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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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short time ago. we just saw the speaker of the house paul ryan come to pay his respects. that will continue now with the public today. tomorrow the funeral will be friday and we will be here covering it for you along the way. thanks so much for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shepard smith. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and across this great nation time to ask one question. is donald trump unstoppable? after his latest string of wins, we'll look at where trump train is headed. and whether ted cruz or anybody else has a realistic shot of derailing his momentum. plus the bernie sanders surprise hillary clinton trying to focus on the general election but the sanders win in michigan makes that a little tougher. also why is the pentagon flying its drones over u.s. soil on missions that have nothing to do with the military? and remembering nancy reagan. with a list of mourners including wayne newton and
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mr. t. let's get to it. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> first from the fox news desk, not trump it's not working. not only are attacks on donald trump failing to make a big dent, but analysts say by this time next week. donald trump could be almost mathematically unstoppable. that's as a series of new polls shows donald trump steam rolling his competition into critical states. first, florida where they vote next tuesday. there's a new cnn-orc survey out that shows donald trump is crushing marco rubio in his home state by 16 points, 40 to 24%. another new poll from quinnipiac university -- look at this -- it has trump with an even bigger lead, topping marco rubio by more than a 2 to 1 margin. and in ohio where they too vote tuesday, a new survey from quinnipiac shows trump beating the state's popular governor, john kasich, 38 to 32%.
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john kasich says he'll leave the race if he doesn't carry his home state. and a loss in florida would likely be a final blow to marco rubio's very much struggling campaign. last night rubio did not win a single delegate in the four states where they voted. look at the new score card here. donald trump leads with 458 delegates. wins in florida and ohio would give trump more than half of what he needs to clinch the whole nomination. ted cruz picked up some delegates last night by winning in idaho, but he's still about 100 short of the frontrunner trump. and even though ted cruz won in conservative idaho, his crushing loss to donald trump in mississippi could be a big blow. and remember when -- remember when cruz called the south his firewall. from here on out, the primaries move mostly to more moderate states in the midwest and the northeast where cruz has struggled for support. today ted cruz unveiled a surprise endorsement from his form rival carly fiorina. she spoke at a rally in miami
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and went directly after the frontrunner. >> there are other people in our party who actually are kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. but here's the thing. we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders at our party tsk tsk over our voters. we have to beat donald trump at the ballot box. the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz. >> well, for his part, donald trump seems so confident in his lead that he's not even holding a rally until tonight in north carolina. after big wins last night, trump barely even attacked his rivals. instead plugged his trump products. twitter said it looks like a qvc show. all to take a swing at the critic mitt romney. >> mitt got up, and he really shouldn't have done it. it wasn't becoming, honestly. he talked about the water company. well, there's the water company. we sell water. and we have water. and it's a very successful -- you know, it's a private little
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water company and i supply the water foreall my places and it's good. but it's very good. trump steaks, where are the steaks? do we have steaks? we have trump steaks >> yes, we do. for the report the associated press reports you cannot buy trump steaks anymore. instead they're on the menu at trump resorts like the water and the wine. a staffer told the a.p. that a steak supplier -- the supplier of those steaks is a company called of all things bush brothers. politics 2016 is fox top story. carl cameron on it live in ft. lauderdale. the latest numbers for donald trump are impressive by any look. >> reporter: they sure are. and in the era of trump politics, still anything can happen. all the candidates think they have some sort of a path, though it's kind of hard to seat forest through the trees never mind the path in the forest on how they would do that. donald trump pulled off a big night last night. the polls suggest that he's poised for a huge victory here in florida. and in ohio, you can't necessarily rule out john
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kasich. home state governors tend to have the best organizations in their states. and john kasich has made it very clear he intends to win. but it's going to take a heck of a surge in the next six days. as for marco rubio, it is a very very tough time. he's actually going to have a meeting today with jeb bush, the former florida governor, the former mentor and apprentice, shall we say, had been on the outs during this campaign. it became a vicious battle between the two. we now have heard that mr. bush plans to meet with both kasich and cruz tomorrow. there's something afoot whereas jeb bush might be making an endorsement sometime before the florida and ohio races. it would appear as though he's going to do it in a fashion that would try to undermine donald trump. it is going to be an intense, intense week for both kasich and rubio. kasich has said if he loses ohio he's done. rubio has said repeatedly for the past almost a month that should he lose florida he will still continue to campaign in all 50 states, all the way to the convention if necessary.
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he argues he's the best person to beat hillary clinton. there are some polls that illustrate that. so come what may in florida -- in some polls it looks like it could be a blowout -- rubio says he's still going to continue, shep. >> what's the cruz game plan today, carl? >> reporter: well, he's picked up the endorsement of carly fiorina. he is outwardly courting all of his rivals' supporters and saying come to me come to me. he's demonstrated that he can beat donald trump. and he makes the argument that if he were to gain the support of perhaps some of kasich's voters or rubio's voters that he would be able to then consolidate the nontrump vote, take it to the convention or perhaps even come back. as you pointed out just a moment ago, the race shifts to new england and the midwest. these are states where the evangelical vote is not anywhere near like it was in for instance mississippi where it's the highest in the country. and so in that kind of a situation where donald trump won mississippi and michigan, it's an open question as to whether or not trump might be able to compete just as well in new
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england and the midwest. and that would be a really big difficult time for ted cruz. it's too soon to say that trump is unstoppable. the convention is a long way away. but the big races that make all the difference, florida and ohio, they're only six days away. shep? >> carl, carl cameron in ft. lauderdale. thank you. let's turn to the real clear politics reporter rebecca berg now on the campaign trail down in south florida as well. rebecca, that's marco rubio's state. but if you're marco rubio, what is your argument now to floridians? how do you convince people i have a chance? >> well, marco rubio's argument is really twofold, shep. first of all he would say that he's the only one who has the chance of beating donald trump in florida. he has the home state advanc that ted cruz would not have even if marco rubio was out of the race. and his argument is that he can win in some of these more moderate states coming up as carl cameron was mentioning. the race is going to shift a little bit. and ted cruz is very strong obviously in the south as we
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have seen, but maybe not as strong in some more moderate states coming up. so marco rubio's argument is that he will only get stronger from this point on. but frankly, it's just not looking good for him in florida right now. the polling suggests that he could lose to trump come next week. in fact that's probably the most likely outcome at this point. and so it's a very tough case for him to make from an electability standpoint and from the standpoint of trying to stop trump if he's not going to be able to win his home state. >> it felt like trump was hosting a bat mitmitzvah last n. did it feel like he was toying with them? >> it felt like -- with the steaks and wine and products there there was an excellent bloomberg article today about the types held by donald trump. embers of his club in florida. not the type of people who are voting for donald trump. we're seeing white working class people coming out and supporting donald trump. but he was absolutely responding to mitt romney last night,
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showing a little bit of his penchant to have thin skin in those responses that he made. but it's very much the donald trump show right now. and part of that appeal is -- we're seeing part of that appeal for him in floshd. they love the entertainment value that he brings. it's a very quirky state politically. he's certainly a quirky candidate. >> i mentioned in the lead up to this hour, rebecca, there were exit poll stats last night that donald trump probably won't be mentioning. i guess some of that has to do with this ceiling about which everybody's speaking. >> right. and so- >> explain that. >> the point that senator ted cruz is making is that in a two-person contest he would beat donald trump because they say that donald trump does have a ceiling, that there are so many republicans who would not vote for donald trump under any circumstances that he's limited. and we have seen that in the exit polling. there were about two-thirds of republicans who said they would not vote for donald trump under any circumstances. and if that is the case, that does bode well for a candidate in a two-person race like ted
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cruz. but we may never seen that actually in practice if it doesn't winnow to a two-person race. >> my guess is the concern is not that those republicans would vote for bernie sanders or hillary clinton, it is the concern they just wouldn't come out and do much of anything? >> right. and so part of the concern with some republicans who support john kasich or marco rubio about this race winnowing to just ted cruz and donald trump is that maybe some of the more moderate republicans would fall out of this race and not show up to the polls. because there are still moderate republicans, especially to the john kasich end of the spectrum, who might not feel comfortable with some of ted cruz's more conservative positions. and so the question would be do they feel more strongly that they don't want trump to be the nominee or more strongly that they dislike ted cruz and that's kind of an open question. >> rebecca berg from real clear fun to watch. thank you. >> thank you, shem. you've heard a lot about the importance of next week's primaries in ohio and florida. they are important. but don't neglect north
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polling average has donald trump in the lead with 33%, 11 points ahead of ted cruz but unlike florida and ohio north carolina is not winner take all. so everybody has a chance to pick up some delegates. the fox business network blake berman live in charlotte. donald trump and ted cruz spending some time there, right, blake? >> reporter: that's exactly, shepard. they've been in and out of this state. donald trump was in concord a few days ago. here in charlotte. he will return back to north carolina later tonight at 7:00. he host as rally in fayetteville. just down the road from fort bragg one of the largest u.s. military installations in all the world. ted cruz was here yesterday. he had two events in north carolina, one in raleigh, another one in canapolis again this greater charlotte area. interesting looking forward you mentioned the 72 delegates on the republican side proportionately allocated as well. also the polling has been incredibly scant here.
12:15 pm
the last poll was some three weeks ago in the middle of february. it showed donald trump up 9 points. yesterday when we were with cruz here in the charlotte area, he told his supporters that he feels pretty good about tuesday night. >> north carolina right now is a battle ground state in this primary. we are effectively tied with donald trump in north carolina. it is neck and neck. >> reporter: on the endorsement front, shepard, john kasich picked up one today from the former governor here, jim martin. >> the democrats have a big haul in that state, too. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. 72 on the republican side proportional, the democrats are 121. you're basically talking on both sides about 2 1/2, 3% of the total amount. hillary clinton will be here in north carolina tomorrow. bill clinton was here earlier this week as well. that poll they mentioned that
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had trump up nine a few weeks ago also had clinton up by ten. bernie sanders as you know, shepard, there are colleges and universities, public and private, up and down this state that have been a target group of his all across the country. if he were to pull a michigan-type upset, it might be with the younger voters at those schools all over north carolina. >> blake burrman in carolina, thanks. people in north carolina have already cast their ballots thousands of them thanks to early voting. in ohio and especially florida where more than 1 million early votes are already in. extra voter dates maybe more convenient. but what happens to your vote if you're yo your candidate drops out or you change your mind? what happens indeed? that's next. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim.
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early voting could have ooh big impact in florida among other places. in that state more than 1 million people have already cast their ballots. the primary happening this coming tuesday, but early voting began last week. some political analysts point out that some early votes could go to waste if, for instance, a candidate drops out before election day. analysts say donald trump won louisiana on saturday even though ted cruz got the most votes on election day. they say trump won 47% in the early voting, which began before he refused to disavow the former kkk leader david duke. of course, trump quickly did disavow him. and we don't know whether any trump supporters would have changed their minds had he voted later. 36 states and the district of columbia allow early voting. supporters argue the process helps increase the voter turnout. let's bring in james holman the national political correspondent for the "washington post." there are plenty of people who don't like this at all. they want it all to be a one day trying to get fewer people to
12:21 pm
vote. >> yeah, shep. it really could make a difference. if florida could be really close. we've seen elections there obviously decided by a couple of hundred votes. and all of the delegates go to whoever gets the most votes. so if marco rubio comes up 300 votes short of donald trump, trump gets all 99 delegates from florida. and you mentioned 1 million votes have already been cast early. by next tuesday, election officials in the sunshine state expect 2 million votes will have been cast. so it really is enough to make the difference. a lot of people voted for ben carson before he dropped out, for example. a lot of people might have voted before it became clear that ted cruz was going to campaign really hard in the state. so a lot of votes already locked up. it makes it that much harder for marco rubio to come from behind to possibly defeat donald trump. >> but if you're floridian who cast your ballot earlier in the carson scenario or changed your mind can you go in on next tuesday and say hey i want to change my mind. no, you can't. that's the problem. there are a lot of people
12:22 pm
frustrated they've cast their ballot and there's nothing they can do now. >> down the road, there was thinking that donald trump's -- of course we know that in louisiana, that the exit polling suggests it may have been about the kkk reference. david duke of course someone very well-known down in louisiana. and frankly didn't play well. but you wonder if that sort of thing if there's anything like that in the ether now for florida. >> that's the thing. so i think the fox news debate last week mattered more than the republican debate that's going to happen later this week because the florida voters who were persuadable were watching that debate. and a lot of the votes are already going to be locked in by the time we get to tomorrow. >> does marco rubio have a path now? these latest surveys, quinnipiac shows him getting doubled up by donald trump in his home state. i mean, maybe he doesn't want to be governor next time around. maybe he wants to play the slow game, play politics in some other races and try to come back. but if you get doubled up in your home state your argument's harder to make, isn't it? >> it really is. he's only 44 years old.
12:23 pm
he has a lifetime ahead of him, potentially. but i think for rubio and his team, i think you kind of -- you've come this far. your superpac's spending $11.5 million in florida. you do feel sort of an obligation to the republican party to do everything you can to try and stop trump. they still think they're the best bet to do that in florida. >> a lot of florida action coming for sure courting to our reports. james holman political correspondent for the "washington post." thank you. we do have some important breaking news here. there is a verdict now in the terror trial of an air force veteran. prosecutors in brooklyn, new york say that the veteran named tayrod pugh, planned to join isis and betrait country he served. so what happened? rick leventhal in the courthouse in brooklyn. rick? >> reporter: in a significant verdict, shepard, dozens of people in the u.s. have been charged with attempting to support or join isis. but we believe this i the first time that any american has ever
12:24 pm
been convicted by a jury in federal court on isis-related terrorism charges. tayrod pugh, 48, former air force veteran and airplane mechanic, was stopped in istanbul last january. he had a one-way ticket to turkey carrying ski mask, solar phone charger. on his computer authorities found maps of border crossings between turkey and syria and thousands of images and pages of propaganda, isis propaganda on his computer, including videos of beheadings and executions that were in some cases too gruesome for the judge to allow them to be played in court. but a jury decided in fact that tayrod pugh was trying to join isis. he was convicted on both terror counts against him. he will be sentenced in september. this is a relatively quick trial, shepard. lasted about five days. the jury deliberated for some 6 1/2 hours or so and came back with guilty verdicts on both counts. pugh remains in custody and will be sentenced on the isis-related
12:25 pm
terrorism charges in september. >> rick leventhal in brooklyn, thank you. politics now republican primary coverage continues just ahead. on the democratic side, bernie sanders looking to grab momentum after his surprise win in michigan. we'll preview tonight democratic debate that's being held in miami and look ahead to next week's key races. plus why did secretary clinton lose michigan? she was up big in the polls going into yesterday. so what happened? well, there are clues and they're coming up.
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. . . a fox report now headlines from the fox news deck. a natural gas explosion in seattle has decimated businesses and sent nine firefighters to hospitals. doctors say those firefighters should all be okay. happened about 2:00 this morning as crews responded to gas leak north of downtown. a restaurants surveillance video caught a flash of light and debris falling after the blast. watch this from mexico. students and adults at a university in wahaca fighting with police. it all started with a protest over an on-campus election. students threw rocks and bottles and cops responded with tear gas. finally, a note to
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travelers. your baby is not a carry on item. investigators say a woman sneaked a child onto an air france flight in her bag. the baby apparently did not have a ticket. a passenger said he knew something was wrong when he saw the woman's bag moving around.
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politics top the news here at the bottom of the hour. republicans coming. but first the democratic candidates set to debate tonight in florida. it's the biggest state up for grabs next week. and bernie sanders for him it's a chance to build on his surprise win in michigan. of course that was close. and hillary clinton trounced sanders down in mississippi. so she actually won more delegates last night. the associated press count shows secretary clinton is more than halfway to clenching the nomination when you factor in the superdelegates. those are the party insiders who can change their mind if they feel like it. polls show clinton way ahead in the states with most delegates at stake next tuesday. in illinois, the latest chicago tribune survey shows clinton by
12:32 pm
a whopping 42%. in ohio, another big industrial state on the table, the new cnn-orc poll has clinton ahead by 30 points. and in florida, the biggest prize of them all, clinton once again up by nearly 30 points. again in the cnn-orc survey. of course, the polls also show clinton winning big in michigan. but then the people actually voted. we have team fox coverage now the fox business network's jolene kent with a look at how sanders got the win in michigan. first let's go to ed henry at the site of the miami debate tonight. what's sanders saying after that. >> reporter: if you look at the 538 blog which tracks electoral politics very closely in terms of who's up in the polls, who's going to win, they gave hillary clinton over a 99% chance of winning in michigan last night. sanders wins in the end. and they think inside his campaign that it's because he's appealing to white working class voters who are upset about clinton supporting international
12:33 pm
trade deals, for example. and basically no one gave him a chance of winning, so he's excited. watch. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago who repudiated the pundits who said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> the key for sanders is he has to replicate this next tuesday as you were talk about. he has other midwestern battle grounds like illinois and ohio. and if he again can tap into those white working class voters, he's going to give clinton some heartburn next tuesday as well, shep. >> in the main, though, she's getting a lot of delegates. >> reporter: yeah. you think about the margin. she didn't just win in mississippi, she slaughtered bernie sanders. in large part because of the edge she has with african-american voters. and her campaign manager noted to reporters today that as you were suggesting a moment ago, when they add all this up, clinton may get as many as four
12:34 pm
times as many delegates from mississippi than sanders got in michigan. and that's why this is getting to a point now when you look ahead to next tuesday, big battle grounds like florida, clinton may really clean up. here's robbie mook. >> nina scenario where senator sanders were to win all three of the states that he is targeting in the midwest -- ohio, illinois and missouri -- we would still expect to win significantly more delegates on the 15th. >> reporter: this is the situation where we've seen again and again bernie sanders has the momentum sometimes, but hillary clinton has the math, shep. we're learning more about how bernie sanders pulled off that surprise win in michigan last night. despite secretary clinton's double-digit lead in the polls going in team fox coverage continues with fox business network jolene kent has a look at the exit polls. some of the polls really stood out, jo. >> reporter: especially bernie sanders and how he did among
12:35 pm
men. you can see he actually won pretty significantly. we want to show you all the exit poll data. he won 55 to 44. that's by 12 points. then bernie sanders also won among white voters, shep, by 16 points. that's usually a place where senator clinton has been strong in the past. and then young voters, no surprise here, given his policies on public education and college, free college tuition. 81% of young voters go for sanders over clinton. interestingly here, independents in michigan went for sanders in the democratic primary last night by a landslide. this signals something for ohio coming up that's also an independent open primary where independents can vote on the democratic side. so a lot of big numbers there. but we also want to show you how clinton did. she father's day pretty well as well. women naturally going here for clinton. you see sanders 46% there. exit polls also showing that seniors went for clinton in a big way. 61 to 31%.
12:36 pm
and black voters in michigan last night in the democratic primary went for clinton 65 to 31. but shep, i should note, can ers was not expected to get that 31% support. and of course clinton did better in mississippi among black voters but that's a very big signal going forward. >> on the list of trouble spots for secretary clinton on those exit polls, what's at the top of the trouble spots list? >> reporter: well, it's all about trustworthiness. and senator sanders takes the cake from clinton on this. the exit polls show that among those who look for honest and trustworthiness from their candidates on the democratic side sanders wins 80 to 19%. that's consistent with a lot of states we've been tracking. for those who want a candidate who cares about people like themselves, sanders also wins there, 55 to 41%. i also want to point out, shep, among union voters clinton was supposed to win that. sanders last night in michigan
12:37 pm
won that by three points. >> jo, thank you. glenn hall here business editor for the "wall street journal." they might have been a little embarrassed by that loss? what do you think? >> i think that's really what it is. similar both bowlicly a state they could have won should have won but i doesn't take the dynamic of the campaign in a big way. hillary has most of the delegates and the rest are apportioned she just has to keep collecting them and wins in the end. >> if bernie sanders were to win all the other states, wouldn't there be a lot of pressure on these superdelegates to make a move. >> there's still that threat. that's a possibility. so she has to take him seriously. i think that's a real challenge for the clinton campaign right now. they have to continually face off against bernie sanders. she had an opportunity last night to put him away. it didn't happen. now she can't turn her attention
12:38 pm
to the general. she has to keep focusing on the primary. >> he's orange youwning young v. is that about pie in the sky stuff? to what do we attribute it? >> there's a certain amount of idealism that is playing out in there. there's also a factor of job opportunity in the sense that this economy has left them behind, especially young men. so there's a sense of bernie really having a change the world mentality that speaks to both of those things. the idealism and lack of economic opportunity they're feeling coming out of college or in the early years of their career. >> the clintons have always leaned on the african-american vote. they've had a very close relationship with the african-american community. she crushed in mississippi. i think every single black person in mississippi voted for her yesterday. and she wins in the north and in the midwest as well with black people. but not to the degree she does down south. >> yeah. that's a weakness in the campaign as well. and you saw that up in michigan it was largely concentrated around detroit and other pockets
12:39 pm
for hillary clinton. >> wayne county. >> wayne county exactly. while the rest of the state was going for bernie. so this is a challenge. because many of the other midwestern states, ohio, illinois, missouri, all coming up, look a lot like michigan in terms of the demographics. >> do they still think they can win this? or mainly is the sanders campaign trying to make sure their message continues? >> i think if you ask bernie sanders he thinks he can win it. he's going to play to win it. but he's also making a difference regardless of what happens. he wants his message in there. on the clinton side of it they speak this is a march through the delegates. they need to collect enough delegates to get through to the nomination and they're focusing on that. they're not focusing necessarily on every state being a win. >> the republican conundrum in florida is really interesting to me. there are no poll that is show it's possible for ted cruz to winter thing. none. no matter what happens, right? from what i've read. who knows? maybe the polls are wrong. >> some have been. >> they have. but if marco rubio gets out, the conventional wisdom that gives it to trump. if he stays in, could it later
12:40 pm
be a wasted vote. i don't understand how you figure out what to do with florida if you're a republican. >> that's the big question, right? the polling right now is not showing strength for marco rubio. it looks like trump has every opportunity to take florida. so how do you cast your vote if you're not in the trump camp? you don't have very many options. >> everything just seems to sort of cancel each other out. >> ted cruz is really the only viable alternative in terms of the delegate numbers at this point in time. >> all right. glen hall from the "wall street journal," thank you. we'll be right back.
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the pentagon's watchdog admits the military sometimes uses drones to snoop over american soil. drones like the predator and the reaper. but the government says don't worry about it. they're just trying to help. it came out in a report from the pentagon's inspector general. the defense official tells fox news the drones have helped after natural disasters like flooding and forest fires. the pentagon report found that the military used the drones in
12:44 pm
this country fewer than 20 times over the last decade. the inspector general claims every instance was legal. still some civil libertarian groups say that the laws cannot keep up with the changing technology. the report indicates the pentagon does turn down some requests like that unnamed city which asked for military drones to find potholes. u.s. special forces have captured the isis commander in charge of making chemical weapons. this is a big get. the defense official confirms to fox news that it has happened. the suspect's name is sulem suleman al afouri. they got him during a raid in talifar outside the isis stronghold of mosul. we knew they'd gotten somebody big there. but officials had refused to say exactly who it was until now. and al afari has quite a resume'. the iraqi officials say he used to build chemical and biological weapons for saddam hussein. his capture is a big win. make no mistake.
12:45 pm
after the military deployed a commando force on the ground in december. those troops dedicated to taking down the top leaders of the islamic state. let's get details now from jennifer griffin at the pentagon. tell us more about this guy. >> reporter: well, shepard, we know he was a member of saddam hussein's now defunct military industrial organizations specializing in chemical weapons who have joined isis. the pentagon is not publicly confirming that u.s. delta force operators captured the so-called chemical weapons emir last month. but the iraqis are saying the 50-year-old was in charge of chemical weapons research and development. he's currently being held we're told at a temporary detention facility in iraq, being interrogated by u.s. operators. he will eventually be handed over to the iraqis, shep. >> what kind of details is this detainee giving? do we know? >> reporter: what we understand is that detainee has reportedly confirmed that isis fighters have managed to lace artillery
12:46 pm
shells with sulfur mustard, a powdered form of this lethal chemical agent. this is not the same as mustard gas. but when the artillery shell explodes it creates a dust cloud that can aggravate and even kill people on the ground. the pentagon would not provide examples of isis having used sulfur mustard until now, but the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has documented such cases. what i can also tell you is that defense officials tell us that the interrogation of this high value detainee is leading to follow on operations. today u.s. war planes carried out air strikes near mosul targeting we're told chemical weapons facilities according to pentagon officials. >> thanks. the pentagon laid out new plans to wage war against isis in libya in an effort to stop the terror group's progress there. that's what defense officials are telling fox news. they say isis in libya has doubled in size in just one year. and we're told the new plans call for a series of coalition
12:47 pm
air strikes designed to support the libyan militants on the ground. analysts say the islamic state has established quite a stronghold on that country's northern coast and that the terrorists have been bringing in foreign fighters as they exploit years of war and chaos in libya. the front man of the band playing when the terrorists attacked a concert hall in paris is making a controversial claim about that deadly night. his name is jesse hughes. he's the lead singer of eagles of death metal. that band was on stage at the bataclan concert hall in paris back in november when terrorists opened fire on the crowd. jesse hughes talked to kennedy on fox business and said he noticed something strange even before the attack began. >> was there anything about that night that was strange or off? other than seeing these people and their dour expressions lookingous of place? >> when i got to the venue and walked in i went to the leader
12:48 pm
he said some of the guards aren't here yet. i found out six or so wouldn't show up at zblaul he said it's obvious those guards had a reason not to show up. again this is his account. he won't accuse them of being in on the massacre while police are still investigating. in all, 130 people died in coordinated attacks across paris. the first part of that interview will air tonight. it airs on the fox business network 8:00 eastern time, 7:00 central. again that's on fox business on kennedy tonight. lil' kim claims north korea has developed lil' nukes. the dictator kim jong-un says his scientists have made miniaturized atomic bombs which he says the military can place on missiles. state television broadcasting images showing lil' kim looking at what analysts say appears to be the model wear head. it's the silver globe look thing there. south korea an officials are blasting the north over this move, though they say lil' kim is probably lying about the mini bombs.
12:49 pm
north korea's latest claim comes after the united nations recently slapped that hermit kingdom with harsh new penalties in response to a rocket test. also the u.s. and south korea this week began the biggest ever war games between the two nations. that led your lil' kim targeting to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike. at least threatening to do so. just minutes from now, the official public visitation begins for the former first lady, nancy reagan. here's a look at the casket holding her remains at the reagan presidential library in california. friends and family paying tributes. touching. we'll have them for you next. . . hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
family, friends, and soon the public paying their respects to the former first lady, nancy
12:53 pm
reagan. shea died on sunday at 94. these are images from our slide show from earlier today. the reagan family held a short funeral, or i should say short service at a funeral home in santa monica. some of the secret service agents who once protected the first lady carried the casket here in the back. the procession made its way about 40 miles north and west of the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. people lined up along the route. see firefighters up above here saluting as the remains went by. once at the library, members of the armed forces carried the casket inside. a look now at the ronald reagan presidential library, itself. live pictures here. you can see the flowers on nancy reagan's casket. members of the public will have the chance to pay respects for a few hours today and tomorrow. the funeral is on friday morning local time there. it's closed to the public. the white house said first lady michelle obama will, indeed, attend. not just political types who will be there, either. also on the guest list h they
12:54 pm
released, singer wayne newton, actress angelica houston and mr. t. here's a great photo of him with mrs. reagan back in 1983. my team and i will be in simi valley with live coverage of the funeral, itself, friday right here on fox news channel. forecasters say the threat of severe storms continues today across the gulf coast from eastern texas through louisiana. the radar over here on the wall sort of tells the story. we're getting spring patterns now and that's starting to become a problem. you can see some damage here and some video we have in texas. homes destroyed. officials say they got reports of tornadoes in hood and denton counties in the ft. worth area. then there's flooding, some parts of louisiana seeing up to a foot of rain in the past 24 hours. forecasters say even more is on the way. chris has some pictures of the damage over here. it's a classic spring system coming through, but a foot of
12:55 pm
rain. very few places can handle that. >> agreed, shep. this is right outside the ft. worth area. this guy in the brown coat says his sister and brother-in-law lives at this house. both of them were injured but wasn't too serious. and you can see kind of here from the tornado. and then over in louisiana, the pictures of flooding is pretty crazy. a friend of mine lives in shreveport. she said it was almost as if somebody turned on a fire hose on the roof of her house because the water was coming down in sheets. it's pretty serious there. >> haugton, louisiana. we'll be back with a look at the origins of something we see on highways and it happened on this day in history. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
12:56 pm
just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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12:58 pm
chipotle cannot catch a break. the company closed one of its stores north of boston after four employees got sick there. "usa today" reports at least one
12:59 pm
worker tested positive for neurovirus which can cause all kinds of stomach trouble. company reps say no employees worked while sick and no customers have reported any illnesses. chipotle has been fighting to win back kucustomers after e. ci and neurovirus outbreaks. last month chipotle shut down stores for half a day to talk to workers about improved safety standards. on this day in 1985 folks adopted a highway for the first time. '85. the program launched in texas. a local official came up with the idea after he noticed litter flying out of the back of a pickup truck. within months, dozens of volunteers were cleaning up roads all over texas. today, states across the country led businesses, schools, churches and other groups, put names next to highways in exchange for keeping them tidy after america's roads finally got a little love 31 years ago today. tell the millennials we you were a kid you used to throw the
1:00 pm
mcdonald's bags out the window where there were thousands more mcdonnealcdonald's bag. glad we don't do that anymore. your world with caputo is next. i'll see you tomorrow from simi valley, california. until them, have a great afternoon. all right. speaking of simi valley, california, you are looking at the casket of nancy reagan lying in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library. we'll be there through tomorrow. a formal good-bye to nancy reagan begins. adam at the reagan library right now. adam? >> reporter: good afternoon, neil. beautiful day here on top of the hill in simi valley, california. as you mentioned the public viewing has begun. it began a bit early here. they planned on doing it right now. it started 25, 30 minutes ago. at least 100 people lined up down the hill.