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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 12, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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. donald trump being asked about violence at some of his rallies. some of the press trying to demonize him for that. we'll take a hard look at the situation. >>. >> let's try to bring some people up there moral values.
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caution. you are about to enter the know-spin zone. >> so let me run down the candidates for you in a no-spin way. you begin with donald trump with a commanding heed.
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last night at the debate, he played it smart: conserve stifs will vote for him. most of the other polls have donald trump firmly ahead in the sunshine state.wñ senator rrubio just 44 years old. but he will not be the nominee this year.
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>> in this tush ewe lent era, his calm demeal nor. nvf9
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remember, you also have missouri, illinois and north
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carolina. he probably will win all three of those come next tuesday. having dr. carson this morning endivorce him helps. and then you've just got to continue. he's the only other article r m sh sh. >> no with your r wumpb epg moerk. >> i think this will thv. >> well, nvrkttr 12340e6.
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>> he was drafted into the race by 18940. but nothing like this. trump has conscious le set up noejd. and hi's a sfe notch non. i don't fully understand how he's doing it. and i think people in the media who think they're going to attack him in traditional ways completely misunderstand how powerful his appearance/xpp the
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digging deeply for sufficient that's nod and believe me, everybody's going to be looking for that. that's whooi i think to kaishich and rubio o(. and i think, you know, that's not going to work.
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>> do you see any hkt hkt mkt. >> the e knack hoervegt the people are hr. emergency room they're really sdent-establish mment mm she gave speeches that are still secret for, like, $679 a.t
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mvrjtsd. >> well, over a thousand people have been here today at this buff noechlt hich city's sdook oo ernld. >> but, having her next to us next to our smiblt. >> you we haven't to the
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funeral. you didn't have toj5 do thatmen kw4r678. >> oh, nancy a will floosht. >> art o art to bhaem the pooch who woshlgd r woshted al the lee braer vm this is in so much way rk d novrjt mp flvrm sflvrm. >> whampt sh dit rk avenue herño
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. all the candidates. am i making any mistakes? >> surprisingly, no. push push . >> yes, it was quiet good, bill. >> what i'm trying to do is put everything in perspective going into the last weekend before you vote on tuesday. it could be it? do you agree with that? it could be it. >> the thing about it, under normal circumstances, where there wouldn't be talk of a congestion, the establishment thinks that they can still somehow stop trump if he doesn't
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reach the 1237 delegates that he needs to get. only if he loses florida around ohio.ú÷ trurp is trump is pretty popular in ohio. boy, he's got 78-80% chance to get it, but it's not a lock. if he wins both states, it's over.
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i'm saying, that would be the only way. >> do you feel my pain? when i hear people go on television and say marco rubio might drop out.'hp &h(lc% my head wants to explodes. it's like that meteor iet. i love the pop that has hillary clinton and c, socialism in
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florida is very close to socialism in cuba. we ooech guilty about 6 votes doe. >> it's already over florida for the most part. >> why doesn't bernie know that? >> wauz he's the head of a movement. and i think he feels like he has people who want him there saying what he has to say.hb >> has that been done already? it makes her stronger.jñ
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>> violence at trump rally. his take on protesters. then, the wounded warrior charity. did betroy the warp i don't reca
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. there was a very tough column in the new york times. the column basically saying that, folks, some of you guys, who support donald trump are morally wrong for doing so. q[
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okay. but i don't believe a political candidate can be held responsible for those who are supporting him or her. and whilepv the far right, aern immigrant native calm for.
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we don't want anarchy in the trade zone. >> e eel take your point on this. there are some forces where he's unleashed. >> but he hant unleashed i don't believe that for a second. now, i've known this guy for years.
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he doesn't walk around thinking i'm white and i'm better. he hires thousands of people. racial superiority here. because they hear what they want to hear. >> i'm just saying. i've seen this bill in history. >> when i first saw your book, i naugt it was about me.óh
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>> why did you write about him? >> banishmented to the island of tasmania. >> so i love the story. >> tim, thank you. the book is the immortal irishman. aa5jáájjjr)jyappreciate you
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'riley. a very big deal out of confrontations occurring at some 9ñ >> why is it liberals come and create chaos. you don't see conservatives go into hillary clinton and freak out at her rallies. it's a lack of respected that liberals have. >> we've seen a number of occasions where protesters have been roughed up by trump supporters. so the idea that it's just one guy acting out of bounds is just, frankly, not true. >> well, with us now here in new york city. so how do you see this strie lens issue? >> i think the people are angry. and not only have they been lied
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to for 40 years, the establishment of gop has been lying to them that they're going to repeal obamacare, they're going to lower spending. the establish.@x . >> all the other rallies for all the other candidates, we're not really seeing it. we're only seeing it at the donald trump rally. there is no doubt, that, with owl due respected, trump has within provocative in statements.
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we have a sound booit that ill straits what you're saying. i think you need to know, if you haven't been to a trump rally, what donald rump sometimes says. not all the time, but sometimes. >> here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming and everything else when we're talking. and the guards are very gentle with him. he's walking out, big high fives, smiling, laughing. like to punch him in the donald truch says exactly what he's feeling.
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>> i have to con fensz. sometimes, if i'm out, i'd like to punch him in the face. but i wouldn't. >> there is no doubt. >> would you agree with that? >> of course there are. >> there are frovoker. >> this was 50 years ago.
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>> donald trump is definitely polarizing. >> so it eliminates any of the stuff that was happening in the last two weeks.s >> that's a pretty good answer. >> it was a good answer by trump. you go back to a situation with david duke and the kkk. >> we know who david duke is.
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it was intentional. he should have condemned him une kif cably. >> here's what you're doing wrong. trump didn't go into that ramally saying i'm going to equivocae kwif equivocate on the kkk. both are happening and now, i thought i married an italian.
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tonight, cbs news launched an investigation into the wounded warrior project. charit
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enough on the vets themselves. that lead led to an audit, that audit led to the firing of two r >> you saw the audit. what did it say? earlier this week, we received 80% of spending did go to the programs for the vets.
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there was also some allegations over guessive plane travel.xp >> we reviewed some cult churl aspects and after we received the brief ing ing gsz.
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you had 40 people saying that news people should leave. >> why? why? what were they doing? >> well, as part of this review, our advisors had confers with -- >> tell me why. >> what were they< doing that disturbed you? >> based on the findings, we felt, as a board, the change was ness. fè.
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did not say senator rubio was wrong. said he strategy didn't help him. also, the difference between rubio and trump as far as the public is concerned. your condition and up a little. in fact, i've said over and . >> david orhernandvoke.
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shlg r v well, we will put on a lively show for you guys on monday night. just finished killing reagan. by far, the best book i have ever read. i really appreciate that, jeanette. alsox and on it goes.
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into the election season. my friend sean hannity is up. he has trump. stay tuned. welcome to "hannity." that is fox news alert. 2016 gop front-runner donald trump canceled a campaign rally in chicago earlier tonight amid security concerns. now this after violent edge taylors hijacked what was to be a peaceful campaign rally. joining us on the phone is donald trump. thank you for being with us. probably a tough night for you. walk us through your end what you heard and how you made this decision? >> well, i came to chicago a few hours ago, sean, and we have a tremendous group of people and real supporters, amazing supporters, amazi


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