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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ it's 9:00 here in new york city which means all polls have now closed in michigan where fox news can now project that donald trump will win the state's republican presidential primary. according to fox exit polls and early vote tallies. ted cruz and john kasich are locked in a battle for second place. while marco rubio appears headed for a fourth place finish. >> it is too early to project a winner over on the democratic side but at this time, it's looking surprisingly close with bernie sanders and hillary clinton still battling for the top spot. according to fox news exit polls and early voting returns. this is a depar from months of preelection polls which consistently showed mrs. clinton with a double
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digit lead over bernie sanders in michigan. >> brit hume is back with us now from florida. brit, going in, it looked like trump was well-positioned in michigan, but the fact that there is a battle now for second place seems like ted cruz outperforming in a placevn that's right next door to ohio. >> i agree with that, bret. i think it's important because if john kasich were to pull out a second place finish, he could have a claim to some momentum here going into his home state of ohio. there would be media buzz about him there would be an additional round of coverage and marco rubio would be even further eclipsed, leaving kasich with that lane, if there is really a lane for what we might call a mainstream sort of noncontroversial favoriteiev of the republican leadership. cruz will be in this tonight will illustrate that. he will get some delegates and so on. catastrophic is the interesting story, it seems it to me.
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the question becomes whether he really gets a tail wind coming out of this state to carry him forward into the critical moment that comes a week from tonight in ohio for him. >> brit, if kasich winds up in third placet9 michigan and cruz winds up in second, does ted cruz run the risk of winning the battle and losing the war here with a disappointing finish relatively speak for kasich in michigan before next week's ohio and marco rubio struggling in this race, although he maintains is he is going to win his home state of florida and, yet, as you point out the latest poll today suggest that trump has reestablished his significant lead there, doesn't cruz need those two gentlemen to win their home states in order to stop trump? >> well, i think that's mathematically you are right, megyn. there is an interesting question though, i think, that surrounds kasich here. and it's about him and about rubio. rubiop took on donald trump to a degree that no one else has, certainly not kasich who hasn't really taken him
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on at all. a lot of people in the republican party thought it was a job that needed to be done and it was rubio that gave donald trump really a dose of his own medicine with the the personal attacks and ridicule and so on that he mounted. it may have made a dent in trump, it's hard to know that, but it does not seem now, as we look back on it to have helped rubio very much. meanwhile kasich stayed out of the fight, stayed out of the fight entirely. in fact, it could be argued by some that here was the republican party in kind of a death struggle for its future, trying to take down a guy whose lack of consistent conservative principles and whose behavior was a real threat to the party and it was a battle kasich chose to sit out and is now benefiting by that. in fact, some people might say that, you know, he sat out this war and now he is going around in the person of rubio overtaking other candidates overtaking rubio if that's what happens shooting the wounded and benefit from it. we will see. >> let's not bury the lead
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here. this is donald trump winning another big state here. as you look at the exit polls, it's pretty amazing to look at the four candidate qualities that mean most to you, can win in november donald trumpa' 41%. tells it like it is 68%. can bring needed change, 41%. he is racking up voters in these states gotten and again and again with that outsider position. >> that's right. and that 68% number you cited tells it like it is goes to the heart of his appeal. people aren't really thinking too seriously, i don't believe, about the nature of his positions, the details, in fact, sometimes he can't even cite details of his position. but they like that forceful message he has, the denunciations of the people in power. they are angry with the people in power. they are disappointed with the people in power. and here's a guy who, to them, is really saying it as it is, and that, i think, is the key to his support and it is a sentiment that is
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shared. you know, too distant places as mississippi and michigan tonight. those places politicallyz are very different. in terms of the feeling about donald trump, it is solid. it is perhaps not a majority, but it is quiet strong and it means that we have got -- there is no knocking him out of this race any time soon that i can see. >> brit, just quickly, you know, the thing that we talk about a lot is this contested convention and the fact that these three other candidates are praying that he doesn't get to 1237. there is a chance that he has this momentum and starts rolling and momentum gets him to the magic number. >> well, that's right. especially, bret, with these winner-take-all states coming up. if he starts winning those, you don't have a majority you get them all if you win by a single point. he could then begin to gather enough delegates that he would be over the top. on the other hand, look at it this way.
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look at this from the point of view of a republican official or a republican member of the house or a republican who will be on the ballot in november. you looking ahead to a convention in which it is -- if he doesn't get a majority of the delegates, and the convention tries to nominate somebody else, and the trump people get up and walk out, what chance does that leave the republican party to win in november? i would[- say very little. so the republican party is in the position that they may not like this guy but they want his supporters' votes. the question arises could they ever get them without him. the question arises about trump himself, if he were to win, what about the republicans who don't care for his positions and don't believe he is a conseiu)ut @&c @ and all a the rest of them, the people that support cruz and others, what would they do? this is an unappetizing look ahead for republicans, it seems to me. >> what about that, brit, because what we are seeing in this race is unusual compared to what we usually see. tim you have somebody with trump's win record which is
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impressive by any standard and the momentum would be clearly behind him and the numbers would be going up in terms of his percentages with the republican party. and we are not necessarily seeing that yet with donald trump. in fact, what you're seeing is growing calls of concern. his numbers with republicans are falling in large measure. there was a poll out today by abc news/"the washington post" that showed a 30% drop among strong conservatives for donald trump. he was 82% favorable in november. enough to he is down to 52%. over all with the electorate, the impression of donald trump favorable 30%, unfavorable 67%. and so what's happening is there is still a large faction of the g.o.p. that says as they put it, never trump. how does he get past that? >> well, there are two ways to look at this, megyn. one is to look at it from the point of view of trump himself. that is if he is in a position to win, and hopes to win, he is somehow got to
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rally the people who don't care for him to his cause because he will need them in november. but, just -- from the flip side though is the party itself, if it's going to win in november, they need trump's voters. so, you know, i think this is a tremendous quandary for the republican party. and the idea of a contested convention, we would all enjoy seeing that, because it would be a greatzv story, but from the point of view of the republican party there is nothing pretty about any of thiessen narrows that i can see. >> brit, as always, thank you. >> donald trump is going to be holding a news conference momentarily we are told after two big wins tonight carl cammeron is over at the trump headquarters tonight in jupiter, florida. carl? >> hi, megyn. just a short time ago donald trump came down here to this ballroom where there is a large crowd of friends and family and even bigger throng of reporters are waiting. he wandered around the back of the hall for a little bit. folks took pictures and
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threw questions at him it. it was just before the' polls closed and the call was made. literally 30, 40 seconds before the fox made the call he went back up to the hold to watch the returns. we are waiting for him to come back down. everybody in the room has heard the word that he has won both michigan and mississippi. there is a feeling of bigger momentum. and greater,l excitement because this is florida. and part of the trump strategy, by being here in the last two of the last three election nights has been to make a big play for florida to undermine marco rubio here. and with rubio looking like he is in fourth place in mississippi and not fairing well well in michigan. and for trump to win it, donald trump's strategy of playing in florida to undermine rubio seems somewhat intact. rubio is going to spend basically every day here until next tuesday trying to win his homeim state, and he is trailing in the polls
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here. this is big news for donald trump and not so great news for the florida senator. megyn? >> is that the voice of god telling us something, carl? what's going on there? >> it's the voice of god telling everybody to sit down because mr. trump is apparently about to reenter the room. and on the subject of the menu and the stage craft, just a moment ago, some of the staff brought out two huge butcher blocks of trump steaks. i don't know if you can actually get this shot over my shoulder. but on either side of the podium you see bottles of trump wine, bottles of trump water. and a butcher block of steaks which is meant to represent trump steaks. this, again, his response to mitt romney's criticism of some of his businesses. we are only a few minutes from donald trump coming back here and making his victory speech again. this isn't the type of rally that others have on election nights. he has)o been doing press conferences with small number of invited.
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>> works for him. i want to get your thoughts on michigan. marco rubio was polling about 20% in michigan. right now he is down at 9%. i mean, it's a dramatic fall. and in mississippi he is going to finish a distant fourth. how does he take that into florida and say i'm the guy? >> a number of ways. one, before tonight's less than successful showing, he had been saying that regardless of what happens in florida, he pushes on. there is going to be a contested convention. he's in it for the long haul as he believes others should to essentially divide up the vote and make it impossible for trump to actually get the necessary 1273 votes delegates for the nomination. mr. trump is walking in the room here so the crowd is going to erupt in just a second. he is just behind our riser here where we all have all of our cameras and reporters are set up. it's a slow stroll for the billionaire developer sucking up every second of it with a very large entourage of staffers and
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fans here. bad news for rubio. and for trump, it's more of the kind of snow ball rolling down a hill. you were talking about whether the establishment can ever get its arms around the idea of a nominee or president trump. and voters have a way of forcing other elected officials into compliance. if trump wins michigan, ohio, and florida. three incredibly important states in the general election, i think it's fair to guess, it's fair to predict that an awful lot of voters willni put pressure on these office holders and establishment republicans to get in line with the guy who is on his way to the nomination. should it actually get to that point. so, there he is at the podium and i'm going to step out of the way you can go to him. >> carl, thank you. let's take a listen to the winner tonight in michigan and mississippi. >> i don't know if i have ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. [ laughter ] >> $38 million worth of horrible lies but that's
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okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is. because they knew they were lies and it was just really amazing to watch. and to get these kind of numbers where they call them immediately is just something very special. i want to:m thank the public. i want to thank the people of michigan. i want to thank the people of mississippi and it is such a great honor and it's also really wonderful to have you at trump golf club. jack nicklaus did this. it's a jack nicklaus signature course. and it's a great, great resort and place and we have see. [cheers and applause] we love our members. and jack -- by the way, jack nicklaus is a special man and he did a special job and we love jack. we have another special man paul o'neil of the yankees. paul, stand up, paul. originally come from ohio. right? oh, wow.
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paul o'neil of the yankees. hey, paul, you come from ohio? do you endorse me? [ laughter ] i love you. thank you, paul. thank you. wow. that's a great endorsement from ohio. [cheers and applause] thank you. is he great. it looks like he could go out there right now. so, i just wanted to tell you that it was really an interesting week. an amazing week. i want to congratulate a lot of people. and including the candidates. i mean, this is not easy stuff. when you are doing this, it is -- it's pretty wild. and i must tell you it's very, very important. as a republican, that our senators and that our congressman get reelected and we put a good group of people together. that we keep the people that are there. we have some terrific people. not all of them are on my side but we have some terrific people, and it's very, very important, if we are going to be effective, it's very, very important. one of the things i'm most
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happy about is that the turnout has been just massive for every week, whether it's south carolina or any place, i mean, started pretty much with new hampshire and it really, iowa, no matter where you go, it's records. i think it's actually the single biggest story in politics today. it's what's happening at the it booth. tremendous number of people coming out to vote. some of the states are getting -- in fact, one has 102% increase over four years ago. it's amazing.3 102%. [ applause ] >> on average you are talking about probably more than 50%. you are talking about millions and millions of people whereas the democrats are down 30%, 35%. they are down from what they were. we are up by 50% and even more than that you are talking about millions of people. so, i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today. and i hope that the republicans will embrace it.
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we have -- don't forget, we have democrats coming over, very importantly. we have independents coming over. and they haven't done that ever, probably ever. and with all of these people coming over, we're going to have something very, very special. if i win and if i get to go against hillary, polls are showing that i would beat her. and some of the polls have me beating her very easily. because when you take advantage -- we will take many, many people away from the democrats. we will take many, many people away that normally go democrat as independents. we are seeing that. we're seeing that we had people come over here who have never voted republican, who have never even thought about it, and they came and voted republican. i will tell you another group of people that i have seen and i will be sekning autographs after a speech and we will be talking to people. and i have had many, many people say and it was a beautiful thing to hear it. mr. trump, i'm 67 years old, many people, i'm 67 years old, i've never ever voted
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before. i've never come close to voting before, this is the first time i will ever vote. [ applause ] >> that's so amazing. that's so amazing. and they do it with such spirit. so it's really great. i want to thank the special interests and a the lobbyists. [ laughter ] because they obviously did something to drive these numbers. i mean, we are close to 50 and 40. no, but i want to congratulate them. to raise that much money that quickly is a pretty good feat. right, do we agree? >> no, many of them are my friends but they just have to gamble. they have to do it. i want to thank paul ryan, he called me a couple days ago. he could notre have been nicer. he was very encouraging. i have great respect for paul ryan. great respect. [ applause ] >> ted cruz is interesting because he is always -- i mean, he is always saying i'm the only one that can
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beat donald trump. you have to vote for donald trump and you are going to vote for donald trump and you are going to be miserable, you have to vote for me. but he is the only one that can beat donald trump. and i have heard it so many times and i said but he never beats me. [ laughter ] take a look, he never beats me. meaning he rarely beats me. the fact is that we're going to do well. ted is going to have a hard time when he gets to turn states he is going to have a hard time. one of the things we do is we get up to new york, i'm going to do great. we get to new jersey, i'm going to do great. chris christie is here some, the governor of new jersey. great prosecutor. i watched what he did to marco. where is chris? he is around here somewhere. [ applause ] and great prosecutor. and he is -- and really when he came and called and he said i have seen, this it's an amazingfé thing. it's a movement. many people have called it a movement. four covers in the last three and a half months on "time" magazine, many people have called it a movement. part of that movement is what i said before. i mean, it's the people want
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to be involved. so when chris called and when sarah palin called and when jerry falwell jr. called and when joe arpaio called. i mean, you know when joe arpaio of arizona calls, that trump is tough on the border. okay? and i don't want to be tough. i want to be fair but we're going to have borders again, folks. we're going to have the wall, we're going to have borders, and people are going to coming to the country dry and come into the country and be very happy. they are coming in legally. they have to come in legally. [cheers and applause] mitt romney got up and made a speech the other day. [boos] >> no, no, he is a very nice man. [ laughter ] but, you know, i understand. look, it's hard. and then you get to the final gate, and you don't get over it, it's a hard thing, so i understand. he did make some statements. i brought some things up because he said water company is gone. i said it is? i didn't know that. i have very successful
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companies. let me just explain. seconds. i filed with the federal elections 100 pages, almost 100 pages that many of the press have gone down and seen, and they were all very, very impressed. i built a great, great company. i have very low debt. i have assets like this. this is owned 100 percent by me with no debt. [ applause ] you've seen mar-a-lago, you have seen -- that's 100 percent by me with no debt. i have trump international where you were last week, 100 percent by me and no debt. you look at dural where we have the major championship. i have a loft things in florida. partners with relate dollars, numerous jobs on the beach. very successful. partners with gill and michaelá9 gezner on the beach. nobody talks about this stuff. including the city on the new york city. hudson river, one of the most successful projects
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ever built in rae. -- real estate. bank of america chunk in san francisco. 12th avenue there. many, many things. mitt got up and he really shouldn't have done it. it wasn't becoming honestly. and he talked about the water company. there's the water company. i mean, we sell water and we have water and it's a very successful -- you know, it's a private little water company and i supply the water for all my places and it's good. but it's very good. trump steaks. where are the steaks? we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. and, by the way, you want to take one, we will charge you about, what, 50 bucks a steak. [ laughter ] we have trump magazine. let me see the magazine. [ laughter ]íw [cheers and applause] he said trump magazine is out. i said it is? i thought i read one two days ago.
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this comes out and it's called the jewel of palm beach and it all goes to all of my clubs. i have had it for many years. it's the magazine. it's great. anybody want one? here. take one. my club champion. so, and the airline by the way, i sold the airline a. he said trump airline. well, i sold the airline and i actually made a great deal. complicated and in really terrible times, the economy was horrible, and i made a phenomenal deal. i had the shuttle, and i sold it. so i'm hearing about all of these things and bethe way, trump university, it's -- we're holding it. when i win the lawsuit, which i will win, they did an ad, rubio did an ad the other day. he had two or three people, and the three people were saying oh it was so terrible. the reason i didn't settle, every one of these people, in fact, we sent them out and the reporter don't like to report it. but we sent their letters out, their report cards, their report cards were all excellent. beautiful statements. we love it yougí can't settle
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cases when the person suing you has given you letters and in some cases tapes saying how great it is. it was a very nice thing. so we're putting it on hold. if i become president that means ivanka, don and my family will start it up. we have a lot of people want to get back into trump university. it's going to do very well and it will continue to do very well. we have a lawsuit where they are trying to get -- you know, we have one of these class action lawyers guys and it's ridiculous. we will win that lawsuit. i'm -- i just want to explain and the united states should be this. i don't settle lawsuits, very rare. because once you settle lawsuits, everybody sues you. very simple. it's like business. i teach it when you settle lawsuits, it's easier to settle, sometimes it's cheaper to settle, but once you settle -- i had a friend that taught me a long time ago, he was sued very rarely and everybody else in the same business was çy sued all the time. he said donald, i never settle. the lawyers learn you don't settle, they don't sue.ul so i don't settle lawsuits.
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when i watch banks settling lawsuits all the time they get paid $40 million a year a banker and settles lawsuits with governments and other people giving billions and billions of dollars. i don't do it. so, when i saw the different things -- and by the way the winery, you see the wine, because he mentioned trump vodka. [ applause ] it's the largest winery on the east coast. i own it 100 percent. no mortgage, no debt. you just have to go check the records, folks. in fact, the press i'm asking you, please check. can you see if there is any debt. it was the john klugy the richest man in the united states he died and built one of the great vineyards of all time. i mean, there is nothing like it. close to 2,000 acres. it's in charlottesville, virginia right next to the thomas jefferson memorial. and we're very proud of it. we make the finest wine. as good a wine as can you get anywhere in the world. extremely honest so i won't offer them any. if they want they can take a bottle of wine home.
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the members have plenty, right? the members have plenty. we have one of the greatest. actually, i believe it's the largest vineyard and largest winery on the east coast. i wanted to put that to rest. you have the water, you have airline that i sold, i mean what's wrong with selling. every once in a while can you sell something. you have the wines and all of that, and trump university we're going to start it up as soon as i win the lawsuit. does that make sense? i mean that's it. [cheers and applause] and i want to thank my friend paul o'neil because that to me is a big deal. i had such respect. when paul was a yankee, he just didn't make mistakes, him right now. and he just didn't make mistakes. i love that kind of a guy. [ applause ] i think what this shows really more than anything else is that advertising is not as important. it really isn't as important as competence. because there has never been more money spent on hitting
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somebody than was spent on me. and between that and people saying things and, you know,h$ lindsey graham goes is he a nasty person. first of all, is he wrong on the military. this is why he is -- i have been doing this for 15 years. that's right, we have been fighting a war for is a years with this kind of thinking. if you are going to fight a war, win the war and let's get back to winning the country. okay? lindsey graham has been so nasty. i think he is probably a nice guy but is he is so nasty. i said man does he hate donald trump. i watch him. if you think about it, every single person that's attacked me has gone down, okay? i don't want to mention that. let's not mention names. they are out. they are gone. can you take a look at virtually every single person we started off with 17. we're down to four. of the four they are pretty much all gone, okay? pretty much. they didn't do so well tonight, folks. okay i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well.
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they didn't do well. only one person who did well tonight, donald trump. i will tell you. [cheers and applause] i mean, it was actually amazing. i was imprk7áq" and even megyn kelly said boy, donald trump really did well tonight. thank you, megyn. thank you. that was a very unusual -- i was shocked, actually, to hear that but that was very nice. and charles krauthammer said that he was very, very nice. thank you, charles. it's about time. i have been waiting like five years, charles. but it is true. i mean, every single -- i have had such hostility like with lindsey, he was a 7. he attacked me, and we took him down to zero. he leaves in disgrace. he then goes to his own state and they do a poll in south carolina. he endorses somebody else. and the poll in south carolina has me at 47%, him at 2% and he is is the sitting senator. and then he went down from there. and you know what? i don't like to bring it up but i tell you it's enough,
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lindsey, just relax, go home, relax for a little while. everyone knows you take this big defeat and the problem is the press never calls them out. they go to this horrible defeat and then they go and they start immediately on the attack and it's never out of himself. at what point do you call people out? so i call people out. but it is true. they have attacked me viciously. and every single one who has attacked me is gone. and i'm very proud of that. [ applause ] >> because that's what we should have for our country. that's what we should have. isis should not be beating us. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military. we don't win with healthcare. we don't win with anything. and we should be be in a position where isis is dictating terms. and the other day at one of debates, the one before last, they asked lying ted, i call him lying ted, he holds the bible high and he goes down and puts the bible down and then he lies.
6:29 pm
lying ted. you know, he will say i'm the only one that beat donald trump. i said that before. i beat him, i beat him. but he doesn't say yeah, he won like four and i won like 12 or 13, right? he forgets the other part. but lying ted. and you know when they say the evangelicals because indr watching, in fact, i was watching carl said how great did i with the evangelicals and everyone was a little surprised. i'm a very good christian. and, you know, they are chipping away at christianity. and we're not going to let that happen anymore, folks. i will tell you. and a lot of times i will say at the rallies around christmas time we're going to start saying merry christmas again. they don't say it anymore. the department stores don't but the it up. we are going to start saying it again. they are chipping away at christianity and we just can't do it. i will tell you, with the evangelicals, they get it they get it. they get me. they understand me. i will be the best thing)j that 100 percent. and they don't like the way ted talks and they don't like the fact that he truly
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does lie. and i actually was -- i mean lies badly. i was actually, interestingly, little marco helped me a lot. [ laughter ] did is in one of thet@ debates he screamed across me -- i have been in the center from the beginning, right? never out of center. in fact, i always like an odd number because with the odd number i'm in the center. with an even number, like last week i hated it because we had four people so i'm not in the center. so we always should keep it odd numbers, right so we are right in the center. i have been in the center for every single debate. marco helped me a lot he called ted a liar. you are a liar. that's the first time -- look, i know politicians better than anybody. they are liars. okay? they are serious liars. more importantly they will never get you to the promise land, never. they will never get you to the promise land. they won't do it. because they are controlled by the special interests. they are controlled by the people who put up all this money for them to run. do you know how much money was spent in the last week on me? and do you know how many
6:31 pm
times they were asking -- despite the fact that they are not supposed to be talking to their super pac, carl, fellows, let me ask you a question, how many times do you3 think marco and ted and all of them were calling their super pac? is that right? it's called life. that's the way life works. they talk to their super pac. they're not supposed to, but that's the way life works. so, we are going to do something. i think we are going to clean the slate. i think we are going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. [ applause ] i love florida. a special place. and i think we are going to do really well -- i think we are going to do really well in ohio. now that i have paul o'neil's endorsement, i know i'm going to win ohio. i love ohio. i have so many friends in ohio. it's an amazing place. and we're going to go have a lot of fun. and then what we're going to do is we're going to beat hillary clinton and we're going to beat her badly. [cheers and applause] and i think one of the things and then we will take
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some questions, but one of the things that really i add that's very different, we always talk about the five and sometimes six, but the five states that you have to get whether it's ohio or pennsylvania or florida. you know, if you don't get one. becauseío of the republican structurally much tougher. it's much tougher for a republican to win the presidency like by a factor of five. i have things that nobody else can do. i have a chance at new york. can you imagine if you won as big as new york all of those delegates? upstate new york i poll higher than anybody ever. [ applause ] because they are really in trouble up there. and they know that i would have done things they wouldn't be in trouble right now if they would have taken my advice. but they are really in trouble. but i will get michigan. i mean, i'm going to get michigan because we're going to bring the car industry back. we're going to take it back. we are going to bring the car industry back into michigan. i'm going to win michigan. it's never even a question. when these candidates are talking about running, it's
6:33 pm
never even a question. michigan is not something they even talk about. i will win new jersey. i will win ohio. i will win florida. i will win virginia. i have great properties in virginia. charlottesville, we just talked. winery. on the potomac river we have one of the great places in the world. i have 600 acres on the potomac river. property in the world very successful place. i have a lot of employees in virginia. it seems that when i have something in a location, like when i'm in virginia and i have a lot of employees and i have great places and florida where i two days ago with adam scott. how great is that great young man and the way he won the cadillac world championship. when you have property in a state it means you love the state. it means you have a lot of employees. you pay these employees. you take care of their healthcare. you take care of their
6:34 pm
education for their families. you take care of so many things. and you just do well. so i think i'm going to do great there, and i think i'm going to do great in ohio. and i really look forward to it. i'm going to be working really hard between the two. illinois, i have one of the greatest buildings in the world. in chicago i have one of greatest buildings, rated the number one hotel in north america i'm very proud of it. it's a,n great, great, on the river. great building. maybe that's where we have our next news conference. maybe we will do it right in chicago. so, let's see what the press has to ask and we will then go home and we will go celebrate a lot of victories. yes, go ahead. cbs. >> republican [inaudible] >> no, i don't really. because you have to win. i know how to win. i have won -- these people will tell you, i have won many club championships? stand up. stand up.
6:35 pm
i have won many club championships? does trump know how to close? believe it or not, it's not so different. win something winning. not easy to win club championships. i'm not talking about with strokes, i'm talking about no strokes. the fact is i like to close, i like to close things out. until the last person is gone. again, we started with a field of 17, and now we're down to 4. and i really want to close things out. i don't want to start thinking in terms. i havedb not even focused on hillary yet. i'm doing well. numerous polls have me winning i haven't even started with her other than four weeks ago when i actually hit her very hard because what she said was wrong. >> hillary clinton, if you were going -- >> -- many cases. the case -- i have all night. okay? i mean, you would have to go on for hours. hillary is going to be very easy to beat. she is a very flawed candidate. very, very flawed candidate. it's going to be, i believe it's going to be a very, very easy target. if she is allow to do run.
6:36 pm
there is a real question as to whether or not she is even going to be allow to do run. if the government is going to do its job properly, she will not be allow to do run. okay. [ applause ] go ahead, tom. >> [inaudible question] >> i have no for marc. it's been a tough night for him. >> i have had aée good relationship with marco. he became hostile about two weeks ago and it didn't work. hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for everybody. [ laughter ] >> okay? no, but he became very hostile. you know what? it doesn't work for him. he would have been better off had he kept the original pitter patter going. but this didn't work. say it tom a little louder. [inaudible question] >> i have been outspent by everybody. part of the beauty, look. i have much more money than
6:37 pm
all of them put together times 20. okay? but i'm a businessman. i don't have to spend. why should i spend the money? i have spent 25 or $30 million. other people have spent $160 million. you have the numbers. in new hampshire, as an example, i spent $1.5 million. and somebody else spent $48 million. i was 1. the other person was number 5. wouldn't it be nice if we had a country that worked that way? right? so the cnn poll came out and i was 41. second is 15 and 15. and i have spent less money than anybody else. the phony "wall street journal" poll just came out where i'm still number one. the poll from south carolina the "wall street journal"/nbc poll was the phoniest most disgusting poll i have ever seen, okay? i don't believe that poll and i don't know who is making up that poll but they should not pay their bill. i don't do that donald trump doesn't pay the bill.
6:38 pm
that's true. i never pay bills when somebody does a bad job. they did such a bad job during the south carolina run, they had me practically dying in south carolina the day before. they did that with viciousness and vindictiveness and it looked like i was really in trouble. and then i won in a landslide. the poll was wrong. and then the following day they came out with a national poll that was ridiculous, too. so they came out with another one. nbc, chuck todd, nbc, "wall street journal," i'm saying what's wrong with them. that's not right. cnn came out with a poll 49 couple day;zz ago. they came out with a poll 30. again, i'm still in first place. but i really believe their poll is wrong. boy did they turn out to be wrong in south carolina. okay? yeah, go ahead. [inaudible question]
6:39 pm
>> i will be honest with you. i saw it i was a little concerned with that ad until i saw it. i think it's better than any ad i have ever taken for myself. i do. do you know why? let me just tell you why. no, i really mean it i really mean it i heard about the ad and i thought oh, i'm not going to like this. i can be more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential, if i wanted to be, i can be more presidential than anybody. you know, when i have 16 people coming,g at me from 16 different angles, you don't want to be so presidential you have to win you have to beat them back, right? i would say more presidential and i have said this a couple of times more presidential than anybody other than the great abe lincoln. he was very presidential. the truth is i saw that ad and people are sick and tired of being politically correct. i actually think that ad is
6:40 pm
good for me. [cheers and applause] because in some cases as you know i was kidding and i was joking. i have a big audience and i was joking with words not so is bad by the way but i was joking in other cases i was showing anger and showing a certain toughness that we need in our country. but i watched that ad that ad show as certain degree of anger and shows a certain degree like we are not going to take it anymore from all of these countries ripping us off and taking our jobs and taking our money like we are a bunch of babies, very, very stupidñ so i watched that ad and i don't think it's a bad ad for me. i think if i could have a chance of take it down or let it run, let it run. [ applause ] [inaudible question. [. >> so you are so politically correct. you sore beautiful. so -- oh, i know, have you never heard a little off language. i know, you are so perfect. aren't you perfect.
6:41 pm
aren't you just a perfect young man. give me a break. you know what? it's stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. okay? sarah. say it again, sarah, a little louder. [inaudible question] >> well, maybe at some point they will. but, look, i hear 39 million has been spent. i'll be honest with you, i'm very surprised. i looked at the numbers in mississippi i'm close to 50%. that's not 50% with two people. that's 50% with four people. that's a lot. that's shocking. that's like record-setting. big difference if you are running like hillary and running against one guy. i mean, you are running against bernie. [ laughter ] and you get a 50 or a 52 or 56%. i'm run aring against three very competent people and
6:42 pm
i'm getting 50% and in michigan i'm close to 40% against a big group of people. i think that -- i will say this. i am a little bit surprised that -- i was at dural and i was watching adam scott hit that last great shot and i was went back and watching the news in one of the rooms and every single advertisement was about me. it was during my tournament i go from tournament to horrible ad. the most vicious ads. i mean, one of the reasons i brought the wine out and the water out and the steak outbc and i told you about trump university. we will win that case. it's going to be an easy case to win. everyone signed a document. one of the reasons is just because of that they hit me with this trump university. it's not even a big case. we're going to win the case. i can settle that case so easily. i don't want to settle it.
6:43 pm
it would be easier for me to settle it. i wouldn't have all you people writing about it i don't want to settle it. i could settle it so easy. the fact is that, look, you have to do in life, sarah, you have to do what's right. if you live by principle and believe it or not, i'm a very highly principled person. if you live by principle. [ applause ] >> you are going to do very well. >> i must tell you i was a little surprised when i saw the viciousness of the ads and viciousness of -- mitt was very vicious. i mean, he gets up and he just -- i wsh he would have used that same energy against obama. i think he would have won. [cheers and applause] if he used the same energy against obama, he would have carl? >> given your statement to major about how easy it would be to beat hillary clinton do you believe you will need to get main republicans the
6:44 pm
establishment, if so, many are pouring many of their money in to trying to beat you. >> i say let's come together folks. we're going to win. let's come together. carl, the answer is not 100 percent but largely i would say yes. some people you are just not going to get along with. it's okay. but largely i would like to do that and believe it or not, i am a unifier. i unify. you look at all ofpp the things i built all over the world. i'm a unifier. i get along with people. i have great relations. i even start getting along with you, right? campaign carl. but, no, i get along with people. and i really say this, carl, i think it's time to unify. we have something special going on in the republican party. and, unfortunately, the people of the party, they call them the elites or call them whatever they call them, but those are the people that don't respect it yet. we have millions and millions of people. i have discussed it before. we have millions and millions of people coming up and voting, largely for me in all fairness, but for
6:45 pm
other people, also. and, carl, you know this, because i have senile you report on it it's a record. it's a record. it's never happened before in 100 years what's happening now to the republican party has never happened before. and the people of the party, whether you call them establishment or not, can you call them anything, i don't know if there is such a thing as the establishment, frankly. but whether you call them the establishment or not, they should embrace it. they should, you know, the democrats would love to have what's happening. i have friends on the other side they say boy, would we like that to happen. you know, carl, they are down 35%. there is no spirit there. whereas we are way up with millions of people. so what i say to the republicans is embracev it. we will win the election easily. [ applause ] >> but as you just described, mitt romney and lindsey graham in your words have been attacking you viciously. >> yeah. >> and how can you win them back and do you think that's necessary or is what you are
6:46 pm
doing. >> i don't know that you have to win everybody. >> you say something that hasn't happened in 100 years. are you changing the republican party, are you reforming the republican party. how do you assure conservatives it's not in the wrong direction in their view. >> let's talk about that because it's interesting. i'm not changing the republican party. i'm actually a conservative. i'm a common sense conservative. look, nobody is more conservative than me on energy independence. i have been talking about it for years. nobody. nobody is more conservative than me on the military. nobody is more conservative than me on taking care of our great veterans who are being absolutely maligned. [ applause ] nobody's more conservative than me on healthcare where we're going to repeal and replace obamacare and on common core where we are getting rid of it and on budgets where whether it's the penny deal, some different things but we will straighten out ourwn budgets. carl, we owe $19 trillion. we're going to start paying off debt. we don't have to pay it off quickly nor do we have to but start bringing it down to a level that's
6:47 pm
sustainable because we're going in the wrong direction. and certainly nobody is more conservative than me on the border. the one thing i guess people could say is that on trade i am a free trader, believe it or not, but i'm also a smart trader. we cannot let china -- and i like china. they're wonderful. but their leaders are too smart for our leaders. i like china. i do great with china. the bank of america building, other building i have because of china. in a war we fought, but i will tell you nobody, nobody is more conservative, actually, on trade. the problem i have is you have people that are in egg heads. they have no common sense whatsoever. no common sense whatsoever. china charges tax to get our product in and they don't let our product in anyway and, yet, they take their product and they just send it to us like nothing. we have a trade deficit with china of $500 billion a
6:48 pm
year. we have a trade deficit with year. we have a trade deficit with mexico. that's why mexico is going to pay for the wall. $58 billion a year, 100 percent. that's 100 percent. you know these guys come up that i'm against. they say you are not going to get mexico to pay for the wall. i say of course i am. we have a trade deficit with mexico of a $8 billion a year. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. you tell me i can't make that deal? that's an easy deal. so,. [ applause ] so the only thing, carl, because i love the question. but the only thing i can say that some people would say i'm not conservative on is trade. but that's because i won fair trade. i want free trade but free trade you have to have both people on smart sides but we don't have smart peopleíéjz our side. it's got to be fair trade or as you would say fair and balanced trade, okay? as they would say at fox. jeremy, go ahead.
6:49 pm
[inaudible question] >> very important. [[inaudible] >> destroyed, destroyed. [inaudible] >> yeah. [inaudible] >> countries like. >> okay. i know what you are going to say, jeremy. i can't. because nobody is listening to you, jeremy. nobody ever listens to you. let me just explain. the probable that we have with trade, jeremy, jeremy, let me just tell you, is we have people on the other side that are grand masters at monetary manipulation, at currency manipulation. they are manipulating currency to such an extent that our companiesdj cannot compete with other companies in other nations. they just can't compete.
6:50 pm
because of that, we're losing our jobs. if you take a look at how many jobs china,n example has taken from us. it's not just china. china is the biggest abuser because it's the biggest. china has taken millions ofu jobs, thousands of factories. what they have done to us, it's actually -- i thought about it the other day, it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. they have taken history of the world. they have taken out so much money and, again, i love china. it is great. i don't hold anything against their leaders. i wish our leaders would do the same thing in reverse but they don't. and we cannot continue -- hey, look. i won michigan. i went up there. these are people incredible people. you look at the factories abandoned there. moving into mexico. take a look at as an example, in chicago, where you have a nabisco moves the big plant, closing the plant. moving to mexico. ford building a $2.5 billion factory, cars, in mexico.
6:51 pm
i mean, we can't to do it. carrier, two weeks ago carrier announced to close, 1,400 people laid off. build air conditioners, put them in mexico. how does that help us? >> what do you say to american consumers seeing the prices of coming from china and mexico -- >> yeah, sure. >> increase by 35%. >> what will happen -- can i tell you what will happen? when china thinks you mean it, and they think you mean it, they're going to stop manipulating their currency. you won't have to do anything and you might have free trade. okay? you didn't hear me. when china, japan thinks you mean it, we won't let them sell the cars like that killing us, you know what we sell to japan? practically nothing. they have cars coming in by the millions and we sell practically nothing. when japan thinks we mean it they'll stop playing around with
6:52 pm
the yen. they're almost as good as china. you look at what's happening with kamatsu tractor and cater pill already and hurt by kamatsu not because their machines -- caterpillar makes a better machine but the fact the currency manipulate. we can't have that. and then not supposed to do it but they have no fear of our government. they're dealing with babies. we are dealing with babies. okay in they are grand master players and we have people that shouldn't be negotiating for us. all right? we shouldn't. all right. one more question. go ahead. let's see if she'll finally give me a decent after 12 years. i'm not going to finish with her because she never asks a decent question. okay. go ahead. i'm only kidding. go ahead. [ inaudible ] that's right. [ inaudible ] well, i don't know. i'm going to say. you know what? i think graham is probably a
6:53 pm
nice guy, and i was very tough on him because he was tough on me. i think he's probably a nice guy and get along with lindsey graham and probably mitt romney. i understand how he feels. he worked really hard. should have worked a little harder. but he worked really hard and he didn't get there. i mean, i understand it. i could probably get along with mitt romney. i could probably -- i don't know mitt romney very well. i endorsed him. i backed him. i helped him. but i don't know mitt romney. i could probably get along very well with graham. he goes on television, very nasty. you have to be nasty back. i can get along with people. look. the bottom line is we have something going that's so good. we should grab each other and we should unify the party and nobody's going to beat us. okay? thank you very much, everybody. thank you. i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> fascinating hour with donald trump who called for the party
6:54 pm
to come together, sounding very much like he was already the nominee talking about how he hopes the republicans embrace what he's done. attributing some of the high turnout we have seen in the election to his presence in the race, acknowledging other candidates may have had a role in it, as well. talking about the gop majorities need to be maintained in congress and say i'm a unifier. i unify. also, veering off into what many on twitter said sounded a bit like a qvc presentation about his stakes and his wert and his magazines saying i have very nice products. veering off into the discussion we have heard before about little marco and lying ted. and he took it from there. even an a shoutout to fox news a couple times in the presentation. >> you had the cut away you weren't really ready for. an amazing kind of press conference stream of consciousness. >> yep. i will be more presidential than
6:55 pm
anyone but abe lincoln. >> it was truly amazing and he held all of the news channels it looks like, stayed with it. interesting fact about ads as you look at donald trump shaking hands. in michigan, the pro-rubio superpac spent $1.2 million on ads. pro-kasich and the team spent $770,000. trump just started airing ads in michigan and which he won tonight with $184,000. just this weekend. but interestingly, ted cruz spent just $1,112 and currently in the battle and a tight one for second in michigan. >> uh-huh. which, you know, his campaign says tomorrow evidence of the surge, same surge talking about over the weekend winning in some contests there. we have chris here and want reaction and we're hold him over and get back to him.
6:56 pm
stay tuned with us over this commercial break. up next. don't go away. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar?
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7:00 pm
i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret bair. hillary clinton also winning in mississippi. so far, too close to call for the democrats in michigan. and that is a huge story for bernie sanders tonight. if he is able to win the state of michigan, over hillary clinton, who had double digit leads and significant leads going into this night, it would be a big moment for bernie sanders and his campaign. >> that's quite something. we want to turn to the fox news digital politics editor and media analyst and host howard kurtz. what do you make of that? >> any question in the mind of donald trump's rivals about how to get his goat, talk about the business. the stuff with trump steaks that with respect trump steaks and the trump wert and the trump this and the trump that, that's how you get him. there's no merit of conservative apostasies because the supporters, if there's a