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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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survived. >> right. >> it was great. he got -- yeah, a happy ending. >> the pets we have here are all actors. >> they are all actors. >> yeah. >> log on to the website, for the "after bill: here we go as we turn into a home state showdown on the road to the nomination. marco rubio in florida and john kasich in ohio. will they roll over their home turf. there is a lot to get through. and you came back for more. heather: having the critical primaries on tuesday, the republican candidates made their case in town halls. trump, pointing to his surging
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popularity. >> the biggest story in politics is during the republican primary, millions of additional people are showing up to vote. it's a movement of competence and common sense and low taxes. so many other things, and borders, and borders. let's -- it would be so foolish to give it away. >> if you look at the other two candidates in the field. marco rubio, and john kasich, both good people. but neither one has a path to the nomination. they are far too behind in dealt gat count. they can't catch up. head-to-head not only do i beat donald trump, but i beat donald trump resoundingly. bill: marco rubio and john kasich struggle something keep their campaigns alive in florida and ohio tuesday.
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>> i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on the planet earth or any other planet. we are going to fight until tuesday, we are going to win florida and go on. >> we are going to winnow high oh, but we are not taking it for granted. i'm working hard there now and so are our team. i'll go down for the debate and i will be living in ohio and all over the state which is what i always do. tet * john roberts is in coral gables. good morning to you. reporter: all the talk is whether we are witnessing the final days of the rubio campaign. there has been an awful lot of early voting here in florida. donald trump has a commanding lead. he's also making a plea for
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voters in north carolina. the military in fayetteville, north carolina. trump addressed the controversy, asking people to raise their hands and pledge to vote for him. >> i said if you really love trump raise your right hand. the next day on the "today show" they said, it reminded us of hitler. it was nazi. you want to do it? do you pledge that on tuesday you will go and we'll make america great again and you will vote for donald trump? yes? reporter: ted cruz who is 100 delegates behind donald trump. the polls would suggest he's not going to win anywhere. but he's hoping to deny the florida win to marco rubio. >> our objective is to compete
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to win in every state. if conservatives continue to unite, yes we can win in any state in the union. donald trump has a hard ceiling of 35% to 45% he can't get above. donald bern fits when there are multiple candidates splintering the opposition. reporter: cruz got a couple big endorsements including from carly fiorina. and conservative radio talk show host mark levin. heather: we talked about rubio and his home state of florida, not doing so well with his events, especially one. reporter: he held an event in a football stadium last night there were only enough people to fill the end zone. this is a city that's 47% cuban.
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one other lingering question, florida governor jeb bush, will he endorse someone before the florida primary? it's likely he will wait until after tonight's debate to make a decision on that. bill: there are reports of top republicans mapping a strategy to force a brokered convention. trump argues that won't work. >> the i i -- it's very sad. i heard people are flying in from all over into our country. they don't want strong borders, they don't want taxation. and we have to because we don't want to lose our businesses.
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bill: what's this meeting about? >> the american enterprise group meets every year. they do spring break for nerds. and people go and play golf and talk about stuff. and the fact that donald trump was discussed there, of course he was discussed there. where have you gone -- i haven't been in a taxi cab in six months where i didn't talk about donald trump. when conservatives and rich people get together, necessity talk about trump, too. bill: fox polling. florida, trump is up 23 in our poll. ohio kasich leads by 5. you see what in these two states today. >> in ohio i see a chance for republicans to deny donald trump the straight path forward.
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kasich should win there and i suspect he will. polling has been pretty consistent. i think it looks good for kasich. i think in florida marco rubio has to ask this question. if he stays in and he goes through tuesday and is defeated, crushingly defeated, this poll would suggest. what has he gained, what has he done? he asked himself what he ought to do, what if he needs to do for the sake of his party, for the sake of his future, is to drop out before the election, not to avoid the defeat because it's unavoidable, but in order to rally behind ted cruz. he's more than just riding out things for himself. bill: you have got four days to make up that call. tonight's debate, trump is telling a softer side of the donald. he says rubio won't be the same
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guy. and he says cruz is not a good debate. that was all in one answer. >> he parked a lot in there. ted cruz can beat donald trump. and polling shows he can. if this happens quickly enough cruz can have donald trump. it's something that a year ago would have been unthinkable, unimaginable. but i think it's going to happen. i think they will get behind ted cruz. they see polls like yesterday from nbc and abc that show donald trump getting smoked like a ham in the general election behind hillary clinton. >> we are going to debate that coming up here. nothing against ham. sign me up. heather: i like smoked ham. the democrats are squaring off
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in a debate down in miami. hillary clinton facing tough questions about the benghazi attack that left four victims dead. one of the victim's mother said hillary clinton lied about the attacks telling her it grew from a riot over islam. clinton denied that claim. then trading shots with bernie sanders. >> did you lie to them? >> i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans we lost at benghazi. and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. but she is wrong. >> i would think that a speech so great that you got paid so much money for you would like to share it with the american people. >> senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deper takes and stood with the minutemen vigilantes in
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their ridiculous, absurd efforts to quote hunt down immigrants. >> what the secretary is doing tonight and has done very often is take large pieces of legislation and take pieces out of it. no, i did not oppose the bailout or the support of the automobile industry. no, i do not support vigilantes. that's a horrific, unfair statement. i will match my record against yours any day of the week. heather: this debate coming a day after sanders beat clinton in the michigan primary. canada's prime minister justin trudeau arriving for a three-day visit. it's the first time canada's top official has come to the united
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states in 20 years. a beautiful sight in the south lawn. there would appear to be shared ideas on all those topics. ted cruz getting a boost from a former republican rival. >> last tuesday we had a primary. and i walked into the ballot box and looked at ballot. and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz. bill: carly fiorina now on the trail for cruz. how did that happen? she'll join us in a few minutes to explain what's going on there. heather: thousands of top secret isis document. the american operative found on that list. parts of louisiana under water after relentless rain. how people are dealing with all that flooding. >> it sneaks up on you fast and
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as much rain came down, it's one you are not proactive for.
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>> my school reunion's coming fast.
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could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at >> lyin' ted cruz came up and said, i'm only one who can beat donald trump. he doesn't know how to win. he will come in with a bible,
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lyin' ted cruz, he will put the bible down, and then he will lie. he was supposed to win mississippi, he was supposed to win alabama. heavy evangelical. he was supposed to win south carolina. but they don't like liars. bill: we may hear more about that tonight. donald trump not holding back. carly fiorina is now in cruz's court. she is live to talk about that. how are you, and good morning to you from sunny florida. it was a surprise to see you come on stage. there was no warning, there was no heads up. when i saw it, i wondered when did the conversion take place. explain, when did you become a fan of ted cruz? >> i ran for president as you know because i think the system is rigged, the game is rigged, and we need someone who will
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challenge the system. i thoinl a real conservative can do that. when i went into the voting booth last tuesday during the virginia primary, i had a tough choice to make. i had to vote. and i saw my own name on the ballot. that was thrilling. and i concluded the only real conservative who will challenge the system as demonstrated his courage and willingness to do so is ted cruz. he's the only guy who's beaten donald trump and we need to beat donald trump at ballot box. bill: what's wrong with kasich and rubio? >> i don't think kasich or rubio are conservatives. i don't think they have a track record of challenging the system, and they can't win. they can't beat donald trump, they have no prayer. that's why the republican party need to unify behind ted cruz so
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he can take donald trump on head-to-head, beat hip at the ballot box fair and square and go on to beat hillary clinton. bill: kasich is in the elect in his home state tuesday. if he wins you know he will go all the way. how would you argue against that? >> that isn't up to me. i can't spend my time worrying about what they are going the do. but even if he does winnow high oh, he doesn't have a path. he can't rack up the delegates. because of the math. because of the math, bill. even if he wins ohio. and he may well. even if he wins ohio, he is so far back in the delegate count he cannot possibly catch up. but you are asking an important question. we have a little over 40% of the delegates left to be awarded.
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ted cruz will pick up delegates tuesday. he will pick up delegates and keep inching closer and closer to donald trump. but the on the way to beat donald trump is to give someone, and i believe that someone is ted cruz, the opportunity to go head-to-head with donald trump. i find donald trump calling ted cruz lyin' ted pretty rich. because donald trump is selling the biggest lie of all, and the lie he's going to challenge the system. he's not. he is the system. he's one of the wealthy people to rigged the game. that's why he pledged -- asked voters to pledge their loyally to him. bill: ted cruz made the argument he would win evangelicals and reagan democrats and it appears
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trump is winning both those at gories. this is a time of choosing very soon. it's going to be make a choice between trump or make a choice between cruz. how is that going to work for the party? >> well, it is one of the reasons that i endorsed ted cruz. because i think the choice is very clear. the choice of the leader of our party between ted cruz, a proven conservative who has fought the battles for the issues we care about versus donald trump? that choice is crystal clear, i think. but i also think donald trump has got to get beaten fair and square. let's be honest. the narrative coming out of the media is part of the problem here. last tuesday night fox news cuts and every other network cuts to a full hour of donald trump lies
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and basis chicago doesn't even mention ted cruz beat john kasich in michigan or ted cruz won idaho or ted cruz continues to rack up delegates while others are falling further behind. bill: that's an excellent point and we'll debate it next hour. but ted cruz did not hold a speech tuesday night. had he we would have carried at least part of it. >> i guess -- but i assumed that the surprise of ted cruz inching out kasich in michigan was actually news, apparently it wasn't. bill: carly fiorina thank you for your time. we are out of time. thank you. we are live in florida. heather: still to come, we'll talk about obamacare. some say it's a train wreck. there is part of the healthcare program hemorrhaging billions of dollars.
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there is new evidence the white house knew it would happen. >> the campaigning based on two big legislative policy initiatives. number one repealing every single word of obamacare. number two, passing a simple flat tax and abolishing the irs. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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bill: an air force veteran found guilty of trying to join isis. prosecutors say this an important precedent. >> this is an important case because it underscores for the
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public the work it takes to react quickly to these threats in an effective way so we can disrupt these terrorist activities and effectively present a great case to get a conviction from. bill: pe pugh faces 35 years in prison when sentenced in september. heather: a defector from the terror group leak the names of thousands of jihadist recruits, some of them right here in the united states. what more do we know. what exactly is this? >> you are right, it could be a potentially huge break through in an effort to break up the isis terror group. stuart ramsey sky news getting his hands on a treasure trove of 22,000 documents contained on
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one thumb drive obtained from a defector from isis. basically entrance questionnaires for thousands of foreign jihadis from 51 nations. among them, 12 americans including 33-year-old douglas macarthur mccain, the indianapolis native who went to fight with isis. he was killed in august of that year. on his questionnaire he gives his name, nationality, address, phone number, where he lived, how he got to syria and who referred him. they are also asking his marital status and he says yes married and with one child. the one child right now doesn't have a father. heather: is it the real thing? how important is it? reporter: a lot of people are saying it is in fact the real thing. the german intelligence authorities have their names on
6:28 am
the documents. they vouched for their authenticity. so has sky news sources. as for their importance, here fist what one former u.k. spy chief had to say about it. >> it's a fantastic coup and it will be a gold mine of information. it's enormous interest to many people, particularly the security and intelligence services. reporter: like the american i mentioned, many of the fighters listed in these documents are dead. what's perhaps most important are the networks who got them there and trying to stop them from bringing more fighters into syria. plus if any of these foreign fighters have returned to the country. we reached out to the justice department and the pentagon. we haven't heard back whether they are aware of these.
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bill: expert analysis on this in a moment from the man who helped take down usama bin laden. former navy seal rob o'neill. opening bell on wall street. we'll wait to see what happens today. there is a lot of economic news out of europe and overseas. u.s. jobless benefits falling to a five-month low. a done center confident in ohio. but he's not confident in one state. why is that? >> you are saying this is a preview of coming attractions. >> i'm just saying we are going to win and other guys aren't going to win. i'm going to bring places like michigan into play. nobody else is going to do that.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ bill: a good-looking picture of
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the south lawn at the white house. canada's prime minister is welcomed to the lower 48. >> we have florida which is an amazing place. it's going to be amazing. we have ohio where you have an absentee governor. we'll do great, great, great in ohio. we have north carolina. and we have illinois. now, we are going to have a fantastic week. florida and ohio. trump is trouncing marco rubio in his home state of florida by more than 2-1.
6:34 am
but he's no longer on top in ohio. john kasich surging ahead by 5 points. monica crowley, the online contributor to the "washington times," and doug schoen. the spols are -- the polls are changing. >> i looked at the florida polls. it's clear he's going to win there bar something unforeseen circumstances. ohio is back and forth. a couple polls have trump ahead. if the fox news poll having kasich ahead. but i think donald will come out with a giant step towards the nomination. if he wins ohio and florida i think he will have it effectively wrapped up.
6:35 am
>> polls can give you have a snapshot ... heather: but they can be drastically wrong. >> what we have seen in florida is a trend. trump has had a commanding lead in these polls for a while. winning your home state is the bare minimum when you are running for president. if you cannot deliver your home state it's game over. marco rubio is not dropping off. he's going contest it. but he has donald trump with a huge lead and ted cruz on his heels. and ted cruz opened 10 field offices in florida. he's aggressively campaigning there so he can force it into at least a 3-man race. heather: should marco rubio drop out before tuesday?
6:36 am
>> i'm not going to presume to tell people what to do. but we have seen almost a collapse of support across the states. he rated third and fourth tuesday. it doesn't bode well for him. but he should contest his home state at the very least. heather: one of these polls shows which voters would be more likely to change their minds. or are they firmly behind their candidate? you see results this in florida. >> that says to me the trump vote sat almost 90% certain is largely pretty firm. 17% of the rubio vote said they may change their mind. that's probably good news for ted cruz. per what monica said, unless marco rubio drops out, i don't think there will be a material change in florida. if trump wins florida, the one thing we'll know is no other candidate will be able to get to
6:37 am
1,237 other than donald trump. >> this is the establishment strategy because they are so opposed to donald trump as the nominee that they are encouraging strategic voting. simply to deny donald trump the requisite number of delegates to win the nomination outright. heather: the poll basically said which candidate would you refuse to support against democrats, trump 22%. >> that's a big problem for trump going forward. he has the highest negatives. he will need to project the negatives on to his opponent. he's running in a multi-candidate race and is
6:38 am
consolidating 30-40% and that's enough. >> i think he has pivoted to a general election campaign. he's talking about unifying the republican party. i think that will be a major challenge because that's -- they are so fractured. he said he spent a good deal of time on the phone with paul ryan, the speaker of the house. i know there are a lot of people opposed to donald trump. but if he turns out to be the republican nominee a lot of people will enter. >> the big challenge the republicans have is coming together. if the party comes apart as it might at their convention, the big winner, hillary clinton. >> how do they do that? such nasty things have been said back and forth. >> politics, heather. i think in the end a lot of people will grow up, suck it up.
6:39 am
>> betalk about being march madness. i went to carolina. duke, we are arch rivals, i could never do it. we'll see. bill: suck it up, monica, big boys, big pants. hillary clinton feeling the heat in miami. what she had to say about the mother of one of the benghazi victims and why she would not answer this question. >> if you have been indicted -- >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question.
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>> i think what we have got here is a case of overclassification. i am not concerned by the, i'm not worried by the, and no democrat or american should be
6:43 am
either. there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. i didn't have to ask anyone. >> if you are indicted will you pull out. >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even going to answer that question. bill: judge napolitano, welcome to you. it wasn't just the email, it waltz server. legally speaking a significant distinction why? judge napolitano: because her predecessors, colin powell and condoleezza rice did not have servers in their own homes. the secretary of state has two email streams. a regular email stream and secret email stream. she hired an expert to divert
6:44 am
both email streams to her hope server. bill: are we asking the wrong question about email when we should be asking about private servers? judge napolitano: sometime we are. sometimes it's very complex. ramos has an excellent understanding of what happened and asked the right question. in one of her answers, bill, she revealed inadvertently to the f.b.i. a proclivity to mislead. because she said to mr. ramos just as she has been saying for a year now. i neither sent nor received any email that was marked classified. we know and the f.b.i. knows and she knows that nothing is marked classified. yet she continues to mislead the
6:45 am
questioner, thereby sending a dog whistle to the f.b.i. her natural inclination is not to tell the truth. bill: he said who gave you permission. is that the way to phrase it? judge napolitano: i don't know that i would have phrased it that way. but when she said i didn't need permission. bill: she is revealing there is no permission to be asked. it was permitted. judge napolitano: she is revealing an ignorance of the law. we are talking about who owns the email of a government worker when they pass on a government instrument. answer, the government does. and so when your emails are demanded, you can't hold back and say these are mine, these are yours. the government decide which are government and which are private. bill: you wrote in the "washington times" "hillary clinton's false hopes." why false?
6:46 am
judge napolitano: if she believes this will go away, that belief is a false belief. the f.b.i. agents investigating her constitute the same theme that got general petraeus. what they have against her is a quantum leap more than they had against general petraeus. last night it was a very bad reaction. bill: 69 years, it's going to end in an indictment? judge napolitano: she should have been prepared for that kind of question. bill: andrew napolitano. heather: marco rubio expressing regrets. he told megyn kelly he wishes he had done differently. plus this.
6:47 am
launching -- police launching a manhunt after 8 people are shot in a barrage of gunfire targeting a backyard party.
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bill: a senate hearing under way. there is rob portman, a senator from ohio. rich, good morning to you. how much of these failed co-ops owe? reporter: the committee is convening the hearing to
6:51 am
question that. the senator cites a dozen failed cooperatives received $2 billion in federal loans and owe, $1 billion in other liabilities and have paid nothing. he says doctors and hospitals stand to lose and suffer large out of pocket losses. and the feds kept dispersing loan money as they lost millions of dollars. independent auditors approved the cooperatives business plans. they are auditing 8 of the
6:52 am
remaining 11 co- >11 co-ops.she says much of thet depend on the laws that apply. more than half of the co-ops are closed, bill. heather: pandemonium breaks out after gunmen open fire at a backyard party. those gunshots leaving five people dead, three wound. police outside pittsburgh, pennsylvania searching for at least two gunmen. laura, what more do we know about what happened? >> police say this was an ambush-style attack. this wasn't a driveby.
6:53 am
at least two gunmen barged into a backyard party, opened fire, leaving body in their wake. party-goers were trying to get into the back of the house, several people were shot on the back porch. >> we have at least 4 people shot. start for the area. we have 6 people down, 6 people down. >> it happened in pennsylvania each of pittsburgh in an area known for drug trafficking. >> two people discharged weapons into a backyard party or cookout of some sort at the residence. we do not believe at this point anybody in that backyard or an
6:54 am
attendee of the party fired weapons in return. reporter: three of the five who died were women and two men. heather: laura ingles live for us. >> you got a little dirty and naughty out on the campaign trail. you know what i'm talking about. >> i would do it differently, i really would. my kids were embarrassed by it. my wife didn't like the. i don't think it reflects good. that's not who i am. that's not what my campaign is about. bill: a little bit of regret you heard at the end from senator rubio for mudslinging on the trail. he went into attack mode and it was about that time his poll numbers went south.
6:55 am
the return taunting of trump didn't help him. he told megyn he should not have chosen that strategy. live and learn. heather: voters are trying to decide which is the real rubio. bill: we'll see what the strategy is in the debate. heather: coming up, a major discovery about isis. a list containing names of thousands of fighters. who is on that list up next. >> we are down to the final four in the race for the republican nomination. bret baier weighs in just a few moments. we'll talk to bret live. right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. .. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can sa. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. .. >> supertuesday coming up fast, donald trump promising to have another amazing week. he is to the two key states from his rivals. one is ohio, the other is
6:59 am
florida. the 6 are a big. welcome to a new hour of america's news room. good to see you back. >> all about the numbers, the big prize on tuesday is florida, it is a winner take all state with 99 delegates up for grabs, marco rubio's homestead is a must win for his campaign. polls show him trailing trump but the senator is not giving up. >> i and just saying we are going to win. one thing i do that nobody else can do is bring places like michigan in to play. nobody else is going to. ted cruz and marco rubio. >> i am the only one who can be donald trump in florida. every poll will say that. if you like john kasich and live in florida that is fine but if you vote for them you are voting for donald trump. if you are committed to the 99 delegates in the state of florida people voting for john kasich or ted cruz in florida
7:00 am
indeed to vote for marco rubio. bill: bret baier with a special report. how are you doing? we have a lot to go through, the state is up for grabs, florida, ohio, illinois and missouri. >> florida and ohio, winner-take-all. here is the poll we put out at 6:00 eastern. trump is up 23 points on marco rubio and in ohio, we find john kasich has a five point edge. >> john kasich has an 80% approval rating but is leading donald trump by only 5 points and as you said plus or minus 3.5 is the margin of error, that is tight end in a state like
7:01 am
ohio after donald trump did very well in michigan, that is not a great thing for john kasich looking at that hole. other polls have it roughly the same. in florida and the average is a little tighter, but it suggests donald trump has a big lead going into tuesday and that is that major concern for marco rubio. he is trying to make a case that no other vote counts. that is a tough case to make. >> he may pull the rip on this before tuesday. what a story that would be. carly fiorina is bob heintz ted cruz and made her case last hour against donald trump. >> donald trump is selling the biggest lie of all which is that he will challenge the system. he is not. he is the system. he is a big powerful wealthy well-connected person who has read the game for their own benef
7:02 am
benefit. that is why he asked voters to pledge their loyalty to him. it is backwards which the president of the united states needs to pledge his or her loyalty to the american people. bill: we were surprised to see her jump on stage yesterday. it goes to a more interesting story. don't know what you are hearing in washington. enlighten us. what is the establishment doing? what is the republican party doing? they may have to choose between ted cruz or donald trump. bret: what they are doing is freaking out. they don't know the path. you have mitt romney saying everybody has to vote for everybody in every state that can be donald trump, others saying we just need to stop him from 1237 and then figure it out at the convention. there is pandemonium in the so-called establishment. carly fiorina, that is a fantastic thing for ted cruz.
7:03 am
we saw her on the debate stage perform very well. she is a fantastic advocate and gave one of the strongest speeches advocating for ted cruz when she came out. they are going to use her throughout the rest of the state's to beat ted cruz at kabul on the road. bill: some angst in the party elders. irvin meyer is a football coach, the football coach at ohio state university. in that part of the country this matters. watch. >> we would like to tell you the leadership you have shown in the state of ohio since we have been back, your friendship as a friend and as a supporter of what you stand for, we would like to tell you we wish you the best. thank you.
7:04 am
bill: that is the head coach of the buckeyes, franklin county. a lot of votes come tuesday. things that might matter. bret: it does matter. he is the governor in that state and that comes with its own political machine. john kasich could do well there. the only reason i'd point that out is the polls are pretty tight and donald trump seems to have some momentum especially in that kind of communities that we saw in michigan with those feelings about angst and the issue of trade really plays well for donald trump as it does bernie sanders. bill: what trump did tuesday night when he called out paul o'neill, former yankee, before that, cincinnati reds, he grew up in franklin county where john kasich lives. the other guy trump called out was jack nicklaus. he was born and raised in franklin county, columbus, ohio.
7:05 am
when people in ohio and here's this there ears perk up and trump does this with intent. you may think the stream of consciousness, there is method behind this. bret: there is method is that is one of the things donald trump is brilliant at. he has branded his name and everything throughout his life but he is branding during this campaign and that speech, some people look at as meandering, it was pointed and the points he was trying to make is i have big-time support in ohio and here i come, john kasich. bill: see you tonight at 6:00, bret baier in washington. martha: john kasich and ted cruz sound equally confident inert chances next tuesday. >> i believe our path is simple. we will narrow the field. when we go head to head with donald trump we are going to
7:06 am
beat donald trump over and over and over again. >> first of all, we picked half the delegates and we have the other half to go and there was this poll -- it was jammed and close. anything is possible this year. martha: anything is possible. bill: let's not ignore north carolina or illinois, missouri. if you look back at 2012 as we come up, it was bid little funky the way they did it in 2012 but rick santorum won every county and that would portend well for ted cruz if he is going for the same kind of voter. in that part of the country ted cruz has been successful, iowa,
7:07 am
texas, oklahoma, but in the southeast, those voters have gone for donald trump. martha: he was doing that in north carolina, huge response. still to come, north korea firing two ballistic missiles into the sea of japan, a clear violation of resolutions, the launch raised tensions even more as the u.s. and south korea carry out military exercises near by, exercises that are viewed as preparation for an invasion. our london bureau, benjamin, seems like we've year something new from north korea every few days. how dangerous is this? >> reporter: the last few months north korea has been getting progressively worse. in january they claimed they had not each bomb, not to a more ballistic missiles were launched into the sea. it said these missiles were in
7:08 am
direct relation to the u.s./south korea war games and they are larger than ever. it is part of those war games, the u.s. announced it dispatched three bombers capable of launching nuclear weapons into the region. north korea also announced it successfully miniature rise a warhead, most analysts reject this and they have often had images, very little doubt they are trying to do this. heather: is this an escalation, bottom-line? could it spiral of control? >> reporter: it is certainly an explanation, this is a regular occurrence which every year these war games come around, the north koreans announced they will shut down and industrial factory in south korea in case they, quote, liquidate all south korean assets held verbage this is a show of strength.
7:09 am
hard to know how far they will take it. the big unknown is the supreme leader himself, joy kim jong un in has been isolated from reality his whole life, killing those around him, the crucial question is will this young dictator with his finger on the nuclear button be so foolish as to use it? heather: thank you. bill: there are signs donald trump may have a bumpy road ahead, everybody but from meeting with jeb bush. what are they talking about? heather: the discovery that could cut isis off at the knees, a list of thousands of recruits, we will talk with the man who shot usama bin laden about what this could mean for the war on terror. bill: a bus flipping on its side, the good samaritan who came to the rescue. >> any time you see a situation like this especially with a school bus on its side it makes your heart stop. >> oh man, is flipping over.
7:10 am
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bill: and major storm system hammering texas, heavy rain, officials warning of dangerous travel conditions and flash flooding. a school bus carrying special needs children flipping on a wet road. a good samaritan saw what happened and rented the scene. >> it was in the same neighborhood i lived in. i sought it pick up kids and get
7:14 am
the kids off before something bad happened. bill: no students were injured. the two adults on board have only minor injuries but expect to be ok coin. heather: signs that republicans may be ready to gain up on donald trump. jeb bush having conversations with each of his former rivals call all but from. in miami for tonight's debate. carly fiorina now backing ted cruz. front runner donald trump says all this opposition is taking advantage of the country. let's bring in fox news media analyst, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. kalobios heather: you call it political carpet bombing. that is what is going on. >> all the remnants of the gop establishment are scrambling onto this rickety boat to mount
7:15 am
an assault on the trump battleship. a have every right to do it. it started with mitt romney and now other people endorsing but it has an air of desperation. two weeks at this level of intensity. as we saw tuesday when trump won mich. a hawaii and three states that were up, it just doesn't seem to be working. heather: chris christie is throwing support behind donald trump, carly fiorina as we said endorsed ted cruz. jeb bush meeting with different candidates including marco rubio. here is what he had to say. >> i would love to have support. i would not be presumptuous to say but it was a meeting the week two people have known each other for 20 years, i have known him for that long and beyond that i don't want to go into details about personal conversations with is not good policy to discuss personal conversations in front of 5 million people.
7:16 am
heather: will jeb bush's endorsement make a difference? >> not that much. it will be nice for marco rubio to have it going into florida's primary but at the same time jeb bush went nowhere in this race, super pac spent $100 million. negative advertising this year hasn't seemed to work. voters don't care. ac politics as usual. everyone wants jeb bush's support but not like he has an army of supporters behind him. donald trump is more in the mode of mending fences with the party, looking at the general election, he thinks he is close to wrapping this up. talked-about having a constructive conversation with paul ryan for example. it does seem this is the last effort of the establishment to slow him down.the thing it chan dynamics of this is it becomes a two man race between ted cruz and donald trump and all the people who don't have donald trump have a place to go.
7:17 am
heather: $21.5 million in ad against donald trump is the estimate i heard earlier. is there always will actually work to trump's benefit to give people clearly saying they want something different, they want an outsider. will they see this as ganging up against trump? willmore people support him as a result? >> i asked trump that question. this guy has spent the entire campaign running against the political establishment, the media establishment. people who like donald trump, who can't be shaken no matter what controversial remarks he makes. they take it as a sign of validation that the powers that be, the status quo ac not having delivered on promises in recent years are against trump. the more they beat up on trump the more his supporters think he is the independent force, the businessman who could shake up washington. there is a view among his
7:18 am
critics that if only there was more tough questions from the media or mold for test on his liberal positions are shifting positions that his candidacy would collapse. people like him because he projects an aura of strength, his persona, not specific policy positions and they look at his record as of businessman and they say maybe he can bring that to government. the heather: what if he doesn't end up being the nominee? what about all these folks who have come out solidly against him? >> if donald trump is beaten fair and square in the primaries that is how campaigns work. if he goes into cleveland with 100 delegates short of the magic 1237, there is an organized effort to take it away from him we will have millions of trump supporters who will stay home or support a third-party candidate. in other words the risk to the republican party of stopping trump at this point might be as great as making accommodation
7:19 am
with him and saying he won the most states and will be the nominee. heather: bret baier said they are freaking al. thank you for joining us. bill: significant discovery that could help in the war on terror, the database of isis recruits around the world. how many americans are on that list? heather: i-man who lives near reagan airport not happy about the noise. he is very unhappy and is saying so. how many times he has picked up the phone to complain. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair?
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heather: the first-ever transplant of the uterus in the u.s. can scale. 26-year-old woman underwent the procedure at the cleveland clinic, she appeared to be recovering but hospitals says there was a sudden complications that lead to removal of the uterus. it will continue its trial to perform ten more. bill: a bombshell discovery that have a drastic impact in the battle against isis. needs and phone numbers of 22,000 recruits from 51 countries. all that information found on the memory stick of stolen from the media winglet how significant? the man who shot usama bin laden, how are you? >> good morning. it is like a treasure trove. heather: what do you do with that? >> you do what they did, handed it over to someone in turkey who gave it to the proper intelligence people in the uk
7:24 am
and they will disseminate it and come up with a nice network of jihadis, who has been warily it comes back to family members, a lot of phone numbers. hopefully -- bill: 12 americans were on this list. >> probably more than that. we have isis, radicalized folks in all 50 states, the federal government, law enforcement, state and local are aware of. they just arrested former air force guy looking at something -- this is really good. bill: part of me says winemakers public? 22,000 names, make it knowing you have their telephone numbers, they can ditch the phone. why do you want that information out there? >> ensure they are being smart about it. a lot is intelligence, counterintelligence, they are releasing what they want to release to get in their head, they are messing with them.
7:25 am
i am certain they have more than they are saying but are keeping them on the run. they are not able to plan. bill: you know the special operations commander. >> he is the commander of one of the units went on and left the navy. bill: he is blowing the whistle on the isis strategy. >> i have concerns about a broader strategy about how we are applying resources, focusing the authorities and leveraging all of the required instruments of government for our partners in going after that. >> i don't think he is a lone voice. >> he is the guy who ran a joint command, ran special operations command, they have him trying to be the special commander. he knows the administration will
7:26 am
be done in less than a year. he knows everything that needs to be done and will be able to do it. bill: are they listening to him? >> the pentagon is listening to him and the administration, it won't matter next january who the next president is. bill: hoping we can wait that long. there is a report we picked up about mustard gas or the threat of it. how much do you know about what isis wants to do with chemical weapons? >> i am aware, what is happening with isis is they are -- a lot of leadership knows how to run the dictatorship, they no chemical weapons. whether we admit there was wm d when we invaded iraq which there was, they have access to is them, people that make them. they are using something like sulphur mustard which is similar
7:27 am
to mustard, a dust form they put on artillery. isis is aware we have american boots in the ground and will try to use it with artillery and vehicle born improvised explosive devices. we are aware of it and taking them down. the americans are on the ground doing a great job. bill: a fighter was kept in a month ago and is talking and that is why we have that information. how much you need that intelligence on the ground, without it -- >> exactly right. one of the benefits happening the special operations is some of them realize being part of isis is not a great deal. if you act cowardly on the battlefield they would drag you and bring you live or drown you. getting captured by the americans isn't that-even to the point of water boarding.
7:28 am
heather: front runners looking past the primaries, the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump. bill: paying respects, the former first lady, nancy reagan. >> support for the president and love for him which is a love story everyone talks about. as special one. >> married so long, beautiful friendship, wedding, everything they had together, had to be here. and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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heather: hundreds of people paying their respects to nancy reagan lying in repose at the presidential library that bears her husband's name. some waiting for hours to honor the first lady's life and political spotlight and beyond. >> it is the end of an era. back in a time when we all could
7:32 am
get along and work for a common good. it seems some things for the missing. they were a great couple and inspired the country and i wish we could get back to that. i want to pay tribute to it. bill: live from the reagan library with more, how are you doing today? >> quite a memorable day. very similar to what we saw a 11 years ago when the president was brought here, yesterday his beloved wife nancy was brought to lie in repose. there were so many people here the library added six buses, extended hours, several thousand pay their respect today. in a couple of hours they will begin again and if there are still people waiting, many people as possible will have the opportunity to paid their respects. we had a chance to speak with those people who waited in line, a line that was several hundred people long it's not closer to a
7:33 am
thousand. here is what they say about coming to pay their respects. >> she was the wife of a great president. >> they loved each other and committed to each other and that commitment carried on in his presidency as far as the countries concerned. >> this shows how dependent he was on a strong woman. for anyone who loves ronald reagan, you can only love nancy. >> reporter: a diverse group of people call ages, this is the library that bears her husband's name but nancy spent time here for a lot of the events and she was known to come quite often until last year when health made it more difficult. heather: those pictures of her in her wheelchair. to will participate in the funeral service tomorrow? >> reporter: we got this this morning from the library, quite
7:34 am
an interesting group of people. it begins tomorrow morning at 11:00, expected to run two hours long. a letter will be read that was written by ronald reagan to his wife, nancy. we were there when the letters were released ten years ago and spoke to the first lady than. the former prime minister of canada will read the letter at the service. we are told the gospel reading will take place by diane sawyer, james baker, former chief of staff and treasury secretary under president reagan will have a reflection, and one of the pallbearers will be nancy's brother dr. richard davis. this takes place tomorrow. a number of names being added. tom selleck will be here, ralph lauren will be here, we heard mr. t will be here, michelle obama and george w. bush along with his wife laura. a number of dignitaries will be
7:35 am
here with hollywood elite to pay their respects to nancy reagan . heather: thank you. bill: hillary clinton and donald trump, looking past the primaries to a general election head to head match at. first japs have been thrown but trump is just getting warmed up. >> the one person she does not want to run against his knee. that i can tell you. i watched ted cruz, his people, they say i am getting her beautifully involved. one came out, i haven't even started on her yet. >> reporter: marjorie, how are you doing? trump was asked about a head to
7:36 am
head match up and he said you don't know until the moment. how does this go? if that is what it comes to? >> that is the most crystallizing thing donald trump has said about this campaign. we try to figure out what he is doing and how he is doing it. maybe doesn't know until he is in a moment. we do know hillary clinton has a lot of vulnerabilities, is not popular throughout the country, the only candidate who fares worse is donald trump. 67% of americans can't see voting for donald trump. as the highest disapproval rating of any front runner for any party in modern history. abby: nine months changed that. 50-41, clinton beats him. marjorie, when you look at tuesday night and all the cable network for donald trump came out as they went to donald trump and stayed with donald trump and hillary clinton came out at the same time and no one broke away for her.
7:37 am
how do you gained at out when you figure if the needy at is drawn to donald trump in the way they are what disadvantages that creates for her? >> i have been thinking about this. he makes for really good tv blitz that is why he was a good reality tv star and we don't know what he is going to say next. it was an hour-long infomercial for his different product and whine and serving stakes which is not the usual fare which makes it fascinating and the media loves it. when you look at polls like we saw today we are seeing when it comes down to governing, important issues, international crisis, hillary clinton is being trumped by margin of 30% in terms of who we trust to rule the free world. the one point i will say he has her on which speaks to the heart of where a lot of americans find trumped appealing as the economy, that is the one. there's only a slight margin in terms of food to be trusted
7:38 am
handle the economy. on every other issue -- bill: great point when you look at exit polling state after state, where the economy ratings. hillary clinton was asked about donald trump last night. she was asked whether she thinks he is racist. wasn't just one question but two or three. rather pejorative. this is how she answered. >> joining in making clear that his rhetoric is demagoguery, his trafficking is prejudiced and paranoia, has no place in our political system. especially from somebody running for president who couldn't decide whether or not to disavow the ku klux klan and david duke's. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. bill: she is welcome to end to the question however she likes
7:39 am
but from what media perspective you think republicans get that question? >> i think they have because of the controversy of the david dukes kkk issue. it plays well in hillary clinton's favor. there's one reason for that. one is she said other people are saying this as well. what she is alluding to is senate candidates, candidate throughout the country who are being attacked on donald trump, john mccain in arizona, kelly a out in new hampshire in top races where basic questions from their opponents not about this policy or that policy but donald trump. that is not what republican candidates want to do especially when they have a front runner who is so high in negative and with minority groups and women. bill: it seems caustic. >> i think it is smart. the elephant in a room, the democratic or republican side, look at sanders if hillary together, once key thing is
7:40 am
which candidate will be winning with minorities and the african-american vote. of course addressing these issues created a lot of pain for a lot of minority groups even for women, he has not been careful in his words. bill: you know where his appeal is. >> it doesn't do any favors for other republican candidates. they should have to tackle this issue and he is raising it. bill: thanks to you, appreciate it. heather: preliminary hearings today for edward archer, the man who told police he ambushed a philadelphia officer in the name of islam. this archer admits he is the man in the surveillance video you are looking at walking up to an officer's patrol car and opening fire. in philadelphia, more. >> reporter: that wounded officer was in court this morning, his left arm still in a
7:41 am
brace after seven surgery's and 100 fellow officers filling the courtroom which he recounted in detail the events of january 7th when he was driving on patrol in west philly and saw a man in muslim garb with a hood over his head and a white surgical mask holding a hand gun and approaching the vehicle with that handgun, opening fire. he put his left arm over his head and duct forward inside his vehicle with bullets hitting the side, breaking glass and hitting his arm three times. the suspect identified as edward barger came inside the vehicle before running away. bleeding heavily he was able to kick the door open, chase the suspect, fire at him and when he realized he wounded the gunman went to his car to call for help. >> a remarkable young man. his ability to recounts this is the details to trying to receive after he was injured, remarkable. >> reporter: today's hearing was
7:42 am
like a mini trial except there were no witnesses. was up to the state to prove a crime was committed and archer more than likely committed the crime and the judge agreed which was expected. >> it isn't going to be a difficult preliminary hearing for the prosecution because they have the officer who was shot, his colleagues chased the defendant down, the defendant confessed. >> reporter: archer never said a word in court but as he was leaving flashed a peace sign when you had his name call. he is exploring the possibility of a mental health defense. archer will be back in court march 31st. heather: thank you. bill: the obama administration considering a lawsuit against climate change critics. what is that about? details. heather: this video would make any parent's heart drop, in the old boy hurt in a hit and run and police need your help tracking down that driver.
7:43 am
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heather: attorney general loretta lynch admitting the justice department has discussed taking action against the energy industry for denying climate change is man made. this came up during a round of questioning at a senate judiciary committee hearing when a senator compared possible civil action against climate change deniers to civil action by the clinton administration against the tobacco industry. >> under president clinton the department of justice brought and won a civil action against the tobacco industry for its fraud under president obama the department of justice has done nothing so far about the climate denial scheme. >> this matter has been discussed. we received information about it and have referred it to the fbi to consider whether or not it meets criteria for what we can take action on.
7:47 am
i am not aware of the simple referral of this time. heather: staff writer for the weekly standard joins me with more on this. to using criminal charges are possible? >> i think mostly this is sound and fury. i would be very shocked if the department of justice actually pursued a civil case but things could really kind of go out of hand here. i do think there is a worrisome indication that the doj is considering this and that should worry people who care about the first amendment and the fact that a lot of these industry folks are simply trying to push back against what is considered scientific consensus. heather: how do you differentiate politics from actual science? talk about climate change, had one thing in particular, we hear this quote a lot, 97% of scientists agree climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.
7:48 am
countless articles after that, john kerry reference to it, this one came from the wall street journal, they said that assertion, the 97% comes from a handful of surveys, abstract exercises that have been contradicted by more reliable research. if the science is still in question, how could you take this to the level of breaking the law? >> really good question or at least being sued in a civil suit. even if 99%, 99.9% of scientists agreed on this the first amendment protects your right to have a different opinion or look at different evidence and say something differently. that is what the first amendment is about. sheldon white house has been pushing this idea that there is some way the government can step in and stop anybody who denies any climate change science.
7:49 am
this rico thing he has been talking about for over a year. it is concerning but i hideout, a lot of this is mostly lip service for democratic donors who care about this particular issue. if loretta lynch pursued this and the department of justice i would be very surprised. heather: regardless of the outcome in this particular case the thought is now out there that the doj could get involved if you deny climate change. what does it mean going down a road? >> there could be any effect which is a chilling effect on any energy industry companies who may possibly want to fund research or at least support folks who are bucking the scientific trend here. they may not want to do that if there is this threat of a civil suit against them. you don't have to have the actual suit itself, just the fact the nation's top law-enforcement officer is saying the department of justice
7:50 am
is discussing it could be enough to give those companies and any individuals who may think differently a second thought about that. heather: thank you. bill: religious leaders sharing stories of brutal attacks against christians in the middle east, attacks by isis. is it time for the u.s. to call this?
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
heather: a frightening hit and run, police hoping this video will help them locate and identify the driver of this dark gray chevrolet. it slammed into an 8-year-old boy and they kept going. thankfully that young boy has
7:54 am
only minor injuries. >> documenting violence against christians at the hand of isis. at the same time religious leaders gathering washington pressing the government to label the killings of christians at its genocide. shannon green is on that story in d.c. and the date you, what are we learning from the report, start there. >> we literally just got this hard copy of the report, comes from the knights of columbus and a group called in defense of christians. leaders of these groups a request a meeting with john kerry weeks ago wanted to show the evidence they had collected of torture, rape, killing and destruction of religious property. they never got the meeting but they say someone requested they put together this information that led to the report. details for savannah 10 witness accounts, extensive legal reasoning about why u.s. should step up and call this genocide. the groups are running an ad which called on the administration to act, presidential candidates collies activities genocide for both sides of the aisle including ted
7:55 am
cruz and hillary clinton. the white house and state departments are working to the consideration process and in the meantime our interceding for those being targeted by isis regardless whether it is called genocide. bill: what about survivors? >> some of these are incredible, religious leaders taking part in the discussion talk about the slaughter of dozens of their parishioners because they've christians and not convert. one of the bishops telling a story now talked about being shot, his car being bombed, his church destroyed. he was beaten with a hammer, he broke his nose and severely injured and going back to rescue other survivors. what we are hearing is the tip of the iceberg. congress set the deadline, one week from today, the administration decided whether or not to call these acts genocide. through this report it leaves little doubt these people are faced with possible extinction at this point.
7:56 am
bill: thank you. heather: new life in marco rubio's campaign. will his home state be his last stand?
7:57 am
>> . >> .
7:58 am
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. >> someone who lives near reagan national airport isn't too happy about the noise some 8600 noise complaints were filed left here and get this: 6500 of them came from one person to 18 complaints today google airport officials say they are working with residents toaddress the noise . >> that's got to be email right?martha: redial, redial the. bill: that's a workout, the fingers get tired the debate tonight, whole reaction tomorrow. we'll will see where we are. martha: it will be interesting to see how they react to. bill: enjoy girl have a great thursday and we will be back here tomorrow. >> .
8:00 am
jon: here's the good news, you made it to thursday and just five days now before the first crucial primaries in the race for the white house for republican candidates you up for their final face-offthe night before voters head to the polls. hello, i'm jon scott . jenna: and i'm jenna leeperiod every day feels like a small piece of history that rings true for me. jon: you have a big deadline looming. jenna: 100 delegates at stake tuesday, that's where we are looking forward to march 15 in those contests that could make or break the two campaigns we are watching senator marco rubio and john kasich both needing to win in florida and ohio. those states are winner take all of yo


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