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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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promise of hope and change and here we sit march of 2016 as rich put it black versus white, democrat versus republican, republican versus republican.
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>> test. test. >> yeah, 76 is a kwon tes tant. if donald and i come in and we're neck-and-neck, then that's actually how a convention operates. now, i don't think we need to do that. my object is simple. we're going to get to 12367 delegates. we're going to keep that coming.
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[ applause ] >> i want to ask you, i go on twitter, i go on facebook, i go on social media. passionins are high right now. i've got to tell you. they're extremely passionate about you. and you've got the great mark levin. okay. can ted cruz win the general election. and people like mitch mcconnell, how do you work with him if he's the senate majority. those are the two issues that i read the most. >> let's take the first one in general. what is abundantly clear, if
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donald trump is our nomination, we get killed in the general election. you look at poll after poll after poll, hillary wollops -- those very same polls, poll after poll after poll, show me beating hillary kwlin ton, head-to-head. and if you look at the people, if you look at the people we're turning out, the states we're winning, we're seeing record turn-outs. republican turn out is dwarfing democratic turn out. >> why do you think that happens? is it because of the eight disast yous rears of obama? it's pafrt of it. >> people are frustrated. they're angry. you can't get jobs. opportunity going away. you have a federal government that doesn't listen. doesn't care. people are ready for a change. >> well, let me ask you this. if i had one issue, senator, that i would tell you, there is
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such palpable anger towards republicans. if you look at all of those polls, exit polls, states, it's 60, 65% of republicans feel betrayed. as a registered con essentialtive, i feel betrayed. i feel disappointed. i've got to believe that your popularity is rooted in the fact that you stood there, you took on your party, but you're hated for it. so, explain that. explain how as president, do you get those people to go back with the promises they speak for. >> you know, if you think of the last time we broke the washington cartel in washington, it was 1981.
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repealing every word of obamaca obamacare. a full flat tax and abolishing the irs. filled with callouts and subsidies. >> do you guys get this? they take my money. >> and that's the beauty of a flat tax. it all goes away. as a lobbyist, their power base goes away, and, as politician, their power base goes away.
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>> could you get paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to go away with that? that's what people want to know. i really believe in my heart that if republicans do another promise like obamacare but wroent use the constitutional authority of the purse, or if they promise, they'll stop executive. >> i don't intend to make appealing. and we come out in november with a mandate from the people. but there is also a second thing. in every battle that was obama, we say what happens is which we end up not winning the battle because the republican when you have a conservative in the white
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house that's filled with corporate welfare, i will reel toe it. that's what a strong president will do. >> you say you're going to replace it. what do you replace it with. more people average increases around the country for obamacare filling it in orlando and florida, it's 40, 50%. we're not saving $2500 a year, we didn't keep our doctors. we didn't keep our plan. you were lied to. >> you were exactly right. number one, it's the biggest job killer in this country. you're wondering why can't i get a job. one of the big reasons is small businesses are getting crushed with obamacare and they can't afford it. people are getting their hours forcibly reduced. you know how many single moms in florida are waiting tables and working two or three part time jobs. 29 hours a week.
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and, you know, beyond that, what obamacare is doing to our health care. millions of americans have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors and their premiums. how many people here have seen your premiums skyrocket. and not only are you paying more, but your dedubltblees are higher. it covers less. my wife, heidi said to me why are we writing all of these checks for medical bills. our premiums have gone through the roof. as a practical matter, you just pay for it. write check after check after check. that's what obamacare is giving us. and getting rid of it, repealing every word of it, will lift a burden off small businesses and will produce millions of new jobs. health care reform. listen, everyone recognizes once we repeal obamacare, we've still
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got a probable and we need to expand competition. we need to empower patience so that you can make your health departmentcare decisions with you're doctors without government getting in the way. and i think the keys to do doing that are threefold. number one, allowing people to pie health insurance across state lines. number two, what you just mentioned, the family health department savings account so you can save in a tax-advantaged way for more routine health care. and, number three, we feed to make health insurance affordable so when it goes with you from job-to-job-. if you lose your job, you don't lose your health insurance. >> we've got to take a break. we have senator ted cruz for the hour and we're glad you are with us. hey diddle diddle,
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this was the scene friday night when donald trump pulled a rally. the republican presidential front runner was forced to cancel the event earlier due to who the candidate described as security concerns. the difference between trump supporters and protesters who accused the billionaire of stoking son-in-law hatred. there were at least five arrests and reports that federal officers were hurt. trump claimed anger wasn't
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directed at him. rather was a manifestation of the public's deep frustration with economic conditions in the country. political rival, ted cruz, also accused real estate mogul of creating an environment of nasty dus course. >> welcome to beautiful, orlando, orlando. it's hannity. we've got senator ted cruz with us. you talk about a flat tax. i have asked every candidate in every interview 95 million americans out of work. 50 million in poverty. he is accumlating more debt than every other president before him. that's an insurmountable amount of money we're talking about.
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the government spends too much. >> our problem, we don't have a debt because we're under-taxed. washington is spending minute doesn't have to. >> how do you get washington to spend less? what would you do? >> the only way you can do it is, number one, with strong conservative shich conservativeship in the white house. in the entire course of the debate, it became very evident that donald trump has no solutions to any of these problems.
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>> but i think the question most americans want to know is how do you get a balanced budget. >> economic growth. if we stay at 1 and 2% economic growth, the math doesn't work. you can't cut enough. donald, at the end of the day, still doesn't understand where growth comes from. donald's perspective is government is the answer to everything. he doesn't disagree with note doing a good enough job. he'll negotiate a better deal with socialized health care and obamacare. if you want economic growth -- you know two words that never come out of donald's mouth? small business.
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to donald's perspective, whether it's hillary clinton and john boehner and suckling off of the american public. to heck with big business. the focus of growth has got to be small business. >> government needs to spend a lot less. i would cut a lot of government, maybe not the military. i think our military has deteriorated. and then the other part is the growth factor. energy and independence adds to that. >> so let's start with spending. $500 billion in specific spending cuts.
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did you notice last night in the entire debate, donald wouldn't list a single thing he would cut. i asked him, i said when was the last time you stood up to a washington lobbyist on anything. donald and hillary are the flip side of the same coin. they are washington. they are power. they are big business. they are corruption. if we're going to turn washington around, you've got to take on washington. et's not simply to insult people and yell a lot. >> i want to focus can
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solutionings but you brought. for example, he wasn't going to deport everyone. he said he went to manhattan just a couple months ago. >> it scares people and makes them vote for me. he's since claimed he's flexible. bum if he releases the tape, we can all see the fact that he won't release the tape.
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donald is telling us he's lying to us. >> and here's the difference. sean, i will be the exact same person the day after i'm elect ed >> we are with senator ted cruz the entire hour. as we continue, "hannity" on the road. straight ahead. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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the president wants to take on 65,000 syrian refugees.
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they've all said isis will infiltrate. so if anyone is coming from a practicing country, don't they have to worry that women will radicalize and can't go to school or work? >> absolutely yes. that's why i've been leading the fight to stop sharia law. people are scared. so donald's vitrial, people feel insulted.xl
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i'll tell you, on policy, he will keep in place more than they do with iran. donald thinks he will swrus magically negotiate a better deal. that's the same thing he said with castro. we have had a policy that, for ser centuries, we don't negotiate with terrorists. >> what about states like saudi arabia. i will tell you, there's a difference between the saudis and e jipt.
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we need to stand up and demand that they blaif as allies and not be if you finding those who are killing us. i will say egypt is different: he has sdem straited a courage. it was january 1, a year ago. he did that as a muslim leader. he said we have got to stop the radicalists. i enmean why is it that stronger after going after terrorism than barack obama.
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>> we want a landslide in iowa. we want a great victory in oklahoma. we want an incredible landslide in my home state of texas. we won geographically varied there alaska to maine. we woen both of those. we are winning over and over and over again. >> when we come back, a special guest that recently endorsed senator ted cruz as we continue from orlando, florida. it's "hannity". when you think about success,
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welcome back. we're on the road in beautiful orlando, florida. now, also joining us, carli carlie fiorino. you made a big endorsemented for senator cruz. >> well, i did. and i was proud to do it. you know, i'll tell you how i got there. it was before i even had a long meet i meeting with him. i see my own name on the ballot. that's kind of cool. and ill think about all of my supporters. and i thought maybe i should cast a vote not for me, but for my supporters.
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i think we need someone who's going to challenge the system. i think we need someone who's going to stick to the substance. and when i thought about all of that, i thought this is a man who knows the kind of nominees he's going to put in the supreme court. listen, the supreme kwourt hangs in the balance. i have led change my whole life. when you do that, you challenge the status quo. when you challenge the status q quo, you make enemies. we're known by the company we keep. he's known by the enemies he's made.
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good for him. >> one of the things i admired about how you ran your campaign, one of the most effective senator, i know you're happy about it, but is she on your short list? >> we keep jumping ahead here. >> it's my job to jump ahead. i get paid to do that. >> i'll say this. carlie is extraordinary. she ran an incredible campaign. you're right.
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she's substantial doubting up and fighting for conservative principals. i wanted's hard running for president. there's nothing easy about it. i know the long hours on the road, time away from your family. you don't emp know what city you're in. >> it's orlando. i know. we're having a good time. >> there are so manial entded people along the way, if you do win the nomination, how many of those 17 people do you think you'd want to reach out to be a
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part of a unity government, almost. i don't like the trajectory of where we're headed. do you think that can happen? something that has never happened before. i think about that. look at the incredible people who started. incredible leaders. i said any republican president to be a fool not to connell prize a spekd portion of the cabinet.
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solutions to the problems and leaders who work for you. this is not about us. it's about the american people and pledging our support to you. how firm are these promises. is there any room for negotiation? or is this your some em pledge.
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>> being overly-flexible is not one of them. if we end up culting 12 pnt. hatch it. you don't compromise on principle. you don't compromise. blavng blank
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: hi, senator cruz. that was give away national
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sovereignty: he will compromise. any replacement that he signs off on will be a principal constitutionalist. >> thank you, orlando. unfortunately, that's all the time we have for tonight. don't forget, missouri will be voting, illinois will be voting and we'll be following it all right who are on the foejt sfaud spantd. snaupg very much. bloo
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blaeng blaeng bush push
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. donald trump being asked about violence at some of his rallies. some of the press trying to demonize him for that. we'll take a hard look at the situation. >>. >> let's try to bring some people up there moral values.


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