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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, host of "kennedy" on our sister network, fox business's kennedy, today's #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolton, and ambassador, you're back, outnumbered and looking dazzling as usual. >> oh, god. sandra: really are. >> as the other four people on this set too. andrea: thank you.
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flattery will get you everywhere on this program. >> not bad under pressure i must say. andrea: big political news. let's hit it. a very big day tomorrow for the gop. republican voters head to the polls in hawaii, idaho, michigan and mississippi. michigan is pretty big prize, 59 delegates at stake with a new nbc/"wall street journal" marist poll, shows trump inned lee. in mon moth university poll, trump's lead narrows, 52-23. did you see this kansas and maine. cruz suggesting those victories show the race for the nomination is now a two-man race. and it's time for john kasich and senator marco rubio to drop
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out. ambassador, what do you think, officially a two-man race? >> i think it is getting close to it. i would have said in the debate before super tuesday, somebody like senator cruz should have said, see how it turns out on super tuesday, whoever does best against donald trump the others should drop out because ultimately one of the few times i agree with vladimir lenin, at some point you have to sharpen the contradictions. i think to minimize the chances of the convention, being a mess in cleveland and having somebody walk away convinced they're going to stay home in november, beating the leading candidate, if it is going to happen one-on-one is the way to resolve that. getting a clear victory i think at this point, whoever it turns out to be, is the most important outcome. i do not buy the argument for a brokered convention. andrea: kennedy marco rubio another disappointing evening. what do you think went so wrong? >> it is interesting. i've been thinking about that a lot. you could argue donald trump
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also had less than stellar evening. i think a lot of that is attributable to marco rubio. he should have seen this on super tuesday. his attacks while they have been entertaining they have been effective at damaging trump's brand a little bit, he didn't help himself in thursday night's debate certainly but it hasn't done anything for him. three third place finishes and a forth place finish. that is pretty dismal. it is hard to see his clear-cut path on the nomination. andrea: spend something much time on florida, harris, but at minimum he has to win florida. tells you about somebody if they're struggling to win their home state. harris: not even minimum. that really counts. the win in puerto rico, u.s. territory yesterday was really important for him. they bring 23 delegates to the convention. they don't vote in the general election in november, but gives him a boost. if you look at it, obviously closest to florida than any other state and it is his home state. carl cameron, our campaign corresondent, says gives him
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oxygen but gives him oxygen only, right? he only won minnesota other than that i notice something. you compare the monmouth university to previous nbc polling, something else changed, not just trump and cruz, kasich is doing well, he is doing bert, he is in double digits. up in the top three in the monmouth university poll because one of the first major primaries in industrial state. like his home in ohio. you could see him do very well there too. i agree with you, ambassador, at some point history shown us you have to whittle it down to give voters a crisp choice. >> i think a lost early campaigning was misguided. many thought they had to take each other out first. looked like a bunch of baby seals clubbing each other to death. the way to establish legitimacy win cleanly in the primaries and caucuses. go to the convention with a clear majority. andrea: only because ted cruz
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did so well in caucus states, he did well in iowa but saw him performing well in these other states but donald trump racking up wins. arguably it is really a two-man race between cruz and trump. sandra: talk about the money they're spending or not spending. this piece in the "wall street journal," the gop race isn't over points out this morning donald trump has gotten away in the primary season at least without spending much of his fortune. he brags and advertises that fact. but now we're about to see possibly this ad war break out in some of the states, key states. talking about florida. is this going to be a telling time for donald trump if he is willing to break into his fortune and spend his money because it will tell voters, if he is willing to use his money against hillary clinton. >> i think that's the key point. he may be able to do this in the preconvention stage but there is no doubt in general election campaign hillary clinton will have hundreds of millions of dollars available to her, he has to find alternative sources.
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so far i think the analysts would tell you that senator cruz, among more conventional candidates has spent his money most efficiently but it will come down to organization in the next two weeks, tomorrow and next tuesday. >> also some of those closed primary states definitely benefit ted cruz. you will see more and more of them. when you have open primaries and independents and democrats able to vote, a lot are voting for donald trump. hence we've seen that interesting coalition. the fact you will see naturally by that closed process more conservatives vote for cruz i think he continues to do better and he has money. >> turns out republicans, republicans should pick the republican nominee. how is that? town tune voters should pick, actually, not the elites. harris: let's talk about the democrats. hillary clinton appearing on fox news for the first time in two years. she and fellow presidential candidate bernie sanders take part in special town hall hosted by bret baier at 6:00 eastern. don't miss it.
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early promo. topic of discussion will likely be the clinton email scandal. "washington post" is reporting that she herself wrote 104 emails she sent on the private server which the government said contained classified information. this is the first account of placing info now considered sensitive into non-secure email during state. but on cbs's face the nation she was still sounding confident about putting the investigation behind her, watch. >> pagliano, former state department staffer was granted immunity from the criminal prosecution in the investigation of your email server. when this happened, democrats worry somebody will get indicted? >> well, there is no basis for that. it's a security review. i'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has. and i think that we'll be moving toward a resolution of this after all --
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>> you see this as good news? >> yeah, i do, absolutely. i think we're getting closer and closer to wrapping this up. i'm hoping that we'll get through this then everybody can take a hard look at inneragency disputes and arguments over retroactive classification. remember i'm the one who asked that all my emails be made public. i've been more transparent than anybody i can think of in public life. harris: all right. so was that the ultimate spin making you shake your head and giggle or what was it? >> absolutely. she is delighted this guy has been granted immunity. she will be delighted when they put the ankle bracelets on her. she will be delighted when she does the perp walk. she will be -- harris: why is she so delighted. >> only way to pretend to get through this is say it is nothing. justice department and fbi don't do security reviews. they're not a think tank. they investigate and prosecute crimes. just as one example she said retroactive classification. the only retroactivity here is
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the physical piece of paper which didn't have a classification marking on it. harris: right no now it does. but it is information that is classified. and it was four, five six years ago and it is today. harris: so, andrea, we have talked about was this incompetence or something else on her part? she is in charge of doing marking we're talking about here. yet now we know she authored more than 100 of these emails. did she not know what sensitive confidential information looks like, so sensitive it gets special marking? >> she said on record she had specific training needed to get clearance she had. top secret sap clearance. harris: did she get an a? andrea: at best she is incompetent. then the argument is she is not fit to be secretary of state or commander-in-chief but i want to go to something very important. while she was under investigation, her staff was actively emailing, still e-mailing how to suppress the evidence. this is the hubris. this is arrogance of the clinton camp.
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i think cheryl mills and huma abedin are in real trouble, real trouble. ambassador, you're right, she could be in orange and have an ankle bracelet and cuffed and perp walk, i look great in orange and i needed new jewelry, who needs vacation, i do. she would spin it this way. harris this, is very, very serious. intentionally deceit i think what she has committed here. harris: interesting you bring up cheryl mills. remember last week, sandra there was report she was looked at because she retains security clearance classification even though looked at by fbi and all this. my thinking does this help her? the practice of using non-secure email systems was basically rampant, not just this that department but across government. sandra: i go to judge napolitano's projection there will be indictment in may of some sorts as they work their way up the ladder. that is important to consider. i'm curious what you just said, ambassador? do you think something will
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happen here for hillary clinton as soon, sounds like you're making it out to be? >> i think it will be very close. i don't think it has to be indictment. if grand jury is impaneled if one doesn't exist already, they simply have to say to cheryl mills, huma abedin we want you to come before the grand jury or hillary clinton. if they have competent legal counsel they will refuse to do it, invoke fifth amendment privilege. what does it do to the democratic campaign if their candidate is taking the fifth? andrea: white house was aware she was operating outside of the lou on the personal server. it goes back to the point, they were all in on it. this is a rogue, lawless administration that knew she was operating above the law and i would suspect that there are people currently in the white house who also are operating above the law with regard to security clearance. just a unhad much. why else would they look the other way? sandra: i want --
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>> i want bret baier to press her tomorrow night to get clarification. was she aware she could author herself -- >> of course. >> she has to stop hiding behind this umbrella of overclassification. harris: look, rampant across government. >> just because everybody else is doing it doesn't -- >> she created it. not outside source, agent every time stamping every email she authors. she can create that information. harris: bret and i traded emails earlier. i will be able to do down a few roads that have not been traveled in the democratic race so far. 30 minutes per candidate. that gives me a chance to get as many questions as possible. watch bret baier host the town hal featuring democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders, tonight in just a few hours on "special report," 6:00 p.m. eastern. the islamic state is spreading its own brand of evil, you know it. claiming responsibility for a massive bombing with 60 people at least dead. the terror army causing
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unspeakable acts as it marchs across the mideast. we heard of horrible beheading after 10-year-old boy for missing friday prayers. what is the obama administration doing to stop them and is it enough? donald trump is changing his tune on whether the u.s. should torture suspects. ambassador we put you on the hot seat for that one. when the tv version wraps up go digital with us. hit overtime tab. you want to do it now through your twitter an facebook. it gets jammed the live chat. we want to get your words with stay close. ♪ equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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♪ sandra: donald trump appearing to reverse his tough stance on torture after major backlash. the republican presidential candidate not only advocating torture beyond waterboarding at last week's fox news debate but suggesting he would target terrorist families and insisting the military would carry out his orders even if they're illegal. but after drawing fierce criticism from defense officials, trimp appearing to back away from that comment. saying in a statement he would operate within the law.
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but on yesterday's "face the nation, trump still claiming we're too soft on terrorist. >> i happen to think that when you're fighting an enemy that chops off heads, i happen to think we should use something that is stronger than we have right now. right now, basically water board something essentially been a allowed as i understand it. >> you would like it and expand it? >> i would like it at minimum, minimum to allow that. >> why do you think we don't have those, why do you think we don't have water boarding? >> i think we've become very weak and ineffective. i think that is why we're not beating isis. it is that mentality. sandra: nobody better than to respond to this ambassador bolton. what is your take on this? >> we vin international convention and statutes that prohibit us from engaging in torture. the issue what amounts to torture and in the bush administration there was arduous legal analysis to separate what was row inhibited -- prohibited and therefore what was torture and what was permitted and therefore was not tortured.
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waterboarding came out on side of being permitted. i think that was the correct interpretation. this is not a matter how you feel about something. the statute gives terms that you have to define, and that is what we need to focus on. to do anything other than that, leaving aside targeting of civilians for a minute, on enhanced interrogation techniques. that is the analysis you have to follow. nobody, i think, i hope is in favor of torture. you're trying to find the line between what is torture and what is not. sandra: what do you make of him going beyond that saying we're still too soft on terrorists, he said, andrea, as you heard him say but we need to strengthen the law to allow for the use of torture? what is he saying he is going to do here? andrea: these are one of these moments where donald trump doesn't really know what he is talking about and he needs to bring in advisors to help him. the ambassador is absolutely correct. torture is illegal. waterboarding is part of enhanced interrogation and it is legal. legal according to the bush administration and held by the
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obama administration even though eric holder tried to get rid of it. they are operating within the law. when trump says he wilt do something illegal, and then rebuff congress, people stop and they say, i can't do that. you can't. also, if you're going to target high-value target or terrorist family you don't advertise that to the world. so there is a couple issues at play here. but, enhanced interrogation has been incredibly effective and there is zero correlation, zero correlation between that and any kind of treatment with p.o.w.s or it spurs more radical islamic jihadism. no mention of it anywhere in "inspire" magazine. that is a lie prop greated by the -- pop -- propagated by the progressive left. sandra: is this mistake on the part of the trump campaign or is this an angle? >> look for the turn where he made -- bret baier pressed him.
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are you going to do something illegal? if i say do it they will do it. that is what leadership is all about. that is someone who doesn't have a great grasp of laws in this country. i don't think you necessarily, when you do the 180 you have that kind of fallout. i'm wondering from you, does it give you paws, when you hear someone not only running for president and in the lead, may secure the nomination and talk about leadership and that is his view and very subjective. >> that position is clearly wrong. wrong on targeting civilians. civilians are wounded are sometimes wounded and that great man of courage pulled one of his wives in front of him to shield himself. that is part of armed conflict. there is no way to get around it. we believe we should perform according to higher and moral legal standards and anybody who becomes president understands that. that ought to be prerequisite. sandra: harris i want to lean on you for this.
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we know there are reports out there, reuters specifically reporting some foreign diplomats came out expressing alarm to u.s. government officials about what they are calling inflammatory and insulting public statements by the gop front-runner in the possible presidential candidate. harris: we talked about this a little bit on "the fox report" last night. what time is it for donald trump? it is high noon for his campaign. time for him to take a turn, a former new york congressman was saying for him, if he could advise trump here is what you tell him to do. you have to become a statesman now. you have to figure out what your foreign policy will really look like. when people ask you about, checking back with whoever is giving you legal advice. i would assume, governor chris christie, at this point since he pulled them out. that would be good to find out about legalities if you have him on your staff. does he become a politician doing that? maybe. this will hurt him because he is not able to answer questions to be coherent bit. >> i agree with that assessment
9:23 am
but i would also say foreign diplomats, former mexican president vicente fox and others should stop talking about donald trump. that is campaign advertisement for him. if they don't want him elected suffer in silence for a while. sandra: thank you. warning from rush limbaugh about what would happen if the republican establishment used a brokered convention to try to snatch the nomination away from donald trump. would it lead to utter chaos? or is it the only way for the gop to win the white house? we're remembering former first lady nancy reagan today. she passed away at her los angeles home yesterday. the tribute now pouring in to a devoted wife, advisor and advocate.
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♪ harris: people around the globe remembering the life and legacy of nancery reagan. the former first lady died in her home in bel-air, california,
9:28 am
of congestive heart failure. since the passing tribute are pouring, calling the 94-year-old a gracious first lady and devoted wife. she will be buried next to her husband, ronald reagan, at presidential library in simi valley next week. we saw the procession lead the home from bel-air go to very same funeral home where her husband was taken after his death. so the family has gathered. we're expecting details of visitation. we understand that will be closed casket by end of this week people can pay respects. public can. we haven't learned anymore about private ceremonies. we'll go to a reporter this hour. president obama has broken into an economic meeting at white house with some words about the former first lady. let's watch that. >> you know, i had the opportunity to meet mrs. reagan
9:29 am
once. obviously she was advanced in age but could not have been more gracious and more charming to myself and michelle when we first came into office. i think it has been well-documented the extraordinary love that she had for her husband and the extraordinary comfort and strength that she provided him during, really hard times. as somebody who has been lucky enough to have extraordinary partner in my life as well, i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> thank you. thank you.
9:30 am
thank you, guys. harris: president from the white house holding economic meeting and broke off from that for just a moment as you saw him giving some words about nancy reagan. good time to bring in our reporter william la jeunesse. you've been covering the story since it broke yesterday? what is the latest development. i mentioned whether there would be private memorial plans we might have learned about? >> here is what we do know about the funeral plans. as you said right now nancy reagan's body is at the mortuary in santa monica where private services are held for friends and family. she will be transported to the library. one or two days of public viewing followed by a funeral and burial. once that date is set, we don't know exactly what it is because of a state dinner on thursday for the canadian prime minister, once the date is set we will have invitations go out and we know what dignitaries will attend. we expect a large crowd because many remember her as a end of an
9:31 am
era. like jackie kennedy she was icon , her persona a time stamp on 8 '50s and symbol of optimism. >> it was time of optimism and hope and strong leadership. so she is so connected, of course to his legacy and she reminds us of those, that time period and it's a time period for that we're grateful for. reporter: nancy's story is very much a love story. you know she said her life began when she met ronald reagan. she was an actress. he was head of the screen actors guild. he really revived her career. if it wouldn't have been for her he wouldn't be governor of california or president because she encouraged him to run in 1980 after two defeats. america would be a very different place and that is fact recognized by many. >> she is an american classic. she's an american woman.
9:32 am
that is real woman right there. right a woman of faith, a woman who loves her country, a woman who loved her man. reporter: so we will find out in about two to three hours exactly the funeral plans. once we know those dates, we will find out who will attend and pallbearers will be and what opportunities the public will have to visit and respect, pay their respects to mrs. reagan. back to you. harris: william, thank you for bringing details as you're getting them. a very different political time, andrea from what we saw in the 1980s. andrea: yeah. harris: her passing reminding us, her husband brought so much civility to politics. andrea: he sure did. the way she loved him was #relationship goals, amen. andrea: lots of talk about a brokered convention should should majority of candidates have enough to win the nomination. rare tv appearance, conservative
9:33 am
commentator rush limbaugh, talking to our own chris wallace, warning the establishment in attempting to snatch the nomination away from donald trump. >> i predict if they can't stop trump in the primary pros he is they will make an effort to stop him at convention. governor romney pretty much telegraphed that. >> what happens? >> what happens there is walkout. if that happens, there sutter chaos. andrea: senator ted cruz echoing that statement. watch. >> a lot of folks pushing brokered convention in washington don't want it based on the people. they want to drop in their favorite candidate an try to stifle the will of the people. i think that would be enormous mistake. andrea: this as the so-called stop trump forces are reportedly pouring $10 million into tv ads focusing on big states voting a week from tomorrow, particularly florida. meantime former republican presidential nominee mitt rom says he won't rule out leading the republican party again in the general election if he is
9:34 am
nominated at a brokered convention. first on this point, brokered convention, ambassador bolton. it would be just devastating for the republican party to have that kind of bloodbath. >> that's why i said earlier i would like to see a clean fight and somebody win but let's be clear. you could have a very close convention. you could have it uncertain and somebody prevails. i was at kansas city in 1976 when ford beat reagan. it was nip-and-tuck up to the end. it wasn't brokered. a majority of delegates went for ford in closely contested race. the rest is history. i think is entirely possible. voters across the country whether they're for trump, cruz, rubio, or whomever want at least the chance for them to vote on it rather than somebody else parachuted in. if that happens i think the party could split and split badly. badly -- andrea: sandra, if the forces keep it up to prevent candidate like donald trump the party
9:35 am
fractureses even further. let the voters decide, the candidates speak and the process play out. >> the damage it would do to the party is one thing. in the immediate future what it does to candidates, i would be curious. rush limbaugh said it would lead to utter chaos if there is brokered convention. i wonder what that looks like? >> we don't have experience. that is the short answer. if you go back to the '20s and '30s, both parties saw conventions lasting for 50, 60 ballots. when it is clear nobody can emerge then there will be deals. that is not what they're talking about. those who fear this, they fear something happening on the second or third ballot when people break from their binding, the rules that they face who to support. you know, i think that's possible but i don't think until we've had some more primary/caucus results you can predict that i don't think it can be won out right before cleveland. i believe that is preferred outcome.
9:36 am
andrea: that is much better outcome. you look at tone now, you can't even go on twitter, kennedy people are so fired up, it is so nasty. it is different than in past elections. this is different, i never seen, i don't know if you've seen, ambassador bolton, establishment try to railroad the front-runner out in this way. it would be complete chaos. >> if you're john kasich, marco rubio, or ted cruz all of sudden mitt romney to use your phrase parachuted into the convention and mitt romney giving voters, sounded like he would vote in every state, if i were you i would vote for john kasich in ohio, i would vote for marco rubio in florida, ted cruz wherever else, somehow mitt romney becomes the nominee, god forbid, i would sue. republican party if i were one of these candidates. if i had been spending two years raising millions of dollars, winning states, winning caucuses, winning primaries then have it all taken away?
9:37 am
so immature and condescending town tune not only that, all the people that gave money to mitt romney last time around and more vitriol for donald trump than he ever did for barack obama. dropping mitt romney, a loser, losing candidate into this race would be more chaotic than whatever we've seen. >> you saw newt gingrich who lost to mitt romney in 2012 very con tested race come in to criticize romney. what people should focus on, oppose a candidate if they want to, support a candidate if they want to. stop talking about how dissatisfied they will be if end result doesn't obtain. work for person you want and see if we can't get a clear result. harris: interesting if you look what "national review" put out. that is op-ed, writers, journalists covering story. when you talk about leadership talking that way, pushing against the voter, electorate we go down a dangerous road for democracy. i get a little concerned that the next generation of children that will vote in the future, like my own, are going to say,
9:38 am
you know what? our voice doesn't count as much, mom. i don't think i want to do that. i get worried about that. this process right now -- and look, we almost saw the same thing coming together on the democratic side of the aisle, although democrats seem to come to their senses to back whatever horse they will back at this point. maybe, maybe not. but doesn't look like it could be politically bloody as this potentially could be. >> i don't mind arguing against the candidate. i think that is fine. that could help the others. what i'm worried about people saying if i don't get outcome x, i'm walking. i think that is big mistake. harris: moving to different country. no political leader said. that only whoopi goldberg. sandra: al sharpton and miley cyrus. harris: front-runner donald trump speaking. let's dip in for a moment. >> we'll not let it happen. [cheering] you know what, all this free trade, it is free trade for
9:39 am
them, not for us. we're losing our shirts. look i believe free trade is fine but the leaders of these other countries, whether it is china, $500 billion a year trade deficit with china. what the hell good is that for us. where does that help us? so you have china, japan where cars come in by the hundreds of thousands, they pour off the boats. like mark is driving the car. i never seen, you wouldn't drive it, too reckless. they come off these boats going 40 or 50 miles-an-hour. like the long island turnpike or long island expressway. they come pouring off the boats one after another after another. we send them like, nothing. we send them nothing. and by comparison, nothing. we have to make smart deals. we can no longer, we're losing, look at our deficits, look at our budget, look what is going on with this country, we're losing our jobs. the politicians don't tell you that. i actually think a lot of them don't know. most of them that do know
9:40 am
they're controlled by special interests that own companies in other countries. they're even controlled by other country is. countries have lobbyists also. they have lobbyists. they have their donors. it is absolutely crazy what is going on with our country. when you stand up to say we'll charge you tax, as an example, as an example, carrier, they announced two weeks ago, the guy standing, some management person, i don't think it was even top guy, he let 1400, 1400 great people. they had the cell phone going. great people let go. and i said, boy that's sad. watching on television. that is sad. folks, i was really a good student at the greatest school, wharton school of finance. you don't have to go to wharton. you don't have to go to school. how does it help us to have carrier go to mexico, make their air-conditioning units in mexico, let go all of these people, great jobs, they have been there for many, many years, great people, great people.
9:41 am
beautiful units outside, great people, great stuff. i'm not buying it anymore. i'm not buying carrier anymore. they go to mexico. by the way some countries that have pride, they don't buy products made in america. they want them built in their country. remember we used to have made in the usa, right? [cheering] when is last time you've seen it? you don't see that anymore. you don't see that anymore. with carrier they will leave and take their 1400 jobs and go on unemployment. they weren't even nice to the people. i didn't think. they will build a big plant. i will tell you what, politicians will never do this because always a lobbiest to take care of a politician. they have lobbyists where they virtually advertise, i will take care of rubio. they have guys that specialize in rubio. they have guys that specialize in lying ted cruz. they specialize. ted cruz comes in, bible high, bible high, puts bible down and
9:42 am
lies to you. unbelievable. i never met, you know i thought real estate people were tough and real estate people in manhattan were tough. in many ways they are tough, they're tougher i have never seen lying that in politics. here is what happens. we call up carrier. i want to do it myself. they say you have to act presidential. somehow it is not presidential for the president of the united states to call up some guy at carrier. this is the president of the united states. who cares if it is presidential. i or one of my people. we have the best business people in the world in the united states. we don't use them for trade deals. we don't use them for trade deals. we use political hacks. we use them who traded to get the job. all the people give the worst deals. we don't have good anything? what is last time we won anything in this country?
9:43 am
we don't win anymore. in this country, seriously think about it, when was last time which had a victory. we lose with isis. we lose with war. we lose with trade. we have lousy health care, going up 35, 45, 50%. there is stupid obamacare. of the which we're going to repeal and replace. [cheering] you look -- harris: giving you a little taste what is happening this noon hour with donald trump on the campaign stump in concord, north carolina, when these things pop up during our hour of "outnumbered," we like to take awe bit. he started out arguably somewhat his sweet spot, trade deals, talk of that, immigration and so forth. he made verbal punch as you sue at ted cruz. wrapping up with a whole breadth of things including the fight against isis. let's pick up with that the islamic state ramping up its attacks near baghdad killing more than 60 people in massive fuel truck bombing. is the terror group destroying
9:44 am
gains u.s. force made up there and what else should we do to defeat them?
9:45 am
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9:48 am
♪ sandra: isis claiming responsibility for a suicide truck bombing just outside of baghdad. the death toll now at 61. it is the third massive bombing in the area in just over a week. with isis taking credit for the attacks. the spike in violence raising new concerns that the terror group is unduing all the gains u.s. forces made in iraq. all this amid more evidence of isis's brutality. the "jerusalem post" reporting a 16-year-old boy in syria, pictured here, was beheaded by the terror group for failing to show up to mandatory prayer services. ambassador, continuous stories like this make us all ask the question, when are we going to bring it to isis? when are we taking them down?
9:49 am
>> it is inexcusable to me we allowed this much time to go on. we're now almost two years really since they broke out of syria into iraq. i think these latest terror attacks are intended to say to the baghdad government in particular, don't even think about coming against mosul. isis has, when it has been faced with air power, when it has been faced with forces kurdish or from the baghdad government, advised, in effect led by american personnel can't stand up to them. what they can still do very effectively is carry out suicide terrorist attacks. so i think this is a warning signal to the authorities in baghdad, back off on coming against mosul. looks to me like the preparations for that attack have been woefully inadequate anyway. sandra: a lot of the fight will fall into the hands of the next president. you heard donald trump in noh carolina in his campaign speech he said we're losing to isis. who is putting out or any
9:50 am
candidates putting out a solid plan in your eyes, ambassador to fight them. >> isis will not be destroyed in syria and iraq without both american leadership and active american participation. people say they will never accept american boots on the ground. let's be clear there are 3500 americans in iraq today and unknown number in syria. they're not wearing guccis. their lives are at risk right now. people need to realize that the arab states have a huge stake in it, kurds do, turks do, they can not full themselves in effective way, we can. we're acceptable to all of them. that is what international leadership means. why do it when arab states and others are at risk? we're at risk too. look at san bernardino. look at americans beheaded over isis last couple years. if we don't destroy isis in the middle east now, they will spread and metals advertise in north africa. they are a threat in western europe and africa. they will be a threat in this country in the very near future.
9:51 am
sandra: great to get your perspective, ambassador. why do people go to therapy. unresolved issues from childhood. what about trump anxiety? apparently this is thing, a real thing these days. we'll discuss. your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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>> psychologists reporting more and more patients flooding offices to vent about, donald trump. according to "washington post," the condition even has a name. trump anxiety. it is exhibited by people who apparently spend hours in bed tossing and turning over the possibility of a president trump. the post-writing quote, trump's die strikes against undocumented immigrants and mexicans and muslims holds unpleasant flashbacks of dictators. for others his insults bring memories of the high school bullies. when you talk about trump anxiety do you talk about bullying or immigrant issues? >> i don't know what i would say to a therapist, i never been to one. for those that do have therapists to talk about trump anxiety that is actually an argument for bernie sanders confiscatory income tax policies because they're wasting their money. >> are we wasting a way as nation mentally by succumbing to
9:56 am
these moral failings? harris: i wonder whether the trump campaign came up with this. we said his name 50 more times. sandra: the demographic must be rich. to be spending your money on this, i don't know, is it that bad, kennedy? >> is it that bad? andrea: i have no clue. this is real story? >> this is real story? >> this is in the dsmiv. this is now official psychiatric condition. harris: ambassador thanks for being here today. thanks for being here. especially on last issue. that was delicious. we'll stay right here for "outnumbered" ot, baby. click on the "overtime" tab. for now, after the break, "happening now." pet moments are beautiful,
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