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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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join us on the web,"outnumbered". we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. come on, are you ready? judge napolitano: i am ready. >> "happening now" starts right now.
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and kasich is holding a rally before p taking off to ohio. his campaign down played michigan. but a strong showing could be the final push before the critical contest in neighboring state of ohio, next week. >> i can promise you the world is going to listen to what michigan will have to say. and if you want to go for constructive, positive vision, record, bringing people together and solving the problems in this country, i would ask you
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sincerely give me that vote. >> reporter: meanwhile trump is working to bring back blue collar job, arguing that his business experience would bring back manufacturing, it is a critical view here in the state. and he's talking about other states that are also in play. >> michigan, look, i have fought hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country. in our country. we have idaho. we love idaho potatoes. and who doesn't have potatoes from idaho? >> and native son mitt romney not only hitting trump hard but also in michigan, he had recorded a robbo call for kasich. >> i am calling on behalf of kasich for america. you have an opportunity to vote
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for a republican nominee for president. they are critical times that demand a serious thoughtful commander in chief. >> reporter: romney said it would be diminished if trump won. he also had calls for rubio as well. >> hillary clinton is trying to suggest she will wrap up the nomination short loechlt that's what her rival sanders shows no sign. and ed great to see you and looks like for mrs. clinton. it is it is a good night for are her. >> it could be a good night and feels good about the situation in michigan and mississippi. she has not campaigned in mississippi for a while.
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with their edge with african-american voters they have done well in the south over bernie sanders. she spent several at as in michigan. i just left there and she's hoping to have a victory party in ohio later this evening. and i think the bottom is, what is moving forward, hillary clinton is trying to figure out how to manage the relationship with bernie sanders and tell democratic voters that this is getting wrapped up here without disrespecting sanders and his support is . and sanders is making it clear he will stay. he ducked the question of finding clinton honest and trustworthy. >> that's why it is important to turn out the voters that you can tomorrow. because, the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i
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can turn our attention to the republicans. >> do you share the concerns of your supporters that secretary clinton is not honest and trustworthy. >> no, i will let the people of the united states make that decision. >> reporter: he's had the same view on on the e-mail controversy as well. many wonder if it he is have push ped harder on those controversy. he believes he is in a strong position and they believe michigan tonight upon and ohio where i am, they will be voting. and clinton is confident to win both of those states and if she does that it will put bernie sanders in a difficult place. >> she also has her eyes on ohio. and it is always good to see you. keep it right here on the fox news channel for a complete
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coverage of the contest. megan and brett will be monitoring all of the returns 8:00 p.m. eastern on your favorite nest work. >> absolutely. one on only. establishment republicans are waking up to the fact that donald trump could be the nominee. and even pushing for a brokered convention. police in pop lytico nearly 10 million in spending by anti- trump forces and the pro marco super pack poured in the race with much of the focus on florida with the crucial haul of 99 delegates. many view donald trump vulnerable with the donors. it is a clear path. and i am joined by p jackie and
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vince. great to have you both. interesting that the reports are coming together. and talking about the establishment. is the establishment right to think that donald trump is suddenly more vulnerable than last week or is it wishful thinking? >> it is probably a little bit of both. we don't have matrix to see if donald trump is weakened by the attacks. we'll see it tonight or on the 15th where the states where these ads are able to cast their votes, but the establishment is emboldened by the effort. it is it a little late for all intents and purposes. but compared to last week, there may be a light against the tunnel, but it might be an oncategory coming train. >> that is right. >> what is the end game for the republican establishment if they want to take it to a contested
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convention. both ted cruz and donald trump is unacceptable candidates despite the fact they collected the majority of the republican party's votes? and if you combine them. anti- establishment votes are leading the nation with the republican party. what is their hope? they will bring someone in to thwart the will of the republican voters and make hillary clinton the president of the united states? there is no other end game going to the house of representative for a vote? people will not be happy about that. >> it is all happening in park city uutah at the republican governor's association and a retreat. we are talking about whether or not the establishment is in touch with the average voter? do you think that the will of the establishment is weakened by the point that vince makes.
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they are not moving money in one direction. it is it more anti- trump rather than for member else. what about that? >> there was not an antitrump movement. and no, they have not gotten behind one person. they are waiting to see how the next couple of weeks play out with the primaries. vince is right. that is the problem with mitt rom no. you have a bunch of established folks coalesce around the base of one person, the base are going to be upset and understandably see. and none of the people wanted to vote for. >> vince, why not choose somebody if not trump, then with all of the donor class, why not choose somebody. they do it with investments. why they don't do it in
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politics. nat this point, it is ted cruz or donald trump. and if it is coming down to electability, trump is not electable enough. we need someone else. it is insanity. donald trump, mitt romney loses and they figure out. we need more voters and activate more people to come out. donald trump is coming out and getting irregular voters to show up and first time voters and the party is block them out. and saying don't come in the school house, just stay outside of the doors and we tonight want you in the school and i tend to think that is wrong scenario. bring the people in and teach them what you are caring about instead of locking the door. >> it was published march 18th, after the election and here we,
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a year to the date that report coming out, jackie. and again, the establishment and look at the landscape and seeing they are going with anti- establishment cruz and trump so far. that is way to deter voters if that is what they want. establishment goes, the voters are going the opposite direction. >> they are not in the grieving process yet. it doesn't seem like they are ready to throw their lot beend ted cruz and certainly not donald trump. and the other thing about the report i have to mention, it talks about expanding the base on latino voters. that is not happening right now. if you look at who is vote nothing the primaries. >> why not help trump and say listen, some of the things, don't go this direction and we
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can help you because we made these mistakes. >> this is one of the important. christie didn't endorse for who he is. but who he is going to help him become. he wants to be a senior policy advisory. and why not instead of killing donald trump and stabbing him and getting him out of the race, why not join in on the process and ted cruz, talk about that and try to bring him in your camp and if he is the nominee or the president of the united states, he is at lost closer to you on policy than fighting him tooth and nail. we see how he responds to resentment. >> that would be a new world. and some folks say good, that's what we need. and we'll see what comes tonight and the next days as well.
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thank you. >> and we have been reporting. hillary clinton fielding tough questions in the fox news town hall, about the e-mail controversy that is dogging her campaign. will her answers satisfy the voters. >> at the time you and your staff deleted 32000 e-mails, were you aware that the server would be sought of as evidence by the federal authorities. hi i'm kristie.
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get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. >> at the time you and your staff deleted 30000 e-mails. were you aware are that the server would be sought as evidence by the federal authorities. >> no, and let me start with the basic facts. i have said it was not the best choice to use the personal
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e-mail but i am not alone with that. many people past and current have on occasion or as a practice ibs down the same nothing i sent was marked classified or i received marked classified and specifically with respect to your question. every government official and this is a legal theory. it is a rule. gets to choose what is personal and official. what we turned over were more than 30000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system, brett because they were sent to address. >> sure but some were discovered. >> no, i turned over everything. >> and that was hillary clinton on the fox news channel and questioning details about the lingering e-mail controversy.
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will this hurt her campaign. a clinton aide received immunity from prosecution. did her answers satisfy? >> and we have a conservative political commenter. and ka rij, a democratic strat jichlt of the mike, she said colin powell did it and nothing marked classified. is that enough? >> no, the american public deserves a choice. if it means hillary clinton is indicted before or after the convention there could be no effective choice for 60 percent american voters. if there is trump or cruz or sanders on the democratic side. where is the people who is more in l mainstream american thinking. i call would for a deadline april 8th for the attorney
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general to decide one way or the other. and that gives until june '99, a deadline for an independent to run on the ballot. if they did, we would have a choice representing the parties. >> do you think she will get indict it? >> no, i do not believe so. if we look at all of the information today, there was no criminal activity. hillary clinton, secretary clinton apologized and said, look, i made a mistake and work on regaining the american peoples trust absolutely. but here's the thing, eric. i think what the e-mails show and we have seen in e-mail, this was a secretary of state that was completely and totally engaged and never turned off the light and trying to make it feel better. if you see the e-mails you see
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that. >> you are putting a bit of gloss on her being a working secretary of state. but some say it was classified material and others say grossly negligent with this thing in her closest. >> we have to look at the law. and the law is indicative of whether or not there would be indictment. if there is not an indictment, they are likely to resign. we know there is strong evidence for them to do it. it creates uncertainty for the voers. and people say we need to let visit play itself out on. and that is potentially a constitutional crisis. a nominee who was found guilty of a crime? how do we deal with that. we have to expedite justice.
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>> we can't control the investigation and when they will come out with the verdict. >> the attorney general can. >> we don't know when it is. that is fine. but we still don't know when it is going to happen. in the meantime deal with what is here and now. >> april 8th. >> right now there is no criminal activity. i don't know. nfacts suggest otherwise. >> i am talking about the facts. >> that will be the last word and we'll be right back nothing in that story is going to change.
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>> a mud slide blamed for a commuter train derailment. it sent the first car plunging in a creek. they have been hit by heavy
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thunderstorms. the ntsb is investigating. >> new video released of a miami garbage truck going after the overpass. it veered to the right and slamming through the concrete barrier. it crushed thankfully unoccupied cars. the driver seriously injured was lucky to be alive and the dash cam video shows he was not speeding or texting. no one else was injured. >> how he gets to 270 electoral votes explain that and if he did fairly well and doesn't get to 270 he will leave it up to the house of representative to pick the nom no. i wonder who paul ryan.
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dismissing concerns about a potential run by michael bloomberg. the former mayor agreed he had no path to the white house for similar reasons. this after mike bloomberg prepared a foundation and prepared to spend a billion. but michael bloomberg saying he will not be a candidate for president the. i am flattered to think that some think i could arrive. it is clear if i entered the race i could not win. we spoke last week, doug, it was an open door and now it is shut, why? >> i think exactly what michael bloom gltburg said. it indicated that it was unlikely to win and more than likely to help ted cruz or donald trump and in his essay, he made it clear much of what
10:28 am
they said and believed to be unpalatable. >> and take us behind the scenes. you are looking at different states, what are you you looking at and what did you see that was discouraging. >> again, hillary clinton when we look at the electoral map, 75 electoral votes. and has reince said it would help elect a republican. bernie sanders was a possible candidate for possible, but less likely nominated. but the lickly of hillary clinton being the nominee michael bloomberg spoke out and not running. >> based on the data and the research over the last several months, what did you learn about
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the 2016 cycle that you did not know before? >> we had such polarization and such division and harshness. people want politicians to come together and to work and common solutions and results, and base ped on problems that affect us all, whether we are democrats or republicans and liberals and conservatives. and what bloomberg was addressing, the broad mass in the center who are turned off by the extreme politics on the the right and the divisive politics on the left. >> we asked michael bloom blom what would happen with a third party run and in politico today, this was an interesting quite. why michael bloomberg pulled the plug on the white house bid.
10:30 am
his decision not to run was an reality check. a viable candidate with 40 billion can't find a path in the selection sidewalkle? >> a third party presidential campaign might be an impossibility. can we see that a third party candidate is not going to happen? >> i don't think it is going to happen this year. they are right to suggest that in america it is tough for a third party candidate no matter like mike bloomberg to get elected and the difficulties with ballot access and known for the media and in the debate. i would say that the editorial is sadly correct. i think mike bloomberg is a great guy and leader in the
10:31 am
public sector and sad that he made his decision, but it was the right one. >> he has controversial issues for some. for example, gun rights and the soda thing. i mean when you go into it. before i let you go, to your knowledge, any campaign reached out and said come on board with us. and want you to be a part of the time? >> i haven't heard of anybody but hillary clinton congratulating the mayor what in her situation was a good and positive decision. >> and that left the door open and i look forward to seeing his leadership on the issues. doug, great to have you. >> things are heating up in the campaign trail. but a new e-mail led to accusations of dirty tricks.
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plus hulk hogan took the stand in the $100 million lawsuit against gawker. what he had to say when he testified. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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and senator cruz holding rallies in north carolina and voters are are voting for the past couple of days and john robert system live in charlotte with the latest on that primaries, hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. it is an unusual day for ted cruz. he is campaigning at central baptist church at 5:00 and then he's leaving and not having the traditional watch party as results come in. a, he's been under the weather for the last couple of days, or b, he doesn't expect to win anything. and he made a big play in florida, not that he thinks he will win there, the strategy is to try to keep marco rubio from winning and knock him out of the race. and some were dismissed as phantom offices and ted cruz responded to that in grand
10:37 am
rapids, michigan. >> i am not interested in the back and forth and petty attacks. the strength of our campaign is the grassroots and so if other campaigns want to throw rocks and allegations and knock themselves out. my focus is on unifying republicans and to come together to turn this country around. >> reporter: marco rubio who will spend all week in florida narrowed the gap between him and front runner donald trump and he dismissed cruz's. >> they ebb and flow in a campaign. super tuesday was his last biggest. the last seven times is in the state contested for him. caucus states that sanatorium and luis louse and mucketymuck won. they were tailor made to the
10:38 am
campaign he was running. and what is better that we beat him in georgia and virginia and in tennessee or other states. and he has a good run given the states that are on the map. but if you look at the states over the next few weeks tgets tougher for him. >> reporter: this e-mail told voters in hawaii that marco rubio would dropout of the waste and why waste a vote on him. it is a tough business. >> after tonight all eyes on florida and ohio. >> speaking of florida we'll go there. and a lawsuit by hulk hogan and change the way websites handle celebrity news and beyond. the k- centers and around gawker's posting and a two- minute expleasit video. and gawker are said their
10:39 am
actions protected by free speech. and hogan's lawyer argues it violated their right to privacy. and today, the hulk took the stand again after reporting who roared a tape, allegedly a once best friend. >> my question was he lied to? >> yes, sir. >> you anded him man-to-man whether he filmed you and he lied to you? right? >> yes, sir. he did. >> you looked him in the eye and he lied to you. >> yes, ser. >> you said to him as my best friend, i need you to tell me the truth, and despite that he lied to your face? >> yes,y sir. he did. at that time, you believed in it completely did you? >> at that time i did believe
10:40 am
him. no reason not to. >> we have our guests, it is great to have you both. you hear sex tape celebrity case. it is easy to shrug your shoulders. this is something different. some say this case will define what is news worthy and private. why is it so significant. >> the issue is that. hulk hogan said i didn't know i was taped and mean to have it out here. my best friend did it and it was leaked to it gawker. he's suing dpauker, right. and he got the tape and put it out there and having a commentary running along with it. it is not illegal for a journalist to it put it out. even if it was obtained illegal. it is not illegal to be out
10:41 am
there. but if you obtain it illegal and putting it out there is legal; is it news worthy. if it is for the public. it is protected under the first amendment. and that is an invasion of privacy of the individual, you have a problem. and that's why it is so important. >> this is newsworthy and the man on the stand is not a man by the name of terry. he is hulk hogan and his private life is public and we'll post anything about him. what about that argument? >> i think it is it a test case that is going to have two constitutional principles of a individual's right to privacy. and the first amendment.
10:42 am
the law has not caught up up to the internet. and more news agencies are putting out salacious materials. they pushed the line. 1995, supreme court and federal court said there is a line in which the media can breach. this is ape case where jurors will not be sympathetic to a bed room being violated and will say the media went too far. and the constitution empicides privacy rights to right whatever it wants. you have gone too far and it is not protecting the democracy. the this is a test case. and say to the media. you have gone too far. >> we'll talk about p the outrageousness: the media rarely loses in these.
10:43 am
and i have to take a xhishl break. i will come back and we'll talk more about the case.
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♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. we are back, hulk hog anniverseus gawker. if hulk hog an wins the case there is a question if gawker will exist anymore. public and versus public p. in today's age, people like hulk hogan have twitter and facebook and everything that they are
10:47 am
doing is public. does that by p admission make anything he's doing news worthy. >> it kind of does. i would not want to see what hulk hogan does in his personal life. he's talked about adultery and sex and he put it out there and by doing that, it takes away from the ability for in this particular instance what gawker put out. and talk about damaged me. and now you are talking. he put it out there and he made himself news worthy and built his career in salacious kind of stuff. paris hilton and all of these people that we follow in the media public follow. >> is there consequences with that you have to deal with. >> i was a public official and you are news worthy people as
10:48 am
well. if this stands and they are allowed to do it. it would be news worthy to have a camera and if there is a sex tape it could be published. they have gone too far and the courts will look at this. the judge said it can go to a jor. regular folks would be dismaid that sexual activity is being videotaped. >> it was not produced by hulk haggon. >> it looks like a security video and there is a question of how did gawker get it? >> jenna, would you want that to happen? >> i mean, that is the question, do you get to pick and choose who is a public figure. and that's the question that the court is looking at. gawker say it is free speech and their argument that not being able to publish anything about
10:49 am
this it is against their constitutional rights. >> as we started the discussion, even if it was illegal. what they did as a journalist, they are posting it is not illegal. because they didn't make the taping. you see as a journalist, you can put it out there. they have a first amendment right to do that. the question for the court is, when does that fundmental right to the first amendment clash with the right to privacy and the privacy will win? >> fascinating and we'll have to leave it there. we'll follow the case it is it happening right now. thank you both p. >> jenna, a report said an american citizen is stabbed to death in palestinian terrorist attack that happened while vice president joe biden was just less than two miles
10:50 am
away on an official visit to israel. this comes as new dust is up between the prime minister and the white house. what it is about a visit he's not making to the united states. we'll have the latest details on all this straight ahead. equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. ♪ the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran. ensu. always stay you.
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new allegations of dirty tricks. rubio camp says cruz's campaign is sending out a misleading e-mail in hawaii. plus conservative leaders who says he'll never vote for donald trump claims if it comes to a contested convention he'll watch trump supporters pour gasoline across the convention floor and strike a match. wow. and just how realistic is the new season of house of cards
10:54 am
compared to what's playing out right now? monica and williams and me join you a couple of minutes from now. >> a 22-year-old palestinian man went on a stabbing rampage. he wounded a total of 11 people. this iran rancicly happened as vice president joe biden was meeting with former president and perez peace centerless than two miles from where the stabbing rampage occurred. we're told the attacker was shot and killed and it comes as new dust is up over a potentially planned visit over prime minister in washington. security analyst and former secretary of drchs and the reagan administration joinings us. first of all, another rampage it
10:55 am
seems a palestinian type terrorist attack and iran rancicly this attacker went to the discotheque where in 2001, 23 teenagers were blown up by a suicide bomber. when will this stop? >> it won't stop. the tragedy, look for a couple of years getting better in israel and now it looks in the last couple of weeks and months those random terror atacks increased in severity throughout the country. >> this happened as the vice president is there potentially trying to work on or kick start a new peace process at the united nations security counsel at prime minister was not coming to washington. what was that about? >> i think prime minister for seven years has been betrayed, ignored, he's been abandoned by president obama and said i've had enough. he said i'm not coming to the united states. there's nothing in it for me, for my country.
10:56 am
if anything there will be more pressure put on me by president obama and i think the prime minister decided he's going to wait it out. there's a second reason too. for him to come to the united states while we're in the heat of our own primary election season, it putting him in an awkward position to meet with any of the candidates, none of the candidates. better off he stays in israel. >> right now, when he addressed congress at the invitation of the republican, the prime minister is not coming. >> that's correct. that's the right decision to make. >> all right. thank you so much. i want to get somemore details on this horrific attack and yet another one in israel. we'll be right back. their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving
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. and the final 30 today. a spotlight.
11:00 am
all dressed up and nowhere to go. the nephew couldn't resist dive bombing as she walked down the aisle. everybody says they've all figured it out. everyone was okay. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story starts now. >> hey, it's voting day again today. primaries and caucuses underway now. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story. all primaries with hawaii holding a caucus today. let's take a quick look at the campaign trail. g.o.p. delegate leader donald trump in florida today. ted cruz in north carolina. john kasich battling for blue coll collar voters in michigan. trace in l.a. breaking down some maps


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