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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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happy friday, everybody. we're back on noon monday at noon eastern. thank you, charlie gasparino. >> don't hit me. if you throw a punch -- sandra: send concerns or comments. tweet him. "happening now" starts right now.
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it is all "happening now". welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> it is great to be back with you. >> the republican candidates fresh off the debate in miami, rubio's home turf. unlike the 11 previous debates, there was fewer insults and more
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substance. >> the answer is not simply to yell china bad or muslims bad. you have to understand the nature of the threats. >> presidents can't just anything they want. it has consequences. >> our country is in serious trouble and a bubble. >> we are 2 billion in the black in ohio. i want to go back to beat the washington insiders. >> i am not interested in politically correct. >> donald and myself. if you are one of the 75 percent republicans recognizing donald trump nominated hillary wins. if you recognize that. i want to invite you come and join us. >> i think i will have the delegates, i think.
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we'll see what happens. let me tell you if you lose the election, you will have 3 or 4 or 5 justices and this country will not recover. it will take centuries to recover. and i just say embrace p these millions of people that now for the first time ever love the republican party. and unfoy. and be smart and unify. >> a whole lot to go through there. our chief correspondent. carl cameron. carl, it is a cam pine. and marco rubio said it is okay to vote for john kasich in ohio? >> reporter: it is all about trying to stop donald trump. delegate math is a complex game for the poll tegzs to win and contest the democrats for the
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the president of the united states. rubio campaign recognizes a loss in florida would be crippling, but the senator will not quit the race should that be the case. and in ohio, john kasich said if he doesn't win he will quit the race and today marco rubio aides that marco supporter ares in ohio should consider a vote for kasich to stop donald trump from winning ohio and conversely, they argue if kasich voters want to help rubio win in florida, rubio would welcome them. but the idea that a presidential candidate would forfet in one state to it thwart a rival is amazing. >> if a voter in ohio comes to the conclusion that kasich can
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beat donald trump. >> i am the only one in florida who can beat donald trump. >> ted cruz rejected that idea. he doesn't want to play the unitty ticket and he makes the argument that only two candidates that can win and that is ted cruz or donald trump. cruz today pushed hard on the idea that it is time to do away with donald trump as front runner because he is not offering solutions to the nation's problems. >> donald is the system and washington and notice his perspective. donald's perspective government is the answer to everything. whatever the problem is, we need more government and he doesn't disagree on obama or hillary clinton, but they are not doing a good enough job. >> last night's debate was a tame one. we department see the elbows and
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name calling in the previous debate. as a consequence of the absence of name calling, the candidates who were not trump didn't score major. >> he was crit otherwised for i will cut a deal to fix the problems. but the elbows are sharp and thrown today, heather. >> certainly. and only in miami would you see girls walking around in bikinis. you just missed them by p seconds. we'll tell you next time and give you heads up. carl, thank you. >> not rearranged. they look good. polls out of florida redeal commanding leads for donald trump. 43 percent among the likely republican florida voters and rubio is the at 20 percent.
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and the real chlor poll is not better for the candicates not named trump. and susan is the correspondent for the washington examiner and melinda editor in chief of roll call. >> we have seen polls incorrect. might we see it in florida? >> of course, we might. and just for variety sake, it would be fun to do that. it does look like the polls have narrowed slightly, but whatever happens, it also looks like florida's rubio, is going to have a tough time. i think that if he's blown out by 20 points that is humiliating for someone who staked his entire campaign on winning his home state at least. and i think it is it is a face-
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save issing thing that he was able to have a good debate last night. >> i remember eight years ago, rudy guiliani stacked his campaign on florida and that didn't go so well for him. susan, it looks like the winnowing of the field is going to take place starting tuesday. >> i think it will be a defining moment in the campaign. once rubio loses floridas and the polls bear out and he doesn't win, there is no reason for him to day in the race other than the scheme. >> some republicans want that. >> and he possibility could stay in for that reason. i believe the gop establishment will have to accept the reality that an outsider and not a insider is going to be the choice for the republican electorate. i think you heard hints of it in
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the debate when trump talked about unifying and the establishment gop is talking to trump and taking him more seriously. tuesday, if he pulls ahead in the polls and some that have him in single digits and the come from behind victory and pump life in the rubio campaign. it is not looking that way right now. tuesday will be a wreckoning moment. >> rubio tried to talk policy and stay away from the insults, how did that go for him? >> i felt like it was several of the capped uponidates had heard from their moms, please stop making it look like you were raised by wolves. it was a rurp to civility. rubio had his best debate. he made trump look reckless and
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he made trump look very clueless really on cuba in particular. and yet the most striking thing of the night was how trump continues to sound like a democrat and remains the republican front runner. and he said hands off entoiletment and no entitlement reform and not to touch social security. and he continues to say that he wants to be a neutral party where israel and palestine are concerned and i felt for reince priebus saying we'll support which ever man is the nominee. >> what about governor kasich, susan? he's done great things in ohio, and he could come away with a victory in the ohio primary. where does he stand in the race? >> that is a great point. kasich is popular in his home
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state and he could win in ohio. and that will breathe life in his campaign and keep him more in the running than rubio. ohio is more important or as important than florida in the general election. kasich remains in. and some of those poll ps have him winning and others have trump ahead and that will be a super important election for him. and if he has to win it. and he also said if he doesn't win ohio, he will dropout. for kasich ohio is do-or-die. >> it was nice to see them talking policy last night and not other things. melinda and susan, thank you both p very much. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton is in california for nancy reagan's funeral that starts in less than an hour.
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and bernie sanders is campaigning in the east states that will go to the polls. there is a battle grouped state of ohio. >> reporter: good to see you, heather. hillary clinton after paying respects will be back on the campaign trail and spending week in ohio. you mentioned sanders will be here for a rally. this is a key state. he wants to build momentum out of michigan and have midwest momentum because of the big victory. he was last night in tampa. he had over 9000 people there and behind in florida and that rally may be a sign of getting his base out. a lot of young people there. and before the rally, senator sanders sat down with a quick interview and talked about going the distance in the race and
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hillary clinton insisted she will turn the corner. >> we'll take this to the convention and we have momentum behind us and last i heard, there are 50 states in the united states of america. >> i have won by far more votes than anybody on the side. i am ahead of donald trump in votes and senator sanders and i lead in pledged delegates. we are going to work hard as we can. >> hillary clinton emphasizing her strength and it is the math right now. she has a big lead over sanders. he hopes to build on the west and got enough money to stay in until california where hundreds of delegates are at state. and he thinks he can potential win california and shock clinton. >> i have carl cameron.
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>> reporter: carl is on the beach and i am in it toledo. >> interesting scenery. we'll talk real soon. >> we are less than an hour away from the start of nancy reagan's funeral service in the presidential library in california that bears her husband's name. we'll take you there live as the nation mourns one of the beloved first ladies. >> plus donald trump is making inroads with the union workers. could donald trump strip them of thedi voting block. that is straight ahead. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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>> family and friends saying final fare well. her two children will be among the speakers today. the guest list will include four of five living first lady and
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relatives of every president dating back to john kennedy and expected to be there to pay respects. mrs. reagan, devoted wife of ronald reagan will be laid to rest next to him. she died sunday at age 94 of congestive heart failure. the funeral starts today at 1:50 eastern time. the trump train is picking up stream with blue collar workers. they argue that supporting trump would hurt the question is, can convince the union membership. and joining us is ian and chuck. chuck to you first, how concerned are you that union members may punch the whole for donald trump. >> i think there is room for
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concern. when you see him talking about trade and outsourcing jobs, this is nothing new in the labor movement. you have seen union members who thought the same thing with ross perot and those who liked ronald reagan. the unions are talking and putting together money and trying to expose donald trump being for right to work. >> ian, the republican point of view, if you assume hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee and tonald on the robbery side, we don't know that on the republican side. how do you stack up the two cand uponidates and which one appeals to the union vote? >> if it is donald trump versus hillary clinton, instead of a republican versus democrat
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election, hillary clinton is the ultimate washington d.c. insider and donald trump being the outsider. that is going to help trump speak to union workers and blue collar workers and 20 years seen the long- term economic prospects diminish. they look at democrats and republicans and holding them responsible. and you have hillary clinton supporting naftan and tpp that is it a real liability. voters are more concerned if you are outside of washington or inside of washington. >> senator ted cruz did a takedown on donald trump's tariff threats. i am not sure if it was effective or matters. when trump said make america great again, yeah, let's spit out iron and chevy and fords from detroit like we used to.
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>> i run campaigns for a living and it is brilliant the way the guy talks about that stuff. what about the plan and see the details. your average voter you will have their focus 30 seconds and all you have is a tag line that takes you to a certain point. the unions have credibility and a trusted messenger and historic the way they get the members out. >> ian, does that leave you concerned that union voters and money are going to be allied against who ever the republicans nominate? >> i don't think so. union leadership is part of the inside class. and i think rank and file labor members will vote for who they want and not who the bosses tell them to vote for. uaw did not endorse the
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>> the republican debate where the tone was more sieve issil. ine front runner donald trump making note of the change. listen to this. >> we are all in this together and we are going to come up with solutions and so far i can't believe how civil it has been up here. >> he nailed it.
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>> we'll bring in howard kurtz. >> the media folks. almost disa pointed they were civil. jake tapper delivered one and on twitter people said it was boring. i had an inkling of this interviewing donald trump. he talked about party unitty and i didn't hear about lying ted or marco rubio. you are running an ad out on marco rubio. and donald trump wanted to be presidential and ted cruz was restrained and john kasich high road and rubio acknowledged that all of the jokes about trump's hands and spray tan made rubio look bad. and he was like a by scout. >> they resolved themselves
10:27 am
hitting him and one another doesn't do anyone any good. and the republican party in washington is doing enough and they didn't need to pile on. >> and the problem for trump's competitor, they have a couple of days to slow down before tuesday's big primaries and even they did well in the debate nothing that cruz or rubio said that would in any way cause air to come out of the trump balon. it didn't change the race very much. in the last hour, there is a controversy over a incident with a female reporter. she has filed a police report and claimed she was roughed up by donald trump's campaign manager and now, her employer brightbart is casting doubt on her version saying there were two men in the background who
10:28 am
looked similar and so it could be a case of mistaken identity. what is your take? >> i looked at the fox video and something happen to michelle field in the press scrum and she has bruises on her arm, she works for bright bart, and bright bart is distancing, pop lightly and looked at all angles of the videotape and pictures and another man who looks like trump's campaign and short hair and security official was closer to michelle fields and the video is obscured and you can't see what happens. she department know who grabbed her and she didn't say it was the manager. >> she relied on a washington post reporter for identifying the campaign manager as the person she believed touched her. and she didn't see it herself and relying on somebody else's
10:29 am
account. i want to mention one thing. for viewers who is not familiar with the campaign manager. i thought he was a secret service official. he has buzz hair and a pin on his collar and it could be mistaken identity. and i know you are watching this and part of the good news, a lot of cameras are a round. and so i think we'll get to the bottom of this. do you agree? >> it is a serious accusation. corey is a tough guy. he said he never touched her and more doubt on the story. >> it is serious accusation and you have to be right. now matter how it turns out and we'll watch you this weekend on media buzz. it airs on sunday 11:00 eastern time. howy, we'll check it out. well the presidential candidates are gearing up for florida and how might puerto rico play a role there?
10:30 am
there is a key voting group that is make or break in the sunshine state. plus the first roundup of testimony in hulk hogan lawsuit. namely. do celebrities have that right? >> i am sure many sex videos exist out there not involving celebrities that no one would be interested in. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving.
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this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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new information at this hour on a scandal affecting our service members. cbs news is reporting that two of the top executives in a largest veteran charity are out of the job. ceo and coo of the wounded warror project spent money on lavish retreats. and some spent 90 percent on the veterans. wounded warrior needs to strengthen their policies and procedures. >> disappointed news there. >> immigrants from puerto rico make up a fast- voting block in voter. they are swing voters and their votes are a major factor on tuesday. steve harington joins us live. >> as many as 1000 puerto rico ans every week are moving to
10:35 am
florida. unlike other latunnos, puerto rico are u.s. citizen and eligible to vote. in central florida, swing region, they are a growing force to be reckoned with. >> we are a deep influence. and just depends on what candidates we choose. that is the one that is going to win. >> florida has 1 million puerto rico ans and almost even with the cubans. a quarter million settled in florida. many are professional and homeowners and register as independents. >> so many of the puerto rico ans who moved over here recently don't have strong feeling of political party they go for personality. >> it is because p of that independence that puerto rico voters are courted by all sides
10:36 am
as soon as they arrive. jon? >> thank you, steve in miami. nhulk hog an's $100 million trial is heating up. he is suing gawker are magazine of showing him and a friend's wife. it was his first week in court including testimony from the former editor and celebrity sex tape broker. yeah, well is such a thing. both of them will say their actions were justified. and we'll bring in our legal panel. and brian is a criminal defense attorney. friday, we'll start wu. does a case against gawker and the sex tape broker? >> absolutely. he most certainly has a case.
10:37 am
his celebrity persona is big, bold and brash guy. but he has a right to privacy and a private life. i am sorry, i don't think a videotape of someone who is his best friend's wife is news worthy and not appropriate to put it on the internet. he does have a case. and the fact that there is a demand for that is troubling and it is going to continue because of the demand until there is a big judgment which i hope comes in this case. >> brian, it is a public figure. and is it harder to win a defamation case? >> he might be a celebrity, but a public figure is different. he is not an elected official. they have a different type of protection. but i agree with fred 100 percent. sex tapes or using the bathroom
10:38 am
and private matters. send a message to everybody. people in america value their privacy. >> i just wondered if the first amendment protects those companies from that case. >> your question of who he was a public figure. if you are a public figure, it is more difficult for you to win a defamation case. you have to show actual malice and this is not about this. it is an invasion of privacy. naccording to hulk hogan no one contacted him or contacted a representative to ask if that was him in the tape. does that mean something or reckless? >> go ahead, briap. >> there is a fundmental issue in the state of florida. you are not allowed to voir dire
10:39 am
somebody. that is a cause of action. you can't secretly record someone. and there are some things that are sacred and private. >> your question about defamation, you asked if it showed him. you defame someone by putting them in a false light. and truth is always a defense. if someone showed me and i look like the marsh mellow man. what am i going to do about it? but in this case, his cause of actions not what you published and put me in a false light. that is defamation and because he is a public figure. he has to show they acted with malice. >> he is now divorced from his wife of 25 years and he says the
10:40 am
publication of that tape destroyed a 25 year marriage. whether it was his fault or the tape. it resulted in the end of that marriage and certainly a lot of problems for that family. i want to ask you about another legal topic. parents in a school district found out about a policy that lets staff members carry guns on campus. they found be out about the policy six years after it happen. fulsome and cordova up in northern california. they made that statement after rumors circulating about teachers having weapons in the classroom. the superintendant said the district is following proper weapon's procedure. >> not like every teacher has the gun. it is a person who has a license to carry and a license to carry a concealed weapon and in a locked case within reach of
10:41 am
thoses few individuals who work in the school district. brian, let me with start with you. >> i am a big proponent of gun rights. it is in the constitution, story end. but this is a bigger issue. this is not the issue to security in the schools. why aren't the schools getting trained security who know about self defense and first aid and all of these things? a teacher is not equipped in training and experience to handle security. >> if a concealed weapon carrier and they can get to and try to subdue a bad guy before the police get there. >> that's my point. if we have that problem, like we do in airports, then there is a need for a professional. just because i know first aid doesn't mean i do open heart surgery on somebody. i am not a doctor.
10:42 am
>> i am a huge supporter of the second amendment like brian. i have four sons, one in college and two in high school and one in eightth grade. and i put them on the bus, and i am thinking of a school shooting and no parent should have to think about that. the fact it went on six years without incident tells me it is not an incident and there were 33 of them. there is one armed police officer in my kids high school. in this instance 33 people across the campuses and if it increases security and god bless them if it saves lives. >> it is it worth exploring. and the policy and what is unusual. when you institute a policy. people talk about this when you have something going on and that's what happened. and the cat got out of the bag six years after the fact. the school district could have handled it in a better way.
10:43 am
briap should they have told people about this? or is there a better element of secrecy in this? >> it is a mixed bag. when you run a big organization, you don't have to tell everybody everything. and maybe some of their security measures should know held secret. on the other hand child safety is an issue. i would be worried that the kids have access to the box. kids get shot all over the country because parents and other people don't secure firearms. >> that might be a good point. things can go wrong and with kids around you can't be too careful. >> our attorneys are talking about it. and thank you so much for joining us. >> great discussion. >> it is it a very special and
10:44 am
somber day in simi valley, california where nancy reagan will be laid to rest, ronald reagan. special coverage begins with sheppard smith right now. ♪ good morning from outside of the reagan library in simi valley, california a picture perfect day just as nancy reagan would have drawn it up. fog lifted and beautiful sun rise. we believe we may have rain this afternoon. it is forecasted to be rainy weather. and fitting as we say good by to former first lady nancy reagan. the funeral will start in 15 minutes. guests include family members
10:45 am
and first ladies and michelle obama who arrived. and you are sure to see a wide range of vips who called nancy reagan a friend. actors like john stams on. and mr. t who avoided the media scrum today and the reagan library released the program that was put together by nancy reagan and a reading of a love letter from nancy reagan to the president. listen as the choir sings. ♪ ♪ [singing)]
10:46 am
>> just about anybody who knew the reagan anyhow about their love. she wrote a book called i love you reagan. >> i was haeftest girl in the the world when i became we. you know, i loved him. i loved everything about marriage. >> nancy reagan joked about the public's affection. men complained to her that the reagans raised the bar for romance. some remember her for the "just say no campaign. and those who knew her well say she was a powerful rise.
10:47 am
she was loyal and protective of her husband and the person who nursed him back to health after an attempted assassination and then she stayed by his side in the last darj decade of alzheimer's disease. it was what she called long goodby. i would reach out to say honey, remember when. >> you think he knows you still? >> i don't know. >> from 60 minutes in september of 02. she wassan vadvocate for research on alzheimer's. and stem cell research. and when ronald reagan died in 2004. she was strong and stoic until the now so memorable moment when she broke down and heart
10:48 am
breaking kiss to his casket. even years later, nancy reagan said her pain would never fade. >> there are people who told me, it gets much easier. well, maybe for them. but not for me. >> it never did and she was open about it throughout. the place she called her city on a hill over looking the valley that is naturally green despite the drought, ron and nancy reagan will come together again to be be buried side by side close as possible inches from her husband. she put this all together herself and i talked to the aides, who say she had it timed down to the minute upon and time of day that it would happen and had mother nature not happen it would have been an evening affair and the weather decided
10:49 am
otherwise. and the funeral will begin in 12 minutes. vips arrived and you can see all of the chairs left open. you will recognize many of the faces in the back. and it felt like a movie premier in hollywood as dozens and dozens of cameras and reporters came rushing to talk about their memories of nancy reagan and over and over again, you heard how loyal and loving it was. and how he could not have been without with her. one of our guests will talk about the column. and trace gallagger. it is hard to imagine. you could script your own funeral and nancy reagan has her plan. we said good by to him.
10:50 am
you talk to them. what is the day to clear is even though this is a day to dedicate to nancy reagan, she wanted more than anything to say good-bye to the reagans as a couple. you read through the program and see the givening was the battle of him through the republic and the reason they chose that song, nancy chose that song was because it was ronald reagan's song. she picked the readings from the gospel. one of them was from proverbs. if she brings him good not harm all the days of her life she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction. she was such a voice in his ear. she was one of his strongest advisers both in life and what he did politically and that became known after he left the white house.
10:51 am
it's incredible you go down and think there's a love letter you talked about. this was hand picked by nancy reagan. they've been planning this for 30 years but it had to come together in five days. this letter you'll hear red today by brian who is the former prime minister of canada. they served at the same time. close friends of the family. he'll read a love letter written to ronald reagan from nancy reagan and it's going to give us great incite into how he felt. we're talking from the outside looking in. no one knew how he felt. ronald reagan loved bag pipes. they're going to end with bag pipes. >> you talk about how she was always in his ear and his conscious and guide and along the way she made friends with the voices of the nation. we'll see some of them today. she was very close with the media elite if you will. >> she was close to the media
10:52 am
all the way through. i'm from california. she's been in california 72 years. when i was a kid she was the first lady of this state and made historic moves then. they moved out of the governor's mansion three months in because nancy said it wasn't safe. they lived in a fabulous neighborhood and she set the trends there. she gave out halloween candy and had these awesome decorations to halloween that to this day if you go through the neighborhood the decorations are the same. now it's evolved to christmas decorations. they built a governor's mansion and never moved in it. jerry brown after that refused to mo ve in it. as you look across the crowd you have 50-60 years of celebrity. >> waive and give >> one of her good friends chris wallace is late in washington. chris, i've very much enjoyed hearing your tales of phone calls with nancy reagan over the
10:53 am
years. you must have some interesting incite. >> well, it's so interesting looking at the people, the faces and the crowd today. it's kind of a sent mental journey for those of us who covered the reagan's campaigns and presidencies. there were people in partners of power with her helping ronald reagan achieve what he did. i saw it moments ago the secretary of state six or seven years, nancy reagan and schultz worked hard together to push this cold war. the economic back of the soviet union and eventually led to the collapse of that system.
10:54 am
our victory over the cold war over the soviet union, james baker also a nancy ray garn very voled with him. you got to remember he had been the campaign manager for george h.w. bush running against reagan in 1980. he was so successful he became a key part of the campaign and became the chief of staff for reagan's first term because of the media and congressional relations and was a key player in all of reagan's accompli accomplishments in the first term. the budget cuts, tax cuts, defense build up and nancy reagan was one of the people instrumental in his being given that selection because she felt forget about the past rivalries, he was somebody who would make ronald reagan succeed. that's what it was all about for her. she loved her husband and country and wanted both of them to succeed. >> what was the phone chat like with nancy reagan? what was she curious about with
10:55 am
you? >> well, it was quiet remarkable. i inherited the relationship that she had father and so i was able to call her and talk on the phone. sometimes she would be very chatty, very gossipy, but one phone call i'll always remember was the day in 1994 when that letter from ronald reagan was released to the country announcing the fact he had alzheimers and saying he was headed off into the sun set. i called the reagan house never expecting to reach mrs. reagan. not even wanting to reach her but just to leave a message and express my sympathies and she came on the line and we ended up talking a good 20 minutes or so. one of the points she made was they had an extraordinary life and retired to california and she had wanted to be able to share with him the golden years where they could look back on all they had achieved personally and professionally and she knew
10:56 am
with this diagnosis of alzheimers she was going to be robbed of that. they continued to live for another decade a lot of those golden memories were lost overtime. she knew then this was going to be the long good-bye. in a life some of extraordinary times and strong tribulation. she had breast cancer chts this was of course, maybe the final and deepest struggle and challenge they had to face she lost his personality, his mind, their relationship eventually to the terrible slerj of alzheimers. >> and led a nation in understanding alzheimers better on the forefront of alzheimers research and pushing funding through every step of the way maintaining her husband's legacy, continuing it in many ways as she began it.
10:57 am
ed raulings is with us. to our viewers, once the funeral begins we'll bring it to you without any interruption at all. ed, one of the things that struck me was your story of falling behind the president and mrs. reagan. along the way there was a series o conversations and you mentioned a bit of a debate and confident in the end mrs. reagan won it. is that how they rolled? >> there were no signs of confrontation any time. this was so strange and this was the don reagan era and she was trying to oust him and he was obviously not a good chief of staff for the president during the iran conference and she was going on and on and on and he finally turned to her and said nancy, i heard you the first
10:58 am
time, second thyime and don't wt to hear you the third time. she gave him a kiss getting off the elevator. obviously, she won the debate. mr. reagan, he was a rock. a solid extraordinary man. she was his guardian. she was very dependent on him and they both had a great sense of humor and i remember her great laugh.
10:59 am
she would step in sometimes and say these people are serving you well. she didn't care as much about the data day policy as she did about the people. obviously, in any kind of power center is disloyalty and she would let you know if she thought you were out of line. >> the first lady there as you saw. president bush, the 43rd and his wife laura. many of their staff from the time has been here and been generous with their time speaking with all of us today. >> we're led to believe if anyone ran the white house during the reagan years, it was nancy reagan. all the comings and goings were hers and she wanted to know what everyone was thinking, saying and doing. >> great curiousty. i wouldn't say she ran the white house because she didn't sit in cabinet meetings or public
11:00 am
policy meetings but she was his confident. she had a great network in hollywood and the white house. she used the phone as her vehicle. she would pass on things. when she didn't think things were going right, she would express it to whoever she thought not in an unkind way but you should be looking about this and what have you. my experience was when i was running reagan's campaign, the californians were nervous about california and i had several harsh conversations from her saying whatever you do don't lose my husband's home state. i said i'm from california too. i promise you we're going to win. chri chr >> chris, this is one of the great things


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