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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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megyn kelly has the show. i will be on there, too. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," angry voters candidates at each other's threats and millions of votes up for grabs. this and that all is well. right now more than 350 g.o.p. delegates could decide who lands in the whiteor house. donald trump wants to have enough delegates to hock up the nomination now. the others hoping trump falls short and that means a brokered convention. borders will be i -- voters will be hitting florida, ohio. tonight carlie fiorina. right now it all starts with fox news carl cameron live in miami, florida. carl? >> hi there, greta. the debate tonight is major, major event for marco rubio, whose tuesday primary in his
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home state could be decisive for his campaign's future. he says he is going to continue to campaign? all 50 states and go right to the convention in ohio. and the republican national committee and governors and congressman across the country are beginning to sort of put their minds around the imrd that a contested convention is going to happen and they need to plan for it. donald trump leads the polls in florida, but it is now a marginal race according tpx the "the washington post" univision poll that shows that trump has 38% but marco rubio has 31%. and that is within the margin of error, suggesting that rubio still very much competitive in florida. even though an awful lot of the other polls suggested that trump has a big lead here. for ted cruz, this will be an important week. he will be looking to compete particularly aggressively in north carolina, a state he spenta lot of time in. he, of course, is running a strong second place to donald trump in the delegate count. and then there is john kasich who is counting on the ohio race in his home state on tuesday, to putkj a big w on there, winner take all state as well. and the debate tonight,
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there is a big question as to whether or not it will be the type of slug fest we have seen with the name-calling of the debates past or whether or not marco rubio will make good his pledge to no longer deal with personal insults against donald trump and whether donald trump will be able to make good his promise to start being, quote, more presidential. he suggested he would like to come here and talk a little bit more issues and do less of that he will be tossing. whether or not he can do that always depends, he says, on whether he is attacked first. if he is, he says he will counter attack 10-fold. busy, busy night. busy weekend ahead forever these candidates as we get,0 ready for the next barrage of primaries and caucuses. greta? >> carl is, rubio out if he doesn't win florida on tuesday and is kasich out if he doesn't win ohio on tuesday and does that leave cruz in or not? >> kasich has said if he doesn't win his home state he is out. rubio has said if he doesn't win his home state is he staying in. for cruz that's not a
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problem is he continuing to win delegates. he has organizations in a number of states and continues to march forward. it is true, however, that the republicans are getting their arms around this notion of a contested convention. one of the things that would have to happen is an awful lot of planning in all of that's states to make sure that those delegates who will be coming to the convention understand how it would work. they have strategies that are going to be put in place in order to do that to get not just republicans but the whole country accustomed to the idea that that could happen. and there is has been a series of things that are interesting about it. the democrats will have their convention first which means that republicans could watch that, see how they package either hillary clinton or bernie sanders as their nominee, and then in a contested convention they could essentially then choose the candidate they think would be best to run against whoever that democratic nominee is and the other thing is at a contested convention, the)%qhá first round of delegate voting, the delegates are bound. they have to vote for where their states voted in the
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'xie or caucus process. after that they are freed up. it's generally believed that about a third the trump vote would probably leave him on a second ballot. when you consider that most of the members of the republican national committee and those delegates are political activists and because they -- in some cases they are actually working for other candidates who are not trump. there is another aspect of this that is even more fascinating. that is delegates don't get replaced at the convention there arejthx some alternates but they don't get replaced. it's entirely possible that some would choose to sleep in the morning of the votes for donald trump or just not be there and they wouldn't get the votes because of their absenteeism, greta. >> one question, dr. ben carson, i see rumblings on the internet. what's the story with him? >> well, mr. carson, dr. carson has said that he is thinking about endorsing donald trump today ben carson and donald trump did talk. news conference. entirely possible, some even
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say likely that the news conference will be with ben carson and the endorsement would be revealed then. today, ted cruz also got an endorsement. his first senate colleague endorsement. mike lee, the senator from utah endorsed ted cruz. so the endorsements do start racking up. ben carson a former endorsing donald trump doesn't bring a lot of did he delegates. of course he dropped out because he begun to lose support. it does provide symbolic opportunity for donald trump to say here is ben carson, who did have a lot of appeal for a lot of very conservative voters and now he is with me. and it would bolster donald trump. >> carl, thank you. >> as we said florida primary it's huge. if if marco ru"@móç can't win his home state he is in trouble. can he pull it off. likely republican voters say he might be gaining ground. 38%. senator rubio 7 points
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behind trump at 31%. compare that poll with two others released this week. our fox news pollre of likely florida republican voters has donald trump way ahead at 43%. senator rubio 23 points behind at 20% and it a quinnipiac university poll of likely florida republican voters has donald trump at 45%, senator rubio's 22% can senator rubio pull out a win in the sun shown state or wiliteskald trump throw the home field advantage. former governor and donald trump supporter governor rick scott goes "on the record." good evening, sir. i should say supporter because you have said good things about donald trump. you have not endorsed him; is that correct, sir? >> greta, as you know, i have not made an endorsement. donald trump is a friend. marco rubio is a very good friend has been a very good senator. john kasich has been a good governor. i don't know ted cruz as well. greta, you should be here. not only are all the billionaires moving here but spending all their money trying to have impact on
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this race. right at the center of the presidency. >> how's come in two polls your own senator, senator marco rubio seems to be down behind donald trump by such a large margin. what's your theory on that? >> well, i don't know about the polls, but i can tell you what people care about. they are very concerned that's what happened in my race in 2010 and 2014. i travel the state pretty much every day. people still care about jobs. i hope tonight they talk about jobs. but i think on tuesday, those that haven't already voted, they are going to vote on who they think can make sure at the federal jobs. >> governor jeb bush hasn't endorsed but he has been meeting with the candidates. how important in this tuesday primary would it be to get a "! bush endorsement now, former governor? >> sure. governor bush did a great job as governor. especially did a really good job on education. i think he still very well thought of. very good governor. i think he would have a positive impact.
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>> all right, governor. let me ask you about something that happened earlier today on another cable news station you were asked four times whether islam hates america. and the interview seemed to go off the rails a little bit. you have had some time now. i assume, to think about that question, and your answer. what is your answer? does islam hate america? >> well, first off, i always enjoy being on morning joe. and i enjoy being on your show. i'm sitting in miami where journalist steven rot love was beheaded. i went to his funeral. some people love our country and some people hate our country. absolutely no surprise that radical islam does not like america. and we can see it right here in miami when we were at -- when i was at the funeral for unfortunately the beheaded steven sotloff. >> and i guess the distinction between what donald trump said and what you just said is you refer to it as radical islam. he said islam. and maybe he will clarify that tonight. you use themt term radical; is
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that correct? >> absolutely. greta, let's put things in perspective. after the paris attack i said we should not allow more syrian refugees to come intod] our state until we know how they are vetted by the federal government. i don't want more coming. in i'm still waiting for the federal government to explain to me how they are investigating syrian refugees when we know one posed posed in paris as a refugee and was part of that terrorist attack. >> governor, thank you very much. all eyes on your state. it's going to be exciting. thank you, sir. >> move to florida. >> and ahead of tuesday's big day of primaries, each of the four remaining g.o.p. candidates had prime time town halls right here on fox news channel. >> our companies are leaving because we almost encourage companies to get out of the country because we have no policies. we don't know what we are doing. other countries doe value their currencies and they make it impossible for companies to stay. >> the way the federal government with now is you have to lose your job
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basically before you can -- you have to lose your job before they will train you for another job that you don't even have. so why don't we keep people on the job and train them when they are there and upgrade their skills so they don't lose their job. i mean, that's the way normal people would do it. [ applause ] >> i have policemenned on the very first day in office to rescind every illegal and unconstitutional. [cheers and applause] >> conservatism is not about anger. at its best, conservatism is about a set of principles, backed up by very specific ideas and always surrounded by a sense of real optimism that americans can do anything. what we need is the chance to do it. we can achieve anything. >> former 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate carly fiorina is already back in the game. she is endorsing her one-time opponent and carlie fiorina goes "on the record." i will let you tell us how are endorsing. tell us. >> well, you know, i endorsed ted cruz. i was very proud and please
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pleased to do so. and i came to that conclusion actually before i ever sat down and had a endorsement. i came to that conclusion when i stood in the voting booth during the virginia primary. saw my own name on the ballot which was kind of a thrill. but thought long and hard about why i had ran for president. i ran because i thought we needed someone to challenge the system and a real constitutional conservative and ted cruz will challenge the system. he has challenged the system. and we know, forearm, the kind of supreme court justices he will nominate and that matters a lot right now. >> carlie, i'm going to do to you what i did to governor chris christie when he dropped out of the race and endorsed donald trump. here's what you told me in january about senator ted cruz. >> my issue is that i think both donald trump and ted cruz are far too divisive as candidates to ever beat hillary clinton. and is had don't think you can winic when you have someone hike senator cruz who says one thing in the drawing rooms of manhattan
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and another thing in the living rooms of iowa. that's kind of what politicians do. they say what they need to say to get elected and then they do whatever they please. >> carlie, what happened between january and now? because he was divisive in january and saying two different things in manhattan and iowa and you are standing behind him? >> yeah, well, look, greta, i understand this game. and january lots of things were different. lots of things were different. >> it's not a game. wait a second, carlie. >> our choices, wait a second, no. our choices have narrowed dramatically. ted cruz is the only guy who can beat donald trump. we need to beat donald trump because i will tell you what, donald trump is not a conservative. donald trump will not challenge theçz system. he is the system. he has benefited from the system. i will tell you who most definitely cannot beat hillary clinton is donald trump because he and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. two peas in a pod. i'm endorsing ted cruz because we do have to unify
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the party now. and i hope that my endorsement will serve as a signal to others that it is time for choosing and ted cruz is my choice. >> are you saying he is less bad than donald trump in your mind? >> oh, i think they are totally different people. ted cruz is actually a constitutional conservative. how do i know that? because he has argued in front of the supreme court nine times to protect our rights and liberties as enshrined in constitution. change the libel laws to hold the press accountable. wow that's not exactly first amendment. ted cruz has challenged the system. as someone who has challenged the status quo all my life i know when you do that you make enemies. donald trump has never challenged the system. he has used the system. he has used the system to benefit himself. here is what i also know the more contests that go on the more clear it becomes that
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donald trump support among those have haven't made up their mind is falling and not rising. ted cruz's support is rising. in other words, is he beginning to unify the party. see you and good luck with your candidate and have fun tonight at the debate. >> thanks so much, greta. >> now, let's go to the ear side of the political aisle. the democrat. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders>y+=ó are locked in a knockdown dragout battle for the democratic nomination. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in tampa. heed? >> good to see you, greta. bernie sanders about to come out behind me. you may see him in a moment. there have been over 8,000 people here at the florida state fairgrounds waiting for him for well over an hour or two to get here. he has been crisscrossing the state. why? he has a lot of ground to make up. florida votes, obviously, as you have been notingp tuesday almost 250 delegates at stake for democrats. hillary clinton has a double digit lead here.
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bernie sanders trying to make up ground. what he is also trying to do is win in the midwest. get some momentum in the midwest out of that michigan victory a few days ago. there is going to be voters going in the polls in ohio, illinois, missouri as well next tuesday. it's sort of super tuesday 2.0. hillary clinton today was here in florida saying that sh6í can beat any republican that she has to face in the general election as if she has already 7d bernie sanders because, yes, she has a big delegate lead. i think sanders with this crowd tonight is trying to make a statement that he is not going away. is he planning to stick in this race as long as he can, greta. >> ed, how upset the clinton campaign about that bashing she got from the michigan voters? >> yeah. i mean, she was asked about that did he at the debate last night. suggested she is not going to change anything. you saw her, though, just her message a little bit on the economy today, trying to focus more on people who were sort of left out. bernie sanders is trying to appeal to people beyond
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michigan now but ohio, as well as in illinois. and they believe inside the sanders camp that, yes, he took a beating in the south. clinton basically ran the table in the deep south. but now most of the southern states, other than florida are done voting. so now as this race moves to the midwest, and then the west, they are circling the call dan on june 7th. california. hundreds of delegates at stake pause of the size of the state. >> thank you. senator peanders getting some oxygen back in his campaign after that surprise win in michigan. secretary clinton doing 180 and refocusing looking ahead to the general election to looking back at senator sanders. >> i have been on the record and now i do have the toughest, most comprehensive plan to go after wall street and not just the big banks, all the other financial interests that pose a threatbv to our economy and i have said no bank is too big to fail and no executive is too
4:17 pm
powerful to jail. >> clearly, the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them. [ laughter ] and that is why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation and stood with the minutemen vigilantes in their ridiculous, absurd efforts to quote hunt down immigrants. >> what the secretary is doing tonight and has done very often is take large pieces of legislation and take pieces out of it. no, i did not oppose the bailout or the support of the automobile industry. no, i do not support vigilantes and that is an horrific statement, unfair statement. >> and the on the record political panel is here from
4:18 pm
"the washington examiner" susan father -- ferrechio. i still don'ts# get that the democratic party has socialist candidate. he never wanted to be a democrat and now he has her back on he her heels. >> is he doing well. winning a third of the states maybe more. doing a decent job. he is not going to win. the cake is bake, the system is rigged. there is enough super delegates and enough establishment to support in the democrat party to push hillary clinton over the top. is he doing very well and it suggests as radical as we have heard that the republican party is for years, the democratic party is just as radical if not more so. >> susan it, almost seems to me like in many ways everyone talks about the rupture of the republican party, but they have a huge rupture in the democratic party. they are having a very difficult time healing that wound. >> i think the michigan exit polls are really telling. bernie sanders won 71% of really important vote for hillary clinton to need to become the president of the united states.
4:19 pm
so she is in the general election. he also won 81% of young people. young people really like bernie sanders over hillary clinton. and when asked why, it was an issue of trust, they thought sanders seemed more trustworthy. he seemed to care about them more. she has the unusual backing. he has the enthusiasm and excitement. that's where the enthusiasm comes. >> we are looking at senator bernie sanders event infa tampa. that's representative tulsi gabbard from the state of florida who broke from the democratic -- she was on the dnc and she left the dnc committee in order to endorse sanders. >> a rising star in the democratic party. congressman from hawaii. very, very impressive veteran. she left her position to support bernie sanders. she is young and signals a lot of where the youth of this democratic party is. >> they are not with the clintons. they want someone new. someone different. >> i'm actually surprised.
4:20 pm
i thought that was a very bold move of the representative. >> it was and sort of a microcosm of what's going on with the republicans. there is a big divide there with a new generation coming in. and have a new speaker of the house and i think that you see that in the democratic side, too. it's moving a little slower. definitely happening. >> but, for the life of me, i still don't -- i can't understand how hillary clinton can'tñ% even put a spotlight on senator bernie sanders lack of record and that doesn't have any impact. she is on the run with him. >> she is not a natural candidate like her husband. she did admit that. >> it doesn't take a lot to say what you have done on capitol hill? you have been there since 1988. >> opens her up to the same critique. what has she done as a senator. >> and as secretary of state, exactly. >> both of you stay with us. more chatter about the possibility of a broker the convention. we know what donald trump what do the other g.o.p. candidates think? that's next. donald trump has done it again. new controversy swirling around him tonight.
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the 2016 presidential campaign has been a wild one. locks like the g.o.p. race could get a little bit wilder. many are saying, some even hoping the g.o.p. race gets decided at brokered convention. here are the g.o.p. candidates talking about that possible scenario. >> we have picked about half the delegates. and we have, of course, the other half to go. anything is possible this year, greta that somebody could get there. it's possible but probably not. and i don't like to get too ahead of myself because it's
4:25 pm
a process. the delegates are verymc serious about picking somebody that can be commander and chief and the president of the united states. >> i think it would be absolutely catastrophic to have a brokered convention where they try to parachute in some d.c. establishment candidate. you would see an open revolt. [cheers and applause] and it would all but concede the election to hillary clinton. the voters need to decide. this. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. susan, is there any way conceivable that senator ted cruz gets 1237 delegates at this point? >> every primary state that goes by, his chances get slimmer. it's hard are for him to do it. >> theñn only way if is he a nominee is a brokered convention. he said it would be catastrophic. >> he said it would be catastrophic depending how they do it. if they try to as they say parachute somebody in who doesn't have the plurality
4:26 pm
of the delegates, all the delegates or maybe second place or at least a contender. i think that would probably result in a real rejection by the voters of the republican party. they would really feel betrayed by that let's say it's not 1237 votes that donald trump has now 1236 now you have people come in want broker the convention doesn't have the magic number. >> those are the rules it would be condition contested convention and he would probably win because close enough. ted cruz is not on track to get the majority, donald trump is not quite on track to get the majority the likelihood of a contested convention is higher than it has been in years. >> we haven't had one since 1948 and 1952 for the democrats and republicans respectively. and historically when there is a brokered convention, that party loses in the general election because the people don't like a slug fest. they don't like watching it on tv. >> i venture to say this has
4:27 pm
been a slug fest. that's un avoidable. this has been the nastiest campaign i think any of us can remember. therefore, in a way, the contested convention could be good. it could shake it up. >> i think donald trump supporters are so passionate about him that i think if this goes to a brokered convention, he doesn't get it, i don't think you are going to see those people in november. >> agreed. ted cruz supporters are so passionate about him. i don't think they are all going to coalesce either. i think we are looking at a remaking of the republican party in the coming year. >> we'll be right back. stay right with us. and ohio governor john kasich and florida senator marco rubio) that big home field advantage. we will take you live to both battleground states. that's next. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we're just days away from the next major primary contest. five states will vote and hand 350 delegates to the g.o.p. illinois, missouri, ohio, florida and north carolina. governor kasich went with us "on the record" live at our special town hall last night. >> everything in our%> country is changing. if you are a business and you are not changing, rapidly, you die. you go out of business. if you are in the government and you are not changing, we just ring up debt that we all have to pay for. so we have to move power, money, and influence out of washington back to where we live. but, once it's back here,
4:32 pm
you have to change the world you know what frustrates me you want to have better he had case in the k through 12 level, go do it. what are you waiting on? nobody stopping you from doing it. run for the school board and go to school board meetings. start showing up places. i don't want it use u.s. forces to try to convert people to our way of life and i don't want to have our direct involvement in civil wars. it never works out. and, when we do go, it has to be our direct interest with a plan to get in, take care of business, and a plan to be able to get out. that's how i think you should run foreign policy. we are going to win ohio. that's not even a question for me. it's about what we do after that and all the places we have to go. we are not taking them for granted.év >> "on the record" team coverage in many primary states starts rate now first ohio julie is in columbus. julie, tell me, does the governor of ohio have a
4:33 pm
reputation for, among the voters, the people in ohio, of being a successful governor or not? >> he really does. john kasich has a pretty high popularity rating here. he has balanced the budget. he has really reinvented government top to bottom. is he well regarded as a governor. the question is really whether or not he can take this message past the real enthusiasm that is here and everywhere for donald trump. >> and i was reading today in ohio he has gotten a number -- governor kasich;4 a tub of appear to endorsements. the big one was the coach at ohio state. am i right? >> oh, yes. this is a big deal that urban meyer would endorse him. of course, he has some other big endorsements. buckeye football is a big deal in ohio. so, you know, it's one of the ways in which he is trying to up his just getting his name back out there. he has been on the campaign trail for a very long time.
4:34 pm
he has been out of the state for much of the year. he is trying to get himself back in to everybody's minds. >> all right. you said his enthusiasm for donald trump. what is that enthusiasm? what does it focus on? >> well, i was at one of donald trump's rallies just last week and i talked to them about the people there, about the difference between trump and kasich. many of them said they like kasich a lot but they feel a real energy with donald trump and they feel like he is representing points of view that are important to them. some of them don't like the fact that kasich has actually banked a big surplus here and not devoted that back into tax cuts. >> julie, thank you very much. we will be watching in ohio oní? tuesday. thank you. >> all right. thanks. >> and senator ted cruz playing mind games with senator marco rubio after mostly ignoring the florida. rubio has opened up 10 offices in the sunshine
4:35 pm
state two are not afraid to take some swings. in 2013 when marco rubio was standing with barack obama and harry reid and chuck schumer and passing the massive gang of eight am else in city bill. [crowd boos] >> i stood with millions of americans and led the fight against amnesty and we defeated it. we are recking people right now who are supporting marco rubio or supporting john kasich. good, honorable men but not one of them has a path to defeat donald trump. if you want to defeat donald trump, i would say to you come join us and if we stand together we will. >> i don't know what happens in this campaign every week someone is supposed to be dropping out. i'm not dropping out. i am fighting through. the real campaign apparatus in florida is ours. i would add this, let's suppose someone likes ted cruz or john kasich for thatyí matter. a vote for them is a vote
4:36 pm
for donald trump. you have to vote for me, i am the only one that has a reasonable chance of even beating him. >> political writer for the miami herald patricia is in miami. you wrote a story and it says ted cruz keeps playing political mind games with marco rubio. what are those mind games. >> he is not fully committed to florida. we have not seen cruz spend money on ads here. he has a super pac that says finance going to spend a lot in florida. it's getting a little bit late in the game to do that. it's t. looks like cruz's foray into florida is more of a way to finish off marco rubio or at least get inside his head before tonight's debate. >> we are all watching to see what governor jeb bush does because is he meeting with former opponents. is the jeb0e bush endorsement, do you have a sense it would make a big difference or
4:37 pm
median difference or no difference come tuesday whoever gets it. >> i think it could make a bit of a difference. it's kind of late also because we have had so many weeks of voting by mail and now more than a week of early voting. he has waited this long and if he endorses rubio that's certainly what people would have expected. goes for someone like kasich or cruz, i think that would be bigger news. >> how about the enthusiasm factor? we just spoke to a reporter in ohio. talked about the enthusiasm factor for donald trump. do you have a sense that he is really rolling through florida with that same enthusiasm? lot of investigators on to the election. we have seen in the ballots that have already come in that there has been increase in the a typical republican voters. voters who have not voted in and pollsters think that that's probably some of the trump effect. here in miami dadehjiu county, rubio is the one who has really been chasing system
4:38 pm
of the hispanic republican vote that he really needs to drive up in order to stand a chance against trump. >> p. patricia, thank you, we will be watching. 72 delegates are on the line in charlotte. tim, tell me what's going on in north carolina. >> on the republican side, it looks like trump is the one to pete here. we haven't had a lot of polls recently. but the ones we do have put him ahead by maybe 10, 15 points against ted cruz. we haven't really seen rubio or kasich here. they are kind of busy with other things. actually, ted cruz is trying to make a run of it here. i think he thinks this could be a head to head between him and trump he was here for two baptist church rallies on tuesday and returning sunday for a big rally at the charlotte motor speedway with glenn beck.
4:39 pm
trump thoughz was in fayetteville last night and got 10,000 people and a lot of protesters. he is the one generating the most passion on both sides for and against. >> on the democratic side with clinton and sanders, it's what? >> well, clinton, again, in these polls is 20 points ahead, if you believe the polls after michigan. but, she it's proportional state bernie sanders will be here tomorrow to speak in raleigh which is driving distance for students at duke university and university of north carolina. so i think he wants to get his share of the delegates. but clinton was here today in durham speaking to mostly african-american audience and her husband, president clinton historic black cleaning in charlotte earlier this week. i think she is like in other southern states, a third of the democratic vote here is african-american. so, i think if there is any state that she can count on
4:40 pm
probably winning it would be north carolina but after michigan who knows. >> tim, thank you. >> thank you. >> and historic andm worse deadly flooding is now drawing parts of the nation. we are tracking the powerful storm. that's next. donald trump speaks his mind. sometimes it does get him in hot water. did he mean what he said? that's coming up. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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4:45 pm
has brought a lot of snow across parts of mexico. can you see here with the way this is going, high pressure off to the east of this. it has(& funtd incredible amounts of rain here to east texas and louisiana over the last couple days. i want to show you more video that we have out of the haughton, louisiana, just to the east of shreveport. this is drone video. you can get an idea of the expanse of the flooding here. and all of those homes completely under water. i will tell you we had an incredible flood here in january and now a couple months later we have flooding going on again. because of that january flood, the ground is so saturated not able to observe a lot of this moisture. when you get 20 inches of rain falling in a couple of days there is really no place for that water to go. flash flooding going on during the overnight hours tonight across northern louisiana and parts of mississippi. we will continue to see that the storm doesn't move very far over the next couple of days. interstate 20 tonight dangerous and really roads, law enforcement area saying they don't have any of signs to put up for all of the
4:46 pm
roads flooding going on right now. mississippi, toward alabama. get ready because it stays here. greta, we will probably see a few spots see another 10 inches of rain by the time this is done. >> wow, rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> and time for your campaign flash. a brewing controversy between donald trump's campaign and breitbart news. bright7[ part reporter mitchell says she was violently pulled to the ground by trump's campaign manager cory. this happened while asking trump a question at a trump rally on tuesday but the cory is denying this ever happened. even says mitchell fields is just attention-seeing. the trump campaign has also denied it breitbart is standing buy the reporter. and senator bernie sanders is now weighing in. in a statement sanders saying this ugly incident has no place in our country. sanders adds donald trump should take responsibility and that's tonight's campaign flash. i suppose i don't need to tell you this one. that is that donald trump?a is no stranger to controversy.
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
donald trump taking on islam in presidential campaign. proposed ban on muslims and now trump is saying this. >> do you think islam is at war with the west? >> i think islam hates us. this is something -- this is something there that there is a tremendous hatred there. there is tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you are going to have to figure that out. okay? you will get anotherhshp &c@ pulitzer, right? you have to figure that out. but there is a tremendous hatred. we have to be very vigilant.
4:52 pm
we have to be very careful. we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the united states and of people that are not muslim. >> i guess the question is there a war against the west and radical islam or war against the west and islam itself. >> it's radical. hard to separate because you don't know who is who. >> is that what he meant to say or did he mean to add in the word radical or not. the "on the record" political panel is back fromxt "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio and daniel hell per. i want to ask mr. michelle fields. that sanders statement was not about michelle fields the reporter but the african-american protester apparently being ejected and 7 or 8-year-old trump fan punched him. we got those fix mixed um. tell me about michelle field. >> she was at campaign event and reporters were stopping
4:53 pm
trump to interview trump on the way out. when she stepped forward to ask a question, one of his top campaign operatives reached back and, according to her, grabbed her arm and shoved her out of the way and she nearly fell over and it left some bruising on her arms. this was witnessed by a "the washington post" reporter. >> was it intentional or deliberate or a bunch of people trying to get out the solve place. >> it sounds like he grabbed her pretty hard and hurt her arm and she has some bruises to show for it. and then, of course, it evolved later into a twitter war because, you know, trump's campaign is denying it. and the campaign manager is questioning her truthfulness, instead of just manning up and apologizing. he is saying it never happened. and that he is questioning her truthfulness. that's basically. >> radical islam or islam, what do you mean? >> we can't get in his head. we can only say what he meant. but he has called for moratorium and allowing muslims to temporarily not be allow todd do come to the
4:54 pm
united states. it's not surprising that he would say something lick that it's probably not going to turn out any of his supporters but a lot of his americans. >> plot thickened. we members of the media 8çs some explaining to do. i will explain off-the-record. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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4:58 pm
let's all go off-the-record. our job in the media is to get you information from the candidate so you can make your choice. and there are many ways to ask those questions. open-ended and plight polite or blunt and stump. incendiary that's just pad. listen to this question to donald trump. >> this is an incidence of white children pointing to their darker skinned classmates and saying you will be deported when donald trump is president. this have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have hispanic kids on themn] saying we're going to build a wall to
4:59 pm
keep you out. are you proud of that? is that something have you done in american political and social discourse that you are proud of? >> well, i think your questions are very nasty question. and i'm not proud of it because i didn't each hear of it okay? and i certainly do not like it at all when i hear about it. >> asking him if he is proud of it. why was that question asked like that? it's incendiary. and not to get you more information on important issue, and i'm not telling to you vote for trump or not, that's your business. but when the media explores these very important issues like race or immigration. the media should not throw it's own molotov cocktails. it does not help. the viewers are smart. they spot the obvious. accusing a politician with being incendiary with what else an incendiary question. are you proud of it? we all get revved up. and i'm guilty too of that it's time for us in the media deep breath and do self-reflection on
5:00 pm
how we do our jobs. that's my off-the-record now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you go to facebook. like me on facebook. good night from washington. go to gretawire. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special election edition of the factor. personal attacks in the republican primaries. that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. some americans are dismayed about all the personal insults being used in the republican campaigns. well, well see if that happens again tonight in the debate. there is no question, however, that donald trump supporters expect him to be an avenger. a man that will go on the attack if he believes it is necessary that does not hold true for the other candidates and the best example is marco rubio. after being soundly defeated on tuesday, senator r


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