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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOXNEWSW  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> viewers share favorite memories of nancy reagan. jim says mrs. reagan kissing the president's casket. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast, and across america, ted cruz is closing in on donald trump and now they're both calling for marco rubio to drop out. but rubio and john kashich are vowing to stay in the fight and win their home states. as for the democrats, they're taking the stage hours from now in a town hall here on fox news channel, and hillary clinton days -- darkest days in the white house. remembering nancy reagan. the nation gets ready to officially say goodbye. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. polls now show donald trump
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into tomorrow's primaries, and now antitrump forces are spendingmillions and millions of dollars trying to take him down. it's brand new and happening today. polls show trump with a big lead in mississippi and idaho. we don't have good nñunñulsj out which is all important, and has the most delegates up for grabs tomorrow, the real clear politics average has donald trump leading by 18 points. ted cruz and john kashich tied there. and rubio, the guy with the most support from republican leaders, is dread last and it's not close. still, the force is out to stop donald trump seem to think it is not too late. they're pointing to the primary results over the weekend when donald trump lost two states. the problem is the man who looks like the strongest alternative is apparently almost as unpopular with the republican there irwere a last two in popularity, those are they. ted cruz announced -- trounced
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donald trump in kansas, a clobbering with 48% of the vote. now antitrump forces are spending millions and millions of dollars on last-minute ads in a coward who serves nobody but himself. >> trump would not have survived a p.o.w. experience. would have been the first one to fold. >> so far trump is not responding to that commercial but normally says attack ads are take him down. today trump is targeting his rival, marco rube you're, call for him to drop out of the race, rubio didn't win a single state on saturday and came in third place over and every, except for maine, where the came in fourth. today, trump promised to wage an online war, saying he would use twitter and facebook to expose marco rubio or, as he calls him, little marco. >> i tell you what. what he has done, i cannot believe he got away with but
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we'll expose and it see what happens. see what happens. but this guy is a disaster. on top of which he is a choker. >> well, for his part, rubio is stumping today in his home state of florida, ahead of the primary there on tuesday next week. he is promised he is not quitting the race no matter what happens. and that kicks off team fox coverage. mike emanuel in detroit and carl cameron in grosse pointe woods michigan. there's new poll that shows rubio could be making a comeback in florida. is that right? >> reporter: well, got to give him credit for getting all of the delegates in puerto rico yesterday. really the only candidate who campaign thread. the new poll shows that marco rubio is trailing donald trump in his state by eight points. rubio has had tough time trying to get traction. won only one primary[;,voç and e caucus, and his big primary win was a territory instead of state. rubio has to get his act
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together and play place very strong next week in florida, and there are states voting tomorrow, including michigan, including north carolina. big delegate purse here, as÷xej% obviously michigan, with 59 delegates. john kashich about to wrap up a town hall meeting and because he is from the area, he thinks he can do well. rubio is waiting to find out if he ever gets the support of jeb bush. bush signaled he might be willing to make an endorsement before the florida primary but not decided, and it's an open question whether or not a bush endorsement would be a help or hinderance. >> case -- kashich and michigan, looks like he's trying to mound -- >> his campaign is comfortable. spent a lot of time here, campaigning as though he were running for governor of michigan. he has been here just about every day, and is playing up the ohio, michigan, collegiate rivalry, as though it's really an alliance for presidential
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politics. good sized crowd here, just outside of detroit. as you say, and a handful of democrats came to the event so they were down to their last choices between kashich and sanders, which got got groans fm the audience. he was the only candidate who didn't get into the brawl yet:"ç again, and appears particularly in the midwest, the industrial states, michigan and ohio, sort of joined at the help economically and many ways culturally and politically. if kashich were to pull off a surprise win here, it would be a big blow to trump and put the gas in the tank that john kashich has more likely a second place and he is hoping for close, which would at least set him up for the big contest next week in ohio, his home state, which for him is a must-win, and unlike marco rubio who says he would go at but kashich says if he blows it in the buckeye
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state, he is staying home. >> thank you. on paper, michigan's economy is improving. the unemployment rate is just a third of what it was at the height of the recession. but people there tell our reporters i it hasn't ben the same since the auto industry nearly collapsed a few year ago. poverty has surged. add to that contaminated drinking water that poisoned children in ft., mc -- flint, michigan that estate's voters had a lot or their mind. mike? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. we have been out talking to likely michigan voters about issues critical to them, both republicans and democrats, and the folk wes have been chatting with say they're listening to all these candidates about a variety ofénu issues critical to winning their vote. >> jobs, definitely, here in flint. definitely a big one. healthcare. senior citizens, just in -- i know from myself, protecting
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social security and i'm starting to get up in age and starting to become more of an important issue for me. >> reporter: we caught up with a lot of likely voters at lang low's famous coney island in flint, michigan. they specialize in serious hotdogs. cone questions with assault kinds of fixings, a good spot to get real michigan voters, republicans and democrats we talked to one gentleman who worried about talk of raising minimum wage to $15 per hour. >> if we raise our minimum wage up to $15, going to5j[ç be payig six bucks for a hamburger. all trickles down to the customer. the other things that are going on, is the water situation here. it's killing my business. >> reporter: no surprise, folks in flint worried about the key local issue, that has had a
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devastating impact on local businesses and the local community. otherwise, a lot of concern about jobs and the economy in michigan, shep. >> mike emanuel, live in detroit. thanks. let's bring in the political editor for "the boston globe." michigan looks like it has more question marks. ehj% interesting because if no one gets 50% of the vote in the republican primary there then the debt gals are awarded proportional yay, if -- if it's anyone it will be trump -- does reach the 50% threshold they get a whole 60-some delegates. a huge prize and could give. the a big boost going into what we deemed as super tuesday 2.0 next week. it's interesting-i thinks notable, that ted cruz is continuing to do well in the state of michigan. i think sometimes when people think about michigan republicans they think of business-minded republicans, think of mitt romney's father, for example, more centrist, moderate republicans, but that's not the whole story of the michigan
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republican party. there's a contingent of religious republicans on the west side and central michigan who are cruz supporters. >> does your reporting show theñ kashich rise is real there and he could have a real impact in michigan or not so much? >> departments on what you mean by -- depends on what you mind by impact. the min primary. could be he get second? maybe, what kashich did in new hampshire, when he does show up and puts an effort in and meets lots of voters, it pays dividends for him. there's no question he has been in michigan nearly egle day the past couple of weeks. so it's 0 possible we might see r4 good showing but it's difficult to tell at this point. probably battling for second with cruz. >> i was wondering, michigan -- you hit it the most important part and that is this 50% threshold. if kashich and cruz can do okay, and donald trump doesn't hit the 50%, seems to me that matters
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now as we move forward. >> every delegate matters as we move forward, but especially for the underdogs trying to compete with trump. that's absolutely the case. andon kashich, who is trailing in the delegate count, that matters for him. the worse case scenario foron kashich is not coming in second tomorrow and trump getting above 50. that puts him further behind the other candidates candidates ande accumulation. >> i wonder what you make of this marco rubio shift in attitude. down in florida, trying to get during arguably you don't get florida, you're -- done, but he seem bows softening his tone seem bow taken on three or four different personalities. now just saying, come on, florida, i got to win this. i read the panhandle is a little unhappy with him and the i-4 core core -- corridor will give him trouble. >> there's a question that rubio is shifting his tone from when
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he was going straight on and playing what people referred to as schoolyard politics with trump. two debates ago. definitely shifted the way he talks but he is in his home state. and the florida republicans, it's basically like three different states of republicans ina$ florida. you mentioned in the panhandle, that's a very different kind of republican. i think that's trump country up there. then you're looking at other parts of the state. there's a cuban population that tends to favor republicans. that plays well to rubio's an ancestry. a diverse state when it comes to the republican party so not surprising he might emphasize this personal connections when he is speaking to certain segments of the population. >> no surprises in mississippi, tomorrow. looks to me like that's trump. >> it does. the delegates are awarded proportionalie so we'll see who else comes in second and third and fourth. mississippi looks like true trump country. >> hard to believe he
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evangelicals of mississippi are voting for trump, but if the polls are right, they are. we'll know more tomorrow. just tells you how much this country has changed in recent month and years. >> it really does. michigan republicans separate in many ways. if any place emphasized great deed in the republican party where you have traditional republicans versus tea-party republicans it's michigan -- excuse me -- mississippi. if there's any -- interesting to see trump bridge that divide with the support from religious voters. he's not the candidate i'd expect to do that. >> no, he is not. live with us from "the boston globe," thank you. people who live in flint, michigan, filed a class action lawsuit against the governor and other state officials over the water crisis. the lawsuit accuses officials of failing to take action after tests did show dangerous levels of lead in the city's water supply. it also claims tens of thousands of people have physical injuries and financial problems noz a@qp response from the governor.
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flint's water became contaminated when too much lead got into the water in 2014 after state officials shrimped the city's water supply to the in flint river to save money. both candidate call for him to resigning. >> the democrats take upping where they left off. hours from how to they take questions from voters and bret baier on a town hall meeting. hillary clinton back to fox news channel, along with bernie sanders. we'll be live in detroit. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting" on this monday afternoon.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting ready to take the stage for a fox news town hall thus afternoon or evening. special report anchor bret baier will host the event in detroit, hours before the michigan primary. 6:00 eastern time, 3:00 pacific time on fox news channel. the latest poll shows secretary clinton with a double-digit lead over senator sanders in michigan, up by 13 in a new survey there. they did most of their interview before last night's debate where things did get rowdy. ed henry is in detroit. ed, i'm speaking. it was good one. bernie sanders was getting
12:17 pm
testy, he felt like hillary being sexist by not letting a woman speak. the sanders camp saying that's nonsense. they're both running for president. this is not gender. he was trike to make his point about the auto bailout and was pushing back on something that clinton charged. the other thing that is hillary clinton went to a series of black churches and has an edge among african-american voters, not just in the state of michigan. we saw that in the south as well. she decided tou"hdw bring up her husband's past affairs and talked about -- mention third parable of the prodigal son. >> when someone who has disit's point who'd has often disappointed themselves, decides to come home, it is human nature to say, you -- we know what you have been doing. well know what you have been up
12:18 pm
to. you go sleep in the bed you made. but that's not what the father in the parable did. >> reporter: talking there about the power of forgiveness. remember, of course, the republican front-runner donald trump a few weeks ago said if he faces hillary clinton in a general election he's going to bring up bill clinton as awoeutg issue, personal scandals and whatnot. clinton trying to put a more favorable sort of sympathetic view on that, shep. >> i thought it interesting when clinton went after sanders on the bailout money for the auto industry, when really the vote was about the whole bailout of banks. they were all wrapped in together it. i84wasn't sure sanders did a great job making that clear. >> reporter: i think you're right and that's why he may be trying to clean it up today. sanders' point was, as you say correctly, he was trying to prevent the banks, the t.a.r.p.
12:19 pm
getting unlimited money. clinton was able to spin that in the debate as well he was trying to stop the auto bailout right here in detroit. sanders, few moments ago, has a press availability and tried to fix it. watch. >> last night, secretary clinton tried to make the point i did not support the bailout of the automobile industry. the only problem with her assertion is it's categorically untrue. >> reporter: sanders actually won more states than clinton the past weekend, three to one, but she is still big picture wracking up a lot more delegates. that's why tonight a lot of pressure in particular on sanders to make his case. he is running out of time. i clinton hasn't been on fox news channel in two years so that's big as well, 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> i'm excited about that should be great tv. thank you, ed. politicians from both sides of the aisle have been reaching out to suppress sorrow after the death of nancy reagan.
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we have just learned more this afternoon how america will say goodbye to the former first lady, nancy reagan. the actress who married the movie star who went on to become president. within the past hour the reagan presidential library announces plans for her to lay in repose this wednesday and thursday with a funeral on friday afternoon eastern time. a hearse carried her body out of the home. her office sis the cause of death was congestive heart failure.
12:24 pm
since 2004. nancy reagan left her own imprint on the white house with her campaign to keep kids off drugs, and today, workers there lowered the flag to half staff. president obama ordered all federal buildings, military posts and navy ships to lower has been completed.óy(% trace gallagher is at the reagan library. tell us the rest that we know now, trace, about the funeral on friday. >> reporter: right now, her body is at a funeral home in santa monica. on wednesday morning there will be a private service for the family and then wednesday afternoon her body i brought here to the reagan library. she will lie in repose for six hours on wednesday, four hours on thursday, and the plan is to shuttle the public in on buses. if you look back to 2004 when the former president lay in repose here, thousands of people waited inn@÷0ñ line just to getn the buss and waited hours in line to get in and pay their final respects to the president. the funerals at 11:00 a.m. on
12:25 pm
friday morning, a thousand people are expected to attend, and here is the twist. it rained very heavy here in southern california today. they're expecting more rain on friday. the library says this is a rain or shine event, but if it does rain, they have a backup plan. the plan is to bring in a big tent and to put those thousand people beneath that tent. >> who do we expect to be there? >> reporter: well, the reagan library will start announcing tomorrow those who will preside % wednesday they'll start announcing the dignitaries. you can imagine with a thousand people being invited the logistics here are extensive. we do know that the white house does not yet know if it's going to be president obama or mrs. obama or vice-president here, but the president did speak about nancy reagan today. listen. >> i think it's been well
12:26 pm
documented the extraordinary love that she had for her husband, and the extraordinary comfort and strength that sheúí÷ provided him during really hard times. >> reporter: we should note that nancy reagan has been heavily involved in the reagan library for the past 30 years. especially for the past 12 years, presiding over her husband's legacy. she was involved in the funeral arrange. s for her husband as well as her own arrangements. so, this is all in accordance with the former first lady's wishes. >> trace gallagher at theq>ñ library, thank you. politics now. it could be sink or swim for marco rubio, his home state of florida prepares to hold its primary a week from tomorrow. a new poll shows he may be facing some serious trouble from coast to coast to coast. plus, outside groups are waging a multi million dollar war now to stop donald trump from
12:27 pm
clinching the republican nomination. so, who is this money and what are these ads and who is behind it all? is it too little too late? we'll get the answer from senior political writer from u.s. news and world report. that's ahead on "shepard smith reporting." bottom of the hour, top of the news next. and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can.. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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12:30 pm
an icy reservoir in utah. whole thing, rescuers went out in a boot and grabbed the dog from the icy water. the dog's owner says it survived four days on the ice. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. bottom of the hour, top of the news, marco rubio is campaigning in florida where he faces what is no doubt a make or break primary a week from tomorrow. check out the new polls today out from monmouth university that shows donald trump beating marco rubio in florida by eight points. it's gotten closer. 38-30. ted cruz trails both candidates with 17%. senator rubio has been trying to portray him as the only candidate who can bring republicans together and win the general election. >> i am a conservative or more so than anyone left in this race. but i'm the conservative that can unify this party. we cannot win if we are divided
12:33 pm
against each other. you give me this nomination and i will unite the republican party so we[9ç[ç can win in nov. >> rubio yesterday won his second primary contest in puerto rico and still has far fewer delegates than ted cruz and donald trump. rubio promised he will win florida and it's 99 g.o.p. delegates, and he has. to steve harrigan is live in the south florida newsroom. the numbers don't look that good, do they, steve? >> reporter: no, he is down in the most recent poll that you cited, but his campaign suggests he isgokfg to close fast. and rubio is trying to make the case right now in central florida. this state for him is do or die. >> i need your help. it's crunch time now. i need your help. i need to win here. >> reporter: interesting twist, ted cruz has opened eight campaign offices across florida. this is a winner take all primary state, and cruz has been
12:34 pm
a distant third. some speculate he is doing so, making the effort here in florida to try to make sure marco rubio won't win, he'll lose his home state and perhaps force him from the race. >> he's getting a lot of help, marco rubio is, from big money, outside groups, super pacszñçrvo are doing everything they can to take down donald trump. >> reporter: at least four super pacs already operating here in florida. one of them, america future fund, has put together a 30-second spot which basically makes the claim that donald trump is too vulgar to become president. >> marco rubio. another corrupt, all-talk, no action, politician. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> reporter: that was the trump response, really, attacking rubio, but we have some super ç an a montage of donald trump
12:35 pm
swearing in one state after another. here's other a look at the montage. >> we'll beat the [bleep] out of them. they're ripping the [bleep] out of the sea. what he hell are we doing? >> i had the best words and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. >> you have a 30 second spat which airs tomorrow in northern florida and conservative regions, and it's clear the target of this ad, which says trump is not fit tempermentally to be president, is senior citizen is and seniors in the florida primary make up at least a third of the republican voters. >> and a higher pledger in north florida. let's get to david, a senior politics writer for ""u.s. news & world report."." a lot of money against trump. two different ads from american future fund pac. the club for growth is in action down there. or principles pac is in action and they're loading 10 million
12:36 pm
buzz thrust in fla. >> the biggest barrage that trump will have seen waged against him at one time. but, look, we're 20 primaries in now, and what i would say is, trump is pretty defined with most voters. a lot of people have made up their minds about this guy. >> a lot of them already voted in florida. >> reporter: it's true. he banked a lot of early vote ask we saw in contests over the
12:37 pm
i hunt worked thus far. >> one thing to add money and the other is a lot of journalists have been digging in deeper, some of donald trump background stuff. one thing i thought interesting, huffington post's editor's note, that they put down as facts and the note is donald trump is a serial liar, racist, missson song is in, birther and>
12:38 pm
michigan. these are trump states. they look like double digit polling advantages, but if he only slips away with a very narrow victory, that will embolden these groups to pour more money into florida and i think illinois is going to be another key state come march 15th. >> if rubio can't win florida, does he have to leave the race? what is your take on him? >> he doesn't have to leave the race, but i -- >> don't know where the money would come from. >> im4[don't know. even if rubio does squeak out florida, what does that get him? okay, it gets him his home state. gets him 899 -- 99 delegates buzz then what momentum does that give him? that's a harder case for him to make.
12:39 pm
but, yes, he has to win florida. you already have cruz and trump saying he should get out of the race now, which is interesting. these two guys wand to go mano a mano against each other, but it's obviously do or die for rubio. i think even if he does win florida, he has a tough road to hoe. >> if you believe what you're hearing from the power brokers, it's that they want him to stay in so that they all split the vote so trump doesn't get the necessary number of delegates so they can have -- i don't think a brokered convention is the right thing but a contested convention up in cleveland. >> there's a theory they cannot overtake trump in the delegate lead and can only prevent him from getting the 1237 necessary. but cruz still has a path. cruz is the gave amassing the most delegates. only down 80 delegates or so depending on the calculation, to trump. he still has a path to beat
12:40 pm
trump, and i think some of these mid-western states will be key. trumpening still be beaten, which in the primary system, not having to go to a convention but the question is, does cruz ever get to that one-on-one race that he so desperately wants and is it too late once that one-on-one race happens. >> time will tell. thank you, david; >> a new threat to strike america with nuclear weapons. the latest bluster from oreck north korea's leader as united states and south korean troops start their military drills and navy seals-under running shortix on combat rifles and have been forced to share their weapons. maybe somebody is looking for a bigger budget. hang on. vo: across america,
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12:44 pm
combat rifles and have to share them with each other. according to duncan hunter. congressman hunter+ says navy seals toll them when they return from deployment the military gives their rifles to other commandos who are shipping out. military officials say they're looking into the issue but experts point out sharing rifles is a problem because the seals fine tune their rifles to their own specifics. north korea is threatening to hilt the united states and south korea with nuclear weapons at any moment. a statement from the north korean government warned of a, quote, preemptive nuclear strike of justice, unquote. state department officials say the u.s. takes that threat seriously, and it's calling for lil' kim, the north korean dictator to cool it. this come as 3,000 south korea and u.s. troops began annual military drills. commanders say the war games will be the largest ever. last week the south koreans said oreck north korea launch evidence six projectiles,
12:45 pm
possibly missiles, into the sea. greg palkot with more on this. what else are we hearing? >> reporter: north korea again making some pretty hefty threats, at least this time around they have something to respond. to along with all the troops, we're looking at the u.s. rolling out heavy military hardware, tanks and artillery, b-2 bombers, even a nuclear powered submarine. while these and past exercises have been described as defensive, probably got the bells ringing in pyongyang as one drill in which special force teams practice what are called decapitation raids aimed at wipe ought north korea's leadership, clouding kim jong-un. cue the threat. north korea went on to say it will target u.s. bases in u.s., south korea, and the u.s. mainland.
12:46 pm
board the u.s. any way we want. >> any thought that this might be real? >> reporter: the line on getting from the experts i talked to in south korea is, not to worry what they say is that north korea is a long way from being a serious nuclear threat to the u.s. there's no sign yet that they've master how to miniaturize a warhead, gate weapon back to earth safely to target the missile correctly, but as they continue to do these tests they get to more and more dangerous and even now it's thought they can at the very least put a crude nuclear bomb on a short-range missile or even in a plane to dump out of the plane and aim it at u.s. targets. the threats at the very least, very important for kim. back to you. >> thank you, greg. the nfl legend peyton manning today hanging up his cleats
12:47 pm
after a career that saw him become one of the greatest football players of all-time. up ahead, details from an emotional news conference and how football experts say the so-called sheriff changed the game forever. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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dog sled teams kicking off what some call the world's most grueling race, the iditarod. in alaska. images in the slide show. see the snow and the folks lined up to send off the mushers. 85 sleds taking part this year. fw?wv champs leading off the ra. he and the other teams will have to travel about a thousand miles over some of the toughest
12:51 pm
terrain and all of the country. you can see a couple of the dogs with the green booties. they wear that to protect their paws. the sleds face heavy winds and temperatures far below zero. look at this. this year crews used a train to deliver tons and tons of snow around the starting line. you can see folks unloading one of those cars because there was not enough snow for iditarod to go. archie and olivia's number two son retired from football. peyton manning said i fought the good fight and i finished my football race and after 18 years aid time. peyton was emotional from start to finish. he choked up repeatedly, including when talking about the time he met another legendary colts quarterback, johnny unitas and the impact that had on him. >> i hope that old number 19 is up there, with his flat top and make his black hightops on. i hope he knows that maybe he is
12:52 pm
even a little proud of me. >> of course, peyton manning did a lot to make unitas proud. during his career, manning racked up more wins, more touchdowns and more passing yards than any other quarterback in nfl history, and last month, peyton led the broncos to a win over carolina in super bowl 50. making him the first quarterback to win the big game with two separate teams.4mw( experts say peyton manning changed the way quarterbacks play the game. especially for his ability to read defenses and the way he consistently changed plays from the line of scrimmage. the first family of football down to one man left on the field. at least until archie's grandsons get a little bit older. alicia in colorado for us this afternoon. peyton was characteristically emotional and modest today. >> reporter: modest to the very end but he did acknowledge that someone once told him that he
12:53 pm
might be different than other human beings because he had a way of making critical decisions quickly, but one person who knows exactly what that means is former bronco quarterback john elway, who is now the gm of the team, and today explained the peyton brilliance. >> peyton manning revolutionized the game. we always used to think that a no-huddle was a fast-pace, ghetto line of scrimmage and get people offbalance. peyton revolutionized it. we're going to ghetto line of scrimmage, take our time, i'm going to pick you apart. >> reporter: and one thing, shep, as word got out about the retirement, people who played against peyton manning and played with him, said he made them play the game better. >> saw some stuff even out of new england this afternoon. wasn't a surprise. we got heads up on it. >> reporter: we did. it was expected. this was a rocky last season for
12:54 pm
peyton manning, even though he led the team into the postseason and a world championship, but a lot of that was credited to the powerful denver defers, and in the regular season, to quarterback brock at -- out willer when 52-when peyton had©v to sit out due to injury. today he said it is time but will miss it. >> i'll miss recapping the game with my dad, checking to see if the giants won ask calling eli as we are4oñrkau on teamtç busd miss that handshake with tom brady and miss the plane rides after a big win with 53 teammates in the aisles, celebrating during the whole flight. >> reporter: peyton manning, number 18, said today was about celebration. >> maybe they'll make it 18 around there i know a place where they do that. thank you very much. good to see you. one time top tennis play in all the world -- just got this -- a stunner -- one of the best tennis players ever just
12:55 pm
announced she failed a drug test. maria sharapova place the announces herself. the buzz was she would retire and instead she told the world that she tested positive for a banned substance at the australian open. that substance something called meldonium. she says she has been taking that drug for health reasons for the past decade. the world antidoping agency just banned the drug in january. maria sharapova the highest paid female throw it in the world and has won five grand slam titles and says she takes full responsibility for failing the test. a nod to this day in history is next.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges want to own a piece of harrt history? here's some details. i thought he was not real. go on. >> so, this chair is going up for auction. belongs to j. cavern -- j.k.
12:59 pm
rowling. she2ñup-t said she sat in this r series. she signed at the top and inscribed a reference to the first book you. may not find me pretty but don't judge what you see, and along the side she writes, i wrote harry potter while sitting in this care. opening bid, $45,000. >> what a chair. >> he year wag 1897 when dr. john kellogg served cornflakes. he gave it to his patients as a healthy living center in battle creek, michigan, not far from affordable health care act. his signature on the box and it's still the company's logo. dr. kellogg reportedly sued his brother to try to shut down his operation. of course, the doctor lost that battle. and kellogg's today is one of
1:00 pm
the most valuable brand on the planet but the sear -- cereal began has a diet food 119 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break inch right now, "your world" with cavuto. >> polls, polls and more polls. if a recent trend is giving any indication, donald trump could, and i stress, could be in for a fight. this monmouth poll just out in florida shows about an eight-point gap and a lot of the early voters are trending toward rubio. does that mean anything and does this post his victory in puerto rico. and we understand why he was spending a good chunk of the day there to grease the skids for florida. all of that will be part of the all or nothing delegate-rich days of march 15th, two weeks, or a little more, week