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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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clinton and bernie sanders. it's clinton's first appearance on fox news in two years. that is it for today, have a great week, we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> fox news alert with first pictures coming into fox report as we pick up the coverage from earlier today. the loss of our nation's former first lady, nancy reagan. this is the hearstçó arriving ia funeral home in santa monica, california in the past hour from the reagan home in bell air, california. mrs. reagan, the wife of america's 40th president died today from heart failure, she was 94. their marriage described as the greatest love affair in the history of the american presidency. people are leavingçó flowers outside of the reagan california. mrs. reagan was known as a fierce champion for veterans.
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her iconic just say no campaign warned kids about the dangers of drug addiction. many memories from people who knew the reagans well. >> she had this tremendous optimism and a great antenna both politically and in terms of persons, what their motives were. >> she had any kind of problem she just focused on fixing it, getting through it. i have never seen anyone better at that. >> despite her own personal difficulties she performed as the first lady as she always as with a great deal of elegance and grace. >> many of us remember her visiting president reagan's gravesite at the anniversary of his death.
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william? >> dignified and devoted. words we have heard described nancy reagan by those who knew her. she'll be remembered for many things from the antidrug campaign to her clothing but for many, it will be this image, a symbol of her 52 year love affair that many will never forget. after a long week, she broke down and said goodbye to president yeahingan and he was laid toñr left rest. she said she and ronnie moved here in 1988. the hearse came at 9:30 and left about five hours later arriving in a more twarry here in santa monica. she will remain several days, exclusive to family, before being buried alongside ronald reagan. frail, in declining health, she
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was seen publicly in june, 2014. she was last interviewed by "vanity fair" in 2009, she talked about her life, his legacy, including his fight with alzheimer's which at the time was still a relatively unfamiliar disease. >> it was she described it a long goodbye. how difficult that was for her. but she did a great thing and preserved his dignity. it's a part of her legacy. something she will be remembered for. >> mrs. reagan was an only child. her parents divorced, and nancy took the last time of her father there loyal davis. she met ronald reagan who at that time was the head of the screen actor's guild.
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we do not know the day mrs. reagan will be transferred up to the library. we're told she'll likely remain in repose for one day, and we expect people from around the world, really to come to the service. she's asked that in lieu of flowers, that people make a donation to the library, which is where she spent the last years preserving and promoting the president's legacy. >> a chance to talk with my friend, and the reagan's friend, ed raulins, good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> get your perspective tonight. i heard you say, of course, i was the president, but she had tremendous political instincts. what did you witness? >> i worked closely with her. she had extraordinary instincts. she was a people person. not that the president wasn't. she reached out, she was on the phone talking to friends around the country and she had
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thousands of friends, everywhere. she had a great antenna. she understood public relations better than anyone. she cared about the issues. she didn't drive the issues. she was supportive. i think we're celebrating a magnificent life that the last 10, 12 years have been very difficult. she was never afraid of a fight. i can tell you, he told me he would not have run for president after 1976 after losing to ford by 17 points. he said i took the shot at it. she was the one who said the country needs you and persuaded him. then, after he was shot, in 1984, she said that she was very concerned, she was very worried about his health, and their friends had been murdered and the pope had been shot. now, saying why don't we go back home? he felt there was more he had to do to finish and she bought into
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it and it was a great ally. >> how interesting. how things change. first, she was propelling him to go back then, she was ready to leave but he wasn't done yet. you know, you heard william talk about the fact she became a protector, if you will of his legacy. how do you think nancy would want her husband to be remembered? >> well, i think they'd both be shocked to realize how great the legacy is. he didn't care about the legacy. he said to me one time, history is going to be distorted when they write it. and i don't care, i won't be around for it. she cared very deeply and knew what he had done for the country and felt it was very, very important he be rewarded. she was the keeper of the flame. she was his protector, protecting him personally and made sure the staff knew what we should be doing and did it right. and there are all kinds of pushing and shoving.
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she made sure that never affected the way he made decisions and in the early days, the staff secretary was sending up reams of paper every night. so he'd read the papers and she said enough, enough, enough, i want him in bed by 8:30, 9:00. so get it, she was very much the protector. >> get it done. >> get it done. right? >> so i think he won't have been president without her. i think he won't have been a great president that he was without her and i think the country owes her a great debt. >> one last question, ed. i know much of their life was public. she was in private moments, too. is there a favorite story you have that you can share about nancy? >> well, she didn't like the ranch. interesting thing is that -- >> really? >> everybody thinks it was dallas. it wasn't. it was a stucco house, and rattlesnakes and flies, what have you. he said you know for every ten days i get on the ranch, she
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gets a week in beverly hills, which is not a bad way to put it. she loved the ranch. she was a great sport and would take him out there but it was a dirly little ranch, you know? some guys like that. one of my favorite story is that he had been planning to work on that roof, put a new roof on the ranch in 1985. she was worried about him breaking something and she called a ranch hand barney, saying get that done where we get out there. and she found out nancy had done that. he said take it down. so he tore it down and put it back on. she said what are you doing? i had that roof put on? he's the president, he's in charge. >> that is a good one. ed, thank you. >> i knew you'd lighten the moment with a good one. >> she had a great life and a
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great contribution to the country. >> amen, now, to an election year that looked nothing like the 1980s or probably any other decade that we have seen, right ed? what appears to be new momentum for the opponent s of donald trump. turned out to be a long weekend in the nomination race. and donald trump won the other two, marco rubio is third and picked up delegates with his win tonight in puerto rico. more on that coming up, puerto rico citizens don't participate in the general election but do get to participate in the primaries. john kasich is in fourth place in the delegate count. and going forward, things get well, really interesting. on tuesday, four more states up for grabs, michigan, idaho, hawaii, mississippi. on the 15th, kind of a super tuesday part 2, 5 states to battle over. among them, ohio and florida.
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and must win their home states, and those states also essential to those in the republican party who wish to try to stop donald trump before the convention in cleveland. carl cameron is with us. so carl, what does the rubio win in puerto rico mean for his campaign? >> it's oxygen, really. marco rubio came in third and in maine, came in fourth behind john kasich. he needed a win. so today's victory gives him a shot at getting back into the hunt. this is his first primary win. he did win minnesota caucuses but he's still behind and it's a really important week for him. he wants to make sure he gets
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himself set up to go and win florida a week from tuesday. so the win is very, very helpful. he's got a very steep hill to climb. >> so the race in michigan. tell us about it. >> well, michigan is a big delegate purse. it is a heartland, industrial state so añi very big deal for john kasich. he said he thought he would win in michigan. that is not the case according to the latest poll. you can see donald trump has a big lead, that ted cruz and marco rubio are competing for second in a close race and john kasich is fourth. that is not what he was hoping for. if donald trump were to pull off a victory in michigan tuesday night that would be yet another big boost to his momentum and the possibility he can be getting closer to putting the nomination out of reach. having said that, none of the candidates are showing any indications that they intend to get out of the race.
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they're both putting -- all putting pressure on one another to get out. at the same time, they're suggesting if they stay in, that might make it more possible to deny donald trump the necessary delegates to clench the nomination and send it to the convention. >> kind of 2, 2 schools of thought there. quickly. before i let you go, can we get back to puerto rico? with one thing i was reading today, tell me if this is important. 6,000 inmates in puerto rico are part of the primary vote today. what is to make of that? >> it's one of the state allowing inmates to vote. this is a primary. but it's one that doesn't bleed into the general election, for territorial voters don't get to participate in as a voting member of congress or when it comes to the presidency. it's an interesting social experiment that played out today in the primaries. but as a practical matter, inmates and felons are still
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very much in flux as to whether or not they're allowed to vote. it is something that is state by state. >> they thought they'd try that out with thousands of them, carl, good to see you. and that, that we've been talking about, some of the stories we'll get to on this very busy news day. we'll hit the so called never trump movement and we'll talk about the fallout from the caucuses and primaries this weekend which carl gave us a bit of a primer on. and preview the big contests that are popping up next. you're watching "the fox report". [ salesman ] congrats on the new car.
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the state of michigan seeing a lot of action. now, bernie sanders making campaign stops in flint. clinton is moving closer to securing the democratic presidential nomination after her victories yesterday on super saturday. she now has 1121 delegates,
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about half of the total needed. sanders was behind. that mike emmanuel is live in flint at this hour, mike? >> well, hillary clinton is hoping for a win here while bernie sanders is trying to stop her momentum. we saw hillary clinton visit three churches in detroit. her message is talking about click issues and made reference to the water crisis here in flint. >> of course we have to fix the pipes of the water that became contaminated with lead. that should be underway right now. we have to fix the lives that have been hurt and broken. there is no safe level of lead. >> sanders keeps hammering at hillary clinton support of free
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trade deals over the years he argues have been terrible for workers in the mid west. >> there is no doubt, i don't think anyone debates this, that the trade policies not the permanent trade relations cost this country millions of decent paying jobs and resulted in the race for the bottom where many new jobs pay less than those used to pay years ago. >> expect questions about the flint water crisis and broader economic issues when those two candidates face off tonight. >> well, trade deficits, sanders is starting to sound like donald trump there. you know on the second show it was interesting. mrs. clinton said something about the e-mail scandal. said, i think we're getting closer to wrapping this up. is this just optimism? >> the washington post looking at thousands of e-mails during her time as secretary of state.
9:19 pm
it found 104 e-mails that clinton authored are now deemed classified and today, clinton down played the significance. >> we're getting closer to wrapping this up and there are reports of hundreds of officials and thousand e-mails that they were sending back and forth that have been looked at and classified retroactively. >> clinton isñr said to have a comfortable lead in michigan. we'll see if bernie sanders gets tougher with her about that issue and other issues on tuesday. >> so the spin is that there are thousands but you only found 104? >> she personally authored. yes. there are lots ofñr other ones that went through her home server but they're saying 104
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she authored herself. >> mike emmanuel, thank you very much. don't miss special report tomorrow, a fox news town hall live from flint, michigan. bret baier moderating. monday, 6:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. don't miss it. the people of puerto rico make their voices heard in the race for the white house, we have more on that. >> florida senator marco rubio and florida's primary. how that can affect the race in florida, next. our coverage of the passing of the passing of the former first lady nancy reagan, when we come back.
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>> we get to dig deeper, marco rubio has been said to have to win florida. will puerto rico help out? you have heard carl cameron reporting it's like oxygen there. and the only u.s. state he's won is minnesota. >> 23 delegates may not seem like a lot bhu that is more than vermont and just as many as new hampshire. senator mikeo rubio is sitting in third behind ted cruz and donald trump. rubio is the onlyñr republican candidate to campaign in puerto rico. it could influence votes in florida. seen as a must win for the senator, on march 15th.
9:25 pm
according to pew research center there are a million puerto ricans living in florida. >> so they're potential voters are very important swing state. these people come from puerto rico who aren'tness ily republicans or democrats so they're up in the air. they can be swayed. >> today's republican primary is significant to puerto rican going through economic crisis. the island is $70 billion in debt. for 3.5 million puerto ricans it's meaningful because it's the only time the vote counts in the election. >> they can't vote in a general election. so if they're going to participate, this is their time. >> rubio called for leadership change on the island to help
9:26 pm
solve the financial crisis. the democratic primary is on june 5th. >> fox top story, the nation mourning the loss of a former first lady, nancy reegan. known as an adoring wife who brought classic glamour to the white house. those who knew theñi president d his wife well. >> the most married couple i have met. they'd be sitting together in a room when ronald reagan would write her love notes across the room. it changed our country and the world, and then, along came nancy. >> more on the legacy mrs. reagan leaves behind, stay close. you say men are superior drivers? yeah?
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live from america's news headquarters, good evening, here is what's happening. senator bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in the main democratic caucuses. voter turn out was better than expected. large numbers lining up in portland. the win in maine follows wins in kansas and nebraska. good news for jimmy carter in hisñi battle against cancer, a
9:31 pm
spokesperson announcing the former president no longer needs treatment. carter revealed he had been diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain. he continued receiving treatment even when the scan showed no more signs of it. he will still have scans to see if the cancer returns. heavy winds and rain causing problems throughout much of california, thousands of people losing power from san francisco to los angeles. crews spent much of sunday making repairs to get customers back on line and santa cruz county, flooding caused some people to asked to evacuate. >> and news of rising demand for gas and higher crude oil prices, but incuss story analysts say gas is about $0.70 a gallon less than a year ago.
9:32 pm
and peyton manning going out on top. the team scheduled a monday morning news conference to announce manning is retiring. he led denver to a super bowl win this year. it's his second title. i'm kelly wright. now, back to the fox report. >> the tone of the political landscape changed since the reagan years we've been talking about the loss of nancy reagan at this hour, and news of the passing comes during a huge political season here. let's bring in the fox news political insiders, doug shown, former poll sister for president clinton joining us via satellite, hello, my friend. we're here on set with me, former republican congressman from new york, so quick headlines, doug, i'll start with you. top of the news on your mind this sunday? >> well, i think we'll get into it but a tightening in the
9:33 pm
republican race from still in strong, but somewhat eroding conditions and hillary clinton's position also, more secure based on republican discord. >> pat? >> we're in a historic moment that we'll recognize later on, and events are in the saddle and we're in for a ride. >> i think trump's campaign is at a turning point. >> talk to him. >> oh. intrigue. what do you mean? he has done an unbelievable job from day one to get to where he is today. he's leading with 35% of the vote. he is sort of mired there. you know? john sears said it to me and many people that campaigns need to keepçó moving. and it's time for the donald to
9:34 pm
do more of what we'd said on air is less of the political invektive against opponents and if he wants to vent the anger of the people, let's do it at the correct establishment, at these trade deals, they're legitimate targets. let's go after government corruption throughout the whole thing and go high, not low. if he does that, he's a 35, he'll go up to 40 and higher. but he's got to raise his game to get there. >> pat? this is to support the point, donald trump started the race from high negatives and managed to reverse those over the fall. no one has ever done that. a lot of people were shocked. now, since january, he's been really piling up negatives in general. here is where we are. historically, which i wanted to say. we're at a point where the public, we've got this all wrong.
9:35 pm
donald trump is not the independent variable. the press thinks he is. the people are driving this because they want their government back in their country. both republicans, departments, he's the vessel. they're the independent variable and he's the dependent variable. in thisñi evasion, we do not ye know what will happen. i'll explain why in just a moment but it's important. >> doug, i'm going to turn to twitter just a moment here. because i'm seeing a little bit of a trend. picking up on language this hour saying i was promoting what we're going to be talking about. he says why do you speak of a #nevertrump and a movement? but it has been talked about that way because it would seem like there are forces from all different areas and that is what you guys have been talking about. >> well, that is exactly right. let me be again, pretty brief on this. there are a bunch of super pacs that are forming to stop donald
9:36 pm
trump explicitly. is clear that that is going on. the establishment is certainly doing that and between john kasich in ohio and marco rubio in florida,çó you have vehicleso block donald trump. whether that will happen, that is the big question. >> we have a little bit of donald trump and his description of what's happening now. can we watch? >> the republicans are eating they're own. we have to bring things together. now, i hear if we win, by the way, look at this thing. it's packed. this convention hall. now, i wish cameras would show those upper decks but there are thousands of people outside. >> what happens when the american voter is left out of the process? >> i don't think they do feel
9:37 pm
left out of the process, this thing, man, we've got more people voting in republican primaries than we have in a long time, it's partly or mostly due to donald who brought them in. >> do you think he's right? >> definitely. >> everybody is eating their own. they smell victory and defeat. >> things are tightening. you said it. >> there are two phenomenon going on. what we have with romney, and these political consultants starting with his stevens campaign manager decided he needed to make money. you have these people like murphy making millions off bush. give us money, we'll stop him and attack him. that advertising hasn't worked. and they're dealing with the debate. let me just say something. you want to talk about conartists. a party leadership tells people
9:38 pm
that it will with against obamacare has a party out of control. the republican base. and you said the republican party was about to split apart. now, all of the people who want to first of all reserve their relationships they're now threatened. my god, the bar barins are at the gate and we must kill this. so they'd rather have hillary clinton. some of these people. so they can preserve their power. >> what do you say to people on the trump train? that is a movement too, for trump. >> listen. it's hard to see what you're involved in. you're so close to it. if you make speeches you're
9:39 pm
exhausted all day because of the traveling they do. and i don't think he has got the big picture of what he's got to do. he's got the people. they love him. he said it. my voters don't believe me if i go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody. right? but he needs more. >> are you surprised someone from within has not said look, let me help you get this done? we're seeing that. >> i think candidates they all do the same thing. they start out. peoplexd say you can never win. and you say i'm not going to listen. and he's done this himself. no pollsters. >> i want to talk about ted cruz and some of the language he used that people are saying look. it's positive. is that why the gap is tightening? we'll talk about him when we come back. stay close. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through
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. >> it was super saturday yesterday and cruz tightening the gap of the number of delegates. john, you're talking about this and something happening behind the scenes. you mention theed senator linds graham. >> lindsey graham hates trump, says he'll do anything to stop trump. >> he said the same thing about cruz. >> he did. you now says if i have to, i'll go with cruz to stop trump. >> what is the difference? >> i think the establishment will hold their breath and go to ted cruz. >> in this person, dean saying i am tired of hearing anyone against trump is establishment. i stand with ted cruz and i say
9:44 pm
#nevertrump. >> and cruz is running an ideological insurgency and trump running a populist race right now. >> doug, your thoughts on what is working for cruz right now. >> he's running an antiestablishment campaign but he's advertising that he's their only alternative and mitt romney had a few encouraging words as well. so what cruz is trying to do is get down to a one on one with donald trump, saying to the establishment and everyone against trump, i aam equally antiestablishment, but i am somebody who can beat the
9:45 pm
dreaded donald trump and keep the republican party together. he's morphing the candidacy and not trying to change his message. >> look. we went to the candidates have been wiped out starting with bush, which we pass like it never happened. $150 million. we now have two insurgents that are dominating but as you just said, john, that is a republican to the old faith. trump is campaigning about the big things for people. that is bringing to my point and what i call a threshold of acceptability. we have a period i thought that when they work and letting him
9:46 pm
run away with this and they didn't. second, went back to him because they wanted to reenforce what they like about the message. now, he's at the point where it's not about sending a message. it's about whether he can be president. right now, cruz isçó running as antitrump. so the question, right now for donald trump, we don't know what is going to happen. it's up to him whether he does this or begins to ball because he did drop inçó louisiana. >> there may be -- some evidence, maybe of dropping in michigan, maybe. >> you say there are ways he can shore up. >> is it time to do something like a statesman speech? >> i won't mind it. little things pat and i talked
9:47 pm
about in the green room that we would do, take the black berry away. and won't let him tweet all the time. >> his followers love that. >> i know. >> i want to get to marco rubio with you, doug, if we can. it's going to be covering it quite a bit. he got up to 70%. and puerto rico doesn't play a part in november. they send 23 to the convention but the electorate doesn't vote in november. do you think he'sñi picking a theme? does this matter? these guys are laughing. >> i don't -- no. i think it matters in a slightly different way. and this gives him good press even if the numbers are not all that significant. and with cruz having deciding he's going to compete in
9:48 pm
florida, it divides the antitrump vote and i think will help donald march 15th. so two opponents working hard to beat him. >> cruz, this idea there is a cordation going on, ambition trump, cruz decided to go into florida. going for one reason, to kill rubio off so he can be quote, the first -- >> both of them asked for rubio to get out of the race. >> right. right. and in florida they want him out. >> my sister was there. she said every time she puts the tv on, four antitrump ads are running. constantly. >> they're not, there are no pro trump ads anywhere. >> we're challenging the
9:49 pm
opposition. >> right. >> and how about trump for president cruz vp?çó >> i thought a month ago, given the vitriol between the two, don't think it's going to happen. >> all right. we're coming back. stay with us. "why are you checking your credit score?" "well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever do you?" "breakfast noogie!" (laughs) . . .
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>> we've been invoelved with ths before. >> a lot of integrity is what i'm seeing obama twitter.
9:53 pm
>> let's get to the democrats. i don't know if you heard. >> i'm paraphrasing. >> well, the news of last week, as much as i am for hillary clinton as much as advantage, but the news with mr. pagliano to have immunity, three aides and her potentially to be interviewed herself did not suggest to me that it's going to be wrapped up in the next couple of months. it could be until may or june. candidly, it remains a serious problem for her.
9:54 pm
probably more than bern bernie sanders. >> there is, inside the democratic party, as tightly as it's being applied, we have a corrupt system of super delegates that are there to rig the system. that test for michigan as it is for trump. what's going to happen in a state for trade? it's a major shock of how this represents the economy. trump speaks to those people, so does bernie sanders. michigan is going to be there for the next week. if bernie sanders can come close to pulling that off, then it goes to ohio.
9:55 pm
>> if kaisich were to win michigan, that is going to go, as well, for ohio. >> if trump does not get the dell combats going into the convention, which it sounds like others are going to get him there, if that doesn't happen, then you get to the convention, and pretty much everything can be up. it gets a lot of democrats. >> it could be anybody who's running. any of the four. but they can change the rules if they tried to. >> you cannot take someone who isn't winning and hand them the nomination without blowing the party clean up. the ied logical argument is a weaker argument in the insurgency than is the populism
9:56 pm
of a establishment to cause 6le% of the people falling apart. >> i want to get this tweeted. fran seen alba, both sides are knee deep in compromise, which is why trump is winning, right or wrong? interesting perspective. coming right back. stay with us. you guys are terrific. thank you. thank you, doug. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles.
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6:00 p.m. eastern. >> that's right. and we'll bedate thursday, if there is one. >> trump needs to do differently in the debate thursday night. needs to listen to us. change the jiggering of his campaign a little bit.
10:00 pm
>> you say do better. >> real quickly. what you're watching for this week? >> two things in michigan will close bernie sanders. in michigan, how close is it. >> have a great weekend. thank you. >> welcome to a special debate edition of america's nugs headquarters. bernie sanders and hillary clinton butting heads in their 7th debate tonight in flint, michigan. a solemn start with a nod to the past on a day rooted in charting our nation's political future. former first lady nancy reagan remembered as a devoted political life who often reached across party lines to leave her own mark on history. >> we would like to pause for a moment of silence in honor of mrs. reagan. >> the tributes were sincere, but it was soon back


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