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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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honest abe got back into politics as he tried his hand as an inventor, 167 years ago tonight. today abe would note there's a difference between confusion and confidence. don't settle. believe in your family. here's comes cavuto.4 battle for the buckeye state. welcome everyone. i'm chase indian for neil cavuto and this is your world in a brand new fox news poll showing ohio governor john kashich leading donald trump by five with five days to go before at the primary it's getting hot and heavy. blake? >> donald trump said if he wins ohio /# wins florida, he feels ñ essentially over. well, the polling suggests he'll john kashich in ohio than marco rubio in florida. take a look at the latest fox news poll from ohio. it shows the governor up by five
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points over trump, 34-29. kashich is also the leader when combining who ohio republicans would take as a first or second choice. here's the reason why he is running competitively against trump. simply put, ohio republicans like their governor. 79% approve his job. >> we're going to win ohio. it's a question what we do after that and all the places we have to negotiating but we're not taking it for granted. >> trump might have a clearer path in florida. that fox poll shows him with a 23-point edge over marco rubio, and part of kashich's strength in ohio is rubio's uphit fight in florida. 48% of runs indh florida approve of the job rubio is doing. >> thank you very much, blake. that sound byte we saw from:ifu
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greta's show. donald trump leads the pack when it comes to delegates but does he need florida and ohio to seal the deal? let's ask couple of experts, rebecca berg in coral gables, florida. first, i think we also have adriana cohen with us, too. everyone is saying if trump takes ohio and florida, that's all she wrote. rebecca? >> i would say there is a chance we head to a contested or open convention as some people are+.u qualifying it if donald trump wins those states. the chance of that greatly= diminish if he wins but what some runs are pointing out he needs to winly larger margins to sweep for the rest of the race. and so they're actually is still a statistical chance that ted
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cruz and john kashich could pick up these states. >> here's the thing. a lot of people who support trump are saying let's say he doesn't get to the magical number but has 1100 delegates, won 30 states. it would seem that de facto hi was the winner and that any attempt to derail that or takeám it from him would be an unmitigated disaster for the party. >> i think that's absolutely right. if there's shenanigans at the convention where the establish. try to sabotage the front-runner it will be a revolt. the establishment are trying to subvert the will of the people and nullify mines of voters' votes so they should let the best man win at this point, and so trump supporters hope he can pull out the 1237 magic number to avoid a cob -- contested race
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because if that happens trump supporters in rerelevant would stay home and review the for the republican nominee, and then hillary clinton would win the election. >> the flip side is that you may have -- how about the 60% of g.o.p. primary voters who have not voted for donald trump who say our voices are being muffled. we're not stilling up stadiums but we have some sort of say. >> exactly. so, with go to an open convention, which isc still indeed likely, i can see that being the case. especially if kashich is in the rails or ted cruz is still in the race, this is the argument they'll be making, that a plurality -- >> i'm sorry. how could you in good conscious overlook a donald trump and a ted cruz and hand the nomination to a rubio, marco rubio, who has a big chance of losing his his own home state or kashich. how could they pull that off?
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>> very difficult from a public relations perspective. most republican voters don't understand how the convention process works. this is something that has not happened in the modern political era so people would be angry and have to have the republicans explain what is happening. that's why the party goes to through delegate selection process and these aren't people elected by republican voters. it's the party selecting these people, and i think you would see a lot of people in the party in termsúhkh6r voters very upset with that. >> adriana, such a scenario would lead to revolt. having said that, is it also a great opportunity for donald trump perhaps to go to the convention and proof to be the uniter he says he'll be. if he can't unite his own party, how could8j he unite the rest of the country. >> that's a great point. what he should do now is work toward uniting and forming consensus, and one way he can do
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that is i think john kashich would be a great vp pick for trump. the establishment typed will like kashich. so that's a very strong ticket. would unite the party and i believe could beat hillary clinton. >> the plot thickens every day. we'll see you both again real soon. >> thank you. >> utah republican senator mike liene dooring ted cruz today. that makes him the first sitting senator to do so. but did he also just call for marco to go? >> i'm sending the signal that it's time to unite. that the time has finally has come when republicans need to unite behind one leader. >> should senator rubio drop choice. if senator rubio were asking me that, i would encourage him and i do encourage him to get behind ted cruz.
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>> to fox business network's charlie goods perino who has been -- gasperino who has been broke the news the pressure is heavy from people who have supported rubio to get out. >> it's not just a vibe. it's a demand almost. his donors are telling him, point blank, get out, save yourself, unite the party hint one and save it from thank you. thank you. whether you like donald trump or not that's what they're saying. something else was interesting. what endears me -- makes donald ebb -- endearth he space what is on his mind. last night rubio said there have been no! discussions with anyboy on the planet -- i'm paraphrasing but not really -- mostly accurate -- about me dropping out. let's be clear. it's not what the term discussion means. people have called him and told
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him, he has listened. if he doesn't think that's a discussion, that's a whole other story. i'm not a lawyer. just telling you. people have called him, told him to drop out. major donors. told him that handing this over to trump is thevb equivalent of chris christie hugging, hugging, president obama in 2012. s rubio. >> along those lines could. >> and then they hung up. >> he didn't discount it. that makes them think there's a possibility free florida he might do it. if he does well at the debate, and he beats trump and makes donald look stupid and still poll numbers don't change, what are you doing some. >> we're talking about maybe the next 48 hours where we see the debate and then the early polls come out. he says he has embarrassed his kids so not going down the high school route with the name-calling and that stuff.
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i don't know how the narrative would be that he has won so much because almost every time afterwards, a lot of people thought he was the winner of debates and never moved -- >> never moved the needle. his donors are telling him, we have no path to victory. by the way, donors and bundlers, bundling checks, that's not their day job. the staffers tell them to stay him, that's their day job. so the guy -- alice who said my source was wrong, his day -- he is protects his day job. >> that's your own self-interest. on the note, one of the staffers or someone from the rubio campaign -- this is what they gave us right there. i know for a fact this report is 100% false. marco will be on the debate stage and committed to winnings florida. >> what does that mean.jq
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>> be at the debates and then wait for the polls and if his ultimate goal is to derail donald trump, staying in on tuesday would actually help donald trump more than it hurts. >> lobly. and i well tell him this. just drives me crazy when you -- fact, for an absolute fact, these donors have recommended that to mr. rubio. now, if he wants to say that this doesn't constitute a discussion, so the stories is 100% wrong -- i'm telling you,ñp they're living on mars. there's a civil war. let's be clear. this is what we wrote this, the upshot of the story on fox there's a civil war in the rubio campaign between the paid staffers who want to keep their jobs, the donors who don't, who whatnot to go back to life as usual because it's over, and that is going to playub out. maybe he stays in until florida, whatever, but there's something really rotten going on.
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>> major ramifications if he loses the way polls say, and when i see his wife she looks like the wife of a boxer who is getting pummeled in a ring. >> we get people saying stuff about us on twitter but we're not presidential candidates. the families get crushed on this stuff. >> well, we reached out to senator rubio and hoped toa. get him on soon. >> thank you. think he would come on with me? >> no. >> meet the sheriff who fears after this debate last night, we ain't seen nothing yet. sales event is on.
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you're tell us tonight if you become president you won't deport children who are already here? >> i will not. >> you won't deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record? >> what's that i'm telling you. i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. that is exactly what i will do. >> i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> can you promise not to deport. immigrants who don't have a >> i can make that promise. >> there you have is, be any sanders and hillary clinton promising no more deportations to arizona sheriff who fears they just rolled out the welcome
1:16 pm
mat. sheriff, i'm watching this or get into the united states, i think all i have to do is cross the border and i'm home free. >> what's that's the message they just send to tens of millions of future illegals, not just in mexico. central america, and anywhere else, and that is the wrong message to send because we have laws here. hello. has passed them and the president has sworn to faithfully execute the laws and they have undermined the rule of law in our country, and this message being sent, you can expect these next ten months, there's going to be a rapid increase. there's 102% increase last year to this year, and just the first fourth months of this fiscal year, and it's going to get worse. >> sheriff, what do you make of the part in the debate where one of the reporters with the walking through the crowd
1:17 pm
interview, a woman's husband was deported three years ago and the family is suffering. the father is away, kids and mom are here. those things designed to play on the heart strings but what do you make of that? >> well, again, we are the most compassion nat nation in the world and a proud history as and this whole message to pull at heart strings that we're somehow breaking families apart. what about the millions of legals that come here, follow are our process to become citizens and the fact that we now have 12 to 20 million illegals and now, as hillary clinton said in this debate, that she is not only going to not deport any of them, she wants them all on a path to citizenship. she has gone a step furtherc( tn president obama in his plan, which he never communicated messages like this, he wants them to have citizenship.
1:18 pm
we have known that but now hillary clinton is announcing it to the world that's exactly what she wants. >> i know that you prefer donald trump for president, and he talked about maybe curing this situation by just sending the whole family back. so that we don't have these things, and for a lot of people, maybe it sounds cold-heard but you see this woman and her child and they don't the dad migrant be the only solution because nave broken the law. >> joe biden announced these aren't somebody else's kids. these are our kids. how do we get those point where everybody else's problems and concerns are prioritized in front of americans, and our families? why don't we put all of returning veterans -- why don't we make them lists as refugees and as -- assume -- asylum
1:19 pm
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i said if you really love trump, raise your right hand. and they raised their hand. i said, do you swear that you're going to vote for trump and the are all laughing and having fun, and that was the end of that and we had a good time. the next day on "the today show" they said it reminds us of
1:23 pm
hitler, nazi. these people are the most dishonest people in the world. >> that's donald j.: donald trug the mainstream miami ya for comparing if hitler. ashley saying these headlines are outrageous, ashley, they're outrageous but continue and i got to tell you something, think some of these establishment g.o.p. guys like mitt romney feeds into this kind of stuff. >> it does. right now there's a fear amongst the establishment and g.o.p. elites about donald trump getting the nomination, and this is playing into that fear. but at the same time what they're failing to recognize is that his rhetoric, while it might be vulgar and firey, is resonating with americans. when he proposed that muslim
1:24 pm
ban, overall, honestly, every pundit went on the national news and said this is the end for donald trump, and i wasn't. if anything his poll numbers rows because of it. what we have seen so far from exit polling and states such as south carolina, michigan, and new hampshire, so all different parts of the country, over65% of republican voters have agreed with him on that muslim ban. so while some people might disagree with donald trump on these proposals, a lot of americans are going ballot box and saying something completely different but it's completely unprecedented for headlines to come out, world leaders comparing him to hitler and mussolini so this is getting to be a name-calling blame game. >> to your point, ashley, even in this article, goes on to say that this is -- there's a statement that world leaders, even former world leaders, three detractors, all current or former mexican leaders, compare him to adolph hitler.
1:25 pm
so it's certainly amisleading headline, but has donald trump -- does his charm and his straightforwardness bev a double-edged sword and sometimes he has handled some things clumsily, whether it was the david duke disavow and retreats, a point he has to be more careful or, i am who i am and these things happen? >> i think trump's campaign managers have even said, our let trp and that's what have done. he is very unpolished. the other night was the most polished we have seen him. he was a little less firey but rambling, but at the same time, his rhetoric is what is resonating with voters. he has ignited a passion among people who have been politically apathetic for a long time. you can argue which it's presidential. trump said he will be presidential at the appropriate time itch don't know when that it will be but he will be the determinator in that, but at the
1:26 pm
same time you need to realize that's why these people are voting for him. if he tones its down, will he still have the same attract attraction? i'm not sure. but for world leaders to be this involved. >> butt out of american politics a little more and pay attention to their own donees there, but at the same time to also have headlines that read donald trump, the next adolph hitler, that's a little bet equally as firey and maybes vulgar as some of the comments trump is makingx so -- >> no doubt that -- >> playing into legislation is hand. >> the main stream media has a journalistic responsibility to that point, and and i guess to a certain degree we're not surprised with the mainstream media would do against any republican they're intimidated by, but having said that, i don't think it's going to go away. do you see this going away? particularly when a general election comes around? >> right. that's exactly the point. right now they're giving trump all this coverage. they want him to be in the nominee for the republican party because they think that hillary clinton has the best chance at
1:27 pm
beating him. so, i think once the tables turn, if he is the nominee and this becomes a hillary clinton/donald trump matchup, the media will have a field day with giving her coverage and will say whatever they can about him. he is teflon don, right? everything has bounced off of him and sometime there's been something negative, it's actually helped him. so in some ways you heard the crowd the other night when he made the comments. they were booing the mainstream media for making those comparisons. so i think this only plays to his advantage and the mainstream media is fueling that. >> ashley0[ pratt, thank you. >> a sitting senator is calling for marco rubio to drop out, days away from the florida race. reaction from reince priebus to is trying to keep the peace. not an easy job these days. next. ♪
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president obama says don't blame me for the tone of this year's presidential race. so, who is to blame? we report, you >> plus, you have a lot of pipes. we'll be right back. 60 second.
1:31 pm
>> if you have been indicted would you -- >> goodness. that's not going to health i'm not going to answer that. >> hillary clinton refusing to answer the question as the e-mail controversy continues to swirl around her campaign.
1:32 pm
clinton holding a get out of the vote event this hour in north carolina, and bernie sanders is rallying his troops in florida. ed henry on how it's playing out. >> reporter: a couple hours from now bernie sanders will be here, and hillary clinton was here trying to focus on the campaign where she is leading the polls in florida, the motherlode of delegates. bernie sanders trying to pick up steam after winning that michigan primary. you also have ohio and illinois next tuesday. so, with clinton in the lead here, sanders hoping to cut into that lead today, but also trying to line up some more mid-western momentum. and today clinton maded seem like she is looking past sanders, and sanders made it clear at a stop at the university of florida he is not going away. >> people ask me, who die want to run against? that's not forgo me to decide bt gunfire what they have all said,
1:33 pm
i -- given what they've said i'll take any one of them. >> we just pulled off a major upset in michigan the other day. [cheering] >> so on tuesday, we have five states coming up, including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we'll pull off an upset here as well. >> now, you mentioned that e-mail controversy that popped up over the potential for an indictment, something hillary clinton brushed off. some senior democrats on capitol hill put out a letter suggesting that hillary clinton has been treated unfairly on the e-mail situation and some e-mails have been deemed classified by the intelligence community even though they're not. you can see the pushback because they're concerned about the impact this is having because today, by the way, is the one-year anniversary of the news conference hillary clinton had, march 10, last year, at the u.n. when we learned about her personal server. she made the] claim there was no
1:34 pm
information on the personal serve and over the last year that has been changing. >> amidst all this, the president getting political and taking aim at republicans. kevin cork at the white house. >> reporter: nice topr;1 to you. a bit of a circus, know what i'm talking about the president was saying it's become a political circus out there in 2016 but i think riddics point out he iso"t least partially responsible. his lack of the ability to bridge the political gap this -- i would say it's a cavern divide here in washington is on him and that's something that he has acknowledged himself, but certainly all smiles today, a lot of pomp and circumstance, as the president welcomed the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau to the white house. the first time in some years the u.s. has been able to do that. the two men went into the oval office>l(t wanted to talk about trade, before the the strong of
1:35 pm
the bilateral trade. what is interesting ways watched them go into the rose garden and that's where the president was asked if he felt partially responsible for the gap, the gulf, if you will, politically, the discourse and the divide, especially as it's led to the rise of donald trump. listen to what he had to say. >> what i'm not going to do is to validate some notion that the republican crackup that's been taking place is a consequence of actions i've taken. >> reporter: don't blame me. i mean, charles, that's like what he was saying, not my fault. a lot ofp people who would beg o differ. one more thing, we learn today in listening to the comments from the prime minister that the president will in fact be
1:36 pm
invited to canada to speak before the canadian parliament. sometime in early june. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> let's go up to reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc and joins us from coral gables, florida, where the g.o.p. candidates will debate. i want to ask you about -- you heard the sound bite from president obama calling what is going on with the republican/x race a circus. >> the country -- we're not better off than we were seven years ago, no demographic is better off. of course the president is responsible for the mood in this country. you look at the democrat side, the republican side, people are frustrated. so, look, obvious live if things were rosy and everyone was doinv great, he would take credit for that, but the reality is that we have 70% increased turnout we
1:37 pm
have never seep before in our party. of course i admit there's drama and intrigue but that doesn't necessarily mean that there's going to be a problem. just means that people are very interested, it's a hot debate, good debate begin tonight, and we're excited about where we're at. >> there's no doubt you have a couple of things. the passion, the enthusiasm, the excitement. and obviously donald trump leading the way and other guys generating a lot on their own, states where we have seen 60, 50% turnout and someone else has won, like ted cruz. so i understand -- >> that's right. >> some are saying what about, for instance, the tone of the way that candidates are talking to each other, particularly in a debate setting. >> well, look, i think there's been a lot of talk about that the last few days. i've been out there charles. i agree, i think you got to keep this thing at a g or pg rating. i think that's the candidates' acknowledge that. i do think that the debate a week ago when -- went too far>q
1:38 pm
and everyone acknowledged that and we'll have a reset tonight and get on track with some of the rhetoric and the comments. i think that's important for our party. i agree. >> a couple hours ago, senator mike liene dooring ted cruz -- mike lee, endorsing ted cruz, suggested that marco rubio drop out of the race itch don't know if there are unwritten rules but it was a little shocking to hear him a ask his colleague to drop out and back ted cruz. what do you make of this situation where you have a lot of folks saying, who should join -- who should join, get out, stay in? are they going too far? is a sitting senator going too far by doing that? >> well, you know, was just walking over here. i talked to senator lee after his conversation. i didn't see the whole thing or hear that, but nevertheless, to your point, we have over half the delicates -- delegates to g. march 15th is important, and
1:39 pm
the delegate mass is important, getting to majority of delegates, who the nominee will be and i want to assure everybody that our party will be behind the nominee. whoever that nominee is, 100%. that's our job. that's what we're here for. we're also here to make sure thatéñ we have a party ready too and not eave a repeat of 2012. >> to that note, if indeed no candidate has the amount of delegates needed, there's been some speculation that the rnc might be inclined to change the rules. you have the r rules before the convention begins. are you open to that? can you assure people the rules won't be:ifu changed? >> well, first of all, i'm not going to do anything to help anyone get to 1237. not going to d good-note going to guying in hurt anyone. as far as rules, there's huge misunderstanding out there of what this is all about. the delegates at the convention make up the convention rules committee. the convention rules committee
1:40 pm
drafts up, amends and writes the rules for the 2016 convention. the convention rules that exist for the actualf" convention are the 2012 convention rules. so, the whole purpose of a rules committee at a convention is to write the rules. i don't know why people are concerned about the rules. that's what they do. >> people would appreciate it you had rewritten the rules beforing this started as opposed to the convention if want to ask you about the lawsuit, reince, with look human being and the e-mails. not politicize this. we know the fbi is still investigating it. attorney general loretta lynch said they'll investigate it. are you o'lit -- politicizing it now with the lawsuit? >> first of all no because everything we are we're seeking no one else is seeking. things we're asking. so a unique foia request that no
1:41 pm
one else has out there. and no one else has requested, and secondly, as a plaintiff, in a multiplaintiff situation, we have a right to ask for documents just like you would or fox or anyone else, but as far as -- let no go back to your question on rules. the only entity that can write the rules for the convention isu the convention rules committee. there is no other group that can write the rules for the convention other than a convention rules committee. so there's just a lot of misinformation out there. it's straight up. it will be transparent. no games. and that's my promise is whoever our nominee is, they'll have the betts -- best plate cal party we -- political party we have put together. >> last night hillary clinton said she won't be indicted. can you tell me what you're looking for that nobody else is looking for? >> well, look, we went to black berry messages of sheryl mills, pagliano. those or two things we're asking
1:42 pm
for and a couple other employees not named from other people. >> reince priebus, got to tell you, it's been baptism by fire. i'm sure you have brushed up on all the existing rules right now good luck, and we'll be watching the debates. >> thank you. >> well in the middle of this race, are we missing how our enemies are racing ahead? i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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a new poll showing president obama's weekly approval rating at a here to-year high. but just this week, iran's test-fired ballistic missiles as haven't biden was visiting the middle east. north korea threatening nuclear describes and isis calling for attacks on the u.s.a. to sheryl and jessica. i know you're thrilled about this. what is going on? >> barack obama is amazing. that's what is goingqñ on. >> honestly, though, how did this happen? >> a lot of president obama's plans and policies he put into place were more long term and we're seeing him pay off. 20 mental people are insured because of obamacare, unemployment -- >> the last three weeks the american public had epiphany. >> it's been gradually growing, but i will said that donald trump and the presidential race has played a role in this. it's wall-to-wall coverage of
1:47 pm
this and we don't hear as much about what is going on the world that is bad and also what it go. >> you're not buying this? >> never buys my stuff. >> part is the president recallways, donald trump has the highest negatives, hillary clinton with high negatives and by comparison, maybe barack obama, who we never here about anymore, isn't to bad. out of sight and out mind dirk. >> note not out of sight and out of mound -- >> [overlapping speakers] >> -- no big news item or big event or announcement -- >> argue.q the -- don't help the american public. iran, more saber rattling, putting their thumb in their nose at us with these test-fires, kim jong-un, completely unhinged. i don't know -- kind of joking about the epiphany but why people become so excited?
1:48 pm
just because he faded from the front pages. >> we have to look at the breakdown who -- whose approval has gone up. democrats and independents. you're seeing a reaction to what is going on the right there the comparison has been made, just a little below where reagan was at this time but reagan had more support from democrats than obama does. at you're looking at the presidential race, democrats and independents are saying, obama's policies, the way obama was a president, not so bad and that will help hillary clinton who has attached herself -- >> she mentioned obama's name a last night. >> i think by comparison, maybe to maybe the way that mr. trump is acting, that mr. obama looked more presidential. it's like when somebody gives they two-week notice, in his last year. everybody is nice you but you're not invited to the meeting done. >> -- [overlapping speakers]
1:49 pm
>> an attitude people know he is on his way out, not focusing on him and there's a tiny bit of good will -- >> or 14 million private sector jobs -- >> no. >> definitely has not been some sort of overnight epiphany. whatever it is, good for him, it's starting to work. thank you. love it when you go fist to fist likehq that. so much for this. >> extreme conservative, there's no one like him in the senate, no one likes him in the senate. >> well, no one can say that now. >> it's time my fellow americans and my fellow republicans toles: those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy?
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former florida governor jeb bush is in demand ahead have to winner take all florida primary. after meeting with marco rubio yesterday, he met with trump and cruz today. what an endorsement could mean for the cruz campaign. i honestly am shocked that ted cruz is willing to meet with jeb bush right now. >> remember, my husband was in bush's candidate and he was willing to embrace me in the campaign. even though ted cruz is a conservative, he is very excited that neil bush has join the campaign and very hopeful that other establishment people perform the establishment people like myself who want to win will come on board. >> at this particular time, politically he was seen like
1:54 pm
damaged goods. you have to wonder, does he have any machinery left to help him to victory? is this all about money? why would he need him right now? i don't know how he can move the needle sufficiently in florida to offset the calls, this is just him falling into the hands of the establishment. >> no, it's not. i really don't think jeb bush will endorse anyone before fat tuesday, as i'm calling it. first of all, a lot of the electorate has already voted. it won't bring a lot of value but it could help with fundraising. already we have seven members on board with ted cruz. >> ted cruz got his first senate endorsement. his plan senator mike lee in utah. how is that going to impact the run? >> well, it will help. thank goodness he hopped on board the train and hopefully
1:55 pm
others will fall in before being deer in head dlids. emyou don't have to love me. you just to have fight for me. >> he might not be everyone's favorite drinking buddy but america needs a designated driver. and cruz is very different. he sells the steaks, not the sizzle. all show no go. i'm really optimistic tonight. >> i'm sure you are. why did it take, to your point yrgs did it take senator lee to jump on board? what is about it ted cruz that he rubs so many people, so many colleagues the wrong way? >> because he has back bone and he doesn't go along to get along. he doesn't duck. that kind of courage of conviction makes you unpopular. and i love the fact that he can take the hits. for example, he doesn't get that
1:56 pm
lamb chopped by donald trump. i expect to see some mutton on stage today. in texas that's a contest where you have the sheep. he's the ballistic missile black sheep. i think cruz can rein him in. >> i tell you what, real quick before i let you go. do you think ted cruz will reach out to marco rubio before tuesday? is that inappropriate? that will run out? >> i don't think he'll do that. i think rubio feels he's letting his supporters down by not staying in the race. >> thank you very much. we'll see you at the debate tonight. we'll be right back. ls great ra. ls great ra. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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john kasich will be among many, many others who will join him. and don't miss the fox business network. a really crazy day, katrina will be there as well. we'll see you then. >> dana just swore. what did you just say? >> i said shoot on a shingle. >> hello. i'm greg gutfeld. dana perino. "the five." fingernail, meet chalkboard. >> when he was engaging in rhetoric that i found deeply offensive, i said that. >> it gets worse. last night hillary clinton refused to say whether she quit the race if indict over her e-mail mess shelf got snippier than a pair of salon


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