment, the first time in a long time, donald trump and megyn kelly had a chance to see each other. >> it would make it like every
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other presidential year. you have dpot to try to trash your opponent and then you come back and support that opponent. very interesting moment. donald trump skipped the last debate where megyn was the moderator. they met for the first time that provided an interesting exchange that lit up twitter and all of social media. let's watch when thinitially locked horns. >> mr. trump, hi, how are you doing? >> nice to be with you, megyn. you are looking well. >> as are you. >> i don't want to say that they buried the hatchet, because they probably haven't. i thought mshe got some interesting responses and that m mantaj of video. it is probably the appropriate
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relationship that a journalist and presidential candidate should have. >> she drilled down on him on trump university in a respectful way. that might have been his weakest moment. >> if anything, that is his weak spot right now. we will find out in a couple of years and a lot of people want to hear about it and hear about it now. >> i thought it was nice that they did have that moment in the beginning of the debate. how are you? i'm doing finest. you are looking well. it is burying the hatchet. i was very impressed with the way megyn handled trump university question. she was prepared. she knew her stuff. >> they did a great job attempting to channel the discussion toward substance. they did it on debt. it is not easy on that stage. they are going back and forth at each other. there is a pent-up supply of attacks on donald trump on the republican side of the spectrum. a lot of people held back. last debate, rubio did. in this debate, it was rubio and
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cruz going at trump with "the new york times" transcript, with trump, with trump university. with offshoring jobs and they were going with everything they could. >> military leaders saying you could not possibly kill the families of would-be terrorists and they would not follow the order. donald trump's answer was, what if the generals won't listen. he said, oh, they'll listen. >> you are not just going to follow that order, specially because of what happened with the cia last time. they get legal authority to do waterboarding. next thing you know, there is a new president and they have to go lawyer up. the one thing that's pretty clear, before the debate started, the attacks were coming fast and furious on donald trump. >> they really were. we counted up the attacks. some were repeats but overall, there were 11 attacks on donald trump last night. how many on hillary? four. this goes back to what i was saying at the beginning of the show. they are all in it to win the
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republican nomination. they are going to go after the front-runner for right now. once they get past this and whoever the nominee is going to be, then they will go after hillary. we are going to see those numbers increase. if donald trump is the nominee. it looks like he could be, because he is ahead in all the polls and done well in these states so far. when he goes up against hillary clinton, imagine what the debates are going to be like. >> he said, i haven't even started on hillary. i haven't used very little lines of attack. he is spinning off others that are united against him in a contested primary. after march 15th, we'll see if there is some clarity on that next super tuesday. you'll see that shift. >> you know what's interesting too, a lot of people thought that kasich did so well and stuck to policy and did go after the other candidates. but, is that enough to win? look at the numbers. the math just doesn't add up. he could end up being a vp. we'll have to wait and see sghchlt are the goal for everybody except donald trump is keep him from 1200.
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keep him from the threshold. get him to detroit, to cleveland and see what you can do. >> with romney giving the speech early in the day talking about, hey, if you support rubio, in florida, vote for rubio, in ohio, vote for kasich. these candidates are not ready to throw in with each other to say, vote for somebody else to stop trump. they are all saying i want to win myself z th. >> they were not attacking each other. >> the only attack was on donald trump. >> megyn kelly was able to look back at some of what donald trump has said in the past and see that he is contradicting himself on many different issues. here is the challenge. i thought one of donald trump's finest moments was when he talked about how leadership can build in some flexibility. >> but the point i'm going for is you change your tune on so many things. that has some people saying, what is his core? >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core.
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but i've never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. if you are going to be one way and you think it is wrong, does that mean the rest of your life, you have to go in the wrong direction, because you don't want to change. >> trump talking about being flexible led to one of the funniest moments of the night. take a listen. >> breath, breath, breath, breath. you can do it. breath. i know it is hard. i know it is hard. >> when they are done with the yoga, can i answer a question? >> you cannot. i really hope that we don't sio ga on this stanl. >> he is very flexible. so you never know. >> that was good, it was quick, it was in the moment. >> there were several good moments there. even if you caught it when rubio says, can i answer that or can i interrupt, he says, no, you cannot. he kept going. >> you have to give it to donald trump, a guy with flexibility
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usually means, where are his core principles? would he abandoned his principles? he said as an executive, you have to shift a little bit. he turned what could be a big negative into a positive. >> marco rubio is going to be joining us next hour said the senator from florida who absolutely has to win florida, will be joining us to find out what he thinks about his performance. >> you know who absolutely had to be with us this morning, heather childress? >> hello, stranger. >> you did a great job this morning. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> congratulations, again. >> we have some stories we have been following. a police officer under arrest charged with murdering an unarmed black man. officer aaron smith, who is 23 years old, killed gregory gunn after he tried stopping him on the street. this was around 3:00 a.m. this all unfolding in montgomery, alabama. he said gunn threatened officer smith with a pole or stick and they got into a physical altercation.
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smith's lawyer says the shooting was in self-defense. >> we believe that these charges were brought to prevent public unrest. that makes the decision to arrest this officer political, not legal. >> gunn's family insists that he was not a violent man. >> the leader kim jong-un ordering his mailitary to carry on strikes any time as they openly defy the u.n. and carry out more nuclear tests. north korea does not have the ability to make a successful nuclear bomb. >> the video is hard to watch. two women caught on camera storming a police station, throwing a grenade and firing automatic weapons before running away. the police followed the suspects into an empty building shooting and killing both of them. one officer was hurt. it is believed that the women were part of a far left group responsible for a series of
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deadly attacks. the fifth time will hopefully be the charm. the spacex falcon 9 rocket is ready for launch again today, blastoff from cape canaveral has been avoided four times in the past week and a half, mostly due to bad weather and some foolish yus. it is set for 6:45 p.m. eastern. this will carry a satellite into orbit for communications. >> thanks, heather. it is 13 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, at last night's debate, the candidates talked about american's economy. >> we have been struggling, wages are stagnating, people are hurting. >> is he right? professor brian renburg is here to celebrate fact from fiction. we just about wore him out. ♪
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hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ] in just two hours, a major indicator on our economy. the economy was one of the hot topics at last night's debate. >> there are people in this country, their wages haven't gone up for so long. they see the rich get richer, they believe and they are not
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moving. they put their money in the bank and they got no interest on their money. they receive none. their sons or daughters are living in the basement, because they can't get a good job after they rang up so much college debt. >> so kasich speaking to economic insecurity. is he right? what is the state of the economy? are we better off today. let's go brian renberg. he is the chair of the business and finance program at king's college. >> good to see you again. >> a lot of talk about small hands and little marco. besides that, on the economy, we are feting numbers later today. what is the state of the economy and how did they speak to it? >> if you have been paying attention, we are talking about, a lot of are we looking at recession? people are very nervous about the economy. growth has been slow, continues to be slow. job numbers have been there. we are not sure where they are going to go. there are some real questions here. it is important in the debate for the candidates to talk about where the economy is going and what are we going to do to get it growing? >> one of the candidates that
3:19 am
spoke to that was ted cruz. >> for seven years, millions of americans, we have been struggling, wages are stagnating, people are hurting, our constitutional rights are under assault, the truck drivers and the steel workers and the mechanics with calluses on their hands who have seen their wages not grow year after year after year while the cost of living goes up. millions of high-paying jobs, wages going up. we are going to see opportunity. that's where our focus needs to be. that's where my focus is. >> brian, heard a lot about wages and increasing wakes. you can't just do that with a magic wand. are they presenting plans that will make that happen. >> they are diagnosing the problems. you heard a lot of people talk about the problems, where is wage growth, job growth. we need to shift the focus to what are we going to do about it. that's where the conversation is pretty sparse. what's your plan to do that? >> do you feel like anyone tried to say, here is exactly what it would look like? >> i don't think we have seen
3:20 am
that throughout the debate. i don't think we have had the time to let it develop. here is your flat tax versus my three bracketts. what is the difference between cutting capital gains rate taxes versus estate taxes. it is a little bit wonky but you have to get there. they don't get anywhere close to that. you hear the problem but you don't really get to the solution part. that's going to have to come out. >> they questioned donald trump on his debt and debt plan. they talked about adding the epa and removing the education department. what do you make of that exchange. >> we finally started to get close to the real heart of the issue. deficits this year for the first time are going to start to go up. by 2026, they are going to be over a trillion and a half dollars. that's a real issue. they started to move in that direction with the question to trump. clearly, he couldn't answer it. $78 billion doesn't come close to that. >> never enough time even for this conversation. brian brenberg, good to see you.
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3:25 am
donald trump's book "the art of the deal" was first published but is now flying off of store shelves. since january 1st, more than 20,000 copies have been sold. >> if elected, it will be a national holdy, the day that book hit the book shelves. let's talk about last night's debate, a face-off between the final four republican candidates, the ultimate outsider appeal taking center stage again. >> for 40 years, donald has been part of the corruption in washington that you're angry about. >> i have been supporting people for many years. these people have been politicians and they have been on both sides, democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives. i have supported everybody. until recently, i wasn't a politician. >> they keep putting outsiders in to bring about the change and then the change doesn't come and then they put more outsiders in because we are putting people in that don't understand compromise, they don't understand policy. >> well, who did win the debate after two hours? the outsider or the long-term
3:26 am
politicians. let's ask our political david beller and brad thomas is here. he is the author of the trump factor, it's all business. brad, no doubt about it, your guy was attacked throughout the night. i think he talked for over 30 minutes, 13 more minutes than marco rubio. how did he do? >> i think he did great. he was prepared as usual and i think his talking points were very, very clear. >> do you really believe that as you look, david, at what he said about trump university? do you look at that, david, as he responded to foreign policy? >> there is no question. each of the candidates played to their strength. this morning, donald trump is still the front-runner. cruz and rubio and kasich each continue to seek to chip away at mr. trump's lead and score some points here and there. you saw where cruz and rubio last night tried to take a
3:27 am
positive for mr. trump and turn it into a negative on immigration. time will tell but mr. trump certainly was on the defensive in explanation mode on what has been a signature move for him. >> brad, also, he had to know, he took the stage knowing that mitt romney spent an hour ripping who he was and what he has done. also, knowing that john mccain put pen to paper saying just about the same thing. former senator for minnesota going after him. the establishment and paul ryan looking at donald trump and getting panicky. >> i think the romney speech backfired, frankly. i supported romney back when he was running in the previous election. i really was disappointed with the points that romney made in the speech. again, i think they really backfired on trump. trump has certainly been through adverse times, as any investor would. if you want to compare those adversity toss romney, he has had quite a few failures too.
3:28 am
20% of his companies he invested in filed innibankruptcy as well. i don't think it was fair to point out the failures that trump has had. what i am more concerned about is what are the successes since those failures. >> one thing we saw is specifics. trump university, what went wrong with that? when he talks about getting rid of fraud and abuse, out comes chris wallace. >> i think you said trump university. >> right. trump university when he came up with that. >> i'm not able to hear on this end sgchlt will don end. >> let me just focus on david for a moment. a lot of specifics were brought up with chris wallace when he talked about what he would do with the deficit to cut back fraud and abuse. was there any scoring done there? >> we're going to see. time is going to tell on that. it is interesting, brian, that in light of the last couple of
3:29 am
days, rnc chairman, reince priebus came on stage and said the rnc and the republican party is going to be complete lid united behind our nominee. the audience certainly came in with their favorite candidate. it was also equally clear they wanted the party to unite and support the nominee. i would also say this, there are more bernie sanders populists that are going to vote for donald trump than there are dissatisfied republicans that will vote for hillary clinton. >> final thoughts about donald trump as we look to saturday which will have kentucky, louisiana and maine? >> absolutely. i think it is important to focus on trump as an investor. that's what my book is about, the business side of trump i, and what he has been able to do and manage through those risk cycles. it is important to mention the risks and the bankruptcies and
3:30 am
the trump universities and all the matters openly discussed today. it is important to look at the intangible assets. in my book, i will explain what they are really worth to the nickel. >> if something fails, it doesn't mean it wasn't worthwhile. if we all have to have a perfect record, we are never going into business. david avella, brad thomas, thanks so much. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. how would you describe last ext. who does donald trump think won the debate? anna kooiman takes us into the spin room as she lived it. happy birthday to rick perry, the former p texas governor, 65 today and very much supporting ted cruz.
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for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. donald trump has basely
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mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> does anyone ever deserve to be atked that way, it has been donald trump. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> i will, big donald. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> then let's stop fighting. >> breath, breath, breath, you can do it. you can breath. i know it is hard. i know it's hard. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> that was like the first few minutes. >> we didn't know where we were going with that. >> that, i could not believe that that moment happened. >> that was one of those moments where you step back and gasp and laugh and then go, should i be laughing? that's a presidential debate stage sdpch stage. >> that's when my phone started blowing up with my friends texting, can you believe that happened? >> find out who won the debate
3:35 am
and what they thought about the debate. here is a look at what they took in. >> a word or phrase to talk about tonight's debate. >> sophomoreic, shameful, despicable. low on substance. >> disgusting. >> schoolyard brawl. >> who thought john kasich won? remarkable. tell me why? >> he came across as succinct and on point sdpchlt wi. >> why kasich? >> the only adult in the room. >> why kasich? he was mature, presented sound answers and spoke like somebody who has done it before. >> that is true but it is easy to sound like the statesman when you are not attacked. he did not do any attacking. >> and when other people are doing the attacking that some feel needs to be done, you can step back and say, i'm the elder statesman. i have done it before. >> it is going to be all about ohio and what he can do in michigan. he does have a great resume. i think he should find a way not
3:36 am
to say it every single time sgchlt will i ha. >> i have it memorized. >> he is one of the few guys that you can walk in there and know what to expect in the oval office. >> are you thinking vice-president? >> i think a lot of people are. will that change a vote, however? interesting to see. i know we are going to have frank luntz on later. they may have said he won the debate. does that mean they are voting for him? >> if you do the math, can he even win at this point? >> that's what the voters think. what about the candidates. >> anna kooiman was up late. i want to see her overtime invoice. you were working the spin room. >> reporter: up late and up early, good morning, brian, ainsley and pete and everybody at home. i got the very first interview with the front-runner as he came down the stairs into the spin room and was greeted by all the reporters. i asked him about a lot. one of the things, because we are here in detroit where the auto industry has really suffered, a lot of manufacturing jobs have gone by the wayside.
3:37 am
is he the man to bring jobs back to the united states? of course, he says yes and called on apple to start manufacturing iphones here in the united states. i pressed him and said, what about trump closing. he said, i think we can do that. he went back to his talking points about china and how they are devaluing their currency. here is a whole lot more from that interview. >> reporter: you complained that fox news was not fair to you. do you think we were fair to you tonight? >> i think so. i thought they did a very good job. i thought they actually did a very good job. >> reporter: how do you think you did tonight, sir? >> how did you think i did? >> reporter: i'm the one asking the questions. governor, you say you are the best person to go up against hillary clinton because you can get the independent voters. >> the democrats too. i beat her by 11 points, more than anybody else in the race. it's because, you know, it is tone. it is ideas. it is bringing people together. >> reporter: "fox & friends." pu want "fox & friends," right? >> american workers feel like
3:38 am
they need manufacturing jobs coming back here. do you think you are the man to do that for them? >> i'll bring jobs back, from china, japan and mexico and lots of other places. we have to bring them back to the united states. >> reporter: many have criticized your temperament and said you are not acting presidential. do you think you did tonight? >> you have to win. if you have to be a little rougher, you have to win. >> he was attacked from all sides and he did fantastic job. >> reporter: how would you be as a first lady? what would your cause be? >> many problems in the 21st century. i would focus on helping women and children. they are our future. they need our help, education. i have many ideas. if it comes to that, we will discuss. >> reporter: another moment that has folks talking this morning is when donald trump appeared to reverse his policy on highly skilled visas for these foreign workers. he appeared to change what he had been saying along the campaign trail and retile on the
3:39 am
debate sta debate stage. i asked him, is he just talking tough on immigration or is he really tough on immigration? >> he said, absolutely i am, that's why sheriff arpaio is on his side. >> yesterday, you were talking about how the public wasn't invited. not many from the public were going to get invited. did you get a chance to talk to them? who do they think won? >> reporter: we were in the spin room as soon as it was over so i didn't get to do that. there were a lot of protesters out here last night, hundreds of them. we fgot some. they were upset about the flint water crisis. they wanted to make sure that was addressed and jobs. i used to work in toledo, ohio. jobs is going to be a big voting issue when voters head to the polls. >> unemployment there is over 10%. >> double what it is for the
3:40 am
rest of the country. >> i'm not sure they really drilled down on how they are going to bring jobs. i don't think ted cruz really nailed that either. >> not a whole lot of specifics, no. >> anna, thanks so much. good job. let's hand it over to heather childress. we are back together again. >> i miss you. i am going to steal you back. this just in. the military isg women for all combat jobs. the navy is already collecting submission packages from perspective s.e.a.l. candidates. they could see women in entry level, enlisted and officer training in september and october. in december, defense secretary ash carter declared all combat positions open to women. "sports illustrated" model, hanna ferguson, is standing behind the second amendment saying it is good to know how to use a gun. in a new interview, she talks about growing up shooting pellet guns and says her parents were
3:41 am
both marines and taught her to shoot at a young age. guns are often misunderstood but she believes there should be some form of gun control. the video is unbelievable. a truck hitting a scooter and then dragging a child. the child is knocked to the ground and disappears under the car carrier. the driver rushes to the cab of the truck banging on the window and when he does, the child emerges from under the car carrier, unscathed. very, very lucky. may day. a yacht seepininks after being lowered into the ocean. you can see the crane holding it. it snaps and sends it upside down into the water. as the water rushes inside, that yacht just sinks. >> that breaks my heart. i hope they have insurance. >> for the most part, if you can afford one yacht, you usually can afford two. >> imagine being the person, though, that's responsible.
3:42 am
>> as long as you keep your receipt, you get your money back. >> iou. let me tell you what's coming up. donald trump made sure immigration came up at last night's debate. >> the border is a disaster, like a piece of swiss cheese. we are going to stop it. stop people from coming into our country illegally sgchlt will how will that play with hispanic voters? our next guest says it may work in trump's favor. >> a whole lot of conversation happening online and clayton is keeping track of it all. >> good morning, guys. >> what is going viral? >> very, donald trump's tiny hands. that was one of the top trending topics. what may surprise you? the most well received candidate across all of social media. we'll break that down for you. now, back to some tiny hands. ♪ the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪
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3:46 am
trump continued to push for tougher immigration policies. >> i'm not playing to anybody's fantasies but to the fact that our country is in trouble. we have a tremendous problem with crime. the border is a disaster, like a piece of swiss cheese. we are going to stop people from coming into our country illegally. >> with more than 27 million hispanic voters expected to participate, does this hurt his chances of winning the latino vote. our next guest says absolutely not. gus joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> can trump get the latino vote? >> absolutely. we have seen that he has already won the latino vote in states like nevada. it is a big, big, big state for republicans specially in the general election? >> karl rove says he is not getting the latino vote z this
3:47 am
is a guy that systematically alienated groups that we need in order to win. we can not win this election by getting 27% of the latino vote as mitt romney did. here is a guy that has a 12% approval rating among latinos. if we lost when we got 27, what's going to happen when we get less? >> this is the guy that has won states like nevada, very important state ns the general election. he and the rest of the republican candidates are bringing new voters into the republican party. if you look at states like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and again nevada, more republicans have actually voted than democrats, which tells us one big important thing. hillary clinton is in trouble. in fact, all of these guys right here on the debate stage, in fact, they all beat her in head to head matchups, which tells me one thing. she is truly in trouble. you know what my friends are telling me. my friends are calling her
3:48 am
amentirosa, which means she is a liar in spanic. she is going to have a big issue in the fall when it comes to hispanic voters. young voters are going to decide the presidential election. she is getting beaten by bernie sanders nearly 80-2067. she is not going to win young voters like president obama did. >> let's look at the exit polls in the state of texas. 35% went to cruz. 28% to rubio, 26% to trump. many political pundits believe that the magic number is between 33% and 42%. if you look at the numbers, trump got 45% and the exit polls show cruz getting 35% in texas. you may be right. >> absolutely. it is right. the pundits and the strategists
3:49 am
p at the end of the day are saying our candidates perform better than hillary clinton or the socialist, bernie sanders. >> the latin legal immigrants have gotten into the country the right way. is that why they are supporting trump? >> they are supporting all of our candidates. in exit polls like texas, they are supporting at the time cruz. hispanics that are here in this country much like the rest of the republican elec tore krat and some democrats, they want border security just as much as the next person. they want to make sure that their country stays and has obviously safety from drug dealers coming from mexico. >> the latino community in the state of florida. we have that election coming up too. >> absolutely. >> and see bha those numbers produce. thank you so much, gus, for being with us. great to see you. coming up, fresh off the debate. marco rubio is going to join us live in ten minutes.
3:50 am
stick around for that. first, while you were sleeping, we are going to tell you what was happening online. we watch the debate. we're keeping track. clayton has been keeping up with all of it. it is fascinating as he walks into our studio. hey, clayton. incredible bladder protection from always discreet that lets you move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks
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3:54 am
donald trump 74% across google of people searching not only for trump university questions, but anything related -- >>. >> can i say this it's a little discouraging talking about the economy and foreign policy and about one throw away statement that everybody is talking about here. >> think about who's on social media. the millennial, the younger generation. >> it's clayton morris. >> it is across the google search trends were trump university, how many states did he win in super tuesday so it wasn't all about hand size and things like that. >> how about on twitter? >> one of the most tweeted about topics, everyone want to see how megyn kelly would toe to toe, 18,000 tweets over megyn kelly
3:55 am
early on in the debate. then mitt romney of course whose name came up during the debate for his speech earlier in the night. immigration, taxes, foreign policy round out that list there. >> what about the most tweeted moment? >> some of the most tweeted moments, donald trump having to defend his business practices the. he was getting hit on all sides, including trump university. people who -- the moderates brought up felt they were ripped off in lawsuits as a result of trump university. he kept firing back. then ted cruz telling donald trump to take a breath and marco rubio responding. that was number two. everyone do some yoga here. number three, donald trump we heard him say this on the campaign trail for weeks and weeks calling marco rubio little marco. that's then we this happened. >> don't worry about it, marco. don't worry about it. don't worry about it, little marco, i will. >> all right. let's hear it, big donald. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> wow. >> wow. >> that was win of the most
3:56 am
talked about -- that was one of the most talked about moments on twitter last night. >> and kasich is a reason to smile. >> people are comparing him to the -- you know, the nice uncle on stage. who was there quietly, looki looking -- i don't know. perhaps kind compared to what was happening on stage. 61% of people on twitter, you actually study the positive reaction, so john kasich at the top of the list. cruz, rubio and trump at the bottom of the list was tweeted about not necessarily positive for the guys. >> we have marco rubio coming up. we'll get his reaction as well. >> reaction to the little marco comments. >> good job. coming up, another one of the most talked about moments last night. >> people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> well, he's going to be here as we were just saying, live right here on "fox & friends," top of the hour. stay tuned for that.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
for the last year donald trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> i happen to call him a lightweight, okay. i have said that, so i would like to take that back. he's really not that much of a lightweight. he hit my hands. i never heard that are these small hands? >> these are not about the insults between the candidates. i don't think the people are interested in a bunch of bickering school children. >> i heard ted say that over and over again on television he's the only one who can beat me. just for the record, i have won ten. he's won three or four? >> he performed the worst against hillary clinton. >> wrong. i beat hillary clinton. i beat hillary clinton in many polls. i beat hillary clinton in many polls. hold on.
4:01 am
i'm talking. >> i beat hillary clinton by more than 11 points. people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> stop fighting. >> wow. there it was. after two-plus hours the 11th debate is now in the books. the most interesting for many reasons. you have a chance to see -- it was four of them and it was good to see a fox debate. i thought it was well researched. i think the people got what they wanted. and that was people being forced to put a truth meter on them. backed up with facts so if they were throwing out rhetoric, they were hit back with facts. >> i asked all the nominees -- all of candidates, if you are the nominee, the other guys, will you support the person who's the front-runner? they all agreed and said yes. many are saying that the republican party needs to unite. i'm not sure that can happen until that's a nominee, because they're all vying for the position. >> big shout outto the moderators. i thought they did a great job
4:02 am
as well. what was on display, there was a united cruz and rubio going after trump. it was in the shadow of the romney speech. there could be a uniting, based on what was said at the end. i will support the nominee. but looking at the attacks and looking at the way that things are trending, there's a real division that could possibly even get wider. >> what do you say to the -- many people are saying that republicans will unite eventually because the alternative is far worse which is a socialist or a liar. >> that's what you heard from rubio, it's hillary or bernie. until we're at the 15th, ohio and florida and that vote, it's going to stay messy like that. that will clarify either all the way to the convention, which i think we'll get a chance to ask marco rubio about or it will clarify as donald trump. >> in fact, let's go to him now. >> some of the more explosive moments happening between trump and senator marco rubio. take a listen.
4:03 am
>> he has spent a career convincing americans that he's something that he's not in exchange for their money and now he's trying to do the same in exchange for their country. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. >> you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue? you ask him about the economy, and the first thing he does is launch an attack about some little guy thing because he doesn't have answers. he's asking us to make him the president of the united states of america. >> well, joining us to react to the presidential debate, the 11th one as he always does, still shaking his head, senator marco rubio. great to see you. why are you shaking your head? >> because we have a front-runner refusing to answer a policy position, and he said i changed my opinion on temporary guest worker, high-tech workers and as soon as his handlers got ahold of him he reversed the position back. it is unreal. you know, when is the last time
4:04 am
you have ever seen a front-runner who's performed the way he has, he's won "x" number of states and we're being asked will you support him if he's the nominee? that's a 65% of republican voters who do not want him to be our nominee. he can never unite our party. it really puts us in a tough position, that's why i'm asking everyone to unite behind our campaign to bring everyone together. >> it's not so much you're losing but you're losing to trump that's bothering you more. >> first of all, you say we're losing but we're picking up a significant number of delegates. we are within the same delegate range as everybody else. i mean 100 delegate difference at this point is one state, if it's the right state like florida. this is the most unusual election we have had in my lifetime. no one here at this point has a clear path to the number of delegates necessary to be the nominee and we'll have to see how this works through. i can just tell you that of all the people left in this race, i
4:05 am
know that i'm the only one that can bring the party together and i'm the only one that can grow it. and grow the conservative movement. i know trump can't do that. indon't believe ted can do that. >> i know we want to talk about brokered conventions and what's ahead in florida. but i asked my friends on twitter to ask you questions this morning. tom larson says why do you go into the gutter with attacks and then speedy jerry says, mr. trump's hands, why is that on your mind? how do you respond? >> first of all, trump has personally insulted and offended everybody, not on the debate stage last night but everybody basically he can. i mean, the disabled, you name it. there's no end to his vulgarity. and there comes a point where someone like that needs to be confronted. for me to be asked about going in and -- to attack, when this guy does it on a regular basis i think is absurd. that being said, i challenge people to watch all 11 debates. go back and watch them, watch my speeches. look at my website, no one on this campaign has worked harder to make this about issues than i
4:06 am
have. when i'm asked a specific question about foreign policy last night, i gave a 65 or 70 second answer on foreign policy. when he asked gets about that it becomes an attack on me, a personal attack is what he launches with. so i'm more than ready i said at the outset last night, let's have a policy debate but he doesn't answer questions when it comes to policy. obviously that's something that unfortunately has marred this entire campaign. >> senator, a lot of speculation going on about where this race will go, whether there will be a consolidation or a brokered convention. a lot is determined on what happens on march 15th. a big showdown for you in your home state of florida. this is what donald trump had to say about your chances of florida, then we want to get your latest assessment of how you feel down there. take a listen. >> real con artist is senator marco rubio. who was elected in florida. and who has the worst voting record in the united states senate. he doesn't go to vote. he's absent. he doesn't go. now, the people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog
4:07 am
catcher. the people of florida -- the people of florida and by the way, i know he's going to spend $25 million on ads, without that he wouldn't have a chance. he's 20 points south. the people in florida wouldn't elect him dog catcher. >> senator, brian and i were talking about this 20% number comes up that donald trump always says i'm ahead by 20%. that's an older polling number. what are you seeing now? how do you feel about your chances in florida, a very important state. >> well, look, first of all, florida is a huge state, a lot of people are voting in florida. it will be competitive no matter who is on the ballot. we have known that. but we'll win florida. and we'll prove it on march 15th and a number of other places as well. he talks about polling. here's the bottom line. of all the people left in this race, no one performs worse against hillary clinton than donald trump. if he is our nominee, we'll have a fractured party and we'll have a conservative movement that's unexcited about the nominee
4:08 am
because he's not a conservative. i think that puts us in a weak position, that's why again, i hold out hope that people will unite behind someone who's a real conservative. i believe they will. i ask people to join us at we're the only one who can unite the party and grow it. >> senator cruz said to megyn that he would not support a brokered convention. he said it would fracture the party. do you feel the same way? would you not support a brokered convention? >> well, first of all, brokered convention insinuates that we'll have this back room deal with someone who is not on the ballot will get dropped in. what is possible is that no one has 1,237 delegates. if you look at it now, even donald trump is going to have a tough time at this point getting the 1,237 delegates. that doesn't mean a brokered convention, where there's a back room deal. i do not support a back room deal at the convention either. that's why you have delegates, that's why you have a convention. but i think this will all eventually work out and there will be a consolidation behind someone not named donald trump. i'm telling you it is going to be me.
4:09 am
i am looking forward to that happening. it will be a lot of work. i'm not a front-runner, i'm an underdog, but i always have been an underdog and i relish that role because i think america is a country of underdogs. >> senator, mitt romney came out yesterday, john mccain in print team. john lehman, a lot of higher-ups are condemning trump. does it show guys like you, ted cruz and governor kasich have not done your job in minimizing or defining who he is? that these outsiders have to come in and do that? >> well, look, i think that's the catch 22, right? if you point that out, they say you're being negative or if you don't you get the question you get now. i had preferred this process would work itself out. i said he was a conman and he's able to convince people that he isn't. but i think that's slowly being exposed. we almost beat him in virginia. we were 20 points down in virginia in the last poll they took and we came within two points of defeating him, got
4:10 am
basically the same number of delegates. i honestly believe there had been less people on that ballot we had a couple more days we would have won there. i feel confident about the trends here as the real donald trump is being exposed. >> are you guys coordinating attacks against him? >> in terms of other krcandidat? >> yep. >> no. everyone is running their open campaign. you know, that's the kind of -- what's the name of that program that people watch on tv? "house of cards". that stuff is not real. that's all -- everybody is running their name. >> how are you feeling? i heard you had the flu. >> i'm going to be okay. i'm going to be okay. >> well, good luck. by the way you have some cute kids. i watched them on super tuesday. they were adorable. we were all talking about that in here. your sons are so precious and your daughter too. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> senator marco rubio this morning. i think everybody was hurting on the stage last night. >> you would imagine they would
4:11 am
all get sick because they're on the road constantly. little sleep. >> shaking hands in the winter. >> kissing babies. >> yeah. >> hey, hello, you guys, we have some stories we have been following for you. we begin with breaking news. this is a massive rescue effort. it is happening right now after a ferry capsized throwing dozens of passengers into the water. it happened off the coast of bali. officials say that 51 people were on board, the majority of the people have been pulled from the water. two crew members are missing though. a police officer under arrest, charged with murdering an unarmed black man. officer aaron smith who at 23 years old killed gregory gunn after he tried to stop him on the street at 3:00 a.m. this happened in montgomery, alabama. gunn offered him with a pole or a stick and then the two got into a physical altercation. smith's lawyer said that the
4:12 am
shooting was in self-defense. >> we believe that these charges were brought to prevent public unrest. that makes the decision to arrest this officer political, not legal. >> gunn was 58 years old. erin andrews' case could go to the jury today. lawyers are set to give closing arguments on both sides this morning before the case is handed over. that means that a verdict could come tonight. andrews is suing the marriott nashville for $75 million after her stalker was booked in the room next door where he filmed her through a peep hole. finally, the fifth time will hopefully be the charm after spacex's failed launch on sunday. >> three, two, one. >> the falcon 9 rocket is getting ready for blastoff from cape canaveral again. the launch had been aborted four times mostly due to bad weather and the launch is set for 6:35
4:13 am
p.m. eastern. this rocket will carry a satellite into orbit meant to improve mobile communications and those are a look at your headlines. see what happens this time. >> all right. we can stop landing in kazakhstan. that will help. >> you're bothered by that. >> thank you, heather. >> every day he's talking about kazakhstan. >> unbelievable. 13 minutes after the hour. north korea's leader kim jung unhas his -- un has his finger on the nuclear trigger. and megyn kelly goes to trump on his policy. >> some people think what is his core? >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. but i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible. >> how will his flexible, strong core play with voters? we give the candidates the dial treatment, next.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
well, there were plenty of fire works on the stage last night and when the verbal fists stopped flying and the candidates got to talk policies did the messams resonate with voters?
4:18 am
michael maslansky from maslansky & partners put them to the test. rubio, he said two-thirds of the folks don't want trump as the nominee. >> two-thirds of the people have voted against you. they do not want you as the nominee and the reason why is because we're not going to turn over the conservative movement or the party of lincoln and reagan to someone whose positions are not conservative. you defended planned parenthood for 30 seconds on a stage, to someone for example who has no ideas on foreign -- someone who anies the nuclear triad is a rock band from the 1980s. someone who time and again on issue after issue has not proven that he has the principles that outline what the conservative movement has been about and as ted said the things that made america great. >> interesting. it was pretty flat there. what did you think, what was the grade -- >> he gets a c-plus there. because of all the attacks on donald trump you have to find the ones that really resonate.
4:19 am
the reality is that this is not a debate, this is not an election about being a conservative or not being a conservative. this is an election about being a disrupter. and so anything that tries to challenge trump on not being a conservative we have seen over and over again he can come out in favor of planned parenthood, he can take all the other positions that aren't conservative. it doesn't hurt him. >> it doesn't. >> attacking him in this way doesn't have an impact. >> let's look at a sound bite from trump, how you have to be flexible as a candidate. take a listen. >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. but i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. >> relatable, a lot of people can relate to that. what was your grade? >> b-minus. >> what? >> it wasn't great. if any other republican used this line it would be a "d" or "f." he can take the vulnerability
4:20 am
which is about compromise and turn it into the strength. he owns his weaknesses and he turns them into strengths and this is what's really powerful about trump. >> in your profession, can you believe this election? >> i cannot believe it, but astounded to how he can reframe a perspective. >> thank you for being with us this morning. coming up, it's one of the most talked about moments. >> don't worry about it, marco. don't worry about it. don't worry about it, little marco. i will. >> let's hear -- big donald -- >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> some people say maybe trump is right. kurt the cyberguy is here with the hilarious reactions that are being shared online. we'll have a little fun with this, coming up next. ♪ save big during bass pro shops' dog days event and sale. like savings of 20% on a hyper pet "k-9 kannon" ball launcher.
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4:24 am
the page frominternational headlines, jong un ordering his military to be on stand by to carry out nuclear strikes. oh, really, sorry for interrupting. at any moment's notice that comes after the country defies the u.n. despite the new threats. north korea analysts say they don't have the and to make the nuclear bomb. let's hope they're right. and more than 20,000 camouflage uniforms and equipment are being sent to isis. they were hidden in shipping containers marked as second hand clothes and headed to isis controlled areas in iraq and syria. >> that's right. maybe they would abide by a single law. the debate may have gotten intense and heated in detroit last night. but the discussion online was a little more light hearted.
4:25 am
>> our cyberguy, kurt knutsson, is looking at social media's reaction and has the funnier moments stemming from the fox news debate. >> the greatest ever! it was awesome. this is the most entertaining ever in real life, on tv, and especially online. good morning to you. we take you to, well, what in the heck was that, that suddenly -- i know, but just briefly, all of a sudden, senator cruz is talking and, well, this thing just sort of happens and they have gone wild online with it. take a look. >> it's easy to say it. >> it's easy to say it. >> memes of all sorts of fun being poked at senator cruz because of some foreign debris that ended up on his lip and then suddenly disappeared and off they went online. taking that to the next level,
4:26 am
as well as a whole bunch of other moments that happened. >> i was listening and studying for the show. i'm looking down and my husband said look, look, look, ainsley, top of his lip. then he ate it. >> it was probably an altoid or something. >> food -- >> no one really knows. what we do know -- >> brian gets so grossed out. the hair -- >> i know. and then there was that moment that we're all talking about where it was about the little marco moment. this is what donald trump and senator marco and well, you remember this. >> don't worry about it, marco. don't worry about it. don't worry about it, little marco, i will. >> let's hear -- big donald -- >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> did they go wild online with this one with on twitter? look at some of the tweets that came through. maybe he's tiny was one. and then the next one,
4:27 am
little @marco rubio is going to regret taking this photo, #gop debate. people put him in various costumes whether it was in a giant hat and nothing flattering about it, but people poking fun and giving the entire debate levity period. this trump -- this tweet, if this is what trump means by little marco, we think it's pretty cute. that must have been the little hat we were looking. a. >> yeah. >> and then we remember that moment, and -- you can't get enough of this one. cruz telling trump to calm down, rubio calls it yoga. you remember this one. >> yeah. >> and then went on and on and people went to town doing all sorts of yoga stuff. then there was that moment -- i have never heard of dabbing. have you ever heard of dabbing? >> yeah.
4:28 am
cam newton, the quarterback of the carolina panthers -- >> that woman is in the background -- >> there's a kid. >> that's a kid. >> what is dabbing? >> cam newton thing. so he did it. >> that happened all night long in various parts of the background. online is saying dabbing is now out, because they seem to have made it too popular. so it's no longer cool with the kids. >> can you imagine getting tickets and you see that shot? >> not even old enough to vote, i don't think. >> it's funny but it's also the future of the republic. >> that's right. if you follow me on twitter, you know the moments are there. i'll show it to you. >> thank you, kurt. coming up next, anna kooiman was in the right place at the right time and got the first post debate interview with donald trump. what did he think of the moderators? anna joins us live from detroit. hello my love! the flame is out...
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the final four republican candidates heating up the motor city last night. >> yep. the gop rivals going head to head here on the fox news channel. we haven't left detroit just yet. >> yep. we have "fox & friends" co-host anna kooiman, and is this true, standing side by side next to john robert, right there? what a great moment. >> two great people. >> in the same location at the same time in the past, but never standing side by side. >> yesterday you were outside the theater, i snuck into the theater. the lights were still off and all that. but now we're -- >> welcome to the snow here. >> yeah. >> there's a number of firsts associated with this debate. the first time that a presidential candidate has ever referred to the size of a certain part of his anatomy. i'm glad that no one asked for proof last night and none of the
4:33 am
fact checkers are giving out pinocchios this morning for all that. and donald trump and megyn kelly met for first time since the very first fox news debate. don't forgot donald trump skipped the last debate. watch when she pushed him on the issue of trump university and the lawsuit he is facing over there. >> this is what the court of appeals found. the plaintiffs against you are like the madoff victims. >> give me a break. >> the court of appeals said that victims of con artists often sing the praises of the victimizers until they realize they have been fleeced. >> you know what, let's see what happens in court. this is a civil case, very easy to have settled, i could settle it now. this is a civil -- let's see what happens at the end of a couple of years when this case is over, okay? >> don't know if they actually buried the hatchet or not, but they were civil to each other. there was another interesting moment last night where we played an advertisement that
4:34 am
john kasich's campaign got out where he suggested that vladimir putin might be donald trump's vice president. watch what happens when chris wallace asked john kasich about that. >> do you think that donald trump is naive about the threat that vladimir putin represents? >> i'm not biting. let me just -- take you around the world, okay? we'll tell putin if you attack anybody in eastern europe in nato, if you attack finland and sweden, which is not in nato, consider it an attack on us and he'll understand it. >> john kasich has been in politics for decades and donald trump when chris wallace dangled that bait in front of kasich's nose, he said i'm not taking it. whereas when marco rubio and ted cruz dangled that lure in front of donald trump, he snapped on it right away. then that's what gave us the debate that a lot of people are saying wasn't exactly presidential last night. >> and sometimes when you do take the bait, then you end up getting to talk more. then you get to take up more of the oxygen. >> true. true.
4:35 am
>> right. i thought overall -- >> talking about it, i think that's important too. >> i thought the trump university and the deficit, fac donald trump i thought that's when he looked the weakest. for you, anna, what was it like seeing donald trump as he walked down the steps? >> well, brian, i went to the spin room along with the rest of the media and i was fortunate enough to get the first interview as he came down the stairs. i did ask him a lot. one of the things was about immigration. a lot of people are talking about that. we heard senator rubio mention that earlier on "fox & friends." in fact, we saw him change one of his stances on a big immigration issue and that's with the skilled foreign workers. he is calling for an increase in visas. something before that he said no, we need to be working on the domestic pool of workers instead. so i asked him, are you tough on immigration? are you as tough as you say? here's what he sad to say. >> "fox & friends." you want "fox & friends," right? all right. mr. trump, you complain that fox is not fair to you.
4:36 am
were we fair to you tonight? >> i think so. i thought they did a good job. honestly, i thought they. they gave me videos they didn't give anyone else. but i thought they did a good job. >> how did you think you did on immigration? you're known as the tough talker on immigration. but are you starting to waiver at on that? >> no, not at all. i think i'm a tough talker, when you have sheriff arpaio endorse you you're a tough talker. they weren't focussed tonight on immigration unfortunately. >> many have criticized your temperament and said you're not acting presidential. how did you think tonight? >> well, presidential, i have 17 people shooting at me when we started and now we're down to four. it's a lot better, i like it a lot better. you have to win. you have to be rougher, but you have to win. >> do you think he was acting presidential tonight, maybe he had to tamp down his language tonight? >> no, he did well tonight. he did very well. he was attacked from all sides and he did a fantastic job.
4:37 am
>> you have tried to run a very positive campaign. many of you have said that you're the adult on the stage. >> yes. well, i want to be that because i think when you pick a president, you've got to pick them with, you know, with hi high -- with a high bar. not with a low bar. who can smear each other the most. tonight was more calmed down than it was before. but look, i'm going to carry out my plan. it has been working all along. we're down to four. no one thought i'd get here. i was listening to the fox people, they were chuckling, they said, kasich, you never go away. >> at the end of the day -- at the end of the day, they all said -- >> at the end of the debate, they said they'd support the nominee. so they came together at the end, at least. >> yeah. what governor kasich was talking about there, he was trying to tap into ohio and the latest
4:38 am
"detroit free press" poll has him in single digits. see if his message got across. >> i think the real challenge of this election will be told on march the 15th. if john kasich doesn't win ohio, and if marco rubio doesn't win florida, it could be donald trump and ted cruz still standing. >> with the jobs and trump was talking about how manufacturing needs to be here in the united states, and he said that apple needs to start making their iphones here. when i got a chance to talk to him, i said what about your trump clothing, i pressed him on that. he wouldn't make a firm commitment during the debate. he was soft on it, he said i think we do that and he went back to china devaluing the currency. >> flexibility. >> if he did do that, i think everybody would be a lot happier. >> all right. >> yeah, he'd probably be poorer too. that's why he's not doing it. >> people are -- >> when he goes back to china and mexico, they're not being fair to americans because they're devaluing their currency.
4:39 am
>> sure. yeah. >> so we'll take a hose and flood the street behind us and play a little hockey today if you want to join us. >> thank you both. i like your matching pink as well. >> you coordinated. >> it just happened. >> john roberts, anna, thanks so much. we'll check in with you again. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. other news in the world, right, heather? yeah, and we begin on wall street. a big one there with all eyes on friday's monthly jobs report. the reason? well, they could go a long way to calming still jittery markets. last month, employers added a disappointing 151,000 jobs. now, the unemployment rate is expected to stay unchanged at 4.9%. we'll bring the reports to you live. and the story is a terrifying one, a suspect on a hoverboard rolled up and then shot a driver before rolling away. it happened in dallas. the shooting victim reportedly asked the suspect if he needed a ride. the suspect said no. and then he fired at the driver.
4:40 am
the driver was hit in the arm. the police are still searching for the suspect. a teacher is out of a job after naked pictures of her surfaced online. leigh ann arthur said her phone was on her desk when she left the room for a minute and one of the students went through her phone and took pictures of her nude selfie. >> it's personal property. that does not give anybody the right to go through it. and i feel that the district at this point is supporting that. they're saying that, you know, you're in the wrong as a teacher because, you know, you know better. >> well arthur resigned. the district said it was her fault because she left her phone unlocked. the student is under investigation. and a woman arrested for driving around with this license plate. does that look legit to you? it's made out of cardboard and
4:41 am
cops in new york noticed she had no front plate and had this homemade one on the back. she have driving with a suspended license and no license, shocker. she is charged with a forged instrument. and those are a look at the headlines. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> the nude selfie story, why did the teacher get fired, it wasn't her fault. >> i don't know. >> go into your teacher phone -- i don't know. my kid would get smacked. >> if there's anybody who knows what we look like naked it's us, why are you taking a picture of yourself naked? >> some people do it to send it to their spouse. >> don't they know? >> lucky spouse, all right. coming up, does mitt romney want to run for president? moments ago, matt lauer asked him that question. >> have you left the door open wide enough for you to ride through on a white horse? >> stick around.
4:42 am
mitt's answer was very interesting. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
4:45 am
you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. some quick political headlines now. president obama leaking his family's plans for when they leave the white house. the first family will stay in washington until younger daughter sasha finishes high school which is four more years. anyone who makes $1 million annually will be on the hook for a proposed $1.1 trillion tax hike under hillary clinton's new tax plan. fun. and 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for bill clinton's arrest after video shows him at polling places last super tuesday.
4:46 am
bernie sanders' supporters launched the effort, and he said he was hanging around, not campaigning. >> anybody wants to know the rules it should be the clintons. >> so mitt romney has catapulted himself back into the spotlight. he did it through twitter and through a speech yesterday and then he sat down on another morning show to talk about why he felt compelled to get in the middle of the trump attacks, perhaps even leading them. here's what he said about his open future. >> do you want to be considered as an alternative to save this party if it gets down to a contested convention in july? >> no. no. the people who can save this party are ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich. we're going to get a sense within a few days of who that person might be, but i'm going to be supporting that person. >> under any circumstances, would you be a part of this presidential campaign as as
4:47 am
candidate? >> i can't see that happening. >> no -- >> no reasonable scenario i can imagine. >> slam the door on it, unambiguous you will not run for president? >> i'm not running for president and i won't run for president. >> so why does he want to slam the door? but mitt romney there's a reason why he's coming out. he could be legitimately concerned about the party, absolutely. but he also is in the prime of his political career. >> listen, a lot of people that say that trump said that mitt romney is a loser and people look at what he ran on in 2012, he was right about vladimir putin and he was right about foreign policy, and different things and they wish it had been a romney presidency. i think he feels like he has to carry the mantle for whatever he thinks is a real conservative president. take who you want that would be and he throws the stake in the never trump ground. he wants someone other than trump. >> some are saying where was this mitt romney when he was running for president? >> fair point. >> we'll find out shortly he
4:48 am
said. let's say the 15th comes up and it's more of donald trump. so you have three -- you have three -- you have kentucky, louisiana and maine this weekend and on the 8th, idaho, michigan and hawaii and then winner takes all in florida on the 15th. you have 52 delegates in missouri. let's say that donald trump is too far ahead, as if he has something else he will do. we'll see where we're at when we're done. >> you think mitt romney has something else to do? >> yeah. >> the other candidates said they'll support trump if he's the nominee, mitt romney might not. >> i think he sees individual campaigns running themselves. i think after march 15th he'll be leading the charge, saying pick one, one horse that's the alternative to trump. that would be my guess is what mitt romney is going to try to do. >> i don't see ted cruz being pliable on that, if kasich was going to bow out. >> how that will happen, i don't know. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. more of the interview shortly. meanwhile, the candidates fighting over who is more conservative last night.
4:49 am
>> i will repeal every word of obamacare. i'll pulmonal back the regulato that are killing small businesses and we'll pass a flat tax and abolish the irs. >> so is that good enough for libertarian john stossel? i have an idea, if that's indeed john stossel, i will ask him. how you doing? >> good to see you. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ] vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. i'd like to make a dep--
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4:52 am
all right. doing way with federal agencies, the candidates faced off last night, competing over who was the most conservative. but did any of their small government proposals appeal to any libertarian voters? >> if somebody is being pressured to participate in
4:53 am
something that is against their ink ly held religious believes, about dealing with the law. >> think of every single agency we can cut it down and save. >> you cannot have life and liberty and you cannot pursue happiness if you're not safe. >> when it comes to the constitution and the bill of rights i can tell the men and women at home i will never compromise away your religious liberty. >> john stossel, the host of "the stossel" on the fox business channel. >> welcome back. >> those sound bites you picked, those were probably the best for us libertarians. most of it is not. >> most of it is not? >> none of the candidates really appealed to libertarians. >> what's the turnover? i mean, some of the questions were even a turnoff. you -- you guys don't want anything. [ laughter ] >> yeah, we want government to keep us safe. and not go bankrupt. and then butt out of our lives, leave us free. all of the candidates want to do more in the middle east.
4:54 am
they want to go in and have boots on the ground. iraq, syria and libya. trump -- i loved what chris wallace followed up with trump on his -- what are you going to cut? common core. like that would save about 40 bucks. and chris wallace correctly said your plan will increase the deficit $10 trillion. >> but, john, if voters wanted isolationism, noninterventionism, rand paul talked about that and he was never cracked through. >> you're absolutely right. and i can say, well, rand didn't present it well enough. he didn't really point out that when you go in there and said say we're going to put boots on the ground and kill them you create new terrorists later. you're right, my side isn't winning. people will wise up. >> if you had to choose one candidate, what's the one libertarians should choose? >> i know who he'll say. >> maybe marco, maybe cruz. >> why? >> because they at least talk
4:55 am
about cutting spending. they get the economics right. >> right. all right, so john, republicans big challenge, get millennials interested. the bigger challenge for libertarians, get millennials interested. you even had -- >> just wake everybody up. the government fails. >> right. just agree with stossel. that's how you wake up. what did you find when you went out? you did a special on this. >> tonight we have a show where we went to the students for liberty conference. that's what i'm enthusiastic about. all the students on college campuses are saying the republicans want the ban gay marriage. they're so hostile to those who are not like them and the democrats want to spend us broke. we want to be free. >> one of the concerns very briefly, trump folks might have, could they consolidate a republican coalition. would libertarians support donald trump? >> you know, if you look at the whole field, some, a couple would. when i asked the audience how many of you would support donald trump, nobody raised his hand.
4:56 am
or her hand. >> support republicans versus democrats though, right? >> yes, most. bernie sanders not eager to go to war, he's not eager to prosecute the drug war. >> the tax plan -- >> he's awful on economics and economics really matters. >> john stossel. we'll be watching tonight. >> what time? >> 8:00. >> all right. fox news alert, the video is terrifying. a huge ship turning over on its side. passengers holding on literally for their lives. the rescue effort happening right now. straight ahead. and geraldo rivera who looks like stossel, he has a huge surprise to announce. it has a lot to do with rhythm and music. >> he's getting dressed.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
you all wrote me off, but guess what? it's now march madness and we're heading up north to the place -- to my turf, okay? let me just tell you this. i will win ohio. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> about my record. >> here we go. the -- >> he's never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people whatever you think you need to say to get them to do what you want them to. >> the real con artist is marco rubio marco rubio. the people in florida wouldn't elect him dog catcher. >> donald actually -- >> that's not what you said. >> donald, please, i know it's hard not to interrupt. >> that's not what you said in the op-ed. >> breathe, breathe, you can do it. you can breathe. i know it's hard. i know it's hard, but just -- >> when we're done with the yoga
5:01 am
can i answer a question? >> i hope we don't see oyoga on this stage. >> well, he's very flexibility. >> that place is now empty, the staffs have left the building, they're now in front. sparks were flying last night for two hours. the remaining gop candidates who just battled it out in the motor city. >> joining us live from detroit, fox news national correspondent john roberts. good morning, john. >> ainsley, brian, peter, good morning the to you. i can honestly say i have heard it all. i don't know if i have seen it all, but i have heard it all after last night when donald trump was referring to the attacks on the size of his hands saying that it doesn't correlate with other parts of his anatomy. i never heard that before in a presidential debate and i have covered a lot of these things. so last night, donald trump knew that marco rubio and ted cruz were coming after him and coming after him hard and they're running out of time to stop donald trump because he's
5:02 am
racking up the delegates. at first, donald trump had more measured responses but when marco rubio hung that lure right in front of his face, he really couldn't help but to snap it up. watch this exchange. >> you asked him about the economy, and the first thing he does is launch an attack about some little guy thing. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> you're not going to stop the corruption and the cronyism by supporting someone who has used government power for private gain. >> we're listening to the all talk no action politician. >> he's trying to con people into giving them their vote just like he conned these people into giving them their money. >> but all the fighting aside, there was an interesting moment of comity -- c-o-m-i-t-y when they were all asked if they'd support the eventual nominee, even if that person was donald trump. >> i'm for donald, he's a republican nominee and let me
5:03 am
tell you why. the democrats have two people left in the race. one of them is a socialist and the other one is under fbi investigation. >> yes, because i gave my word that i would. so if he ends up as the nominee -- >> sometimes he makes it a little bit hard, but, you know, i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> can you definitively say tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it's not you? >> even if it's not me? yes, i will. >> he could barely believe it might be somebody else. that was an important exchange because mitt romney came out yesterday. denouncing donald trump. urging the party to vote for somebody else. more conservatives in the party are saying never trump. a lot of other people in the party now beginning to say they would never vote for donald trump. how do you maintain that position when all three opponents on the stage said they would support him? >> great point. the moderators seemed to get a
5:04 am
positive reaction. was that what it was like in the arena? >> definitely, yeah. i have been reading the reaction to all -- all morning. they're getting very, very high marks for organizing a tough, fair and interesting debate. then there was that moment where for the first time since the very first fox news debate, donald trump and megyn kelly met head to head. watch this. >> no no no. hold on. we can do more of this later. but mr. trump, hi. >> hello. >> how you doing? >> great to have you here. >> you're looking well. >> i don't want to say that the two of them buried the hatchet. i think there's still a bit of an adversarial relationship, but probably an appropriate one between a journalist and a presidential candidate. megyn held his feet to the fire too over the visas and particularly over the lawsuit on trump university. it was interesting to watch the two of them. >> she was very prepared. but then anna asked him as he was walking down the stairs, did you think the moderators handled
5:05 am
themselves well, he said they were lovely. it was nice to see them bury the hatchet. >> i haven't checked his twitter feed. has he said anything about it? >> we shall see. >> we have been anchoring a show, and we haven't had a chance either. >> thank you for doing a lovely job for us. >> always great to see you guys. by the way, see you next week from miami. where it's warmer. >> you will see john roberts in a tank top. >> right. >> thanks, john. >> so the question is did anything change? when it comes to trump university and the answer on the foreign policy and the answer on cutting the deficit, when chris wallace goes up there all the cuts you're talking about do not touch the amount of cutting needed to balance the budget, does anything change for the voter out there? >> people are talking about trump university. that's been -- there was talk on the debate stage and interesting to see his answer on that. does anyone care about trump university? they signed up to take classes to what try to become billionaires like he is?
5:06 am
>> absolutely people care. >> you think people care? >> people were literally defrauded of tens of thousands of dollars. that's what -- >> they didn't feel like -- >> they didn't feel like they got what they were promised. that the course work was ant the level they thought they'd get. candidates are saying, hey, he sold it as amazing, fantastical, a great degree from the best of the best and it was a manager from buffalo wild wings, i love buffalo wild wings, but they didn't get a return on their investment. if he sold it as super fantastical, and it isn't, and it's something to talk about. >> i'm not sure the voters really care. i don't think when you're trying to figure out who's the president of the united states, people really care if people signed up for a course and they didn't get what they thought they were going to get out of it. >> do you know who the people are who took the course? everyday americans. not billionaires. if you want to say, oh, you failed with trump -- failed with
5:07 am
the steaks and -- okay, fine. you know what i didn't fail at? i'm building two buildings in qatar and here in new york city. put together and in life you try things and sometimes they don't work. and you don't sit there and say, well, i shouldn't have done that or i'm a loser or a failure. that is part of -- we need more entrepreneurs like this in the country. but with trump university, if the everyman is signing up and hoping for the big score and they believe in the trump product and they have come up short and some people have sued. >> don't get me wrong, i'm for the underdog and the guy who is trying to take courses for that. let's let it play out in court and see what happens. but john roberts was talking about the tweet and we just checked donald trump's tweet and he's tweeting about a drudge poll, a poll they says he's leading. >> by a lot. >> well, you can always -- well, the drudge poll -- he's won all 11 of them on drudge. >> although scientists help out
5:08 am
with the poll. >> do they? >> you can click on a box -- it fools everyone. >> vote. >> trump for the most part is held to a different standard because he's looked at as the outsider. but you notice one thing. it is harder and harder for him to excel in the debates and for everybody. you get more time. i saw he had 37 minutes to speak. he had 13 more minutes than marco rubio. let alone ted cruz. >> he's the front-runner, he should. >> right. but it used to be 11. then it was seven. then it was five. now it's four. it's harder and harder. >> i think the frustration of some folks watching is it is such a food fight because cruz and rubio are having to go at trump university or "the new york times" on immigration. or where the ties are made. or all of those things. then when they press on specifics of policy issues they're not getting many specifics there either. that's why i appreciate what chris wallace did in laying out, hey, if you get rid of the epa
5:09 am
and the education department you're only getting rid of a certain number of billion, nowhere near the balancl budget how do you balance the budget? >> what was not brought up much is hillary clinton and this the a woman that the fbi has revealed is giving immunity to her i.t. guy. you cannot say it's a right wing hit job anymore and be accurate. because the justice department is the one moving against her. >> you mentioned that. look at these numbers. 11 attacks aimed at trump. some of them were repeats but it was 11 different issues. different lines, right. only four aimed at hillary. the reason i think is because you have all of these guys up on the stage and they're going to go after trump because he's the leading candidate. and they need to attack him so that they can win. once the person wins then they're going to attack hillary. >> i think you're right. donald trump said he said, hey, i haven't started to go at hillary clinton. i think americans are realizing if that back and forth were to happen, it might look like four
5:10 am
rifles with the -- when the heavy artillery comes in on that fight. >> a lot of people are ready for that, they're excited about that. >> i think anna has been working overtime. here are some of the attacks on hillary. >> the next president of the united states is going to have eight years of a mess of a foreign policy to clean up. that's why it can't be hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton worked aggressively to depose moammar gadhafi. we had no business doing it. >> not only is she under fbi investigation she lied to the families of the victims of benghazi and anyone who lies to those who lost their lives to the country can never be commander in chief of the united states. >> i'm the only one who beats hillary clinton. i have not started on hillary yet. believe me. i will start soon. i haven't even started. >> but head to head the one who does it best is kasich. second is rubio. and third is cruz. but, you know, it will be a brand-new ballgame. >> sure. after march 15th. that's the firewall. that's the ohio. that's florida. that's winner take all.
5:11 am
but those are also not -- they're closed primaries and some republicans are saying it advantages cruz and rubio and kasich. it will be a hot ten days. not going to be sorted out -- >> we'll get the first indication on the 8th. because we have four states right away. it will be interesting. 11 minutes after the hour. >> let's check in with our friend heather childers. >> we have been following breaking news for you. and it continues to develop at this hour. a massive rescue effort under way after a ferry capsized throwing dozens of passengers this happened off the coast of bali. 51 people were on board. the majority on board were pulled from the water, but two crew members are still missing. to alabama now. a police officer there under arrest, charged with murdering an unarmed black man. officer aaron smith who is 23 years old killed gregory gunn after he tried to stop him on the street around 3:00 a.m. all of this unfolding in montgomery, alabama. initial reports said that gunn threatened officer smith with a
5:12 am
pole or a stick and then the two got into a physical altercation. smith's lawyer says that the shooting was in self-defense. >> we believe that these charges were brought to prevent public unrest. that makes the decision to arrest this officer political, not legal. >> gunn was 58 years old. as the leader of north korea kim jong un is ordering his military to be ready to carry out a nuclear strike at any time. that coming as the country openly defies the u.n. and carries out more nuclear tests. despite the new threats analysts say north korea doesn't have the ability to make a successful nuclear bomb. we certainly hope. and this just in. finally the military is now recruiting women for all combat jobs. according to a new report, just released the navy is already collecting submission packages from prospective candidates.
5:13 am
they could see women in enlisted and officer training as soon as september or october. in december you'll remember we told you about this defense secretary ash carter declared all combat positions open to women. and those are a look at your headlines so far this morning. back to you guys. good deal. >> thank you, heather. >> you're welcome. all right, coming up, it was one of the most talked about moments of last night. >> people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> senator marco rubio responds right here on "fox & friends." does mitt romney want to run for president? moments ago, matt lauer asked him that exact question. >> you left the door open just wide enough for you to ride through it on a white horse? >> mitt's answer and more on this brand-new interview ahead. stick around. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
5:15 am
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hi, we're back. we have moved locations. >> we're here on the stools now. >> we don't want to brag but we had a special interview a short time ago. >> we did. senator marco rubio who was on the debate stage last night
5:18 am
despite his flu and coughing and sneezing and all that. he woke up early this morning to talk to us. we had him on earler -- earlier on the show. >> we asked him tough questions and asked him about the brokered convention and senator ted cruz didn't want to be involved and marco rubio said we'll see what happens about that. and this is what he said in response to the trump attacks from last night. >> because this is nuts. i mean, first of all, we have the front-runner in the republican primary refuses to answer a single policy question. finally last night he took a position, all right, i changed my opinion on guest visa workers, and as soon as the handlers got ahold of him, he reversed his position back. it is unreal. when is the last time you have seen a front-runner who's performed the way he has, he has won "x" number of states can -- >> he was talking about the visas, high valued immigrants to go to the front of the line with the visas. he said i changed my mind on that. but then right afterwards they put out a press release saying
5:19 am
he didn't really change his mind. >> that change comes on the heels of they did a video montage in the debate like with cruz and rubio, hey, you said this about syria and changed your position on the refugees. he calls it flexibility. marco rubio will say he changed his position. >> i see both sides on that. who doesn't change their mind at some point in their life? >> but when you change full gear in the middle of a presidential election as a front-runner, some people question that. >> a lot of us are asking about the brokered convention, will the republicans unite before the convention. here's what marco rubio had to say about that. >> first of all, brokered convention insinuates that we'll have a back room deal that someone who is not on the ballot will get dropped in. what is going to happen is no one has 1,237 delegates.
5:20 am
even donald trump has trouble at this point getting to 1,237 delegates. that doesn't mean a brokered convention. i do not support a back room deal at the brokered convention either. >> get this to june or july when that's no clear winner, they go in and find out what the republicans want to make the rules for the convention. >> that's right. >> and it's now -- if you do not have the threshold, you do have to come one a plan "b." >> you have to get a majority on that convention floor. most come in with it. but if they debut -- >> i don't think that will happen. i think we will see something happen after ohio. >> if people drop out, winner take all. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. >> how would you describe last night's debate in one word? >> embarrassment. >> disappointing. >> shameful. >> despicable. >> angry. >> who did voters think won the debate? the answer is next. and geraldo rivera is here to react to last night's debate.
5:21 am
plus he also has a huge surprise to announce. >> it will really shock you. i know what it is. >> it's huge. it's big. with extraordinary offers on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. when your symptoms start... distracting you? doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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5:24 am
all right. some consumer news for right now. smith & wesson's business is booming. it jumped 56% in third quarter and the income quadrupling despite the threats of the stricter gun laws. or because of it. massive liquidation is going ant the sports authority, they're closing a third of the stores after filing bankruptcy and racking up $1 billion in debt. pete? all right. the republican debate turned dirty last night as candidates threw insults from every angle. how did the voters react to the
5:25 am
mud slinging? fox news contributor frank luntz polled the republican voters during the debate and he joins us from detroit. thanks for joining us. >> well, i don't know which is colder, the way the candidates treated each other or the weather that i'm facing here in detroit right now. >> i like the jacket though. you're a smart man. so first of all, what was the reaction? the immediate reaction of voters to this debate overall? >> so i did something i have never done before which is to ask them a word or phrase to describe the debate. and i have never heard language so negative. normally republican voters embrace what these candidates are saying. not last night. i want a word or a phrase to describe tonight's debate and i'm going to start in the second row. >> sophomoric. >> embarrassment. >> disappointing. >> shameful. >> despicable. >> angering. >> lacking substance. >> disgusting. >> schoolyard brawl. >> wow, frank.
5:26 am
incredibly consistent across the board. and as you said, very negative. but with those words do they cut in a certain direction for somebody? a lot of negativity, who won the debate? did it contribute to someone's success? >> it did. but let me first tell you who lost the debate, almost every person to the last one said that it made the republican case for november that much more difficult. so these candidates have to take responsibility that they may be helping hillary clinton get elected. number two is that they felt that john kasich did the best yesterday with ted cruz second. and they felt that kasich did so well because he stayed out of the fray. he stayed out of all of the negativity and that he was communicating what they wanted to hear. >> john kasich won? remarkable. tell me why. >> he came i cross as succinct and on point. >> why kasich? >> he's the only adult in the room. >> wow. why kasich? >> he was mature, presented
5:27 am
sound answers and he spoke like somebody who's done it before. >> frank, the clip cut off a bit at the end. how many were raised? >> so three people came into the debate, three out of 25 supporting john kasich. 18 of the 25 felt he won the debate. six felt that cruz won the debate, only one felt that donald trump won the debate. >> pretty one sided. i think the first time in watching a lot of the great work you have done that kasich came out overwhelmingly on top. interesting. what was the best line of the debate? what did folks react to the most, the most powerful approach? >> well, this is detroit. detroit's had some tough times. they have a great governor in rick snyder, someone who i have done work for. he's done an incredible job with the economy and ted cruz had the best line of the debate when he talked about detroit coming back and how liberals had done so much to destroy it. let's listen. >> ted cruz is a convicted conservative who understands what's needed in order to get detroit back to where it was
5:28 am
before. and i appreciate the fact that he pointed out the failed liberal policies of all those years. >> explain to me the clip. >> i admit that ted cruz is a great debater. he's right. failed liberal policies have destroyed this city. >> what was it? >> we have family businesses, independent businesses here struggling and he spoke directly to us. and showed us how he can help us make it better and help us prosper and grow. >> well, there you have it. well, frank luntz always insightful what you bring to us afternoon the debates, and, you know we'll continue to follow it. you get a chance to get warm this morning. thanks for joining us. >> well, thank god, talk to you soon. >> thanks a lot. coming up, "sports illustrated" model going political? about guns? hmm. what she said that's making headlines you might be surprised. and mitt romney speaking out moments ago. does he want to get into the race? our own geraldo rivera here to react. >> mitt romney this morning made a televised speech in which he
5:29 am
went all in after donald trump. he called him a phony. and a fraud. he said he's playing the american public for suckers. i have to say, i haven't seen mitt this fired up since that time he dripped mayonnaise on a brand-new pair of chambray dockers.
5:30 am
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or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. a fox business alert. the february jobs report released moments ago by the bureau of labor statistics. >> are you ready for the numbers? >> we are. >> please put something on. the nation's unemployment rate is the same as at 4.9%. >> the u.s. economy added 242,000 jobs last month that was up from the month of january. >> and that's good news. >> well, i'm happy about it. maybe retirement won't be when i'm 98. [ laughter ] >> well, geraldo, you look in
5:33 am
great shape. i guess we'll get to that shortly. >> we have to talk other things. >> enough about me. >> the debate last night -- >> the debate last night, unbelievable. >> the ground was laid by mitt romney. he mined the field. i saw an explosive two hours. >> i think, brian, you're precisely right. the tone of that entire evening was set by governor romney. the failed two-time republican nominee who in an unprecedented attack on his own party's front-runner seemed to me to put his own personal peeves and the desires of the republican establishment ahead of the desires of the majority of republicans voting in the primary. he was so harsh in a way that goes beyond precedent. >> really? he was -- >> on his own candidate. >> here's a little of it what happen at the university of utah -- >> no, this was this morning. so he was on another morning show, this is what he had to say about running for president. >> do you want to be considered as an alternative to save this
5:34 am
party if it gets down to a contested convention in july? >> no. no. the people who can save this party are ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich. we're going to get a sense within the few days of who that person might be. but i'm going to be supporting that person. >> under any circumstances, would you be a part of this presidential race as a candidate? >> there are no circumstances i can foresee where that would possibly happen. but let me say something else -- >> i can foresee. >> no reasonable scenario i can imagine up. >> slam the door, you are not running for president? >> i'm not running for president. >> what do you think, geraldo, leaving the door open? >> i think that mitt romney put his own desire to defeat donald trump ahead of his desire to defeat hillary clinton. i think that's what i think. i think that was the most incredibly -- in a political sense suicidal move i have ever seen in my long experience.
5:35 am
>> really? the speech he gave yesterday? >> the speech he gave yesterday. >> it was a thoughtful speech. >> i'll tell you what this was, chapter and verse and indictment of his own leading nominee t man who has energized the gop, the man who's made the turnout and the primaries unprecedented and historic. it was a no holds barred assassination -- political assassination attempt on donald trump. >> is anything inaccurate? >> i haven't researched everything. it was to me -- i'll tell you this, brian. it was the harshest possible interpretation of everything that i know of in trump's past. the trump university for example. here you have a situation where the better business bureau gave the university so called an "a" and then all the lawsuits the -- >> then a d-minus. >> later with all the complaints
5:36 am
the "a" went to a d-minus. and then the grade is back and forth. but it was absolutely the harshest possible interpretation of everything that has ever happened in donald trump's professional life and moreover, this is the important thing, totally set the tone for the debates last night. it was mitt romney who was the presence in that room. in a way that he was larger than he's been even when he was running for president. >> he was a lit -- here's a little more of mitt romney of how bad he feels about a potential trump nomination. >> how are they going to feel to have put donald trump in the lead and watch the establishment wing of the party pull the rug out from under them? >> well, first of all, there are a lot of people, establishment or not, who agree with me that donald trump should not be president of the united states. and don't want to see him become the republican nominee. right now it's about 65% of republicans who'd like someone else. >> would you vote for hillary clinton or sit out voting as opposed to voting for donald trump? >> well, i wouldn't vote for
5:37 am
donald trump and i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton. i intend to vote for our nominee. i expect that nominee to be a real conservative, a real republican. >> so does that mean he's not going to vote? what it's donald against hillary? >> it sounds like he's talking about a third party, an independent. they can't sit it out. >> so it sounds what? >> it sounds like they want a third party candidate. it sounds like the republican establishment would prefer a sacrificial lamb or a three-way race than have donald trump. they' they're rejecting the working class of supporting donald trump. you could have -- let me just say. you asked me what was inaccurate, what was accurate. in terms of the scathing indictment of donald trump. there's a way to say those things in a way that is not scorched earth and absolutely
5:38 am
destructive of the man in defiance of the 3 million plus people who voted for him. yes, there are controversies about the university and the mistakes and the airplane line and the vodka. you could have put it in a way that you could alert the american people, but that wasn't that. what that was was an attempt to salute -- absolutely assassinate donald trump. you can hate trump and i have my problems with donald trump about his mocking the disabled and, you know, his absolute inability to condemn and denounce the kkk and david duke in the most unequivocal terms. the way he talked about menstruating women and muslims, there's plenty of ammo against trump. but that was not a reasoned takedown of the man. that was a cut him to pieces, shred him, destroy him. even at the cost of destroying the party. >> all right. >> it did have that effect.
5:39 am
but if you watch the speech it was mostly policy related with mitt romney -- >> but he totally set the menu for the debate. he got attacked on both sides and the only adult in the room john kasich who would make an excellent vice president by the way. a wonderful, reasoned, thoughtful, prudent man he would be a great vice president. i say vice president because i don't think he'll win the presidency, but he'd be a great number two. aside from that, we had -- fox news had the clips that showed trump changing his position on various issues. we played in fairness -- in fairness we played the same clip about cruz and rubio in the prior debate that he skipped. so it was letted, there trump gets it. the contradictions, he gets cut up by his own inconsistencies. >> i hate to interrupt you, but we have more pressing news to talk about. i'm reading page 6 this morning,
5:40 am
we are astonished. because according to page 6, you are going to be on "dancing with the stars"? >> i can neither confirm or deny. >> wait a second. >> i can neither confirm -- i have no idea where you got that. >> oh. >> i have absolutely no idea. ♪ >> looking good. all right. >> who needs to debate? we'll watch you. >> are you ready? >> actually, i can't confirm or deny my participation in another reality show. >> are we your favorite people? >> you are. >> i want to be one of those in the audience -- >> i have no idea of what you speak. >> are you going to get tips from tucker carlson? >> tucker carlson was eliminated in the first two minutes. >> give us some moves. come on, man. come on. come on. i know you've got them. ♪ >> very good. >> okay.
5:41 am
>> so you can't confirm nor deny? >> i can neither confirm or deny. >> i think we have a major story. take that, o'reilly. >> o'reilly got beat up pretty good by trumpster. i love when he stood up -- i wonder what the ratings are. >> congratulations, geraldo. >> i have no idea of which you speak. >> you'll go all over the map. meanwhile, straight ahead, speaking of donald trump, she got the first post debate interview with him, right after. >> yes. tell geraldo i can't wait to see his dance moves. trump straight into the fox cameras, and i'll ask him about the moderator, were they fair to him? and also immigration after appearing to change his mind on the immigration policy. is he moving more to the middle? those questions and more to donald trump, next. used at the first sign.
5:42 am
it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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5:45 am
you were up last night, you saw the fireworks from the debate statement, so what was it like behind the scenes at the debate? >> well, "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman was in the spin room when the lights went on and off. >> well, good morning to you. i scored the first interview with the front-runner with the man who says he wants to make america great again, trump. i pressed him on immigration because during the debate he appeared to change his stance on one key immigration policy. and that's increasing visas for skilled workers. so does that mean that he's moving more to the middle, more moderate on immigration? he says no, i'm not getting soft at all. i'm a tough talker on immigration. and i mean it. and he goes to his endorsement from sheriff arpaio to prove he is as tough as ever.
5:46 am
i asked him a whole lot more. roll the tape. were we fair to you tonight? >> i think so. i think they did a good job. they gave me videos that they didn't give anyone else but i thought they actually did a very good job. >> how do you think you did tonight, sir? >> how did you think i did? >> i'm the one asking the questions. governor, you said the best person to go up against hillary clinton because you can get the independent voters. >> and the democrats too. well, i beat her by 11 points. more than anybody else in the race. it's because, you know, it's tone. it's ideas, it's bringing people together. >> "fox & friends," you want "fox & friends," right? all right. mr. trump. >> american workers, they just feel like they need manufacturing jobs coming back here. do you think you're the man to do that? >> we'll take them back from japan and china and mexico and lots of other places. we have to bring them back to the united states. >> many have criticized your temperament and said you're not
5:47 am
acting presidential. how did you think you did tonight? >> you have to win. you have to be rougher, but you have to win. >> he was attacked from all sides and he did a fantastic job. >> how would you be as a first lady? what would be your cause? >> well, many problems in the 21th century, i would focus on women and children. i have many ideas and if it comes to that, we will discuss. >> a key issue, bringing jobs back after the auto industry has struggled for so long. donald trump says he's the man to do that. and also, in my interview he said he's calling on apple to make their iphones here in the united states. i said, hey, what about donald trump clothing, i pressed him on that and he said, well, yeah, i think we can do that. then he went back to the talking point about china devaluing their currency and how it's making it hard for americans to keep their businesses here. >> all right. great job, anna. >> you did a wonderful job. head on back home. out of the cold. it's still a cold here.
5:48 am
>> yeah. tomorrow. >> i can't wait to watch. here we go, straight ahead, did you hear this last night from marco rubio? >> two-thirds of the people who have cast a vote in the primary or caucus have cast a vote against you. they do not want you to be the nominee. >> did that resonate with the voters? we have the answer next, but first let's check in with bill hemmer who always resonates with the viewers. >> namaste. the winners and the losers from last night and john kasich said we're playing on his turf now. we'll talk to him life. and newt gingrich assesses the race at this moment this morning. breaking news on north korea's nuclear program. if you missed it last night, big news today, and a big friday morning when martha and i see you, 12 minutes away, on "america's newsroom." inion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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5:52 am
i have to tell you, sparks were flying in detroit last night. but did the candidates' message resonate with the voter, will it affect the polls? joining us is michael maslansky from maslansky & partners. he did the big dial for us. what was the first question you looked at or the first moment that you examined? >> the first thing we looked at is whether this argument that two-thirds of republicans haven't voted for trump was going to have an impact on the debate. >> let's look at the dials and relive the moment. >> two-thirds of those who cast a vote in the rprimary or caucuses have cast a vote against you and they don't want you the nominee. we're not doing to turn over the conservative movement or the
5:53 am
party of lincoln or reagan whose positions are not conservative, and who defended planned parenthood on the debate stage. someone who thinks the up nuclear triad is a rock band from the '80s. you have proven you don't have the principles that the conservative movement is about and as ted said what makes america great. >> down go the lines. you gave it a c-plus. >> yeah, it misses on two counts. to they two-thirds of the population hasn't voted for him is isn't going to affect anybody who has voted for trump. this is about disrupting the status quo. unless you affect that issue you won't have an impact on trump. >> the fact it's all republicans in the next series -- in the next states. on the 15th? >> all republicans meaning -- >> you can't been an
5:54 am
independent -- >> that will affect who will vote for trump. but this isn't a about conservatism, but wanting someone who will disrupt the status quo on both sides. that's why sanders doing well as well. >> they looked at donald trump's positions in one time and see how they have changed at other times. it is called flexibility. let's see what the dials thought about donald trump's stance on changing his mind. >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. but i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. >> people okay with that? >> i give him a b-minus, but for any other candidate it would have been devastating. the republicans don't support people who flip-flop or who don't stand on principle. donald has positioned this as being flexible and somehow it is working for him. >> you can't figure it out either? >> i think they have just bought into this persona of donald he
5:55 am
is able to get things done. he reframes everything in a positive way. he owns it and turns weakness into success. >> michael maslansky, thank you. coming up straight ahead on this show, it's one of the most talked about moments of the debate. >> don't worry about it, marco. don't worry about it. don't worry about it, little marco. i will. >> well, let's hear, big donald. >> don't worry about it. don't worry about it. >> this morning the social media is lighting up with reaction like this. to that story, next. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
before it's history, it's news. ♪ >> all right. time for one for the road.
5:59 am
we have a chance to look back at some of the moments that stood out on social media today. >> this was a great one. that is actually a real picture, marco rubio sitting on the oversized chair so it makes him look little. >> he never thought he'd be called little marco. >> he regrets taking this photo. >> the internet always finds something. >> i'm trying to focus on megyn kelly, about to ask an important question. i was distracted in the background what is this girl doing? >> dabbing. like cam newton does, you know? >> you know, what -- >> for the kids now. >> you know the people who stop showing it, because they keep doing it. it will keep happening. >> i think eventually she was a goner. >> yanked her, i think. >> i think so. >> i mean, so it was a crazy thing. crazy night in detroit. if you want to reflect on what we're doing and get set to review what's happening this weekend with some more primary, keep it right here.
6:00 am
>> it's friday. one more work day and that's it. i had a blast. thanks for watching. bill: they were down and dirty in detroit. ted cruz and marco rubio once again targeting the frontrunner donald trump. but were they effective enough to change the course of this race? that right there is the fundamental question today. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america's newsroom. martha: we saw donald trump changing positions on his business record. things went back and forth on all sides except one exception. >> i'm the only person on


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