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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 11, 2016 8:00am-8:47am PST

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are keeping our fingers crossed and so are people here at the library. if it does rain, it's a rain or shine that they will gather, all 1000 people invited. all a lot of militaries will gather under a tent to try and stay dry for thisevent. 11:00 . jon: if it rains, let's hope for a rainbow. trace gallagher, thank you. special coverage of nancy reagan's funeral begins 1:50 p.m. eastern. heather: if there were a rainbow it would be fitting. jon: is sure what. heather: we have a lot more on america's election headquarters including why one major florida newspaper is refusing to endorse any republican candidates. also, actors accessing the controls of a damn right here in the united states. now an indictment set to be handed down. we tell you the feds say appears to behind behind this
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breach that could have been devastating. and packing with north korea on the rise dramatically according to the spy agency as kim jong un reportedly orders and more nuclear testing in that rogue nation. we will be right back. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges jon: a justice department investigation reportedly finding a ran was behind the 2013 cyber attack on a dam in new york state. that from the associated press, citing an anonymous official who says it has been breached on the probe. the cyber breach at the mormon annual dan and ryberg new york allowed hackers to access the control systems prompting the federal investigation. up to five iranians reportedly are expected in the attack but it's not clear if they are iran's government will be named in a doj indictment which the associated press reports could come in mid april. ryberg is a severed 20 miles north of new york city. >> we have to get rid of that
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guy and it seems he was doing number one, number two they need to realize they don't own the south china sea. and i will implement the administration for sending a carrier battle group into the south china sea and thirdly, when it comes to the issue of cyber attacks we are going to have to beef up the cyber command. heather: ohio governor john kasich at last night's debate on the need to pressure china to get their help bring in north korea and its leader. south korean officials say the cyber attacks from the north have doubled in the past month and that's on the heels of news that north korea launched two more ballistic missiles at a report from the state broadcaster that claims that kim jong un has now ordered more testing. the us has a big stake in what's happening between those nations. there are roughly 30,000
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american servicemen and women stationed in south korea. let's check in with our benjamin hall, he had the latest live from our london bureau. a lot going on in that region. reporter: you mentioned china. it significant that just today china and russia were both weighing in on this issue of north korea but warning not only north korea but also the us. today new images were released of those wargames between south korea and the us and its these wargames as well as recent sanctions to which the north has reacted. they are taking place as north korea continues to threaten nuclear attack. meeting in moscow today, the russian and chinese foreign ministers told north korea its nuclear ambitions were unacceptable and they urged pyongyang to resume nuclear talks but the real message was named for the us as both countries condemn the possible deployment of us missile defense system tosouth korea. the thing about the missile system , it's a terminal high altitudedefense the chinese foreign minister issued a
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warning to the us saying that one will quote, directly damaged the strategic safety of china and russia , balance the strategic balance of the region and will trigger a new arms race. today north korean state television showed more images of theirdictator kim jong un watching the launch of short-range missiles . in recent months they've also tested long-range ballistic missiles and these missiles which the missile defense system would be in response to but of course russia and china very much as a encroachment on their borders and a violation of their countries national sovereignty. it will be interesting to see how all this plays in the coming weeks. heather: benjamin thank you so much. jon: candidates for president always talk for endorsements from their political peers and the news media. one major florida newspaper says none of these men is fit for office and refuses to pick one. that papers jesus opinion editor is joining us to tell us why.>> dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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heather: america's election headquarters. one of south florida's most prominent newspapers says it won't endorse any republican candidate in next tuesday's primary. the sun sentinel says it back hillary clinton in the democratic primary but it cannot endorse trump, rubio, cruz or casey. writing on its editorial page this week in part, quote, the editorial board is not going to make an endorsement in florida's presidential primary because the kind of person who should be running is not in the race. this is significant. is the first time the newspaper has declined to endorse a presidential candidate and here to explain is rosemary o'hara, she's the editorial page editor for that paper. rosemary, tell us why you won't endorse any republican candidate? we didn't make this decision
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lightly. we know that when people go in the voting booth they have to make a choice and we feel it's our obligation to tell people what we think and why we can get. not that we expect people to agree with us but we want to help them things through and test their thinking and as we evaluated the candidates in the republican primary we didn't think donald trump, marco rubio or ted cruz are qualified or prepared to be president and while we think john kasich is the best of the bunch he hasn't put up the kind of organization here in florida that will make a vote for him count. heather: but has hillary clinton put up the kind of organization across the country? >> i can tell you in florida she's got a strong campaign going here and she's pulling really well. he's pulling almost twice as much as bernie sanders so yes, you see her on the ground here and have seen her on the ground and she's, she also had a track
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record i think in government, having been a secretary of state in the senate, you might not like her but at least she has experience and a track record in leading. i guess that she has a resume but the record a lot of people would take issue with. you remember back in the 2008 debate she ran that campaign ad, i remember this about the 3m call and who was about to be prepared to accept that 3 am call. let's show a little clip. >> it's 3 am and your children are safe asleep but there's a phone in the white house that is ringing. something is happening in the world. you will have to decide who answers the call. heather: a few years later we had the benghazi terror attacks, the state department run by her at the time refused to bring on more security for its ambassador despite the fact that he had asked for it and we
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have the whole email server situation. she had a string of really bad judgment galls. you can call it more than that but i will call it bad judgment calls. how do you react to that question mark. >> i give you that. i think she's too secretive. it was a terrible lapse in judgment to not use the state department email server. she does have this trend of being secretive. heather: but in your endorsement of her and you didn't endorse any of the republicans. you call her secretive, almost paranoid saying she created controversy over the use of a private email but you don't call it a server. it was emails it was actually a server so why not be more specific and more clear in your words. this is what you do at a newspaper. >> well let me be clear now. it will was a mistake in judgment for her to use a private email server and create a barrier to people being able to see what it is she's doing but on the flipside, you might disagree with her and obviously
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you do but i can tell you that from being on the ground in florida b&. heather: i'm just stating the facts. >> well, i can also tell you that on the ground in florida that we also are disappointed
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is he right? >> of course is not right john. this is absurd. donald trump not only encourages the kind of anger and violence you see at those rallies, he stage manages them . there is the ritual ejection at every single one of his rallie , of a protester, there's what everyone could see if you just looked at the video which is one, a protester being sucker punched in the face . he with his fascist salutes and his pledges, he is calling reporters, you his incitement
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to anger if not outright violence, this has got to stop. who are you going to believe as groucho marx would say. you or your eyes? we heard michelle fields audio. we heard her describe what happened. washington post reporter was there and wrote a story about what happened and yet the campaign's response is to deny it. well you know donald trump, he's very good at inspiring people. let him inspire the people who manhandled a female reporter. jon: it's his campaign manager and there has been some question to be. you say the tape is out there but there were a bunch of cameras that didn't seem to catch anything. ellen, how do you see that particular case? these charges of the altercation between his campaign manager and the breitbart reporter? >> i agree with judy in her general assessment 100 percent. however on this specific case there were a lot of cameras
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that did not catch it. there was audio that was caught so on this specific case it's a question. however i think that mister trump has got to calm down and get people do not react this kind of way because frankly, the white house correspondents association put out a statement yesterday that's unprecedented from the white house correspondents association and there are a lot of people in the white house respondents that are concerned about this. i see these people because we covered the white house that are concerned. we need to have an open press and i know judy is the biggest champion of open press that there is. jon: perhaps the guy whose campaign rallies never contain any violence, any fisticuffs, doctor ben carson, he came out this morning and announced he's throwing his support behind donald trump and here is what he had to say in particular about the media. listen to this. >> i'm appealing to some degree to the media as well.
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you are part of america to and should be interested in strengthening our nation, not in creating divisions. not in creating conflicts all the time. if we start having that . jon: the point is the media feed on the divisions. judy, your response. >> our job is to report contradictions in what people say. it's to report when they're lying. the report when they are not telling the truth. our job is not to bring the country together. that's a politicians job and then carson, if you've been around longer in politics would know that. we're not going to be like. i never asked to be liked and i've been wrapped up myself and covering events, things happen but there is no excuse for the kind of behavior we've seen not just that one rally but at almost every one from the
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donald trump people. when you say one thing, you do another is called demagoguery. that's what donald trump has been all about. jon: as we have been speaking we learned that the reporter for breitbart news, michelle fields has apparently filed criminal charges against trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski. that is just breaking. whether that charge will be supported we have yet to find out but she has filed criminal assault chargesagainst him . there's a fairly well-known former contender on trump's reality show the apprentice, on the erosive who has been become something of us are at it for his campaign. here's what she had to say to nbc. >> you have the right to assemble. you have the right to free speech. >> you have the right to slaughter guy? >> you have a right to go into a closed private event and you get what's coming to you. i do not condone violence but if you go into an environment where you're interrupting 13,
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14 times do you expect a hug? jon: donald trump for his part was seeing he has been miscast. here's what he said after getting doctor ben carson's endorsement. >> i'm a thinker and i have been a thinker and perhaps people don't think of me that way because you don't seen in that forum but i am a thinker. i think it was very nice what ben said because it is another side of him. i'm a very deep thinker. >> maybe we would see some imitation of that and his date. maybe we would see a modicum of knowledge about foreign policy or about issues, people can make up their own minds on donald trump but as a reporter, as someone who has to cover people like this i've made up my mind and what leads to this kind of behavior is not acceptable. breitbart by the way is a conservative or right of center. these are not left-wingers trying to slam or lie about donald trump.
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>> i also say that fox news channel, when we have had people from fox news either do forums or debates has done the kind of research that judy's been talking about. they've done this kind of, what one person says now and what one person says later. that's just good journalism the one we will see what happens with this criminal assault charge filed in jupiter florida. michelle fields filing against corey lindau see the trump campaign manager. we will stay on that story. judy, thank you both. we also want to hear from you. do you think donald trump is doing enough to counteract violence and his rallies? we saw a kinder gentler dial trump at the debate. how life is up and running. go to to join the conversation. heather: hillary clinton
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doubled the number of delegates at bernie sanders has heading into next week's nomination contest. but my next guest is even if hillary clinton wins big on tuesday, the race still won't be over and senator sanders agrees. >>
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heather: we are awaiting the start of a rally for senator bernie sanders in north carolina. the event at the raleigh memorial auditorium kicking up moments from now. hillary clinton is in california today attending the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan. both candidates gearing up for big showdowns tuesday. sanders appearing on fox news last night seeing his fight for the nomination is far from over. listen to this. >> you think you rattle her? >> it could be.i think most observers understand there is nobody in the united states congress who has taken on the coke brothers more strongly than i have.
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there are 50 states in this country. you've got to do well in all 50 statesne nine states. and most of them by pretty large margins. heather: joining the now kevin, and garland nixon a democratic strategist and radio talkshow host. bernie sanders says he's got a 50 straits the tragedy and he is in it for the long haul. rattling hillary clinton maybe one thing but he still got to win. garland, looking at the delicate map is there any way he can pull this thing off? >> absolutely. he's not far behind and if you look at the future of the rust belt states which don't look bad for bertie anymore are about to come into play. if we look at i believe it's june 7, there will be 800 delegates available so right now the polls are moving toward bernie and the states are starting to look better. hillary on nine of the 12 states that she on a deep red states and now we are getting out of thedeep reds. there's two of them left so if i'm bernie i feel like i have a strong chance .
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heather: are you feeling the burn by the way? you are feeling the burn, all right. i know kevin mccullough always feels the burn. kevin of course a conservative radio talkshow host. kevin, he has yet to hit hillary clinton over serious issues. he's got major vulnerabilities whether it's the email server schedule, ben david, people still care a lot about. not doing a whole lot some say as secretary says. why is he not hitting her hardware she's vulnerable? >> i don't know. i think he's wanted to keep a positivemessage but you are right. he could have gone for the kill shot many times already and there is more . you mentioned those two scandals.nobody has really brought up the confluence of the united state's office and clinton foundation. the commingling of funds, the issue of pay to play. all these things that have come in to the discussion yet and bernie, you know he likes to think of himself as a man of the people, $27 is the average
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gift of he's obviously running as an outsider to the establishment and saying he's going to be the guide fight against that.i'm telling you, garland is right. this is a long way from over and there's a lot of ground and explanation that hillary may yet have to face. heather: i don't think he has a strong shot. i wonder how much he wants to be president or how much you want to influence the future, the direction of democratic policy and the future of the democratic party? >> i really do think that berniewants to be president and i also think that what bernie is doing , if you look at the numbers , his numbers are moving in the right direction because he's not attacking hillary. he's addressing the issues that the working-class people are concerned about. so what he's doing is working very well. there would really be no need for him to resort to less substantive attacks.
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heather: let me get back to hillary clinton quickly because we got big primary states. hillary clinton lost in michigan. we got similar states,, ohio, illinois. are your predictions for that state? she failed to get enough people to turn out. she said that herself in michigan. you foresee that the problem in the primary on tuesday? it could be in purple states like wisconsin and pennsylvania. he's going to have to play hard for the rest of the northeast quarter, new york, new jersey. these are places she's going to have to shore up her traditional base for democratic politics and the biggest thing of all, bernie keeps raising money like breathing oxygen. he cannot stop the fundraising. the longer he stays in the more he has to pull her to the left. heather: were going to have to leave it there. kevin mccullough and garland nixon. how great weekend. we will be back.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris what do you have? >> gone were the personal tax and last night's debate but did donald trump's rifles let go of their last chance to stop him question mark also, a disturbing report on the isys savages. where the terror army has reportedly doubled in size and why president obama appears to be blaming america's allies for it. and may not be the only ones sweating out report cards. where parents could see soon be graded. >> i give you an eight. >> thank you. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. >> he sitting right here but you can't see him yet . jon: i give you both days. the governor of louisiana the declaring a state of emergency
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as rainfall continues to pummel parts of that state. heavy flooding leading to high water rescues and evacuations and now officials also fearing some levies could overflow. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center now. >> it really was quite a mess out there across parts of the lower mississippi valley and across the gulf coast. some areas receive more than a foot of rainfall from this that up and what we had going on was this slow-moving upper-level low pressure system funneling in all that moisture across the region and producing heavy rain but the paddle pattern is buckling. there is going to be a second impulse coming over the weekend. that could bring in more showers and thunderstorms and even the potential for severe weather so we will keep you updated on that threat but now we are looking at several inches of rainfall across louisiana and also into mississippi and we could be seeing flooding worsening above the region and because of that we have a number of watches and warnings in effect across louisiana, mississippi and even in southwestern parts of alabama. another significant weather story has been the record
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temperatures across the eastern us. today will be another warm one out there especially across the southwest. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and through the weekend the pattern will be very similar with the warmth continuing across the eastern us. jon: a couple feet of rain down there, so scary. maria molina, thank you. heather: it's nice to warm the weather up right here though. jon: i got bit by a mosquito the other day. heather: the next hour of happening now, jurors getting an earful about the economics of celebrity sex tapes. that's after a sex video broke . the sex video broker took the stand in the trial between hulk hogan and the website gawker. our media panel will weigh in. >>
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happy friday, everyone, i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, she is dancing already, andrea tantaros. con on, girl. former national security councilmember and veteran on both george w. bush and obama administration, gillian turner is on the couch today, today's #oneluckyguy. >> i'm not dancing. sandra: fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino is on the couch. we'll remind you, sir, you're outnumbered.


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