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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast and the last of the polls are now closed in idaho. there were no exit polls conducted in the general state. so we'll have to wait for the tally. >> what is with this short trip given to idaho. no exit polls, no information whatever. it's also too close to call for democrats in michigan, bernie sanders is still ahead there, which has been one of the stories of the evening. on the g.o.p. side, donald
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trump winning in michigan. john kasich battling with ted cruz for second place. it's a story in and of itself. donald trump dominating in mississippi, hillary clinton has won. so it's been a big night for trump. we want to get back to carl cameron in jupiter, florida. the wine is gone. the steaks are gone, it's just carl. >> yes. the party is over. it's not over. donald trump is going to be partying all night long. they're looking for put away punch this week with michigan and mississippi, donald trump tonight was showing a little bit of his capacity to attempt the pivot. we got one lying ted and one little marco in his address of 40 minutes or so. that is a difference than in the past with the big rallies in early primary states, he would have rowdy crowds, and it would
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just be a slug fest kind of acceptance speech. because he has guests at his golf club here, and friends and family, he was much more subdued than he has been. it's some of the campaign staffers. they're just going to have to wait for you guys. >> he's cleary busy. >> donald trump did do something tonight that was interesting. he called out the establishment, referred to them as the elite and said they better get with the program because he's not stopping. i think we may have a little bit of that sound. let's see if we can try it. >> no sound. >> no luck. >> my fault. >> that is okay. >> well, you know. >> the interesting q & a you had with him and he liked the like. he redirected him there. your thoughts on him and the press conference kind of post game after these two wigs tonight? >> well, he's trying to take questions from the
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he has this huge sort of barrier of friends, family, and guests here who were applauding his questions and looking at reporters. he did sort of take a couple shots at some of the reporters for their questions and you can tell, he was trying to figure and looking forward, to how he can deal with beating marco rubio in florida and john kasich in ohio. and begin to try to bring rest of the party together. he's had 30 to 40% in nevada and maybe a little bit higher but that tends to be about a third or a little bit more of the overall republican party. and so, he is trying to let them know that he is not going to stop, that he is a conservative on a lot of things other than trade, he argues. they should stop sort of berating him for his impolitic
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rhetoric. if it's true people don't like political correctness anymore, then he may be awabl to get through with it. there was a question of using the f-word and c-word. he says he doesn't have to use that language. and it defies all history. one historian wrote the only comparison might be aaron burr who shot alexander hamilton. interesting comparison. >> well, he's a little more conserve tich than him. and yes. more presidential than anyone but abe lincoln. >> yes. remarkable. there are no sacred cows with
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donald trump. he shoots from the lip. high caliber and does it hesitate and it served him well. what more can you say other than when it comes time to run in the general election, he will need, if he hopes to beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders, he would desperately need to have the rest of the republican party. when he does that rhetoric, it scares a lot of republicans. this is a -- just a couple days ago, nancy reagan passed away. it's worth noting ronald reagan wouldn't go to the oval office until wearing a jacket or tie. donald trump always wears a jacket and tie but the rhetoric is not the same carl may have volume issues. like nana has her phone on that
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volume. >> okay. thoughts on wrapping up the evening. we're waiting on idaho and democrats in michigan. and hawaii later. >> i think dana lash has one of the points is that this is not just about winning a state. it's fun to check that off, but it is about the delegates. it's a complicated process. it's hard to understand but it is a process that we have. on the democratic side, i think the delegate process is about to get more controversial. super delegates are what they have. they identify them early. these are now hillary clinton people so if you're a bernie sanders supporter and looking at the number of states that bernie sanders won, and yet the delegate count shows an 8-1 in her favor, that doesn't seem fair for as messy as republican primary has been, it is more democratic than the un-democratic democratic primary. >> steve, the point that carl is just making, which is, you know,
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if donald trump becomes nominee he has to unify the party. this is the point in which all of the stuff he said and done comes back to haunt him. because this division runs deep. and it's not just a personal feud he has going with factions of the party. it's a principle piece. you talked about on principles you can't get behind him because of the conversations you had with your own children about the behavior. >> i do think it has more to do with philosophically divided. and he calls himself conservative, and i understand people think we're living in a post ideological world and if
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he's strong and tough on trade and immigration that is enough to carry him, but those ideas do matter. there is a reason that america is as great as it is. it's because we've lived by these principles, for as many years as we have. and i think the fact that so many conservatives have concerns about that with respect to donald trump. saying nothing of the fact, i mean, you talk about how he was, the things he was saying in that speech. i mean if he were to try to fact check it, you would have had one misrepresentation a minute over the course of that speech. i think people remain uncomfortable with trump. maybe he can repair that on the personal side. these are difficult campaigns. i think on principle side, he may be able to repair that breech. on the broader philosophical concerns people say we're not going to go forward. >> charlie he is winning, number
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two, convincing a larger amount of the republican base and beyond to get out and vote and three, he says hey, listen. it's about leadership and i'm going to take care of it when i get there. it seems to be working. >> people don't think he's lying. i do think that you know hillary clinton has a problem in that regard. because if you try to listen toer for five minutes, it's like sentence after sentence you think he's bs-ing about everything. >> her honest and trust worthy numbers are lower than hillary clintons. >> heading to a general election, that is a huge problem. >> historically high. >> on that specifically, she struggles so badly in the democratic primary, his numbers are almost double as bad as hers are. >> and i think that as we, you see once we get out of a primary
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and into general election, a lot of the wounds do heal. you know, i don't know if they'll heal enough for people to get behind them, but you know, in politics timing is so much. and donald trump's timing has been almost flawless. and you look back at jeb bush's campaign. it was 25 years late, maybe. then, looking at marco rubio, my goodness. the guy is you know, his performance tonight, you know, i agree with dana there is going to be a call between ted and marco tonight. >> let's talk about ted cruz. today, we're going to have a kelly file town hall with ted cruz. i asked him because he'd been saying no contested convention. you can't steal the vote from the voters. it would lead to chaos. what he clarified with me today is that he's against a brokered
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convention, as he put it, dc establishment swoops in with a white knight candidate that plants those in the race but not against a contested convention which he said would be perfectly appropriate. that is the way the system works. the reality is that unless something miraculous happens, ted cruz would have to win 60% and has shown know record of being able to do that. so he needs a contested convention, too. so how does that -- how does that work? how do you see his path? i think that there is a slight chance mathematically that it would happen, but in what charles said it was, the race needs to immediately narrowly, it needs to narrow, immediately. but to that point, here is my problem going into a brokered convention. i think it would be utter turmoil for the party. i think it would tick off every
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supporter of every single candidate, regardless of whether or not someone like or dislikes donald trump. no one is going to walk in with 1236, not going to happen. they have to have 1237. and the fear is that if these candidates walk in there not having that requirement you're going to have the establishment and the party upper crust are going to get in there and pick the guys who invented the ladder, the process. >> his point is that a brokered convention. and there is a first ballot and no one gets 1, 2, 3, 7, then, goes to a second ballot. he sees a distinction there. >> that is how they're supposed to be. it could work in his favor, but i think it would be stronger for
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him to solidify support by any candidate by walking in there. >> getting other two guys to join in with them. >> right. >> you can have donald trump supporters saying this is not working for us and they can walk. >> history is going to say the republican base is what will be taking place at the convention. we're seeing it every night. every caucus. and have been here in alarm at the fact is that donald trump is winning because he has the anti-establishment forces. he saw it today in terms of people who already made decisions, stronger than trump. they have had their mind made up. the late deciders go off. it could be a deflection of the establishment advertising budget. we'll see how it plays out going forward. >> as someone who has been here since 2008 and grass roots and
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everything else, exit polls, it amazes me how people support trump, whatever he believes doesn't matter. he says what they like. anybody can go out there and say loud things, hope and change is great. hope and change for what? what are we winning at? i want specificity. i want to hear speeches about america. >> panel, thank you. >> stand by we're going to have more on the other side of this break. don't go away. 72% of women say they often make healthy choices. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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>> hi, how are you? >> it's late. >> it's late. okay. we're still waiting on idaho.
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>> let me ask you a question. what is your big headline coming out of tonight? >> donald trump, two big wins. ted cruz a great night. >> second place in michigan? >> possibly and possibly in mississippi and looks like bernie sanders is going to pull out a surprise win. and i think those three things, donald trump dom ins, ted cruz, surging and then, marco rubio. boy. it doesn't seem like he had a lot of mow meant wrum going into florida. >> cruz is setting up offices in florida but hasn't been campaigning there. question for you on charles' point about the democratic race. so, if the bernie thing is potentially a mirage, right, the longer that contest goes on, the more potentially damaging to the
8:18 pm
democratic side. debbie wasserman-shultz seems to be delighting on what is going on the republican side. >> there is an antiestablishment wing that follows bernie sanders and the fact that young people are going towards the sanders campaign is a concern. >> and he got a lot of free stuff and so did she which she love to hear. who can blame them? well, it's been a lovely evening. thanks for joining us. >> that does it for us. a special edition of "hannity" is next followed immediately by a live edition "the five". >> i'll be watching that. >> i will be. >> and a reminder, tomorrow night we have a special evening of town halls with all four of the republican candidates at 7:00. greta sits down ohio governor john kasich, i'll be on at 9:00,
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hannity at trump at 10:00 and i'll be on at 11:00. >> we'll be back next tuesday for super tuesday, two. >> super tuesday two? >> thank you. including ohio and florida. that is it for us. sean hannity is up next. sean? take it away. >> thanks, bret. polls are closed in idaho we're awaiting results in that state. it's been a big night so far for donald trump and fox news is projecting that in mississippi, donald trump comes in first. senator ted cruz comes in second, governor john kasich and senator marco rubio third and fourth, and in michigan, trump wins there, too. son the democratic side, hillary clinton comes out on top in mississippi, she defeats bernie sanders and in michigan, the race is too close to call between sanders and clinton. here with rea, the co-host of "the five", kimberly guilfoyle
8:20 pm
and kirsten powers, watching the coverage tonight, eric and kimberly, and it seems that the big stories being lost in all of this. and that is that we've had 24 contests, two outstanding on the republican side. and 20 of those have been won loudly and clearly by insurgents. there is a political revolution underway in this country, and nobody seems to want to acknowledge it and people are complaining and talking about well, donald trump, you know was responding to mitt romney tonight, not getting the bigger picture. thoughts? eric? >> i have been doing this by the numbers for a while. i started out having an opinion on it. there is so much anger built up, if you say i think this one is going to be the one. the people who aren't that one just go crazy. so i've been doing it by the numbers and kimberly will attest to this. it seemed going into tonight is
8:21 pm
that donald trump and ted cruz are one of those that have to be the nominee. they're getting 70% of the popular vote, 90% of the states or territories so to try to take that away from them the road would be disastrous. after tonight, things change. i saw a change in the way the attitude is. the establishment class, even pundits are going you have but, but, but not anymore. donald trump just took down mississippi leaves just florida remaining. marco rubio coming in fourth with 9% in michigan is a bad sign. looks like trump will take florida. marco rubio needs to step aside right now. if he wants to run for governor of florida, and save that possibility, he has to get out now before it gets really bad for him a week from tonight. >> kimberly. >> yeah. >> but if you listen to mitt
8:22 pm
romney's speech and look at the people, like at the sea island georgia conference of millionaires and billionaires and our friend, karl rove is there and they're talking about the insurgency to stop donald trump. no matter how much money they throw at trump, it's not working. it seems they want to broker a convention. john kasich says it will be exciting. i don't think it will be exciting. the establishment will try to steal it for trump or cruz. >> i don't think it's charming to steal the votes of the people when they have spoken loudly and clearly, you should respect that. we worked hard to have the right to vote and have a democracy and freedom to exercise choices. so then, i'm going to echo what eric says is that this was not a very good night for marco rubio. this is someone with a bright, promising political future.
8:23 pm
if he does want to run for governor in florida he cannot take a loss in his own state. there needs to be self reflection and assessment in terms of what is the best move for him going forward. kasich did well tonight. i don't think he needs to be getting out at this point. the people that want to look at rubio, or cruz, there is a very strong credible argument at this point to say if you're trying to stop donald trump you're not going to do it with four still staying in the race because it hurts the mass for that side. >> why would you say rubio gets out? who has more delegates versus not adding tonight's delegates, he didn't have a good night by any objective measure and kasich has 37 delegates will get more out of michigan tonight but why don't, why do you say rubio out and kasich stays in? i'm trying to understand that. >> i think kasich is in a better position in ohio than rubio is
8:24 pm
right now in florida and rubio wants to i think he's got to beat everybody like apple of their eyes. it's becoming the vice presidential, you know, candidate to be able to go forward and if you don't win the united states presidency without the state of ohio, that is for sure. >> the enthusiasm is on the republican side this election year. participation is up 30% or 40% on average. democratic turn out down 30% or 40%. it does not bode well for democrats in the general election. >> especially because you have another historical candidate. you have a first woman,
8:25 pm
potential first woman president, first woman democratic candidate. so that should be turning out female voters. so it's not transferring to hillary clinton and except, interestingly among african american voters where she is getting the same numbers and sometimes, exceeding him. that is carrying her through the race right now. >> do you, as a democrat, do you look at her, it's fairly inevitable she gets the nomination, if the fbi goes forward with a investigation, it's going to be a big problem whether she gets decided or not, right? >> assuming that that happened, if she was indicted, that would be a huge problem for her. you know if there is a referral
8:26 pm
and she's not indicted i think that that is going to be less of a problem and still a huge problem. these are things that haven't happened. i don't think that -- i'll agree if they happen it would be extremely problem mat wrik for her. >> all right, guys, thank you for being with us. special edition of the five tonight on fox. we'll be watching kimberly and eric. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and here with reaction to tonight's results, larry elder. one of the things i found interesting tonight is that there are robo-calls by mitt romney in michigan for kasich and for marco rubio in florida. there is a poll that the romney speech against trump helped trump. it doesn't hurt him. does the establishment rising against him, is it backfirinbac? >> i don't know whether it backfired but it hasn't
8:27 pm
succeeded. three major things happened. the first is that a raushus debate got bad reviews saying three of the four rivals look small. the second thing is what mitt romney did. a 20-minute speech in which he called trump almost everything but a child of god and dr. ben carson dropped out. many people thought his support would go to ted cruz. and perhaps much of it did, but it did not affect the victory now donald trump is savoring in michigan. some people were projecting that it might be in single digits, it looks like deep, double digits here. >> yes. let me go to you, joe trippi. democrats are bring on donald trump. we want donald trump. i watch donald trump telegraph tonight in clear terms if he's going up against hillary clinton it is going to be a political war. he's not going to step back like mitt romney. and well, the clintons are ugly and set up war rooms, they're
8:28 pm
not the nicest political players themselves but i think they have met their match here. >> i think the clintons aren't the only people who set up war rooms. i'm sure there aren't any in the republican party. i'm in the one of the people who think trump would be an easy mark in the general election, i'd rather be running against ted cruz of those that remain in the field. trump is just too unpredictable. most of the other candidates that are remaining, rubio or cruz, you know what lane they're going to drive in. and -- >> there is more to that. isn't there an outsider telling politicians they screwed up and failed and american people are sick and tired of it? republicans are sick of republican politician
8:29 pm
weaknesses? >> it's true there is more energy now in the g.o.p. primary fight. but it -- the fact is that you know, look. we have seen that before. you know, there is a study that came out a few weeks ago that showed that where you had increased turn out in primaries, the party that that happened to won four and lost seven elections. so it's not a -- there is no correlation between that energy. where there is correlation and i do think it is interesting, is, look. there is a similar anger on the bernie sanders side of things. they're the enemy is wall street. trump, the enemy is government in washington. politicians. so it's going to, you know, can trump somehow reach across and pull some of the people in? that is where he boggles me as a candidate. >> i don't know if the feel the bern people are going to support
8:30 pm
trump. larry, i'm sure you're getting the same feed back i am. but right now, the level of antipathy, anger, cruz people versus trump people is about as intense as i have seen it. and at the end of the day, i think that they're going to have to unite. there is only going to be one winner. i can't predict who that is going to be. trump is in the lead. here is the question. cruz will argue that trump is not a conservative. you heard donald trump sort of respond to that tonight. he's done that in previous interviews with me. i'll ask him about it tomorrow night. he says on issues like immigration and health savings accounts, penny plan he's pro second amendment, now pro life. do you think that attacks are resonating? what is your answer to that? well, i have said that what donald trump is, he's an
8:31 pm
economic populist with bravado. at the end of the day, it the economy, stupid. joe is right he talks about the anger on the part of the bernie sanders people. they're angry because they don't have jobs. they're angry because this is the worst economic recovery we have had in our lifetime and hillary is suggesting she wants to be the third term of obama. and she's not offering benefits of obama. so why should you have four more years? they just perceive to be different. that is my question. >> do you think it's resonating cruz's attacks? cruz up until tonight has been doing well. he split on saturday.
8:32 pm
and talking about uniting the party tonight? >> i do. and to the extent trump is going to gain to a greater degree and people are upset. that is why they believe donald trump can do something. they're hurting. at best, they're treading waters. and at best lost ground over the last several years. >> what is your perspective as a democrat, joe? >> look at the state of the economy. millions of americans out of the labor force. millions in poverty. and our debt doubled, right? there is no objective economic measure to tell me the economy is better off and people feel
8:33 pm
that, now. >> well, you know, larry is right. you've got this frustration and trade deals. and in michigan both trump and sanders fighting it out against the people running against them. on trade. fox news can project bernie sanders will beat hillary clinton in michigan's primary this, is a major upset. how major? in all 15 preelection polls conducted in michigan clinton led by double digits. i think that falls into the narrative that was that in fact,
8:34 pm
it resonated from both in sanders in michigan. >> absolutely. that is what delivered these two victories tonight on both sides is the frustration and anger about these trade deals. and in michigan, that is what i meant about trump potentially being able to tap into that angst with sort of reagan democrats if you will. that is what is bothering me about him. >> what do you think about trump's call for unity tonight? and he revealed he had a good discussion with paul ryan. he is not happy with some people like mitt romney and lindsey graham. i don't think most conservatives are, either. he did mention keeping the house and senate republicans so he'd be able to get some of the thins on his agenda done do you think that will begin to seep into the consciousness of those people
8:35 pm
running? >> irdon't think they're going to have a choice. if donald trump gets the nomination, what are you going to do? stay home? >> wait a minute. >> larry? the nebraska senator said he won't vote for donald trump. glenn beck says he won't vote for donald trump. >> jim webb said he would probably vote for trump. here is one more thing about trump being vulgar, obama unleashes a tirade against the press and nobody said a word, but donald trump said f this and f that, all of a sudden he's vulgar and a too unchaste to be a politician. politicians use words like that all the time behind closed
8:36 pm
doors. >> i have heard them. i have heard them my whole life. they all use it. and they're full of crap if they say they don't. >> appreciate it. >> we're waiting for results from the republican primary in idaho tonight. we'll have more reaction and analysis. don't forget a special edition of the "five" at midnight. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. like in most families, dad's always the last to know. that's why accident forgiveness was the first thing he asked for when he switched to allstate.
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8:42 pm
republican and democratic establishments of washington, d.c. i think because they've failed the american people in a huge way. >> i think it's more than anger and more than frustration. i watched donald trump tonight. the reason donald trump is winning is because of what he did tonight. because he is reassuring the american people the country is going to be great again. he's telling a margin of the american people their president woen be embarrassed by them going forward. that the problems mean something to him. as a president to be. bernie sanders if you watch in the debate with hillary clinton said the same kinds of things in a reassuring manner so it's beyond anger and beyond frustration. it's beyond the notion that -- >> political earthquake. >> american people are saying we want someone who understands us and will speak to us.
8:43 pm
who has accomplishments. a lot of the pundits tonight were laughing at donald trump showing his steak, wine, water. but he's saying i have accomplishments. i build buildings. what accomplishments do you have? what will you do for america? i have done it. and i want to do it for americans. that is what is convincing. i disagree with him from time to time. i represented him in the past. tonight i really understood why he is connecting and why sanders is connecting. it's not about anger. it's about a connection. >> i think part of the anger, there is a lot of anger, i feel angry, look at the people out of work, on poverty and food stamps and robbing our kids blind. monica crowley, i think peter makes a great point. these people haven't gotten the job done.
8:44 pm
there is a political earthquake. now 24 states in the can, we're waiting on results tonight. but it's clear, a strong message has been said. this is the end of business as usual in america. that is my take on it. >> yes. you're right, sean, when you look at the top two finalists tonight, donald trump and ted cruz, running strong in idaho, these are insurgency candidates, okay? donald trump is a populist. and ted cruz, a pure conservative. you're seeing a full scale rejection of the bipartisan establishment class. the ruling class, the elite that for so long, told us one thing and promised one thing and done something else, only to empower themselves, not looking after the interests of the american people, looking after their own interests. that is why you see the earthquake happening on the lefthand side with bernie sanders pulling out that huge win in michigan.
8:45 pm
that is why you're seeing donald trump and ted cruz doing what they're doing on the right. >> i agree absolutely. >> the bulk of the american people are saying we're sick of all of you. we're going to do something different. >> if i told you six months ago, top republicans were going to be trump and cruz, those people that didn't like stakes, wine, and water tonight would have laughed. you won't have laughed, nor peter johnson junior because we hear from people every day. we know the suffering they're going through. i think peter makes a valid point. the media is out of touch. these analysts and pundits don't know what they're talking about half the time. it's frustrating to watch them. it's idiotic and simplistic and sophomoric. and bernie sanders keeps
8:46 pm
overperforming. >> i don't disagree with anything i have heard. i just point out i predicted clinton versus trump in july. i saw it coming. donald trump, love him or hate him, has energized the g.o.p. conversely, hillary clinton has left the democratic electorate lethargic and unsure, she has to get the white democrats back in the game. bernie sanders may have prolonged this process a bit. it is interesting to see. i do agree that this is also michigan particularly, you have a situation where the blue collar class is desperate. they're fighting for survival. you have sanders and trump making the same message that it's not a fair deal that you're getting. it's not a level playing field. trump is resonating with the
8:47 pm
chinese or stealing our lunch. mexicans, japanese and so forth. so they're reaching out. i think the big headlines. >> stay there, geraldo. we're on a hard break here, we have to take a break. more reaction to tonight's result. a special edition of "the five" at midnight and we'll continue. life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled,
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welcome back to "hannity". joining us how to break a grip forever. there is a movie coming out this summer called "hillary's america". >> i mean we're seeing the republican side, trump and cruz walking away with a huge majority of the vote. the establishment isn't doing well, marco rubio who has been in single digits looked like jeb a few weeks ago. >> like the kiss of death, the establishment endorsement from him. >> it is certainly the case. and i think the view is that he has their support and being brushed tonight. the other big news is the fact
8:53 pm
that michigan is going for sanders over clinton is a big deal and i think, a sign in both parties the establishment is in a lot of trouble. people are fed up with the ruling class. >> mercedes? what are your thoughts? >> i think there is a very truth to the fact that the establishment is having a slow death. a slow death here, it's very clear what the voters are looking for is they want someone to bring change to washington. these voters want an outsider. those are the factors we see throughout the country as we're going through these elections. >> sadesh? >> i think we've seen typhoonic
8:54 pm
changes. it's almost similar to the americans that used to work on farms had to get off the farm and do something else, our political leaders have not been honest with us in telling us the choices available to us. is there a way to stop the forces of technology and immigration and globalization that are producing these changes? do the people that don't have jobs have to go somewhere else? so when trump comes head on, he's tapping a chord of questions unanswered and anxieties unaddressed. >> we have a hard break. coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. stay with us. moments are beauti unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six.
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9:00 pm
details. we'll do an hour with ted cruz on friday. we hope to see you tomorrow for a special town hall edition of "hannity". my friend kimberly guilfoyle, next. >> hello, everyone, at midnight in new york city this is "the five". welcome to this special midnight edition "the five". 312 delegates at stake tonight. 150 up for grabs for republicans. 166 on the line for democrats. here is the latest. so as the polls are closed in idaho, and now, fox will project that ted cruz will win idaho for the primary and in michigan, fox