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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and this is a fox news alert. we are in the midst of super saturday as voters from both parties are fanning out across five states today to voting booths or caucuses as they get higher in the sweep stakes. the presidents are making the most of the momentum and looking ahead to states where we should see folks voting over the next few days and weeks. hello everybody. i'm at america's election headquaters. despite the voting underway right now we have donald trump and marco rubio waging a show down in florida today. both holding rallies for the winner take all contest this next month.
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for senator rubio it's a turf war hoping for a home state advantage despite the polls showing trump ahead of him at this point. in michigan we're told it's primary on tuesday, governor john kasich is promising he will win that state's delegates despite concerns his campaign is waging an uphill fight. republicans are holding caucuses and primaries in kansas, kentucky, maine and louisiana. while the democrats head to the polls and caucuses in nebraska, kansas, and louisiana. they'll also be holding caucuses tomorrow in maine. john roberts is in palm beach florida but first new orleans where doug is keeping a laser focus on the vote there. doug. >> hi, uma. polling has been sparse in louisiana so it's a little bit of a wildcard as to who will claim the proportionally awarded delegat
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delegates. hillary clinton could run away with the state of louisiana. she has done very well in the other southern states especially among african american voters and here in louisiana african americans make up over 30% of the population. that's the second highest in the union. the real fight is on the gop side here. we saw a touch of that last night in the donald trump rally in louisiana in what must have been the most ruckus donald trump rally to date. it was interrupted by black lives protestors. trump handled it in what has become typical fashion at this point. >> get that guy out of here police. thank you. get him out. guy is swinging his fist. you know he's swinging and he's hitting people and you know what, if we hit back we end up on the front page of the paper. look at those cameras how they're turned. look at that. they never ever turn. they will never show how big a
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crowd it is also there's a protestor because they're the most dishonest people you'll ever see. >> and while marco rubio cancelled a campaign stop here in louisiana last night to campaign instead in kansas where he recently won the endorsement of the republican governor. ted cruz did campaign here last night and held a rally on the other side where he screwed trump for his self-described flexibility which cruz said in washington is a code word for trying to stick it to you and urged voters to get behind his candidacy. >> i would urge every candidate in this race if you have not had a pattern winning state after state if you have not had a credible shot of 1237 delegates i would encourage every candidate to come together and unite. >> it seems increasingly unlikely that the four republican candidates will get
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behind anybody except for themselves. there's increasing belief they may try to stay in as long as possible depriving donald trump of the 1237 delegates he needs to snag the nomination. back to you. >> doug, thank you very much. meantime, donald trump an marco rubio waging the high stakes contest in the state where it's critical for rubio to try to hold on. both holding rallies in florida at this hour. polls have mr. trump leading rubio so far ahead of the march 15th primary. john roberts is standing by with the latest from that vantage point in west palm beach. >> good afternoon to you. between today and tomorrow which is the puerto rico contest and tuesday there's almost as many states up for grabs as there were on super tuesday but it's the contests that happen on march 15th in a all the candidates are looking toward.
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that's when florida and ohio had the big winner take all primaries. donald trump is hoping to run the table that night which could effectively end the campaigns of marco rubio and john kasich. donald trump leads marco rubio by 19 points and aims to keep it that way. >> rubio, the guy never shows up to vote. he has got the worst voting record almost in the history of the united states senate. who wants to vote for a guy like that? >> that's the same argument that marco rubio has been making for the last few weeks. who would want to vote for a guy like donald trump an even though trump leads him by double digits marco rubio is projecting confidence that in the end he will win here on march 15th. >> we will win the state of florida. we will beat donald trump there. i have experience. i have experience at beating people who don't say who they truly are. i have experience at beating people that portray themselves
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to be one thing but are actual hi something else. >> march 15th has the potential to shape this race like no other primary or caucus has so far. win or a loss for marco rubio here in florida. the same thing in ohio could determine that on march 16th we either see people still in the race or many of the big candidates drop out. it's going to be an interesting time here. >> no doubt about that, john. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, we have been reporting it's been quite an election season. a contentious week as well as the gop candidates try to battle it out on the campaign trail and now with mitt romney scathing indictments this week against donald trump there's growing talk about pushing for a brokered convention to stop the current front runner. i had a chance to catch up with the former presidential hopeful and governor about the tone of the race and the impact of the establishment flexing it's muscle in the presidential contest. >> welcome governor. so as more votes are being casted today we have been
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witnessing an all out slug fest between the gop establishment and the current front runner donald trump. many would argue that mitt romney that offered a critique on donald trump and why he should not be the nominee are saying this is a hail mary pass to bring him down. doesn't that send the message that they're dismissing the folks that are voting for donald trump. insulting not only them but the process of electing leaders in the first place? >> i think that's exactly what happened. i doubt that mitt romney moved one trump voter away from trump and all he did was solidify those people. but he really did something else and this is what i think was so harmful. he insulted those people that have or who plan to vote for trump. now whether you want to agree with them or not this is a choice that they made and essentially romney is out there saying you guys are stupid for supporting trump so let me school you and explain to you
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why you shouldn't be doing that. i thought it was an incredible move and all it does is to show how totally disconnected that the establishment and the elites in the party really are when it comes to why donald trump is doing so well. donald trump is doing well because the republican establishment has done so poorly. they have done a lousy job of governing and people are angry and they feel like let's give somebody a chance that's totally disconnected from all of those people. >> to that point the fact that the establishment is orchestrating this effort using a nominee who lost the he election back in 2012 now making the case for anyone else but trump, what does this say about the fact that they still don't get it, about what's happening out there. >> well, one of the most glaring things that happened was that he hit trump over not releasing tax returns. mitt romney didn't release his own tax returns until six weeks before the election in september
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of 2012. he hit him for having inherited wealth. think about the irony of that. mitt romney who inherited vast amounts of wealth hitting donald trump for having inherited wealth. then he hit him over some of the businesses that didn't workout that donald trump founded. he had 22% of their businesses that didn't workout. they went chapter 11. it's part of the process if you're a major entrepreneur and then to hit him over the tax returns and say i bet there's some stuff in there when that's exactly what harry reid tried to do to mitt romney in 2012. the whole thing was surreal. what i don't think the establishment folks are getting, there is an overthrow of our government taking place before our eyes and they need to be grateful that it is a revolution by ballots and not bullets but the people are rising up an they're angry and uma this is not the traditional horizontal election and the reason that the establishment doesn't get it is
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they say but trump is not as conservative as he ought to be. people don't care because this is not an election about left and right. liberal conservative, democrat, republican, it's not horizontal, it's vertical. they're asking can you take us up instead of down and will you help us win instead of lose? and they believe donald trump is the person that can do that and that's why they're voting for him. >> the creasserted their pledge to support the republican nominee whoever it happens to be. however pedestrians hind the scenes continue hearing talk on the contested or brokered convention this summer and if this should happen would you predict an uprising of people that want to know that this is a real insurgency and not a temper tantrum? it's a movement. >> it is a movement. it's not just a movement about donald trump. it's a ruling against the ruling class that have done the duty for so long at the expense of the working class that those
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folks in america that can't pay their bills. that karnt send their kids to college, whose wages are lower today than they were 20 years ago and they have lost their pensions and they're getting pink slips like the folks at the carrier plant. 1400 of them told their jobs are going to mexico. it's that vast number of people out here in america who are just saying enough. you know, washington has the 6th most prosperous counts that surround it. six of ten in the whole country. they don't make anything. they don't make iphones or cars or airplanes. they make government. >> it's a recession proof town. people are sick of watching the hand full of the ruling class continue to do well at the expense of those trying just to make a living. this is classic louis xiv versus the people and the people have had enough. >> do you think gop can stand a
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scorched earth approach to try to take down donald trump and what impact do you think it will have on the pub lalic as people watch the gop eating it's own even before the nominee is elected. >> our political system is based on an election and not a selection and some of the party bosses need to get off their pedestal and understand that if they try to have a selection and be the king makers and dismiss the people's choice, whoever that may be, they might need to remember what happened to marie antoinette. it did not end well. >> thank you for joining us. really appreciate your insights as always. >> thank you. >> so now i'd like to hear from you about the divide that's happening right now in the gop between party elites. do you think the gop establishment efforts to take down donald trump will end up backfiring against the party? you can let me know by sending
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in your tweets and we are definitely going to try to get some of your answers a bit later on in the show. as we continue to cover the political landscape on this super saturday we will shift the focus to the democrats as bernie sanders brings his campaign to cleveland. he is courting voters in the critical battleground state working to regain momentum as hillary clinton tries to pull away. we'll have the latest on how the democrats are going after delegates. and with all the talk of our possible brokered convention this summer for the gop there's some that may be hoping that it actually happens but candidate john kasich admits that's a scenario that could be a long shot. >> we're not going to the dark side. i'm not going to have a debate about it. if he can get the number of delegates he needs he'll be the nominee, okay?
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welcome back. the current front runner is, quote, a fraud and a phony. his scathing indictment is
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creating controversy with romney also saying he would back an open convention if that's what it takes to keep trump from becoming the republican nominee. >> well i'd rather see someone besides donald trump become the nominee out right on the first ballot. but if that doesn't happen then i'd like to see an open convention where there's more give and take between the candidates and someone else besides donald trump becomes the nominee. >> according to the gop rules a brokered convention is possible if no candidate reaches the 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination out right. here's where the count stands now going into today's contest. donald trump lead with 329 followed by ted cruz at 231. marco rubio at 110 along with john kasich at 25. joining us with more on the prospect of the contested nomination process is susan who is the chief correspondent for the washington examiner.
12:19 pm
great to have you on board today. >> all of this talk of a brokered convention months before the event gets underway underscores the panic about having trump in the driver's seat against likely democratic nominee hillary clinton. one element is that romney is focused on suppressing trump's delegate count. wouldn't that mean trying to keep cruz, rubio and kasich from dropping out and prevent trump from getting the magic number. >> that's exactly what it means. what they're doing right now is pulling out everything in their arsenal to try to stop donald trump and that includes enabling a brokered convention. you heard what romney said about an open convention process. the only way for that to happen is to prevent trump from winning the number of delegate which is is 1,237. he has a quarter of the delegates right now so the next two weeks are very critical an that's where you hear the gop establishment just hammering trump right now.
12:20 pm
they know now is the time to do it because these next two weeks so many delegates are up for grabs. we get into the winner take all scenario that may become absolutely impossible to deprive him of that majority and that's why the next two weeks are critical and romney is saying, look, he is signaling that he knows that kasich rubio and cruz don't have enough strength to win the nomination themselves but if they all stay in it they will keep accumulating delegates and will make it harder for trump to win the majority. and that's what you heard romney saying. that's why these up and coming states are so important. particularly kasich in ohio where he thinks he can win. florida winner take all. do or die for marco rubio but trump is way ahead in florida and it's likely he will perhaps win all the delegate there is. so then you ask the question do these folks stay in even though they're not winning just to keep that delegate count from
12:21 pm
accumulating for trump? that's what they're looking at right now and it's pt of the panic they're in because they don't want trump to be the one. >> we're showing trump in north orlando right at this hour and getting set to talk to his supporters there as you can see. he's taking to the podium where he is leading by 18 points against rubio on his home turf. are you hearing from folks that believe romney is hoping that he will be tasked to carrie his party in. >> it's a big question mark. would it be rubio, kaisch or cruz. they don't like cruz. they like cruz less than they like trump. so you're looking at rubio and kasich and if neither of them are satisfactory what about mitt romney? there would be an absolute rebellion. if romney became the nominee for a second time just because he lost the first election when he was the nominee. there's talk of the house
12:22 pm
speaker paul ryan who is a republican from wisconsin who ran as a vice presidential nominee. he was tapped to become speaker in a desperate moment and is doing a great job but he doesn't want the job either. he doesn't want to do it. i don't think that romney would want to do it and i don't think that ryan would want to do it but at this point anything is possible but right now it's such disarray and such a desire to keep trump from being the one that any of those names is is a possibility. >> i know the stakes are quite high. thank you very much. we'll take you now to north orlando where donald trump is speaking addressing a crowd of up to 25,000 people where he continues to lead in that state at this moment as he gets set for the primary there come march 15th. let's listen in. >> we lost about 10,000 people. they've had to leave but we still have thousands of people and i think because the police are so incredible, we love our police. and your fire departments and everything, they're going to try
12:23 pm
to let another few hundred people come right up here. i said don't worry about it. we're not going to have any problems, okay? so we're going to fill it in and it's great. you know, the one i work on most when i go to a site are fire marshals. they're my most important people because they're the ones that let us pack. nobody has crowds like we do, nobody. you take a look today. here's a day -- in all fairness to you right now i'm supposed to be at the cadillac world golf championships and i'm here. i'm here. [ applause ] >> and i just left rory, actually i just left kansas and hopefully we'll do well in kansas and kentucky and i have a list. look at this, new hampshire we won. south carolina, we won. nevada, we won in a massive landslide. that was supposed to be for lying ted.
12:24 pm
he holds up the bible and then he puts it down and he lies. i don't like that. and you know what, that's why i am winning virtually every category with the evangelicals who i love. and you heard today paula white who is fantastic and i appreciate paula being here but pastor paula white was so great and you know, jerry fallwell jr. from liberty university was so great to me and he done endorse people. he doesn't to it but he felt this was important and remember this, every one of the candidates goes to liberty. they all go to liberty. when he endorsed me that was a great, great thing. all right. so we won nevada big. we won georgia in a landslide. we won tennessee really big. we won alabama in a massive landslide. we won vermont was incredible.
12:25 pm
vermont, everybody thought that would be marco. marco didn't even show up. and by the way, he doesn't show up to vote for the senate. he doesn't show up so why should he show up to vermont, right? we won't virginia. we won arizona. we won massachusetts. many polls have come out that i easily beat hillary clinton and i want to tell you, you know, you don't hear that on television. you watch these dishonest p pundant trump can't win the general election. wle beat her so badly folks. we will beat her so badly. i used to listen to jeb bush before he flamed out and say donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton and i said well why can't you beat me? right? you got nothing. low energy. low energy. and his people are now on
12:26 pm
television fighting me saying we have to stop donald trump. he's not going to beat hillary clinton. they work for jeb bush. >> there you have it. donald trump add dretressing a of 25,000 supporters there in north orlando and he's looking ahead to march 15th when florida holding it's primary on that day. meanwhile marco rubio on his home turf holding a rally at an auditorium in jacksonville. we're waiting for him to take the stage and when that happens we'll bring you some of his remarks live. moving on senator bernie sanders visits the buckeye state looking to gain momentum with strong showing in ohio's upcoming primary and switching gears in a big way we're taking a look at another breaking story. could a knife found at the former home of o.j. simpson solve a decade's old murder story. he will be telling us why he is
12:27 pm
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welcome back, everybody. the democratic presidential candidates are battling it out for voters with hillary clinton working to steal her march to the nomination while bernie sanders is holding an event in ohio. rallying to reset the course of his democratic race. 109 delegates from the kansas and nebraska caucuses along with the louisiana primary. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is joining us with the latest on that race.
12:32 pm
mike. >> hi, uma. based on previous contests it would seem that bernie sanders would be competitive in kansas and nebraska today while hillary clinton would be a big favorite in louisiana. we'll see how it plays out. here in michigan sanders continues attracting huge crowds for rallies at college campuses such as this one at grand valley state. sanders is trying to highlight for voters differences in his record with clinton on issues like jobs and the economy. this afternoon sanders took aim on free trade. >> i oppose every one of these disastrous trades agreement and history will record i was right. hillary clinton supported nafta, supported the columbian trade agreement and all of these trade agreements and the result is the loss of millions of descent paying jobs and a race to the bottom. >> hillary clinton is spending the weekend in michigan telling you just how important she views
12:33 pm
tuesday's primary. she met with african american ministers earlier and talked about devoting her life to public service and she has a plan to end mass incarceration. clinton took a swipe at republicans and sanders on the export import bank. >> and one important tool to support both small and big business is the export-import bank which helps businesses reach new markets and compete for new customers. now unfortunately republicans in congress along with senator sanders tried to kill it repeatedly. >> the flint michigan water crisis is expected to be a hot topic for the democratic candidates tomorrow and then on monday on the eve of the primary both candidates will sit down in a town hall. a final chance to make an impression with michigan voters. >> that's right. thank you very much and about that town hall. special report brett bauer will
12:34 pm
be holding that one hour town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders on monday march 7th at 6:00 p.m. eastern in detroit. we urge you to tune in. now shifting gears on another big story making news right now dna testing is underway on a knife reportedly found on the property of o.j. simpson's former home in brentwood, california. where his ex-wife and her friend were found stabbed to death in 1994. now the murder weapon described as a long seraded knife was never found. the construction worker working on demolishing that in 1998 found the knife and gave it to a retired police officer working security for a movie shoot across the street. former lapd officer identified then secretly held on to that knife until january when he contacted police and he is claiming he tried to tell the department about the knife
12:35 pm
immediately but was reportedly dismissed since the murder case is now closed. he is a forensic pathology and fox news contributor that knows this case very well and with reports about this making headlines all over the place now what is your thought, do you think there's any truth to the fact that this could be the long awaited knife that we have been -- that police searched for for quite a long time and never found. >> this knife that was given over to the police in january, five weeks ago, is a folding knife and it would take an hour or two to examine the blade of that knife back in january when the police got it and determine whether or not the blade matches the stab wounds in the body because there's width, length, thickness of the knife t blade that would be immediately available and it seems to me that if there was any of this
12:36 pm
available and they had found it to be a match, they would have said so. it's five weeks. they could have done dna five times. >> why did they hold a news conference just yesterday about all of this. >> because if they -- the results of their testing should be finished by this time. >> so you're saying that it would take just a short time to figure this out one way or the other whether or not any type of tie at all that makes this connected to the case. >> that's right. they don't even need dna because they could look at the blade and see if it matches and it doesn't look like a small folding knife could match the description of the stab wounds in the autopsy report. if there's dna in that folding knife in the handle or something that could be found decades later but it would have to be the dna of somebody that had
12:37 pm
contact with the knife and they're looking to see if nicole's dna is in there and if there was then it's important. >> much time has passed so if there was any blood stain on that knife would it be enough to determine at this point all of these years later? >> yes. dna is very stable and it's been gotten out of mammoths thousands and thousands of years ago as well as hundreds of years ago. >> you point out that autopsy reports show in terms of the size, the debt, the width always marked on these reports. >> the person did the autopsy. the medical examiner. each stab wound was carefully measured out and there's a
12:38 pm
measurement of how long the blade had to be. how wide the blade was. whether it's sharp and how thick it was for every wound. and there were more than a dozen knives that were found in the brentwood area that were given over to the police and the crime lab and just simply looking at the blades they could determine that none of those matched the instrument, the knife that caused the injuries to mr. goldman and nicole simpson. >> so if you're looking at the story in and of itself all of these years later what do you make of the fact that there's a policeman, an off duty policeman that kept this souvenir all of these years and just now handing it over to authorities. >> they have this series going on now on television about o.j. whatever is happening that series may have stimulated somebody to come forth with this
12:39 pm
information. but what often happens in old cases like this, even if the knife has no relevance to o.j., the fact that this is being brought up 20 years later, maybe there's somebody around that has information that will come forth with other information. nothing to do with this knife because they suddenly realize that the police are looking at this again. so bringing cases up later on can be a stimulus to reminding people if you have any knowledge about it, and you didn't know about the trial, you didn't know what was happening or for one reason or another you didn't want to come forth, now come forth and give us that information about the murders. >> it certainly adds a lot to the drama all of these years later. it was still considered the crime of the century. doctor, great to have you today. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> all right back to the political landscape where donald trump is drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle after initially defending his position on torture in this fox news
12:40 pm
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when you ask the u.s. military to carrie out some of your campaign promises, specifically targeting terrorist families and also the use of interrogation methods more extreme than water boarding the military will refuse because they have been trained to turn down and refuse illegal orders. so what would you do as commander and chief if the u. s. military refused to carrie out those orders. >> they won refuse. they're not going to refuse and if we want to go stronger i'd go stronger too because frankly that's the way i feel. >> that's the way he felt that day at the debate.
12:45 pm
his previous willingness to use harsh interrogation techniques and the family of terrorists as well but less than 24 hours later mr. trump reversing course. his campaign quoting him as saying he would not order the military to take actions against international or u.s. law. joining us with insights about how all of this is playing out, the former cia director along with being the chairman now, the foundation for defensive democracy. so great to have you here in our new york studio. >> great to be with you. >> it's nice to have you here as we discuss certainly a controversy that made some news this week given the fact that within 24 hours mr. trump reversed his course and said he's not going to try to go against international or u.s. law. what did you make of the comments? >> he would support things more extreme than water boarding. both of those are just
12:46 pm
unacceptable and then he said his feelings were there. we shouldn't care what his feelings are. his feelings are irrelevant. he ought to make a decision based on consultations with experts and the rule of law. you can make an argument both ways on water boarding. water boarding is a tough interrogation method but on the other hand we have journalists volunteering to be waterboarded so they could write better stories about it. one friend of mine did and we have navy s.e.a.l.s and special forces waterboarded as part of their training routinely. you don routinely pull the fingernails out of navy s.e.a.l.s. >> i can't imagine. >> you don do real torture. so there's an argument that water boarding itself, there's a case to be made each side of it whether it should be called or should be called torture or not. but more extreme, killing
12:47 pm
families of terrorists. come on. so he felt like saying that at one point and now he done feel like it. well his feelings are ir relationship van. >> should he win the white house and it goes all the way to that point. obviously we don't know. we're still in the early stages of the campaign. what would it take before the commander and chief to set a precedent to change policy to this point? so they say that now that water boarding is not part of -- its illegal and not part of something we do in the united states. if a commander and chief wanted to put that back in place what would it take and how would that happen? >> well, i suppose he could order the cia or the pentagon to undertake various types of interrogation methods. as i said water boarding has its own complexities and he could order that.
12:48 pm
and we did something that we were ordered to do and it was not clearly illegal. we are in a situation by where we might have to spend half of our annual salary on a lawyer to help us deal with investigations because the justice department at the white house ordered several years ago reinstituted investigations that had already been decided in favor of the employees in favor of not having committed crimes or being involved in torture. you might have a lot of people saying thank you very much mr. president for the memo but i think i'll go back to my old job in the nongovernment world. >> you're talking about concerns about trust them in term of going forward.
12:49 pm
>> right. it's a tough situation but we also have to keep in mind that we may have at some point a situation whereby we know that let's say there is a nuclear war head somewhere in manhattan. we know that someone that is in custody knows where it is, would we water board him and if so, who would do it? well, it would seem to me that that might be a case in which we would need to water board him or a character like him as we did before. but can you get anybody in the government to do it? >> that's the big question. all right. great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to see you. >> really appreciate it. >> thanks. >> well back to presidential politics for a moment. as voters in states across the country are having their say in the gop race can any of the candidates derail the trump train or is it full speed ahead for the front runner? (vo) my name's nick
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welcome back, everybody. we asked you do you think the gop's attempts to take down trump will will have a backlash op the party? one tweet, his isn't just establishment fighting. we're fighting against him too.
12:54 pm
barbara tweets, it's time we the people are doing are done, done, done. trump is speaking for the people, not establishment. get used to the name president trump. my thanks to all of you who weighed in. we have more breaking news. we want to take you to florida where senator marco rubio is back on his home turf and there is a rally under way at this moment at the auditorium in jacksonville, florida, where he is hoping for a big win come march 15th. he is putting all his eggs in that basket, hoping to take the winner take all primary delegates in that contest. new mexico's governor speaking alongside senator rubio at this moment. and we will take you to that event as the senator speaks. and now we want to take you back to washington where the senator earlier today spoke in maryland at the annual cpac conference, a conservative political action conference there as a critical march 15th primary in his home
12:55 pm
state approaches. mr. rubio stepping up his attacks on the front-runner. let's listen in. >> we will win the state of florida. we'll beat donald trump there the way we beat charlie crist. i have experience at beating people who say -- who don't say who they truly are, experience at beating people who portray themselves to be one thing but are actually something else. >> there you have it. marco rubio making it clear he is not going to back down in his attacks against donald trump. trump was set to speak at cpac, but he canceled his appearance saying that his campaign was going to focus instead on campaign stops looking ahead to other primary states. rubio saying cpac is usually reserved for conservatives, suggesting that mr. trump is not a conservative. and there we are taking you out to the donald trump rally once again where he continues to address a crowd of about 25,000 supporters we are told. he is in north orlando where he
12:56 pm
continues to lead by double digits in the sunshine state. the latest real clear politics poll has him leading at this point by about 18 points. and we are going to follow his remarks along with mr. rubio and as we've been giving you this information it is not without some fireworks a you can imagine. this super saturday is not disappointing as voters in states across the country continue to cast ballots and hold caucuses. fox news, of course, will be covering the entire show for you. that's going to be a wrap for me at this moment. a special edition of "your world with neil cavuto" is up next. make it a fantastic day. thanks for joining us. i'm uma pemmaraju. see you next time.
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welcome, everybody. didn't we do this a few hours snag glad to be back with you as we tee um some important races. you heard about 155 republican delegates are out today. we are looking at about 109 democratic delegates and already getting results from one of those states, a big caucus state, and an important test for ted cruz's strength with the conservative community. this would be a republican-only event and with precincts coming in at this hour, it looks like ted cruz has the early lead. this is a caucus state. i don't know where we're


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