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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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♪ the political world is watching closely as donald trump holds campaign events this weekend. hello, everyone. welcome to " america's news headquarters. >> i'm kelly wright. trump getting a bit of a scare in ohio. secret service rushing on stage to form a wall around him. protecting him from a protester. all of this just hours after the front runner cancelled a rally in chicago over fears of violence there. anti trump protesters are managing to pack the uic pavilion where he was set to speak. sparking fights both inside and out.
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>> all of a sudden, a planned attack just came out of nowhere. prohibited by -- it was printed by people that were professional people. if you look at the posters, they're all printed. they have a mark on them, who made them. we made a decision. we said, and i hated to do this, because frankly, it would have been easier to go. but i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. you would have had a problem, like they haven't seen in a long time. >> all right. matt finn is live in chicago. and matt, you were at that planned event last night. what did you see, and why did trump pull the plug? >> reporter: well, you know, to be honest, i got there rather late. i was only outside. that is the big question, right? why did he pull the plug last night? we all have seen these rallies across the country, becoming increasingly recalledy, right? people getting kicked out. what pushed it over the edge last night? i spoke fox news last night, and last night in chicago, it was noticed for the first time that the number of supporters was
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about the same as the number of the protesters, both inside and out. and that their back and forth became too escalated and dangerous. and donald trump says he ultimately decided to cancel the event. he says he talked to law enforcement who advised him. i talked to the illinois state police, the chicago police and campus police. they all say they did not advise donald trump to cancel that rally. in fact, they said they did not officially speak to him beforehand. there were 30,000 people there, and ultimately, donald trump decided to cancel it. he says he did not want to see anyone get hurt or even worse. back to you. >> we also understand it's pretty busy in chicago again today. what's that all about? >> reporter: yeah, well, you know, it was a chaotic night and now it's kind of a crazy day. it's the annual st. patrick's day parade, the river was just dyed green a couple hours ago. the energy really kicking up. police say they have hundreds of officers on the streets today. and they have not had any direct threats to donald trump tower, which is right to my left.
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and so far, pretty peaceful day in comparison to last night, kelly. >> yeah. and the river is green there, isn't it? all right, matt, thank you. >> yes, it is. pretty fun. >> all right. matt fin n reporting from chicago. thank you. next tuesday could be make or break for some presidential candidates with voters in five crucial states heading to the polls, including in missouri, where senator ted cruz is holding a rally this hour in cakansas city. senator marco rubio is battling donald trump from behind the polls in his home state of florida. right now trump currently holds a 20-point lead in rubio's home state. john kasich, meantime, hoping to stop trump in ohio. his home state. and we've got live fox news team coverage from the campaign trail. ed henry with the democrats in cleveland. but we begin with chief political correspondent, carl cameron in hudson, florida, just north of to him tampa. hey there.
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>> reporter: the trump campaign event crowds has now become the dominant story on the campaign trail. and the billionaire front runner has been addressing just every single event. here is his latest take on what's going on, and what he's now doing is turning to both talking about his crowds and going after john kasich in ohio, a state he would very much love to win and the for thinks he'll win. and here's how donald trump is trying to take down kasich in the buckeye state. >> your governor, when he was a congressman, voted for nafta. you've got the highest budget increase of any state in the united states. now here's the story. you got lucky. you -- right. you struck oil. okay? before him, you struck oil. if you didn't have oil, boy, would you have problems right now. but now the price of oil is down. you're down, and wait until you see what happens to ohio in a little while. it's going to be a big problem.
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>> reporter: kasich argues he cut taxes and cut spending. and he says the entirety of his campaign has had pressure to go negative. and he says he's just not going to do it. watch. >> i've actually had people in the national media who have told me, if you really want to get attention, you need to start attacking. let me tell you, folks. first of all, you elected me to represent you. number one. number two, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land to be elected to anything. >> reporter: kasich is aggressively did he crying the tenor of trump's campaign and how it's had this effect on some of the crowds. marco rubio weighed in on it, as well and said the trump candidacy's current success and front runner status is the responsibility of his fellow candidates, of the voters and even the media.
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listen. >> i think a lot of people have responsibility for what we've gotten to this point. i had always hoped that voters and eventually the media would see this. it's only gotten worse. i said this already. i think that for years to come after this election, there are people in the media, there are people on fox news, there are people that ran for president, that are going to have to explain to themselves and others how they fell into this trap. >> reporter: specifically, rubio has noted that in the early part of the campaign, ted cruz was eager and aggressively embracing trump, saying he liked him and respected him and shared a lot of his views and wouldn't attack. that, of course, has changed. rubio now sees an opportunity to sort of contrast himself to cruz as not being an enabler of donald trump and his rhetoric. we'll send it back to you in new york. >> all right, carl cameron, thank you so much. kelly. >> after a quick break from campaigning, hillary clinton's on her way to ohio now. with a lunch time stop in st. louis. and bernie sanders is chasing young voters with a rally
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scheduled to begin shortly at the university of illinois. chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is watching the race live from cleveland. ed? >> reporter: good to see you, kelly. in a short time from now, hillary clinton will be at this african-american church, where i am in cleveland for a town hall meeting. obviously, trying to turn out the african-american vote ahead of ohio voters going to the polls on tuesday. bernie sanders, chief rival, had a big victory in michigan, trying to build on that midwestern momentum. clinton at that st. louis stop you mentioned, also went after republican donald trump. and this whole was talking about, bottom line from hillary clinton, she says the tone has to change. watch. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement he has given to violence and aggression is not only wrong, it's dangerous, my friends.
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you know, if you play with matches, you can start a fire. you can't control. >> reporter: now, obviously, in her political interest to go after trump, hillary clinton for weeks now really has been talking about taking him on directly. that she wants a general election match-up with him. meanwhile, sanders, remember, he was endorsed by, which has been out on social media over the last 24 hours, saying they also want to help shut down a trump rally here where i am in cleveland later this afternoon. bernie sanders, when i sat down with him for an interview a couple days ago, even before the chicago incident, was saying that he thinks trump has been going too far. watch. >> i'm worried about it. how do you exist in the modern world when you have a -- somebody who is running for president, insulting muslims and mexicans and women and veterans? you know, it's -- it's quite
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preposterous. >> reporter: now trump today has directly accused bernie sanders, though, of stirring up some of his supporters to go to trump events, as i mentioned, and others to go and disrupt these events. in the last few moments, bernie sanders put out a written statement, he called donald trump a liar and says he has nothing to do with the protests going on at the trump rallies. kelly? >> ed, from your report, we get a good sense of the atmosphere in cleveland and what's happening on the campaign trail. thanks. two u.s. territories in the pacific ocean holding their presidential contests today. guam is actually selecting republican delegates. and the northern mariana islands holding democratic caucuses. and back here on the main land, washington, d.c.'s gop primary is under way right now as we speak. now the nation's capital has 27,000 registered republicans. 19 delegates are up for grabs in
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the city. kristen fisher is live at the madison hotel in washington, d.c., with the very latest. hey, kristen. >> reporter: hey, julie. right now there is a line that stretches outside this ballroom, and down two to three city blocks. and to get from the end of that line to the front right behind me takes about two hours. so turnout is certainly slightly higher than expected here. but as you said, keep in mind, there's only 27,000 registered republicans in all of the district. that's just 6% of d.c. voters. so republicans here aren't really used to having their votes matter in a presidential primary. but this time, they do. and here's why. 19 delegates are up for grabs, but only 3 to 8,000 voters are expected to turn out here today. so you have a very small number of people voting. and a relatively large number of delegates up for grabs. >> we have 19 delegates. that's as many delegates as
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hawaii, rhode island, more delegates than vermont, delaware and all the territories, except puerto rico. the interesting thing there is, though, we have almost as many delegates as places like new hampshire or puerto rico. so it's a -- in terms of bang for your buck, if you're a presidential campaign, whoever shows up here today is like 50 people voting for delegates in texas. >> reporter: now d.c. is typically seen as an establishment country. mccain in 2008 with 68%. so candidates like marco rubio and john kasich, historically, they have the edge. but no one knows for sure, because there's been zero polls in d.c. this election cycle. now, this is the only place that republican voters can come out and vote today. this is the only precinct. the polls are expected to close around 4:00 p.m., will stay open slightly longer until 9:00 strictly for orthodox ju jews. the executive director just told me they're going to go outside
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at 4:00 p.m. when the polls technically close and the last person in line at that time is the last person that's going to be allowed to vote. remember, it takes about two hours to get from the end of the line to the front of of the line so don't expect any results until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. julie. >> all right, kristen fisher, thank you very much. kelly. the search is on for survivors after a ski trip turns deadly. an avalanche rumbles down a mountainside at nearly 10,000 feet. plus, senator marco rubio hoping to light a fire under his home state voters and pull off the primary upset over donald trump. now he's calling the front runner out after last night's melee in chicago for what he calls a culture of chaos. i can't tell you how sad i was to see those images last night. but it's not just chicago. this has been building up for a long time. and the result of last night as the world turned on their television, they saw images out of america that looked like something out of the third
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a time for a quick check of the headlines. intense search and rescue operation is under way right now in the italian alps after a deadly avalanche there. italian police say at least six deaths have been confirmed so
12:17 pm
far. it is not clear exactly how many people remain missing. investigators briefing relatives of the germanwings crash victims on the results of their findings. the closed-door briefing comes a day before france is due to release its final report. the co pilot of the flight deliberately crashed the plane into a french mountainside last march, killing all 150 people on board. the u.s. and south korea staging a major military exercise. in defiance. storming simulated north korean beach defenses. it is part of their annual joint war game. this year's drill is the largest ever, and follows north korea's recent long-range rocket launch, and its nuclear test earlier this year. back to politics right now. donald trump is back in front of his fans after cancelling last night's chicago rally when protests turn violent.
12:18 pm
and you can see the tension surrounding his campaign. take a look at this. trump's protectors leaping to his side. that's the secret service after somebody apparently got too close for comfort during today's rally. his republican rivals calling on trump to cool things off. slow it down, pump the brakes. here's our political panel, fox news political analyst. and jim green, fox news contributor. thanks for joining us this afternoon. very heated out there on the campaign trail. donald trump resuming his campaign, as we mentioned, and the secret service going in to surround him when a protester gets too close to the candidate. apparently shouts something. but trump appeared to be startled for a while and then appeared to be okay. so the protester was escorted away. but the bottom line is, what is this all telling us about the tensions that are unfolding, particularly since last night's violence in chicago? >> well, what it's telling us, kelly, the fact you have people
12:19 pm
stoking the flame. should donald trump tone down his rhetoric? yes. do we have the right in this country to demonstrate, to protest? we do. but donald trump also has the right to state his case and to deny him that due to safety concerns. it's really pathetic. >> well, he's been stating his case and getting millions of dollars of television time in which to operate on his free speech. so i'm not worried about his free speech being challenged by protesters who i think -- actually behind this, finally people saying enough is enough. we thought almost a year ago that each one of these statements and how incendiary donald trump has been, we thought each time it happened, that it would be the end, and people are fed up. i'm traveling around the world and people are -- >> hold on. i don't know why you're both talking that way. let me jump in real quick. you're both correct in that trump does have his right to
12:20 pm
first amendment speech, and he says that, as well. he says it was violated by the protesters last night in chicago. other republican candidates agree with that. but add that trump is responsible. let's listen. >> there's only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events. and i do think donald needs to realize and take responsibility for the fact that some of the rhetoric he has used could potentially be contributing to this environment. that is growing increasingly disturbing. >> canada urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face. the predictable consequence of that, is that it escalates. >> and then, of course, governor kasich saying last night, quote, tonight the seeds of the vision that donald trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit and it was ugly. so what will it take to deescalate the tensions? is that's what i'm asking both of you. how do we see a deescalation of these tensions on the campaign
12:21 pm
trail with regard to the gop, angela? >> first of all, we need to tone down the rhetoric and i think you saw in the in the debate the other night and donald trump was a part of that. what i think is pretty sad, kelly -- these guys are politicians. they're going to capitalize on anything they can. that's what politicians do. but when hillary clinton released her statement last night, she inferred that donald trump's rhetoric is the type of rhetoric that causes sick young men to go into a church in south carolina last year and kill black folks. now, that's what is stoking the flames. that's causing more division. >> angela, angela -- >> it's right here. she said it. >> angela, did you read the statement of the trump -- >> i have it right here. >> of the trump supporter who punched -- the protester in the face? >> he's not running for office? the trump supporter is not running for office, baby. >> both of you -- i'll shut it down if we can't agree to talk. let's not be like the campaign. let's talk. >> the trump supporter said that the next time we ought to kill
12:22 pm
him, to a protester that he sucker-punched in the face. this is not about hillary clinton. and that's really slick of you, angela, to try to shift it. >> i'm not slick. and don't you call me -- >> ladies -- >> don't say that. >> angela -- >> that's horrible. you see what liberals do? >> i would like to step in, please. you know, just breathe a little bit. watching all of these incidents surrounding the trump campaign, does it hurt him or bolster his campaign, and what does it ultimately do for the american voter? >> it hurts america. that's what it does. i mean, that's the most important -- i don't care about donald trump and if it hurts him. it hurts this country. that's what he's doing. it is up to him to deescalate. >> angela? >> well, since you're down with your monday al mondaologue, i t maybe telling the supporter or people that the guy should have killed him -- i think he regretted that today, because his safety now is actually being impacted by some of the
12:23 pm
statements he's made. having said that, you can't make people do something that they don't already want to do. and where is bernie sanders, you know, actually denouncing because clearly, the chicago protest last night was not just a protest that just happened. it was actually organized, jamu, and you know that. >> protests usually are organized. >> not all of them, baby. not all of them. >> the boston tea party. >> angela -- >> not all of them. >> that's the american way. >> not all of them. >> okay, thanks, angela. jamu green, it thank you. and we wish you both a very good day. the passions are definitely heated up on the campaign trail from both sides. >> thanks, kelly. all right. senator marco rubio hoping for home court advantage in florida, where early voting has already started. so can a win there actually realistically put rubio back on the path to the nomination? also, floodwaters from heavy rainfall making dangerous
12:24 pm
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can a business be...alive? i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit fox news alert right now. texas senator ted cruz stuffering in the show-me state. cruz holding a rally in kansas city right now. residents of missouri head to the polls for the primary on tuesday. let's listen in a little bit. >> who recognize that donald
12:29 pm
trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. >> all right. that's senator cruz. senator marco rubio hoping to jump-start his stalled campaign with a crucial win in florida. the question is, can he do it? early voting is already under way, in rubio's home state with thein winner take all primary set tuesday. the latest fox poll shows donald trump up 20-plus percentage points in florida. rubio setting his sights on trump today, slamming the front runner again over controversy and chaos surrounding his recent rallies. joining me now is norm coleman, a former republican u.s. senator from minnesota. and he is also a rubio supporter. norm, thank you very much for talking to us. >> great to be with you, julie. >> marco rubio is battling to avoid a home state loss. this is a critical must-win for him. to donald trump in florida. right now, as you know, early voting under way. but the latest poll not necessarily in rubio's favor
12:30 pm
with trump 20-plus points ahead. how concerned is rubio, or should he be, about those numbers? >> well, julie, mason dixon has marco six points down so this race in single digits. on tuesday, there is an opportunity to reset the outcome of this race. if donald trump loses florida, if he loses ohio, he is no longer the presumptive nominee. so i would say to the cruz voters or the kasich voters in florida, if you don't want donald trump who has got 67 negatives to be our candidate then marco rubio has to win florida, he will win florida, and in spite of of the fox poll i can tell you the latest polls we have seen, public polls show him in single digits and closing fast. >> both rubio and john kasich obviously face these campaign-ending losses to trump in their home states of florida and ohio on tuesday. kasich has said he will end his campaign if he loses in ohio. what happens if rubio loses in florida? >> i'm not going to speak for the senator. let's see what happens in florida.
12:31 pm
as i said before, there's an opportunity to strategically reset this race. i have 65% of the republicans don't want donald trump to run in this race, because he'll lose to hillary clinton. and we can't afford that. so at a time where this country is being torn apart, where this party is being torn apart, marco rubio wants the opportunity to pull us together, and i'm confident and believe people respond to that in florida on tuesday. and after tuesday, it's a whole new ball of wax. when we talk about different things after tuesday. >> and i understand that the gop establishment does not support donald trump. they say that he will lose to hillary clinton. you're speaking on behalf of marco rubio here, and marco rubio doesn't really stand much of a strong chance to winning against donald trump in the nominations. so the question is, if he does lose florida and ultimately does have to back out, who does he support? today senator rubio slammed trump for creating a culture of chaos and unrest. his campaign is going as far now as saying that they want to encourage voters in ohio to vote for kasich.
12:32 pm
so it doesn't sound like rubio is going to back trump, whether he becomes a nominee or not. >> two things. marco is looking at winning on tuesday. >> of course he is, but we've got to look forward. we've got to have unity in the party. >> absolutely -- let's get through tuesday. tuesday can reset this race and all of a sudden the discussion you and i will have is a very different discussion. and let me get rid of this misnomer of establishment. conservatives don't want donald trump to be the nominee because he's not a conservative. he believes in neutrality between israel and the palestinians, he supports funding for planned parenthood, he has a budget that's going to give us an $11 trillion debt. let's put aside the establishment is looking to push down donald trump. he's not a republican. he's not a conservative. and folks who care about beating hillary -- excuse me, about clinton beating sanders, understand that donald trump is not the guy to carry the republican banner. >> does it surprise you at all for rubio's camp to encourage people in ohio to vote for
12:33 pm
kasich? i mean, he's basically acknowledging that he doesn't stand a chance in ohio. and so he's now already backing a competitor for the presidential seat for this nomination. by indicating that instead vote for kasich. >> let me be up front with you. the fact is, a vote in florida for a cruz-kasich vote for them is a vote for donald trump. and a vote in ohio for a rubio, or cruz backer is a vote for donald trump. and donald trump will destroy this party. he's tearing the party up. he's not a conservative. and so therefore, that's -- that's reality. and the end the voters will decide. we'll see what happens in florida and what happens in ohio. and then we could get to a point where we have a contested -- not a broken contest but contested. donald trump isn't at 1237, may be the leading nominee, not the presumptive nominee and then the voters will decide. the delegates will decide. not some party back room wheelers and dealers. >> this could backfire, because a lot of people will be angry to think their vote doesn't
12:34 pm
necessarily matter if it's contested. >> their vote does matter. their vote does matter. but just because you have more votes than the next person doesn't mean that you're the nominee. you've got to get to 1,237. if you don't get there, you're not the nominee, and those voters then -- the delegates will have their voice heard, not by back room wheeling and dealing but a contested convention. our history certainly not in the recent years. this is an unusual election cycle. >>. it's unusual all right. i want to talk strategy here. rubio and kasich have two completely different strategies. unlike rubio who has come to blows with trump, kasich has run a uniquely positive campaign and one of the ugliest presidential cycles, i have to say, in modern political history. and that doesn't seem to be helping kasich either. so it seems like you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. you've got kasich and rubio, one throwing punches, the other one being polite. what do you believe is the best strategy here? >> so let me say, here we are in the ballast for the heart and soul of our party, the heart and soul of our country.
12:35 pm
and john kasich has been a bystander. he said trump isn't a conservative. trump isn't supporting israel. trump doesn't have a plan to solve either health care or budget deficits, et cetera. and kasich stood on the sideline that. is a strategy, but when fighting for the heart and soul of your party against a person who is not a conservative, not a republican, and can't beat hillary, i don't think that's good strategy. i don't think it's good policy. i don't think it's good for the party. >> so you want to see a little bit more anger coming from -- >> no, no. >> not anger in the sense of i'm not talking trump rally anger. i'm talking about -- >> let's -- >> passion behind the candidate. and if it means having to, you know, knock out -- >> julie, i you have to vice president -- i jumped on you because of the word anger. there is enough anger. marco rubio is -- will criticize trump for policy -- bad policy. just a quick little anecdote. >> other than the size of his hands. >> and by the way, he stepped back and said okay, that was a mistake. >> he regretted that, i
12:36 pm
understand. >> so now we talk policy. when i met with president bush, with him shortly after 43, after he got elected, i asked him what's it like being president? what's the real deal? and he said to me, the most daunting thing is that i -- now every word i say, every word i say, has a consequence somewhere in the world. that's a reality today. donald trump's words about muslims hating us or banning from this country has a consequence of our siunni allie. his words about punching bystanders in the face sets a tone of anger. that's your word, anger. >> it's not my word. it's what i have seen on the campaign trail. i'm just saying that overall, anger, i would say, would be the -- >> marco is not generating -- don't need more anger. we've had a divider in chief called barack obama, who has pitched white against black, rich against poor, gay against straight long enough. marco rubio can bring us together. that's what we need now. >> all right. thank you for talking to us. norm coleman, we really appreciate your insight. have a great one. nearly 2 feet of rain has
12:37 pm
fallen over parts of the south, submerging roads, bridges and even homes in louisiana and mississippi. and tennessee just north of memphis, one family and their dogs had to be rescued by boat when rising waters surrounded their house. several systems are now making their way across the west coast. senior meteorologist, janice dean, is live. janice? >> hi, kelly. two big stories. the first one, of course, is the flooding. the historic flooding across texas, louisiana, mississippi, as well into arkansas where we have received over 2 feet of rain in just a matter of days. you can see all of this moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. last four days, that's where we have seen rivers rise, go over their banks, and unfortunately, they will continue to rise well into next week. we will get a drying out period, but we're still going to deal with the potential for more rain in the forecast across the mississippi river valley. this area just doesn't need to see one more drop of rainfall. the other big story across the west, where they have received
12:38 pm
several systems pushing in, this weekend no exception. and then we're going to see more of the same pattern heading into next week. several inches of rainfall. several feet of snow across the west. and while it is beneficial, it's going to lead to flooding concerns, as well as rough travel for portions of the west. looking at the temperatures, cooler than average across the area is what we're seeing. that higher he elevation, snow. and warmer than average across the eastern half of the country. look at that. 70s in raleigh and atlanta. even new york city, 10 degrees above average. and one big reminder as we go to bed tonight, julie and kelly. daylight savings time. so we lose an hour of sleep. and i know, julie, we're used to this as being moms of young kids. oh, what's an hour? what's another hour, right? >> oh, it's just an hour. >> i'm going from zero hours to negative one. >> oh, my goodness. i apologize -- >> we're really looking forward to monday morning and you've got to get the kids up for school. >> you'll be fine. >> oh, yeah, i'll be fine.
12:39 pm
>> i hear your pain, my sister. >> i've been sick for three months and now daylight savings will put me in my grave. it's fine. sleep is -- >> overrated. >> yeah. see you, janice. all right. well, a prison is on lockdown after a riot breaks in which the warden and guard were both stabbed. how corrections officers were able to regain control of the facility. plus, nearly 700 delegates will be up for grabs in some pivotal primaries this tuesday. so will bernie sanders gain more ground on hillary clinton? or will the front runner distance herself even more from her survi rivals? his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you.
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12:43 pm
the gop candidates are gearing up for what could be some pivotal primaries this tuesday, the biggest in florida and ohio. not only the two biggest prizes, but must-wins for marco rubio and john kasich, respectively. now the two are looking to stay
12:44 pm
trump from running away with the lead. more than 350 total gop delegates will be up for grabs in five states. and this time, some of the contests are winner take all. joining us now is john mccormack, senior writer for "the weekly standard. "four of the five are races to watch. what are you looking out for tuesday? >> the four key states to watch, like you said, are ohio, florida, as well as missouri and illinois. missouri and illinois, you add them together, they have almost as many delegates as ohio and florida. they haven't gotten quite as much attention, because there isn't all the drama there with the home state governor, senator, as there is in ohio with governor kasich. or florida with senator rubio. but a lot of delegates up for grabs in those states. they're done by congressional district. so you still can rack up a lot of delegates. in south carolina, that is how they're awarded and donald trump wound up winning 100%, and is
12:45 pm
33% of the vote. donald trump could get a lot of delegates there. the things to watch right now are to see whether or not the candidates with make a break and coalesce. there are three different candidates in three states who are the only realistic challengers. and that would be in florida, the only candidate who has got a chance is marco rubio. in some polls down in single digits, some much more, but the only one close in ohio. john kasich, the sitting governor, he's ahead by five points in one poll. but behind by some points in another poll. so missouri, a recent poll, just out this week, shows ted cruz down by seven points to donald trump. but 17% of voters undecided. if they break towards ted cruz as they have in other key states, you could see cruz rack up delegates in those congressional districts in missouri. >> it will be interesting to see what happens with those undecid undecides, considering these trump rallies and whether that tone, that temperature that we have been seeing will sway voters in one way or the other. how do you think that -- you
12:46 pm
know, last night's rally, for example, will affect some of the undecided voters? >> well, in an ideal world, you would hope that people wouldn't make up their minds based on things like anger and seeing an angry mob. they would vote based on issues. but obviously we know that's not how people always vote. and, you know, it could go either way. protesters might be out of hand, which they obviously are. you should never shout down someone's speech, let alone get violent. on the other hand, donald trump himself before the violence broke out in chicago, he was in st. louis, lamenting the fact that nobody wants to hurt anybody any more. at another rally earlier in february he said i would like to punch that guy in the face and said he would pay for the legal bills of anybody, who, quote, knocked the hell or knocked the crap out of a protester, being disruptive. but again, not being violent. so i do think that obviously those who are behaving badly in the protests, they deserve all of the blame that they deserve. but obviously, donald trump is going to have to answer for the
12:47 pm
fact he has deliberately and directly encouraged his supporters to throw punches and to hurt people. >> well, that's the kind of, you know, i guess quality in which a lot of undecideds may look at. i'm not just talking about the protesters and so forth and how people are behaving at these rallies. but you have to look at the front runner and his behavior, and weigh in whether he plays a role in fighting some of this. also want to talk north carolina, one of the states where it's hard to get a lot of delegates there. i guess does it matter if a candidate comes in first or second place? >> you know, if we're in a delegate fight, not really. it might help out for some headlines in the media narrative that you won one of the five states up for grabs. but, you know, the difference between finishing in first place in north carolina and 40% in second place 30% is only a measly seven delegates. in florida, if you get one vote more than your nearest competitor, you get 99 delegates. everybody else gets zero. in ohio, you get one vote more
12:48 pm
than new york's competitor. you get 66 delegates. all your competitors get zero. so that's why these winner take all -- that similar situation happens in the congressional districts in illinois and missouri. that's where all of the eyes are, not north carolina. >> all right, john mccormack, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. kelly. the obama administration could declare isis attacks on christians and other religious minorities genocide as early as next week. what would it mean in terms of the u.s. response to the crisis? >> there's a real opportunity here to have history look back on what happened right now and say, okay, there was the courage to do the right thing here. whoa what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person?
12:49 pm
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the obama administration is under pressure to make a decision on whether to declare that isis attacks on religious minority constitute genocide. secretary of state john kerry is expected to make the decision as early as next week, only the second time a u.s. administration has reached that conclusion while a conflict is ongoing. john bolten is a former u.n. ambassador. also a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. mr. ambassador, thank you for
12:53 pm
joining us. members of congress and religious groups is urging secretary kerry to identify the atrocities committed as genocide. mr. kerry once called the persecution of christians genocide. do you think, however, he will officially declare that by the march 17th deadline that's been set. >> i think the statutory requirements are met with respect yazidis. i think the real question is looking at what the consequences of that declaration would be. you know, if the administration had been pursuing an effective policy against isis for past couple of years. we might not be in such a perilous position. my guess would be is that the administration will acknowledge it's genocide but its policy in
12:54 pm
the region basically won't change. >> won't change. if mr. kerry declares genocide as you stated it's likely he might, what will that mean in terms of the united states and the international community's response, it may not change. will it require military intervention? would it be similar to what colin powell did in 2004? atrocities committed in darfur region of sudan was -- >> i think i was at the state department at the time that secretary powell made that decision to call darfur genocide. i think he was correct to do that and i think the legal interpretation that he followed at that time was also correct that it's really under american statutes which implement the genocide convention for our purposes there was no legal obligation act.
12:55 pm
my recollection is what secretary powell did was ask for the u.n. supreme court council to do something about darfur which they promptly did not. i suspect if we went to the supreme court council here, where actions go to die we would get a resolution condemning the atrocities. this isn't a legal issue. this is question what the united states and uniquely the united states can and should do to deal with isis generally. >> what would the declaration of genocide do for those christians, yazidis and kurds under persecution which is unspeakful. >> some reason to believe that the united states make day more vigorous action. having watch the administration's performance since the beginning of the arab spring in syria, i really doubt with this point, with less than a year to go it will result in
12:56 pm
any differences on the ground. saying that isis is committing genocide is a deal legitimateizing declaration, but it doesn't imply any action on the ground. >> which i could talk to you longer about this. so devastating what's happening over there. it's impacting the world. we thank you so much for sharing some insights into this. >> glad to be with you. still ahead -- fox team coverage on the fallout from the intensed a months fear that's coming to surround donald trump's campaign events and what he has to say about it. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. donald trump. back on stage for his fans this weekend after cancelling last night's event in chicago because of fighting. and you can tell the tension is rising. but something startled trump at today's rally in ohio causing secret service to leap into action and form a wall around him. hello and welcome back to a new hour inside america's news election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> and i'm julie banderas. meanwhile trump's three rivals
1:01 pm
are panning out across the three primary states next tuesday. governor kasich hoping to deny him ohio. we have live fox team coverage for you. we begin with matt finn in chicago. where a lot was going on last night. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, julie, yeah a lot going on last night. i got there toward the end of that rally. trump wanted to cancel because of safety concerns. what forced donald to cancel that rally? we have seen his rallies across the country becoming increasingly rowdy. what was the tipping point last night? i spoke to one our fox news imbed, for for first time, the back and forth through the prosters and supporters escalated. felt people could potentially get hurt. trump spoke to some law
1:02 pm
enforcement advisers who said it was probably a good idea to cancel the rally. i spoke to police, they didn't advise the donald trump campaign to cancel the rally, they didn't even speak to beforehand. chicago police said they had 30 officers there last night. they felt comfortable. they kept donald and everybody there safe. donald is the one who wanted to cancel this thing and he did. there were upwards of 30,000 people there last night and we're keeping an eye on the other events today across the country. >> all right, matt finn, thank you very much. voters in five states will hit the polls tuesday. and some very crucial primaries. the contests could be make or break for some candidates with marco rubio and john kasich both seeking home-state victories. two of three contests are winner-take-all when it comes to
1:03 pm
delegates. including florida. karl? >> hello, there. it's been an incredible weekend. still half of it remaining. today, donald trump has suggested to his crowds, his supporters and his audiences, they are the movementened he's the messenger and with the volatility and the scenes that you just saw there with secret service leaping to action in order to protect him from a demonstrator that comes out of the crowd and storms the stage, that message and his supporters are under considerable fire and here's how donald trump defends himself and them. >> terrible situation. i have to tell you, and it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry, we're going to go to. polls on tuesday and we're going to be resounding victory. resounding. and i really appreciate you being here. this is our final push. you know, all over the world,
1:04 pm
they're talking about what's happening. the momentum that we have it's a movement. they're calling it a movement. it's not me. it's you. i'm the messenger. >> here in florida, it's marco rubio's home state. a must-win. john kasich said if he loses ohio, he'll drop out of the race. not marco rubio. rubio has been particularly pointed in the last couple of days, coming at donald trump for the tone of his rhetoric. he said not any more personal attacks anymore, because he has become critical because of the violence and the tension that takes place at the trump's events. watch. >> when you have supporters s k sucker punching you're not disavowing it.
1:05 pm
this goes beyond bipartisan politics. what our kids are going to be like. >> i talked with wrx >> rex: on his campaign bus today. he said suggested that his rival tx tx was too nice and too willing to embrace donald trump. as for ted cruz, ted cruz is also making the argument that if you want someone else to be the nominee besides donald trump you got to go to the texas senator. here. >> so if you had been or if you're supporting someone else, let me say to you, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, come join us, we welcome you on our team. millions and millions people who had been supporting rubio, people who had been supporting kasich, people who had been supporting other candidates coming together because at this point, there's one campaign and only one campaign. that has repeatedly beaten donald trump. >> it's worth pointing out that
1:06 pm
donald trump has beaten ted cruz and the rest of the field more than ted cruz has beaten him. some polls in florida have suggested that the gap is narrowing. north carolina and illinois also voting. ohio, florida, winner take all states with a huge delegate purse. if kasich and rubio win them both, that would be considered a huge blow to donald trump. given they're two very important winner take all states. florida and ohio historically have been crucial to any republican becoming president. >> karl cameron giving us the complete blow by blow of what's coming up. thank you. more people in florida casting their ballots as the state's early voting ends today. this comes ahead of tuesday's crucial primary in the sunshine
1:07 pm
state. the home state for rubio. florida, of course, a winner take all state. which has 99 republican delegates. it's a big one. steve is live at a polling station in coral gables, florida, hey, steve. >> julie, we're about five minutes from marco rubio's home here at the coral gable library. across the state of florida, a record number of early voters, 1.7 million, when it closes tomorrow, we could reach over 2 million. lot of people telling us they're trying to vote early to avoid what could be huge lines on tuesday. >> this press singt is always incredibly busy. we wanted to get here early before the lines. >> i already voted because i saw how important this election was, even as a primary and the other states. i see the big lines. i think it better to finish before the big lines start. >> the most recent fox news poll
1:08 pm
shows donald trump with a commanding 25% lead over marco rubio. trump will be in boca raton on sunday. marco rubio is working hard to save his political future in this state. crisscrossing this state today. he'll wind up at the central florida at the villages retirement center. this is of course on the gop side a winner take all primary, 99 delegates to the winner. julie, back to you. >> steve, thank you so much. kelly? hillary clinton is back on the campaign trial, fighting with bernie sanders for votes in buckeye state. can sanders pull off another upset like he did in michigan? plus, republicans, democrats and the president all weighing in and condemning the culture of chaos fueling trump rallies. how the latest burst of violence is being perceived. >> this is not about political
1:09 pm
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1:13 pm
time now for a quick check of the headlines. one person is dead and two others missing following a tug boat crash on the hudson river. early this morning. divers have been unable to search the river for the missing crew members. because of unsafe water conditions. u.s. marshalls recaptured one of two prisoners who escaped from a new mexico transsit van. lionel clah serving time for armed robbery remains on the run. some 17-year-old voters will get to vote or cast a ballot, rather n the ohio primary a judgish shug the ruling friday just days after the bernie sanders' campaign filed a lawsuit, though the ruling was in a similar case not the same one. sanders was seeking to overturn it adecision by the secretary of state that banned teenagers from voting in the primary. even if they'll be 18 in time for the general election.
1:14 pm
a state appeals court has set a hearing on the issue for monday. well, tensions are running a little high, you could say, as republicans, democrats and even the white house weigh in on the violence surrounding donald trump's canceled rally last night in chicago. now trump's republican rivals, marco rubio and john kasich both suggesting today they may not support trump if he becomes the nominee. meanwhile, hillary clinton is charging him with encouraging the violence and president obama also weighing in as well. listen. >> folks running for office should be focused on how we should make it better. and manufacturing facts. not divisive along the lines of race or faith. certainly not violence against
1:15 pm
other americans or -- or excluding them. we're a better country than that. >> joining me now is tammy bruce, a radio talk show host and a fox news contributor and john goodfriend. tammy what say you about the president stepping in and trying to unite everyone last night. >> it was quite rich. this is a man who during his own election said if they bring a knife to a fight we'll bring a gun. this is the man who compared the gop to terrorists. this is the man who invited the black lives matter group that helped create chaos in ferguson. this is a man who set the standards for division. he's the divider in chief. so, he needs just look in the mirror. now what's going on when it comes to what happened last night is also very disturbing.
1:16 pm
what i'm finding odd is that for hillary clinton, these are people who are liberals complaining about immigration and minimum wage and all of that, they're hillary and bernie voters, yet no one on gop side is calling for the democratic party or hillary or bernie condemn what's occurred. it's their supporters -- >> but they have condemned -- both bernie and hillary have condemned any kind of violent nature along the campaign trails. >> david, it's not just trump supporters getting violent. i want to read a tweet sent out by donald trump today. which says. it is clinton and sanders people who disrupted my rally in chicago -- and then they say i must talk to my people. phoney politicians! what say you, david, about leftist supporting hillary and bernie and also getting in the mix of all the violence here.
1:17 pm
>> i think my friend tammy and other people who espoused this, have gasping at strauss to create a equivalency between president obama and donald trump. there's no equivalent. those protesters that showed up at the trump rally were not there to punch, kick, demean, they were to protest. that's a first amendment right we all have. what you have to play out in each of these instances, where did the violence begin and who was encouraging violence by their very terms. it began with trump supporters lashing out against protesters and it was incited by donald trump himself here. he has an opportunity as the nominee of the republican party which it looks like he will, he
1:18 pm
has an opportunity to today to be a leader. show your leadership, donald trump. say what is appropriate and what's inappropriate at your own rally. let's see you lead, donald trump. right now, i'm not seeing it. more evidence he's not going to win the presidency. >> last night's rally was a disgrace. quite frankly, i would call it an embarrassment to the republican party. both republicans and democrats are weighing in. at least we see some agreement on both sides here but for the wrong reasons. today, tensions are still running high. the question is, will trump do anything to lower the temperature? tonight in kansas city, there's another protest that is scheduled. kansas city will be holding a rally there, donald trump during the fox report at 7:00. we'll be watching that closely. yet another protest is scheduled. >> when you talk about lowering the temperature, they need to
1:19 pm
ask the republican party. they need to check with mitt romney and karl rove. mitch mcconnell. >> everybody but donald trump. >> excuse me, don't interrupt me. we got a situation here where we're looking at a clear dynamic that's horrific. but here's the man who's the target of it and he's expected to be the one to bring the tone down. he has said repeatedly, he rejects this. i'm not even on the trump train. what i'm seeing here is an absurd dynamic. i'm appall that the gop isn't holding the democratic party accountable. donald trump in the meantime has rejected it. that's why he canceled the rally was to not have any violence occur. we have to look at who's responsible and who's funding this. frankly it's not organic -- >> before cancelling last night's rally, it was trump
1:20 pm
campaign that canceled it. it was trump's campaign that decided it was unsafe. they went ahead and tried to avoid anyone from getting hurt. you have to give them credit for that. before the rally, he actually urged the party to rally behind him. meanwhile, trump's political rivals are blaming him for fuel. >> that's the right question to ask, because we can disagree on who is doing what, but there's no disagreement on how you win elections. you win elections by getting a plurality or a majority of the votes and i believe what donald trump campaign is suffering from at the moment is because of this embarrassment it's not going to help them expand beyond their current plurality within the republican party. so, i'm willing to concede right
1:21 pm
up front that donald trump will be the nominee of the republican party. i can see that. now, how does he win the presidency? now, how does he win swing voters in swing states? this stuff hurts him. the smartest thing for him to do, is to step up, be a leader, so they he can manage this, show that he's better than this. >> the gop can step up, too. john kasich needs to drop out. ted cruz and marco rubio need to unite. >> all right, we got to go. david, good friend, thank you. tammy, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next thursday is st. patrick's day, many events to celebrate the pat ron saint of ireland. we tell the story of annishman
1:22 pm
con incidentally named patrick. what it's like to cope with painful circumstances only to turn around and let it motivate our generosity. from the gorgeous scenery of ireland, patrick walsh grew up learning to appreciate the simplicity of life. for most of his life he's been painting. he takes joy in knowing that his creations are enriching the lives of those who love his art >> it's a very interesting life. >> patrick says painting helps him see the beauty in life. recently, he experienced the ugliness of disease. when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> my family had a brush with cancer last year. and cancer i think is like a mythical monster who lives if a faraway place that you don't give a lot of thought to. until one day he shows up and
1:23 pm
moves in. >> he said his wife handled the battle with cancer a lot better than he did. >> i think the patient is on a journey and they're dealing with the medical people and they have a program and they're at the center of things. but the loved one is waking up at 4:00 in the morning, you know, with night sweats. >> out of the anxiety and worry over his wife's treatment, patrick created a series of 15 paintings that capture the essence of their war on cancer. >> it turned out to be the best body of work that i have ever done. the most coherent. the most real. the series was called nocturnes. in the meaning playing in the middle of night. >> wow, wow. >> even nonbelievers pray at 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: happily his wife beat the cancer but patrick is still using his art to help other people dealing with the disease. he donated his narrated paintings to a foundation in
1:24 pm
ireland. its focus is on early detection of cancer which certainly helped them through their ordeal. >> they gave her so much information. she really took it on the chin. she actually worked the whole way through her treatment. >> art is used in a lot of therapeutic cases. what would you say about promoting art therapy so it becomes a healing bond for those struggling with any kind of disease? >> i think i agree with you completely. there is something very primitive about the play in creating something -- creating anything. you can forget and put yourself into a place that relaxes you and heals your mind and spirit. >> no working art can afford to give away six or seven months' work of art. but it's come back to me. it really has come back to me in so many ways. and i'm so glad i did it.
1:25 pm
>> so glad that his wife has survived as well. overcome. for the marie keating foundation, they'll go on to raise hopefully more than1 million. that will be global. donald trump's campaign threatens steam roll marco rubio in florida. and is giving john kasich a run for his money in his own state of ohio. so, would losses on tuesday end their quest for the white house? plus, bernie sanders looking to well, gain up some more support among young voters. now, he's actually at the university of illinois jabbing hillary clinton for her ties to chicago's mayor. >> let me be clear as i can be, based on his disastrous record as mayor of the city of chicago, i do not want mayor emanuel's endorsement.
1:26 pm
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their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. welcome back, everyone. i don't need to tell you fox news is america's election headquarters. we're watching the candidates ahead of next tuesday's critical primaries. it's a big, big day. rally right now under way at the university of illinois. where bernie sanders is looking to energize young voters. hillary clinton meantime expected shortly at a campaign event in cleveland. those are two of the five states holding their primaries on tuesday. chief white house correspondent ed henry, he gets around a lot, too. he's like a candidate for fox news channel. he's live in cleveland with
1:31 pm
more. hey there, ed. >> reporter: it's getting a little bit busy these days. hillary clinton just walked into this church behind me. an african-american church behind me. she's look for the african-american turnout on tuesday. bernie sanders is trying to build momentum in the midwest. the other issue out here on the trail, hillary clinton sometimes trying to look past bernie sanders to the general election and go after donald trump. she did just that at a stop earlier in missouri. talking about some of the tone, the tenor, but also some of the violence at donald trump's events. watch. >> if you see bigotry you should oppose it. if you see violence, you should condemn it. and if you see a bully you should stand up to him. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders i did an interview with him, even before this trump incident
1:32 pm
in chicago, the need to end the rally and postpone it last night in chicago, bernie sanders told me he is also concerned about some of the comments that donald trump has been making and wants him to stop. watch. >> i'm worried about -- how do you exist in the modern worked when you have somebody who's running for president insulting muslims and mexicans and wims and veterans. you know, it's quite propostrous. >> a little earlier today, donald trump actually pointed the finger at bernie sanders, saying if sanders supporters showing up at his events as protesters. online has been stirring up sanders' supporters. >> all right, ed henry, thank you very much.
1:33 pm
donald trump holds a commanding lead in the delegate count right now. over two of his republican rivals. but senator marco rubio and governor john kasich are both banking on wins in their home states on tuesday. to keep them in the presidential race. so what happens if they both lose. john fund joins us now. he's a columnist for the national review. john, good for you to join us. you have been busy on the campaign trail. what do you make of this as we go into super tuesday, it's very important for john kasich in ohio. certainly very important for senator marco rubio in florida. do you think they can defeat trump at this juncture? >> this campaign has had so many surprises anything can happen. having said that, if trump wins florida and he wins ohio and he does very well in missouri and illinois he'll probably only need about 44% of the delegates and that's very adorable for
1:34 pm
him. however, if he loses one of those two big states, like ohio, where he's tied with john kasich. he needs 50%. doable but harder. if he loses both ohio and florida, i think we're heading toward an open convention. >> based on what unfolded last night in chicago, and then what we saw, again, today in ohio, where mr. trump was basically surrounded by secret service because of a security threat to him, at a live rally, do you think this bodes well for him? will it get the masses out to vote for him? >> these things usually two impacts. one, his spotters get more angry and more energized. i think bernie sanders should tell moveon, stop sending people to the trump campaigns you're asking for trouble.
1:35 pm
when people see chaos swirling around a candidate, they say, hey, this is trouble. this is too much of a scircus. they may stay home or switch to another candidate. i do know the swing voters the undecided voters don't like chaos. >> you centered on something that's the chaos because people are alarmed and uncertain when it comes to confusion and chaos and a result that could be dealt if donald trump doesn't get ahead of this message, what happens to his campaign? >> donald trump made a good start in the debate. he was much more sub dude and much more "presidential". i think he needs to keep that up, lower the temperature at his rallies, lower the temperature of his supporters. somebody has to take the first move. and the other candidates should also be called on to say that supporters don't go to a rally just to protest. go to rally but don't go there
1:36 pm
to agitate. >> john kasich has said that, it's time for america to unite and not be divided over the politics. he said what happened last night was basic the seeds of discord and the fruit bearing that. however, as we try to see this campaign not just for donald trump's campaign but the entire republican campaign and you look at the democrats, where is the temperature right now? i have never seen a campaign run like this. i know the outsiders are really galvanizing and energizing people. >> we have never in america have two attempted hostile takeover of the major local parties. bernie sanders on one side. donald trump on the other. both represent iing stuff far outside the normal political spectrum. they're hostile toward each other. it's more visible on the republican party. if bernie sanders does well on tuesday, that temperature will
1:37 pm
go up, too. >> it sure will. i got to ask you, how would you define this? how would you describe this entire campaig wn have been watching since it all started with so many candidates on the republican side and now it's whittle down -- >> i spoke to a supporter of one of the candidates in ohio. who said, you know, this has been a fun for a long time. but now, i miss home. i miss normal stuff. and i think this campaign has been very entertaining. but i think it's now we're entering the exhausting stage, we have to go into a serious stage, we're talking about nominating people for the most important job in the world. >> the most important job. people talk around their water cooler, in their homes, they talk to their neighbors. they go on social media and there's this underlying concern about who is going to lead this country and can these men and women who running for the most
1:38 pm
important aufsz office in the l dial it back and start talking about very serious subjects without getting into the vitriol. >> and we have a very vulnerable economy. >> how do you see it? >> i think if i had to guess, i think kasich holds off trump in ohio. i think trump does win florida. i think he does well in missouri and illinois. trump is on track to fall, i think, just short of majority of delegates before the convention, that will enter the biggest political story. drama to unfol. john fund, always appreciate your comments and insights. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie. fox news alert. we're going to check out what senator marco rubio is up to right now. he's holding a meet and greet at this hour. he's currently in lakeland,
1:39 pm
florida. ahead of the winner take all florida primary this tuesday. meeting with some of the people of his home state at a coffee shop. he wants to get around that state as much as he can and pull as much support in his concern so he can win his home state come tuesday. a big, big day in the primaries for marco rubio. well the battle for next week's winner take all states is on if in a big way with senator ted cruz also hitting the campaign trail with some of the party's political heavyweights. urging voters in florida to unite behind him to stop donald trump. and john kasich is working hard to notch a win in hoiz home state of ohio. it's a big, big day on tuesday for both rubio and kasich. we'll hear from the buckeye state's gop chair on why he says governor kasich should be the next commander in chief as senator rubio fights for his political life to block trump.
1:40 pm
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an intense battle for florida as the winner take all state offers 99 gop delegates in all. far donald trump has collected about 460 delegates while texas senator ted cruz has 360. now, more republicans actually say that senator cruz may be their only option. to block trump from winning the nomination. steve is the cruz's campaign new jersey state director. thank you very much for talking to us. so, trump leads the race but cruz isn't far behind. what is his strategy for catching up or surpassing and what needs to happen on tuesday to close the gap? >> i think what happens at the polls on tuesday is that john kasich wins ohio which stops trump did. this becomes head to head race
1:45 pm
between two men. everybody knows that. in a head to head race, ted cruz beats donald trump in every state coming up. julie, what's at stake here is the best leader to lead this country. ted cruz is a uniter. but donald trump has proven he's a guide divider. we saw that -- >> we're having some satellite issues there. that's freezing. that's live satellite. we'll try to get that satellite back up and running as steve was talking to us about cruz's campaign and what needs to happen behind the scenes. in order to trump trump. in fact, he just said right there on our interview there before it was cut short that he actually stands to actually win florida. so, you know, everybody's been talking about whether this comes down to donald trump and marco rubio in florida. you might be seeing quite a surprise coming from the cruz campaign in florida. we'll have to wait and see. that would be a huge upset for marco rubio. we'll have to wait and see.
1:46 pm
here, we're actually showing more marco rubio. he's in lakeland, florida, right now. he's been doing a meet and greet at a coffee shop. lot of pressure on marco rubio, just like john kasich needs ohio on tuesday, john kasich has said if he wins, that's great he'll continue. if he loses ohio he's going to drop out. marco rubio on the other hand hasn't said what he's going to do post-florida, but we can tell you this, some of the latest fox polls have him trailing and trump in front of him by 20-plus points. other polls have the margin much narrower. the question is, what does marco rubio do if he does indeed lose florida and if he loses it to cruz as our guest just mentioned, does that change things up for marco rubio's future? unfortunately, we can't get steve back, we're having technical issues. kelly. the political world keeping a close eye on donald trump rallies this weekend.
1:47 pm
after violence erupts at a planned rally in chicago. how trump's fellow candidates are responding. plus, bernie sanders and hillary clinton gearing up what could be some crucial contests this week, can sanders gain more ground or will hillary pull further ahead? defiance is in ou. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know.
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in its recent two-part series that breathing heavy and detailed hillary clinton's obsess effort to go to war.
1:52 pm
pru foreign policy is a first that candidates and voters pay attention to hillary's blood thirsty record on libya and dangerous deficit of judgment. before the deluge an array of top security officials lined up against any military action in libya, including defense secretary bob gates and national security advisor. still hillary prevailed with what she would later describe as an exercise of smart power. the president caved. so under the cover of a u.n. resolution advertised as an effort to head off genocide, u.s. air raids unleashed the gruesome overthrow of gadhafi and created a playing field for terrorists and warring tribal militias. adding to gadhafi's robust weapons stash, the pentagon launched a secret pipeline of
1:53 pm
weapons to rebel militias. many of which wound up with muslim terrorists across the middle east and africa. the militias cried havoc and libya as a country dissolved. we now know from the record that before she called in the bombers, mrs. clinton rebuffed several offers of diplomacy to establish a cease fire. instead of decisiveness, hillary relied on endless workshopping with members of her sorority about what the u.s. should do. there is not much you can say to a woman who has made up her mind to win the white house and roll the president. what she didn't expect arrived all too soon, delewding gadhafi's weapons arsenal and the grisly death of our ambassador and three security men who went down fighting in benghazi. amid the chaos, isis terrorists established a base in libya and two governments vie for
1:54 pm
recognition. today a tidal wave of refugees engulfs the land heading west. will someone please ask the democratic frontrunner to defend her libyan adventure, other than what she told the media in a flush of victory? we came, we saw. he died. a violent uprising at a prison in alabama. angry inmates set a fire and stabbed two corrections officials there. about 100 inmates involved in the uprising last night. it serves as alabama carries out executions. authorities say three emergency response teams were deployed to bring the prison under control. the officials' injuries were nonlife-threatening. governor bentley has been calling for measures to modernize the state's prisons. the windy city going green. it's got nothing to do with recycling. chicago kicking off st.
1:55 pm
patrick's day by dyeing the chicago river green. large crowds gather to go watch the event. the city hold ago 33rd annual st. patrick's day parade. in case you're wondering, it's actually thursday, march 17. but obviously they're getting in the spirit a bit early. looks pretty cool from up top. >> it does indeed. also a man jumping from the top of one of europe's tallest buildings. take a look at this cell phone video. witnesses say a dare devil leaped from the top of this in london, opening his parachute and landing on a busy street before running away. no injuries reported and no arrests so far. that is quite daring and some might say -- >> dumb. >> yes. >> i'll say it. >> or stupid. >> that is going to do it for us. >> i like your style. america's news headquarters continues at the top of the hour. >> i'm going to see you on the fox report, 7:00 o'clock. there is a lot going on.
1:56 pm
we've got two different primaries happening today. hopefully have some numbers for you. also we're going to keep a close eye on donald trump's planned rally in kansas city. it begins at 7 p.m also a planned protest scheduled that hour as well. hopefully it will not turn into what it was last night in chicago. but -- >> be sure to join us. she's julie banderas. i'm kelly wright. good night. we love you. >> see you.
1:57 pm
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it is full speed ahead on the campaign trail with only three days to go before what could be make or break moment in the race for the republican nomination. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville of the welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> hello. i'm eric shaun. there is also tension after those angry, violent protests, the disruptions we saw in the canceled chicago donald trump rally. >> we made a decision. we said -- and i hated to do this because frankly, it would have been easier to go. but i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. you would have had a problem like they haven't seen in a long time because we have people that are so amazing, and it's not necessarily loyal to me, it's loyal to the country. >> as we saw those clashes broke out last night between his supporters and those protesters inside the chicago pavilion. this afternoon mr. trump blames


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