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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  March 12, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PST

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disgusting. torture. so, i said, we have to border fine and also, if we can go much worse than water boarding, that's okay with me, too. right? so, they said, oh, me may not obey the laws because we're not as of law now, not allowed to water board. torture is terrible. we agree. it's horrible. but when somebody is doing what thai doing, these horrible act, cutting and drowning, we have to fight like we have to fight. we have no choice. so, what happens is this. we have to expand our laws. we have to get much tougher. we want to knock them so fast and so furious, but think of this the isis guys, they eat dinner like we have dinner. different locations, different people. we all have dinner. they have dinner. can you imagine them sittinging
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around and each one of them chopped off three heads today and drowned 70 people, right and they're talking about the united states doesn't want to allow -- >> still monitoring donald trump. ben cohen is with us right now. skyping. i assume from vermont. one of the things we did learn in case you've been listening to some of what trump said, chicago last night, that prompted its cancellation after a number of people were arrested and people are getting hit and it got nasty. there are a lot of bernie sanders folks there, so i was looking for you in the crowd and i didn't see you. but again, you probably took your private jet right back and here you are now. but what do you make of that, that there were a lot of bernie sanders protestors there? >> you know, i got no idea who was there, but i can tell you, that donald trump brings out a
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lot of strong feelings. and there's, i believe, the fairly significant majority of americans do not agree with donald trump. and are embarrassed. by the way he's conducting himself. and -- >> that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but the reason why i mentioned it, it's not unique to trump. bernie sanders had to deal with protesters firsthand when they stormed his stage. he was speaking on. there is a lot of this going on out there, right? >> two different ways of handling protesters. there have all been protesters, people that were trying to disrupt political speeches, but yoing and telling people to rough them up, to beat them up.
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is is not american. it's not what i want a city in my country -- >> his response to the protesters were more than the fact the protesters showed up and got your attention because -- reporting this morning that that was manufactured protest. a lot of left wing groups sort of signed up together. to attend this event. maybe other trump ooechts to just mess it up. cause a lot of controversy, get a lot of television attention and blame it all on donald trump. >> i don't agree with that. i believe that there are huge numbers of people that are totally disgusted with donald trump. >> you don't think there's a possibility that some, i agree, there are many who would genuinely want to protest, but that others are sort of gunned on by you know, the media matters folks or others, george tsiros groups that might want to
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just show up. >> anybody that comes to protests, maybe some people said, hey, let's go to a protest. you know -- >> have you ever done that? >> these were not paid professionals. you know, going out there. these were regular old people that are disgusted by what trump is saying. >> but you could see what he's saying that some just come out of the blue, show up, then we come to find out they were recruited, right? >> no. i don't know. i mean, i hear a bumpbl of lies coming out of his mouth. you know, i'm happy to explore it, but i don't have any facts and data on it. >> again, i mentioned bernie sanders being you know, confronted with protesters. i think we're taking a peek at that and other events where we've seen hillary clinton deal with the same. do you ever worry whatever your views are, this is the case where they stormed the stage
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you're speaking at, do you ever worry for the safety in general? candidates a thand people in this environment that you and i could probably remember 1968. i was just a lad myself, but my point being that could we be revisiting something like that? the anger is such that yeah, it could get much nastier. >> no, quite frankly, that doesn't cross my mind. what does cross my mind is the arrogance of the person up there speaking saying go take that protester and rough them up. beat him up. that's not, that's not civilized. it's illegal. you can't go beat people up. this is a, it's not the way i want my country to run. >> i don't know if you caught
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the beginning of his iraqs here in ohio, but they looked like there were a couple of protesters in the group and he was being very subdued with them. he wasn't saying that stuff. you could quickly interpret that as maybe realizing after what happened in chicago, he's trying to dial it back. still juices up the crowd on its core bread and butter issues, but what did you can you think of the fact he didn't go after the protestors? it could be you know, accepted with a grain of salt and stay for the rally. >> yeah. that's a much more reasonable way of dealing with protest ers. i would support that way of deal with protesters, but riling up the crowd and telling people to go beat them up. you know, it's typical trump. >> so, you're not a fan of donald trump. i've concluded that much in this
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exchange. a little bit on the left what's going on. bernie sanders when no one saw coming, one michigan. called into question all the other polls that have him behipd in these states and that maybe he could gobble together victories in ohio. he could do the same. maybe in north carolina. illinois. states that are up for grabs for democrats as well. florida, a possibility. do you see it come from behind potential win for him? >> i do. the fact of the matter is that every political race that he's ever run has been come from behind. and that's the way it was when he ran for mayor in vermont. was when he ran for the house and the way it was when he ran for the senate. you know, what's going on is that you know, he just didn't start out being that well-known.
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but as people come to learn more and more about him, they support him more and more. they see that here's finally a politician that honest, consistent. that has the interest of working people at heart. you know, i was interested, it was interesting to me to see that there are some points of agreement between trump and sanders. you know, one of course is about free trade. what i call a greed trade. and they both are opposed to these so-called free trade agreemen agreements. >> but you told me if sanders didn't win, you would support, here are some protesters showing up in ohio. we'll keep an eye on it. that you would support hillary clinton if she ended up being the nominee.
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even though it was her husband who orchestrated these same deals that you hate. >> i don't know if i said i would support hillary. i haven't really decided to be quite honest. >> i thought you did. you would support the eventual democratic nominee. that's a news alert right there. so, if bernie sanders doesn't get nomination, then you would what? what would you do? >> i haven't figured it out, but i'm not convinced. not sure what i would do. >> all right. i did not know that. i apologize. ben carson, always good, keep making the -- >> not carson. >> ben carson on earlier. i apologize. it's the last, this is the first show i started without having my chunky monkey. that's what happens. ben cohen, thank you. very much. been a long day, hasn't it? thank you very, very much. perspective now from a clinton supporter, philip levine.
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you heard what ben cohen had to say, big sanders backer, not to smitten. let me put that around for you. would you support sander ifs he were the nominee? zpl well, at this point in time, i don't think bernie sanders is going to be the nominee. but the one thing i can say to ben cohen and i love ben and jerry's, but i hope he'd been willing to give 70 or 80% of his income tax because that's what's going to happen if bernie sanders became president. >> could you support sanders? >> i don't believe sanders is going to be the candidate. i believe secretary clinton is not only going to be the candidate or nominee, she will be the president of the united states. >> okay, so, not going to answer that. that's fine. but there is a passion gap between the two camps, right? she's certainly piling up the
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votes on the delegates, particularly the superdelegates. the sanders camp has complained that without those, there's more of a race. what do you say? >> i think the passion gap is there. it's amazing how senator sanders cannot seem to get the baby boomers or generation x. he doesn't seem to be available to attract them. and it's unique. we haven't seen anything like that. no -- if in african-american for sanders. >> he gets young voters. >> and neil, i agree. when you are espousing a socialist revolution, young people maybe tony understand. in florida, we know a lot about socialist revolutions. they haven't worked out well because all these people live in miami now, so i can tell you, that's case. but clearly, we believe that secretary clinton is going to do well in florida. and there's a lot of passion from a lot of people for her. and a lot of dichbt minorities
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in florida which we believe is a melting pot of america are coming out in big force for her. >> what would you advise and how would you advise hillary clinton should she become the nominee to deal with donald trump if he were the republican nominee? >> well, i can tell you that secretary clinton would never get down to the personal attacks that trump has done. you know, when you don't have a plan, neil, what you can do is attack someone else. we've seen this in the republican party quite a bit. secretary clinton is about facts. policy. she's about not having two americas. having one america. where everybody has opportunity. his message is about inheriting great wealth and maintaining it. we don't know his plan, but the one thing i know about trump's plan is it does not include increasing the inheritance tax. that's a formula for his success. >> i get a read from a lot of clinton supporters that they're almost praying for him to become the nominee, then i'm thinking
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to myself, mayor, the same sort of dismissive attitude the cart carter folks had about this actor and former california governor, ronald reagan, who was emerging as the likely republican nominee and they were salivating at that prospect and bullied by polls that showed him beating him by 20 points an we know what happened. do you think your colleagues are taking him to lightly? dt too lightly? >> no, i think that secretary clinton doesn't take any opponent lilgtly. i think any opponent will be challenging, but i think the american people, no matter who the republicans pick as their nominee, are going to have a very clear choice to make. are you about increasing the middle class, helping the people of america with a real solid plan or are you about the %, maintaining wealth for those who have it and maintaining two americas. >> thank you for taking the time in your crazy schedule. we preesh dwrat that very much.
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all right, this trump rally going on. protesters, they don't know how many. maybe about a dozen or so. it's hard to quantify, but there tnt seem to be any serious or violent dust ups here a day after a big one last night that is drawn attention not only to donald trump, but what he says and his demeanor. we are on it. your you are watching a live. >> i just want to say it's so easy. i do this stuff. so well. i do it so well. so, here's the story. you ready? and by the way, i put in some of the fwraetest financial stams ever seen by man into this general elections commission. everyone said he'll never give his financials. i reported them all and the reporters are saying oh, damn it, they were really good. they were hoping. and a friend of mine who's a rich guy said, now i know you're rich because you would have
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there's a cruz rally. he is addressing the troops. one of the states up for grabs, 52 delegates at stake for the republicans. 89 for the democrats. the winner take all-state. the only one that isn't in north carolina, 72 delegates up for grabs on that tuesday. proportionally, i don't know what the minimum requirement is to get a delegate. i don't know p it's one of those five, 10 or 15% showings. but missouri, among the states they're all angling for including cruz today. florida also we talked to rubio earlier. he's campaigning throughout the state. his home state and it's all on the lynn for him. he did not independeicate if he florida and this is a chance of getting all 99 delegates, he's going to fold up his tent. he say that's not the case that he will continue to fight on. steve is in coral gables with a
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lot of early voting for r the primary has commenced. steve. >> neil, when you talk to poll workers here, they say they haven't seen anything like it this the past ten years as far as numbers of people coming out early to vote. more than 1 million early in absentee ballots cast in florida and many of them people who have not taken part in previous votes. people who haven't voted in the last two elections make up almost one in five of those votes. this is a closed primary. in florida. no crossover voting between democrats an republicans, but already, almost one quarter of the people expected to vote have done so in florida. >> do we know how that vote typically cuts toward rubio, toward trump? we're told that a lot of o late voters in the momentum in the campaign might be going to him. any way to tell? >> typically, in other ste, trump has done very well with early voters. people eager to vote for him as soon as possible. that might not be the case here in florida where rubio has done
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well among early voters. it's really a fight for senator rubio's life here in florida. he's asking the people in florida to believe in him. he's really crisscrossing the state from north, south. he'll end up in central florida today and trump, too, adding new events. he's going to be in boca raton tomorrow. an interesting factor because this is a winner take all primary, senator cruz even though he's rail trailing in third is campaigning aggressively here if florida maybe to try to deliver a knockout employee to marco rubio. >> one of the things that rubio mentioned yesterday that caught a lot of people's attention and kind of touched on with me this morning, is this idea that if you're inclined to want the stop truch, overly paraphrasing to get to the point, vote for me in florida. vote for kasich. in ohio. but that seemed clear to a lot of folks, to stop trump movement. what do you think? >> i think that's puzzled some supporters here. ipg there's been a lot of 180 degree turns in that campaign.
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it's like the move to go negative and then not go negative. a lot of sharp turns in the young senator's campaign so far. people here puzzled by that directive to vote for kasich in ohio while he's trying here to win and deny trump the nomination in florida. >> all right. thank you, steve. very, very much. again, we'll be getting updates from florida throughout the day. rebecca bird joining us now, also in florida, miami. real clear politic. when i talked to marco rubio, i got a sense from him that i'm in this to win it. even if in florida i lose it. is that possible? >> well, in florida, it's maybe possible, but not probable, neil, because if you look at all the polling now in the rcp average, he trails donald trump. they're hoping he can make up ground with minorities, especially with the cuban american population. he was making a pitch yesterday in palm beach to the jewish
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community there. so, he's looking at maybe some very, very specific group to try to put him over the edge and they think they have an advantage with early voting. >> i don't mean to interrupt, but this is a trump rally we're showing. in ohio. there was a protester there. there was a disruption there. not at all violent, not unruly, but he was told to go and a few others are there in the back of the room. they've been ushered out. there's been no incident, but the reason i'm mentioning that is we continue looking at this, donald trump has been arguing these type of things happen at his events because he has so many gosh darn people and the other candidates do not. how is this resognating? will it? will people then start associating with trump event, oh, yeah, violence breaks out. disruption breaks out. >> i think we're already at that point. it isn't really preventing people from attending,
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obviously. his supporters aren't afraid of protests breaking out even though they're likely to break out at most of his rallies. it's something the candidates are invoking on the trail. candidates expressing concerns very uniquely at his rallies and hillary clinton today compared it to playing with matches and starting a fire that you can't control. by supporting trump in light of this violence breaking out, so, he does risk with every relic he holds, making this more and more a part of how people think of him. >> as we continue to watch trump, one of the things that occurred today and it was subtle then, not to subtle from john kasich to marco rubio and maybe he won't be our choice as a nominee. maybe i won't commit to that pledge. to back whoever the nominee is
8:54 am
if it's this trump guy. i know we're in the middle of a heat l political primary season. what do you make of that, both of these gentlemen hanging largely on these disturbances? >> it's remarkable because don't forget these men all signed pledges to support whoever the nominee is. at the beginning of this election cycle. to support the nominee. reince priebus said the rnc is 100% behind whoever the republican nominee is is and the fact that you have the other candidates for the presidency saying maybe they actually won't is a very, very big deal. very remarkable and when marco rubio made his response today, told reporters he might not support trump, he looked exhausted emotionally and, it's really amazing. >> even sounded that way in my chat with him, but we just got video of the dust up with one
8:55 am
protester that i guess got near the stage or on the stage. we'll look at this. i want to get your reanchor. >> the president. because i have to do imyself, i know it's not -- >> all right. i'm going to violate my cardinal rule. that's pretty scary. this just happened a few moments ago. someone grabbed what looked like donald trump's pant leg as he was speaking. here. take a look again. >> that is scary. >> security. and of course -- right around
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him. but this is what's happening. you surround yourself with a lot of people. one bad egg shows up, i mean, scary stuff. sorry. >> that's why he has secret service protection and exactly why there is such a big security presence at these rallies because these things happen often. and they're of course mainly towards donald trump as well, but it's a consideration at each rally. >> this just happened a few moments ago and we are showing this. i was not aware it happened near end of his remarks, where a protester it looks like behind him grabbed his pant leg or leg itself, but look how quickly secret service responds to that. they surround him. make sure he's safe. but trump having the where with all to continue his remarks. where was i? i don't know happened. >> the show must go on. >> the show must go on. you worry about this sort of stuff in this environment.
8:57 am
let's hope that it's few and rare. right? >> exactly. and i think that's why candidates are speaking out, urging people to make their points with words, that was hillary clinton's statement today instead of with acts of violence or aggression. gl crazy times. everyone. take a chill pill. thank you very, very much. ohio obviously, the scene of a lot of campaigning going on on the democratic side as wellful ed henry focusing on that. hey, ed. zpl good to see you. we're in front of an african-american church here in cleveland as this plays out. donald trump by the way will be here in cleveland later this afternoon. but so will hillary clinton. at this church behind me. for one thing, but also put out a statement overnight referencing you'll remember the awful tragedy at the church in
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south carolina last year when a gunman came in during a bible study group and so many people were killed. she was using that tragedy to athat the tone and tenor needs to be lowered at political rallies, specifically in reference to donald trump. so you can see the democratic presidential candidates jump ong this. sanders by the way, clinton's chief rival, is in chicago today. meeting with reverend jesse jackson. in a news conference this morning, sabders went after trump and it's been widely noted on social media here, on fox news and elsewhere, that move, which has endorsed sanders, has been out saying let's struck down trump events, inincluding the one in cleveland. >> that's risking a lot of problems. doing that sort of stuff. thank you. very, very much. it's been a crazy and busy two hours. a lot of this we could not have
8:59 am
seenful just as donald trump was winding down and finishing his remarks today, this is what happened. as we speak. >> because i have to do it myself, i know it's not -- >> appears that someone grabbed mr. trump by the leg. a protester, several people, maybe just a fan. quickly turned around, but note how quickly the secret service agents guarding him, recently awarding that secret service protection because the crowds he swren rates and a lot f to threats he generates. you could see in moments like these, probably money well spent. the bottom line is in this heated atmosphere, we're seeing more of this sort of thing and after the events in chicago last night, all campaigns obviously are ever watchful of this sort of thing. the great debate ensues.
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that is part of american plitica, but the bottom line is this kand of stuff gets a little scary and over the top. to date. everyone. this is a fox news alert. we are following live rallies out of ohio. we saw donald trump in an incident with his secret service just moments ago. we will bring you a live report. donald trump back on the trail today with rallies in ohio and missouri ahead of tuesday's slate for winner takes all primaries. his events with the topic of conversation after yesterday's events in chicago. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to john roberts who was at this venue in ohio when this brief moment of panic erupted. he's in chicago. stand co


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