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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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didn't know how long she'd been around the tree. >> let this play out a little bit here. that's as far as it goes. driving while. >> somewhere there's a tree missing from someone's front yard purple no one was hurt in the making of this video. we will see you tonight everybody. >> . jenna: voters making their choices in key states day with michigan the biggest prize were republicans but i'm jenna lee. hope you're off to a great start so far. >> i'm eric shawn in for jon scott purple voters head to the polls in four states for the republicans, to for the democrats there's a lot at stake in the delegate rich state of michigan. that's the first industrial state to hold a primary this election year. front-runner donald trump and hillary clinton both with tangible leads with winds today
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but their challengers are trying to catch up in michigan and three other states. jenna: live coverage of the big debates today. stephen live in mississippi but we start with peter in detroit. peter? >> triste. reporter: john kasich is another only republican candidate in michigan and since he has been seen as surging here that could make a big difference for the governor from just next door in ohio who's been cracking jokes as part of his stump speech about the michigan ohio state football rivalry for months. kasich is reasoning today that he may surprise people here in michigan because he has been given republicans in the state so much attention since he's from next door, they just know him better. >> we seem to do pretty well when our team focuses in a particular area michigan's a big state when we focus we tend to do pretty darn well and so we will have these results tonight, obviously we hope they
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are going to be good we go to ohio where we are going to win. >> voters in michigan andthe other three states with republican contests may get a robo call from mitt romney on behalf of marco rubio . romney says it's not an endorsement, just an effort by romney to chip away at double trunk, the leader in michigan polls and the republican with the most delegates bureau ted cruz meanwhile warning that he thinks a vote for rubio or kasich is a vote for tropical he's trying to clear the field which is what hillary clinton is trying to do on the democratic side. >> that's why it's so important for all of you to turn out as many voters as you can tomorrow pick up. [applause] because the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans.
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>> it's interesting. at this polling place in the detroit there are no signs for candidates outside to the waiting we've seen signs in other early states but there has been a steady turnout since the doors open at 7 am and we spoke to people around town and say they know this time michigan has a chance to really shake things up in the republican field and the democratic side and they are heading to the polls today with that in mind. jenna: thank you very much. reporter: both republican and democratic voters inmississippi hitting the polls. 40 gop delegates and 41 democratic delegates up for grabs so let's head down south . we are at a polling station in jackson mississippi. >> hey eric. early voter turnout was high here in the magnolia state. we've seen a lot of people coming and going from this
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publiclibrary back here in jackson mississippi . we expect to see high numbers through the day. donald trump is leading most of the polls here by double digits. according to some bureau over senator ted cruz. he held a rally last night in madison mississippi where it was standing roomonly at a high school . while senator ted cruz, a bad liar because you quote, catch him all the time. earlier in the day senator crews also holding a campaign event in florence mississippi. we understand he was a little under what the weather but managed to meet with voters there, vowing to repeal obama care. and abolish the irs. he has been on the ground here in mississippi and talking to voters, education and the economy are two of the top issues that folks are most important. >> i'm a college student. i'm a student at jackson state university so a big issue for us we've noticed a lot of candidates are talking about is
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education. and making sure that a college education is affordable and paid for and students are leaving college without debt. reporter: now on the democratic side, hillary clinton is expected to sweep mississippi tonight with a large win over senator bernie sanders. if all the polling is accurate, the real clear policy average sows clinton with a 44 point lead here in the state of mississippi. eric? >> thanks so much. jenna: voters heading to the polls in four states. we continue to tell it because it's an important day for the election cycle. recent polls suggest ted cruz and john kasich may give trump a run for his money in the state of michigan and cruz may be gaining ground in mississippi. all that said trump is leading in most polls. the new york times writing, quote, the outcome could be telling if mister trump were to replicate hissuper tuesday performance .
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he would take about 35 percent of the vote in michigan and 42 percent in mississippi. if we were to lose significant ground, it could present an opening for one of his rivals. joining us for more analysis, ace amy stalder, columnist at the hill. senior editor at the daily caller. great to have you both as we hear what the new york times has to say about the states. amy, how do you see the states? >> there's so much we don't know today this morning that we will tomorrow morning because the polls this weekend were quite different. you saw a split of ted cruz and donald trump but in the trumpet evened out and the two that ted cruz one he crushed donald trump. voters turning out in big numbers in kansas and donald trump excitedly tweeted about that afternoon.they turned out to be turning out against him. if this is a trend and it holds any significant contest tonight, the race will take a bit of a new direction. of course, unknown because we don't know that anyone has a
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path to the sides trunk but if he runs away with it obviously he can really narrow it down next tuesday in ohio and florida and then it will be over. jenna: one of the questions new york times raised about the scenario amy was describing in kansas, where the voters that showed up are voting for ted cruz is a question about whether or not the voters were voting for ted cruz and his platform or voting against donald trump what that would mean for the race. what is yours perspective on that? >> that's certainly what ted cruz is trying to argue right now is that a vote for anyone else other than him is actually a vote for donald trump. he has a good case to make. he's performed better in the campaign spent donald or marco rubio has at this point. in more states he's come in second place and donald trump. if you're going to defeat donald trump at some point this has to be a two-man race. to at least get time with him or beat him in the number of delegates going into an open
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convention. were going to see these trends happening today, that will bring us to march 15 and i don't think anyone's getting out tonight. after march 15 you will really have to see some decisions made. if it's going to get to a one or two man race to see if anyone can be trump and going forward. jenna: you see a path going to can tested convention with more delegates than donald trump even though donald trump's forehead right now. >> no question. after march 15, after a lot of those winner take all states there's another six winner take all state going through the rest of the race. if you want all those that would make up what we saw in ohio and florida. so the question is, in a one on one race and this was just the proposition after march 15, can donald trump get more than 50 percent of the vote? if he can he may get that 2037 but even if he is limited to less potent two-man race then whoever is competing with him one-on-one can catch up.
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>> is one of the reasons we are watching michigan and what crews does there because michigan, a blue state as is often referred to with a republican governor, let's see how cruz does in the northern state that casey is going after in the northern and midwest eight. i want to play the call that everybody's talking about today. we might get a call from mitt romney today. we have a little bit of his robo calls and this is what folks may be hearing today. i believe these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander in chief. if we republicans were to choose donald trump as our nominee i believe the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. and i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. jenna: we just got breaking news as well. this morning we've been talking about mitt romney making this call, not endorsing marco rubio but the call coming on his behalf.
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we just found out that casey also as recorded robo calls from mitt romney in the state of michigan and idaho. what do you think about this? mitt romney not endorsing anybody but he's helping anybody but trump you what the impact? >> look, it could help. the stock trump movement depends on all three candidates that are not donald trump. ted cruz says he has a path on his own. it's a steep climb. he needs casey and rubio peeling off non-trump votes as well so what romney is doing is saying, support kasich in ohio. support rubio in florida and he is trying to find out where he can do the most help. he's endorsing really anyone but trump and i think in the end what he's doing is trying to turn out and people who are opposed to donald trump instead of saying, he's telling them like he digging in his speech, don't sit back. you have to act now and it may not produce a clear winner against trump but it muddies is water for the path to the convention. jenna: will voters in states like michigan and ohio listen to mitt romney on behalf of any candidate he speaking for?
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honestly, more than the robo calls it's trying to get this message out in the media. we are talking about now that mitt romney has this conservative campaign distraught trump. it may not be the man, it's the message he's trying to carry. maybe it will get to those voters. i'm not sure on an individual basis and a lot of the states how much mitt romney and his request will matter but i think by amplifying it in the media that may make a difference. jenna: it would be great if casey had a robo call from arnold schwarzenegger. that would be funny . nothing against romney, i'm just saying. he got the endorsement from arnold schwarzenegger two days ago. amy, great to have you both and we will watch at the beginning of our chat. we will know a whole lot more by tomorrow at the same time. thank you so much. reporter: overseas where right
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now there's new tension on the korean peninsula. that has south korea and us troops conduct a military drill north korea threatens to respond to those exercises with what it calls a all out offensive . i'm not sure what that actually means although the south imposes new unilateral sanctions on the north. over its recent nuclear test in long-r launch. more from london on this continuing standoff. >> now it's south korea's turn to take a whack at its menacing neighbor to the north. the regime in north korea of young kim jong un staged that band missile launch you remember and of course nuclear tests. then last week, the un security council slapped them with new sanctions. now soul is piling on. they are banning all ships from entering their ports if they done any recent trade in the north. it was enforced by slapping financial restrictions on anyone or anything coping with pyongyang's illicit weapons
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program. the north is busy on a lot of ruts. officials in seoul saying cell phones were hacked in the last few weeks. information was taken and that the kim regime is suspected. all this as you noted eric, those wargames continuing with us and south korean troops. they are the biggest ever and will take you all the way through next month. as for the verbal barrage from pyongyang yesterday threatening a nuclear attack against mainland us. that even got moscow upset. russia calling the language impermissible and even grounds for retaliation. fox news put it to the brass of our own air force about the north korean threat. they told us the north is not yet anydanger point but at the same time , they can knock anything out of the skies if it comes our way from north korea.
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reporter: you just cannot trust kim jong un. jenna: a man accused of pushing his girlfriend of a cliff to her death will go on trial for murder despite key kissing missing evidence. what happened to it? we tell you about that. hillary clinton rolled over those emails in a fascinating town hall with bret baier. catherine harris takes a closer look at her answers. do you think her convention for the publicans is a real possibility? go to and click on america is asking.
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jenna: new information on the hillary clinton email controversy. during a town hall meeting hosted by bret baier, the former secretary of state claimed a state department decides was classified but that's not the case. take a listen. >> there were some that were recently discovered and a turnover. >> that was in the state department, not to me. i turned over everything . >> the state department has redacted and declared 2021 of
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your work emails classified. 44 classified as secret, 22 classified as top-secret so you said at a march press conference in 2015 quote, i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material so can we say tentatively that that statement is not accurate? >> you can't. here's what happened. the state department has a process for determining what is or isn't classified. if they determine it is, they market as classified. >> who decides? >> the state department. >> . jenna: catherine harris is live in washington with a closer look at all this. >> in the town hall clinton claimed the state department decides what is classified. that statement conflicts with federal regulations as well as the presidential executive order which states the
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intelligence agency that generates the information has final say on classification so if the cia got intelligence, only cia not the state department can decide on classification and some of the intelligence found in emails came from foreign government sources and that can never be shared.also last night, town hall hosted by bret baier she stated she handed over all her emails. in fact she had her aides were forced by court order to produce the emails and it was not an active transparency. >> what we turnover were more than 30,000 emails that i assumed were already in the government system brett because they were sent to state .gov addresses. >> clinton says she and her aides including on the gene are not the targets. ronnie suggesting the fbi investigation is not about the use of her private server exclusively for government business when her recent court filing by the fbi says exactly otherwise. in this case national security legal experts say the paper trail will be key. >> the problem if you are a lawyer with electronic evidence
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is it doesn't really ever go away. so if there's something in the email traffic that may not be classified but it shows evidence of other transactions that the government is interested in it's going to be preserved and there won't be any debate about what it says. it's in black and white. reporter: that immunity deal with clinton's it specialist brian partly on oh, experts say that is a criminal investigation because immunity is only granted to witnesses in criminal cases. jenna: thank you. reporter: the radical islamic terrorists of isis continue their rampage against christians in the middle east. now they have unspeakable executions including mass beheadings. some ask why doesn't the white house call this brazen religious targeting genocide? we are live with the stories and some explanations coming up.
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eye on. a judge in oregon says missing evidence will not stop the trial of a man accused of pushing his girlfriend off a cliff. four-year-old stephen nicholas is pleading not guilty to murder charges in the death of 22-year-old rhonda casher in 2009. court records show the now retired man in that case apparently destroyed evidence on his computer. an american arrested for the death of his girlfriend. 59-year-old drama loveless was detained in cancun. trying to board a flight to atlanta after 36-year-old to mark was found dead in a condo the couple had rented. authorities say she was strangled. and right bugatti is charged
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with murder in the shocking shooting death of a nine-year-old boy. in chicago last november. police say that boy was lured into an alley and shot to death because of his father's gang ties. jenna: pressure mounting on the obama administration to accuse isis of genocide against christians. numerous groups point to documented violence against christians including rapes and beheadings and slavery. white house officials say they are setting the impact of classifying these acts and genocide. shannon breen in washington with more. >> there is growing pressure on the administration to step up and call the targeted violence against christians in the middle east genocide. you will remember these images
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that purport to show 30 ethiopian christian men marched onto a beach then slaughtered by isis for refusing to renounce their faith. there are also scores of reports of christian women being raped and or sold into slavery. christian churches demolished and more. secretary of state john kerry faced tough question on and on capital hill when asked why the administration will call this genocide. >> it does require a lot of fact gathering. you have to get the facts from the ground. it's more than just anecdotal. >> mister secretary the whole world knows christians are being slaughtered in the middle east. it's clear. it's time for america to act and the excuse that we've got to study it, we got to ask the lawyers what the wording is, is this preference or not is unacceptable. >> with the commission on religious freedom having stating this, with 200 sponsors of hs 75 having stated this, with the majorpresidential candidates of both parties having stated this, the question is does the state department want to stand alone as a genocide denier ? reporter: this new ad petition drive with tens of thousands of signatures aimed at raising awareness and putting public
8:27 am
pressure on the administration ahead of a march 17 deadline for the state department to decide how it is going to label this situation. that comes next week. jenna? jenna: thank you. reporter: as voters hit the pole in michigan number of the powerful labor unions have endorsed any candidate. that has left some wondering today, has the union vote still really worth it? services will be held this week for nancy reagan. the public will have the chance to pay their respects to the former first lady.
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reporter: a quick look at what's still to come in the next hour of happening now. apple may actually be helping criminals to their work. in the aftermath of the storm that ripped through parts of texas leaving residents cleaning up while they get ready for more severe weather. and a wild high school police chase in michigan. how one officer dodged a bullet just in the neck of time. jenna: we are learning more about the funeral arrangements for nancy reagan. the former first lady will be laid to rest at the ronald reagan presidential library in california this friday. adam housley is at the library with more details. reporter: the first lady will
8:32 am
arrive here tomorrow, there will be a private service tomorrow morning in simi valley than the public will be allowed to view mrs. reagan tomorrow as well as thursday with the funeral being friday. we have information. melissa with the reagan foundation and library, we have a lot of questions about who some of the dignitaries coming here to pay their respects and you have a presidential list. >> the invitations went out last night so details are coming in but president and mrs. george w. bush will be in attendance. unfortunately, president hw bush not able to attend and they are asking that george bush come in their place. rosalyn carter is going to be able to come, tricia nixon and lyndon johnson and lucy baines johnson. reporter: i assume some hollywood surrender liberties as well but you start off with the presidential list first. >> there the first people we called and sent invitations to. has names continue to come and we will give you that as well. reporter: on thing that strikes you when you come into the library, as early asthe first hour after you heard word of her passing, already flowers, reefs , cards were left out front and it seems like that
8:33 am
consistently happening and you expect thousands to come through here tomorrow and thursday. >> we really are.the phone is ringing off the hook with people trying to figure out how they can pay respects. reporter: that list just getting in and we are the first ones to get that here at fox news. we expect obviously hollywood folks to be here as well because the reagans also worked very much in hollywood. also california dignitaries will be here. those names released through the day. tomorrow, the viewing begins. mrs. reagan's body will be brought here from west los angeles. the public will begin in several hours tomorrow as well as thursday to view mrs. reagan. friday will be the services then a private ceremony friday at dusk when she will be laid next to her husband overlooking the valley in the ventura county. it's a gorgeous setting north of los angeles. all the coverage right here on fox. jenna: how nice that the public is given so much time to pay their respects. it's quite the event and we will be watching. adam, thank you very much. reporter: remember back in 1992 when he talked about that giant
8:34 am
sucking sound of nafta sucking jobs out of the united states? turns out it was right. look at this. >> that nafta, the mexican trade agreement where they pay people a dollar an hour, no healthcare, no pollution controls, etc. and you're going to hear a giant sucking sound of jobs being pulled out of this countryight at a time when we need the tax base to pay the debt and pay down the interest on the debt and yet our house back in order. reporter: that sounds earlier in this election cycle. 24 years later. voters go to the polls in michigan at ohio last week. questions about the political power of unions. at the rust belt unions have historically turned out to vote in large numbers for democrats but this year none of the powerful groups have thrown their support behind any candidate.why? the president of high noon
8:35 am
strategies and eight harland hill, a democratic strategist and political consultant. harland, we start with you. the union muscle, how is it? with the afl-cio and teamsters withholding endorsements, why? >> i think they want to put pressure on hillary to really respond to that lack of endorsement. and to shape her policy going forward. it's interesting looking at a candidate like donald trump, this may be the first time ever i've seen a republican to the left of the democratic front runner on trade and really issues that are important to blue-collar workers, especially in the rust belt states .
8:36 am
reporter: do you think that's the case? >> trump is appealing to these blue-collar workers. we're seeing it in polling and in michigan where he holds a double-digit lead but we are seeing the demise of unions across the country. if you will, union membership has gone from 1.5 million in 1979to 400,000 but this is a positive thing for the country. if you look to the 25 states who have a right to work laws, unemployment is 1.3 percent less than in those non-right to work states. you can also point to gubernatorial wins in states like wisconsin andmichigan that show the waning influence of unions but i also think there's a lot of disaffected voters out there because of the policies we've seen from president obama and that's the reason why some of these populist narratives we are seeing from trump are appealing to blue-collar workers or if you even look at young americans, way that why they are going to bernie sanders and percentages of 85 percent in some of those contests . it's because of economic concerns that they are looking
8:37 am
to some of these populist narratives . reporter: in harlem, let's take a look at what you're pointing out. in 2015, look at this. 14.8 million union members. in the prime time of the ronald reagan name members, 17.7 million. in michigan specifically, last year, 621,000 union members. that's about 50.7 percent of the workforce. 1983, more than 1 million. 30 percent. they gone down by more than half. harland, how did they gettheir numbers out when they got gm building that plant in mexico as donald trump says you got carrier leaving indianapolis and moving some operations to build air conditions in mexico ? >> let's not confuse union leadership with union membership. when you look at surveys of membership of unions across the country, only 40 percent self identify as democrats though there are a lot of republicans and independents in here also. i think for the detriment of union membership, the union leadership is really more interested in playing party politics then in solving problems for working-class members of the union. so i think that blue-collar workers are really going to act
8:38 am
independently of what they are told by the union this time so there's only so much the union can do. barring changing their policy entirely. reporter: you think we are seeing that with the so-called reagan democrats going for trump in large numbers? >> without question and i think trump is in a unique position to capitalize on this. i don't see somebody like ted cruz or marco rubio being able to reach across and pull over these predominantly white but spanning all kind of socioeconomic backgrounds. former reagan democrats. i think there's a real opportunity for republicans to grow the party and to pull in affiliated members of the union. it's a remarkable period of history. reporter: do you think that works to the detriment of cruz and rubio? >> you can look at and of the candidates driving these populist narratives. even ted cruz is driving a populist narrative.
8:39 am
we are seeing it on the right and left. hillary clinton is trying to but it's less believable given statements she's made in the past and also the fact that she takes millions of dollars from wall street and giving speeches to the likes of goldman sachs. we are seeing these populist narratives being driven by both parties right now. that's largely attributed to the fact that if you look at the middle class, wages have been stagnant for so many americans across the country under the obama administration. many families are making less now than they did before president obama. we are seeing manufacturers send jobs overseas were shutting down because of the regulatory state that there trying to survive in. i think that's a strong narrative that republicans and whoever the republican nominee because this thing is not in law, whether the republican nominee is needs to tap into to reach out to these voters to talk about the economy, to make this an economic election and reach out to the families
8:40 am
sufferingat the hands of these failed policies from president obama . reporter: very quickly, we have to wrap up. i will go to you harland. what will happen today question mark. >> i'm sorry. >> right now we'll clear politics has trump up by 12 percentage points. i think a new wall street journal poll also shows donald trump winning in double digits but we are still in the proportional states and the real prizes, on march 15 when we get a winner take allstate , specifically looking at ohio and florida which are so key to donald trump . reporter: harland, last word. >> i want to see what happens in michigan. i think it's important to stunt k-6 momentum for trump and i think she's right. we willsee after march 15 where this thing lies . reporter: the big week to go. all eyes on ohio. the rust belt state and florida. thank you for joining us. we will see how the union vote plays out. reporter: jenna: parts of texas and cleanup mode after storm damage property and now more bad weather on the way. we get you updated on that
8:41 am
plus, apple battling the justice department after the tanner terrorattack in san bernardino. but it's not the only government agency taking issue with the tech giant. we talk about the impact on local law enforcement next . my school reunion's coming fast.
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jenna: through information on a story happening now. apple is under fire for failing to help the federal government so far unlock a terrorist iphone in the wake of the san bernardino massacre. we know that story but apparently that's not the only case and there's a lot happening on the local level. nypd counterterrorism chief just saying this is a situation local law enforcement is confronting as well. criminals are noticing. michael babylonia is a former
8:45 am
security advisor for new york state. as local federal issues and how they interact.this is a really interesting interview that john miller gave, counterterrorism chief of the nypd. he said there's 175 phones the nypd has warrants for that they can't get into. what is the impact of that? >> it just means people are able to commit crimes to conceal them, to create conspiracies without law enforcement being able to get the data that's on there.with what's so amazing about this whole discussion is people saying this is about privacy. it's not about privacy. it's about protection of the population but also protections under the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. people are saying this is privacy and it's not. jenna: you hear the san bernardino story and you think about it on such a big level. the terrorists, the bad guys and the intrusiveness. but this brings it home. a radio interview just locally here in new york. you are actually providing aid to kidnappers, robbers and murderers who have and recorded on the telephone in rikers island.
8:46 am
this is the local jail in new york, telling theircompatriots on the outside, you've got to get ios eight, the operating system. it's a gift from god and that's a quote because the cops can't crack it. the criminals are talking about the operating system and how it's going to help them . >> these are essential issues in all sorts of prosecution whether it's a drug dealer, whether it's a child molestation, whether it's a simple criminal enterprise. to be able to understand what people are talking to and talking about is so crucial to any type of prosecution. apple is correct that the bad guys understand this and beyond this also, in the terrorism realm the dark where, the ability to communicate outside of any known operating system again poses tremendous challenges. for apple to sit there and say were not going to participate in this is against the foundation of the constitution in the united states. >> we've heard of apple coordinating with law enforcement. they broke this child
8:47 am
pornography ring for example where apple has worked with law enforcement to crack these rings. what's different about these operating systems is apple says there is no way around the process encryption so there's not a way for them to help law enforcement in the same way they have so what do we do about this? >> you want what you have to talk to apple about is when you create these systems and establish them, there's got to be an ability that there can be a circumstance in which you can get into the phones but you can't create these type of things because if you do you're going to operate in a way that could begin to be against public safety. that's part of the challenge. it doesn't mean you're going to come and suddenly expose all the phones. you got to have a judges warrants. you got to have somebody take a look and make sure there is probable cause. or under the fish court under the patriot act you happy it issue that there's going to be a terrorist event. that's what the process is so everyone sitting there saying, this is going to open up the world. no it's not because there will still be traditional oversight.
8:48 am
jenna: when john miller talked about this he saidthese phones that were sitting waiting to be searched did have a warrants you are mentioning. it's not that they were trying to be broken into by law enforcement. they were trying to figure out if there's an investigation that needs to move forward. in the meantime , basically what you are saying is we are going to need to figure out a way that everyone works together for the common good which is to protect citizens. what do you see as the solution? >> in the law that we have what's called common law, as cases developed, when you put things to the stream of congress, they look at whether or not they pose a danger to the general public.i can see an argument being made that if you put out a phone that apple crack it and anyone can use it and do the most heinous crime or create a real public security issue , then that is a danger to society so the question becomes what are the ways that apple can work in its own system to make sure there are ways to get in but
8:49 am
only under very limited circumstance and specific to an individual's phone? that's the way to go forward so you have that balance back and forth. the fourth amendment protection, it's not about privacy. it's about preventing imprisonment. jenna: interesting. until we find a solution what's going to transpire? it's chilling to hear criminals talk about the operating system already and that was one of the big seconds from this interview. thank you for taking a look at this. what's happening with law local law enforcement not only in new york but other places as well. reporter: he's charged with trying to join spit isis. the trial of one of the first americans letting allegiance to that islamic group. a live report from the courthouse with the latest details. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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reporter: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered. what's going on? reporter: good to see you. voters heading to the polls today with all eyes on michigan. donald trump expected to do well there despite the establishments increased efforts to get in his way so to speak. what this could mean for the political party. and hillary clinton on the hot seat after last night's fox news town hall with bret baier. what she said about her emails that has our fact checkers paying it's completely untrue. and have you ever wanted to write your coworker or x? there's a app for that. how does the law see it? we talk about possible legal ramifications with judge andrew napolitano whose right here. put your hand on my shoulder. back to you. reporter: you and jenna at the top.
8:54 am
jenna: give him a smooch. breaking now, closing arguments in the trial of an air force veteran charged with trying to join isis. rick leventhal is live from the us district court in brooklyn with the latest. reporter: jenna, more than 80 americans have been charged with trying to join or support isis since 2014 but tairod pugh was only the second to face the jury and we may have a verdict in this case as early as this afternoon. closing arguments began this morning in the trial of the 48-year-old air force mechanic. he's a veteran who had been on the radar for more than a decade after allegedly telling a coworker that he supported osama bin laden. pew, a muslim convert and going to the airport and was stopped last year were authorities expected he was on his way to syria to join isis. he was carrying a black ski mask, a solar phone charger and
8:55 am
his computer included maps of border crossings and thousands of files of isis propaganda including beheading and execution videos so gruesome the judge would not allow them to be played in court. evidence also included a draft email he wrote his wife in which he said he had two options. victory or martyr and also said i will use the talents and skills given to me by allah to establish and defend the islamic state. his defense lawyer says he was only in turkey to clear his head and visit bathhouses and his online support for isis never translated into action and that he shouldn't be punished for his thoughts. pugh faces 30 years in prison if convicted. we will let you know if we get a verdict.jenna: thank you. reporter: reporter: a police officer dodges a bullet fired right at his head during a michigan traffic stop. take a look at his dash cam video that shows the officer approaching the car. he suddenly jumps back, avoiding the bullet. the officer jumps right back into his patrol car, chasing the suspect through the neighborhood at up to 70 miles
8:56 am
per hour. the chase lasted about four minutes when two other patrol cars arrived and chased that suspect to ran into his mother's house and hid in the basement. that suspect was arrested. jenna: next hour, whole cogan on the stand. a big legal case as the pro wrestling legend describes what happened to him after a stalker posted a video of him. the impact the dramatic testimony could have on his multimillion dollar lawsuit against the gawker site. our panel away on on that. also, a train derailed. investigators and what say they caused the accident. wiped everything clean.
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my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps. .. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before.
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>> a lot of politics happening today but it is also a national pancake day. ihop is giving away free pancakes and a restaurant chain encouraging diners to donate to charity in exchange for a free meal. we're trying to raise half a million dollars since national pancake day began ten years ago,
9:00 am
almost $20 million for charity, sounds good. breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things ever. i can't say i have had fresh and fruity. >> good to waffle house. almost noon. i am hungry. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. andrea: this is "outnumbered". i am sandra smith and here is harris falkner, andrea tantaros, nationally syndicated radio show host and fox news contributor meghan mccain and hash tag one lucky guy, a senior judicial analysts judge andrew napolitano is here. with all due respect, you are "outnumbered". judge napolitano: anyone who sits here is "outnumbered". harris: i thought you would say something about


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