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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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now his wife has a baby and he has a baby. they can be weenld by the age of 18 months. that's in australia. >> i wouldn't if he will carry it around. isn't that very sweet? >> that's it for us. desperate time for republicans trying to slow down the express. make or break times. this is "special report." welcome to washington. the three men still challenging donald trump for the republican presidential nomination get one final nationally televised opportunity to personally make their case. that's someone other than the billionaire businessman should be the party standard bearer in the fall. tonight's event takes plays at the university of miami ahead of tuesday's winner take all voting
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in florida. the political correspondent is in coral gables. >> reporter: this could be the last debate of the primary season. if trump takes the most delegates come tuesday, he may decide he is done with debating until the general election. on tuesday, 367 gop delegates are at stake. trump leads in every state but ohio where governor john kasich has an edge within the margin of error. in florida, rubio has worked hard to get out the early and absentee vote. >> if those of you haven't voted yet, go a few blocks away and cast your early ballot. if we do what needs to be done, we will win this election. >> the numbers overall are impressive if his number are driving the turnout. in ohio where kasich has said he will win, the latest number out is 84,446.
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kasich has been relentlessly positive. >> we have a conartist as a front-runner. >> rubio admits going from an aspirational caller is a mistake. >> that's not who i am. >> you regret it. >> do i. i'm not telling you he didn't deserve it but that's not true i will. that's not what i want to be. >> the pro robidas conservative pac is now that making a closing argument. >> in florida, a vote for cruz or kasich is a vote for trump. it is time to stop trump and elect a president we'll be proud of. marco rubio. >> at the debate site, the cruz campaign unveiled his first endorsement. mike lee. >> he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump and who can defeat hillary clinton and i believe he will. >> cruz has been firing missiles at trump and rubio for more than a month.
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he's won seven states, putting him firmly in second place. cruz says the support comes from low information voters who are angry. president obama weighed in during the canadian prime minister's visit. suggesting there is a difference. >> the actual positions are not that different. >> a new poll shows the race is tightening. it is well within the margin of error. cruz is at 19. rubio is very much alive in his home state and rnc is beginning to start planning for the convention. >> that carl cameron, thank you. we'll have complete post debate coverage. i'll be on there as well. the conservative political website breitbart is calling for donald trump to fire his
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campaign manager after one of its reporters says she was roughed up at a campaign event. michelle fields, a former fox news contributor and regular guest. she was nearly pulled to the guest tuesday by the trump campaign manager which when she asked trump a question. breitbart's editor at large tweets, he should be fired. this is not about michelle being part of the story. bits bad people and thug ri. trump fired back saying it is entirely false and there are often large crowds aggressively seeinging access to mr. trump and our staff would never do anything to harm another individual. understanding that mr. trump and his personal space should never be invaded. the campaign then went on to question miss fields' honesty. the "washington post" has confirmed field's account saying he witnessed the event. donald trump was a big part of the media session at the white house as you saw. even though he was not there.
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the colonurrent okaccupant shar thoughts. >> the contrast was inescapable. on the one hand, the prime minister of canada. justin trudeau. newly minted face of our neighbor. on the other, president obama, forced at least momentarily to turn his attention away from the that important bilateral relationship to answer questions about his role in what many see as a coarsening of the political dialogue in the united states. >> what i'm not going to do is to validate some notion that the republican crack-up that's been taking place is a consequence of actions that i've taken.
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>> to the bemusement of mr. trood, oh mr. obama acknowledged what some have acknowledged. that the growing rancor may have led to the rise of donald trump. he quickly that i have had telling republicans too to do some soul searching. >> being blamed for their primaries and who they're selecting for their party is novel. >> the critics say it is the president's actions that have set the tone of frustration in the country. from executive actions on immigration and guns to intense battles with lawmakers on obamacare and trade. tee looming showdown over his next supreme court nominee. the former governor bobby jindal writing, after seven years of the cool, weak and endlessly nuances no drama obama, voters are looking for a strong lead here speaks in short declare i have the sentences. >> what you're seeing within the republican party is to some
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degree all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where someone like a donald trump can thrive. >> considering mr. obama was catapulted to victory in his bid for the white house in part because of the country's political frustration, donald trump's rise may well be a harbinger of things to come. >> the contrast could not be more stark. by the way, the president and the prime minister joked about the fact that a number of americans have suggested should trump win in november, they would like to emigrate to canada. the president dismissing that as little more than idle talk. we learned that the president has been invited to speak before the kaenl parliament. that will likely happen at the so call three amigos summit. crass a democrats are also in florida. bernie sanders is about to host an event in tampa in a few
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minutes as he hopes to build on the momentum from his big win two days ago in michigan. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the sanders team tonight. hillary clinton was in tampa fighting for the 248 delegates up for grabs in florida tuesday. talking tough about how she can beat any republican in the race. >> people ask me all the time who do i want to run against? that's not for me to decide. but i will take any one of them. >> bernie sanders made clear he is far from done. before going to florida, ragsed to the university of florida for a rally with young people. i know florida is big football country, right? >> clinton who was sacked in michigan earlier this week was also hit hard in a debate on u.n. vision last night. >> you good get indicted -- >> i'm not going to answer that.
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>> in time for clinton's one-year anniversary of clinton's news conference at the united nations. memorialized by the super pac america rising. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone. >> several top democrats led by diane feinstein, with a letter to the inspector general for the state department and the intelligence community, suggesting they have been biased in their criticism. the letter charging a number of allegations about the classification of specific e-mails appear to have been reached in error and contained inaccuracies. in a preview of their line of attack, the republican national committee is now filing two lawsuits. demanding access to more clinton records. including all text and black berry messages sent and received while she was secretary of state. they call it frivolous. though the candidate may be in
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hot water with the democratic national committee. this photo shows clinton was mingling with aides during the debate. that's a no-no. her spoke woman downplayed it. >> i'm not aware of it. >> aides are not supposed to be appearing to help prem candidates. >> she is meeting in breaks with staffers. that would be a clear violation of dnc rules. >> a large crowd. he has some ground to make up here. several polls show clinton has a big double digit lead going into next tuesday. >> live in tampa. thank you. president obama hopes cooler heads will prevail. but the lawmakers who will get first shot at a nomination process were anything but cool today. the chief legal correspondent is here to show us. >> hi. today the president said it is important for him to quickly nominate a new person to sit on the supreme court.
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highlighting the importance of having a full complement of justices to continue the work of the term. it includes a key case next month which could test the limits of the president's use of exec he have the power when he unilaterally, it was a sometime heated hearing this morning where it was clear the partisan divide over moving forward on a nominee isn't going to be bridged any time soon. >> it goes against more than a century of hess tri. it is going to ill pair the functioning of the supreme court. i believe it is going to have most importantly, real impact on people and real businesses in real cases. >> we have every right to determine this is not the time to bring up this is not the time to bring it up. and that we have every good reason to not do it.
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>> during the join press conference with canada's prime today, president obama once again publicly call on the gop controlled senate to move forward on his eventual nominee. >> i'm going to do my job. the question is will the senate do its job as outlightning in the constitution? i find it ironic that people who are constantly citing the constitution would suddenly read into the constitution requirements, norms, procedures that are nowhere to be found there. >> senate republicans continue to frame their responsibility as one that includes the option to not confirm a supreme court nominee. the entire showdown has many wondering whether anyone who aspires to the nation's highest court would be willing to be the nominee this time around. several key gop senators haved. they won't even take a meeting with the nominee no matter whom it is.
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>> do you think republican there's allow the nominee to get a vote? let me know on baier sr. some of the millions of people around the world who do not believe man is responsible for global warming could soon be facing more than just mockery from the left. president obama's top lawyer admits the government is considering much more forceful action. attorney general loretta lynch said wednesday the obama administration has directed federal law enforcement to investigate whether big oil companies and other so-called climate change deniers should face civil racketeering charges the same way tobacco company did under president clinton when cigarette makers came under fire for denying harmful effects from smoking.
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>> under president obama the department of justice has done nothing so far about the climb denial scheme. >> we have received information about it and have referred it to the fbi to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for what we could take action on. i'm not aware of the civil referral. >> some analysts express concern about the disclosure and particularly with language, specifically her statement that the probe was initiated to see whether action could be taken against the groups. >> the attorney general's use of the word could is telling. it is not as if they'll analyze on the merits and say would we or should we do it. >> any federal action on chimt change issues would evoke perils. it was disclose that had official at the internal revenue in 2010 had targeted conservative and tea party groups for additional scrutiny in their applications for tax-exempt status. a scandal president obama denied was a scandal at all. >> you're saying no corruption.
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none. >> there were some bone headed decisions. >> but no mass corruption. >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgeon. >> it was democratic congressman ted lu who asked to investigate whether xonl mobile has misled the public regarding fossil fuels in climb change. doj said it was common to refer, they denied allegations. up next, more than a billion of your tax dollars down the drain for obamacare. fox 40 in sacramento as lawmakers vote to make california to make the smoking age from 18 to 21. governor jerry brown has not indicated if he will sign the measure. the bill restricts electronic cigarettes as the same as tobacco products. fox 45 in baltimore where authorities are for the person or persons responsible for the death of 13 bald eagles found
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last month. an official with the u.s. fish and wildlife service has ruled out natural causes. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information. and this is a live look at philadelphia from our affiliate. the big story there, a police officer takes the stand. the officer was struck three time. he has journal gone seven surgeries so far. the person admits to the shooting saying police enforce laws that undermine the teaching of the koran. that's the look from outside the beltway. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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members of the public are filing past the casket of former first lady nancy reagan right now in california. more than 3,000 paid their respects yesterday. mrs. reagan died sunday at the age of 94. tomorrow's funeral will be private. she'll be laid to rest next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. tonight some hard facts on back up the notion that president obama's health care reform has been a financial failure. correspondent rich edson looks at the disturbing events that are costing you and your fellow
3:21 pm
americans some serious money. >> reporter: more than a billion dollars wasted and a billion more owed. that's the assessment of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations. and its report on the obamacare cooperatives. the details were first reported by fox news. >> what we found out is that a lot of bad decisions were made. >> obama created 23 cooperatives, insurance companies created to lower costs. more than half have failed. the administration loaned $2.4 billion to these co-ops. the failed dozen borrowed $1.2 billion of that. they have repaid nothing to the government and in addition owe doctors, hospitals and others more than a billion dollars. at a thursday hearing, administration officials refused to confirm the full report saying officials are reviewing it. >> you're a smart guy. why should we give you number that are publicly available? get the numbers yourself. the committee reports by the end of 2014 the failed co-ops
3:22 pm
succeeded their worst-case scenario losses by more than $260 million. it also claims from 2014 to 2015 administration lent an additional $848 million to the failed cooperatives as they lost more than $1.4 billion. >> i'm not saying anyone is evilly motivated. but whether anyone is competent to oversee the program. >> today more than 90 until americans have health coverage. in the first year the overall under insured rate decreased by 20% and has continued to improve. >> the maiks said it is beginning the process of salvaging more than a billion dollars in loans. >> would a fair bet be over/under -- >> i'm not going to take that bait. i want the department of justice as they've asked me to do
3:23 pm
torborg let them do their jobs. >> 11 remaining co-ops. it is an attempted to correct their business models in an attempt to keep them from failing. thank you. the defense department is checking whether chemicals from the fire fighting have contaminated ground waters at hunt of sites nationwide. 664 of the crash training facilities. the navy is getting bottled water to personnel at a landing field in virginia. after the discovery in drinking water. we are learning about a controversy over spending. they have been under fire amid criticisms. they have spent a million
3:24 pm
dollars in donations. stocks were mixed. the s&p 500 was all that third. the nasdaq fell 12. north korea continues the talk a mean game. is it just talk? ls great rates. ls great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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and if you're a safe driver, you can save up to 45%. just a few more ways the good hands are doing more than ever before. see what the personal service of an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. in global dynamics, nobody talks trash quite like north korea and kim jong-un is ramping up his threat to the south. his neighbors and the u.s. correspondent benjamin hall has the latest. >> the biggest war game ever held between south korea and the furious response ek. from the north who today had scud missiles. the second time in a week. in another move which will
3:29 pm
inflame tensions, north korean state media released pictures of kim jong-un with a miniaturized warhead alongside plans to mount to it a rocket. north korea put the world on alert that it has ballistic missile ability and celebrated its success for all to see. its claim that kit miniaturize a weapon is met with skepticism. >> the u.s. hand seen the cape bill to miniaturize a warhead with regard to the ballistic missile threat. we still feel confident that we can deter a response from north korea. >> today u.s. responded with its own show of forceful as it announced that three stealth bombers were headed to the region. in another act of defiance, the north shut down the factory park run with south korea in case
3:30 pm
ong. this kind of response from the north is common during the annual war games. but this year, tensions are higher than before following the test in january of what north korea claimed was a hydrogen bomb. the big unknown is the leader himself. the question wrgs his finger on the nuclear button, would he do anything furious? >> thank you. >> we are learning much more about who actually belongs to the world's most dangerous terrorist group. >> how secret files from isis are answering a lot of questions. >> it is a potentially huge breakthru in an effort to break up the terror group. 23,000 documents which were kept on a memory stick and stolen from the head of security by an isis deif he canner. this according to the sister network sky news who helped break the story.
3:31 pm
it will be an absolute gold mine of information. >> they are allegedly employment applications. for thousands of jihadis. >> it is extremely well organized. like a lot of repressive regimes. there are at least 12 foreign fighters from the united states. like doug massachusetts macarthur mccain. a resident of minneapolis and san diego, he went to fight with isis in early 2014 and was killed in syria later that year. along with name, address, blood type and phone numbers, filled out questionnaire was who referred him to isis? how he got to syria. if he wanted to be a martyr or a fighter. he chose fighter. >> german security officials who are unless possession of a document say they believe they are authentic. experts say they will be invaluable for terror investigators.
3:32 pm
it will give them an indication of not just who they are but will potentially lead them to the people who radicalized these individuals. >> a spokesperson tells fox news it is aware of media reports about the documents but can't say if they're real or if they have a copy. considering there are an estimated 100 that plus fighters, they could be useful. another big republican debate as make or break contests in ohio and florida loom just days away. we'll talk about it all when we return. huh.
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i'm going to bring places like michigan into play. nobody else will win. ted cruz and rubio, i think rubio is out of it now. but ted cruz, ted cruz is not
3:37 pm
going to win michigan. >> i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or anyone on the planet earth. or anyone on any planet, for that matter. i am not dropping out of this race. we'll fight this until tuesday. we'll win florida and go on. >> let's do some real simple math. it takes 1237 delegates to be to nominee. i have over they hunt. donald has about 80 more than i do. we're within 80 delegates of each other. >> it is really, really jammed and close. you know, i think anything is possible that somebody could get there. it is possible. but probably not. can you go to a convention and come out united? absolutely. >> as you look at the polls that we have from florida, another element to it that we didn't show you yesterday. already voted and yet to vote. and there you see, donald trump still within w a big lead over marco rubio. in a must-win state for him of
3:38 pm
florida. just getting word from the "washington post" that dr. ben carson has said he is ready to endorse donald trump and that may happen as soon as tonight. charles lane, from the washington most. laura ingram and charles krauthammer. okay. dr. carson possibly getting back into the fray? >> that doesn't surprise me. they're old friends. and i thought when you noticed the trajectory of the on stage relationship during the debate, there was a lot of affection there. both trump for carson, carson for trump. it doesn't surprise me at all. >> i think there's a lot of support for ben carson's demeanor which is a lot different from donald trump's demeanor. i think a lot of people watching. wait second. as he strong christian. so meek and respectful and gracious. quite a difference from the guys that you're endorsing. i think it maybe softens trump
3:39 pm
for some people and maybe on the margins, helps him a little bit. >> i think it would take some steak tenderizer for trump. i'm not sure carson is that ingredient. i think if you go back and remember how trump talked about cruz, or lying ted stealing the carson votes by accusing him of spreading the rumor. that carson was leading. you could see the beginning of that a few week ago. i think the premise was set. i suspect katrump was using carson. i think it is understandable. that carson had no particular affinity with the other candidates. i think it will have zero effect. whatever effect he was going to have on the race, carson already happen when he pulled out. and i think probably his vote
3:40 pm
split between cruz and trump. >> so set the table. >> i think it is the last chance marco rubio has to make an impression. or maybe make a new impression for that matter on his own home state voters who are already very familiar with him. he has a very, very narrow opportunity. that number you showed of trump way ahead. it must be devastating news. the polls drifting his way recently. he is really up against it. i think we can speck hill to go after donald trump without lapsing into that personal childish stuff that did him so much harmful. >> this is rubio from the kelly file last night. copping to not r>> got a little. you got a little naughty on the.
3:41 pm
>> first of all, that's not who i am. on the other stuff, personal stuff, i would do it differently. i really would. my kids were embarrassed. my wife didn't lying it. that's not who i am. >> so you regret it. i'm not telling you he didn't deserve it. >> a change of tactic? >> a little bit. he said on the "today" show that he had no regrets the personal stuff or the policy differences. he was doing trump to trump. that didn't work. he has that boy image. america is the greatest country in the earth. so that was an odd concept. what people are missing about rubio's decline are issues. if rubio was the rubio of 2010
3:42 pm
and took down charlie crist and had thousands of people from across the country donating, if that was the rubio we saw today, i think rubio would be sitting in a very enviable position. but rubio became more of a person on the issues motivating voters. they can in michigan and ohio. had immigration. i think those issues really, really in the end damaged him. >> the trade thing has come up. i want to play this sound bite. this is donald trump on the issue of islam. >> i think islam hates us. there's something there, a tremendous hatred there. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're going to have to figure that out. >> the question is is there a
3:43 pm
war between radical islam? >> radical but very hard to final. very hard to separate. >> if he got away unscathe condition, we're saying he want to ban all muslims, he'll get away with this. but "a," it's not helpful. i'm not sure if it is islam itself or it's not. what does that mean? schram hates us? islam and the west have had a 1,400 year relationship. sometime we're warm. sometime we're not. sometime there are lines of convenience. sometimes there weren't. i'm not sure it helps. if i could say a word about rubio. if write him, i would be regretting his regretting. he stepped all over his own story. there was no reason towed back down. he could have said, i was having a good time and now that's over which is what trump has been doing with great successful second, don't forget. he attacked trump in two debates
3:44 pm
in that personal way. in the first it was successful. i think it is a wash. he shouldn't have step on the story. it should be rhone says he is staying in the race or whatever. regrets have not worked. the one guy who has no regrets is way out ahead of everybody. >> rubio has been behind in florida for the entire campaign. there's thnever been one month that rubio has been leading. so we can talk about insult or don't insult. in the end, the people of north know him pretty well and he was beloved in florida when he ran. what happened between 2010 and 2016? to disaabuse the notion of any problem.
3:45 pm
>> the others tried to take him out early. it did not help in florida. >> can john kasich still play above the fray? he is getting closer and closer and now leading in ohio. don't you think somebody is going after him? >> he can only do it one at a time. he has not gone after trump himself. in fairness to trump, i think you have to say a lot of the nationally thing. north and illinois, it could be, if they're not the ebl of it. a fire wall. and i believe kasich of all of them has the best chance of holding his home state. if it is a significant win in one of these white working class, that could change the psychology of it.
3:46 pm
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if we're not aggressive. resources around the research and development and clean energy agenda that's required to solve this problem, then other countries won't step up and it won't get solved. >> under president obama, the department of justice has done nothing so far about the climate denial scheme. are there other circumstances in which a civil matter under the authority of the department of justice has been referred to the fbi? >> this matter has been discussed. we have received information about it and have referred it to the fbi to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for what we could take action on. i'm not aware of a civil referral at this time. >> that's the attorney general up on capitol hill. the áát administration has directed federal law enforcement to investigate whether so-called climate change deniers should be facing civil racketeering prosecution the same way tobacco companies did under
3:51 pm
president clinton. we're back with the panel. charles? >> this is really appalling and and/or wellian. this administration has used the instruments of power namely the irs and its capacity to tax and give tax relief when it came to organizations that are nonprofit, discriminating against those that were either anti-obama or conservative or tea party. so, we know that in principle it will do it and has done it. but to do it over climate denial and, in fact, you know, the left already has won this argument just on the basis of sin centex. if you deny it, yes, you are doing something extraordinary. climate change is a projection into the future. the idea that it is the equivalent of, say, consideration of the holocaust is absurd but the left has captured the language. so, you, first willts all,
3:52 pm
call them denialers, the moral equivalent of holocaust deniers and then you look to see if the justice department could find a way to go after them? as if the objective is to find them guilty of something, ie, shut them up and to find a statute of some kind like ricco under which you could do -- i would think if this ever happened it would be impeachable action. >> i mean, reference to the tobacco makers under clinton when they went after the cigarette makers for issuing studies denying harmful effects of cigarettes. >> these guys never left the college campus. they want to intimidate people whom they disagree from speaking out this case using the full force of the government as charles just said. we all from to remember sigarera from the u.n. convention on climate change. she basically admitted that what's really the end goal here is to move away from the industrial age, 150 years of the capitalistic
3:53 pm
policies that drove prosperity and move to a new type of economic sustainable economic development which, of course, is just income redistribution. to the fact that make these people are losing sleep over the environment every night. this is about redistributing wealth and making americaw poorer. that's what it's always been about and that's what it is about today. >> this issue, chuck, on the campaign trail could not be nor divergent. the republican party over here, democratic party over here. sanders and clinton last night echoing that. >> they are addressing two different audiences practically two different countries for that matter. after listening to that hearing and knowing what little i know about the background issue. as i understand it, it's reference to stuff that went on allegedly at exxon inside that one company years ago when they put out stuff from their scientific team that suggested global warming wasn't happening yet or whatever. i think it's no longer their position if i am not mistaken. ads are always boasting what a green company they are.
3:54 pm
so it had the look of something we shouldn't be freaking out of something but as a rogue@v2 exercise on capitol hill seemed top3f be sheldon whitehouse reading a question fed to him by some green lobbyist group and loretta lynch was giving the answer she was requested. the idea thatw8ricco could be used to punish that would be a bit of a stretch, i think. >> i would note that the irs thing started with a planted question, too. >> >> yes in somewhat different context. >> as to where it actually will happen it can't it won't the administration will be thought a couple of months. outrage even democrats would stop it. none the less, it's an incite into the mentality, the totalitarian, authoritarian mentality of these people you want to shut other people up and you wanted to put them in jail. >> >> no, what they want to do is soak exxon for money. this is a civil -- >> -- this is ideological at its consider. it's about changing our economic system.
3:55 pm
this is not about environment at all. if they can shut people up along the way it will be great for his legacy, he thinks. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for theg$ú primary that wasn't. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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can stop california voters. not even the fact that they didn't have a primary last tuesday but, still, said that they had voted. one late night show went out last super tuesday and asked people who they voted for and how it went. >> it was good. full of people, you know. just rocking it out and hanging out and, you6 know, meeting and greeting. not saying who we are going it vote for. >> obviously a little bit of swag. polling places what did you get. >> i got a great blends mug thanks for coming to vote today. >> big morning in california. super tuesday. who did you vote for? >> oh, bernie sanders all the way. i actually had to reregister as a democrat green party in order for me to get him in. >> would you like an i voted sticker? >> yes, i would. thank you. [ laughter ] >> great politician some day. >> i hope so. >> there must have been 10 of them. it was really remarkable. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget.
4:00 pm
post debate coverage. megyn kelly has the show. i will be on there, too. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," angry voters candidates at each other's threats and millions of votes up for grabs. this and that all is well. right now more than 350 g.o.p. delegates could decide who lands in the whiteor house. donald trump wants to have enough delegates to hock up the nomination now. the others hoping trump falls short and that means a brokered convention. borders will be i -- voters will be hitting florida, ohio. tonight carlie fiorina. right now it all starts with fox news carl cameron live in miami, florida. carl? >> hi there, greta. the debate tonight is major, major event for marco rubio, whose


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