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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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as a tack, planning this day and to have those secret service members, pallbearers, what a tribute to the team. >> fox news channel will stay on this picture, we will hand it over to "happening now," thank you for joining us.
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and then the public visitation will begin. >> both reagans were popular among the secret service agents that were their protectors and it was secret service agents that served as her pallbearer ares and men who worked on her detail and protected the life of the first lady and famously saved her husband during the
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assassination attempt. they held the reagans in very high regard and it is those men who served as her pall bearers. we'll continue to keep an eye on the motorcade as it heads to the reagan library. in other news now, the candidates are looking ahead to a make or break contest for the white house. welcome to "happening now". i am genally. >> and i am jon scott. republicans are holding reallies. here's where the candidates stand. donald trump won mississippi, michigan and hawaii. and ted cruz took idaho. and sanders winning mish hirsch in a major upset but hillary clinton still has twice the number of delegates as he has.
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ed henry is standing by p. we'll start with carl cameron who follows the republican race from miami, carl? >> reporter: hi, john we are in fort lauderdale. donald trump is leading in the polls and his three wins out of four have the potential to make his momentum decisive in six days. last night, donald trump pulled off three wins. and ted cruz won idaho. but trumps victories in michigan and mississippi were strong. they are state that were open primaries and allows democrats and republicans to vote and in a victory speech, he made it clear that the establishment, often referred to as never trump movement is going to have to get on board with the trump train. and making the argument in the wins in ohio and florida would
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essentially end the race and make him the nominee and he is saying, it is time for the skeptics and those who think he's not suitable for the presidency, whether it is mitt romney or people who gave 10 million to run attack ads, they have to realize unifying is the only way to win back the white house. >> tbl or not. i am a unifier. i have built all over the world and i get along with people. it is time to unify. we have something special in the republican party and the people of the party they call them elites and whatever, they are the people that don't respect it yet. >> reporter: after last night's victories we have a barage of polls. the polls in florida and ohio which were taken before last night's trump's victories show he has an advantage. here in florida, rubio said he
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must win upon and promised that he will win, rubio's trailing. that could be potentially lethal for the florida senator who is not running for reelection. he would step down to be president. and he bet it all on the presidency campaign and if he loses in florida it is basically over and he will campaign in defeat all the way to the convention and hoping that it is contested an alternative to trump nochlination. and kasich, governors have the best political organizations and yet the poll again before the trump victories indicate that in fact, trump is winning there, too. so this has a potential to be a decisive tuesday, one that could put an end to kasich's campaign. he said if he loses in ohio, he
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will withdraw. rubio stays in and trump's momentum had continued to grow he lost a bit of steam over the weekend. marco rubio won in puerto rico. but last night restored that momentum. and trump has steam and now what can marco rubio and john kasich do to stop trump. that is what trump refers to as the elites are asking for months now and they have yet the to find an answer and have six days to do it. carl cameron, thank you. >> we'll get to the democrats, bernie sanders has the momentum after the win in michigan. south florida has a large hispanic demographic. it is it's group that sand sand
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so far has not been able to engage. ed? >> reporter: good to see you, gen a. the debate in miami-dade college is not a strong suit for bernie sanders. hillary clinton cleaned up in mississippi particularly with the african-american. he's run the table in the deep south over sanders. the problem is the headline coming out of last night, is bernie sanders's upset. he was losing 17- 21 points in the polls in the key battleground state and came back and won last night and had had a coalition with young people where he dominated and did better with white voters and better than expected with with african-american voters. he's talking about how he will come up big here in florida next tuesday and clinton is basically trying to make it like the race
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is over and wanting to get to the general election, watch. >> next tuesday here in florida, let's show the world, let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with the huge voter turn out. >> and as the rhetoric keepses sinking lower, the stakes in the election keep rising higher and higher. running for president shouldn't be about deliverying insummits tshould be results for the american people. >> reporter: i should note the debate in miami. florida voting as well. and clinton dominating the polls in the south. but why michigan is so important, the sanders campaign told us a couple of weeks now. once they get past the south they will do well in midwest and
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michigan, they won that and ohio, next tuesday where they believe sanders' a pole with white voters will carry the day. if he wins ohio, it will send a message to clinton that the race is not over. >> thank you. >> donald trump regaining momentum after three wins despite the establishment republicans. can he ride it all the way to the nomination. and senior editor of roll call. carl cameron said that donald trump lost steam whether attacks from mitt romney. but he regained it all in the results from last night. >> he absolutely did. he changed the narrative one more time. this has been the story of the trump campaign as long as you
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and i have been talking about it. and every time the narrative goes against him, he gets himself back on track. that having been said as carl pointed out, it is not over yet. the math is not so good in his favor so he can relax. and really, next tuesday is the huge tuesday and the super, of super tuesdays for donald trump and if he wins and florida, he has a chance to put it away and in serious trouble if he doesn't win either one and in the middle if he wins one or the other. >> you have candidates in the states. marco rubio in distantly second in the latest polls and governor kasich who promises to win that race, how would you assess their chances. rubio and kasich.
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it seems as though rubio is far behund in florida. of course, donald trump is not an elected official but he does have you know, a residence down there and well known down there and ohio, seems like in the margin of error. i know the kasich people are are flooding the zone, and they are busy making telephone calls and trying to get all of their friends and supporters to go out to ohio and help him. and i am sure the rubio people are doing the same. >> i wanted to go over quickly very simple math. listeners should remember the magic number is 1237 delegates. if he wins ohioey and florida, then from there on out. half of the delegates to secure
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a mathematical certainty in cleveland. if he wins florida and loses ohio, he has to win 60 percent of the remaining delegates and if he loses both, he would have to win 70 percent of the delegates to assure himself the nomination in cleveland, and that is unlikely, the more of those he doesn't win, and the candidates will stay in and it could be a brokered convention. >> ted cruz urged the competitor to get out of the race. he said i am the only alternative. what are the chances that rubio and kasich listen to cruz and heed his advice. >> the chances are 0 before next tuesday and that depends on to next tuesday whether they heed the advice. marco rubio plans to stick with it as an active candidate even
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if he doesn't prevail in his home state, but he would have 0 path to victory and he would be side car. john kasich is more bluntly self aware. it is go big or go home. he will fold his tent and campaign if he doesn't bin ohio. if trump wins both next week, it is a two-person race. and he and ted cruz go head-to-head and all trump has to do is get half of the vote and doesn't need to win. but split the vote from there on ought. and he has the math in his back and he would win the nomination without a brokered convention and get to the delegation. >> david, thank you for the analysis. >> breaking news from the rnc.
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why is the gop filing two lawsuits and asking for more information on hillary clinton's e-mails. rnc chairman reinse prebious joins us next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know.
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a fox news alert. the rnc filing two lawsuits in it federal court to obtain all state department records of
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hillary clinton's associates including e-mails and associates. here is chairman of the rnc, reince priebus. great to have you back on the program. this is interesting p newsing. why now, reince? why file the lawsuits now? >> we filed the original request six months ago, and under the law, you have to provide a reasonable amount of time in order for agencies and governments to comply with open records q. after many attempts, our lawsuit becomes ripe after a certain period of time. and we filed our complaint with the federal court and we went through the process of obtaining the documents, the employee's, text and e-mails. and they have not complied. i have worked in government work and other people know what it is all about. it is simple.
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citizens can request documents from elected officials and the law requires a response. the state department has not responded at all. and completely stone walled. and we are not the only ones who filed the lawsuit, the associate press, gawker and vice. you know the story. we are another group. >> when i spoke to judge napolitano said the lawsuit is redundantant and at risk for being fined for are redundantant litigation. there is other lawsuits that you mentioned that are all around the issue. department of justice and fbi and judicial watch and they are further ahead and so what are you looking for. >> we have standing. >> what are you looking for. >> we are looking for the state department to comply. we have standing in our lawsuit for them to comply and maybe if the court sees that we are being
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stone walled by multiple parties, that the multiplicity of what is happening and something that is utter ridiculous and totally wrong to say that the lawsuit & is duplic tus and frivolous. we are independently have ground and standing in this case. the public out there isn't compelled to simply sit back and shut up just because one other enitty and the associated press files a lawsuit. >> the timing is interesting in all of. this and you know that. >> it is not interesting, jenna. >> no it is. hold on. this is the reason why. >> if you file a request. for open records, you can't simple turn around. >> i understand all of that? >> it doesn't sound like you do. >> let me ask my question then.
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here's the reason it is interesting with the timing. hillary clinton on the campaign trail and saying, really all of this investigation into her e-mails is all political and so in the rnc takes an extra step and you have every right to do it, but the decision puts you at risk of making it political. and i am curious about why you are taking that risk now? >> because our lawsuit is not immediately ripe after filing the request for open records, jenna. the lawsuit doesn't become ripe until you wait a certain period of time. we have a right. this is nothing anyhow. political parties, enitties all over the country are looking for documents. we have a right to see the documents and same information that any other group has a right to see. whether vice or gawker or associated press.
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we have a right for the state department to comply with the request. the state department doesn't have the freedom to blow off a political party. >> sure. >> the state department has to comply. if you filed they would have to respond, too. >> what is my goal that i am trying to a chief? >> i have to take a quick commercial break and we'll give you time to answer that and answer questions of what is happening in the party. we'll be right back after a commercial break.
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>> back now with rnc chairman reince priebus. there is two lawsuits that are pursued further bite rnc, and more information regarding hillary clinton's e-mail communication.
10:26 am
reince, the questions that we have answered are not about your right to file the lawsuit. we understand that is a right. the question is timing and what you hope to achieve now in this point in the primary season that you are saying you have the ability to do as the rnc and the other orgs doj and others have not achieved so far. what is your goal? >> the goal is to bring more awareness to the fact that the state department is stone walling and pursue our right to force compliance for our request. we don't allow a situation where we request something that is legal and iging nor ared by the state department. they have done it with the doj in fast and furious and other pursuits that we had for open records that they ignore and continue to ignore. we are going to pursue it.
10:27 am
>> going back be to the other question. politicizing this further and those who are -- >> she's running for president. she's running for president. we have a right to the information and we'll pursue it. >> and just going back to the issue of timing. we got through the primary, and florida ongoing and you are asked about civil war in the gop. did you file today, reince, because of a deadline. what happen that pushed you forward to it this wednesday, at this moment in the cycle to continue this pursuit? >> i mean, it was nothing in particular other than it was the time to file the suit and a certain period of time passed that the state department has stone walled and the extensions are over. and now time for us to file.
10:28 am
that's what we decided to do. >> is it an attempt to move judicial watch, they have had favorable rulings from a judge that is allowing them to desuppose aides of hillary clinton and moving to desupposing her. and that is it a two- part question. why not let them continue that pursuit because they are so successful. >> they can't pursue. there is nothing that is not allowing them to pursue it. we have an independent claim that we are pursue. it doesn't extinningish other claims it can be consolidated and in federal court, many times the courts will consolidate them in one big claim. if it is not any different than when you have infringement over patents or whether you have product's losses or multiple
10:29 am
plaintiffs. and that is no different. >> i understand. critics say it is redundantant. >> and you made your point. >> and like you are muddying the waters in a particular time in the campaign season and that will raise questions. >> no, it is just like. you have asked the question a million times tis no different than any other case where you have multiple plaintiffs that have been aggrieved by the same party and they bring the case before p the federal court and in order to force their rights in court. and that is no different than any other group. we have the same right to the information. and we'll pursue it. >> reince priebus, great to have you on the program and we'll continue to talk about it. thank you. >> with the focus on florida and ohio and other states that get
10:30 am
overshadowed and they vote on tuesday as well and what that state is the issue concerns the voters there. and senator marco rubio pushes ahead. some analyst say for him now. >> you believed in me once and i am asking to believe begin. we can win the election and we will. we will not just win the florida primary. we are going to win florida in november. ♪
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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(announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> north carolina is not the state that any presidential candidates call home. it is not a win or take all state. it has the second biggest delegate count. and blake burr monis live in charlotte, north carolina with a look on what is on the minds. >> 72 delegates are up for grabs on tuesday night and part of what makes this state unique. they will be awarded porportionately. and candidates have kept north carolina front and center. donald trump is one of them. and he was here in concorde and that is the charlotte area not too it far away. he will be back later tonight
10:35 am
and rally in fayetville down the rod from fort bragg one of the largest military organizations. ted cruz was here and made two stop. one in raliegh and canapulous. and one of the interesting things that makes north carolina unique, polling here has been scant. the last pole was three weeks ago in the middle of february. it showed trump up by p nine points and included candidates that are no longer in the race. despite that ted cruz said he feels pretty good here in north carolina going into p tuesday night. >> north carolina right now is a battleground state in this primary, we are effectively tied with donald trump in north carolina. [applause] it is neck and neck. >> on the democratic side,
10:36 am
hillary clinton will be here tomorrow night. there are 121 delegates up for grabs between her and bernie sanders. john that same poll showed clinton up ten. >> fascinating to see what happens. blake burrman from the fox business network. thank you. >> one last thing i want to get to you. marco rubio, single digits in mississippi and could end upon up 99, he could end up with none of those tonight. what happened to marco rubio. >> he was optmist and i can smart candidate. when he got in the fray three weeks ago, he got battered and certainly not effective. there is no place for him to go. it will be a close race and no place for him to go after that. and no support. >> no support. >> he's in fourth place and ben
10:37 am
carson's gone and he's in the bottom p of the pact. it is sad. he is a great talent i think. >> that was senator rubio focusing on home state of florida that holds win or take all primary on march 15th. can he stage a come back p? david duvela is a republican strategist. and chief council for the house judiciary committee. ed rolinshing because of all of the time and experience he had in the political arena, do you share the opinion of where marco rubio is? >> there is no substitute for victory and while coming in second, 30 are and fourth might put you in high demand for
10:38 am
a paid speaking gig, it doesn't get you the republican nomination. and that's for senator rubio and governor kasich, next tuesday is not super tuesday, but survival tuesday. second and third place no longer counts. losing your home state makes it impossible to continue the the campaign. >> what is your reaction. marco rubio against hillary clinton locks like a match up that is favorable to republican. >> every match up is favorable to republicans. rubio matches up well against clinton and cruz and kasich. trump by contrast is down by ten points and has a negative favorability rating of 60 or 70 percent. six out of seven. out of ten voters have a negative view of trump. no presidential candidate.
10:39 am
no nominee had that kind of negative rating or comeback from that negative rating. from a democratic point of vow, they would prefer to run against trump than the other candidates without question. >> i am curious what david thinks about that. there is so much focus back in forth in the republican party. what do you think of what julianne has to say. democrats think it is it a good thing out of the race than donald trump. >> julianne is doing it a long time. and he knows that general election polls are valuable as an ice maker in the north pole. and while he may want to point out of some of mr. trump's weakness as a general election candidate, he has to do that because he can't focus on the realities of hillary clinton who is doing abysmal among the working class democrats and seen
10:40 am
20 upon thousand democrats switch and vote in the republican primary and sees election after election democrats are turning to the republican party to cast the primary vote. >> we saw that last night, of course, in michigan in the surprising upset and what david is saying there is a weakness there in a particular group of democratic voter that could be ripe for picking like donald. >> last night was not a good night for hillary clinton and she's had a harder time in the primary than we thought she would be. that was not my point. my point is there is never a nominee with seven out of ten voters. we prefer to run against donald trump. democrats haven't started a negative campaign. but the question of ed rubio getting out. from a republican point of view,
10:41 am
rubio should get out as should kasich, they are both spoilers. look at the what happened in michigan. ted cruz would have won a one-on-one race against donald trump. ted cruz is the only guy who won in every region of the country and ted cruz polls well against hillary clinton. and the only way you get a candidate other than donald trump is a one-on-one race and there is no place for rubio or kasich. if the republicans want someone other than donald trump. that means rubio and kasich have to get out and you have to have a one-on-one race where cruz goes against trump. and cruz would probably win and republicans are set up. my friend can cite hillary clinton all he wants. >> you both do that for the other party. >> the poll that shows hillary
10:42 am
clinton would blow out bernie sanders and sanders won in michigan. >> not all polls. >> so far, no one is out of the campaign and everyone is racing to florida. >> that is good news and a rumble in the courtroom after hulk hogan had his say and now a gawker reporter is talking about a sex video in the center of the case and why gawker post ped it on line. and the impact on hogan's $100 million lawsuit. our legal panel weighs in.
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>> well, it is day three of hulk hogan's 1 million invasion of privacy lawsuit against gawker over the sex video that that gossip website posted on line. here is the reporter that first got the tape and he thought it was amusing and news worthy. gawker claims it was news worthy. and hog an's real name is terry and that was part of the hulk hogan persona. >> i am not the first person i was. and the person sitting here under oath and i don't lie under oath. now as a character, we can talk about the tripod and what i said on body slam elements, you know, i have surfed on tiger sharks. they are all lies. >> does he have a case and is it
10:47 am
worth 100 million bucks. joining us is our attorneys. brian, first of all, what this case revolves around and the jury would be required to believe that terry bolean is separate from a hulk hog an person and in that human being is filmed doing the sex act terry bo lea is harmed. ncases like erin andrews and hulk hogan are compelling right now. there are images that are posted on the internet and permanent and will be there for the rest of their lives and redefining the amount of damages that jurors are going to award. talking about hogan's case and focused on liability, jon. he has to prove four facts. a publicication because that is
10:48 am
not a problem. and if it is it private, that is not a private. bo lea said i didn't consent. and it is offensive. everyone grease you don't want to be photographed having sex with somebody and the fourth one is key. is this video that has a public concern or public value and i would argue that gawker is wrong here. they have a great argument. he did not invite the entire world to it see him having sex with this woman. >> sounds like you win the case. >> he wins on liability. >> i have to agree with brian on that point. looking close at that situation. the strategy being employed by mr. bo p lea's attorneys are fan tastic and this was a private
10:49 am
act. which was apparently filmed without the consent of mr. hog oon and the context of where we find ourselves on the internet age, the private video goes way beyond what i believe they will defend this case on based on the fact ta is news worthy. i think gawker is in trouble. >> brian in erin andrew's case. she won 55 million and she is eye sports reporter and didn't put themselves out there as a stripper or are something like that. if hulk hogan is talking about his sexual exploit as he did on the radio, does that change the equation? >> that is a great question. now we can talk about damages. terry will win on liability. what are his damages.
10:50 am
his legal team is doing a great job of having terry bo lea the individual separate himself with hulk hogan. i grew up with hogan. he was in a character and now his career is over. and the character is over. and what terry bo lea has to do is connect with the jury. i saw the howard stern tape a portion. and terry bo lea didn't look like he was thrilled talking about it and it was in the context of promoting the wrestling career. and i think the jury will give him an award but not close to what erin andrews got. >> we'll see what the jury decides in this strange case. thank you both p. >> thank you. out in california. we are continuing to watch the motorcade of nancy reagan's
10:51 am
casket. it is it a few minutes away before the rest of the afternoon program will begin in the library. with the family affair and open doors to the public. we'll watch it live moments from now. nitpicking. but i only had a salad. nitpicking. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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shutting off gas lines in a seattle neighborhood after a massive explosion hurt dozens ever buildings. william. >> it be looks like a bomb went off in this neighborhood. and it's a miracle no one died. the explosion levels three building, damaged two others and blew out windows and buckleded walls two blocks away. and the firefighters were actually on the scene 30 minutes waiting for the gas company to show up to shut off the gas and
10:55 am
that's when the explosion occurred. it could be seen, heard and felt several blocks away. glass and wood flying in all directions. eight firefighters and the battalion chief were standing outside, they were hit by debris. all were taken to the hospital. this happened just a few miles north of downtown. they have brought in a bus to evacuate the entire block as they shut off gas to the entire area. dogs are searching the rubble for possible victims. luckily these were all commercial buildings, coffee shop, a greek restaurant, fruit stand, cycle shop. therefore, no one was there when it occurred at 1:00 in the morning. you can see glass on the ground blocks away in the cellphone video shot out there. what caused the explosion is under investigation. but all the firefighters have been released. back to you. >> thank you. california where nancy reagan's body, the h
10:56 am
wi earse carrying it is about to arrive at the library. there will be a public visitation beginning at 4:00 p.m. pacific time today. n't letd ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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this wednesday. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> welcome, everyone. we are watching now as former first lady nancy reagan arrives at her final resting place. her casket to be carried into the main lobby of the library where those who want to come can pay their respects to the wife and partner of ronald reagan. . very shortly the reagan family will hold a private service and later on this afternoon the doors will open for the public visitation. that will go on today and tomorrow for a brief time. and then on friday, the burial will be at the library and of
11:00 am
course nancy reagan will be buried very close to her husband. adam housley live at the ronald reagan library for us today. >> reporter: yeah, the former first lady, the hearse carrying her body just arrived here a couple minutes ago. you're seeing right now the vicar of the washington national cathedral walking up. a small portion of the reagan family is here. you can see they have also come out of their limousines and have gone inside. there is an honor guard here that will remove the casket and take it inside on the way into the vehicle, down in santa hanukkonest n monica, her former secret service detail were the pallbearers. here it will be an honor guard that will bring the first lady into this area where she will be the private ceremony will take place and she will eventually be viewed. once that private ceremony is done, about 15 minutes afterwards, some vips and close family friends


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