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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 6, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i know this has been an unusual election cycle as it continues and there are a lot of problems in america and people are hurting. but this is not just confronting our problems but also embracing our opportunities, i believe the 21 century holds the potential the greatest era in the history of the united states if we get this election right and if we act now. if we do what needs to be done, we can leave our children as the freest and most prosperous americans who ever lived and this can be the greatest era in the story of america. vote for me and join our effort at >> senator cruz, your closing statement. >> i want to talk to every soldier and sailor and airmen and marine. i want to talk to every mom and a dad and sister and brother and son and daughter of someone fighting for this country. for seven years you have had a commander in chief that doesn't believe in you, that sends you into combat with rules of engagement that ties your arms behind your back. that is wrong, it is immoral and in january 2017, it will end. i want to also talk to all of
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the police officers and firefighters and first responders who have been left behind with this president, starting in january 2017, i will have your back. >> mr. trump, your closing statement. >> thank you. i am going to bring jobs back to the united states like nobody else can. we're going to fix our very depleted military. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to strengthen our borders and you're going to be very, very proud of this country in just a few years if i'm elected president. thank you. >> thank you. and that'll do it for the 11th republican primary debate in the 2016 presidential race. the night not over yet. >> not by a long shot. a special edition of "the o'reilly factor" is next. and remember, fox news has the election covered. >> our thanks to the crowd in detroit here. thank you for joining us. have a great evening.
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we won virginia, we won arkansas, we won massachusetts. we won nevada big. we won georgia in a landslide. is this fun? do we love this? i love it! i love it. >> you guys are some of the funniest -- the signs are so offensive. that was all right. don't drink the donald trump kool-aid. i'm not reading that one. >> we have work to do instead of complaining, let's join hands and lift ourselves up. >> our campaign has beaten donald not once, not twice, but in seven different states across this country. people are waking up. and help is on the way. >> the rebuild america and its spirit and make it the best it's ever been. we can do it. >> the american people know that love trumps hatred.
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well, good morning. >> hey. >> super saturday split. donald trump and ted cruz each claiming two victories last night in four republican state contests. >> yep. so let's look at the numbers. donald trump winning louisiana by 41.4%. ted cruz at nearly 38% of the vote. >> let's head over to kentucky. the same there, where trump ended the day at just about 36% with ted cruz barely five points behind. plus, record turnout in the state of kansas give a double digit victory to ted cruz where he defeated trump. >> in maine, ted cruz wins by 13 points over trump. >> here's what that means. with delegates 378 for donald trump. cruz now at 295, closing the gap marco rubio at 123 and john
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kasich 34. unbelievable. >> what a fascinating night. >> yes. this was really -- i mean, this was in some sense a referendum on thursday night. did the debate and the attacks by the republican establishment hurt the front-runner in this race, donald trump? >> with governor mitt romney coming out for one and also the insults coming and just the hammering from all directions for donald trump. particularly from ted cruz. and from marco rubio. also seeming to change his positions on immigration right before our eyes in the debate. >> does that matter? do the trump is supporters care flip-flops on positions but look at maine? it seemed like that was an easy lock for donald trump. >> demographically it's exactly his wheelhouse. i do think they care. i think that's the one thing that changed last week. there are a number of debates in which trump got hammered by
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everybody else, didn't perform in an impressive way and he was totally fine. people gave him a pass. when he waffled on immigration and seemed to change his mind and not know where he stood, i think that hurt him. here's the other thing we can take from yesterday. is marco rubio a real presidential candidate? we've had 19 contests. he's only won one. mathematically he can't get the majority of the delegates at this stage, why are we treating him as if he could be the president? >> florida -- >> i think changes, winner takes all. he says he'll win florida. 99 delegates are up for grabs and he knew this election cycle would be tough for them, they can get momentum out of florida and turn it around. >> well, donald trump and ted cruz says this is a two man race. and rubio and kasich need to move out of the way. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night and personally i call for him to drop out of the race. i think it's time he drop out of
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the race. i really think so. i don't think tonight he can get up and rant and rave. every time he comes in thirtdz or fourth, he says you have to be able to win. he has not been able to win. i think it's time he drops out. >> you're a supporter of marco rubio and john kasich both men i respect. but if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, i invite you to join our time. so many of them did in the state of maine up, they came together and united and said, we cannot let this happen. the stakes are too high. we are fighting for the future of this country. the future of our kids. >> that was in cord alain, idaho, where we'll have four states on tuesday. super tuesday 2.0. >> idaho. here's the thing about rubio. he's a good candidate. i think he's smart and witty. he has a nice vibe. voters don't agree with him on immigration. that's the one possibility we have not considered that's an
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issue. donors in washington and the republican establishment and neoconservative intellectuals they love him. but voters are not on the same page. >> one thing that was encouraging yesterday was that the overwhelming turnout, right, and the lines -- twitter was going nuts over the lines in kansas. everyone was tweeting out pictures. >> and in maine. >> a lot is driven by the man who says he wants to make america great again. whether you love him or hate him, everyone wants their voices to be heard. after watching politics for decades will this translate in the general election do you think? >> you know it's hard to know. there are so many cross currents and complicated dynamiceis here. i'm more than ever convinced that the one who gets the most delegates is going to the nominee. anyone who talks about the brokered convention, i start to take -- not to take seriously.
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>> that's what governor kasich is saying, wait a second, wait a second, we still have michigan and florida. so this morning here's our facebook poll of the morning. ted cruz called for it first. should marco rubio exit the race? they called for it last night, it's up on the facebook page. >> why is trump calling for this? he's coming on the the show, by the way, later in the show. it doesn't help him rubio gets out of the race. pretty interesting he's saying that rubio should drop out of the race. >> with his rhetoric, he really thinks that. >> you're right f the other guys start fracturing -- >> he wanted a divided opposition, as in politics and war. >> the bigger the field that's helping me. but no, america wants me. he's pumping himself up. >> governor kasich during the
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debates has looked avuncular. he said, we have michigan, and look what happened in michigan over the last few days. governor john kasich now ahead of donald trump. donald trump was up by 12 points. >> big-time win. i was in detroit for the debate. there was a new poll that had come out from the "detroit free press" and he is hoping to get a springboard out of michigan and take ohio and get his momentum. >> kasich is saying i'm not for trump, i find him appalling but i understand why others support him. >> i'm not a part of the establishn't. -- establishment. i understand donald trump. i don't know i understand him, but i understand the people that are for him. these are people who their jobs
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are rickety rockty. they're worried we'll do some dumb trade deal and they'll lose their jobs. they haven't had any pay raises. and by the way, they put their money in the bank and we're told if you put your money in the bank you get interest which means you make money off your money and nobody makes any interest and all the rich people were buying the stock market and i was nowhere. >> interesting argument. i get donald trump. i get his supporters. i don't understand him, he's kind of unhinged. i get that outrage. >> thank god somebody is saying that. the response in washington, he's a racist. if you're for trump, you're stupid and you're immoral. finally somebody is saying, maybe his message actually resonates with actually voters. >> yeah. >> he's saying that republicans have been telling their electorate for many, many years we're going to improve your
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lives, we're going to cut taxes, do all of these things and yet, it never does anything for you. there's an outrage that's palpable. >> it seems like a smart move for john kasich to say that, because a lot of trump supports feel like they're getting the finger pointed at them and any insult that goes to donald trump is going to -- >> they're being judged. they know that republicans in washington think they're mouth breathers. why wouldn't they be offended by that? i'm offended just watching. >> we have a lot more coming up. but right now, we need to get to other stories making headlines in a fox news alert. isis attackers are targeting thousands of police officers online. they say it was compromised but they're working with fbi. a u.s. marine is dead after his boat capsizes near his base in hawaii. he was found unconscious in the water just off the northern part of honolulu's marine corps base.
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two others were on board but were able to swim ashore. no word on why the 17 foot boat overturned in the first place. the coast guard is desperately searching the florida coastline after a man plunged off of a cruise ship. he's identified as david mossman of texas. a man witnessed him falling from 100 feet from a state room balcony on friday. coast guard crews have searched 950 square miles. no word yet on what caused the fall. and the minnesota destrutru driver has a bone to pick with his lead footed dog. the dog knocked his master's truck into gear as it was sitting in the parking lot. it went flying across the street, hitting a tree and a parked car. the dog popped his head out of the window unaware of the chaos he caused. thankfully nobody was injured
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there. those are your headlines. >> a lead footed dog? i think that's my favorite phrase of the morning already. all right, donald trump hasn't been shy about his feelings about bowe bergdahl. >> we're tired of bergdahl, he's a no good traitor! >> a no good traitor. bergdahl's lawyers want to meet with trump. wait until you hear why. and in god we trust, one message on a sheriff's car. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation. without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday. it's a super saturday split for you. the race now tighter than ever after trump and cruz each picked up two states last night. >> john roberts caught up with
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donald trump at his golf course in palm beach last night. he joins us live with a look at florida. good morning. nice to see you. >> reporter: good morning to see you. you know, last night sort of tilted the playing field a little more in donald trump's favor, the overall score now 11-7 for trump over cruz. of course marco rubio has won one state and john kasich has yet to win any. both cruz and trump are itching for a head to head match, each one claiming he will beat the other. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun. because ted can't win new york. he can't win new jersey. he can't win pennsylvania. he can't win california. i want ted one-on-one. >> ours is the only campaign that has repeatedly beaten trump and we're the only one who can beat donald trump in this race. head to head, i beat donald. >> reporter: of course in order
3:18 am
for it to become a one-on-one contest, both marco rubio and john kasich would have to be out of the race. last night, donald trump was very direct calling for rubio to drop out. ted cruz meanwhile said it's time for both rubio and kasich to go. >> he's coming in virtually last in every race. he's doing very, very poorly, not doing well in the polling in florida. at some point, you know, you have to drop out. >> perhaps right now you're still considering supporting marco rubio or john kasich, but at this point if we're going to beat donald trump we have to come together. we've got to come united. >> reporter: john kasich said many many times he won't go until after the ohio race. if he says -- he says if he wins ohio he'll keep ongoing. marco rubio said he'll get in his pickup truck and drive across the it this if necessary trying to pick up every delegate he can. i think that marco rubio may be the only one who believes that's possible.
3:19 am
anna, clayton, tucker? >> that might be. thanks, john. we are seeing this morning donald trump calling for marco rubio to get out of the race. not at all clear why that would help donald trump. we'll ask him later in the show. >> do we still have john with us? >> reporter: i'm still here. >> what do you make of trump calling for rubio to get out? it doesn't seem to be in his interest. >> reporter: well, it probably would be in his interest because a lot of marco rubio supporters in the state of florida may come to his side or go to john kasich. but the bottom line is it's really just -- it's political bravado. he knows that marco rubio is not going to out, unless rubio looks at the polls just before the florida primary. and he sees that he's got no path. sort of well known in private
3:20 am
circles he maybe wants to run for governor in 2018 here if he doesn't get the nominee for president and would a bad loss in florida on the 15th perhaps hurt his chances at governor? that's the only calculation i can see for him possibly getting out of florida. for trump to call on him to get out, possibly he can pick up a few marco rubio supporters. i think it's bravado, reinforces the little marco theme. >> it seems like maine would have been a lock for donald trump. he said i could pick up new york with the similar mirrors of the electorate there. i don't know. looks like a trouble spot for donald. >> reporter: it was a bit of a surprise particularly when you look at how mitt romney won it back in 2012. and, you know, you saw kansas went to rick santorum. he beat romney back in 2012. maine was almost 180 degree flip from that. but i think what that shows and
3:21 am
tucker, you probably know more about this than i, that donald trump has a difficult time in a closed caucus. winning in kentucky, you know, even though it's very close to new hampshire, new hampshire was a hybrid primary. but caucus is a little more difficult. >> that's true. >> john roberts, thank you so much. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap bsaving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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3:25 am
naval commanders say the current restrictions outdated and they're going to extreme measures like liposuction to save their careers. >> thanks, nan. it was a big night for ted cruz and donald trump so who has the staying power to take it to the nomination? >> joining us for his reaction is sheriff david clark. good to see you this morning. >> thanks. >> what do you make of the results last night? >> well, i think that thing is shaping up to the two-horse race. this is my opinion of it. i think that both senator rubio and governor kasich have some soul searching to do about their realistic chance of getting across the finish line. >> you spoke at cpac of course this weekend. donald trump did not show up to that. what was the mood like in the room there about donald trump? >> well, there wasn't a lot of donald trump talk going on, but
3:26 am
the conservatives that attended the conference they're energized. they're highly motivated. several of the candidates did come in, including kasich and rubio and cruz. it was polite. but i'll tell you what. they want a hard core conservative candidate and, you know, we could get into arguments about whether trump is or isn't. and one thing that trump has done is he's created disruption. if you -- this not an endorsement for trump by the way, but he's brought a disruption to the process and it's caused the other candidates to have to change their strategy because they were prepared for the status quo type of nominating process with the talking points and all the scripts and all the poll tested stump speeches and it's not working right now. >> i think they're still trying. so you're hearing, sheriff, this
3:27 am
idea that someone who got less than the most votes could somehow be the nominee in a brokered convention. here's ted cruz's reaction to that idea. >> in my view, a brokered convention and i gonna happen. and if the washington deal makers try to steal the nomination from the people i think it would be a disaster. it would cause a revolt. >> doesn't the guy with the most votes have to be the nominee? >> well, you know, this is politics. and it's not a linear process. i agree with senator cruz though. but i would say this as well, i think we have seen a revolt on the gop side and within the rnc. but i agree with him that somebody tries some chicanery or shenanigans to somehow get somebody else in there who didn't have the most delegates, that would be bad news. i would not advise that of the
3:28 am
gop side. that would be bad news in november. >> we have been hearing about folks throwing their support behind law enforcement because there's a shortage across this country. and obviously, they feel embattled. here are donald trump and ted cruz talking about the police recently. listen. >> do we love our police? do we love our police? [ cheers and applause ] where would we be without them in all fairness? >> i want to talk to all the police officers and firefighters and first responders who have been left behind by this president starting in january 2017, i will have your back. >> sheriff, you're seeing police shortages all across the country. so what, no love for law enforcement anymore? what do you think is going on here? >> well, first of all, kudos to senator cruz and donald trump. those are the only two candidates who have unambiguously stated their support for the american law enforcement officers. they haven't tried to couch it or, you know, little subtle hints like i'm seeing out of
3:29 am
mrs. bill clinton and bernie sanders, they'll quickly say we support the police and go on a tirade for three minutes in terms of bashing them. what's happening is people who are trying to make a decision about whether to come into the career or not, they're looking long and hard. they are seeing how the american police officers are being trashed, unfairly maligned. their standing in the community and their sacrifice. when you look at what's going on, this isn't at all a surprise to me. we predicted this some time ago. there's a lag time and we'll see it as time goes on, but if this continues it's going to be very hard to get, you know, the best of the best to come in and perform these duties. because we ask a lot of the american police officer. potentially lose your life. now with the politics going on, the bashing from, you know -- more so i'm not concerned about the community support. that's there. we don't have the political support. and no one gets into this to end
3:30 am
up on a memorial wall and stare at like the baltimore six. >> i have to say that's the most awesome hat i have ever seen. >> that's a great hat. >> thank you. >> thanks. in god we trust, one sheriff adds a special message to his patrol cars. i wonder if he has a hat like the sheriff. and is this officially a two-man race? we have a tremendous political panel that are actually if their seats, so don't go away. we'll be right back.
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because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. it was a super saturday split. donald trump, ted cruz each claiming two victories in four gop contests. as the attacks continue to fly, here are some of them. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun. because ted can't win new york. he can't win new jersey. he can't win pennsylvania. he can't win california. i want ted one on one. >> we are seeing republicans coalesce around our campaign because it's repeatedly beaten donald trump and again we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> so we're looking at really a two-man race.
3:35 am
we have jessica tarlov and ron meyer and "the washington post" katherine rampell. they split the states, cruz and trump and trump did underperform. why the that? >> i think the attacks on him have been stepped up in the last couple of weeks, that may be sticking. so far he's the teflon candidate, but maybe it's finally wearing him down a little bit. i think it's really hard to say. you know, turnout has not been quite as strong as it was in the earlier states and this seems to favor trump. that could be part of it as well. >> but you think the attacks? >> it's possible. >> sure. i think it's open versus closed primary. cruz can do better in the open primaries. and i think the problem is donald trump has been using the word flexible a lot. true republicans and true conservatives hear the word flexible, flexible on what? you're running as someone who's hard on all these things and now
3:36 am
you're saying you're flexible. for a guy who's been conservative for six months when we hear flexible we don't think he's a relative. people say, really? >> but we knew that. he's been saying that for a year. flexible. he is. what's changed? i'm starting to think this election is what it obviously is about. immigration. and thursday night was the first time he was flexible on that subject. that's just a theory. >> i totally agree with you. we have been talking about his flexibility. i mean, he was a liberal. this was a strong support of hillary clinton, nancy pelosi and harry reid and i think that's marco rubio's downfall. i think the bread and butter of this election is on illegal immigration and ted cruz is looking the strongest on it and it's correlated. i think going back to your point, the attacks are working also i think he embarrassed himself this week. it's a different kind of thing to talk about your manhood in the middle of the presidential debate than to you -- you know, the lyin' ted stuff and little
3:37 am
marco stuff. when you're winning evangelical voters and you talk about your business on national television, i think that can hurt you. because they were willing to go for him before hand. right, the evangelical voters were turning out for him. so i think we could be seeing a shift there. there's no decorum to this man. >> there never was. >> it's very different than talking about the hand thing. it's different. >> can we just be totally honest? there's not going to be a brokered convention. the person with the most delegates has to be the nominee. what's the counterargument? >> i guess the counterargument is that the party doesn't want him to be the nominee. >> oh, boo-hoo. >> they deal what they can to keep that from happening. it's every journalist's fantasy to have a brokered convention. so to the extent that the media controls everything, of course that would be the outcome. >> so you say it is possible to give the finger to the voters and say this whole democracy thing, just kidding?
3:38 am
>> it's not a fiptioner to the voter, if you don't get the 50% plus one you have to have a second ballot. th that's not tricking anybody and trump is not on pace to get the 50% to plus one right now. >> so let's say you're the guy with the most delegates and there's a second ballot and you lose, don't you have a good case to the public, i won the most delegates, they're taking it away from me and i'm going third party and i'm guaranteeing hillary clinton as the next president. >> you don't think he won't sue? >> he might. republicans have to do something crazy to solve this riddle. there are people who will never vote for republicans so either you lose the real conservatives or you kick them out of the party. you kick donald trump supporters out of the party or find somebody who can unite. that's what the convention has to do.
3:39 am
find a candidate who would still be -- who ted cruz and trump would still support and bring -- >> maybe not. >> whatever support, they will only support themselves. >> that's the riddle. >> i understand it's a riddle. >> it's a zen tone, it's the sound of one hand clapping. >> we have this on our side of the field where bernie sanders supporters are saying to super delegates can you please unpledge to hillary clinton and see what the popular vote is? we might have a circumstance on both sides where the two front-runners are people who might not win the popular vote which is a sad thing for democracy. great thing for my candidate of choice who i think will win as well, but we're talking about extreme scenarios which are disconcerting. you can have an autocratic democratic, but you can't have a fake democracy. that enrages people. >> i mean, there's already so much rage out there.
3:40 am
where does that furor go, right? if they don't have their candidate of choice, i can see riots. if you have a brokered convention -- >> don't say that out loud, you could be right. >> i hope it's not the case. no one turns out. >> that's the other possibility. >> we won't give up our guy. >> luckily we're coming back later in the show. you three are. thank you so much. we're out of time, but see you in a bit. anna kooiman has the headlines. >> thank you so much. 20 minutes before the top the hour. a florida man who flew his gyrocopter on the white house lawn was seconds away from disaster. >> this is not good, people. >> prosecutors claim douglas hughes came within 1,400 yards of a delta plane with 150 people on board as he flew toward d.c. has april. they're asking he receive ten months in prison. he claimed his flight was a protest against campaign finance laws. and some frightening moments
3:41 am
to tell you about a generator explodes in a refinery in houston. one person was injured, and had to be rushed to the hospital. blue and black smoke could be seen coming out of the plant. but no evacuation was ordered. officials said there was no immediate danger to the public, no chemicals were released. donald trump's fiery comments about bowe bergdahl in recent months might get him deposed. >> bergdahl is a traitor, a no good traitor. he should have been executed. >> well, bergdahl's lawyers say it may affect the sergeant's right to fair trial and have asked to speak to donald trump directly. bergdahl spent five years in captivity with the taliban after walking off his base in 2009. he was returned in the controversial exchange for five dangerous taliban detainees. and there's a common motto
3:42 am
in god we trust. crawford sheriff's wakefield personally bought the decals and added them to the cars saying it was the right thing to do. a local church has donated $100 to help with the costs. those are your news headlines. >> thank you, anna. heavy winds and strong rain in california this weekend up in the bay area. >> near 20 inches of rain fell in the area. they have had a drought for years now. >> the storms are expected to roll inland this week. rick reichmuth has more. >> reporter: hey, i want to check that 20 inches of rain, maybe some 15 inches of rain, but i don't think we have seen any spots with that rainfall total. we're going to see more rain in california over the next couple of days. another system, still rain with this system today. a little bit of a break. more coming in tomorrow.
3:43 am
more rain and mountain snow and it makes its way into southern california which is great news. also a piece of the energy starts to move in across the lower mississippi valley and east texas and get ready this week. it kind of stalls out there. we'll watch some spots pick up 12 inches of rain there. a lot of the rivers are very high because of the wet winter. so i think we'll see a big flooding situation, as well as severe weather starting tomorrow across parts of the southern plains. so we'll watch that closely. back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. well, still ahead, the latest tax scam could be coming from your boss. the latest e-mail hack to know about before you go to work tomorrow. and these two states are not the only win for ted cruz -- >> the winner of the cpac straw poll is ted cruz. >> we are live in washington with how it all went down, next. make a dep--
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hello, good morning, my friends. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. some quick headlines. the irs is issuing a warning over a massive scam could hit your workplace. hackers sending e-mails to ceos and payroll offices demanding all employees' w 2 forms. the agencies said not to click on any messages that appear to be from them, no matter how official it looks. amazon decided to restore the encryption after some complaints. they removed it last year saying few customers used it. amazon is siding with apple in
3:48 am
the fbi probe. and in the cpac straw poll is -- >> the winner of the 2016 cpac straw poll is ted cruz. >> texas senator bested senator marco rubio and governor john kasich and of course mr. donald trump. garrett tenney has the very latest on this development. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz he had a strong night, but the first one of the day, he met the annual strong poll. the consensus was it was between ted cruz and marco rubio. donald trump got 15% of the vote and came in third a spot he's not used to being in and john kasich came in fourth with 8%. the straw poll doesn't award any delegates though. but it is looked at as a gauge of where conservative voters are leaning but trump made headlines when he said he was canceling his appearance at the
3:49 am
conservative gathering. it's hard to say if his appearance would have changed it much, but some activists were upset he was invited in first place and there was talk that they'd walk out during his speech. trump said he cancelled the appearance where he could focus on those states where delegates would be awarded. he said he had zero regrets. >> i have been to cpac from the beginning. those who are there at cpac aren't campaigning, i'm campaigning to be president. had i not gone to kansas this morning i would not have done as well as i did. >> reporter: even to delegates were awarded, it gives additional ammunition for ted cruz that he is the one that the republicans should rally around. >> garrett, thank you.
3:50 am
>> didn't rand paul win last time or ron paul? >> the pauls are always winning at the straw poll. >> yeah, rand paul won the straw poll. in 2012, mitt romney did win. >> he did. coming up -- still ahead a lot of people love trump. others hate him. what causes the outrage and the love? dr. keith ablow takes us inside their minds. then bernie sanders takes two out of three races from hillary clinton. is that enough for bernie to take down the clinton machine? we have a closer look ahead. sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
good morning, everyone. hillary clinton hinges closer and closer. she's taking every opportunity to slam the other side. >> you know how when you're in elementary school and you get graded on how you get along with people and there's that one line, plays well with others. i mean, really you just want to pull your hair out when you see that insult best that goes on among the republicans. >> after last night's results she may need to focus on after pickling up two more states, he he will not be going down without a race. nice to see you this morning, chuck. >> good morning. >> hillary clinton won big in louisiana, sanders nebraska and
3:55 am
kansas, is that enough when we talk about the southern firewall? she won overwhelmingly among nonwhites. are those two wins enough for him to claw back? >> what is giving him some momentum, i tell everybody to keep their eyes on march 15th. what bernie sanders has done is created heart land, you have all these people giving this money to keep the campaign going. he's tapped into the same momentum that donald trump has. it's really been a headache for hillary even though she keeps racking up all the momentum. she has all the establishment with her bernie sanders continues he's got a core group of supporters behind him. >> it seems like they're bashing the other side, the gop more than they're hurting each other. we heard that sound bite and sanders said yesterday even on our worst day, we're better than the gop, can republicans learn from that? >> they could.
3:56 am
what they're doing they're talking to their base, they know we've had lower turn out and excitement has been on the republican side. they're speaking to our base in those states like michigan that's coming on tuesday, ohio, florida, we have to get those people to the polls if we're going to have any chance. they're throwing red meat like republicans have been doing for months. hillary clinton's numbers, are unfavorables are very very high. are they worried they may have a bad candidate on their hands? >> this is a democratic funding and strategy, there are lots of people that have an opinion, 100% name, she's been out for a long time, there are lots of people who love her to death and lot of people who do not. that's something that democrats will have to address as they're looking at middle of the road voters. >> thank you so much for your insight this morning. >> thank you. coming up on the show, was
3:57 am
there a third sanbern dean know shooter. county d.a. says the answer may be locked inside the killer's iphone. it sounds like a science fiction movie. you've got to hear this story. d.a. joins us live, next hour. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
3:58 am
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. want to congratulate ted on maine and texas. he should do well in maine because it's close to canada. >> conservativism is not how many bad words can you say. >> at the end of the day, what's most important is you make certain that republicans do not get into the white house. >> i'm a big believer in sending power back, shrinking the roles of the federal government. uberizing federal government, uberizing the state governor. >> there's no barrier we can't break down if we stand together
4:01 am
and work together. >> if you want to beat donald trump, we're the only candidate that's doing it. and you're more than welcome. >> sunday morning, everyone, welcome. >> things look a lot different. it was a super saturday with clinton last night. donald trump has claimed two victories in four republican contests that puts them right down the middle. >> donald trump losing, ted cruz right at nearly 38%. >> and kentucky where trump ended the day at just about 36%, ted cruz barely five points behind him. it was record turn out in the state of kansas that gave the double vision to beat trump 48-23. >> and ted cruz pops trump by 13 points. >> the whole thing is close to canada, that's why. here is what that means, donald trump leads the pack 378.
4:02 am
ted cruz at 29 # 5. john kasich at the bottom there with 34. 1,237 needed to win the overall nominee. for a couple of these candidates it's becoming increasingly hard to see how they're going to become the nominee. >> you heard that last night, donald trump calling for marco rubio to drop out and john kasich to make this a two-man race. >> all eyes right now, though, on michigan and florida with the race even tighter. international correspondent john roberts caught up with trump in palm beach. he joins us there live with a look ahead. good morning, john. >> reporter: what have liked to teed it up, maybe for another day. big night last night for both donald trump and ted cruz going two and two in those caucuses and primaries. bad night for marco rubio and kasich. they did pick up some delegates. now there are calls from trump and cruz for rubio to kasich to
4:03 am
drop out. trump saying last night he can beat cruz one on one, ted cruz the only way to stop donald trump is give him the running room to go after trump mono mono y mono. >> we saw this happening today on super saturday, is we're seeing republicans around our campaign, ours is the only one that has repeatedly beaten donald trump. we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> after his victory speech at the trump international golf course last night, he stopped by and talked to me, one of the things i asked him was about that debate moment on thursday where he said that he would order the army to engage in water war and then the next day washed all of that back, listen to what he told me. >> i didn't reverse myself, at all, all i did was say i will
4:04 am
certainly be willing to live under the law. but i'm going to -- if i'm win, i'm going to expand that. you can't have people beheading people, laughing at us about water boating, we will expand it so maybe other things are included, okay. >> so donald trump saying that he would broaden the law when it comes to interrogating potential terrorist suspects, he would have to go through congress and that will be a heavy lift. hey, clayton anna and tucker, here is another way to look at what happened, we talk about the establishment, what were the scores for the establishment last night, maine, 22%, louisiana, 41%, kentucky 32%, kansas, 28%. the crowd in all of those states got pretty much 70-80%. that will tell you where this race is really -- >> it does in the state of maine, marco rubio got 8 points total. >> 78-22 in the establishment
4:05 am
against establishment. >> are you surprised about how little in the end the last two presidential candidates had with their own party, mitt romney come out against donald trump, this doesn't matter? >> i've been watching this under ground, i think the republican establishment is missing what's going on out there in the states. and i think that what happened in 2014 in the mississippi primary for senate race, it was kind of canary in the coal mine, if it hadn't been for a handful of democratic, mostly minorities, chris mcdaniel would have won that race. i think the republican party went, oh, we managed to pull off a win, among other things they should have said, what happened in mississippi and what did that pretense for what's dpoipg to happen in 2016. >> nobody heard of the guy, if that wasn't wake up a call, they
4:06 am
totally ignored it? >> and donald trump, over all frontrunner, do you think the question you asked him about water boarding, do you think the debate heard it about him appearing to change his tans on key immigration policy and also doing things like torcher and water boarding, do you think that seemed to hurt him, he did under perform a bit with losing two states to ted cruz? >> in particularly in maine which is right next door to new hampshire which he won, i preface the question to him last night, i asked him about the h one pv, when a person looks to support you or any other presidential candidate for that matter they want to see consistency on policy, they want to see consistency on etiology, within the space of few minutes you flipped, and then you washed back what you said on water
4:07 am
boarding, he didn't answer the question about the h one bvs. i think if you change your position that much within the course of a few hours, you can't necessarily write that off as an evolution on an issue that will almost seem like it wasn't completely read in on what he was talking about or it was something that happened during the debate because to say on your web site, you're not for h 1 bb and say in the debate you are and after the debate you're not. i'm going to tell the army to engage in water boarding that's me andering to say the least. i think this thursday's debate he's got to tighten to all of that. >> we'll try to clear up some of this. it's always great to see you this morning, thanks, john. >> we asked our viewers this morning, we heard cruz and trump calling for rubio to drop out. we asked you on facebook, were they right, 91% of you said yes. look at that.
4:08 am
91%. >> this is unscientific fox poll. >> marco rubio is not a bad candidate. he's a great candidate. he's smart, funny, charming. i watch marco rubio and i don't agree with him on some things, i like him and i think everybody does. it comes down to his ideas, the people have sincere policy. i don't think republican primary voters agree with marco rubio or the republican establishment on immigration. i think it's obvious that we've kind of pretended it's not true but it is true. >> he's hoping to ram some delegates and driving on up to the convention there and he's going to try to have a contested convention, would that actually happen, ted cruz said, this thing is in revolt if this happened, watch. . i agree with senator cruz, though, i would say this as well, we've already seen a revolt on the gop side and
4:09 am
within the rnc. but i agree with him that somebody try sod some she nan gans to get somebody else in there who didn't have the most delegates, that would be bad news. that would not add -- good advice, that would be bad news going into november. >> he was responding to ted cruz's comments about there would be a revolt on the party. >> there already is a revolt. that's what this is. when mitt romney gets up and says, you know, donald trump is a racist, you know, they're speaking big got, and by the way, it doesn't matter if he gets the majority of the delegates, we're going to put our own guy in here. how do you think voters are going to respond to that. you know better than i do, what i think. >> does it have an impact? he didn't do as well as some forecasted yesterday. >> and it may have had an impact. >> it's a fantasy to think a guy
4:10 am
with fewer delegates in what world is that going to happen. >> maine was an interesting turn out. we'll talk to donald trump here on the show and get his response to that. >> other stories making headlines. we'll start with this. this time targeting dozens of new jersey police officers, home addresses, phone numbers and stax locations. 70 officers now released online. their system was not compromised but they are working with the fbi to investigate the threat. and u.s. marine dead after boat capsizes near the base in hawaii. he was found uncon cheps in the water off the northern part of honolulu's marine corps base. tw other marines were on board but were able to swim to shore. no word yet on the marine's identity or why the 17 foot boat overturned in the first place. california gun shop and their process caught on tape. they slam the getaway car into
4:11 am
the shop not once but twice bringing down the gate so they can get in. they pushed passed the debris taking only a minute and and a half to ransack the entire shop. $12,000 worth of revolvers and collectibles were stolen. no arrest has been made. in an exnorth carolina cop to a generous kid who helped save his life. last year sergeant, anthony white, was diagnosed with pan kre yachtic cancer, he's still on the road to remission, one little boy, cooper, will -- he heard about everything going on with the officer and sent his entire birthday check to sergeant white. >> i'm really blessed that -- the prayers and the donations, the go fund me page, you know, that has all led up to cooper. >> and thank you sergeant white gave him a token of friendship, a brand new remote control car.
4:12 am
he'll enjoy that. those are your news headlines. >> you thought that was great, stay tuned for this, was there a third sanbern dean know shooter. possibly. the district attorney joins us live next. he's one of the best notorious drug dealers, why does he need a pr. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle.
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4:15 am
the informs on the encrypted iphone could help answer whether there was a third accomplice in the san bernardino terrorist attack. district attorney that's joined
4:16 am
in the court battle in support of the fbi forcing apple to try to unlock that iphone. d.a. mike ramos joins us now that tests the boundaries between privacy and national security. mike, nice to see you this morning. good morning. >> the latest in this is that you're saying this phone could have clues of an unconfirmed third shooter. you're saying what could be on this phone, what you described, as a cyber pathogen, which sounds like something out of sandra bullock bad science fiction movie. what is a cyber pathogen and why might it be on this particular phone? >> those are two different issues. the cyber pathogen, it's a term regarding a virus. going into the infrastructure of san bernardino county and what we do terrorist, you know, you have to think about the big picture. i truly believe that could be one of the issues that we need to talk about.
4:17 am
i just heard previously that isis was breaking into an infrastructure back east regarding some police department. so my concern is this was a county employee could have been using this to get other information for -- regarding the victims. >> in your statement, that's a pretty big if. do you have any evidence to suggest that this phone was used to break into the county infrastructure. i mean, it was a county phone. what you're saying, is the cyber pathogen could have been on this phone and therefore infected your network. is there any evidence at all to suggest that that happened? >> the only evidence that we have that we know he did go into his phone and he manipulated the phone to stop us from getting or following into the icloud area and, of course, some other areas that the county had. so that's just a piece of evidence that, perhaps, it's on there perhaps it's not it could
4:18 am
be answered by looking into the phone. >> but you would see it on your end, would you not, if there were a virus that came from his phone and infected your infrastructure and network, i mean, ios, the operating system that apple has created and runs on iphones, is a sandbox operating system, therefore apps need to be approved at the app store level by apple. for there to be some sort of app that would effect the county infrastructure, that's a pretty big charge. is there any evidence on your server that something like that happened. >> there's no evidence. we're talking about our victims, they're concerned were there targeted with information with the attempting to get that information through the county server, et cetera, on the bigger issue of another individual being involved, the cocon spear ra tor, et cetera, that's the information we would like to get. >> information about other victims on the phone.
4:19 am
i have to -- >> other coconspirators. >> i want to take a statement that one of the families has come out with. when i first learned about apple's new order i was frustrating that it would be another, i've come to understand they're fighting for, they are worried this software the government will be used against millions of other innocent people. i share their fear, that's from one of the victim's family members. how do you respond to that? >> absolutely. i understand. i respect his opinion and position, but i have spoken to numerous family members and those that were murdered, the 14 murdered. i have visited in the hospital one of the injured who continues to fear for his life and would like some answers. would like to answer, look if there's nobody else involved, let's move forward and this is one piece of evidence, and i agree with the fbi and u.s. attorney, that all we're asking
4:20 am
for is just that, to put that to rest for no further coconspirators involved so these family members can move on with their love. i think it's fair balance to united states fourth amendment, you wave the balance of privacy versus evil, basically, people committing the crime. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning, thanks so much. >> thank you. thank you. two volunteer firefighters rushed a girl having a seizure to the hospital saving her life. for they they got suspended. donald trump has been drawing huge crowds, what makes his supporters so passionate and haters so angry, he'll take us inside their minds next.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
built for business. >> no matter what they think about donald trump, voters are certainly making their opinions heard. >> you're just shouting out words and they're not making -- they're making hatred rise in the u.s. >> donald trump really can make a difference and make america great again. >> tearing down people isn't what's going to make america great again. what makes america great is how we lift each other up. >> i like donald trump because he's not a typical politician and i believe he knows how to be a successful individual. >> well despite opposite stances on the frontrunner, both sides actually have more in common
4:25 am
than you may think. here to take you inside the mind of those who support him and oppose him. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> we are doing well. so take us through some of the common reasons why you think people like trump. >> well, i think people who like donald trump are people who like their steaks served raw. they want the truth or his truth. they resinate with the fact that he's speaking his truth, unfiltered. they see this as a kind of prescription for america where somebody would come up and just say, look, here is what we're doing. it's kind of like going into a surgery, he seems kind of brash, he said he's going to slice me open, he's done it a thousand time and he's not taking many questions. here is the thing, some people feel comforted by that when they want real change and i think he's going to deliver real change, like it or not. there's going to be a lot of change. >> yeah, you also say that he
4:26 am
says things people have been afraid to say, maybe they're thinking them and he has simple answers for everything because he speaks in terms that we can all understand. what about the people who are so viemently against him. >> it's like, by the way your dad stole the business from me. not everybody wants the uncle at that thanksgiving dinner and people will have strong feelings about that person. also, listen, we're use to, as americans, our politicians are poetic and somewhat parental. donald trump is neither. he assumes that you can roll with him on very big concepts, sure i use the bankruptcy laws everybody does. yeah i used them, it's the law of the land. now, when he says that, there's a lot -- you can write paragraphs, pages chapters trying to explain yourself. he relies on you to catch up.
4:27 am
he talks to you as an adult, not everybody is use to that. >> i get why people object to donald trump. but max among many of the examples who is a key policy advisor to senator rubio announced he would vote for joseph stallen before voting for donald trump. that's a species of mental illness. >> i don't know if it's a species of mental illness, i won't bring my couch in here. but i'll say this, every truth teller inspires people who want to do that person in, literally, politically, truly. you know, the bottom line is if you're out there and willing to say i'm building a wall because in my heart i say i'm going to do it and i think it's the right thing to do, you can only inspire people that say under no circumstances i will vote for anyone history. tell the truth you court potential disaster from people who want to oppose you at any
4:28 am
cost. >> he switches positions, even in mid debate, that doesn't seem to bother his supporters at all. what is that about? >> i think that's about the fact that they assume that the man is more important than the message minute to minute or hour to hour. they assume that, yes, you have to negotiate, yes you have to shift he's probably playing some shell game with the enemies he's thinking at 16 different levels and he's relying on you to decide, can i trust him, am i all in or not. >> that's really insightful and key point. thanks a lot, doctor. >> take care. >> both sides driving big voter turn outs. coming up next, small plane crashes with his father and daughter inside. they walked away unharmed, amazingly, we'll tell you how that happened. >> are you okay, man? >> first licensed female driver
4:29 am
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4:33 am
i would love to take home ted one on one, that would be so much fun. because ted can't win new york, new jersey, he can't win pennsylvania. he can't win california. i want ted one on one. >> what we saw on super tuesday, what we saw confirmed today, is that there's only one campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly. >> that on our worst day, we will be infinitely better than the republicans on their best day. >> nobody is going to go to the convention, it's going to be very interesting. >> either the idea about concerns doesn't matter or they do not. if they do not, that's fine. i believe they do. >> we have to win this election and we all know -- we all know the stakes keep getting higher. >> good morning everybody, super saturday show down between the top two gop candidates ted cruz
4:34 am
and donald trump. >> if you're waking up, take a look at the leader board, louisiana takes 41%, trump. cruz in second at 37. in the commonwealth of kentucky, 35% and cruz appeals with 31. >> kansas massive turn out there, ted cruz racing ahead with 48%, leaving trump with just 23%. >> upset in maine, cruz, again, won by doubl digits there with 45% to donald trump's 32%. in all four states rubio, kasich trading off the third and fourth spots. here is the overall delegate score that tells you about erveg that's going to -- about everything that's going to happen in the lead. ted cruz is pretty close, that more than doubles rubio who is at 123. kasich at 34. can we be honest now, we've been through this for nine months this campaign that's going on,
4:35 am
this nomination comes down to, as of this morning, i would be willing to bet in my car, it comes down to donald trump and ted cruz. the guy with the most delegates is going to be the nominee, period. >> it's basic math. >> some are saying it could be contested convention, you say there's no way. >> i'm saying in a populous year you're going to look into a camera and i say i didn't get the most delegates i'm your nominee. the republican establishment -- probably responsible for this cha chaos, think that ted cruz is going to be more effective against hillary against trump. i don't know the answer to that. >> will he weigh in. >> can we get mitt romney on to tell sn tell us. >> we'll speak to donald trump in about 45 minutes or so. >> soon. >> it's interesting what happened in maine last night whereby all accounts he should have cleaned up in maine, but it seemed like that would have been a trump strong hold, it didn't
4:36 am
happen. >> debate performance in detroit, did it hurt him and him not showing up to cpac that did hurt him. he did notice when he showed up fox news debate in iowa, did that hurt him. >> i didn't show up to cpac and i did fine. i think this is all about immigration, nobody wants to say it, trump got a little squirrely on immigration on that stage, i think it hurt him. i think that's my personal, i think it's about immigration. >> the candidates are opposing immigration are the ones succeeding. >> he went into immigration and talked about increasing for skilled workers and he went back on it after the debate. 36 minutes after the hour, following other stories, get ready west virginia, you'll soon be able to carry concealed handgun within stand boundaries, they voted to over ride veto which would allow people over 21 to carry concealed handgun without a permit. they're the seventh state in the country to not require permit.
4:37 am
and they were only doing their civic duty and now two firefighters are suspended for saving a toddler's life. virginia firefighters captain james kelly and sergeant bloom, they were on a call there when a man arrived saying his 18-month-old child -- his little girl was having a seizure. he didn't think paramedics would arrive fast enough they violated their protocol and took them to the protocol in their fire engine. >> she was limp and flaccid. i turned around and i looked at my driver without any hez stationatiation, i said turn it around we're going to the hospital. >> that quick thinking saved the child's lives. the firefighters are heroes and should not be suspended. disaster in new york, all thanks to a plane's parachute, they were coming back from a college tour in rhode island and they were ready to land the small plane, suddenly, the engine died completely about 2,000 feet above the ground.
4:38 am
he pulled a lever releasing the parachute, they made a hard landing in front of a small company. they were scratches an bruz, but thankfully they're alive this morning. el chapo making his case using pr. his defense team launching a campaign in protest of the alleged poor treatment behind bars. el chapo's lawyer going on hunger strike. they're hoping he's extradited and negotiate the deal. u.s. experts say that probably will not happen. >> can you imagine being a fly on the wall in that meeting. we know you killed a lot of people. >> and escape. >> how can we spin that? >> we need to increase our twitter presence el chapo and we need to get you snap chat, are you not on instagram yet? to extreme weather, heavy rain and strong wind slamming california. crews working to clean up downed powerlines in the bay area.
4:39 am
it brought some much needed water to the parched areas up in northern california. >> the storms are rolling inland. more on that. >> and look, we're not going to complain at all about any of the negative effects of this, there will be some flooding, downed powerlines much like, california needs this. this is the end of rainy season, so it's going to be the last chance to get any kind of really amount of rain and snow and we're getting it. this is what we're going to see over the next few days and i think this week is a rainy week and next week is going to be as well. good sign of what's to come. also, this week, get ready, this is over the next seven days, very heavy rain across the southern mississippi river valley, severe weather as well, get ready for that. today across the northeast, one last cool day, the warm up begins tomorrow, we'll enjoy a spectacular spring week across much of the great lakes. southeast you're there enjoying beautiful conditions, across the northern plains, look at this,
4:40 am
74 degrees in early march, we'll be pushing 70 in chicago this week as well. all of the weather is across, that's going to be the case. back to you. >> well, the true story of a little girl amazing journey, major motion picture starring jennifer garner. fox news contributor got the chance to sit down with the actress and real life family behind the film. >> hey, good morning to you guy, i'm so excited to be here. >> good morning to you. >> oh, i had such an amazing time with this movie, it hit me hard, deeply emotional. i love the film so much it comes out march 16th. the young girl was diagnosed with two incurable die jes tif disorders she was going to die, she hit her head and cured her. didn't paralyze her or break her neck. i talked to her about being in the tree. she claims she went to heaven, spoke to jesus and asked her about this conversation she had with jesus, i asked jennifer
4:41 am
garner how faith has gotten her through tough times in her life. >> it it can be anything, your family, nature, however you see it is the right way, i do believe that. but definitely, you know, growing up in a family where faith was part of our lives, i have grown from it. it definitely is just something that i know that it's kind of at the bottom of my heart. >> if you can walk me through the remembering of what happened after you fell down that tree and what did you experience? >> i remember that it was very bright and peaceful and there was no pain. >> do you remember what was talked about? >> yes. i remember that whenever i was there, i was like, i said, i wanted to stay and he said, no, anna bell, i have plans for you on earth, i will send a guardian angel with you.
4:42 am
>> how did you respond? >> i was just like, okay. i didn't really say anything and then next thing i knew i was back in the tree. >> firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you. >> that movie absolutely moved me. i cannot see it with my fiance. it will make -- it inspired me a lot. now, tina fay foxtrot. they played journalist, i had no idea they pulled out flash cards and decided to interview me. watch this. >> both play more journalist and actually why, kevin, we -- we're going to interview. >> kevin mccarthy, you're from washington, d.c. >> actually proposed to her last halloween; is that correct? >> this is kind of freaking me
4:43 am
out, yes in. >> your dogs name is oscar, that's academy award. >> where you guys getting this information. >> absolutely incredible. >> we're making it up and it's so weird that it's right. >> it was crazy. the full interview is on facebook. it's a lot funnier than that. it's a little bit more of a drama than a comedy. that's the movie that everybody should be seeing. >> utopia. >> jennifer -- >> zutopia is great, i recommend that for sure. you know when it's bad when zoo lander 2 comes out and it's not mentioned. >> kevin, mccarthy, you can see the commercial break conversations you would know, he's not kidding. >> it's phenomenal, see it on march 16th.
4:44 am
it will definitely inspire you. i cannot wait to see it again. >> up next, need to be helping the working class. new york is on deck, stay tuned. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the test test test test.
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4:47 am
well, if there's one thing the republican frontrunner can agree on is need to improve lives for working people. >> we'll see wages rising all over this country, we'll see young people coming out of school with two, three, four five job offers. >> we'll bring the jobs back from china and all of the other countries that have taken our jobs and mexico. we're going to bring people together. >> the message isn't that different and it's working. those two guys have the overwhelming majority of the votes casts so far in the republican nominating contest. will the republican party pay
4:48 am
attention to the message, very few people have covered this as well or as extensively and he joins us this morning. good to see you byron. >> good morning. >> the response so far, i'm not taking sides, the these guys are sharing something very different than what the republicans have sold for the last 30 years, the response they're getting from washington is basically, you're racist, be quiet. do you think republicans will stop with the name calling and listen to what voters may be trying to tell them? >> that could be the most fundamentalal question of this campaign because what the trump campaign has shown, even if we were to withdraw today, what the trump campaign has shown and to a lesser extent the cruz' campaign are the enormous difference on issues of entitlement reform, on immigration, trade, on foreign military, on all of these things trump has laid out positions
4:49 am
that are amassive to many people in sort of the political, think tanking elite world of washington and he's winning the race by doing it. >> it's unbelievable how totally unaware of who their own voters are in the republican party turned out. i think it's also true on the democratic side, let's go to immigration really quickly, the support from increasing immigration levels among republicans i think is in single digits; is that correct. >> 7%. >> 7%. >> favor increasing. >> everybody in washington is in favor of increasing legal immigration. >> that is so -- that's such an interesting part of the immigration debate because most of the time when you watch debates, you'll hear the candidate ask, do you favor citizenship, what are you going to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants who are here already. and much more fundamental question in the mind of voters is, should we increase the level
4:50 am
of immigration into this country. should we keep it the same, or should we reduce it? and among republican voters, the percentage who favor increasing it, which you said, is the position amongst in washington, the if you are rich, in an aflunt person, there's no down side to immigration for you, but if you are not, there is? >> you could probably argue that many of the elites in washington, in new york, they know plenty of immigrants. they know very well educated ph.d.-carrying immigrants who perform some high-function here in the united states and they know the immigrants who clean their houses or mow their lawns or serve them food in restaurants. that's their experience with immigration. >> exactly right. that is the divide right there. byron no.
4:51 am
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4:55 am
we asked our five-year-old to lay in his bed even if he's not going to need. >> i'm going to say false. >> absolutely. resting in bed is not doing anything for your sleep. when ear sleeping our in -- in our beds, our body is receiptsing but our brain is really working hard. >> we hear that your teenager needs extra hours of sleep. the older you get the fewer hours of sleep you need. what do you think, clayton, true or false? >> i'm going to say false. >> you are exactly right. it is false. sleep, especially the older you get is even more important. patients always tell me i'm older, i don't need much sleep. sleep has been shown to ward off
4:56 am
diseases. >> that's why my dad falls asleep in the recliner at 6:00 at night. what about teenagers? >> teenagers who don't sleep well do worse on memory tests. it's important across all ages. if you had a poor night's sleep you can catch up with a simple nap or sleep in the next day to make up for your sleep? >> i wish it was true but i think it's false. >> it is false. i can attest to this, i have a newborn at home, i know you cannot make up a night's sleep. >> in other words, we're doing brain damage if we're not getting sleep. >> that's exactly right. sleep is crucial now and in the future. it's our first-line of defense. >> you can join us at 9:50 this morning with more sleep trivia. >> i'll see you guys.
4:57 am
>> coming up on the perhaps, it is super saturday and it's a big split for donald trump and ted cruz for super saturday. how will this impact the race going forward? the donald joins us live next hour. you don't want to miss it. night night. e i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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5:00 am
we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. we won virginia, we won arkansas, we won massachusetts, we won nevada big. we won georgia in a landslide. is this fun? do we love this? i love it. >> you guys are funny. don't drink the trump kool-aid. >> we got work to do. instead of complaining, let's join hands, let's lift ourselves up. >> our campaign is the one campaign that's beaten donald not once, not twice, but in seven different states across this country. people are waking up and help is on the way. >> we'll rebuild america and its spirit and make it the best it's
5:01 am
ever been. we can do it and we will do it. >> the american people know that love trumps hatred. >> oh, yeah. it's sunday morning and we're basking in the glow of a super saturday split. donald trump and ted cruz each claim two victories last night. there were four contests. they were split right down the middle. >> trump winning louisiana by 41.4% and ted cruz with nearly 38% of the vote there. >> in kentucky where trump ended the day with 36%, ted cruz barely five points behind him there. >> record turnout in the state of kansas gave a double digital victory to cruz. >> cruz topped trump by 13 points. >> here's what it means right now. let's look at the delegate map right here for the delegate count. donald trump leads the track with 378, ted cruz, 295, marco
5:02 am
rubio rub 133, and 34 for kasich. >> let's be clear. this is a race about delegates. the guy with the most delegates is going to be in a very strong position to be the republican nominee. that's what it comes down to. don't let anybody fool you. >> don't listen to folks in washington say there's going to be a contested convention. >> a contested convention is like red meat for journalists. you don't think it's going to happen. >> i think it's ludicrous. this is democracy. the voters in the end have control. if you go back on that and say no, nine people in d.c. who are more rich and powerful than you get to choose the nominee, that's going to be a very disruptive thing to attempt to do.
5:03 am
it's not going to work, but it would split the country. i don't think it's going to happen. anyway, here's the man who knows, john roberts. he's been all over this race. he's been on the road for months. he's got the latest on what's going on. good morning, john. >> good morning to you, tucker, clayton, anna. on the subject of a brokered convention, i don't know if it would be a backroom smoke-filled room type of convention but if donald trump comes in with fewer than 1237 votes, then you get into interesting territory. we wake up bright and early in palm beach. donald trump and ted cruz are 11-7 right now. marco rubio has got 1. listen to this. >> i would love to take on ted
5:04 am
one on one. that would be so much fun because ted can't win new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, he can't win california. i want ted one on one. >> ours is only campaign that repeatedly beaten donald trump. and we're the only campaign that can beat him in this race. head-to-ahead, i beat donald trump. >> in order for it to get a head-to-head race. marco rubio and john kasich need to drop out. listen. >> it's coming in virtually last in every race. he's doing very poorly. he's not doling well in the -- doing well in the polling in florida. at some point you have to drop out. >> perhaps right now you are still considering supporting marco rubio and john kasich. at this point, if we're going to
5:05 am
beat donald trump, we got to come together. we got to come united. >> john kasich says he's not going to drop out until the results of the ohio primary are own. if he wins there, he will keep going. marco rubio says he will stay in this race even if he loses hi home state of florida. he says i'll get in my pickup truck and drive around the country if i have to. i don't think there are other people than marco rubio who think that's a possibility if he loses florida. >> they are certainly hoping that he wins florida, winner take all, 99 delegates and that kill give him momentum. >> picking up delegates in a pickup truck, i don't know how many of those -- >> when did winning your home state becomes your benchmark for state. winning florida and ohio are important, but let's be clear, both of these guys have already won statewide. of course they are going to win their home state.
5:06 am
really? >> we heard cruz calling for rubio to drop out. were they right? were they correct? it's dropped to 89%. these are people going to our "fox & friends" facebook page and voting. >> it's what you are saying, if you are agree or disagree, get on line and let us know. >> donald trump, the frontrunner, is going to be on at 8:30 this morning. bernie sanders out of vermont took 2 out of 3 from hillary, he won kansas, nebraska. clinton, louisiana. >> she won overwhelmingly among nonwhites. we heard the southern fire wall would do in the sanders
5:07 am
campaign. they are looking at these two victori victories. >> there's lots of people out there that have an opinion of hillary clinton. you have 100% name i.d. you've been in the public eye for a long time. there's some people who love her to death and some who don't and some who are in the middle. even though she racks up all the momentum, she has all the establishment with her and bernie sanders continues to drive. he's got a core group of supporters. >> if bernie sanders is going to stay in the race, when is he going to talk about her emails, he's saying -- there's 100 emails that are written about her. >> he's never going to talk about it and he's not going to be the nominee.
5:08 am
he has set the ideological terms of this race completely. he's determined what she's talked about. she's gone far left. listen for her explanation why she keeps losing her states. well, those are white states. she is weak. she's going to win, but she's really weak. if bernie sanders can keep winning states, boy -- >> remember where he was a year ago when he made an announcement, it was like to a room to a few friends. >> it was ben and jerry in the audience. >> now look at bernie sanders, in this movement, 2 out of 3 that he picked up. unbelievable. >> look at the stark contrast. we've got a town hall coming up tomorrow night with bret baier, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to be head-to-head with bret baier moderating that. they are not bashing each other
5:09 am
so much, but they are bashing the other side. when you look at the fox news debate, it was a slugfest. >> bernie is the only democrat that says the unemployment rate is not 5%. it's a fake number. it's 10%. he says obamacare has raised people's premiums. >> she's recently come out in really strong defense of president obama in a way she hasn't previously in the campaign. >> she has to. that's how she won louisiana last night. she doesn't want to seem disloyal to obama. >> let us know your thoughts. that big town hall this week with bret baier. and donald trump coming up in 20 minutes. right now we're going to start with breaking news. our fox news alert. isis hack er is targeting dozen of new jersey police officers.
5:10 am
home addresses of 70 officers released on line. their system was not compromised but they are working with the fbi and homeland security to investigate the threat. hillary clinton's email problem won't go away. the democratic frontrunner wrote at least 104 emails on her private server that the government says contains classified information. it's the first account of her authorizing government secrets on her private network. the memories of his time abroad were taken away by a thief. this former marine, joel hibler has nothing to show for his time in iraq. somebody broke into this portland, oregon, storage unit and took it all. >> there's some things that can be replaced. that would be to have back. my time in service, the places i've been, the people i've met.
5:11 am
>> he's working with police to track everything down, but he says if he doesn't get it back, he will have to start from scratch. and it's finally time to close the doors of downton abbey. >> don't let us hide behind the changing times my dear. this is shocking to most people in 1924. >> the hit pbs drama airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. the british drama already aired in the u.k. in december. >> those are your headlines. >> are you crying this morning? >> i love that show. >> you couldn't ask me to watch an hour of tv at gunpoint except that show. that show is really captivating and boy is it not liberal! whoa. the undertones of that show. it is the most annoying
5:12 am
character ever on television is the liberal on the show. he's always wanting to help you and make things better. oh, be quiet. >> the back anding for between them is fantastic. their tea time conversations are the best part of that whole show. we're "downton abbey" fans. is it officially a two-man? does marco rubio still have a chance to pull an upset? chris wallace weighs in next. don't stop believing. two cops jam to journey to honor fellow officers. make a dep-- rescan item. rescan, rescan. res-res-res... rescan item. vo: in the nation, we bring something surprising to business insurance.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
hi, friends. gork -- good morning, it was a super saturday split. ted cruz and donald trump claiming 2 victories in 4 state contests. now they have one message to marco rubio. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one that would be so much fun. he can't win new jersey, new york, pennsylvania, california. >> if you are a supporter right now of marco rubio and john kasich, both good honorable men, but if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee then i invite you to join our team. >> this officially now a two-man race. let's ask chris wallace of "fox sunday news." what does your gut tell you on this and what does math tell you on this? >> it's not officially a two-man race. obviously, rubio and kasich are
5:17 am
staying in the race until the tuesday. rubio had 3 1/3, kasich had 3/4 and 1/3. it's harder and harder to get a credible path to the nomination. it's looking more like donald trump and ted cruz. >> do you get a sense that the establishment in washington is still trying to impose on the republican party a nominee who didn't win the majority of delegates? >> well, look, i don't know that they can do that. i certainly think they are unhappy with the choice of cruz and trump. they don't like trump. they feel for all the obvious reasons that he is running against the establishment. he certainly would be an unprecedented and very unusual
5:18 am
republican nominee, and ted cruz has made kind of a career out of thumbing his nose and to a certain degree irritating the washington establishment. this would be a choice between the lesser of two evils for the washington establishment and can they stop it? if it gets to be a two-man race, it becomes impossible, just the math. one gets more than 50%, the other gets less than 50%. >> speaking of the establishment. you've got a jam packed show. mitt romney, we don't know what kind of impact his speech had on land last night's super saturday caucuses up in maine. what are you going to be talking to him about? >> that's one of the questions. does he think the fact that trump who is favored to sweep all four and ended up losing two of the four contests in kansas and maine, does he think that's a result of his speech? but also the question of --
5:19 am
because he had a different scenario which is that kasich runs as a favored son and wins ohio and rubio runs as a favored son and wins florida. the other guys aren't participating in that. cruz is going out of his way to campaign in florida to try to knock rubio out, even if that means trumps wins florida. we'll talk to him about that and also about this question which you raise, which is the establishment trying to impose its will on republican voters. we got another guest to. >> rush limbaugh. we don't see him on tv very often. >> no, we don't. the king of conservative talk radio. both of them will be live at the top of the hour. can't wait to talk to them about the romney speech, about the developments. he hasn't endorsed anybody, but he says that ted cruz is the closest we're going to come in our lifetime's to ronald reagan. very interesting he would make of a cruz, trump race if that's the way the world turns.
5:20 am
>> it sounds like a great show. you just heard chris's thoughts on super saturday. donald trump the republican frontrunner joins us live in 10 minutes. stay tuned for that. plus don't stop believing. two cops lip sink to journey's don't stop believing. coming up. they join us next. ♪ ♪ i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots,
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5:23 am
we've got your news by the numbers, election addition this morning. 23, that's the number of
5:24 am
delegates up for grabs in puerto rico. bet you didn't know that. 25 is how many delegates are available for the state of maine. bernie sanders is heavily favored to win in that state. 24 minutes after the hour. the next video may be the best one you'll see all day. two police officers from colorado jamming out to journey. ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> okay, okay, can we please go to the jail. >> sorry. >> the video is now going viral with more than half a million views.
5:25 am
palisades police officers join us next with the reason behind the viral video. good morning, gentlemen. thank for your service and thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> how did you decide to get this thing going? >> we were riding around together one day and we kind of like the idea of doing something like this and eventually decided to "don't stop believing" because it sent a good message. >> brice, what is the reason behind you doing this? this is not just about fun in your patrol car. there's a meaning behind it. what is it? >> it's showing our community and our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, you know, don't stop believing in our job and in our badge. what we're doing when we go to the call, don't stop believing in doing the good thing, don't stop believing in us, we're always there for you and we want to you keep believing for us and
5:26 am
we want you to do good work for you. >> when we heard this video yesterday, we mentioned the statistics and more than -- at least 15 police officers across the united states have died this year, and mark, what message do you have about the brotherhood that spans across the country? >> that regardless of anything else, our job is an honorable one. it's a hard one, but we need to believe in what we're doing. we need our community to believe in what we're doing, and the public that we serve needs to know that we believe in them and we need to believe that they believe in us. >> yeah, especially when you see the police relations in some communities in the black lives matter movement and the fry like bacon, pigs in a blanket, then you have this stark contrast. it's a beautiful thing to see. what kind of support are you getting? >> we're getting all kinds of
5:27 am
support. it's really humbling. when we came up with the idea for the video and posted it on our facebook page, we didn't think it would get as big as it has. it's been really humbling, from our community in the palisades, grand valley, and the junction, the support we have. >> the song became first famous by journey and on "glee" or "the spoe prann knows. >> officer brice rayburn and mark. you kept us smiling. donald trump skips out on cp cpac.
5:28 am
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. there is a look at donald trump who took two of last night's super saturday caucus states.
5:32 am
he joins us on the phone. the republican frontrunner joins us this morning. mr. trump, nice to have you here. >> good morning. >> so now that the dust has settled from last night's caucuses on super saturday, a lot of attention being paid to maine this morning where we were discussing it yesterday on the show. it seemed like it was an easy state for you to clean up and yet ted cruz won that state. what is your stake on what happened in maine last night? >> as i jokingly said last night he should have won because he's right next to canada and it got a very big round of applause. the fact is i didn't really know too much about maine. i heard i was slightly favored in maine because of how well i did in massachusetts. in massachusetts, i get almost, maybe more than 50% and that was great and i lot of people thought i would do well in maine, i did very well in vermont. it's a different place. the governor is a great guy.
5:33 am
he endorsed us. went up and did okay up there, but i only went there for a brief period of time. i didn't campaign very much up there. >> in the maine caucus yesterday, marco rubio called 8%. you called on him to drop out. it seems from an outside perspective would not be good for you politically because it would leave you facing just essentially one guy, cruz. why have you called rubio to leave the race? >> i would like to face ted. many states, you get to new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, a lot of other places, california, i don't think ted can do well there. i would prefer it. it cleans it up. either way, it will be interesting. florida is going to be interesting. michigan is going to be interesting coming up. we have some -- you can have some high ratings because you have some very interesting places coming up. >> mr. trump we don't want to discuss the fact that you are the front runner, many said you
5:34 am
under performed and didn't meet expectations on super saturday. some of your critics says you flip flopped on torture or you weren't read in. is there merit on any of them? >> i didn't flip-flop on torture, i'm saying i'm going to live by the laws. it's ridiculous when we have laws and isis doesn't. isis has no laws. we have rules, regulations, and laws, and i abide by it, but i'm not thrilled about it. do you have isis? do you think they do when they chop off heads, do you think they said oh, gee i broke the law, let me go back and re-do. they drown people in cages. they have no rules, regulations and laws we have very strict ones and i would want to open up on those laws, we're not playing on the same field. i didn't flip-flop at all. i abide by the laws, but i would also say that i would want to have those laws expanded.
5:35 am
>> so let's say we get to the convention in ohio in july, and the dream of many donors and elected republicans in washington is that nobody would have the majority of delegates at that point and there would be a scramble and there would be a number of different ballots and someone other than you would wind up being the nominee. i think most of them probably prefer marco rubio. if they manage to pull that off, what would you do? >> number one, i think the loser of the night, you know, you can say ted and i each one two and we tied and i won the big two in all fairness, kentucky, and louisiana. let's assume we both had a pretty good evening of the last night but the loser of the evening was marco rubio, he was the loser, and without question, and i was actually surprised to see how badly he did, when you use that as an example, i'm not sure that's a good example. i think that the one that's going to have the most delegates has a big advantage. i would say this, i have a very
5:36 am
fervent group of followers. i have a group of people, we're on the same side. we get it. and they are not going to be happy if i have the most delegates and we go there and we're little bit short of a number that was really an arbitrary number. i think you are going to have tremendous desession. these are people who are handingry at the -- angry at the stupidity and unfairness. you are too. you don't love the country when you see the iran deal and the stupid trade deals where we lose money with every nation we do business with, so i think that the people -- we have great people -- we have millions of people coming to vote that have never voted before, and you see that in the turnouts. the turnouts are record-setting in the history of the republican party. the biggest story in politics is all of these people coming out to vote and i'll take credit for that frankly, because if i weren't in the race, you would
5:37 am
have the same as you did four years ago. just the same boring things that would just be boring. that's the way it is. that's why the apprentice was so successful. say what you want. we have tremendous turnouts. you look at the democrat turnout, it's down 30, 35%, people are falling asleep. >> are your supporters conservative? that seems to be the argument that ted cruz is lobbing your way and what happened at cpac this weekend. he's holding the mantel of conservativism right now. >> i left because i really did want to go to kansas. if i do badly, i come in second, by the way. that was true when we had more campaigns. i wanted to go to kansas just to make sure i was pretty well shored up there. i picked up a lot of delegates in kansas. so that was the right thing to do. it had nothing to do with cpac. i think matt is a great guy.
5:38 am
i'll be there next year and all of that, but i felt like, i'm campaigning. most people aren't campaigning. i'm campaigning. i didn't want to be sitting at cpac and not go to kansas. i did a rally yesterday in orlando, florida, where we had 25,000 people. i mean, it was unbelievable, and it was -- a lot of people said they had never seen anything like it. >> the enthusiasm is incredible with the numbers you are bringing out in the crowds for sure. as far as bringing in record turn out, some would argue that yes, you are bringing in people that have never voted before and that's awesome. you have strong supporters who will stick by you no matter what happened. you said you could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and they would still vote for you. but there's a big segment in the republican party that say they would never vote for donald trump. are you concerned about that in the general election if you are in fact the nominee? >> no, if you saw the cnn poll,
5:39 am
we have 49 the last time, two days ago. just came out. we were at 49, and cruz and rubio were around 15. to when you are at 49, they are at 15. that was the national poll. very expensive poll. very big poll. very comprehensive poll. i'm at 49 and they are at 15. so that was a big -- that was a big, you know, eye opener and i've had many polls where i'm in the mid 40s, one or two polls where i go over 50 and we have a lot -- we still have four candidates, you know, pretty hard to get over 50 when you have four candidates and as to the question about conservative, they are conservative, but they are also in my opinion they are democrats coming across. they are independents coming across. we're getting a lot of people. you know, we're getting millions and millions of people more than they have ever had before going into the primaries. we're up -- some of the states, we had one where it was 102% increase. one was 104% increase.
5:40 am
but i think the average, tucker is about 50 or 60% more than four years ago. that shows great enthusiasm. that's a tremendous asset and i hope the republicans don't take that asset and throw it out the window. >> a lot of it don't seem impressed by it in washington. you talk a lot about illegal immigration, building a wall, closing our borders, controlling them anyway. what about legal immigrants, is it about the right number? >> well, i would like to do is -- before we do anything, i want to shut it off. i want to shut it off and make sure we have the right system. we let in a lot of people, there is tremendous crime of people coming in into this country. that includes some comes in legally. when i brought that up in my original opening speech on june 16th. people said what's going on, what's going on. it turned out to be right.
5:41 am
we have to bring in the right people. it shouldn't just be like a lottery system. we should -- when we let people come into the country, we should really want to have great people come into the country, and i believe in our legal system. i want people to come into our country legally. right now, our borders are like swiss cheese. you have obama with his lawsuit, the courts are finally taking a serious look at, it's an under reported thing. it's a great thing. where we stopped with the courts. but the people can come in. they have to come in legally. >> do you worry that massive low-skilled immigration under cuts wages? >> it does. we're having tremendous amounts of people come in and it's under cutting, it's hurting us from the standpoint of -- look, the middle income people and workers generally, forget about middle income, they are making less money now than they made 12 years ago. there's a reason for that. >> what about the argument from
5:42 am
large landscaping firms and farmers who say if they don't get these low-skilled workers from out of the country, that they literally can't fill them with american workers because they are not taking these jobs? >> the best example i think is the grape industry where they say we can't get people to do it, as we know we have a process where we let people come in during that season and go out. they have to go back out, but they have to do it legally. the grape industry, they are always complaining, they are saying we can't get american workers to do this kind of work, and i understand that, we don't want to turn off the grape industry. we don't just want to say let's not pick grapes anymore, no wine anymore. for that, we would let people come in and they would have to go back out. >> so you are talking about the h 2 a and h 2 b, which was a point of contention for you for the skilled workers. do you think we need to focus on filling jobs from the domestic pool or is it okay to bring in
5:43 am
foreign workers who are highly skilled because they have bright minds? >> i want to be able to do it from within the country. now, if we can't do that, if we don't have enough resources, if we don't have the people, we can do the other, but i want to take care of the people -- look, our real unemployment rate is much higher than 5%. when you look at 5%, that's not the real number. they are bad jobs, largely and one thing everybody is reporting, both sides are agreeing, the jobs that we have are bad jobs. they are not good jobs. they used to be good jobs. our good jobs are being shipped away to other countries and you see it. you just have to look at the numbers. our good jobs, our solid jobs are being shipped away to other countries. >> donald trump, the republican frontrunner, live with us this morning. thank you. appreciate t. >> okay. thank you very much. >> we just heard donald trump calling for rubio to drop out of the race. what do the polls look like for the next contest? they are coming up next tuesday. peyton manning has made a
5:44 am
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and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. last night senator ted cruz pointed to a more unified conservative base coming to go to help him win in kansas and maine, but is it enough to stop trump from securing the republican party nomination. tom bivens is here to talk more about it. i'm no math genius but when you look at the map right now and you look at marco rubio hanging in this race, tying his hopes and dreams to a victory in florida, would that even matter? even if he does win florida, mathematically can he pull off some sort of miraculous comeback? >> it would be very tough.
5:48 am
at this point, for rubio, it's winning florida just to stay in the game and trying to keep trump from getting 1,237. it would take a massive shift in the race. he would have to have a massive shift everywhere. it would be very tough. >> let's look at the leaderboard right now. here are the delegates counts. trump, 378, casic 34, rubio 23, cruz 295. what struck you last night? >> trump showed strength in the states where this could have actually been the worst night for trump. he held on in some of these states, in louisiana, didn't pile up any delegate leads. he lost 15 delegates to cruz on the night. cruz had a big night.
5:49 am
the big story was rubio finishing as poorly as he did. i think we're now approaching the point where we're in a two-man race. >> let's look ahead now, march 8th, and on super tuesday, 2.0, we're all under the super monikers for these, michigan, idaho, highway, and mississippi. >> we had one poll coming out showing kasich up 2 points. we had two other polls showing trump up 20. he's up 17 points in our average. rubio is last place there. kasich is fighting for that state, so all eyes on michigan on tuesday and then mississippi, we only have one poll and it shows trump up about 24 points. he's in good position to continue his role, i think. >> march 15th, florida, where the polls at right now?
5:50 am
>> it's all trump. he's up 17 points, roughly. he's in the 40s in all the polls we have and rubio is not catching up. maybe that will change. they are spending a lot of money down there. but right now, trump is in a dominant position down in florida as well. >> all right. the latest polls ahead of this big primaries coming up. thank so much, tom. more churches around the country are adding guns to services especially after the charleston services. is it really the right place for weapons? father john is here to react to that. remember the guy who landed the helicopter on the lawns of the capital last year? he's back in the headlines. wait till you learn why. this just got interesting.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
around the country, churches are increasingly preparing for an active shooter situation. >> you turn on the news and you see mass shootings everywhere and the church is not exempt. >> you have a right to defend yourself and churches have a right to defend the people that come in their doors. >> is church the right place for weapons? here to zus discuss this is father jonathan morris. at your church, is this something that you would pack heat? >> i'm in new york city, in the bronx, and i worry about it sometimes, you know, in terms of safety of my couldn't gre -- congregants. yes, i worry about it. i think the idea of promoting the fact that something bad is going to happen by having armed security there outside the doors of the church, i think does more harm than good. at the same time, if anything were to happen, i would be the
5:55 am
first one to hire security, so the way i look it right now, i would say absolutely not -- yet. right. in the sense that thank god i see people who are not involved in the church who might be involved in other violent things in my neighborhood, walk by, they make the sign of the cross, tremendous respect. they walk in the street and say hi father. some of them are involved in bad stuff. there's a lot of respect. >> what you are saying is self-defense does not violate a christian principle? >> absolutely not. i don't think it's something that should be promoted now. i think it creates more concern or anxiety among the congregants than anything else. >> kind of like the argument of metal detectors at schools and
5:56 am
shopping centers. what about the preacher in dayton, ohio, and/or in south carolina, we're facing forward in a shoich service -- church service, you are like a sitting duck. >> i get it. i wouldn't be second guess a decision to put security in a church. i think there's something very human and healthy being able to walk freely in a church and pray to god without going through metal detecters and without walking past by somebody with a gun. we're a better society if we don't have to do it. if we do have to have it, we just have to tolerate it, i guess. >> i'm on your side. >> i'm going to be doing my homily on search this sunday live is via facebook at 9:25. >> no excuse for missing out on
5:57 am
the good word today. >> great. still ahead, the showdown in mix, voters in -- michigan voters in head to the polls on tuesday. could john kasich be ahead? stay tuned. that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. i tell them the difference vitamis quality. same. gnc formulas exceed the highest standards. now buy one get one half off select fish oils, probiotics, multivitamins and more. what's right for you? just ask. we make it simple. gnc. my school could be fast. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro.
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have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor. i want to congratulate ted on maine and on kansas, and he should do well in maine because it's very close to canada. >> conservativism is not an attitude. it's not how loud can you be, how offensive can you be, how many bad words can you say? >> at the end of the day what's most important that we make certain that a republican doesn't get into the whitehouse. >> i'm a big believer in sending power back, shrinking the roles of the federal government, uberizing the federal government. uberizing the state government. >> there is no barrier we can't break down. if we stand together and work
6:01 am
together, that is my pledge to you. >> if you want to beat donald trump, we're the only candidate doing that consistently and you are more than welcome aboard. >> there they are. the candidates for president. happy sunday. it was super saturday yesterday and we're basking in the blow -- blow. donald trump ahead. donald trump with 48% of the vote. ted cruz with 38% of the vote. >> blue grass area, trump ended the day at just about 36%. ted cruz barely 5 points behind him there. >> record turn out in the state of kansas, gave a double digit victory to cruz. final numbers, cruz 48, trump 43. >> maine, crews topped -- cruz topped trumped -- trump by 13 points. >> donald trump leads the pack
6:02 am
at 378, ted cruz, 295, marco rubio 123, and 34 for john kasich who is olding -- holding out to ohio. >> you know what i'm starting to conclude? i'm starting to conclude that voters don't agree with marco rubio. i think he's a great candidate. he's smart, appealing, funny. he spent a ton of money. everybody in washington supports him. i like marco rubio. voters don't want to vote for marco rubio. that's the only conclusion i can reach and i think they just disagree with him. >> everybody is looking for an outsider and he can't get away from being tied to washington. >> and the gang of 8. i'm telling you when the history -- it will be immigration. that's my view. >> senior national correspondent john roberts has been following this very closely. he is here with the latest on the race to the white house. good morning, john.
6:03 am
>> clayton, anna, tucker, good morning to you. tucker, auto i am no -- i'm not so sure that it's particular for marco rubio. they don't want to vote for somebody perceived as an establishment candidate. we've got super saturday in the rearview mirror now and the candidates are looking ahead to the next contest. let's put them up on the map for you coming up on tuesday the 8th. we've got four contests. hawaii, idaho, michigan, and mississippi. and the next week we've got ohio and florida. donald trump has got a broad lead in marco rubio's home state by 19 points. after he won louisiana and kentucky i asked mr. trump about the way forward. >> another four big states coming up on tuesday and we've got ohio and florida, which are the first two winner-take-all states the week after that. >> we think we're going to do very well in florida and ohio. great relationships in ohio.
6:04 am
florida is my second home. i'm here all the time. i'm here now. i think we're going to do very well in florida and ohio. >> now both donald trump and ted cruz are making the point that they want this down to a one-on-one race. they think that's the way it should go. donald trump is urging marco rubio to drop out of the race. ted cruz is urging both rubio and kasich to drop out. >> listen, i think every candidate has to assess his path to 1237 delegates. at this point, we've had a lot of primaries. if you are not able to win primaries, if you are not amassing enough delegates to get the nominee, every candidate has to reflect and say do we have a path. the only way to beat donald trump is for us to continue to unite. >> is it marco rubio or is it the establishment? let's look at what happened last night.
6:05 am
add cruz and trump together, they are both the anti establishment candidates in louisiana, they got 89% of the vote. maine, 78, and kentucky 68, so clayton, anna, tucker, it would seem there it's a certain anti establishment sentiment going across this country here that's reflected in the polls. >> the people aren't speaking. they are shouting. >> no question about that. >> they are voting. the. campaign for senator rubio, puerto rico votes today. rubio was there speaking in spanish in a press conference. he was down playing the results of super tuesday and really what has happened before this as well saying we always new this was going to be a rough part of the elect cycle for us. once it gets to florida, they think they are going to all 99 delegates. winner take all. >> they are not even campaigning in the country. >> that's weird. >> if you are a donor and sitting back, am i going to keep
6:06 am
throwing more and more money at marco rubio at this hour and he's not putting up wins and victories on the scoreboard and i'm wasting my money. we spoke to donald trump a short time ago on the show. we asked him about his call to have marco rubio drop out of the race. on the surface you would think that would probably hurt donald trump. if the vote is already frawrkted that helped. >> the loser the night, you can say ted and i each one two and we tied. i won the big two, in all fairness, kentucky and louisiana. the loser of the evening was marco rubio, without question and i was actually surprised to see how badly he did. i would like to face ted. i think in many states, you get to new york and new jersey and pennsylvania and a lot of other places, california, i don't think that ted can do very well there. i would prefer it, it cleans it up. >> so that argument that in some of those states like new york,
6:07 am
new jersey, he would just clean ted cruz' clock. >> the question for me is why did donald trump underperform yesterday relative to his polls going into this contest and my personal theory and i have no data to back it up. he appeared to waffle on immigration. to change his cruz on -- to change his views on immigration. trump has been hit hard in every debate. this one, he seemed to give the sense he wasn't sure on where he stood on immigration. it's the one subject you are not allowed to talk about. anybody who descends from the washington, new york view of it is derided as a bigot. i think voters are responding to one issue. when trump seemed uncertain, it threw votes to cruz. >> one of the key immigration policies that he appeared to change in living color in living color because his website has said that h 1 bb which are for skilled workers that, you know,
6:08 am
we need to worry about the domestic pool and look out for americans. but during the debate, he said we need these bright minds to be here. after the debate, his people talked to him and he goes back to it again. i see what you are talking about the waffling. we did ask him about that point of contention and here's what he said about immigration. >> i want to shut it off. i want to shut it off and make sure we have the right system because we let in a lot of people. there's tremendous crime with the people that are coming into this country, and that includes when some come in legally. we have to bring in the right people. you know, it shouldn't just be like a lottery system. we should -- when we let people come into the country, we should really want to have great people come into the country, and i believe in our legal system. i want people to come into the country legally. the whole thing is about legally. right now our borders are like swiss cheese. they just pour across the border. >> do you worry that massive immigration under cuts wages?
6:09 am
>> it does. we're having tremendous amounts of people coming in. it's nr cutting us. hurting. >> take trump out of that exchange. if you were having a conversation with candidate x, but on the issue, on the policy of immigration, does that sound like hatred, bigotry to you, saying countries should control its borders? >> the terminative -- nativist is almost a dirty word in some circles. >> just let anyone who is close by and hope it works out well. >> it seems to be a fair view. >> i asked him about landscaping companies and wine makers that rely on these workers to come in because the americans aren't doing those jobs. you talk to the owners. we cannot hire americans for these jobs. >> at these wages. >> they don't want to be in the
6:10 am
field all day doing these jobs. >> many people are critical saying he is either flip flopping on these issues or he wasn't read in, wasn't prepared. >> yeah. >> that may be the one issue that republican primary voters care about. gang of 8 in the end will be rubio's undoing. 10 minutes after the hour. other stories making headlines. isis hackers are striking once again. this time targeting dozens of new jersey police officers, home addresses, phone numbers and station locations of 70 officers now released on line. authorities say their system was not compromised but they are working with the fbi and homeland security to investigate the threat. in another fox news alert, isis claiming responsibility for a devastating, deadly truck bomb explosion south of baghdad. up wards of 60 people were reportedly killed and dozens injured when a truck packed with explosives erupted at a checkpoint. the death toll is expected to rise. iraq has seen a rise of violence in the past month with attacks
6:11 am
killing more than 100 people. on to extreme weather now. heavy rain and strong winds slamming california over the week. crews are now working to clear down trees and power lines in the bay area. some roadways in sacramento shut down by flash flooding, but the downpours are bringing some much needed waters to the parched areas north. those storms set to roll inland later this weekend. >> i thought this happened a week ago. apparently not. peyton manning's nfl career is over. he plans to formalally announce his retirement on monday after 18 seasons. we heard this last week. woody page was reporting that last week. the broncos and fans not surprised after he led the team on a win in february. go out on top. he has five mvp awards and four super bowl appearances.
6:12 am
>> he won twice, lost twice. losing say lors because they can't pass the fitness test. you don't want to miss this story. ted cruz and donald trump were the clear winners on super saturday and despite huge voter turnout, are we still headed for a brokered convention based on whatle delegates decide? >> you are talking about millions and millions of people and we have a dynamic party and as a party we should come together and stop this foolishness. >> a.b. stoddard joins us next. i'm definitely able to see savings
6:13 am
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6:16 am
trump in his cross hairs once again. >> we're seeing republicans coalesce an -- around our campaign because ours is the only campaign that's repeatedly beaten donald trump and we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> i bet you can figure out the response. donald trump says bring it on. >> i would love to take on ted cruz one-on-one. he can't win new york, new jersey, california. >> here to broke down -- break down the numbers, david druker and a.b. stoddard. is this a two-man race? >> it might be. we'll have to see what happens in mix and ohio and florida. there could be some surprises. it looks like very good in michigan for donald trump. there is one poll with kasich
6:17 am
ahead, just one. and unless there are those surprises, he is probably going to beat ted cruz anyway going forward. ted cruz running out of states that are going to be friendly to him. but ted cruz has made a very strong showing. he pick up more delegates last night than donald trump and it could down to cruz being the only non-trump who makes it out of the next ten days. >> well, they split it two-for-two. we've been calling it the super saturday split. did donald trump underperform? it seems like expectations were that he might take all of them. >> right, the expectations going into a lot of these states that he's going to win, when he doesn't, it's a big surprise and it looks really good for somebody like cruz. cruz is experiencing a lot of the media momentum and rifle so -- rightfully so that rubio experienced coming out of iowa. cruz is setting himself up right now to make the best case if you
6:18 am
want to stop donald trump, you should coalesce behind him. a.b. is right. kasich is not going to get out of the race, and rubio is not getting out of the race. ohio and florida, they are going to once and for all whether they are a factor in the race or whether they are done. >> enthusiasm seem super strong. a.b., will this translate into a general election for republicans? >> what's so interesting about last night is that the more than double turnout in kansas actually was against donald trump. he lost to cruz by 25 points. it wasn't even close. people turned out for ted cruz. not for donald trump and they turned out in bigger numbers. in most of these cases, we're seeing donald trump turn out new voters. obviously that helps anybody in a general election. should he become the nominee, he is a real threat to hillary clinton because he has his own new voters. that's how you win at the numbers game. >> there you go. david, donald trump is a polarizing figure.
6:19 am
people who love him, absolutely love him. they don't care what he says. they support him no matter what. then you have republicans who say absolutely not, i would never vote for him. what do you make of that? >> that's what we haven't figured out yet. he does bring in voters that are voting for him that don't normally vote for republicans but he also repels a lot of republicans who are opposed to him not just on policy grounds but on moral grounds and so what we have to figure out if he's the nominee does he bring in more than he loses for a net gain for pps and that's something just we don't know and it's fair to say it's possible it's not a net gain. it's just not an automatic -- it's not something we can automatically figure out today. >> there were rumbledsing of this so-called brokered convention a couple of months ago but many are starting to say it's more of a reality. we have mitt romney laying out the blueprint how it could happen if ruin -- rubio wins florida and kasich wins ohio. if nobody reached that magic
6:20 am
1,237 numbers, would we have a brokered convention? what would it look like? >> it will depend on the showing of the non-trump candidates in the next couple of week. there are states of california and maryland with fewer republicans, they are more friendly to someone like marco rubio. should she be -- they be able to hang in. cruz got more delegates than trump last night. that's important. so when you look at that, can you get to 1,237 threshold, they might be able to deny him that majority. there is a reality. it won't be brokered. it will be contested. the pledge only the first ballot. >> senator cruz says that could cause a revolt within the pp party. a.b. stoddard and david druker.
6:21 am
>>. lying ted. he holds up the bible and he puts it down and he lies. lying ted. i never saw a man that lied as much. but the creator of the comic strip dib -- dilbert says his campaign is no joke.
6:22 am
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6:24 am
some quick military headline right now. tension growing in asia. about 2,100 marines have arrived in south korea for drills days after kim jung un ordered his missiles to be ready. the white house is about to release its policy playbook for the drone program.
6:25 am
new body fat standards in the u.s. navy. sailors who have failed physical tests three times or more get to retake the exam. naval officials say current standards are not well. i've heard hillary today and i watched her statement tonight and her statement is make america whole. that's a terrible statement. lying ted. i call him lying ted. he holds up the bible and he puts it down and he lies. you know the president is most dishonest people created by god. the verbal punches are nothing new from the frontrunner so why in the world why is it working so well? >> joining us is a man who thought about it a lot.
6:26 am
todd adams is the creator of dilbert. he thinks trump may win. >> you've analyzes his appeal. his complete disregard for the details is weirdly appealing because it's less of a lie when you don't promise too much. interesting. >> yeah. first of all, let me start out by disavowing donald trump and everybody else. i would like to disavow everybody because -- the interesting thing about donald trump and his campaign is he's changing more than just politics. he's changing more than the republican party. i think he's changing how we look at the human condition, and i think people have just decided that all the politicians are lying all the time, and he's just another one. so i think that inconsistency in his budget, pis positions, people really don't care.
6:27 am
he's appealing on an emotional visceral level that works very well. >> i want to drill down on that. most of the arguments are fact-based, trump university, trump airlines. his supporters don't care. why? >> there's a fascinating psychological theory. it's not my own. the things that really capture people's imaginations are the things that are false. because if you have a news story that says politicians budget doesn't add up. people say well, that's nothing. that's not new. if you say maybe he waited a nanosecond too long to denounced on the kkk. that's probably based on something that not real. maybe it was his ear piece or he was thinking of something else.
6:28 am
the things that capture the imagination are the things that are most likely to not be true. that's what makes it true. it's the dog bites man story or man bites dog. >> maybe any of the conventional rules about politics are just invalid this season. does that mean from here on out trump rules will apply? >> to a large extent. i mean, if you look at one of the best moments of the debate, at least for ted cruz, was the moment when he went full trump and he was saying to donald when they had an exchange, he was saying take a breath, take a breath. that was pure trumpism. all he was trying do is show trump look a little flustered in front of people. he did that very well. as soon as one of the candidates leaves reason, leaves, you know, good logic and facts, they do a little bit better, and that's been the story of trump.
6:29 am
he's the first one. it's kind of ironic. he's accused of people sort of the least scientific person, the least based on reason, but he's the only one using the science of persuasion in all the ways that it can be used. this is how i call him early last year, is that i have a background in hypnosis, sieve a background in persuasion, i see him in the highest level of skill in terms of persuasive unique -- technique that i've ever seen in any human being alive. a lot of it has to do with his full commitment to it. the fact that he won't change his mind. he won't apologize. even if all the facts say you should, i mean, that's very hard. so part of his -- what i call his talent stack is that he has no shame. it's good at strategy. he knows how to pick a topic that he can put a lot of emotion on. he could have pick the budget. let's say that was his big thing but he didn't because he's
6:30 am
smart. he picks immigration because you can put all kinds of emotion around that. part of the magic of his persuasion is that he always picks a fight that he can dominate. he doesn't pick a fight he will lose. >> we learn that he had been working on this message, make america great again slogan and everything else for many, many years. this wasn't something he dreamed up overnight. >> i'm curious as creator of dilbert, why does it take a comic right to have a press yent view of our elocation. >> it's my background in hypnosis and persuasion, i could pick up his technique a little faster. for example, he does a lot of selling -- making you think past the sale. think about how many times you have imagined the scene of donald trump in the white house doing the job of president.
6:31 am
how many times have you imagined one of the other candidates in the white house doing the job? maybe a few times, but you probably mostly thought about him. s he's the only person who has never ran for office before who is running effectively as an incumbent in our minds, anyway. >> i'm glad you are not a cable news pundit because you would displace us very quickly. >> i hope you'll come back on. that was super interesting. >> thank you. it was one of craziest stories you'll hear all day. an nfl player gets kidnapped at gunpoint. how did he get away? we'll tell you. and don't stop believing, two cops jammed to journey's song. we'll hear from those officers next ♪ ♪ ♪
6:32 am
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yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?... emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please?
6:35 am
uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. pretty much everyone in the political work last night is talking about a poll that shows john kasich closing the gap in michigan. we have a new poll showing donald trump taking a commanding lead. these are polls. they do define the political headlines this week. that's our topic this morning with our panel.
6:36 am
why is it a question that john kasich would win his own state? >> are we talking ohio or michigan? >> michigan. >> nearby. demographically very similar. >> in my mind, they are saying that their whole strategy is on winning ohio. >> it seems like that should be his is a loon. he's very popular in that part of the country. we were talking during the break of how all the candidates who are running right now on the republican side, he actually has the record to prove that he is conservative. he actually has conservative achievements. he's viewed i think about many as more of a moderate, but he's actually pretty far to the right in terms of overall spectrum. this should be his. why is he not locking it up? i don't know.
6:37 am
trump is quite popular still. i also wonder if people are looking at the record so far in terms of the other states that we've had votes in already. saying well, he didn't pull much of a contingent here. why even support him when he doesn't have a shot at the nomination. >> the favorite part of the class is the lessons, what have we learned. this guy has been a good governor. he's pretty good on the stump. he tries hard. why isn't he succeeding? what do we know about voters that we didn't before? >> let's talk about what we learn last night. yes, you have one poll that says kasich is winning. ted cruz won states that donald trump is supposed to. i think there's a hole puked by ted cruz. >> even if casic comes close that will give him the momentum to win in ohio. if donald trump doesn't win in ohio, the math is not there to avoided a contest the
6:38 am
convention. he needs to win ohio and florida. >> have you told him this? if he finds out his chances hinge on ohio, he's going to freak out. >> where do you think he's going to be? he has to win both. >> why hasn't hillary this put guy away, this 74-year-old socialist who honey had mooned in the soviet union. >> he's awesome. i'm so hillary and i so think bernie sanders is awesome. >> awesome in what you don't want to run the country? >> our country is not built for the plans that bernie sanders is advocating for. it's just a fact. >> can you name a country that is? >> swedenish. he's talking about emulating countries that have 60 million and are largely white. we learn that bernie sanders's revolution is for white people. >> we're against white people. >> i love white people. i'm proud to be a white person.
6:39 am
i also like minorities, hillary's popularity is stronger with the african-american voters. i think that's really what's going to damage him going forward. yesterday was a really good night for him. he won kansas by way more than we thought. he's not pulling in minority voters the way he thought he can. >> really quick. do you think it's legitimate to ask lirkt hillary clinton to win some white votes or is that racist? >> she wins a lot of white votes. >> not that many. trump has the same problem. trump is only winning among older voters. he loses to hillary among younger voters. the only person who has a lower approval rating among younger voters is donald trump. >> do you think hillary clinton has been exposed as a weaker candidate than we thought? >> i think we knew what her weaknesses were in 2008. i'm not sure that it's really so
6:40 am
different this time around. she's not as charismatic as obama, but versus bernie sanders, i think she's running way stronger than projected. >> i'm going to stop she's not as charismatic as obama. the understatement of the year. >> she's less charismatic than your grandpa who is running for president. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. other stories making headlines. we'll start with this one. the florida man who flew his gyrocopte ter on to the house ln was seconds away from disaster. >> this is not good people. no. he's not! >> prosecutors claim douglas hughes came within 1,400 yards of a delta plane with 150 people on board as he flew toward d.c.
6:41 am
last april. they are asking he be sentenced to ten months next month. and a shocking story now being revealed by a jacksonville jaguars player. safety earl wolf says he was abducted by a group of gunmen last month while visiting south carolina. he was later released unharmed in an area south of fayettevi e fayetteville. police have arrested the kidnapper. two cops jamming out to journey to honor their fellow brothers in blue. ♪ some win will win, ♪ will loose. le colorado cops made the video. they stopped by fox earlier to talk about why it's important to remember the browardhood
6:42 am
brotherhood that spans across the country. >> our job is an honorable one. it's a hard one. we need to believe in what we're doing. we need our community to believe in what we're doing, and the public that we serve needs to know that we believe in them, and we need to believe that they believe in us. >> those are your headlines. so hopefully next time you hear the music in the bar or a wedding, you hear journey, you don't think about that, you think about these cops. >> assuming you are sober enough. >> if you are there until 2:00 in the morning, chances are no. rick reichmuth is outside with the weather. >> now you have a good song in your head the rest of the day. let's talk about weather. we have a lot going on this week that's going to have some really big impacts for a lot of country. take a look at happens.
6:43 am
-- take a look at maps. we're getting toward the end of rainy season. we thought with this el nino that would accentuate the rain we had. that hasn't been the case. it's dry. we're getting the rain again and mountain snow. we're going to see heavy rain moving across areas louisiana, texas, primarily. severe weather threat tornado possibilities, some spots may see 12 inches of rain. northeast today, one last chilly day, but we've got the warm air coming down to the southeast, it's really spectacular today. enjoy it. same goes with the northern plains. there you go out across the west and one last thing to show you, temperatures today, take a look at this. 71 in billings and clayton and anna and tucker, by tuesday and wednesday, we're pushing 70s all across parts of the northeast. >> i can't wait. >> are you going to give it to us and take it away? >> no, i'm going to take it away a little bit but i'm not taking
6:44 am
it away. hillary clinton releasing her jobs plan with a warning for all companies. >> if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. >> will her corporate crackdown work? will it create more jobs. maria bartiromo is next. we're breaking down the numbers. ♪ ♪ if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. good morning, my friends. hillary clinton has a clear message to wealthy americans, she wants them to pay more taxes. will it work? here to discuss it is maria bartiromo. >> she made the announcement in michigan where the government bailed out a number of countries
6:48 am
years ago. -- companies years ago. will it actually work? she's targeting corporations. we're going to maybe sure you are not polluting the environment. you are doing all these things. the taxpayers are not footing the bill this time. >> i feel almost feel like it's a warning, if you do x, y-z, you will get fees, higher regulation. i don't see the actual job creation. scare companies. don't move to ireland. you will get a massive fee. i don't see the encouragement to see the country better. i don't see this as a jobs plan. you've got more higher taxes. all of these things that are
6:49 am
tax-related, but nothing really encouraging companies to stay here and create jobs. >> how much has she changed? you've watched her for some time. >> bernie sanders is pushing her away to the left. that's why she's moved from her husband's economic policies and more to the far left which barack obama has emphasized so much. bernie sanders has been so significant. she's being pushed so much to the left. >> she's not distancing herself from the obama administration in any way. >> not at all. she's absolutely buying into the obama administration and reiterating that any time she can. >> yeah. what are you going to be talking about on your show? >> we're going to be talking about obviously the story of the day. we're going to look at these tax plans and economic plans from all of the candidates. we're going to talk with governor kasich. he would obviously like to see a broker convention. he does not believe any candidates regardless of donald trump's success will be able to
6:50 am
have 50% of the delegates and he thinks that's where we're going to convention. he's going to stay in this until ohio. he feels he's going to win. we're going to newt gingrich and get into the politics with darrel issa. >> he wrote a great article this week. >> fascinating story. we love it. we're kicking off national sleep week with a sleep iq test. fact or fiction. coming up next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that
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to remember but it's national sweep awareness week. something that we celebrate every year here on "fox & friends." >> here to separate fact from fiction is a neurologist. thank you for being with us. >> you do what you have to do. >> viewers are waking up groggy. we'll help you cut through the clutter. first up, if you had a poor night sleep, you can catch up with a nap or sleep the very next day. what do you think guys? >> i know that's true. i do it every day. >> that's wildly inaccurate. you can't catch up on sleep. >> i nap every day and it helps me dramatically. >> i do a split shift. >> you cannot catch up on a good night's sleep by just taking a nap.
6:55 am
your brain really needs restoration and regeneration when you get a good deep night sleep. you can't catch up. >> i feel so much better. >> what about night shift workers? let's put this up on the screen. people at home play along. the body never adjusts to night shift work. >> i think it does. i think it sort of does. >> do you think it does? >> i don't know. people get really sick and develop all kinds of diseases. >> it's truly true. the body never adjusts to night shift work. we have inner clocks in our brain where you sleep when it's dark out and you're awake when it's light out. it never really adjusts to shift work. we do treat shift work disorder in many different ways. >> people that work weird shifts should be paid extra basically. >> absolutely. >> first responders and doctors and nurses and those that work shift work. >> sleep disorders. here's a question for you. sleep disorders are mainly due to worry or psychological
6:56 am
problems. people sitting there spinning ideas in their head and can't get to sleep. insomnia. is that true? >> no, actually that's false. sleep disorders affect 40 million americans. it's really prominent and so much more than being worried or anxious. if you're not sleeping well, you wreak havoc on all aspects of your life. that's why it's so important to realize it's so much more than just being worried and seek help. >> i find that my shallowness keeps me sleeping soundly like a golden retriever. >> don't worry about anything. >> he's not self-aware at all. sleeps like a baby. >> it is sleep week all week long here on "fox & friends." we're going to try to make sure you wake up refreshed. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we'll be right back. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. heywhether to stay or go?re ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
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make sure you tune in
7:00 am
tomorrow night. a democratic town hall. and sleep week continues all week. >> and my socks. >> can you imagine? >> pillow fight! good morning. super saturday results are in and it looks like the battle for the republican presidential nomination is going to be a war of attrition. hi, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." ted cruz and donald trump each capturing two wins in yesterday's round of voting. trump still the front runner in the hunt for delegates but after last night, you can see cruz is nipping at his heels with 300 delegates to trump's 382. marco rubio trailed behind with 128. john kasich has 35. the battleground states of florida and ohio still lie ahead, of course, where rubio and k


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