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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 5, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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commit to the polls on march 15th. and marco rubio asking the same. and that's how the fox report. we have a live special election coverage with bill and martha starts right now. >> ted cruz with a big win in kansas, but the night is far from over. next poll pos close in an hour from now. and we say good saturday evening, i am bill hemmer. >> and i am martha mccow an. there are primaries and caucuses in five states. you have 155 at stake for the republicans and a big night for ted cruz. he won in kansas, just hours after he clinched the straw poll
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in the c-pac conference. >> and now we await in kentucky. trump leading in the blue grass state. 40 percent and 11 percent of the vote now in for trump over cruz by seven points and also in the state of maine ted cruz in over trump. and we'll get more results and we'll pass them to you immediately. polls are set to close in louisiana, 58 minutes from now. and the clock is ticking down. that is when donald trump is set to speak this evening. he will be in the trump golf course in west palm beach and that is where john roberts is. joishgs donald trump hoping to put a couple in the win column. polls close in louisiana.
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in with a hefty lead. kansas win for ted cruz. a wins a win. 40 delegates at stake there and not surprising that ted cruz takes that state. back in 2012, rick sanatorium put mitt romney there away by a bigger margin than ted cruz won. and maine a surprise. that is a state that mitt romney won. ted cruz is making a play to be the last man standing on donald trump and putting pressure on marco rubio in the sunshine state. cruz opening up ten officeses here in florida and trying to take the votes away from marco rubio and making the case if he had lost his home state of texas, he probably would not be in this the at all. we know how adversarial donald
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trump and ted cruz are in the campaign trail. it is it a tag team thing to keep marco rubio from a big win. and if they keep him from winning, win or take all. and they might be able to push him out of the race. and marco rubio saying florida is not that important. we'll continue on and rubio is getting in his pick-up truck and drive in every state between now and the convention. >> we saw that ted cruz is good at organization and see if he can put together those ten offices to something for him. >> i want to bring in steve hays, fox news contributor out of washington and thank you you for your time tonight. and let us pick your brain on what we know right now. here is kansas, we checked it for cruz. 48- 23 percent. that is a big win for cruz when
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you think he was in the state. and trump went there earlier today. and maine. this is what we can tell viewers at home. 12 percent of the vote. cruz has a seven point advantage as well. and go ahead and analyze based on what you are seeing. >> well, kansas first. donald trump wanted to win. but the reason they cited for skipping c-pac. i think there were other reasons involved and marco rubio thought he would do well in kansas. the margin of victory for ted cruz is stunning. it is it a big win in kansas and it is it true that rick sanatorium won n there and it is it a hospitable state for ted cruz. but that is significant. on maine, what is significant about those results if they hold, this is a different kind of voter for ted cruz.
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we talk about ted cruz and his obvious strength with the evangelical voters. he's done well with them throughout the early contest, he sometimes is losing them to donald trump. but when he wins, he builds a margin with the two voting categories and there are not many of those voters in main and for ted cruz to do well, he is roaching beyond the constitiency that he had thus far. it will be interesting to see that it going forward or more p of a function of a tremend organization and their ability to order caucus. and new hampshire was overwhelmingly for trump and massachusetts. kentucky, 12 percent. and trump has a lead now in kentucky. i want show you something the
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shadowboxes from sanatorium and romney. and what we are seeing with cruz and trump so far. kansas, and deputy back to 2012. sanatorium easily beat mitt romney. it is not apples to apples, the schedule is different every four years. sanatorium was a winner in kansas and oklahoma and easy winener the state of missouri, down here in the southeast, winener tennessee and winner in the state of romney in alabama and in louisiana and won every parish in louisiana four years ago. and we are starting to see a comparison with cruz picking off a state here and there. and the other thing four years ago in the state of howard jarvis, it was a one point margin between romney and
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sanatorium. ohio comes in to play. and cruz nips at the heels and nips at the heels with every one of the states here, steve. >> and racking up delegatesine in the places he lost. and that was a point in iowa earlier. this election, certainly is an odd election. there are so many unprecedented things thus far. we are likely to see more. and in 2012, for all of the talk of establishment versus antiestablishment. you could make an argument in 2012, you have that dynamic even more. and midromney was the establishment candidate in 2012. he made few efforts to bring in the the tea party and additional republican voters that would get
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him the nomination. rick sanatorium was conservative candidate. and he won conservative candidates, voters and also evangelicals. and the lines were distinct. here despite the talk of establishment versus anti- establishment. there is so much blurring of the lines. marco rubio is in the establishment camp and was a tea party. and cruz who is anti- establishment and came from washington and donald trump is anti- establishment and winning votes. and john kasich who is the closest thing to an establishment candicate and there is a hodgepodge. and reporters are lumping them in a way they don't necessarily fit the profile. >> that is a fair distinction just like the schedule is not apples to apples. >> good point. >> so hang on in washington.
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trump on top of cruz in kentucky. rubio is not having a good night. and we'll reflect on that in the evening as well. thank you, steve, back to you in a moment, here's martha. >> we'll look at the delegate count. you had donald trump in the lead at 3:38. and i want to point that out again. cruz at 254. and rubio at 115 and kasich as 25. and we are going to update as we start to get the delegate counts. you have to see how the delegate break down. ed rolins former campaign manager for president bush and joe trippi who is with us today. ed, let me start wu. how does it look to you so far. >> it is down to a two-person
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race. trump, who had a big night and cruz. cruz had a great debate. and trump had a terrible debate. and i think he has come back and he will louisiana and obviously right in the contest here. and i think ass we move forward as much as people like rubio and kasich, it will be trump and cruz who will move forward and i don't think. cruz has a strategy to go and take votes away from rubio and try to make it a one person race. and kasich only has one place to win and that is ohio. >> joe, talk about ted cruz. it is a good day for ted cruz. he is the winner in kansas and c-pac tonight and he's doing well. only numbers, and maine, may be an argument that he is tapping in to a different voter there?
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>> no, first of all they are caucus states and cruz showed he has the ability to organize caucus states. and you are right. evangelical vote is no where near what it was in maine compared to iowa. and that's why, whether he wins or not up there, it shows he broadened his strength. there are not enough votes from the usual basket to perform this close second. and if that is what it became. on the other hand. it is it a great night for donald trump. if he pulls louisiana and kentucky and drawing cruz to fight in florida helps trump gain a win or take all state later on and ed points out it is coming down to a two- person race, i think ohio and florida look pretty good for donald
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trump. if rubio stays in and cruz take the vote from him. it is it a bad night for rubio, but it could all benefit trump. >> looks like it and when we go back to florida. joe, we talked about the fact that ted cruz opened ten new offices in florida. and it looked like it would be a rubio/trump race there. if cruz pulls in people there, he will erode from marco rubio. >> that's the game. he's won his home state of texas. obviously kasich has to win ohio and marco has to win florida. he can can drive all summer and win wither are, he will not be getting more delegates. it is a brilliant strategy and he will gather the evangelicals in florida. he will not beat trump there,
5:13 pm
but he can can draw and keep rubio from winning. >> when you look at maine, joe. one of ted cruz' early strategies in the whole campaign. conservatives that did not come out for romney and evangelicals that were not tapped in to and they didn't vote in the past because they didn't have a candidate in many races. it hasn't proven out for him. the evangelical vote similar to what it has been in the past. but if that starts to be part of the equation, is there a path for ted cruz here? >> that's not the path for him. there were not that many evangelical voter states left after tonight. so i think, what is more significant about maine, if he has broaden out to economic conservatives or we'll have to see where the vote is coming
5:14 pm
from. and it is greater strength than he shows than just with evangelicals, if he is broadening out, that is significant for him. he needs to do that to survive after tonight. there were not that many states left with the evangelical vote that he draws is significant enough to deliver victories alone. he has to get his share of those. but he has to expand and that's what is interesting about main. the governor endorsed trump. he has the same. >> he was a christie supporter. >> and he is basically a trump supporter. and for cruz to do well there, i think is real plus for him. >> if cruz wins in maine, it is a bad day for the governor of maine to be sure? >> i think absolutely. i think in the end of the day when you add up the delegates it
5:15 pm
will be a trump cruz day. >> it is very interesting p. it locks like trump would take everything. but ted cruz is having a good day. back to you guys in a moment. thank you so much. >> we are getting turn out numbers for kansas. it appears that the turn out for this year compared to four years ago is up 50 percent and that continues a trend. more developments and moment. we expect to hear from marco rubio and in a rally in puerto rico. we'll take you there live. >> donald trump will speak and he will do another news conference. he loves to take questions and that will be at 9:00 tonight in florida. the polls close in louisiana less than an hour and can we are watching the votes from maine and kentucky. and we'll bring it all to you live. >> we are live in the fox news
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world headquarters in midtown, manhattan. this is it america's election headquarters. stay with us. more to come. >> we have to get out today and caucus. and i am going to go with you. and we are going to caucus and after making the huge u-turn to kansas, if i the lose i will be so angry. out on the town or in for the night,
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>> when we repeal obama care and pull back the irs. and amnesty. we'll see wages going up and up and up and young people coming out of school getting two or throw or 4 or 5 job opportunities. we'll see morning in america again. >> the last thing you people are going to take is a light weight like rubio who is terrible. or lying ted cruz or a poll tig. we can't have it anymore. >> conserveatism is not how loud or bad words or ridiculous
5:21 pm
things on television. that is not conserveatism. that is adhering to the constitution of the united states. >> you want to reignite the spir its of america. we know how to solve problems and take care of one another and by the way, we don't need politicians telling us how to do it. >> that is a sample of what happen today. donald trump backing out of c-pac and instead campaigned in kansas and florida and we'll see him in 40 minutes in florida for a press conference there. c-pac chairman said the decision was disrespectful to conservative. ted cruz won the c-pac straw poll. and howard, start with the straw poll. 40 percent cruz, and 30 percent rubio and 15 percent for trump. there were the numbers on the screen and the results came out
5:22 pm
5:00. how much can we say does this matter? >> not very much, to be honest. five out of the last straw polls in the annual c-pac were won by rand paul or ron paul who neither came close. it is nice for a badge of honor. and donald trump would not have won the straw poll. >> in kentucky, the message on behalf of trump. i am looking at two percent and trump has a 10 or 11 point lead. he did in kentucky on tuesday of this past week. he drew a huge crowd. he talked about coal. and coal and kentucky. an industry that was maligned on behalf of the coal supporters and obama administration for sen plus years. can we say whether or not that message in louisville and
5:23 pm
lexington and can west virginia border has been an effective message for him. >> we'll see when the numbers come in. it is a consistent message. trump has great appeal to working class americans and many of them democrats and disa affected republicans. and it was an insult to the conservatives that gathered in c-pac p. but it it was a smart move. he is not running as a conservative. his strategy has been to run as somebody with a common sense approach. and some more moderate positions protecting social security and medicare. and c-pac was not his crowd and the coal miner ares of kentucky and laid-off factory workers. this is the way that trump is trying to forge a new kind of republican party and why the
5:24 pm
remnants of establishment and mitt romney are so determined fancy him. >> he spoke in c-pac in past years. >> he's given 150,000 to c-pac. but he doesn't need them as much now as then. he can get news in florida by doing a press turn. >> he had a bigeral newichita. ted cruz's victory in kansas was significant. >> victory for cruz. and now, we to say that cruz seems to outorganize trump in caucus states and that explains his victory in iowa. the reason it is important for cruz. he is trying to muscle the other people out of the race and create a two man race at a time when mitt romney is saying terrible and awful things.
5:25 pm
couple of more victory by ted cruz helps his narrative that he is the only one standing. lewisville, i would argue is more representative primary and more people can vote and i don't want to take anything away from ted cruz. he can say that he has beaten trump. >> pick up on what ed rollins is talking about in terms of the potential of a two- man race. this is not conclus and i have you have to wait to see what happens in ohio for kasich and florida for rubio. rubio is not having a good night. in the state of maine. you get 0 delegates if you don't get to it ten percent.
5:26 pm
that goes along with a deep third place finish in kansas and deep third place in the state of kentucky. what does that do to his message and come pain as he gets ready for florida in ten days. >> it is no secret that marco rubio is struggling. and you have the whole string of third place finishes going back to super tuesday and they thought he would unite the party. it is not working out for him. yes, a loss in florida knocks him out. and even if he wins in florida. he won the home state. that is a minimum requirement. you don't get that many bragging rights. if cruz makes a play in florida and trump is strong in the sunshine state. it is not looking good for marco rubio. and marco rubio had a big day. and c-pac and a rally in
5:27 pm
jacksonville florida and he flew to the east in puerto rico. and he has 23 delegates on the line there. come back for a moment, howie, to what is an extraordinary turn out for these republican primaries and caucuses. and i want to emphasize this for the following reason. kansas did double than four years ago. and that follows a pattern that we saw in the contest. trump is making an argument that he's bringing in more people to the party. others say it is the battle for second place with rubio and cruz that is drawing a lot of attention and getting a lot of people to participate. is there evidence however, in a general election in november. that turn out now equates to a higher turn out for a particular party come election day? >> it is the best measurement.
5:28 pm
and clearly democrats are not that enthused for hillary clinton. and whether all of those new voters are for donald trump or not. he transformed it from the use of twitter and cab drivers are asking me about the campaign and everybody is energized by the campaign. trump deserves credit for that and good sign for republicans in november. and one point about marco rubio, he would love to get the endorsement of jeb bush. but there is it not communication between the two camps. >> and in florida they had early voter for six days. and so that is underway. thank you. we'll check back in later. thank you. >> here's a look at the keep in west palm beach where donald trump will step in front of the
5:29 pm
podium. we saw it on super thursday and he will do it again tonight and he likes the back and forthwith the people in the audience. and last time he did it with chris christie and his family has also been close to him in the course of the process and that may be what we see tonight. that takes place live and that is happening 9:00 tonight. and ted cruz, that is a very good day for ted cruz. having a good night in kansas and dominating the caucus there and will it give him a boost and will it change the dynamics going forward. we'll speak to the cruz campaign after this. >> we are here because of our countries. we are here because we love our kids and grandkids and we want our country back. i think it l. one second it's there.
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5:34 pm
a traditional speech. early voting starts today and by law ten days away from election day and today march 5th. and ten days prior to march 15th. and here is in the kansas, called for ted cruz. a big and commanding victory for cruz over the rest of the field. trump, rubio and kasich in the state of kansas. and kentucky at this power. 28 percent of the vote. and holding on to a 12 point lead over ted cruise and maine, ted cruz still leading now with an edge by seven points and kasich 11 points and rubio below eight points. the threshold in main is ten percent. and in louisiana, polls are open for 26 more minutes and close at
5:35 pm
9:00 eastern time in the parishes of louisiana. >> it is it a fascinating battle. and the state of kansas seen as prim cruz country. and thanks to the high percentage of evangelical voters. joining me is the director for the cruz campaign. you have to be happy with how things look tonight? >> it is it a great night. it is it a resounding victory for the campaign and the margin of victory is significant. and having this on the heels of the c-pac straw poll and anticipation of winning in maine, this goes to it show something important that bee are looking at victories in areas that have a geographically diverse. and that is what we are seeing republicans of all different facets are rallying behind ted cruz. he has beaten donald trump sen
5:36 pm
times after maine and he is the only one that can beat p donald trump and in order for us to defeat hillary clinton in november. we need ted cruz on the ballot and donald trump cannot take her on. >> talk about the numbers, when you look at kansas. it is impressive what happened in kansas tonight. ted cruz at 35000 votes. garnered more republican votes than all of the candidates combined back on the republican side. he is at 35000 of the 73000. that is a big turn out and a big solid night for ted cruz. you guys are getting more serious in florida. and news that you opened ten offices in florida and no doubt will do that in there. what is your strategy. >> we are in it to win it. we have a 50 state strategy and we have from day one.
5:37 pm
we are seeing with the large number of turn out. people are frustrated with washington and the washington cartel. and we are seeing that they understand that ted cruz is here to shake things up and defeat the washington cartel and we are seeing more and more, the debate here on fox was significant. it showed quite a sharp contrast between ted cruz talking about policys and issues and creating jobs and how to take on national security, compared to donald trump and marco rubio trading insults. people want a serious candidate and they want someone who will address jobs and in detroit. ted was there with policy and ideas and people are concerned about. >> the biggest challenge and peeling away the votes from donald trump. how do you go at.
5:38 pm
that maine, you may have a win and see what happened in kansas and still looking at kentucky and louisiana this evening. has he opinion successful in peeling away trump votes. it is a tough night for marco rubio. how do you figure them out. >> we are peeling away from donald trump. it is it growing momentum. and we have certainly aft debate we are seeing a sharp contrast between a candidate talking about policy and issues. and not insults and avoiding the issues. and we are appealing to it all republicans out there. there are honorable candidates in the race many of whom dropped out. and now is time to galvinnize behind kid cruz. >> can he work with jeb bush. >> we have received significant
5:39 pm
number of his national finance members joined our time and appealing to it the candidates in the race that do not have a pathway to victory. we are appealing to it supporters. we need to defeat donald trump and appealing to it rubio and sich is sich now it the. sorry to interrupt you. ted cruz said the candidates are talking to each other. are the conversations going out with the kasich or rubio and cruz camp? what is the nature of those? >> there is a lot of conversation going on behind the scenes and we are not at liberty to discuss those. everyone understands that in order to beat p hillary clinton, we need the strongest candidate here on the republican side and we are hearing more from people. ted cruz is the only one to take on hillary clinton. polls show that and that's what we are hearing for people. and we are appealing to those
5:40 pm
who want ted cruz to win and now is the time toeraly and galvanize. we can't have hillary clinton. >> thank you very much and good to see you tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> and the polls are set to close in louisiana 20 minutes from now it is 8:40 eastern time. and louisiana is a primary and not a caucus like in kansas or maine or ongoing in kentucky. stand by with more. >> we spoke to the kid cruz campaign and we'll talk to the rubio campaign. and we'll hear from the trump campaign in the form of a new's conference. our special coverage live from america's election headquarters continues in a moment. no one will go with enough
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>> you are looking live in trump international golf club where donald trump is set to hold a new's conference at the top of the hour. the crowd is starting to file in there and we'll see a q and a question. and the comments it was presidential. and some people said he didn't want to have questions at c-pac. but there may be a voter of reasons why they moved a long. and we'll take i live west palm beach. polls set to close in the state of louisiana at 9:00 eastern time. 46 delegates up for grabs and senator ted cruz won the kansas caucus and he won in five different states and senator rubio won one state this primary season.
5:46 pm
that was the caucus in minnesota. and now we have a list in washington, good evening to you you. >> things are going the way of ted cruz and donald trump and not marco rubio, why? >> trump had a bad night and showed that the attacks by rubio on on donald trump is impacting. he cancelled on c-pac so he could go campaign. and meanwhile marco stayed and took questions from a reporter and had a fantastic reception there. i urge people to go to rubio.comand it was one of the best speeches so far and tonight marco is in puerto rico and we'll campout in florida where the big enchilada is tuesday on the florida.
5:47 pm
there is 99 delegates at state and it will be a competitive race. >> before we get to march 15th. we'll talk about tonight. if trump were to take kentucky and louisiana he's two for two and doesn't that wipe out your theory of trump having a big night. >> no, he wanted to win in kansas. >> understood. he did not campaign there until earlier today. cruz was there three days alone alex. nted cruz can win his home state and oklahoma and small caucuses. but there is only utah and hawaii that have caucus. and marco did well in primary. we beat ted cruz in south carolina and so we feel good about the math. and after we win the florida
5:48 pm
primary it will be on our side and marco is the one candidate who can unite the republicans and defeat hillary clinton this fall and we are optimistic. at this point, no one is on track to having the delegates needed to secure the nomination. >> if you do not win florida, is the rubio campaign over on. >> we'll win florida. >> marco will go to all 50 states to stop trump. it will be interesting in the press conference. he is not a winner and we'll be on the way to winning the nom in aing. >> we have braking news. alex we'll talk again. >> we have a call from maine as we wait to see the winners. we know 12 percent were in and accounted for. and ted cruz was ahead in the race and this is how maine stands with 12 percent reporting
5:49 pm
on our scene. cruz has 43. and donald trump has 36.6. and head nothing tonight. donald trump was likely going to win all of these states. maine has a different model. you have the sea coast that is populated by moderate republicans and think of the bush crowd and deeper inland it is a trump crowd essentially in maine. he spent friday afternoon and supported and endorsed by the controversial governor of the state of maine who was a christie supporter and now turned it to donald truch. and he had a tough ride in maine himself. it remains to be seen that the support of the governor of maine was a good thing or not. it looks like this thing is leaning to ted cruz as we wait to hear the final results here. it will give ted cruz if he wins
5:50 pm
an argument to ted cruz to say that he has a much more broad composeit of support than revealed by the states. >> it is 8.0 is senator rubio. and three candidates will a chief delegates to the national delligration. ted cruz 12 delegates. donald trump awarded nine delegates. and john kasich is awarded two delegates. thank you everyone. there you have a shining example of democracy in action. >> that is in maine, some what inland. >> and 12, 9 and 2. person blank is rubio. >> you have to get to a ten
5:51 pm
percent threshold and he did not make it. similar to state of texas where you needed a 20 percent. and state of alabama rubio failed to get any delegates. >> and you were just talking to rubio spokesperson and the argument is they were once they got away from the south and moving north and west we would see an attractive playing field for marco rubio. that is not the case in maine where ted cruz, triumphed. joining us is the editor for the washington times and fox news report. and doug shaun former advisor to president clinton. monica, your thoughts on what is on ted cruz. >> the polling in kansas was
5:52 pm
spotty and nonexistent. i don't think anybody had expectations in kansas. that was a meaningful win for senator cruz..... he won six caucus and or primaries and five of which are forward and make a compelling argument that is he the choice of conservative voters. he's the choice of republican voters because in these caucuses and primaries he out organizes the other candidates. i would say the challenge for ted cruz moving forward is that there are very few caucuses heading forward on the calendar, so that will be his challenge to build on this momentum and sustain the narrative that this is coming down to a two-man race. >> joe, we just heard from the spokesperson for marco rubio's
5:53 pm
campaign in main. he did not even get to the level where he's going to walk away from main with any delegates. your thoughts on marco rubio's campaign tonight. >> that's the real looser tonight is marco rubio. there's no other way to put it. i think this is -- this could be lining up to a two-person race between trump and cruz, but rubio's got to decide here is he going to stay in in florida and fight it out with cruz, which probably gives the state to trump. so there's just his path to getting there just seems to be really getting -- becoming a very bleak tunnel with no white in it right now. i don't know how -- although i do agree with monica that the problem here is how does cruz get there with only a couple of caucus states left and also the evangelical vote is also states
5:54 pm
where that controls are also now in the rearview mirror as we move forward in the gop process. so it's going to be very tough and kasich is still waiting in ohio i guess. >> doug, when you look back at 2012 and you look at santorum, he has a broader set of wins. ted cruz is still pretty thin in the win column, however he is the only one that appear tonight who has the argument to say i am at least beating donald trump in some of these states. >> i think that's right, but i suspect by the end of the evening my best guess is donald trump will win kentucky and i think he'll win louisiana so it will be in my best estimate a split night, but martha, the big winner here is hillary clinton. let's be clear.
5:55 pm
we have a presidential election in november and if the republican party is deadlocked and john kasich is right and we will not have a nominee chosen before the con vepgs vention, t playing in the hands of the democrats and secretary clinton and i'm sure wherever she is tonight, she is smiling. >> ed, can you comment on that because mitt romney said anybody but trump, there's a lot of decisiveness. >> to senator romney you can't walk away from everything. there's three big primaries next week. to say both he and kasich are going go to ohio and florida, sooner or later when it's trump versus cruz, there's a lot of people who don't want trump who
5:56 pm
are going to go to cruz. it's going to be a lot of moderate conservative republicans who are going to see him as the alternative to trump. so i think he's going to do well. i think he's going to win idaho. my sense is that two of the four candidates are only playing one state politics and they're not going to get far after that. >> thanks to you all. we'll see you in a few minutes. we're getting ready for a news conference. >> we are only halfway through. we're awaiting donald trump set to hold a news conference in florida and seconds away from polls closing two more states, louisiana and nebraska. don't go anywhere. we are back in a moment. in amer. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help
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getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. it is now 9:00 on the east coast and 8:00 in louisiana and nebraska where the polls have just closed. both are big prizes. louisiana, 46 delegates at stake for the republicans tonight, 51 for the democrats and nebraska a 51 delegates. >> here is how things shape up right now. big night for ted cruz. let's start with cruz's victory
6:01 pm
in main. cruz gets delegates in pain. trump gets delegates, so does john kasich. marco rubio does not. cruz also winning in kansas, a dominant victory for ted cruz in the caucuses there, nearly 50% of the vote going to cruz. we are still waiting for results for the democrats in kansas and we're waiting for information from the state of kentucky as we keep a close on that first ever caucus for republicans in kentucky. >> meanwhile we are waiting for donald trump. he will be the first of the candidates to speak this evening. it will be similar to the meeting he did with reporters on super tuesday. hillary clinton is set to speak in detroit. joining me is chief political correspondent. good to see you tonight.
6:02 pm
what's your take so far. >> it's been a good night for ted cruz. he's won the two contests that have been called so far. if he were to win one more it would be a huge night for him. we have to say there have been polls showing that donald trump has a solid lead in louisiana, but then we had polls saying that trump was going to win kansas too. so not sure how that is. so if i have a night in which trump wins a couple, cruz wins a couple, i think we come away with a few things. trump is still strong. ted cruz has put a lot of points on the board. he will have won six contests, iowa, texas, oklahoma, alaska, texas and main and marco rubio is not having a good time of it with that single win in minnesota after close to 20 primaries and caucuses. >> it wasn't that long ago that people were saying of the ted cruz campaign where does he win from here, but nothing looked
6:03 pm
really good for him as we went forward on the cal ger and you look at kansas and the fact that he got 35,000 votes, which is more than all the republican candidates combined got in the 2012 race, so clearly he's bringing some people out to vote for him that weren't around last time. >> we should say in all of these contests we've seen almost every single one this season republican turnout has been off the scale. there's been a lot of interest, of course some of it is attributable to donald trump, but i think basically voters are interested in the whole -- the whole field. now, as far as kansas is concerned, we do remember that the last two winners of the iowa caucuses, they went on to win kansas too so that trend has continued here, but no doubt cruz with six wins is the guy who can say i've really done some damage to donald trump. >> yeah. so in terms of marco rubio, he
6:04 pm
basically and after super tuesday that everything looked better for him in the coming states that these were states more in his zone. that has not proven to be the case so far. do you see states coming down the pipeline other than florida where he could win? >> not really. the key to what you said is other than florida. candidates tell you a lot by where they choose to campaign and remember you just had a few minutes ago alex of the rubio campaign saying we're going to be camping out in florida. they realize that is the big thing. don't win that it's hard to see them staying in the race. so i think you're going to see the rubio campaign becoming a florida campaign until march 15th. >> i want to talk about main a little bit. the governor of main endorsed trump.
6:05 pm
he's to be trumpan in his stage. he has no impact, donald trump was the first one to point that out himself, but does it i guess is the question when you look at main? >> that's something that i'm really trying to figure out myself. i have to say we know that kansas fit well for ted cruz. now we see him win in main, which may have fit better for donald trump, but he didn't win there. so the question is some of this anti-trump stuff working, not only the things that marco rubio has said in debates and in speeches, but we're beginning to see some negative ads in other parts of the country and we're beginning to see even more republicans and conservatives speak out against trump than did so a month or two ago. so is that working? i'm not sure. as far as paula is concerned he's been around the pooboard o that thing.
6:06 pm
he didn't come out for trump until recently and you have to remember where sarah pallin endorsed trump, cruz took that one. >> john kasich is putting oul his eggs in one basket. he said michigan is going to be a big place for him. what do you think? >> he's still trying in michigan. i think he's still hoping for a good night in michigan. we've seen a number of polls showing donald trump having a significant lead in michigan, but we saw tonight where kasich has jumped up 15 or so points in michigan. it's unclear, but a good showing in michigan would really help him as you goes into ohio on the 15th. >> thanks. good to see you tonight. want to bring in monica with me and ed and doug and joe and trying to figure out where with he are in this republican race.
6:07 pm
ladies first, does it appear now that you start to see -- standby one second. we're ready to make a call. according to the associated press in nebraska, we can say that bernie sanders has defeated hillary clinton with 61% of the vote reporting. let's get to doug, the democrat here with us tonight. what does this mean for sanders? does it mean much right now. >> it means more money. he will carry on. it really isn't going to change the underlying delegate arthritic, bart arithmet arithmetic, it is is a big win. it will provide energy and enthusiasm for his supporters which will make hillary clinton's task more difficult going forward. i expect her to be the nominee unless something happens in louisiana, which i do not
6:08 pm
expect. >> let me bring in joe. he can raise money off of this. what else can he do with it? >> not a whole lot. i agree with doug that he can raise a lot of money, it will energize his supporters, but the fact of the matter, in 2008 barack obama defeated hillary clinton in nebraska by well over two to one, so bernie sanders doing 54%, 45%, he's winning, but he has to win bigger than obama did in all these states because he's way behind obama's delegate math and she's way ahead of it. so tonight i guarantee you by the end of the night if louisiana goes the way it was expected to in the polls, i agree with doug if that changes i'll change my mind and i'll be wrong, but she's going to end up with more delegates tonight than bernie sanders again and you can't get there from here if you can't -- his big problem still is that he hasn't been able
6:09 pm
to -- we'll see in louisiana, this is the big test. can you start to win non-white voters because if you can't you can't win the nomination. >> monica, now the republicans. does it appear given the condition of marco rubio tonight and some of the first three contests we're seeing here that you are now starting to build a new story line with republicans and that is it is donald trump and ted cruz against one another? >> yeah. i mean this is the narrative that we're seeing develop based on the results that we're seeing at least so far. and what we're hearing from the rubio campaign and the candidate himself he said after tonight they're going to put all the eggs in the florida basket. while i understand that that makes sense from a tactical point of view, i don't see how it carries him very far. you'll remember back in 2008 that former new york city mayor did the same thing. he chose not to contest some of
6:10 pm
the early states like iowa, he ran a little bit in new hampshire, but he focussed almost solely on winning the state of florida which he thought was more favorable to him. we know how that turned out. when you have a candidate who is running for the presidency and has to be able to demonstrate appeal across all and win in various regions of the country in order to make a strong argument that he's a viable candidate, you would need to be able to demonstrate that you can win elsewhere. marco rubio only has one win so far. that was in the state of minnesota. he's having a disappointing night tonight. we'll have to see what happens in florida, but it doesn't look promising right now. >> in 2008 florida came earlier in the schedule and it seemed to be stacked up in that it did not work. ted cruz announced today he's
6:11 pm
opening up eight offices in the state of florida. he's picking key parts of the state too. how right now does a campaign with ted cruz, how does he perform in a diverse state like florida? >> all he has to do is come in third and take away rubio's ability to come in first. the thing with cruz, unlike huckabee and santorum, neither had any money. ted cruz has money and if he's the alternative to trump he's going to get a lot more votes and money all the way through here and he'll compete all the way whereas if rubio and kasich loses money they're done and can't go on. >> kasich was on with us yesterday. he says if he wins ohio -- he said if he loses ohio he's done. i think you would agree with that, right? >> yes. >> if he wins ohio he made a case he would that i this all
6:12 pm
the way to the convention. do you see that as realistic? >> if you don't want to fly on an airplane, he'll have no money and you can't compete without money when you go to some of these states. he can stay in the race. none of them have to get out of the race, but can he win. if he wins ohio, he is a potential vice president. i would be happy to win ohio and then drift to the convention. >> thank you. we want to take you to detroit, michigan where hillary clinton is speaking. as we have told you bernie sanders has been declared in nebraska. let's listen in here for a moment. >> president obama in no, ma'am in -- mom nating a new supreme court justice. we have to continue to put
6:13 pm
pressure on the republicans in the senate to do their constitutional duty, but even if the president gets someone nominated and if the senate confirms that nominee, there may well be one or two more openings in the next four years. we need a supreme court that expands voting rights, not cuts back on them. one that protects workers' rights, not breaks unions, one that reverses citizens united, not hangs a for sale sign on the door of american democracy. but even that is not enough. we have allowed our politics to be hijacked by extreme ideology in state governments all over our country. they draw congressional district
6:14 pm
lines in washington because republicans fear a primary challenge from the right more than from the sensible center. so we need to bring more people into our party, keep the enthusiasm of young voters, develop a pipeline for new leaders and let those who turn out in presidential years know they have to vote every years in state elections to prevent the kind of gridlock that has long kept too many of president obama's good ideas from getting a far hearing, but first my friends, we have to win this election. and we all know -- we all know the stakes keep getting higher and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeping
6:15 pm
sinking lower. i got to tell you that debate the other night, i heard jim mention, i know others have as well, you know how when you're in elementary school and you get graded on how you get along with people and there's that one line, plays well with others, i mean, really, you just want to pull your hair out when you see that insult-fest that goes on among the republicans, but i want us also to remember we've seen the consequences of republican control in lansing too and we can't afford to let them take the white house and keep the congress. they will rip away all the progress we've made under president obama. we've had more than 70 straight months of private sector job growth, including more than
6:16 pm
240,000 jobs added just last month. in michigan, you're leading the way. the auto industry had its best year ever. [cheers and applause] >> innovation is on the rise. we see it in the car makers and suppliers and in the clean energy sector. the defense corridor, the high-tech firms, the cutting edge design in grand rapids and the next generation of engineers being trained. look at what's happening right here in detroit. new businesses are opening, families are moving in. the street lights are on again. the buses are running. [cheers and applause] >> that's why i chose to come to detroit yesterday to give a speech about what i want to do to keep the economy moving forward because of course we can't be satisfied until economic revisitalization that
6:17 pm
we're seeing in some neighborhoods reaches all of detro detroit's neighborhoods and you're proving when we work together we can rise together and that's what this campaign is all about. [cheers and applause] >> instead of building walls, we're going to be knocking down barriers and building ladders of opportunity empowerment so every american can live up to his or her potential because then and only then -- >> we're going to break in here to give you the news that ap has called the race in louisiana for hillary clinton. so good timing on her part. she has stepped to the stage and has been speaking from detroit tonight arguing for more economic recovery in the state of michigan. ted cruz said had leadership in
6:18 pm
michigan had been negative so that debate is ongoing between hillary clinton and ted cruz. she is the winner of the louisiana primary, which she was expected to take. 71% as that race is called. bernie sanders has a win in nebraska. let's go to bill and look at how these numbers breakdown. >> thank you. just want to show you where we are so far tonight. kansas was called for ted cruz. this is a really resounding victory for ted cruz easily beating the rest of the competition. up in main you heard the delegate breakdown here. in the state of main ted cruz a winner as well over trump with 62% of the vote reporting. this is significant as we're watching this, marco rubio as 8%. he needed to get 10% to get delegates. you did not achieve 10% in the state of main. in kentucky, this is a republican caucus, first time
6:19 pm
they've ever done it, it was a strange way they worked the schedule, at 32% of the vote, trump in purple beating cruz by nine points. i'm curious about a few things on this map here. one is how john kasich does along these counties with the southern boarder of ohio and also how donald trump does in the far eastern part of the state because this is coal country over here and to the south too. you saw what he did in virginia on tuesday, how he dominated that part of the state. we'll keep an eye on that. quickly to louisiana just let you know it is still early, only 7% of the vote reporting right now. trump has a lead on ted cruz. so we're watching this. these are the saints colors. back in a moment here as our coverage continues on a super saturday night live on fox. this is joanne.
6:20 pm
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6:23 pm
fox news can call according to the associated press that donald trump has won louisiana with 8% in, we can now
6:24 pm
officially make trump a winner in louisiana, a winner over ted cruz, rubio and kasich. that's the only primary of the day on the republican side. the other contests in kansas and in main and the one that is still ongoing in kentucky are all caucuses. >> we expect that donald trump will be speaking in a few moments. we'll take you to florida when that happens. we want to take to you ted cruz. he's a big winner tonight. let's listen in. >> to upkeep our federal parks better so all of us can enjoy god's natural better without the federal government taking vast areas of land out of circulation for the private citizens. >> that's one of the things that people talked about. there's a lot of people in the crowd that were concerned about losing access to these lands that they love to enjoy. so how will your plan put the
6:25 pm
federal government and the people that own this land make sure this land isn't taken away from the people? >> when land goes back to the people you continue to use it. i'm a hunter and fisherman. idaho has been blessed with beauty and everyone wants to be able to use that, but the federal government doesn't control the land efficiently. we need the people to have more access to the land, not less. and getting it out of the hands of the federal government is exactly how we do that. >> specifically, the state of idaho is working with the federal government to clean up nuclear waste from the '50s and '60s. if we get rid of the doe, who is responsible for the cleanup? do you have an alternative? >> sure. i've laid out on my website a detailed spending cut plan.
6:26 pm
i'd lay out five agencies that i would eliminate, the department of the education, hud, the department of energy and the irs. much of the department of energy deals with corporate welfare supporting different winners and losers. when it comes to nuclear cleanup it's a vital part of the plan. that can be in the interior department and elsewhere. to do the vital roles, but getting out of the business of engaging in picking winners and losers and that not only can turn around the debt that's bankrupting the next generations, but it brings more power back to the people. >> are you calling for marco rubio to drop out? >> i think every candidate has to assess his path to 1237 delegates. at this point we've had a lot of
6:27 pm
primaries and if you're not able to win primaries and amassing delegates to get the nominee i think every candidate has to reflect and say do with he have a path. the only way to beat donald trump is to unite. if we want together as one, donald has a ceiling of 25%, but he's got a hard ceiling i believe of 35% to 40%. donald has benefited by multiple opponents in this race because if the opposition is divided it let's him win states. if we get head-to-head, he head-to-head i beat donald trump and this entire process has been a narrowing process. we started with 17 candidates and we're now down to four. it has to be head-to-head. if it's not, then the other candidates are increasing the
6:28 pm
likelihood that donald trump becomes the nominee. i recognize every candidate would like to be the one to go head-to-head, but if you can't win primaries, if you can't beat donald trump and if you haven't amassed enough delegates to have a shot at being the nominee, i think it is incumbent on each candidate to assess is there a viable path. i know there are a lot of folks in the republican party making that assessment. the other candidates are considering this and i will say this, both marco rubio and john kasich, they love this country. they're not doing this for themselves. they're doing this for the same reason i am, because we love this county. we recognize it's in crisis. and they're stepping forward to try to lead this country and i believe this process will continue naturally and i welcome the supporters for every other candidate if you want to beat donald trump we're the only candidate that is doing that
6:29 pm
consistently. you are more than welcome aboard with us. thank you. that's ted cruz in idaho where there will be a contest on tuesday evening. he talked about emnenlt domain, a subject near and dear to the people in idaho. he's trying to drive a wedge into trump support in idaho. he says he believes donald trump has a ceiling of 40% and he welcomes all those who would like to cross over from other candidates into his area. that is ted cruz on a good night for him. donald trump is -- has been announced a winner in louisiana this evening. he may have been waiting for that call to made to come forward in west palm beach which is at trump head quarterers. >> so we are watching the live camera from florida. we'll take you there live as soon as we get the notification
6:30 pm
that donald trump is on his way out. it's not a statement, which is not unusual. we saw it on tuesday, first time from donald trump -- first time for anyone. it's trump 11, cruz six as of 9:30 on this super saturday evening. back in a moment. was engineered... help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived. yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day.
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6:34 pm
notice that ten minutes donald trump will speak and take questions in florida. as we await him the current delega delegate count, donald trump at 347, ted cruz 267, marco rubio 116. that means trump leads cruz by 80 and marco rubio by 215 as it changes throughout the night. >> it's all about the delegates. we have announced that in louisiana donald trump was a winner. 46 republican delegates were up for grabs there and we were working on dividing those up. the new numbers seem to be stacking up this evening and they will be changing. doug, in retrospect there's a question about whether or not rubio should have cancelled his rally there last night in louisiana. he chose to go to florida instead. hard to say whether it would have made any difference.
6:35 pm
>> hard to say that. i think he's probably scratching his head and wishing he had stayed in louisiana last night. he had a rally scheduled here and cancelled it to go to kansas where he had the endorsement of the sitting governor and former senator bob dole all to no avail as you've been reporting all night long. cruz crushed in kansas tonight. this speaks to the tremendous anti-establishment, anti-washington sentiment that is building across the country right now. trump and cruz have repeatedly said that is to their advantage in the general election, that it's going to expand the republican party. here in louisiana rubio had the endorsement bob-- by contrast donald trump had the endorsement
6:36 pm
of phil robertson and his son willy. so if you look at that you have to scratch your head and say what is going on this the country when the endorsement of the duck commander is more important than the ex-governor. a lot of people are upending the world these days. >> that about says it all. good to see you. >> steve, good evening again. if things hold the way they look right now in kentucky with 37% of the vote reporting and trump has about a nine-lead, if that holds, you have a split decision, two for cruz, two for trump, zero for rubio. what then is the story as we head toward perhaps michigan on tuesday and beyond? >> i think the story is clearly ted cruz. he had a very, very good night. he may end up close to donald
6:37 pm
trump in delegates tonight. he finished first or second in all four contests tonight it looks like. this is a very good night for ted cruz. i think the flip side is that it's a bad night for marco rubio. he looks like he will not finish higher than third. he will take a handful of delegates, a couple of handfuls maybe, and he may, depending on the outcome in louisiana, he's at 19% now, he may end up finishing under 20% in each of the four states. it's a hard argument for rubio to make going forward that he's had candidate going into tuesday and then into florida. >> so the eyes in the country will be on rubio on march 15th and on john kasich in ohio for the same day, winner take all. what we're seeing in the boarder towns along the boarder is kasich is getting a good number
6:38 pm
in kentucky and so too is cruz. if that portends anything in ohio you could be looking at a three-man race in the buck eye state. >> marco rubio win florida to keep donald trump at a lower delegate threshold. obviously the cruz campaign thinks otherwise. they are going to campaign strongly in florida and in ohio. i think the other interesting point to make is go north of ohio and look at michigan. i think michigan on tuesday can tell us does john kasich have this court of crossover appeal that his advisers suggested. there was a poll today showing kasich with a narrow lead, but a huge surge over donald trump. the question for michigan is can he broaden his appeal the way he
6:39 pm
may have done, but he seems to have done in main. can ted cruz compete in michigan in a way that many people wouldn't have expected a couple of months ago. >> there was a story today that ted cruz dominates when you have closed contests, meaning you have to be a member of the party to vote that day, but if these numbers hold up it's a tie. >> ted cruz you would expect him to win these contests. we will see going forward. >> thank you. stand by in washington. so donald trump is the winner tonight in the state of louisiana, the only primary this evening, and he is set to speak any minute now at a news conference in west palm beach florida. we will take you there live after this. americans...
6:40 pm
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he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. we are waiting for the gop winner of the louisiana primary tonight to take the stage tonight. when you look at kansas, which happened earlier this evin even that was a big win for ted cruz. he picked up 24 delegates. main was a win for ted cruz, but it was a split.
6:44 pm
ted cruz got 12 and donald trump got nine, at least at the last count we had. kansas was a nice move in terms mu of delegate wins. >> the camera you're looking at there is west palm beach florida and what donald trump did on tuesday night was -- i don't want to call it revolutionary, but typically in these contests you do not get a press conference and questions from reporte reporters. on tuesday night chris christie got caught in the headlights behind donald trump in what appeared to be an hour and we'll see if that happens again tonight. donald trump is breaking the mold in so many ways and taking questions is another way of doing that. >> my guess is they planned out the arrangement of who stands out behind donald trump. chris christie was defensive
6:45 pm
about that last week, he said i was standing there. sometimes the way the framing happens you're stuck there. he's going to take questions again. he seems to like this. it's flags behind, a presidential look. we've been talking about ted cruz a lot tonight because he had some surprising wins, but this looks like a big night for donald trump as well. >> these four contests tonight for republicans and then you move to tuesday, which is michigan and mississippi, and then the eyes of the country go to the 15th of march, ten days from now for ohio and florida. we've been watching all of this and just reflect for a moment on how trump has tried to dominate the media spotlight and to do it with events like this. personally i expected him out early tonight. you get ahead of the story and you sort of block out the others
6:46 pm
from getting any tv time. as we await, how has his strategy paid off? >> you're right to focus on this because now we're saying another press conference by trump after he wins louisiana. it was kind of revolutionary on tuesday because he took questions from the reporters. a reporter can ask anything and donald trump tlooifz on that and he gets cable news air time. i was thinking about this, two wins by ted cruz. tonight is not as big a night as sproo super tuesday, but five days ago we said is trump unstoppable. what cruz has done here is he's changed that narrative a little bit and he's planted some doubt that maybe he can get trump in a one-on-one contest and maybe this is not a foregone conclusion. psyche logically that's an important development for the
6:47 pm
texas senator. >> i'm going to walk over here to the billboard and show our viewers tonight what we have at the moment in louisiana. i mentioned this looks like the saint colors, but probably more like lsu with 11% reporting we've called it for donald trump. come up here to kentucky and we'll show you where we are in the blue grass state at 43% reporting. we haven't called it yet. trump at 38, cruz, 32, rubio 14. i'm watching the banks along the ohio valley to give us a sense of how john kasich will do in his home state. >> it seems to me that john kasich is the one guy we're not talking about much tonight because he hasn't done much. he's a popular governor at home and he could win his home state on march 15th and that would keep him in the bull game.
6:48 pm
he says if he doesn't win ohio he's out of this race. there's one poll that his him closing the gap. cruz is basically coming out and saying if everyone else doesn't get out of the race, donald trump is the nominee. he's not really being subtle about it, but as you point out there's a theory that if the others stay in they each take a bite out of trump's total, it makes it harder for him to get to 1237. i'll stop there. >> that's okay. i want to share with our viewers some of these boarder counties here. cruz and trump and kasich, one, two, three, kenton county as well right across from cincinnati. kasich gets 23% of the vote. campbell county, 25%. so something like that portends
6:49 pm
what goes on in ohio. sometimes it's just a snapshot and it's good evidence of a story that may or may not happen on the 15th. >> entering the room now in west palm beach, this is one of his golf properties. it's not where we saw him last time he did this. this is called the dining room area at this facility, which is the golf headquarters. one more thought when you look at the thresholds in these different states, kentucky is 5%. marco rubio could pick up a couple of delegates perhaps in kentucky. in louisiana it's 20%. so once again if these numbers hold, it looks like you're going to have a situation where he is not able to pick up too many delegates in louisiana and perhaps not in kansas either. >> that was the same story in texas when he failed to get to 20% and in alabama as well for marco rubio. we saw a similar story in main
6:50 pm
as well. so donald trump will take questions. he'll make a statement. earlier today he was in wichita, kansas. he came out and said kansas if we don't win here, i am not going to be happy. in addition to that he was in florida around the orlando area earlier today. that's the i-4 corridor that has a lot of the swing votes that determines the outcome in florida. >> donald trump said he will not speak until all of the races are called. he will be speaking shortly though. kentucky, this is the first time they have done this gop caucus in kentucky and it was finished at 4:00 this afternoon, but they are still not out with the results in kentucky. odd, but we're waiting for that number to come in.
6:51 pm
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we are back on a big primary night that has become quite interesting. in fact, you've got ted cruz winning two states this evening. kansas by quite a bit. and he won maine as well. now we're waiting. donald trump has won louisiana. but he wants to know what the results are in ken kerngs where it's about -- looks to be about six percentage points of a split between ted cruz and donald trump with donald trump in the first spot as of right now. so let's go to john roberts, who just spoke with donald trump in west palm beach as he came in there. john, good evening again. what did he say? >> we had a close encounter of the trump kind if you will. we had heard that the motorcade had just pulled up. we thought he was going to come up on stage. and he just sort of leisurely came walking in the room. we thought he would come out from the front. came by, shook hands, and he said how are things looking tonight? i said, well, they've called louisiana. and he said to me, have they called kentucky? and i said let me double-check, went to our a.p. vote app.
6:56 pm
i said no, it's only 42% of the vote. you're ahead 38-32. sew said oh, i'll give it a few more minutes until they call it. he's gone back into a holding room right now. i guess he's waiting for the a.p. to call kentucky one way or the other. and i guess, martha, it's a little too close to call because 50% of the vote is still out. there are only 5,000 votes apart, he and ted cruz. he's just going to wait a little while longer, see how things go. if the a.p. does call, it i'm sure he'll come out within about a minute's time. but this may take some time because for some reason the results of the kentucky caucus appear to have slowed down in terms of them getting them out to us. >> it's very interesting, john. we've talked about this a lot tonight. kentucky changed its schedule largely because rand paul wanted it to be a caucus. because when he was in the presidential race he couldn't run for his senate seat and also for the presidency at the same time unless they did it this way. so this is the first time out for them. the caucus closed i think at 4:00 this afternoon, and it
6:57 pm
seems that six hours later they are still trying to figure out, even though they've got 50% in, they're trying to figure out the rest of this. now, donald trump is doing a forum that he did the same thing super tuesday. he seems to like this better at this point than the rally, which he -- i guess he does a lot of those during the day. sew likes to shake it up a little bit with these primary races in the evening. >> yeah. i thought it was really interesting what he did on super tuesday as bill said a little while ago, really breaking the mold here. typically on a big election night, especially when you win a lot of states as he did, you want to really control the message and not leave any room for potential pitfalls if somebody throws you a question that you're not expecting or you're not completely ready for, but he likes the rough and tumble with the press. he's liked it all his life. so he likes to mix it up a little bit. and he will be coming out here to take some questions. i think one of the questions we're probably going to throw at him is ted cruz in coeur d'alene, iowa -- idaho you heard him say just a short time ago that in a two-man race i beat donald trum. so we'll see what mr. trump has
6:58 pm
to say about that when he comes out in just a little while. if there's anything you can do, martha, to hurry up the results from kentucky, we'd appreciate it. >> i'm sure you would. and all the other reporters there too. and us back here in new york. feel the same way. we'll see -- >> we may have a hint as to why you can't honk in kentucky, john, and that's this. fayette county, which is lexington, there are no numbers reporting. jefferson county, which is louisville, again, no numbers reporting. so that's the reason why you can't call that state. >> well, i'll tell you, it's better than nevada in 2012. at least we're getting some results in. >> thank you, john. stand by there in west palm beach. i mean, listen, if you have to be somewhere, right? if you have to be somewhere, martha. >> exactly. >> why not be palm beach? >> why not be in west palm beach, florida tonight waiting for donald trump to come in? you know, so much has been said about how this race is so unlike any other race that we have
6:59 pm
seen. and there's still so much that we don't know as this thing goes, you know, goes forward. when you look at the fact that donald trump -- and one of the things he's probably going to be questioned about when the rep t reporters do get their moment with him this evening is why he decided not to speak at cpac. he always loves speaking at cpac and some believe it was sort of the foundation of his thoughts that hey, maybe you should run for president of the united states, i do very well in this venue, but now we see him moving away from all of these institutions that he has been part 1/2 it makof and it makes what the path is forward with the rnc, the movement, that mitt romney really ramped up in the course of this week. where does donald trump feel comfortable? clearly in this venue in florida speaking tonight. but it is an unusual, unusual republican candidacy. >> it would appear his target is florida. it would appear his target is ohio. and if he goes 2 for 2 he can make a strong argument that no
7:00 pm
one can catch him. and even if you look at the path for ted cruz and you think about where he can win, it is tough to find a way even sitting here tonight, how cruz gets to 1,237. before the convention in cleveland, ohio come july. >> stay tuned. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. it is now 10:00 on the east coast. it is far, so far anyway, it's been a winning night for both donald trump and ted cruz, but we are not done yet. good to have you along with us tonight. it is a super saturday, right? >> very super. >> i'm bill hemmer live here in new york. >> and i'm martha maccallum. good to be with you on this saturday evening. donald trump winning the biggest prize so far tonight, 46 delegates up for grabs in louisiana. but it is a solid night for ted cruz as well and a surprising one in many ways. he has taken kansas at 35,000 votes, which is more than all


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