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tv   The Cost of Freedom  FOX News  March 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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oh, we're on right now guys. >> thanks for telling us. >> national sleep week kicks off tomorrow. to honor it we'll sleep in and skip the show tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. >> this is a fox newschannel special election presentation. dash to the clash. >> welcome, everybody. well we meet again. another weekend of busy activity to and fro as the major candidates that want to be the states criss cross this country. you are looking and will be at a live event going on right now. donald trump in wichita kansas. separately john kasich getting ready to address a crowd in
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michigan. polling has been sketchy going in so all of these contests, four out of the five of them up for grabs today are republican only events. closed events in the republican side of the ledger. so kentucky, maine caucuses, nebraska caucuses which will be exclusively democratic event and then louisiana later today. it will go a long way toward seeing how they get 155 delegates. on the democratic side 109. this could be an interesting battle for march 15th. much more on that later. but to let you know how we will be planning to do this, we're following the money guys and we're following the candidates. we will be hearing from mitt romney and john kasich. marco rubio. we'll follow where the crowds go and potentially where those votes go but for the time being of course a lot of attention
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seems to be on an event not even happening today but has great stakes for the race. it's a winner takes allstate. all of the delegates go to whoever takes that stake. marco rubio it is enormous pressure. if he doesn't win his home state he may have to two home period. his people are optimistic he can win the state in the face of the polls that say otherwise but growing pressure that if he can't do it there, he's done. hard to say. john roberts in palm beach florida now. it's a little cold where you were before. >> from the snows of detroit michigan to the beautiful sunshine and partly cloudy south florida it's a very nice change and we hope to be here for awhile yet. why are you there in florida today? isn't all the action going on elsewhere. i'll tell you at the end of this so stay tuned. let's take a look at where they
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are. you have a primary. it's the only one today in louisiana with 46 delegates up for grabs. you also have caucuses in kansas and kentucky. 40 and 46 available there and 23 delegates available at a caucus in maine. donald trump poised to do very well for today but he has run afoul of conservatives for cancelling an appearance at the cpac convention at washington d.c. there's an election today. we want to campaign in kansas. it's an important state but officials saying trump didn't want to answer questions at the convention. listen. >> i think they figured that the leading candidate should be able to come and speak as long as they wanted to speak but not have to answer questions and one of the things we changed is if you're going to come to conservatives and give them your pitch of why you should lead them, you also need to answer their questions. and we decide that even though
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he's a front runner it's a big mistake for him not to be here. >> so of course a lot of conservatives have been trying to take trump down so for the trump campaign they would rather go out there and talk to voters. they were at a big rally last night in new orleans. donald trump saying with all new respect to cpac he has ignited a movement. listen. >> millions and millions of people more than four years ago are coming out and they're voting republican. i hate to say it. it's not because of lying ted and it's not because of little marco. it's because of trump. i hate to say. >> so trump's campaign really has sort of created a picture between republican elites or moderates and rank and file republicans. rank and file republicans saying we don't let them take down trump. this is an election. the people need to speak so they want their vote heard.
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why are we in florida? donald trump will be here in a rally in or lan toe at noon and a press conference here in palm beach at 9:00 as the polls close. >> john roberts in florida. for now donald trump is in wichita kansas on the phone with us right now. republican kansas governor. the supporter of marco rubio. how does the state look to you governor? >> looks really tight. caucus states are are really difficult to poll and to know but the polling i've heard of sounds like this could go really any of three ways in the state today. >> do you know what i have seen in the past governor? correct me if i'm wrong, it tends to skew very conservatively but extreme conservative some could say. rick santorum won here four years ago. got 51% of the vote at the time. four years prior. mike huckabee got almost 60% of the vote. that would favor someone like a ted cruz.
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but with a caucus all bets are off. do you think that for marco rubio it would be an uphill fight period? >> i don't know that it's an uphill fight. this is a social conservative state particularly in a caucus vote so that's the crowd that shows up but i was at a rally last night with marco rubio and there were 3,000 people there in suburban kansas city which is the home of the world champion kansas city royals. >> you had to rub that in, didn't you? you had to rub that in. >> but it was a fabulous crowd and it seemed to really kind of cross the political spectrum. it was heavy on social conservatives but there was people really from all over the political spectrum so i don't know how much he polls and then the trump factor is a wildcard in a caucus state. you just really don't know how many people are going to show up. find a venue and that go there and vote. we are expecting record number of people to vote today.
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>> in primary and caucus one after another, double digit up from the last go around. even four years ago. 8 years ago while the democrats are seeing just the opposite. normally where there's passion like that it helps the party with the passion. the trouble and the con none drum for republicans this year is concern among some. not all establishment figures lead probably by mitt romney that there's no joy with donald trump. how bad is that or whatever you want to call it? >> it's a rift but that's what people said about the tea party of sorts, a few years back. they said oh my gosh these guys are doing this and splintering off but what happened was you brought a whole bunch of additional people with passion into the party and we had a fantastic midterm election with that. >> but can you see these guys, can you see the candidate you're supporting marco rubio who has called donald trump a con man and a fraud ultimately backing
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him if he is the nominee? i know they all said at the end of the debate they would hug and play nice. but you're more of a veteran than i am on this. i can't see it. what about you? >> what i hement is the coarsening of the curl tour and i do. i think everybody does. it's almost that kind of the way these things play out. so at the end of the day you have to come together even though language has been so rough and has been quite a street brawl. >> it has been that. great chatting with you. i let that kansas city royals thing go. but always good talking to you. >> thanks. >> kansas one of five states up if for grabs today for republicans. we're there every minute of it. in the meantime you heard a lot about this clash. some call it between the hatfields and the mccoys. mitt romney started it all.
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he says he has the path to the nomination. you have cruz at 231, rubio at 110. john kasich at 25. it's a long way from the 1237 you need thus far and that was the point of mitt romney stopping by to say we have to be very careful about this so-called donald trump. he does not think that trump is inevitable nor does he think he should be but even more than that he caused sort of a ruckus this week as he did last week when he was demanding that the candidate release his tax returns so one bright shining moment, more than just one bright moment, mitt romney has become sort of the senor piece, the focal point of a debate for the heart and soul of the party he says should not have donald trump at its helm. take a look. >> i'm someone that cares and i watched from the sidelines playing the role of the umpire and calling foul balls now and
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then but i couldn't sit back and say nothing as i watched donald trump be more and more outrageous and say terrible things about george bush, john mccain. positive things about vladimir putin and then mocking a reporter, a disabled reporter. >> why didn't you say it when he first said the stuff about john mccain and later on john bush. >> well i tweeted things out and i made it clear that that was a mistake and i do that along the way but actually getting in the race and laying out the full case against donald trump as i see it is something a lot of folks said don't do. you'll get incoming from all different directions. people will hate you and attack you and it's like you know i can't sit by. what am i going to do when my grand kids say what did you do to stop donald trump and i say i didn't do anything. >> well who are you to stop donald trump? if he's winning all of these votes. that's the will of the people and you might wince at what the will of the people is. >> i don't think a lot of people
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understand who the real donald trump is and you've seen the other two candidates on either side of him last night begin to say look folks have you noticed what he's done? he gave money to jimmy carter? he gave money to hillary clinton time and time again and they're haying out the case. they're saying his businesses, this trump university. this is a guy that says he's worth $10 billion who wants to apparently fleece people out of 10 or $15,000 to make a little more money for himself. >> well he says the opposite but you wanted his support four years ago. >> i wanted his support. i certainly would not endorse him for president and frankly had i heard then what he has been saying during this campaign, i wouldn't have appeared with him. >> when he said yesterday governor i could have said mitt drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees for that support. >> well, characteristically disgusting on his part first of
7:16 am
all. i mean, it's beneath the dignity of the office of president and even being a candidate for president. >> i'm told that that is what really got to you. that you knew what you would get from this but on those grounds as personal decency grounds and the way you treat people that that is why you came out the way you did. >> they keep their weaknesses to themselves. keep it in private to the extent that they can. not all the time but they try to but this is very different. this is a person who on almost every occasion he can brings this into the public view. and look around the world. i talk to people in other parts of the world. they can't believe it. what's going on. how in the world can you be supporting someone like this.
7:17 am
>> you don't want donald trump to be the nominee. you said that everyone should go ahead and support the candidates that are out there and john kasich in ohio and marco rubio in florida that you're almost wishing for a brokered convention. >> but if that doesn't happen i would like to see an open convention where there's more give and take between the candidates and someone else becomes about that. >> you heard what lindsey graham said about that governor and he's no fan of donald trump. he says a brokered convention wouldn't be fair to trump and that he would leave and he would have a right to leave. >> if he wants to leave, that's fine. everyone has the right to do whatever they want to do but in a convention, let's say donald trump had 40% of the delegates and the other guy versus 30% each and what does that give us? that's 100%. so in a case like that you say that's 60% that don't want donald trump and totally appropriate. let's say they get together. form a ticket.
7:18 am
that's how politics works. people don't have to be afraid of real politics. >> i'm going to put rubio on it or ted cruz on it. >> if those guys go along with it that's their right to do it. >> you would support that ticket. >> i'm not going to support donald trump as the candidate for president. >> would you vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton for sure. >> mitt romney the 2012 presidential candidate sitting out of an election. >> what would you do? >> either vote for a conservative that runs or write in a name of a conservative. >> would that not prevenn the republican nominee from getting it. >> i condition in good conscious vote for a person that has been as degrading and disruptive. and unhinged as i've seen donald >> and would you be in so doing electing hillary clinton. >> i'm going to do with my conscious what i believe is right for the country and what i
7:19 am
can live with as an individual. the elements that i laid out with donald trump. his economic plans will cause a recession. his foreign policy plans would cause us to be less safe and in more danger and his personal temperament is of such a nature that it would keep america from being the shining city on the hill. >> it's one thing, he says that you were testing the water and the prospect of his entering the race gave you pause. >> what is it that ted cruz said about donald trump's association with truth. it's a tenuous association with truth. i looked at this race in january. it was unimaginable to me that donald trump would even enter
7:20 am
the race. >> so if you knew now. >> it wasn't donald trump. my point is i didn't think he would become the power house he is. i was wrong. >> but jeb bush a lot of money was going to him. maybe that was giving you pause that the donors were running to him. knowing what you know now. >> i'm going to correct the record again which is i had all the donors i need that supported me and said they would be with me but i looked at the race and i said hilary chlary clinton is to be hard to beat. it's going to take someone new. someone who hasn't run twice before. it's going to take a new face and i said a new generation of political leader to be able to beat hillary clinton. >> but you come forward now as an old and familiar face and crashing the party and they say you're trying to destroy the party. you say what. >> well, donald trump is having an effect on the party which i think is very serious and negative and i'm trying to make people understand while we still have a chance that the republican party stands for
7:21 am
something. >> what if he's bringing all the new people into the party. >> if he brings in people who understand who he is and understand what he really stands for and understand his true record well that would be something that people have to respect i happen to disagree with what he stands for. but frankly what he stands for and what he has done in his life and what he has been saying during this campaign, when a guy gets up and says george w. bush is a liar but vladimir putin is a strong powerful leader. that's something that i can't abide by. >> so mitt romney not a fan of donald trump who is speaking right now in wichita, kansas. we should point out fair and balanced as we always do we reached out to donald trump. they're not very keen on me or this show but spokesperson saying neil does not treat mr. trump properly. he's not interested in being on the show. so we have had campaign surrogates for mr. trump. i have talked to him on the
7:22 am
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>> he hit my hands. look at those hands. are they small hands. and he referred to my hands small, something else must be small. i guarentee you there's no problem. i guarentee you. okay. >> all right and such is the race for the president of the united states. i always wondered if they do this. well my good man, i don't know.
7:26 am
>> and good to see you. thanks for coming in on a saturday. >> great to see you. >> what do you make of this dust up back and forth? you have romney and establishment guys going nuts over there. >> you can't make it up. it's great. the drama of it all and mitt romney. what is he? we want you to take down donald trump a little bit. difficult, not impossible. >> so you think that he's wasting his time. >> mitt romney is a very nice man but leave donald alone for goodness sakes. from the time when i did my radio show. in the last 36 to 48 hours, what goes on its like mitt romney goes on the air and then i sit with you here on the air and chris christie does a press conference out of nowhere with his eyes like this. like what's going on and then the donald does a press conference. donald is like a superman. press conference in maine. he does the debates that night and then ted cruz is like a robin williams preacher
7:27 am
character. breathe, donald, breathe. i want you to breathe, donald. >> but they're not stopping. >> and i think one of rollmneys points is even if he gets the nomination can't support him. >> people get ready the trump train's coming. >> you don't think any of the criticism is going to derail him. >> i think it helps donald and if you know donald personally you like the guy. he made one little comment. one inappropriate comment but the rest of the debate -- and marco, i like marco rubio but leave donald alone. >> leave donald alone. >> little marco, little marco. >> i told you this before, marco, marco, marco. marco. every time that marco starts a trump university. >> in new jersey where you and i are there's a lot of anger at
7:28 am
chris christie for spending so much time with donald trump. he had a very in your face press conference telling reporters lay off. i'm still doing my job but this in your face thing seems to resinate with the party right now. >> it does and i like that swagger and i love the drama of it all. we love being on the radio every morning but when i talk to the listeners kind enough to listen, the people out there, you can't disrespect them and have mitt romney disrespect donald trump like that. >> but do you think what mitt romney is saying, he is a deeply religious guy. >> he has a worse hair dye job than i do. >> stop. >> sorry. >> this is like the guy you idolize. >> sorry. >> do you think that there is anything to what he's saying? that it's just not presidential to talk that way. >> what is presidential? bill clinton with monica was that presidential? >> fair point. >> i was bringing my boy joey up at that time. this is like minor league and amateur hour compared to what
7:29 am
bill clinton did so you can use that anlage. >> but you don't find when people start going through his record and say you have not been consistent on this. do you think these are valid points or the followers like you and are they so impressed with the style and demeanor approach that don't give you details? >> i'm like the millions of americans that say show me something better. show me something better. >> interesting. >> show me something better. what we have in the white house now is better? this is a guy that has bluster. he's got conviction and focus. laser focus. >> do you know what he's going to do? >> i have to tell you because there's a lot of good folks that are afraid, they're shipping 10 billion people out, that's not going to happen. what he is going to do, he'll deal with everybody and that's a good thing. you can't be severe right. you can't be severe left. >> but they can't figure out what he is. >> it's jobs. politics is an industry.
7:30 am
washington d.c. it's an industry and they're afraid of losing the jobs. the lobbyists are afraid of losing their jobs. >> now you're entering crazy. >> he doesn't like the show. neal does not treat mr. trump properly. he's not interested in being on the show. and i was offended by that. >> you know i made a call to adele. we went through my producer and i said call adele. so they called adele. did you not get at least some kind of communication. >> we're like this. would you like me to reach out. >> no, i just want to know your thoughts on that. >> that donald won't come on the show. >> you don seem to hold a grudge. >> i don't hold a grudge. i'm in jersey. we accept everybody. >> let's say that trump falls short of the delegates he'll
7:31 am
need getting to cleveland which is what some of the mainstream guys are hoping. then could you see if that's the case and cruz or rubio overcomes him could you support that candidate and do you think that donald trump could. >> yes. i can. i would vote for ted cruz. i'd vote for marco. paul ryan. they're going to bring paul ryan in. mitt wants the job. paul ryan is going to be the guy. that's why everybody has to go out and vote for the donald. i know you love it. >> this is amazing. never seen this on history. you're on a saturday. >> you're here on a saturday. good luck at your son's game. you took a lot of time-out. he's one of the genuine nice guys and iconic figure. he acts like it. great radio show. the best character ever on snl. we've got this whole issue backing up here about donald
7:32 am
trump speaking in kansas right now. we'll be speaking to a very large crowd in florida. he's trying to take marco rubio out after this. >> let's discuss it. let's talk for a couple of minutes.
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. donald trump addressing the crowds in wichita, kansas. one of the states up for grabs today but not everyone is smitten with the donald. i'm talking about those that prefer a more conservative candidate. phil robertson is among them. he's endorsing senator cruz and it's always good to have you. last time i chatted with you in new hampshire when i was there, we got more e-mail response from your appearance than any other guest covering iowa and new hampshire which is a testament to your clear popularity.
7:36 am
good to have you. >> good to see you. i noticed something you're going to have to live with this. you are surrounded my friend by beautiful women all of whom are foxes. but neal, face it, you're not a fox. how did you end up where you are? >> you know, this is going to be a very nice interview phil. and now you have veered down a dangerous course but ps, i have pictures of executive. >> in a sea of foxes. >> you're right about that. you have been a big supporter very early on of ted cruz. never wavered. never worried. now he is up to four or five states. he's doing quite well but the argument that the math doesn't favor him to get the nomination, you say what? >> you have to remember, now i'm just one man living down on the river bank, living the american dream. hard work. the harder i work, the luckier i got and as it turned out i
7:37 am
believe with god's help i came out rich and famous all of a sudden. so now one can get ahead in america. i think what we're in here and i think you're seeing it and i will elaborate on it just shortly, i think we're more in a spiritual crisis than a political one. this is my firm belief. we have strayed away an there's this argument about whether we're an exceptional nation or not but the bottom line, if you look at it realistically, we are exceptionally broke. we're 20 trillion in the hole, dude. we are exceptionally vile and you see the ramifications coming out of these debates. >> but those debates tend to favor donald trump, at least the result being in the polls and how he is doing that he's got the populous message to deal with all of that. it's weird because your son willie i believe is a trump
7:38 am
supporter. you are not. he sees trump as the answer. you see cruz as the answer. why do you see cruz as the answer? >> because i'm on one side of town last night around south louisiana around hammond, i'm on one side of town speaking about we ought to get godly men back in the white house. and use the bible to vet everything. that way marriage would be what a marriage has always been. that way we wouldn't be killing 60 million of our own children. i'm just saying i'm looking at the field and in my humble opinion all i want is a strict, godly constitutionalist who will hold the line with a steady hand and i just think we would be better off at the end of the day. you have to remember, it's not a spiritual fix just politically. what i'm telling you neal is that our country is in a spiritual crisis. we're struggling with what's good, what's evil, what's right,
7:39 am
what's wrong and that is seen in these election cycles and we can't electing men who have no fear of god and we wonder why left wing ideology -- think about it, we have known marksists drawing huge crowds because our guys in the institution of higher learning are indoctrinating them rather than educating them. >> you're talking about bernie sanders. but you're in louisiana state where going into today has donald trump leading in a lot of the polls. not by a lot but leading. now he has also won a good deal of that religious vote and not ted cruz or not certainly by the margin ted cruz probably would have hoped or maybe you would have expected. so what's going on. >> what's going on is we have become as a nation,
7:40 am
exceptionally lazy uneducated ungodly, senseless, faithless, heartless and ruthless and you're seeing the result of it by the men that we elect. i'm just saying as a godly man i'm making sure that cruz was godly. i interviewed him so i have to vet the dude. he's a jesus man like myself. he's a bible man like myself and i know that his record has been steady all along. strictly conservative. so i am going to take my chances with that type of man no matter what. now look, if he doesn't win, and trump prevails, i will endorse trump. i will say, hey, i mean i'm looking at the other side neal and i'm thinking well i'm going to stay within the political party. >> so you don't agree with what mitt romney is trying to do? >> romney should have kept out of it. he had his shot and he lost. so if i was him i'd just stay out of it.
7:41 am
these republican establishment guys are hard headed but i would simply say i'm going godly and take my chances in the end, neal. >> all right. phil robertson, thank you very much. the rest of the family and i think what you are telling me phil is that everyone i'm surrounded with is beautiful and i'm not, i think that's with a you said but i hung up on him because i found that very annoying. but again, phil robertson of duck dynasty and made that a cult phenomenon and now a mainstream phenomenon and everyone laughed at the programming idea when it was first introduced. everyone but phil. keep an eye on what he is thinking. so this move on the part of mitt romney to say look, donald trump is our cup of tea. we should fight him every way. was he trying to say steal votes from donald trump and prevenn that? he one.
7:42 am
a lot of others said all of a sudden that this was something that mitt romney was trying to do, to steal the election from donald trump. he says no. the trump folks say yes. now with us on the phone, the former ronald reagan cabinet member bill bennett that is concerned about this. i guess bill, your argument had been pretty much maybe what phil robertson's was. mitt romney stay out of this. is that about right? >> well, stay out of it the way you get into it. i can't match phil robertson's natural eloquence there. what mitt romney did he could have said he opposed trump and wasn't going to support him. by the way, i haven't endorsed trump and i don't plan to. and romney says how does he explain to his grand children supporting trump. ho does he explain to his grand
7:43 am
children begging the guy for his endorsement and praising him on tv and telling him that he was a better business man than mitt romney was and then four years later taking the stage and just ripping him apart. >> he must have expected this. he knew and told me that he would be going into the criticism for doing this. you learned a lot and seen a lot and heard a lot but paul ryan has said similar things. >> no they vn. >> how do you differentiate between someone who just doesn't like the guy? he didn't advocate stealing an election from him. >> no but he ripped him from one end to the other four years ago. >> he wouldn't be the first politician to do that. >> that's right but this is what makes people cynical about politics and this notion that i just reject everything he stands for. donald trump --
7:44 am
>> wait a minute, didn't you say that. >> no, let me answer, what he stands for today donald trump, 80% of it he is good for when mitt romney endorsed him. mitt romney is free to do whatever he wants but don't tell me it's more indecent to make some ridiculous reference to private parts than to totally trying to destroy a guy who four years earlier -- >> just be fair and balanced on this. >> sure. >> why is it any different for donald trump who praised that same candidate for four years ago and praised all of these other candidates that are in the race now. why is that double standard only applying to those that dislike donald trump. >> but he didn't seek their endorsement in the way that romney went and sought the endorsement of trump. i thought that trump was fairly desen to romney.
7:45 am
i see why he did it. but the largest picture and again i'll not endorser of trump. but it could really destroy this party. and by the way we have been begging for for the last ten years. >> you don't think he would go down in the general election? you think he could be a big winner. >> i don't know whether he could or not but i'll tell you this, i'm a procedural regular. and if they try to steal that and do things in a regular or underhanded or questioned way -- >> that would be -- >> thank you very much. we have a lot more coming up here including the latest from mike emanuel that's joining us now in detroit michigan. what are you hearing there? >> well, good morning to you.
7:46 am
with the campaign calendar shifting to the midwest in places like detroit, the democratic candidates are selling their economic visions. front runner hillary clinton is complaining in places like michigan that companies need to start treating their moi yemplo like assets and not items to be cut. clinton is spend a lot of time in michigan visiting a restaurant in detroit late yesterday and meeting with african american ministers and will do more later today. she is talking about an issue that can be con tro ver y'all. >> when it comes to trade deals here's my standard. i won't support any agreement unless it helps create good jobs and higher wages for american workers and protect our national security. [ applause ] >> i need to be able to look into the eyes of any hard working american anywhere in our
7:47 am
country and say this deal will help raise your income. >> her rival bernie sanders is splitting his time today between ohio and michigan. sanders held a big energetic rally last night at grand valley state university. he continues hammering away on campaign finance, super pacts and sanders says clinton has been wrong on trade. >> secretary clinton supported nafta. she supported permanent normal trade relations with china. those agreements have cost us millions of jobs as a nation hit the midwest particularly hard. if elected president, trust me, we will have a new set of trade policies. >> what's interesting is there are democratic contests in places like kansas, louisiana, and nebraska today but the focus remains on michigan.
7:48 am
next tuesday's big prize and of course both of those candidates will be facing off on fox news monday night, neal. >> all right. thank you. very, very much. he did point out again what's going on here and the delegates at stake here for republicans. we're talking 155 today for democrats. 109. a lot of them will be coming out of the state of louisiana later on a primary state. the mayor of new orleans, endorsing hillary clinton there. very good to have you mayor. >> hey, how are you? >> i'm fine, sir. >> good. >> now hillary clinton is certainly rolling up the delegates right now. that she will need. >> i think he should be the presidential candidate. pretty good. >> he's very funny. >> we could use a little humor. >> he was great. >> by the way, on what he was
7:49 am
saying and certainly about that, people are angry, they're restless. they're craving something different which could explain in your party the phenomenon that is bernie sanders. what do you think is really going on here. what democrats should do, what do you think? >> a couple of things. first of all it's fairly clear that there's something going on on the streets of america that are getting people angry and upset. you see it on the far left and you see it on the far right. his view of donald trump is that donald trump is not on the far right. i don't think anybody knows where donald trump is and i think that the upset that you have been talking about this morning with bill bennett and mitt romney people are confused about what direction he wants to go in but what people are not confused about is howell he and to a certain extent bernie sanders have tapped into that frustration and that anger and i don't think we'll really understand this until we see it in the rear-view mirror. >> one thing that i do hear, i
7:50 am
didn't mean to interrupt you but the notion that democrats overwhelmingly prefer going against donald trump because they think they can pick him apart and yet i are remember the same democrats or the establishment democrats at the time of jimmy carter hoping that it would be ronald reagan challenging them because they thought they could pick him bec thought they could pick him apart. we know what happeneded. >> i think it's fair the say everybody has guessed wrong about what they thought and i think if everybody's honest, nobody saw the trump phenomena or sanders phenomena coming forward, but be that as it may, this is what presidential races are ab. one of f the most spectacular things about our country, is that every four year, we have a peaceful transition of power and this one is one of the roughest we've had. freedom isn't free. you got to fight the battle every day and have the battle of ideas and at the end of the day, one of the people is going to be president. so, the point is to pick the person you think is the best.
7:51 am
i think hillary clinton is going to win the nomination and be a strong candidate. i think that donald trump is going to win the nomination. >> we'll see. we'll see. thank you. good having you. a former majority heeder, republican leader, tom delay on why trump -- positive. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
ohio governor john kasich is speaking to folks in michigan. he has been leading this push to say i'm the calm alternative to these guys throwing nasty jabs at each other. i hope to win the calm vote. more thoughtful president. isn't exactly paid off in large dividends here. he'll be coming up with us in the next hour. former house majority leader,
7:55 am
tom delay, is with us in the meantime. he is concerned mitt romney about the trump phenomena, but more to the point he would tear the party apart. how would he do that? explain how you feel he would do that. >> neil, first of all, he's not a conservative. his policies are not republican, so when and if he becomes president, he's going to start a trade were or illegals back into the country or whatever. the elected officials that represent the republican party, whether it be the house or the is that the or governors or state ledge gislators will have deal with those. for instance, the first one is the appointment of the supreme court justice. if he appoints a justice like he's suggesting, that will comp. that split goes everywhere. people start fighting with each other as if they're not already
7:56 am
because we're seeing that going on now in the primary process and it just destroys the party. people start focusing on the split and the fissures rather than advancing a conservative agenda. >> if donald trump wins the nomination fair and square, so be it. he wouldn't support the guy, but this does seem to be an interpretation he's going further and that guys like you are going further from stealing that nomination from him. why don't you explain the difference. >> it's not stealing the nomination. it's the process. people need to realize this is not the election of a president. it's the nomination of a candidate and there is a process and there's rules and efb has a fair shot at those rules, but in the end, the representatives, the delegates make the decision at the convention. one way or another. and no candidate gets to the
7:57 am
convention with the majority of the votes, then the delegates dually elected to represent the people that are voted, get to decide. it's not stealing anything. >> all right. >> important thing to sort of stipulate off the top. we'll have more including john kasich. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
7:58 am
7:59 am
but, dad, you've got...
8:00 am
[ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? it is -- you are looking at fox news continuous coverage of the 2016 presidential contest. today, five states up for grabs. four for republicans and a big one for democrats as well. right now in wichita, kansas, one of the states that will be voting today, you have ted cruz. in a a neck and neck race there with donald trump. now, a lot of it comes on the aim day we're expecting to hear from the cpac votes in maryland. who their pick would be. for president of the united states among those republican candidates. steve forbes is at cpac where
8:01 am
donald trump yesterday opted not to speak today. canceled at the last minute. sort of said the campaign, but steve forbes, what is the sentiment there post the donald trump cancellation? >> there was a huge disappointment and a feeling that he was perhaps coming before an audience that wasn't very faifrlable to him. some were planning to walk out so the feeling is he's got to face semihostile audience, but i think you touched on it. kansas is a very close caucus today. and cruz has a very real chance to win there, to donald wants to go get the delegates rather than appear br an audience here in d.c. >> i don't know what wr you stand on the erats to steal the nomination from donald trump. others are saying he's trying to slow momentum. how do you look at it? >> i think what hurt the romney
8:02 am
effort was the feeling that he had another agenda. that he was perhaps thinking at a contested convention, he might emerge again. so that took some of the steam out of his criticism, but there is a lot of angst in the party, but in terms of a party leaders trying to do anything in this day and age, first, smoking is not allowed in rooms anymore, so you're not going to have that. and the only way, the only way you're going to win the nomination or get a contested convention is if you win primaries and caucuses, so, if you don't beat the donald today and on tuesday and on march 15th, he will win the nomination. you got to win contests and that's where it's interesting to see what kasich, cruz and rubio are going to be doing now. they have the lead with positive economic issues. for kasich to say i'm the calm conservative, okay, what do you want to do as a calm conservative? people want substance and that's the only way you're going to beat trump.
8:03 am
>> when i talked to mitt romney, he said i'm not trying to steal the nomination for anybody. i'll do everything in my power to make sure. that someone else gets it. but the one thing that comes up when i asked him, say donald trump wins. would you rally around and support, no way. so, he wouldn't back clinton. so he would sit it out, no, i'd like for a conservative alternative like senator sasse of nebraska. that is suicidal, isn't it? >> it gives the feeling it's my way or the highway. instead of do you want to take on the donald, you take him on trade sh other issues. health care and the like. and that's where the remaining three what you might call untrump candidates really have to start to do is put reagan proposals on the table. it's one thing to say you don't like trump. okay, but what is your alternative? why should we go with one of these other three?
8:04 am
they have to make a case in the remaining days before today is over, but tuesday and then a week from tuesday, that they're going to want to get real popular support. that's the only way you win. got to win votes. period. >> well put. steve, thank you very much. steve will be joining us on our special fox business network coverage later this evening. 7:00 p.m. polls start closing at 8:00 p.m., we'll take you through the rest of the night if need be. in the meantime, switching to the other side with the democrats, we have mainstay representatives and chip out of portland, maine right now. maine has caucuses as well, but the democrats, 30 delegates are at stake, but they're at stake tomorrow. the republicans vote in their caucus today, but how does it look to you right now, representative, between these two is this they're fighting it out. maine is an unpredictable state. how do you see it going? >> i think things are going to go well tomorrow. we're expecting thousands of democrats across the state to attend caucuses.
8:05 am
i think that senator sanders is going to do a lot better than people expect and i think he will win the state. >> he's got to start winning a lot of states. even by the conventional delegate count, he trails her. add in the superdelegates, he really trails her. how do you slow that down? >> well, i think he's going to do very well in the midwest. i think he's going to do well in states like maine and i say that because here in maine and across the country, wages have not kept up with the cost of living and bernie supports a living wage and he has always felt that way all of his life. on the issue of hello care, he wants medicare for all system that eliminates the middleman. that's not a new position for him. he's felt that his adult life and on campaign finance reform, bernie is not only talking the talk, he's walking the walk and running a campaign the way it
8:06 am
should be run. without a superpack, it's millions of small donations. he's doing much better than people expected an inn he's got a great chance to win the nomination. >> if he doesn't and hillary clinton does, what do you think hillary clinton should do for him? what do you think she should either promise or offer or commit to? for all his passionate support? >> i -- i don't think it's going to come to that. i think he's going to win the nomination. but if hillary wins is the nomination, i don't know. ooip not going to speculate on that. i expect that senator sanders woul probably continue to stay in the u.s. senate and do the great work he's doing there, but you know, it would be interesting if hillary were to ask him to be his running mate. not sure if if two would agree, but i think it's a lot of promise out there and a lot of hope and a lot of momentum right now behind senator sanders and
8:07 am
we're just focused on the caucus tomorrow here in maye e maine and looking tat upcoming states. i think he's going to do well in the states and i think there's a strong, clear path forward for him to win the nomination and that's what we're focused on. >> all right. you've been with us for a long time. >> great. >> thank you. very good having you. all right, well, in kentucky, it was big news because he wasn't favored to win. he wasn't even remotely favored to win. then he won. kentucky republican governor, matt beven is here. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions
8:08 am
about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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8:11 am
all right, that coverage is all about caucuses and primaries around the country today. you're looking in wichita, kansas at a cruz event. he's actually a little late because he was drawn by crowds at a separate event near this event. this is a state that many would consider early on, a must win for him. very conservative state. it's the same state run by rick santorum four years ago. mike huckabee. so many states have been leading in the polls, although here in the single digits. we'll see what happens. another state up for grabs is kentucky. for republican, 46 delegates are at stake. the republican governor of the state is a guy giving no hope of winning. in fact, they were saying the day before when some polls had him down by ten points. that was then.
8:12 am
he is now the governor of kentucky. matt bevin with us now. governor, good to have you. >> great to be on with you. >> you've not committed to any candidate. right now. by design. why? >> i have not thus far. i have not weighed in on this. i think it's important for the democratic process to play itself out. i really do. i encourage people to do their homework. i've reminded people that all that glitters is not gold and i think people are starting to see the true character of the candidates. of what they stand for. what they have stood for all along. and i think people are going to choose wisely here in kentucky and i think around the country. >> now, what's interesting about this race is even though the case of donald trump, he has a little over 300 delegates, cruz, about 100 behind him. many have said this race is over, it's donald trump's to
8:13 am
lose. do you agree? >> i don't know that i do. i think we're headinging into the season and you're aware of this, where we're going to get into those primaries where they are closed primaries and that is a big difference. one of the things that has actually helped to propel donald trump and people could say this is good, bad or otherwise is the fact he's had a lot of the crossover vote. exit polls have crossed party lines to do so. some would say that's good for a general election. others would see it as a cause of concern for whether there's a support from the republican side of the house. i will say this. when we get into these pure play closed primary, we will start to see the true sentiment of where people are politically in the country on the republican side. >> you know when mitt romney's been up to and trying say a lot of people, once they see mitt romney are getting like this, he's a charlatan and benedict
8:14 am
arnold and so are you. both of you should go to hell. that's from members of my staff. the point is, it's a very controversial move and are some are interpreting it as the establishment trying to steal this one from donald trump. how do you view that? >> again, i think the thing that's important to understand, a government of and by and for the people is exactly that. but it is only that if the people step up to vote. i'm encouraged by the fact i just voted here this kentucky in our caucus. it has elevated us to the forefront in way that's interesting because we didn't typically have the ability to move the needle. we have 46 delegates. t there were lines of people outside in the rain waiting to get in and cast their vote in a primary. in kentucky. outstandi outstanding, so, it's healthy and good if the people take ownership. they're doing it and i think the net result will be a stronger and better america because people will have chosen wisely.
8:15 am
this is what i encourage them to, but don't fall for the bluster. there's a lot of hot air, a lot of drama and that's not good. we don't need to celebrate the worst elements of america. let's celebrate the greatness of america. >> that turnout and the surge of populous support showing up not only in your fine state, but in so many others, donald trump says he's the reason for that. what do you think of that. >> i think there's some truth in that. and any other candidate might say the same thing. you need a foil for every person who would claim to be the one to be the catalyst for something. that reality is that there is good dialogue, good discourse and you can lay the credit or the blame for that in my direction you like, but it is healthy, it's kai thartic. it's encouraging to see americans care enough to be engaged. the question is whether they will be fooled. they are indeed those that are full of baloney. >> who? >> i'll leave that for people the determine for themselves.
8:16 am
i think that if you get caught up in the adjective, and the bluster and the drama and the daytime talk show type theet at, that you could be fooled. it's interesting those have risen to power in world history and have done so in the debtriment of the world itself have noted things like the fact it's good for political leaders. >> are you talking about donald trump? >> i'm just speaking about politicses in general. i would encourage people look beyond all that glitters. look at the substance of the candidates. i truly think the american people are wise enough to choose carefully. republicans in particular, in this case. >> in the end of the fox news debate, all the candidates were asked could you support whoever the eventual nominee is and donald trump looked and said he could support any one of them even after all the language back and forth on all sides. do you see that happening? >> i think there will be some who say right now that they would not be able to reach over
8:17 am
and support somebody they didn't support in this primary, but i'll tell you what. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, really? come on now. i don't think there is any true republican that in good faith woucould support either of thos candidates and at the bottom having one of them as the next president of the united states, i think they will go and vote for the nominee on the republican side. i think it would be the prugh tent thing to do. see where it sorts out and not try to project what will happen, but i think people will get over. people often in the drama and the moment get angry and say they're never going to vote for someone, but they may do different when the time comes. >> governor, what do you make of the number count in the race? even though ben carson quit his campaign last night, there's still four in the race and those other three, they're not going anywhere. obviously, maybe they're waiting to see if their ship comes in on
8:18 am
you know, the big primary day of march 115th when ohio, 66 delegates at stake. florida's 99 at stake. so marco rubio would want to stick around for that. and that leads you to a brokered convention in and of itself. do you agree with that? >> there is that possibility. you think about it, what weech of these individuals you just mentioned is has in their back pocket potentially is the ability to win their home state. a state that's often seen as a swing state, a state where frankly, winning it would lend credence to their claim that hey, i can help move the needle in a general election. in ways that would be good for our party, so i can appreciate why folks are hanging in, but i think there really are two strong contenders. one medium contender and another one that is struggling. it isn't anything about them individually or personally, it's a function of what has grasped the attention and enthusiasm of the electorate and yet, any
8:19 am
number of things can change. to your question, could it be a brokered election, convention, i think it could be. we're shaping up where that is a possibility. that could be interesting. i'm not sure that we'll get there, but we might. and if we do, i think this will also afford people more time to do their homework and decide for themselves who truly respects the constitution. who truly respects the rule of law. who truly has the ability to articulate the actual policies and issues and values of the republican party. and i think voters will come out of that convention with the right nominee. i really do. >> how do you get along with mitch mcconnell now? you came to fame and near pulled off topple iing and challenging him. as kentucky's senator. now, you're governor. he's senate majority leader. how do you two get along? >> we get along fine. at the end of the day, some of this is so much posturing and that's the unfortunate part. i enkournl people to look again
8:20 am
as i said beyond that, but we get along great. a couple of days ago, we did a function together. maybe it was i don't know, sometime in the last several days. he's supportive of my efforts and i'm grateful for that. i really am. >> ted cruz doesn't get along with him. does that complicate things? >> no. i mean, again, i can't speak for any one individual's relationship with another. you know this. there's, you saw that e-mail you just read. the reality is there's always somebody who's got their nickers in a twist with somebody else, but at the end of the day, what are the core values in this state, we have four special leches coming up where we have the chance since 1921 for the first time to take control of the house from democrats. it has not been the case in kentucky since 1921. that democrats have not controlled the house. we have four special elections on tuesday, march the 8th in
8:21 am
kentucky. if people choose the republicans in those four races. i'm tell you. >> you're sitting where you are now proves that. governor bevin, thank you. john kasich, next. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. and i'll get the promo materials.reports questions? i got a question, where's my omelet!! coming right up, mr. tinsley! um. who's he? until our startup gets on its feet, money is a little bit tight. so i opened an online bed and breakfast. there's supposed to be muffins! these are scones! ok, mr. tinsley. or we can just use fedex ground shipping.
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8:24 am
we love our police. where would we be without them in all fairness. >> i want to also talk to all the police officers and firefighters and first responders who have been left behind with this president st t starting in january 2017, i will have your back. >> all right. this is a big thing if you're a cpac conference, the conservative combat going on in
8:25 am
maryland and the question is who will attend this year's support. we'll know later this afternoon. about 4:30. david clark, the sheriff, he's actually like a rock star there. good to have you. >> i'm doing well. >> who do you support in this race? >> well, i haven't made a decision yet. there's still time. i've said from the beginning, i want this process to play itself out. i want these candidates vetted properly. we're not through vetting them yet. i think it's down to three candidates. i think trump, i could see bust ipluses and minus, same with te cruz and marco rubio a little bit, but i like how donald trump and senator cruz have unabashingly supported the american police officers. that's important at a time like this. >> so, you didn't mention john kasich. why not? >> i think he's bringing up the
8:26 am
rear to be honest are you. i think he has some soul searching to do. the numbers you know, are what they are. and his single digits, not going to get across the finish line. >> all of these guys have said in the recent debate they'll support whoever the party no, ma'am nates. do you believe that? that after all the nasty comments and you know, little marco and you're a phony and a con man, that by gones can be by gones? >> all i can do is hope and all the voter ks do is hope because i think it's been very destructive. i'm not hearing anything from these candidates about vision. i'm not hearing that are vision for america. not hearing how they're going put people back to work, find meaningingful work. how they're going to remove this authority that the federal government has over our lives. deconstruct washington. neil, you know, washington can't fix it. it has to be deconstructed. i think we have to move more towards the tenth amendment and
8:27 am
power to the states. that really is where the answer lies. at the lower levels. the states and in the communities, so, who knows. i think like i said, this has been very damaging, what's going on. but in the end, donald trump signed the pledge. they made him sign the pledge. to not run a third party. i think they're going stick with that. i'm seeing some things go on within this, with the political elites, with the donor colossus class that i don't think like. >> all right, sheriff, thank you very, very much. ohio governor john kasich with us now. michigan. governor, it's good to have you. thank you for taking the time. >> you're welcome, neil. >> one of the things i think the sheriff was alluding to i was just speaking with, david clark, is this idea that the party elite, i think he might have been referring to mitt romney and others, who aren't keen on donald trump and think they should do everything in their
8:28 am
power to stop that from happening. i'm thinking that those elites, whatever you want to call them, governor, are trying to steal that from him. what do you think? >> well, we have rules, neil. you can go to the convention, you have to have a certain number of delegates and if you don't, you don't win. then you go to you know, probably a multiballot convention. and when i win ohio, which i'm going to do, i'm doing better here in michigan, but when i win ohio, it becomes very difficult for anybody to be able to accumulate the number of delegates. it is not mathematically impossible, but it's unlikely. so, but you know, if you're going to have a convention, you have rules. it's not like who has the most. it's that who hits the threshold and if you don't hit the threshold, then the convention will take into consideration all kinds of things, but i don't want to see a hand fful of elit,
8:29 am
k street washington types trying to control the convention. i don't like that outcome anymore than anybody else does, but i was there in '76, neil, as a very young man trying to help reagan to beat gerald ford and at that time, we had a tough con veng. ford won. we were all happy. we left unified and ford was a great man. he moved us past the american tragedy, but almost won despite that. >> not everyone left happen p pi. not everyone left happy, governor and there was some concern. maybe. >> i was there. >> and i was just watching in my living room, so you're absolutely right. let me raise this with you, that you know, i think in '76, gerald entered the convention in kansas city, i believe. without the exact number of delegates. there was a little give and take even though reagan was a ways from him. it ended up not, but there was
8:30 am
this feeling that if ford was so close, the reagan folks were much further and had no business trying to u serp a sitting president. now, today, it's almost in reverse. a lot of people say donald trump has the lead, even though he might not have the 1237 delegates necessary and everyone else is piling on to make him not inevitable. what do you make of that? >> well, i'm not piling in anything. i've been working in obscurity in this campaign. but i'm the last governor standing. we're here in traverse city, had a great rally this morning. headed to the upper peninsula. i'm up here talking about things that i care about for this coun country. i heard the sheriff, i guess he's a sheriff, talking about the concerns people have. the concerns about keeping their job and wage increases an their adult children being able to get
8:31 am
jobs. these are things i've done and been able to solve in both washington and ohio, so i'm out here doing everything i can to help our country, so, you know, if donald trump gets thuf delegates, he goes to the con veng, he wins. if not, we're going to have multiballots. it's not like some rip off to somebody. we got rule, man. it's the way it works. >> the one argument that and again, you mentioned how important it is to win your state. winner takes all, it would change the math, but the argument is that with all of you staying in the race with ben carson tepinging out yesterday, ooen senator cruz, rubio staying in with trump, we are more likely to have one of these so-called brokered conventions or bottom line, no one kind of having that 1237 going into cleveland. then what? >> well, then we just have a convention, neil, and we figure out who would be the best person to run the united states of america and be the leader of the
8:32 am
free world. these ideas that people ought to drop out. this is not a game. i mean, i'm not in this because i'm playing a game. i'm in this because i think i'm the most qualified. have the best record and the best vision for what we need to do to fix this country, so i'm deeply passionate about the united states of america and about the people that i meet. i'm deeply passionate about the people and how they plead with me to do the things you say you're going to do and hang in there and keep going. and we're doing just great. so, this is not a matter of like let's do some mathematically calculation. if i didn't think i was the best person to be president, i wouldn't be running. >> i've known you for many -- >> take that, cavuto. >> i can take it. but you know, i've known you for many years. i think you're a very decent, honorable man and i see in these debates where you don't join in the fray and i wonder if there's a part of you, not showing bias,
8:33 am
but a part that says, i got to mix it up. i've got to start hurling some insults or i'm going to be mr. inviz l. if you don't throw something and get the candidates the talk about you, you're going to just wither on the vine. >> well, neil, i'm not withering on any vine. i'm the last governor standing and we're down to four people and you know, i don't want to get into the grading of the last debate, but i'm very happy where i am. and you know, this is not about you know, what am i supposed to do? go insult somebody so somebody will pay more attention to me? >> you don't have to give names. governor, if you don't get offensive here, and in your face, you're going to lose this thing. >> first of all, they don't say that and secondly sh i think i've just received my 26th newspaper editorial from all the major newspapers, the chicago sun times today, okay. both newspapers in michigan.
8:34 am
you know what they all say? he's the guy that can bring the country together. why would i want to go, i'm not interested, neil, in getting a lot of attention because i called somebody a name. if that's the route i have to take, forget it. i'm happy with my campaign. i'm proud of what we've done. the people are proud of me. if i started going negative, i don't think my daughters or my wife would even speak to me. that doesn't mean i'm going to be a marshmallow, somebody attacks me, i'll fight them back. i'm not going start calling people personal name, you're litting or tall or this or that. >> what do you think of that? that was a big feature in the last debate. >> i think it's degrading american politics is what i think. and i blame a chunk of this on the media. you know, we used to believe in freedom of the press. now, it seems as though the media believes in freedom of purse when one major television executive says look, this you know, trump may not be good for
8:35 am
america, but he's good for our ratings and money make, we need to all step back and realize that we have a purpose in this life. and it's not all about making money. you know, our country has been drifting. we're fine. but it's drifting. and you know, we got to be, look, i used to be in television and they used to tell me to do these hyper, you know, pipe hyper segments on television just to get ratings. i'll do one, but not the rest of it and if you don't like it, i'm going off television. just ask, you know what i did there. >> right. >> so, i'm just not interested in ratings and neither are you. >> you're right and it shows. let me ask you though, governor, do you think in the end that because you've been trying to be above the fray here, the one thing that all the other candidates, they say good words about you and i know i've raised this again and you're optimistic you could still pull this out and win the nomination, but -- >> the answer is no, neil. the answer is no. >> no for number two.
8:36 am
you would never entertain being a running mate. >> no. i'm the governor of ohio. gl i know what you are. you would not entertain being anyone's number two. if offered, you would say no. >> no. you've asked me this ten times. can this be the last time? >> no. >> n-0. >> no to what? no to ever answering the question again -- >> ever, ever, until the ends of the earth, until the ends of time. when the cows come home. >> all right. i have to work on exciting ratings jugger not here on money supply figures that are out now. governor, in the meantime -- >> very exciting, neil. >> that's how i roll. very good seeing you. >> thank you. >> i think his answer was no. more after this. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar?
8:37 am
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8:41 am
up in maryland late eoin today abt 4:30 eastern time. maybe 4:15. those attendees will announce who they're supporting. who will that be and what impact will it have on this race? garrett, what are you hearing? >> well, the big news yesterday was that donald trump would not be attending today. most of the voters we've spoken here today were looking forward to hearing him speak. even if they don't support him, the reactions range from frustrated and disappointed to others saying they feel snubbed. you have to remember, for years, cpac has been essentially a requirement for any republican candidate the come through to be able to sway some of conservative voters to their way. so, a lot of folks here are upset trump is not making that effort. organizers here, they're upset as well. they say that donald trump actually did not show up because
8:42 am
they refused to give into his demands for more speaking time and to not answer any questions following his speech. >> i don't think he skipped cpac because he's worried about these state, although it sounds like he should be worried about every state going forward. i think he skipped because he wanted to dictate to us what he wanted the rules to be for his appearance and we decided that would not be appropriate. we should treat every candidate and every campaign fairly and the same. >> not everyone is dispinted though. some conservatives were frustrated that he was invited in the first place. in fact,errier this week, some activists announced they were going to plan a large walk out during his speech. trump's campaign though say none of that affected his decision to not show up to today's event. they say it was purely a strategic decision. >> had nothing to do with questions and come on, donald trump is the one candidate that has taken more incoming than
8:43 am
anyone. more question, many protests. he's not afraid to take questions. guess what. tomorrow is an election. the campaign decided to go campaign in texas and then go to florida. >> we're expecting marco rubio to take the stage in the next few minutes and you can likely hear him hit on donald trump, but also hear him make his case to trump supporter, saying that winning the election is the most important thing and that he is the one who can do that best. against hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and you mentioned the straw poll happening this afternoon. the result, looking at this crowd, you would think it would lean in the favor of rubio or cruz, but as we've seen so far, you can never quite count on trump. >> all right, so even with the regrets, and not attending, he could still pull this out. thank you very, very much. we are live again today on this
8:44 am
fine channel at 4:00 p.m. on a special edition of your world when the results are out. so that could be a game changer for the remaining caucuses as voting ensues in these key states and down the road to get the heart and soul of the conservatives within the republican party. could be very, very important. do they divide amongst themselves, do they go to cruz and rubio and donald trump, some to john kasich. it's anyone's guess because no one knows. lisa booth is president of high noon strategies. lisa, very food to have you on a weekend. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> this thing, help me out. how important it? and how important is it that donald trump skips out? >> well, that's to be seen. i mean, he skipped out on the iowa debate and that had an effect on him in iowa. but it's to be seen. this donald trump, we're lifing
8:45 am
in a mad, mad world in a sense that donald trump has not played by the rules that traditional candidates have in the past or the other candidates have this election cycle so far. so, it doesn't surprise me that trump decided to back out at the last minute and obviously, his case is he wants to be in the states that are voting in today's primaries and contest, but it's to be seen if it's going to have an effect on him. we just don't know. gl >> do you ever get a sense t maybe trump by risking skipping out on this event, is looking past this whole contest assuming that he has got to nomination and he's looking to november? even with his comments saying some good things about planned parentho parenthood, showing flexibility even on the debate stage the other night about dealing with illegal immigration. that he is trying to pivot somewhat to november. >> well, there does seem to be a level of confidence with the things you just mentioned, sort of underscoring that confidence of potentially looking towards a
8:46 am
general election. i think that's a little premature at this point. yes, he's been up in almost all the polls. you have to remember, too, there's going to be over half of the delegates needs to win that 1,237 number in play just over the next ten days alone between now and march 15th. but it is a little bit premanyture. he needs looking ahead to march 159. you've got to look at florida and ohio. if he wips florida and ohio, this thing is over. if not, he needs to win two-thirds of the remaining delegate, which is going to be a tall task, which could lead us to a convention, which is going to be the first time in 68 years that has happened. again, this is a wild, wild world we're living in so it's going to be interesting what happens in the next ten days. >> to your point, it's one that engages a lot of passions. even when mitt romney came out, many others who say doing back trying to steal an election from somebody. even in the course of the
8:47 am
interview, i would get e-mails coming in saying not fair, foul, foul. others saying, well, if donald trump in this case is is nowhere near the 1,237 you need, it's not stealing. after first ballot, that's what you got and then the battle ensues, but do you think there would be ill feelings in that event in when it gets to multiple ballots, awe bets are off. >> right. it depeptide sz on your vantage point. if you're a trump supporter, you're going to look at it as hey, they're stealing the election if it goes to a convention, however, if you're part of the old guard or accomplishment or anyone but trump, you're not going to view it that way, so it's really just a perspective, vantage point thing. we're going to know in these next ten days. there's going to be a lot of closed primary races because so far, they have benefitted ted cruz. the open primaries have benefitted donald trump and that's another thing to look ahead to for florida because
8:48 am
that's a closed primary race. also a state marco rubio won in the three way race. by 49%. however, we're living in different times and voters are really angry. there's this frustration that donald trump has been able to tap into with republican voters that no one candidate has been able to do, so we're going to learn a lot with just today's contest and the coming contests between now and march 15 ath and after that, we'll likely know where this is heading, if it's over or if we're going to get into a long, drawn out fight. >> where only republicans in this case can vote. it's been these outside player, sometimes those who have never voted before are providing a lot of excitement and momentum that's benefitting donald trump. what i want to get a sense of from you, if donald trump were not the nominee, all of that enthusiasm fritters away. he's been a big reason for this
8:49 am
you know, swarming at the polls. if hees gone, don't republicans lose that? he's argument has always been with some rational dlerks i've taken more into this party. people who not only never voted republican, never voted at all. then i risk losing and these big party -- don't see it. what do you think? >> and there is a certain level of excitement we haven't seen before. that's undeniable. we've had historic turnout in every contest to date for republicans and if you look at the last, there's really a lack of enthusiasm. they've had lower turnout than in the past, o there's this lack of enthusiasm on the left and this heightened enthusiasm on the right. i will give some of that credit the donald trump, but also to the fact that republican voters are so sick and tired with the trajectory of this country. it's the majority of americans. if you look at poll after poll, the majority of americans believe the country heading on the wrong
8:50 am
things like obama care, president obama's executive action on immigration. on climate change. circumventing o f the rule of law, of the constitution of congress and just the anger that is out there for americans and neil, you also just look at the economy. look at the fact that so many americans haven't seen pay increases under president obama. if you're a breakthroulue colla you might be making less than before president obama took office. there's this anger. this frustration. and donald trump's just done the best at tapping into that and directing it in his direction. >> all right. thank you very, very much. that shows, people showing up to the polls. now, the equation as we wait for rubio at cpac. some numbers that might slow some of that republican momentum. employment report and president obama now supporting a 51% approval rating. hasn't been that high in a why. are they missing something or on
8:51 am
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zblnchs you think of the contests we have today, what is going on in florida? john roberts in palm beach. what's going on there, john? >> good morning to you, neil. not a lot right now, but donald trump is winging his way from wichita here to florida. he's got a rally in orlando at 2:00 this afternoon and tonight, 9:00 this evening at the trump international golf club behind he, he's going to give a pres conference ch i . i expect to say he's won several states because the polls like favorable in every state.
8:55 am
things appeared to be tighter in kansas. of course, what's going on today is important. four big contest, another on tuesday. really what happens on 12 days from now is big was that's when florida is up. 99 delegates. a winner take all-state. just got to win by one vote and you get all 99 delegates. also, ohio, another big win ier take all-state kasich is hopinging to win. just looking ahead. what's happening today is important. obviously. because there's 155 delegates up for grabs. in one state, you get winner take a all if you go above 50%. tuesday's posht, but really, all the marbles are on a week from tuesday. >> i preferred you freezing in detroit. than looking like you're relaxed and having a great time in palm beach. >> difficult to be relaxed when you're shivering from the tip of
8:56 am
your toes to the top of your head. detroit's a lovely place, but i like being in florida this time of year. no question about that. >> that is a very, very correct answer. john robert, thank you very much in florida. of course one of those super states where it's winner take all. 99 delegates up for grabs. marco rubio has to win it. here's where we stand now going into today with all the delegate count now. ted cruz speaks to supporters in kansas. one of the states up for grabs. 40 degree gatt delegates there. marco rubio, 110, kasich at 25. so, you notice donald trump's 329 and whatever he might get today. he might be the leader and that indicates he is but, he is a quarter of the way there. a quarter. of the way there. to the 1237 you would need to be the nominee. so, it puts it in some per
8:57 am
perspective here, if people get ahead of themselves in any camp at any time. 4:00 p.m. today we'll be continuing with this. also, the cpac results and then on fox business as the numbers come in at 7:00, i'll take it. we're there. behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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welcome to this special edition of the journal editorial report. donald trump takinging fire from fellow republicans after winning seven states on super tuesday. establishing himself as the clear favorite for the gop presidential nomination. mitt romney went on the attack thursday, calling trump a phony and a fraud. and his 2016 primary opponents tried to derail the trump train again in the fox debate by hammering away at his conservative credentials. >> for 40


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