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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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self-reflection on how we do our jobs. that's my off-the-record comment tonight.) that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you go to facebook. like me on facebook. good night from washington. go to gretawire. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special election edition of the factor. personal attacks in the republican primaries. that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. some americans are dismayed about all the personal insults being used in the republican campaigns. well well see if that happens again tonight in the debate. there is no question, however, that donald trump supporters expect him to be an avenger. a man that will go on the attack if he believes it is necessary that does not hold true for the other candidates and the best example is marco rubio. after being soundly defeated on tuesday senator rubio is
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holding a last stand in his home state of florida. his poll numbers are down and some1 nalysts movie it's because he usedàg personal invective against donald trump. >> he is making fun of me for wearing makeup. how can it be, how can a person with the worst spray tan in america. [ laughter ] attack me for wearing -- attack me on twitter for wearing makeup. the other night he was worried about the lynns around the state. remember that? what he needs to be worried about is lines around his eyes from this horrible spray tan. >> now after last week's debate in detroit i asked senator rubio about the insults. >> do do you regret the school boy stuff with trump the wet pants business and all that? do you regret it. >> i don't regret it in the sense that. >> no. >> i will tell you why. if anybody deserves to be hit it's him. he spent a year doing that. >> that was before the tuesday vote, of course. now mr. rubio has changed his opinion.
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he says he will notlcuse personal attacks any longer. >> if that is what it takes to be president of the united states. then i don't want to be president. i don't think that's what it takes to be president. in fact i know it's not what it takes. it's not what we want from our next president. if i had to do it again i would do it differently not about the stuff about his record on business. >> i got a letter from james sanford who does live in florida rubio lost her support when he jumped in the gutter with trumpç unquote. talking points bhofs you have to fight fire with invective but context matters. ted cruz will use some personal stuff but mostly around issues and behavior. john kasich does not do it at all. american voters vary in this arena. about donald trump has gained support for his scorched earth approach but also alienated folks thus his high unfavorable ratings in the polls. trump himself up phased by that bheefing his approach has stifled his competition and will put hillary clinton on the defensive a guy like marco rubio a more traditional politician apparently can't get away
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with flamboyant attacks as he has in bullying voters. didn't work for jeb bush either. his heart was never in the personal attack mode. summing up total,v8=yy unique primary campaign where traditional rules do not seem to apply at least on the g.o.p. side. for the democrats pretty much politics as usual. that's the memo. reaction, with us here in new york city. dana perino co-host of the five. you may remember. i don't know if you were in the bush administration at the time. but i think you were, that i introduced president bush the younger in the white house. >> yeah. >> i pushed him. i said why do you let these personal attacks particularly from nbc news go unanswered don't you think it's hurting you. >> hey factor, that's just my answer. i'm not going to do it. that was the philosophy then right? iml not only that. but when i then joined fox news after the bush white house ended in april of 2009, i had an opportunity to come up and be on your show right here.
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and one of the things you said to me is that you thought that we, and possibly me had made a mistake in not trying to push back against nbc with the type of forcefulness that was necessary. and i thought a lot about that in fact, i even wrote about it in my book because as a press secretary i go over and over in my head like what could we have done better? but, his style was to turn the other cheek. so, in the bible it says an eye for a tooth it also says turn the other cheek. old text, new testament. >> one can acomply to donald trump but turn the other cheek one. >> what's better politically? >> i don't know. >> if i hadñw been bush the younger in the white house at that time i would have had a designated person. you ever much too nice but tony snow could have done this well. this is bull. i st nd he didn't want to do it. he at any time didn't want to do it. it dot about his brother. a strong case can be made that donald trump destroyed jeb bush because jeb bush did not know how to reply to
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all the personal stuff. >> pity the candidate who doesn't understand how to push back against a donald trump because it's been a phenomenon. when marco rubio did those attacks it was one of the first typicallies that he got wall-to-wall coverage. i don't actually think if you look at then the -- that was back on a thursday. the next tuesday he wins late deciders in georgia oklahoma, and virgind99ñ but people like jane who wrote to you says if he gets down in the mud -- >> i think it's impossible to say if it hurt him a lot. it hurt him a little bit. aruba's image isn't that of trump. they are used to trump being on the adis, mixing up with rosie o'donnell. he has a history of it so they are not surprised. but when rubio got into the pants thing and all of that short fingers that took a lot of people back. >> you only have to look at rubio himself who in the sound bite he you played
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with chuck todd if i had to do it again. >> he didn't say that to me. >> he won the late deciders, when you any campaign. >> after the michigan debate last thursday he got whacked. he was i will that night he had the flu. jeb bush's pac spent $30 million attackingjç him as not being ready. >> attacking trump. >> no, attacking rubio. chris i have city. look, is he not ready it becomes a definition. trump's definition of jeb bush as low energy became defining. one of the things you learn in politics is you always want to define your opponent first. however, though with trump's high unfavorables and the gender gap he has going down only 24% of republican women support him. when he decides if he becomes the nominee how he decides to go after hillary clinton and instinct and
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impulse control he would need to used. >> is he going to scorch her. >> will it work? >> i don't know. you say 24% of republican women are supporting trump. that's all. >> that's all. >> basically a white man. >> 44% of men and 24% of women. he was -- with him he had 37% just in january. >> gone down 13. why do you attribute? why do you think that is. >> i think we need more research. i'm not exactly sure. my instinct would say that the insults are not helping. >> little too harsh forzjt8 some women. >> not all there are plenty of trump support ires. women and stall wart. they are not going to change and theys vote for him and stick with till the end. it might not be enough. >> do you think the debate tonight, this is, you know, the last one if trump wins ohio and florida by the way he has it. >> but if he doesn't it continues. >> yes. and i think he -- i can't see how he loses florida. my question is, do you think the insults are going to
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fly? rubio probably not going to do it. but cruz has got to come after him right? >> i think so, as you said, ted cruz has not decide to do do any sort of personal attacks. >> but he uses. >> he is very skilled. >> issues he was a debating i know all those ivy leagues are the same. is he a very good debater and thinks fast. he has # try to hurt trump. >> look at john kasich. i'm just saying fox news poll yesterday showed that john kasich was up 37% to 34% in ohio. he doesn't do the type of personal attacks. i don't think you will see that from him tonight. >> no. >> you are right tuesday is going to be an interesting day. >> that's it. if trump wins the two ohio and florida it's over. >> if he doesn't, we will be back here next woke. >> the game is on and then it will continue. dana perino, everyone. >> five years ago i interviewed donald trump who was then thinking about
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running for president against obama. wait until you hear what he had too-to-say. gutfeld and mcguirk on the strangest things that happened on the campaign trail this week. those reports after these messages. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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to a crawl. that's opioid-induced constipation oic, a different type of constipation. i'm really struggling to find relief... paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. personal story segment tonight, on march 30th 2011, i interviewed donald trump who was then thinking about running for president against barack obama. obviously mr. trump did not run. but what he said back then very interesting when you compare it to what he is saying now. >> >> obamacare, do you believe the federal government has an obligation to provide people who can't afford health insurance with health insurance? >> i certainly would like to see -- you know, i have a big heart. i role i had do, despite what you may think. [ laughter ] >> i have a big fat beautiful heart. and when people are in trouble i like it help them out. we have a moral object imition to help people i
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really believe that. >> illegal immigration, how are we going to stop that? >> you either have a country or you don't. you either have a lion and boundary or/,aáñ you don't. having has to be done. >> what? >> you put soldiers on that line. >> militarize it? >> do you have a choice? >> i don't think so. i have been calling for that for 10 years. >> they are coming over and climbing over a fence and nobody within 10 miles and they walk in. >> you militarize the border and make it difficult. >> they are selling drugs all over the mace. >> stop the narcotics. >> killing people all over the place and woe are not doing anything about it. >> 15 million illegal illegal aliens in the united states what do do with them? >> right now you have to do something. it's hard to generalize but have to lock at the individual people, see[a how they have done. see how productive they have been. see what their references are and then make a decision. >> on a case by case. going to take a long time and a lot of people. >> are you have great productive people and then total disasters that
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probably should be in prison. >> gay marriage, favor it? >> i'm against it. >> why? >> i just don't feel good about it i don't feel right about it. i'm against it. i take a lot of heat pause i come from new york. you know, from new york it's like how you can be against gay marriage? but, i'm opposed to gay marriage. >> they say the days, that this violates their rights. that they are american citizens and they should have a right to live the same way heterosexuals live, and you say? >> i think it's a tough situation. i will tell you what i say. i say that we have other problems. we have other problems in this country. and i don't think a president should be elected on gay marriage or not gay marriage. >> is there a muslim problem in the world? >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean, i don't know swoddish people knocking down the world trade center expwh do you think it encompasses all muslims? >> no. that's the sad part about life because you have fabulous muslims. i know many muslims and they are fabulous people. they are smart, they are
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industrious. they are great. unfortunately at this moment in time there is a muslim problem in the world. >> why don't the god muslims, and i believe outnumber the bad muslims probably 8 or 9 to 1. >> or more. >> why don't they, the muslim community throughout the world speck out more forcefully against the jihadists? >> well, there is something out there that brings a level of hostility that i have never seen in any religion. i mean, can you say what you want about the quran. you can say what you want, there is something there. there is tremendous hatred and tremendous hatred of us. i look at iraq. i was watching the other day. we spent all this money and all those lives in iraq, they hate us, they can't get rid of us fast enough. >> interesting. so he is moderated his position somewhat on -- well i would say is he more militant now on the deportation of illegal immigrants. instead of the military we have the border fence. we are going to have more on
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that interview tomorrow. but i have to say the basic issues are consistent. but it's fascinating and tomorrow is a fascinating report as well. coming next, president obama says is he not responsible for the rise of trump. right back with that. caring for someone with alzheimer's means... so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment,
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impact segment tonight. president obama held a press conference earlier today with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the president was asked about donald trump. >> what you are seeing within the republican party is to some degree, all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where somebody like a donald trump can thrive. but what i'm not going to do/
5:20 pm
is to validate some notion that the republican crack-up that's been taking place is a consequence of actions that i have taken. >> that was the slowest sound bite i have ever seen in my entire life. joining us now from boston mary ann marsh and here in new york city andrea tantaros. i don't think the president is going it cop to the fact that we live in a polarized country and he is responsible for polarization. out of that polarization rises one donald trump. correct? >> i have to agree with the president on this one. he didn't cause the rift in the republican party. in fact, the republican party establishment handed obama four more years by nominating not one but two candidates who weren't able to beat him the last one being mitt romney. now they are elevating romney again and it's only
5:21 pm
helping crump. obama is right. he didn't cause. this he is the beneficiary of the establishment. >> i think he cause dollars it in the sense that hetz implanted, mary ann, in the minds of conservative americans, an anger. they don't like him. they don't like what he has done. there isn't anything they like about him. and that anger is reflected by donald trump. >> true. but, no one has ever won the white house running against barack obama. and that's pretty much what donald trump is trying to do right now because hillary clinton is obama's proxy. trump is going to bet that the third time is a3z charge. clinton is betting that three strikes and you are out. to me that's the interesting part. really what obama was getting to the heart of. you have may want to run on these issues. you may blame me for trump's rise. you tonight win in the end and you certainly don't win the white house. >> i don't know if he is looking that forward though. what i heard the president say, andrea. hook, you are not going to lay this on me because i really didn't have anything to do with it i disagree 100 percent on that.
5:22 pm
if had you had a mainstream democrat president. say a bill clinton who i believe was kind of mainstream. you wouldn't have the unbelievable anger that you do have on the part of the conservatives who don't think that thej+mçu republican hierarchy is angry enough against president obama. >> i think that they are angry at president obama. that's the one thing. >> who. >> the republicans can agree on. >> republicans across the board, bill. >> you think mitch mcconnell. >> yes. but if you talk to republicans, bill, if you poll republican voters now the resounding answers are yes, they are upset at wrrm but they are more upset -- >> -- that's because the establishment didn't do enough against obama. don't you see? >> yes. then whose fault is that? >> it's the(l establishment's fault. >> exactly. that's my point. >> but it's all driven the common denominator is barack obama, mary ann. he is the common -- that's where you start. ground zero. >> sure. if it wereu
5:23 pm
jimmy carter might not be the best example but even carter wasn't as loathed as barack obama is by the right. >> he has been the republican's target for eight solid years. to what end? instead they end up with donald trump who nobody in the republican establishment wants as their nominee. they put a process together because they thought romney was going to win that was going to favor him in his re-election. instead, they have a process now that can't stop donald trump and they created donald trump. so you reap what you you sow. >> i don't think the republican party created him. i think the folks created him. the populist sentiment that the republican party didn't do enough to doe rail obama's agenda. >> that's what they are fighting on. that's what the president is commenting on. that's why i agree with mary ann. is he commenting on the circus. establishment republican versus the republicans the blue collar and middle class americans who feel that they have been left behind not just by the right but boy the left.
5:24 pm
these are the republicans who did trade deals andus were cozying up to folks. then you have the democrats who are in bed with the latino caucus, taking jobs away from manufacturing and construction. that bears out in the polls. that is the big vote. that crossover appeal. 53% according to the "wall street journal" donald trump is garnering with these blue collar voters. that's why the president -- >> -- you are giving a lot of microanalysis. >> because that's how i do. >> i know. >> that's what i do. >> i don't see the micro analysis at the trump rallies. i see the raw emotion. let me put this out to you. the guy who has beenmwg consistently against barack obama has been ted cruz. all right. and he is the most militant anti-obama senator by far. all right. he then, if you ladies are telling me the truth he should be the leader. but he isn't. because the emotion has all gathered around trump, mary
5:25 pm
ann because trump is the avenger. cruz is the intellectual. i don't like him.1lqiurp+e got to get back to the constitution. trump is the guy is, this hillary is that. that's what people want to punish. that's what they want to do. it's because of president obama. >> trump is the outsider. and that's what they want. they have seen cruz as a failed senator for their cause. he can stand there and filibuster all day long and he still doesn't win. he is not a winner in their)i eyes. donald trump has been able to present yourself as one. >> i will point to ben carson as an outsider who didn't get traction because carson didn't feel the burn. didn't feel the anger.[1[y >> anger right now is in the republican party. that's specifically -- >> -- democratic party. that's why sanders is there. >> on this program you told
5:26 pm
the folks twice once i'm a supporter of donald trump and one that i like him. i'm a political analyst that gives microanalysis. >> you like trump though right. >> i call this fair. >> i didn't say you are unfair. >> you said i'm a supporter. >> are you not? >> no. we're not allow to do support. >> you don't support trump. >> no, i don't. >> no? >> i analyze every candidate fairly. >> i didn't say you didn't. you can still. >> no spin zone here. >> you can still be a supporter. >> i'm not a supporter. >> and analyze people fairly. >> no. >> he is going to be broken hearted. he thought you -- >> he is wrong. >> i thought you made that pledge. weren't you down there. >> you have to give the folks the facts bill. i call this race fairly i analyze all the candidates fairly. i don't support nibble so i can do my job. >> wemtj# mary ann marsh. no. >> tied up in knots.
5:27 pm
how getting what we wanted made women miserable. wow. more about that as the publishing day comes closer. plenty more ahead as the factor moves this evening. gutfeld and mcguirk on the craziest things that have happened on campaign trail this week. watters world. the hard hat edition. >> i'mur)y this has been the toughers year to pick anybody. they are all clowns to me. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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truth serum segment tonight. last note's democratic debate in florida, hillary clinton talked about the border. >> we increase the number of border security agents. we did vet for money to build a fence a pedestrian fence in some place a vehicle fence in other places. and the result is that we have the most secure border we have ever had. apprehensions coming across the border are the lowest they have been in 40 years. >> joining us now from washington shannon bream here in new york city eric shawn. what is the truth truth serum guy about the border? is she tellif the truth. >> she is right that the numbers are down. do you know why? they are not arresting them. the local border 'control agents and law enforcement in arizona say, for example there are 1500 slots that are open for agents. have not been filled. that they are transferring border agents from high traffic areas to low traffic
5:32 pm
areas. that means you are not going to have a lot of people to arrest if you are doing that on purpose. and that washington has ordered the agents not to hand out nta's that's the notice to appear. summons when they grab somebody. so, i find this very hard to believe. you have to explain it to me. if i'm a border patrol agent in know -- nogalis in the tucson section of arizona and i apprehend an illegal alien, all right? i let them go. >> you take them back to the office. you fingerprint them and if they don't have the criminal record the border patrol agent have been told by washington to let them go. >> to let them go into the united states. >> they say 5,000 since last year have just walked out. that's their claim. that this notice dismrks this is the border patrol union? >> yes yes. >> and agents have had news camps saying this. >> say this is true. we have no way to confirm this. the union says it. they let them go and they just wander around and go wherever they want in the united states. that didn't doesn't go any
5:33 pm
on any permanent record of detainees or across the border. just disappears, vanishes. >> because they don't get a ticket it is not considered an arrest and doesn't go in the system. >> she is saying we ever had the most secure border lowest coming across in 40 years it's not because the people aren't being stopped it's the people aren't being recorded. >> exactly not recorded but not arrested. we do have a way to confirm this asking the.o u.s. customs bureau. they won't comment on this. no comment. >> so the customs bureau, which is the storer of statistics, all right won't comment on the border patrol's accusation that this is whole facade. >> yes. >> the barred patrol agent's accusation that they are being told to fake all of this that it's a sham and scam they will not comment. >> so, in effect, if this is true, all right then we have an open border. because if you make itahere. and you come across and they grab you border patrol grabs you and then they
5:34 pm
fingerprint you but you don't have a criminal record anywhere. they just let you go. >> then you are in the wind. >> i'm just stunned. i'm really stunned. we have to do more on this. but it belies what mrs. clinton is saying. if this is a scam, then that's why the stats are so low. >> they believe this will be a record year for illegal imgralings across the border. >> who is they? >> the border agents. >> the union again. >> yeah. >> the union says in 2016 more people coming across than ever before? >> the arrests so far are already up by 3,000 and the spring is just beginning. >> it's an open border down there, i think. but i could be wrong. we will continue our reporting. all right, let's go to miss bream who is waiting patiently. bernie sanders on poverty. >> when your wife -- you dent know what it's like to be living in the ghetto. you don't know what it's like to be poured. >> all right. and i guess bernie has never been to a trailer park in the salt and sea area in
5:35 pm
california. what are the stats 'white poverty in america? >> by the way he did try to clean that up. >> i know he did but it was b.s. >> it was awkward. >> it was garbage with all due respect to senator sanders. it had nothing to do with what he said. he said he was talking about police giving young blacks a hard time. that's not what he said. white poverty stats. go. >> there are twice as many white americans who are living in poverty right now as there are black americans. now, when you look at a percentage of the population, yes, a higher percentage of african-americans are living in poverty. you have twice as many white americans. so it's clear that there are plenty of americans in this country who knows what it's like to struggle. >> blacks are only 13% of the population and whites are much more than blacks. but sanders isn't acknowledging that i think the myth that sanders is trying to perpetuate in the inner cities obviously ghettos that everybody can see that are full of people of color. white poverty people aren't going to appalachia to see how this is playing out
5:36 pm
there. but they can see it in the inner city. so again the proportional basis though, give me that stat if you have it. >> proportional basis it's 26% of black americans are living in poverty while 10% of white americans live in poverty. the fact is that when you look at things like education and whether your parents are married there is a married cup running the hug you household that tends to skew whether or not you finish property. female head of household that's even higher. meant of whitevn americans who know what it's like to live that way. >> sean none and acre when we come right pack crazy deposition happening on the campaign trail. hard hat edition moments away. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm i'm bill o'reilly for this special election edition of the tack tore. what the heck just happened section tonighte@ we asked divuted feld and mcguirk crazy things seen on campaign trail this week. no shortage of those. all right gutfeld what you have got? >> i saw something interesting in trump rally in orlando two days ago.
5:41 pm
i don't know if you have the tape of this. but they asked everybody to make a pledge and supporter has -- forces his dog to make a pledge which i think is absolutely unshawn shenel. pledge for what. >> vote for donald trump. clearly the supporter of tim pawlenty. he originally ran the neutered for newt campaign. make america mate again. no one is counting the dog vote. 78 million dogs in america. bark has long been ignored. i hope trump addresses it. >> did the dog actually make the pledge? did you see the dog make a pledge? >> everybody worries when the dog lifts its leg. >> nobody watching too closely. >> nobody got wet. >> now it's your turn but woe have sound on@l tape to set up mcguirk. go. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy
5:42 pm
through. >> you know. >> excuse me, i'm talking.9í >> woe. >> talking it's about time though. up until that night his deference and his subservience to hillary was nauseating. i don't know if they put brown juice ins at testosterone it worked grew a backbone. bar mitzvah. that day bernie became a man. stood up to the bully. >> to your point hillary gave him 100 bucks. >> bernie was to hillary was what james con was to baits in the movie misery. he won michigan two days later. >> gutfeld you are up. >> same rally. if you look behind donald trump, you'll see a young man feeding a nacho to a another man. this is a new diet craze. studies find you eat less if
5:43 pm
you are fed by someone else's filthy hand. >> i want to see -- this was genius donald trump planted this because is he going after the cheap eating vote. everybody has a mouth bill. >> i have seen you do that to bolling on the a. >> something we like to do after the show. >> i have seen you do it on the air. >> get to our quiet time. >> is there anything wrong with that though. >> i think it's beautiful. especially when they are inside that little red bubble. >> gorgeous. >> next time i talk to trump which may be like eight years from now. i will ask him about the little nacho deal did. you see that or somebody point it out to you. >> i had my crack staff> very funny. mcguirk has another sot sound on tape. go. >> real donald trump. mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero capitalized and quit. why are they now spokesman against me, sad.
5:44 pm
got zero. got zero. the only people i know who got zero were ones had paid 25 grand to be at trump university, they are the ones who got zero. >> that's kimmel. does he do that nightly reading bad tweets. >> not nightly but occasionally every couple of weeks. celebrity mean tweets. but, again up until that time. speaking of growing a backbone mitt romney had been so uptight. he looked like his shoes were a size too small. he always looked that way. if he was this loose and casual back in 2012 when he was running against obama. trump would still be on celebrity apprentice and he would be president right now. >> do you know why he is this way? >> he has nothing to lose. when you have nothing to lose like gutfeld you can say and do whatever you want and it doesn't matter. >> you wouldn't believe what i'm doing right now. >> yes? yes? >> no, no, no, no. >> heãdoes -- look, i just called his bluff. he doesn't have anything.
5:45 pm
>> come on. check the studio after i leave. check the studio. checking. >> the only thing we find after you leave is your sweater sheds. >> i thought you were going to say something else. >> yeah anything else to close gutfeld so we can get away from this unbelievable distraction. >> it was nice to see a couple men actually, like i say, grow a backbone or whatever. >> i thought you were going to say feed each other nachos. back to that. >> that could be next. >> okay, guys, as always, thank you. watters world on deck. the hard hat edition. right back with it. ♪ ♪ with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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woman: is that a newspaper? man: yes. woman: it's quaint. man: did you read about this latest cyber attack? woman: yeah, i read it on my watch. man: funny. woman: they took out the whole network. man: they had to hand out pens and paper. woman: yeah. man: could it happen to us? woman: no. we're okay. man: we are? woman: yeah, we brought in some new guys. man: what do they know that we don't? woman: that you can't run a country with pens and paper. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, watters world. tonight we have a special
5:49 pm
feature for you because watters is on vacation. we asked dagen mcdowell to fill in. sites here in new york city to talk politics. ♪ >> who are you thinking about voting for for president. >> i will be honest for you i don't think i'm going to vote. >> why? >> i don't know. keep going back and forth with each other. trump is saying what everybody wants to hear. >> inherited over $100 million. >> i like trump. >> you do? >> i like a guy who says what he means and means what he says. >> i like john kasich but i don't think he stands a chance. >> i will win ohio. >> hillary clinton, of course. >> bernie has got the young people. >> he has got the young people but, you know, not my style. >> free education paying $40,000 for school is fair. >> he is going to raise your "tu(vqáy >> they are going to keep
5:50 pm
slaughtering me anyway. >> this is a gadd job right? >> for now. >> he could raise your taxes. >> why are you yelling at me? >> we just need somebody that's for the people that's not going to lie. >> i we just need somebody that's not going to lie. >> i can't lie! >> what can they do to make you like them? >> >> free massage. >> how about trump, he's a new york guy. >> i don't know if he's a real republican. >> i like his personality, demeanor. . >> they like thinks pizazz. >> he keeps a lot of people working. i can't complain about that. >> work work work. >> come on trump, builder. >> he's from new york, but i don't think he supporters our unions. >> you're on the trump train? >> yeah, i'm on the trump train. >> train! >> do you think he can beat
5:51 pm
hillary? >> i don't think hillary's got a shot. >> i like hillary for the democratic policies that we all assume the democrats stand for, and that would be unions. >> hillary, so far she's saying she's for unions. bernie is saying he's for unions. we built america. hardworking men and women. >> i'm for real. i'm for real. ♪ >> what channel do you watch? >> i watch cnn. >> what do you watch for your news? >> fox. >> you do? >> yes. >> but you're a hillary supporter. i love that. >> i always watch fox news. >> fox is first. >> yes! yes! >> i don't watch anything. i haven't watched tv in over four years. ♪
5:52 pm
>> any candidate who is kind of like bill this >> i would vote for bill o'reilly. >> showtime, woo! >> come on i don't smell. i don't smell. >> we gave you that assignment just to give you a test of watters' thing. these guys they do, they work hard. these guys are putting up skyscrapers in this town. >> this is over at hudson yard, the biggest construction project in new york city since rockefeller. 23,000 jobs will be created at this project. they're all union, a lot of trump supporters though. >> is that overwhelmingly trump over there? >> surprisingly it was more sanders and trump. so they're both appealing to the
5:53 pm
same guys and gals. these are union workers, blue collar. >> so no longer can you say hard hat guys and they all go a certain way. it seemed like there was a diversity of opinion out there. >> yes, absolutely. some hillary supporters but donald trump is speaking their language and he's a tough guy. >> and he's a builder too in new york so a lot of these guys worked on projects he put up. >> you know whose name never came up and i tried to ask no leading questions, ted cruz and marco rubio, they never uttered their names. >> this is new york, though. >> but they watch you. >> i'm a new yorker. i know what those guys are doing. dagan mcdowell everybody. >> did i pass the test? >> you did. you did very well. watters will be back next week maybe. "factor tip of the day," an amazing charitable donation. the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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"factor tip of the day," helping vets in a bigged way edway. but first, we have added a matinee june 17th. and we're invading london england in august. and in october, atlanta, georgia, biloxi, mississippi. all info on the website. now the mail --
5:57 pm
>> i defended americans who believe trump should be president, not the candidate himself. sincerely held beliefs should not be subject to hateful descriptions like fascist, unless the belief is hateful. >> what about
5:58 pm
>> those opinions do not affect policy, fred. they are words, not deeds. everything i cited in the memo has happened. a flood of narcotics and people from mexico and central america. sometimes violent anti-police actions and unrst on campus that stifles free speech. actions are always more important than words. >> we will cover the funeral for nancy reagan on tomorrow's "factor." finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day," you may have heard about the friars club, a group that often holds roasts. >> i had to take a bus all the way from california to be of the your share tonight. we never even see each other in l.a. like a jerk, i roll over. why am i here tonight, jerry?
5:59 pm
because you could get hot again. [ applause ] >> now, jerry lewis, larry king and the head of the fryers club are announcing they have donated $96,000 to the independents fund to buy six wheelchairs for severely wounded vets. you guys are patriots and the fryers club deserves its legendary status. "factor tip of the day." and jerry lewis is amazing. that is it for us tonight. check out our website. also we would like you to spout off about "the factor." name a town if you wish to opine. tomorrow we will have a great lineup to analyze the republican debate. which is the last stand perhaps for two of the candidates.
6:00 pm
we'll see. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin stops right here, because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. with just five days to go before super tuesday ii the stakes could not be higher as new polling suggests anything could happen. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. nearly half of the delegates up for grabs on tuesday come from two states alone. and they happen to be states that two of trump's competitors represent. florida and ohio. let's start tonight with ohio. recent polling suggests this is now a two-man race in that state. the new quinnipiac poll shows governor kasich trailing donald trump 38% to 32%.


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