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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. and the first polls are about to close as voters in four states turn out to vote in today's republican primaries. good evening, "on the record" is coming to you live from dallas, texas. and right% now mississippi, michigan, idaho and hawaii all beginning to count votes. meanwhile, the g.o.p. candidates making their last pitches to voters. >> the whole country is watching michigan now. it's a new day in this presidential campaign. >> if you haven't voted already, i ask you to go out and vote early, get it done with so you can go out and find more people to vote for me. >> it is easy to talk about being making america great again. can you even print that on a baseball cap. >> we are going to win with the military. we're going to knock out
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isis fast. we're going to win with our military. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to win with our vets. we are going to win, win, win. we are going to win so much. you are going to be so proud. >> and it's not just the republicans. democrats also voting today in two states. "on the record" has live team coverage. he had henry has the democratic race, but we begin with fox news carl cameron live at the g.o.p. fight. carl? >> hi, greta. we are here at trump national golf club in jupiter where the trump water and trump champagne will be served later this evening to the handful of guests, family, and friends that will be here. this is really a news conference that is planned. for mr. trump, is he expecting a big night. two of tonight's contests, michigan mississippi and michigan are open primaries which is to say they will have democrats aloud to0f -- allow to do vote and that has always been a big asset in terms of election returns. it's not out of the question that he could run the table
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tonight. ted cruz has been particularly aggressive in campaigning in mississippi and trying to make a statement there, a very red state, as is idaho and opportunity for someone with cruz's conservative pedigree, except that in the polls trump is leading in idaho. we also have marco rubio and john kasich on the ballot tonight in these four states. in each case, in mr. rubio and kasich, it willábe difficult for them to call tonight a big success if they don't get at least second place or are a win somewhere. for kasich, he has yet to win a state. marco rubio has won one primary and one caucus, and he desperately needs to have a good showing tonight to week from tonight. his home state and a must win. just as is the case for john kasich, ohio, a week from tonight, his home state, and a must-win for him. take all. trump runs the table and sets himself up strong for next week it would be difficult for kasich and rubio to pull off home state
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victories, greta. >> why the press conference and not the speech for donald trump? no doubt, with the press. >> he pretty much stopped the rally process after the nevada caucuses. and since then, he has been doing these news conferences, taking questions from the press. but the first seven or eight rows here will actually be friends and family, guests of the gulf club, et cetera, et cetera. what it does is allows trump to answer some of our questions in the media but also get applauded and cheered on by a handful of ardent supporters. and, again, with all the trump champagne and sparkling wine, it's usually a bash. so, it's a much smaller crowd. more manageable and it doesn't tend to go as late. because tonight will have idaho, west coast can and hawaii which is five hoursg behind east coast time it's going to be a very, very late night. he gets the press conference out of the way and watch the returns until he falls asleep and start again tomorrow.
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greta? >> carl, thank you. now let's turn to the democrats polls in michigan and mississippi begin to close in just under one hour. fox white house chief correspondent he had -- he had henry. >> i'm actually in ohio, you know. that tells us part of the story. hillary clinton wants to call the victory rally tonight in cleveland looking ahead one week from tonight when ohio will vote. that gives you a sense of how far she is confident she will do well in michigan tonight as well as mississippi. mississippi is an obvious one. she has an edge with african-american voters. she has largely swept the south over bernie sanders. michigan, i think, is a the sanders camp has been telling us for some time watch michigan. they are going to be very receptive to the sort of pro-middle class message from bernie sanders about how manufacturing jobs have disappeared and clinton has supported global trade deals that has not helped average workers. despite that pitch from sanders, though, clinton has
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been leading the late polls in michigan. she is able to survive that challenge from sanders it will really raise more questions about whether his message is breaking through to the white middle voters. he needs to get big numbers to counter the fact that clinton is beating him so much among african-american voters. i think the other thing to look at is that the last 24 hours clinton sort of changed her tone and tact a little bit saying we have got to wrap up this primary as soon as we can so i, hillary clinton, can focus on the republicans in th:] general election. she doesn't want to be seen as pushing bernie sanders aside. doesn't want to upset sanders. doesn't want to upset certainly his supporters who she will need to bring into the tent to get this nomination but maybe a gentle nudge to say, look, if you are not going to catch up soon, she wants to be taking on donald trump or whoever emerges from the republican field. greta? ed, thank you. and we're just getting an important exit poll information. host of america's newsroom martha maccallum has all the
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polling data. martha. >> good to be with you tonight. one of the issues we are looking at in these exit course, trade to other hits close to home in michigan where many feel that they have been on the losing end of that it's much on the minds of voters tonight. over half of democrats feel trade hurts u.s. jobs. same thing on the g.o.p. side. take a look at this. é surprise mr. trump does he have well with those who say that trade takes jobs away kasich has the edge trade creates jobs. independents can vote as we said for any candidate in michigan there are a handful of independents out there tonight who are voting republican. this is how they break down. independents go 36% poor trump, 26% for kasich. 22% for cruz, and 9 for marco rubio. take a look at independents on the democratic side tonight. they are voting for bernie sanders. 68% to 30% for hillary clinton. but clinton has the edge with the union vote this evening in michigan. clinton gets 50%, sanders gets 43% of that.
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now, when it comes to the most important character trait, for michigan republican voters, they say it is one who shares their values. and here's how those values voters break down. once again you see ted cruz at the top of the list here. it's always been a strength for him. kasich is 29% with michigan voters on shares our values. +ñ to homecloses here. and he comes in at 29%. rubio gets 14%. trump is at the bottom with 12%. this is consistently a low measure for donald trump in these exit polls. at the same time, many think cruz and trump are3w running the most unfair campaigns. it's gotten pretty dirty in the course of the last week, greta. it's no surprise that these two are at the top of the list for that. more coming. >> martha, thank you. >> you b91)) >> and the "on the record" political panel joins me from washington, d.c. from town guy benson and from "fortune magazine" nina easton.
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nina, it's interesting martha is talking about exit poll numbers in shares their value number. donald trump is the lowest at 12% yet he gets the biggest number in all a the polls about who is likely to win michigan. explain that one to me. >> yeah, this is is the the great conundrum, of course, greta, of this whole campaign season. it's not only does he share my values but only 13% of michigan voters say in exit polls that he is trustworthy and honest. and, yes, you are right, he has been leading in the polls coming up to this. it's not about -- this is not a campaign that's about sharing values, and it's not about that. this is about somewhat about attitude. somewhat about this sense that he will bust heads to get things done. that he will bring jobs back to america by standing up to china as we just noted in those pollst about jobs. iimean, when donald trump talks, one of his three main talking points are trade, you know, bringing jobs back to the u.s., and
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immigration, and the trillion dollars spent in iraq. so he -- those are the kinds of things that he takes him out of your classic republican mold and puts him in a whole different category. >> guy, tomorrow night we are going to have a whole hour, a town hall with governor john kasich in chicago. and so -- and tonight is a really big night for him. if second place, will that keep him going and keep him aalive? because everyone talks about brokered convention and he is sort of the dark horse on this. >> well, is he going to stay alive after tonight, regardless. because he has an eye on one prize, and that's his home state of ohio next week. so he is going to stick around. if you look at a whole raft of polling out this week john kasich is surging. that's mostly coming at the expense of marco rubio. if you look at some of these early exit polling numbe from both michigan and mississippi, there is a very real chance tonight, greta,
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that marco rubio comes away with zero delegates from those two states and possibly idaho as well. and that would obviously not be a great narrative for him and his campaign. >> nina, if governor kasich does well tonight, and what do you say doing well? what is doing well to you? >> placing well. i think he can, you know, come in a strong second in michigan, going back on rubio, the rubio question, i think one of the things to note, by the way, looking to next week, is some of those polls are closing the gap somewhat in florida in his home state of florida. so the question and the other thing is that he is kind of the gap nationally has narrowed. between trump and everybody else. ot like 56% everybody else, and trump seems to be topping out in the 34%, 35%, 36% range, which says that, you know, possibly that these negative ads that are being run by candidates like cruz are actually having an impact.
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for the longest time attacks on trump had no impact. some of that may be sticking. it's interesting in a recent poll out today that 51 percent said they would not be be -- republican voters would not be comfortable with donald trump as president. you got this situation where he's going to be ahead but because of the other candidates running, if you put those other candidates together, that's actually a majority of republican voters. >> guy, this is an open primary in michigan. that certainly helps donald trump. >> it does. and when you look at some of the big primaries coming up, like in florida, those are closed primaries, which have been less favorable for donald trump in a number of places. so, again, i think it's all delegates at this point. and it's also say what you will, it is media narratives as well. there is a chance there have been very little polling,
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shockingly little polling out of idaho and none out of hawaii. there's a chance marcoñz rubio, for example, could do okay maybe, make the threshold and get some delegates in idaho. i don't know do well there, it will be so late at night everyone will be looking at michigan and mississippi everyone will be looking at donald trump. john kasich in michigan. all eyes are on donald trump and what his margin of victory is tonight. i will suspect he will win both of those states. >> well, we don't know much about hawaii and i volunteered many times to go to hawaii. >> me too. >> and cover for fox. nina, guy, stick around. we have more for you. heading into tonight's primary donald trump has the lead in delegates, trump has 384. senator ted cruz has 84 less. he has 300. now, can donald trump win big tonight and solidify that delegate lead? newló york congressman and donald trump supporter congressman chris collin goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> greta, it's great to be with you tonight.
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>> nice to have you. sir, in the beginning, you were a jeb bush supporter. you switched to donald trump. how do you make that transition? >> well, jeb bush, as i called him the chief executive of the state of florida. florida, we know, has done so well. he was a pretty obvious choice for me. amp his campaign never caught fire and i saw who was standing, let's face it, donald trump is the only chief executive, not chief politician left standing. he has run a private sector enterprise for 40 years. he is a leader. and when he he speaks and talks about securing our borders, bringing jobs back from mexico and china, standing tall against isis, vladimir putin, the ayatollah, people trust donald trump as a leader. we have been without a leader for seven and a half years. we paid the price for that. one thing you can say about donald trump, he is a born leader. >> it's sort of interesting though, if you look at the polls, the exit polls that martha maccallum just talked, about the number for michigan shares our values
4:14 pm
is 13% yet, he is leading in the polls. the voters wants+c him. it's sort of hard to sort of reconcile that, you know, to have 13%, yet the voters say we want him. >> the voters are crying out for a leader. again, we haven't had one for seven and a half years. and when donald trump said i'm going to secure the borders, i'm bringing the jobs back, you're going to be proud of america as we stand up to russia, north north korea. they believe donald trump. is he a man who has gotten things done. just look at what he is doing in this campaign. coming from nowhere and now with the lead he's got, you've got to say this guy knows what he is doing. >> what do you think of the robo calls from former governor mitt romney against donald trump? >> you know, greta, i was a big supporter of mitt romney. his time has come and gone. is irrelevant in 2016. his time has come and gone. i'm very disappointed,
4:15 pm
frankly mitt romney who ran, let's face it, a terrible campaign in 2012. if he run a good campaign, he would have been president. we wouldn't have suffered through the last three and a half years of barack obama. so for him to step out -- >> why do you think is he doing that? what's your thought? is he angling for a broken convention where he could play a role? what's your thought? >> i have no idea. if you want to call him part of the establishment -- you know, what i said before, it's about time that the political establishment have a little bit of an attitude check and realize we have to work together to defeat hillary clinton. we can't keep fighting has this nomination all but locked up, we may see that in a week with ohio and florida, we need to coalesce to defeat hillary clinton. she is the great uniter of our party. and this establishment talk and can i just say i'm disappointed in mitt romney. obviously no one is being impacted by'( it but it's kind
4:16 pm
of disappointing to see. >> congressman, thank you. thank you, sir. >> happy to be with you, greta. >> don't forget about next tuesday. six states will vote and they are winner take all states. brand new poll numbers straight ahead. and the polls will soon be closing in mississippi and michigan. our live team coverage of tonight's primary continues right here "on the record." you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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tonight's a big night in the 2016 race. but next tuesday, well, that might be the make it or break it night florida senator marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich will both be tested in their very important home state. right now, donald trump, who leads republicans, in aj brand new abcyw news "the washington post" poll of likely republican voters gives trump 34%, senator ted cruz is 9 points behind at 25%. senator marco rubio in third place at 18% and governor john kasich in fourth place with 13%. guy, these numbers still have donald trump on top. in fact, i have another national poll where donald trump, this is the "wall street journal"/nbc poll has donald trump up 30%, cruz at 27, rubio at 20. >> the abc poll come out a few hours ago in the states that have yet to vote there is a virtual four-way tie for the nomination which is fascinating. greta, the big take away for me from "the washington post abc news poll today was this: donald trump, yes, is
4:21 pm
he is leading, but he doesn't seem to have very muchkb momentum. he is not garnering a bandwagon effect as you would imagine someone might be if they were a strong frontrunner. in the electorate, his disapproval rating is 67%. he is viewed as almost twice as dishonest as hillary clinton, which may come as a shock to many republicans given her dreadful numbers on that front. so, i think that there are lots of red flags in the data in both of these polls about donald trump's suitability to win a general election. >> nina, he may have a high disapproval but it appears from the numbers he wins almost everything, he has a real high approval where it counts, and that's in the polling booth. i mean, he is getting these big numbers. that's the approval rating to me. >> oh, but you have to look at the trajectory and i think guy hit the nail on the head. you have got these other candidates ticking up in the poll somewhat dramatically,
4:22 pm
kasich up 11%. both cruz and rubio are up a few points and trump has edged down. and the thing is, when you do head-to-head matchups that "wall street journal" poll that came out showzi head-to-head matchups between donald trump and the other -- each of the others in the race, each of the others would win, whether it's cruz or rubio or kasich. so, you know we have sort of reached a situation where i think he has really topped out. he has topped out at a little over a third of the republican party and republican leaning voters, and there is a big contingent that don't like him and the big problem for the big con contingent that don't like trump is the other people in the race. that's the thing that helps donald trump the most. >> you know, when you talk about the surge of john kasich that he is moving up, which is why i actually want to do this town hall tomorrow night because he has been sort of shuffled
4:23 pm
aside by everybody. tomorrow night at ocr town hall i'm hoping that we all get a good look at him and maybe, you know, see whether people like him or don't like him. he needs more media attention. guy and nina, thank you both. >> thank you, greta. >> the polls are about to close in states voting today. "on the record" is taking you live to the ground where voters -- votes are rolling. in that's next. dotoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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this is a fox news alert. 30 minutes from right now the first presidential polls of this primary night are closing. "on the record" has live team coverage around the nation. we begin with fox news correspondent molly line in detroit, michigan. molly? >>i2)qvgreta. the secretary of state's office here in michigan predicts that they will will see record turnout today. they are expecting 2 million people will head to the polls and cast their ballots. i have been in detroit throughout the day. we have seen a steady stream here. out in the western part of the state they have been very busy. one polling station inñ>m kent county ran out ofh democratic party ballot tickets. taking more ballots over there. officials from multiple counties are telling us they are seer higher than average turnout in general and expect it easily beat the 2012 members. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders have both been on the ground here in recent days debating and, of course, participating in yesterday's' fox news town hall. clinton made early inroads in the state focusing on the
4:28 pm
toxic water crisis in flint. sanders has talked about his opposition to trade deals that have resulted in lost jobs and economic disparate which has been such a core issue for him. 130 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side. on the g.o.p. side it is jobs and trade issues that have dominated the conversation here. donald trump has worked very hard to appeal to blue collar workers who want to see manufacturing. a resurgence in the wolverine state. is he promising great trade deals and a come back in the auto industry. ohio governor john kasich has spent considerable time here in michigan trying to upend donald trump's seeming lead. he made strong last minute push having a last-minute taking off for ohio. tried to down play expectations in michigan. a strong showing here could be that final push that he needs to have the big win that he would really like to see in his home state of ohio. 59 delegates are are at stake on the g.o.p. side. greta? >> molly, thank you. and now to mississippi. 40 g.o.p. delegates are up for grabs.
4:29 pm
jackson freep reporter are ariel dreher. >> precincts i have gotten to are pretty slow. only a couple voters. traffic is about as slow as you could expect. they are expecting more voters to turn out in november. >> and who is sort of thought to have the lead down there, the edge on both sides? >> from my reporting, the endorsed hillary clinton as has congressman betty. as for the republican, bill bryant endorsed ted cruz this morning. the rest of the republicans are kind of spread out. donald trump was here yesterday as was ted cruz. we haven't seen marco rubio in mississippi yet. >> arielle, thank you, we will be watching mississippi. in idaho when the voting
4:30 pm
ends and ballots counted 33 2 delegates will be handed out. dan springer is live in boise, dan? >> yeah, greta, as you can see behind me the voting continues here in idaho. the polls will be open another two and a half hours in southern idaho where i am. three and a half hours up in the north which is in thel'w pacific time zone. a lot left to do here in idaho. turnout has been light unlike thepi[ other states that you have mentioned and other states this primary season. this is a closed primary, so only registered republicans can vote. people can register today, but that doesn't seem to be happening a lot. polls taken inz january and february show donald trump in the lead, followed by senators ted cruz and marco rubio. but that was before the debate last week on fox and the attacks on trump for mitt romney and other prominent republicans. we have spoken with some trump supporters today who are fed up with the status quo. but more people told us they voted for cruz, saying that he has the best shot at derailing trump. while mr. trump did not campaign in idaho and has no
4:31 pm
organization on the ground here, senator cruz held two events in the state saturday, in fact, one was with over 3,000 people to the north. this is a conservative state which sets up well for cruz. senator marco rubio held his rallies in idaho on sunday. he had good crowds in idaho falls and here in boise. he could benefit most from the romney attack. this is a state that has a big mormon population and many people here believe that romney still carries weight and likely hurt trump with his speech last week and a robo call that he recorded for rubio which went out here in idaho last night. the 32 delegates that you mentioned that will be up for grabs tonight will all be proportional. you have to get 20% to get any. and most political observers believe that trump, rubio, and cruz will all walk away with some delegates tonight. greta? what is the theory behind the light turn out? why the lack of voter enthusiasm? >> couple of different theories. one is this is the first
4:32 pm
time they have held a primary this early in the season. last year or last time, last cycle they had caucuses, and they had them in may. this is the first time that the republican party or any party has held their
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developing right now, a bombshell ruling in the freddie gray case. maryland's highest court ruling baltimore police officer william porter must testify against five fellow officers. now, in december, officer porter's trial ended in a hung jury and now officer porter is awaiting retrial. what does this mean for the remaining five officers' cases. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, first of all, why is the court of appeals saying the prosecution can order this[@;÷ officer, which he still is pending trial he to testify against these other officers? >> well, greta, that's a great question. if you look at the order that came out from the appellate court, they don't actually give you an explanation. they basically say to the judge you got it wrong, and they basically tell officer porter you must testify against your fellow officers in the upcoming five trials. >> what happened to the fifth amendment? is it still in the constitution? it was when i left.
4:38 pm
ted, when i left d.c. this morning we still had a fifth amendment. what happened? tell me like what happened when i was on that flight? >> oh my god, a lot of view view -- voodoo, greta. what the court of appeals has said is that the fifth amendment a rights of and accused, porter, justs did not matter in this case. >> how can it not matter? did the court of appeals say why the fifth amendment did not apply to this police officer? did they say why? >> no. >> they made a decision two pages. did not tell us. but you have got to understand, porter still faced federal prosecution in this case. if i was his lawyers, i would try to race to the supreme court and try to get a say on this because this is going to have far reaching effects, greta. >> i don't think the supreme court is going to take this though. >> sheam on the court of appeals for not writing a decisionm explaining it now,
4:39 pm
my guess is because i assume that there is still fifth amendment in maryland as well as there is in the constitution. i'm thinking that. is my guess is there is a procedural reason that it was brought to the court in the wrong way, the wrong time or something. because, like i said, when i left this morning, the fifth amendment still existed and there is no exception, not for police officers either. >> it certainly you wonder if it exists for porter. this is a mine field for the prosecution. they don't know everything that porter is is going to testify about. that can certainly hurt them down the road. but right now procedurally this is a terrible decision as far as i'm concerned. >> katie, what do you make of the fact that the court issued the but doesn't make a decision explaining why? >> it's terribly not enlightening or illuminating. start in the opinion for reasons that we will later put forth in another opinion. well, guys, don't you think you should put it out now.
4:40 pm
if porter is going to appeal this to the united states supreme court he has to make a decision now. the other important thing for everybody to understand porter is stuck between a rock and hard place, if he testifies, he basically testifies against his fellow officers. if he chooses not to testify, he could be held in contempt of court and be jailed. if you are rooting for officer porter are and the other officers for the freddie gray trial then maybe he doesn't testify or maybe he does, guys, and he gives incredibly self-serving testimony that helps create reasonable doubt not only for his future retrial but for the trials of the other officers. the arrogance of the court of appeals to issue this decision without explaining why, that, to me, that just to me isú astounding, shame on that court. anyway, ted, katie, thank you both. and it's been two years since malaysian airlines flight 370 mysteriously disappeared with 239 people on board. "on the record" give jenkins has the story.
4:41 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. malaysian airlines confirming it has lost contact with a passenger jet, the boeing 777 carrying more than 200 passengers took off from malaysia heading to beijing. >> march 8th, 2014, 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board malaysian air+j flight 370 vanishing without a trace. for months, search and rescue teams desperately working around a the clock. >> search crews spent 10 hours on friday scouring a remote patch of the indian ocean. they are looking for two large objects that are potential debris. >> january of 2015, malaysian authorities officially declaring the incident an accident. a year passes and still no answer as. >> a solemn day overseas is grieving families gathered to honor the lives of lives lost on 370. still surrounding one of the aviation's biggest mysteries. >> then a break, july 29th,
4:42 pm
2015, 16 months after the boeing 777 first reported missing a wing fragment washing up more than 3,000 miles away. >> wreckage that turned up in an island in the indian ocean may be from the malaysian airline jets that went missing a year ago with nearly 240 people on board. >> and another clue. just last month, this year, more debris being found, this time in mosembik. malaysian minister stating today he remains hopeful. for "on the record" i'm griff jenkins. >> the the search in the south indian ocean dose on and so does the search for answers. what would former first lady nancy reagan say about the 2016 race? president reagan's former senior advisor is here next. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by
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"on the record" is coming to you live tonight from dallas, texas, and i sat down with former first lady laura bush to ask her about the life and legacy of another first lady nancy reagan. plus, laura bush's event tonight, international women's day, voices of hope, at the bush center in dallas. >> mrs. bush, it's lovely to be back at the library. >> great. i'm so glad you are here. welcome. >> it's a great library. it's beautiful. >> it is. it's terrific. we're thrilled to have this perfect venue to host what we're going to do tonight which is talking about afghan women in our new book. we are afghan women. so thank you for coming for that. >> obviously a sad day for all of america. i imagine in particular for you having been a first lady yourself nancy reagan eye dying. >> that's right. i had a real friendship with nancy reagan. i got to do a number of things with her which i
4:48 pm
enjoyed. >> a unique club first ladies. we don't have many of them it? >> is a unique club. of course, i had a special advantage that nobody else had with my mother-in-law as a first lady. but it ism5 a unique club. and there are fewer of us now with nancy gone. >> what do you think people will remember her for. >> i think they will remember how beautiful she is. she is so lovely looking and then just how very, very devoted she was to ronald reagan, to her husband. and to our country. but i think they really had a special relationship that was very ornñ obvious when you watched them for those years that he was president and since. >> the afghan women, big event. but this is not sort of a drive by event for you. you have been steeped in this going way back, in fact, you had the november 2001 radio address when you spoke about afghanistan. >> that's right. i did the radio address then in 2011, shortly after september 11th, because i wanted people in the united
4:49 pm
states to know the way women and children in afghanistan were treated by the taliban. after september 11th, the spotlight turned on afghanistan and people, spes -- especially women were horrified by the way women were treated and left out. what happens when half of the population is marginalized. and what happens is a failed country. and that's what it was. >> we are going to bring you so much more of our interview as former lady laura bush during our upcoming shows. you're going to hear about international women's day, voices of hope, and a new book written by the george w. bush institute we are afghan women, voices of hope. and the tribute to former first lady nancy reagan continue to pour in.1i1s tomorrow, mrs. reagan's body reagan presidential library. he had rollins goes "on the
4:50 pm
record." good evening, sir. >> thank you, my flesh to be with you. how are you? >> good. in talking to mrs. bush sort of fun to revisit her career and take a look at mrs. reagan before she was even first lady she had her own career, didn't she? >> she had an extraordinary career. she was a beautiful woman as mrs. bush said who is also a beautiful woman there was never a room that nancy reagan didn't walk in that you were sort of taken by her beauty. great whit and charm and very smart and could have been a big star. and should have stayed in hollywood but she dedicated her life to her husband. they had a wonderful, wonderful marriage. he told me that he would have never been president, probably never would have been governor if it wasn't for nancy. after he ran the first time against gerald ford, he lost by 117 votes, he sort of had it. he was ready to go off to the ranch and live happily ever after. she felt it was important for the country. she so believed in him that he run again in 1980. contested primary. a lot of candidates
4:51 pm
significant in the race. went on to win a big landslide. obviously 30 days in the administration he gets shot comes near to dying, laying in his death bed dying. a lot of energy and desire to stay long term was taken out of her. she wasn't interested in running for a second term. he accomplished everything he had set out. he decided the mission wasn't finished yet so we went for a second term and obviously the reagan ear remarks as far as i'm concerned, is sort of over and she was pretty much the part that made it all happen because they were a team together and she was extraordinary. >> did she like politicso:? >> let me ask you this. he had no interest in politics. it's strange to say a guy was a governor or president for eight years he wasn't interested in the nitty gritty of politics. he didn't look at polls. he didn't care about what was going on in the national party. she had great pr sense. she had probably a better connection around the
4:52 pm
country than did. he always knew where the body politic was because he always was the common man. but she basically talked to people all day long and she had her friends in new york and california and what have you. and they would tell her things that are happening. kind of impressions and then she was very loyal to him and wanted her staff to be very loyal to him. and so that was what she was interested in. not the nutty, nitty gritty of power politics. but sort of the imagery. she knew how important the imagery was to the success of his presidency. >> ed, i have got to go but thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> and coming up, i'm going to give you the inside scoop about how things work here "on the record." my off-the-record next.éw >> wednesday, four special audience events, kasich, cruz, trump, rubio. >> we know the challenges we have. >> i'm going it do what's right for you. >> in a powerful political night. greta, megyn and sean are on the road, getting voters answers from every g.o.p.
4:53 pm
candidate. >> america has a choice. >> we're in this together. >> it all starts with john kasich and greta at 9:00 megyn sits down with it ted cruz. then at 10:00 donald trump sounds off on hannity. and at 11:00 marco rubio with megyn from florida. wednesday, only on fox news channel. good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone)
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has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. presidential candidate senator marco rubio speaking right now at a rally in florida. polls will be closing in a few minutes. fox news coverage of tonight's primaries continue straight ahead. and let's all go off-the-record. one of the things that we're sensitive to here on the record is how to fire each presidential candidate. much goes into the fairness question. how many questions. how much time do devote. should we give more time to the frontrunners since they are the front run arers and that means you, the voter, are most interested in them. i hear complaints we don't interview so and so. we ask every candidate almost daily. if a candidate says no we can't go ought and tie him
4:58 pm
and her up and bring them to the studio. senator john kasich is a serious candidate. served in congress for 18 years and governor of a midwestern state. stepping back, i think he may have been short cheated by the media when it comes to giving him a fair opportunity to speak to the american people. that's also unfair to the american people who want information. so, tomorrow night, i'm traveling to chicago to host a one hour town hall with governor kasich. he gets his chance rb make his case to you. i'm not telling to you vote for him. that's your business. but i'mao doing my job in trying to be fair to each candidate and trying to be fair to you. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. with our special town hall edition of "on the record." presidential candidate john kasich will spend the entire hour with us live in chicago. don't miss it right now the polls are starting to close in tonight's primaries. stay tuned for fox news special election coverage. that starts right now. good night. ♪ ♪
4:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ four states up for grabs tonight in the battle for the white house. and the first poll closing just seconds away. good evening. i'm bret baier. >> hi, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. some big questions to answer tonight. will donald trump keep wracking up delegates? will ted cruz continue to chip away at his lead? will marco rubio and john kasich suffer another set back? voters have been hitting the polls in mississippi, michigan, idaho, and hawaii. where there are a 316 delegates at stake tonight.mó 150 up for grabs for republicans. 166 on the line for the democrats. >> the delegate race on the republican side has been tightening. trump has 384.
5:00 pm
cruz with 300. we have got team fox coverage tonight. our panel is here in new york city. also with us brit hume, bill hemmer is at the billboard and martha maccallum has the exit polls. >> plus our reporters are spread out covering all the campaigns across the country. stand by for them. >> it 8:00 on the east coast. 7:00 p.m. in mississippi where polls are now closed and fox news can project that hillary clinton will easily defeat bernie sanders in that state's democratic >> on the republican side, it is too early to project a winner. but fox news exit polls show donald trump with a' sizeable lead over ted cruz, who is considerably ahead of both the john rubio. >> two big states tonight. mississippi first, fox senior political analyst brit hume joins us from boca rotan florid


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