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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  March 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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it is full speed ahead on the campaign trail with only three days to go before what could be make or break moment in the race for the republican nomination. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville of the welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> hello. i'm eric shaun. there is also tension after those angry, violent protests, the disruptions we saw in the canceled chicago donald trump rally. >> we made a decision. we said -- and i hated to do this because frankly, it would have been easier to go. but i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. you would have had a problem like they haven't seen in a long time because we have people that are so amazing, and it's not necessarily loyal to me, it's loyal to the country. >> as we saw those clashes broke out last night between his supporters and those protesters inside the chicago pavilion. this afternoon mr. trump blames supporters of hillary clinton
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and senator bernie sanders, among other groups. five people were arrested. there was another tense moment earlier today at that trump rally near dayton, ohio. >> i guess i have to do it myself. oh! >> one protester identified from ohio. they say he allegedly tried to rush the stage and apparently got close. secret service agents converged quickly around mr. trump and then carried the protester out of that event. now his rivals are blaming him. they say blame the ground work for these flare-ups. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment and toxic environment has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. >> marco rubio saying the level of rhetoric needs to be dialed
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down. >> the job of a true leader is not to stoke people's anger, it's not to say i know you are in pain. so what i am going to do is i am going to use your pain to make you even more painful, more angry, so that you vote for me instead of someone else. >> meanwhile, the battle over the delegates, that's the race that continues to raise the stakes in the campaign. 37 more delegates up for grabs today. voting is going on in guam, washington, d.c. and wyoming. there is a bigger trove awaiting in florida. that's where we'll begin right now with carl cameron who is live near tampa. carl, how is this unprecedented surge in the spring of outbursts that we've seen affecting the trump campaign? >> well, donald trump has been sort of immersed in controversy, really if the very beginnings of his campaign. some would argue going back to the beginning of the obama administration or obama campaign when he was questioning the
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president's citizenship and suggesting that he was born in kenya. but they come up with any historical comparison to the level of anger and frustration in a presidential campaign, it's never really been anything like this where the actual voters are at each other's throats and punching one another, et cetera. there has always been threats to candidates. candidates have secret service because there have been circumstances where people have brought guns to campaign rallies or there have been threats that the secret service has detected. but these are actually threats amongst voters and to get that kind of level of antipathy in the pop lace, you really got to go back almost a half a century to the '60s. this does not reach that level by any stretch of the imagination. but when you have voters angry with one another, it's really quite unprecedented and when you see the types of things we saw today where the candidate is standing on a stage, what's reported to have been a bernie
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sanders supporter comes racing out of the trump crowd and the secret service has to engulf donald trump, that's something that just doesn't happen on television and now it's being broadcast all over the world. it's not exactly the kind of picture people want to show of how democracy works. >> as you point out, we haven't seen this type of behavior in decades. mr. trump's opponents are claiming the atmosphere of the runner leading to this. what else are they saying? >> reporter: they're blaming it on donald trump. they say that his rhetoric is beyond the pale and for one particular candidate, it's really caught a tremendous turn of events. about a month ago, ted cruz dropped his constant support of defense of donald trump. for the better part of last year, the texas senator said that he liked and respected and agreed in many ways with donald trump and now in large measure, because of the violence that has shown up on the campaign trail at trump rallies, ted cruz has dramatically changed his tune
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and just a little while ago he had a media availability in up with of his events and again, made it clear, listen to this. >> encouraging violence is wrong. that's why i've called it out. i care about this country. i care about the future for my kids and for your kids. donald trump as president, i believe, would be a disaster. but i think hillary clinton would be an even worst disaster. she would do even more damage to this country. but i'm not interested in settling for the lesser of two evils. i'm not interested in settling for the lesser disaster. >> reporter: one of the things that ted cruz has -- rather donald trump argued throughout this campaign is that anybody who criticizes him or attacks him gets counter attacked by donald trump and he's essentially put them away. that has not been the case with ted cruz. again, ted cruz was very friendly towards donald trump for several months last year and that has now changed and yet we still see ted cruz very competitive, second place in the delegate count.
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second place in the number of states won. and actively and deliberately encouraging rubio to come to him because he's the best position that leads in the delegate count to take down donald trump. >> carl cameron, campaign carl, 'cause you cover the country, now to florida. are you on this side of the road? where are you and where are you going? >> reporter: apologies for all the beeping and the horns because we're in tampa, but we're also essentially under a bridge. the i-75 offramp onto what will be bumper to bumper i-4 east traffic. and it's amazing. we've had cars come by and people are shouting trump, trump, trump. even on the highway as they drive by, the trump train appears fairly omnipresent. >> carl cameron will do anything to report the news to you. we'll see new a bit. >> thanks. >> watch out for those mosquitoes right there.
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tens of thousands of early voters heading out to polling places there in florida. casting their ballots ahead of tuesday's critical winner take all primary. steve harrigan is live at a polling place in coral gables. >> reporter: it's been a steady stream here. about five minutes from marco rubio's station. 1.5 million people have voted early. it could reach more than 2 million by day's end tomorrow. that's when early voting shouts down. a lot of the voters we talked to set the intense emotional battle, especially on the republican side, is the reason they are coming out to vote. >> sometimes it's frustrating when candidates don't speak up and candidates don't show emotion. so i actually think that it's a good thing that they're fighting because it shows that they have -- that they really want it. >> reporter: the latest fox news poll has donald trump ahead by a lot in florida, among early voters by 25%.
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he'll be in boca raton tomorrow. trailing trump is marco rubio. he really is fighting for his political survival here. he is crisscrossing the state in a desperate effort to win this prize. the biggest of all, 99 delegates in a winner take all republican side primary on tuesday. back to you, arthel. >> steve harrigan, it doesn't stop. it's still rolling along, that campaign. all right. eric? >> florida could be the critical turning point for the rincon tenders. the stakes appear the highest for the state senator who is running, marco rubio, as he faces a potential day of reckoning on his home turf. he may have a lot of catching up to do to donald trump. he trails trump in the real clear politics polling average by double digits. it's been 18, 19, 20, 23 points. can he catch up? congressman darrell issa joins us and is here with us this
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afternoon. congressman, always good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you and hello from south by southwest here in austin, texas. >> okay. you're there. >> i'm jealous. >> we just showed that poll which shows trump ahead of your man. but there is early voting now in florida and another poll shows senator rubio ahead if early -- in early voting. do you think there could be a trend that the other pollsters aren't seeing? >> this is one of the questions is will the early polling or the early results actually end up being the results? one of the challenges is if you keep hearing that your candidate is beyond possible winning, eventually you create that. as you know, cnn put out this false rumor that they were considering pulling out. all of that works against what the candidate that i believe in and i believe in him today more than ever because marco has been positive, inspirational, he's been about uniting our country, if you will, taking a bad
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situation and making it better rather than candidates, quite frankly on both sides, who have been trying to play on people's fears. i think the people of florida, who have elected marco rubio in every single one of his elections, up to speaker of the house and obviously senate, i think they're going to back him. but the polls wouldn't indicate it. but the exit polls do. i think that's very telling of how people actually vote when they consider that your choice is vote for marco or donald trump will win this and probably become the nominee. i think that's not necessarily where florida wants to be. >> speak of donald trump, he's got that big cushion. but you wonder if he's a little nervous. look at this tweet that he tweeted a little earlier this afternoon. basically raising the issue of voter fraud. he said word is early voting in florida is very dishonest. little marco, the state chairman and their minyons are working overtime trying to rig the vote. donald trump is essentially accusing senator rubio and his
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team of trying to throw this thing. is the fix had? what is he talking about? >> this has been a challenge. the other day i made comments about donald trump's performances in the debate. i was there in miami for the debate where donald trump didn't understand the cuba issues, didn't understand the relationship with israel. made real functional mistakes and i got these angry calls. hundreds of them to my official congressional office by people backing trump. you know, the challenge is promoting anger, that kind of discussion talking about voter fraud certainly the u.s. senator doesn't have any ability to be involved in that and there is no reason to believe it. but that kind of discussion is exactly the reason that so many of us have doubts about donald trump being the right choice. i'm a republican. i really, really want an alternative to hillary clinton, but my alternative is marco rubio because he doesn't say those kinds of things. if he makes a mistake, he apologizes. if he does the right thing, he doesn't gloat about it. he just moves on.
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and i think that's why voting honestly will, in fact, be for marco rubio in much greater numbers than the polls show. >> there was speculation if he loses he could drop out or stay in the race to try to amos those delegates for a potential brokered convention. what is your prediction? what do you think will happen? >> i'm becoming an historian as a result of serving in congress. if you look up abraham lincoln and that brokered convention, what you discover was that william seward was so far ahead of them, that he didn't even show up. he assumed he would win it and i think it was his surprise after three rounds that abraham lincoln was the consensus. the person who the republicans felt would unite their party and reunite their party. it wasn't because lincoln didn't have strong values. he was very strong on the issue of slavery and the like. but it was because he was the one that brought the party together. so i would certainly encourage
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marco to go on if he doesn't quite win this race because at the end of this debate when we get to cleveland, it may be necessary for all delegates who can't get their candidate, a majority, to figure out which candidate can bring us together, reunite the party and reunite america. after all, when we as republicans meet in cleveland, we're not just trying to pick somebody to be our nominee or even somebody to be a president. we want somebody to unite the country. not just the republican party. >> congressman darrell issa, we'll see what happens on tuesday and where the senator goes after that. we thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> and the democratic candidates in a heated battle ahead of tuesday's critical primary. bernie sanders live there in champagne, illinois, feeling momentum after his stunning upset victory in michigan, setting his sights on a repeat in ohio. hillary clinton also live on the
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campaign trail in cleveland, heavily favored in the state holding the town hall meeting right now. ed henry is there live. so what is secretary clinton's focus in this state of ohio? >> let me tell you, she's speaking behind me, so i'll keep my voice at a respectful decibel. some chaos. littery 30 seconds ago, hillary clinton is in an african american church and the pulpit was starting her remarks by talking about donald trump and saying something to the effect of if you play with matches, you can start a fire. and he needed to change the tone. when she finished those remarks, a gentleman stood up and started screaming at hillary clinton. he appeared to be protesting something about the federal communications commission. we're trying to get more details, but he was escorted out by the secret service, peacefully, i should add. now she's speaking again. the original goal was the head of ohio going to the polls next tuesday. bernie sanders wants to get
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momentum after the win in michigan. he wants to get momentum here in the middest and wants to win ohio. hillary clinton hoping for african-american turnout to pull he victory. big voting going on tuesday all across the midwest, also in florida, as you've been talking. interesting she's talk being trump protests. she just faced one herself. >> so strange what's going on out there in the campaign trail. speaking of donald trump, he's accusing bernie sanders of organizing the protest at his rally. is sanders responding to this? >> he's firing back today. that's right. because move is one of the groups on social media boasting about disrupting donald trump events. they have endorsed bernie sanders in this campaign. so donald trump earlier today said it's bernie sanders who is whipping up the supporters to disrupt trump events. sanders put out a statement calling trump a liar and saying he has nothing to do with the protests and saying it's up to
2:16 pm
donald trump to lower the tone, bring the tone down at his own events. there is a lot going back and forth here. part of this is politics because both clinton and sanders want to show their supporters that they're taking on the republican frontrunner and want to face him in the general. arthel? >> ed henry, thank you very much. see you soon. >> it seems bumpy on the campaign trail and bumpy up in the air. the pilots of a major airline criticizing corporate management in a very public way. they say they're standing up for the passengers. coming up, we'll tell where you this is happening and why this unusual way from the voices from the cockpit are being heard. plus, as we are reporting, it's primary day in three places in our nation. one of them, our nation's capitol. we'll take a check -- check into the polls there in washington, d.c. to see how it's going in a minute. as we've been saying, donald trump looking for a big victory not just in florida, but also in ohio on tuesday. of course, that state's governor is the favored son, john kasich. he's been ahead of the polls.
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can kasich pull it out ahead of trump on tuesday? >> i am the only one on that stage who has run an unwavering positive campaign.
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the republican race getting tighter in ohio. major john cakic surging higher in the final days before tuesday's primary, closing the gap with donald trump. a win in ohio would give him his first primary victory and new reason to stay in the race. the real clear politics polling average shows donald trump just 2 1/2 points ahead of kasich. matt is here, the chairman of the ohio republican party and a surrogate for the kasich campaign. good to see you, sir. >> high, arthel. how are you? >> good. so first of all, what are you doing between now and tuesday to tip the scales in governor kasich's favor? and are you surprised that the race is so tight there in ohio? >> i think john kasich is going to win on tuesday and we had him here in the state. adequate couple great events today. he was in cincinnati where i am right now this morning with 1,000 or more people at a pancake breakfast. he did a couple of town hall
2:22 pm
meetings yesterday. one in the dayton area at a place called fuyao, where he has helped bring jobs back to america from china. there is another candidate who says he's going to bring jobs back. there is one who actually has done it and improved the lives of ohioans, hundreds of them, by bringing the jobs back here. it's been a great opportunity for us to showcase our governor and remind ohioans what they like about him and why they supported him so strongly in 2014 when he won an historic reelection winning 86 of 88 counties. >> absolutely. we know that governor kasich is well loved, well respected there in ohio. but again, are you surprised that donald trump is right on his tail in his home state? >> we take absolutely nothing for granted. we know that ohio voters are very smart. they know the difference between a gubernatorial election and a presidential election. but we also are very confident that come tuesday, john kasich will win ohio. he will have all 66 of those
2:23 pm
delegates going with him to the convention. and this race takes an entirely different turn. the same day marco rubio does not carry florida, john kasich wins ohio, that means it probably gets down to three-person reason. and then to favor someone like our governor who will favor john kasich moving forward. so i like the fact that we're gonna have a nice win here tuesday. even marco rubio's delegates, one of his big, strong supporters here, the sheriff up in montgomery county, ohio, who is a delegate to the convention for marco rubio, did a robo call for us saying his own candidate, marco rubio, is asking rubio supporters to support john kasich on tuesday. so i hope a lot of folks are listening to that. >> you know why. rubio's campaign is asking the voters there in ohio to support governor kasich because what they're all trying to do is get together to stop donald trump. i don't want to waste a lot of time on that. i want to talk about this. you said you're very confident that governor kasich is going to
2:24 pm
win there in ohio. let's say he does. governor kasich currently has 54 delegates. i want to know, are you hearing from the gop establishment for governor kasich to hang in there, regardless of a win or loss in ohio, regardless of the number of delegates that he has currently in hopes of perhaps that governor kasich could come in handy in july? you mentioned the convention. maybe governor kasich might have to save the day for the establishment. have you heard anything from the establishment, to hang in there? >> yeah, of course. everyone wants governor kasich to stay in the race. they want him to win this race here on tuesday. he's going to do that. we host the convention right here in ohio for the first time in 80 years, it's coming back to the buckeye state. so we're really excited about that. we also know john kasich gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. >> okay. >> we've seen -- >> matt, i don't want to cut you off. but i'm tight on time. i really want to know if you have heard from the gop establishment. it seems like he seems -- governor kasich seems to be the
2:25 pm
establishment's great savior at the moment. have you heard anything, any sort of organized effort to get behind governor kasich? >> i think governor kasich's support is growing among all sorts of people and i don't know who you really mean by the establishment. john kasich has been antiestablishment his whole career, but i think there is a growing number of people who want to see john kasich stay in the race and win. >> i wasn't implying that governor kasich is part of the establishment. i was hoping to get an answer, if you had any information whether the establishment is actually trying to lean on governor kasich to be the savior. but i have to leave it there. i say thank you. i say good luck to you and good luck to governor kasich. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks. great to be with you. >> and don't miss fox news sunday this weekend when chris wallace will sit down with ohio governor john kasich. two days ahead of his do or die home state primary. also republican frontrunner donald trump.
2:26 pm
check your local listings for time and channel. fox news sunday. speaking of the establishment, the republican candidates are spending a lot of their time running against washington, d.c right now those voters are answering back. it's the presidential primary underway in our nation's capitol. coming up, we're live at the one and only -- ready for that -- one place that republican voters can vote today. we are there. who do you think the dc establishment will go for? with the campaign chaos we've witnessed in the past 24 hours affect their choice? >> it's very easy to go to people who are hurting and say i know you're hurting and angry. you should be angry. i want you to be angry. i'm angry, too. let's be angry together
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it it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. it is election day in a few place. >> yep. that includes our nation's capitol. republicans are coming out to vote in the dc primary with the one and only polling station seeing long lines. 19 delegates are up for grabs as gop voters in the district have their say in the battle for the nomination. kristen fisher is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: technically the polls close here an hour and a half ago. people are still voting because this is the only precinct in the entire city. so the line is understandably long. it actually stretched outside for two or three city blocks. the last person in line at 4:00 p.m. is the last person
2:32 pm
that's been allowed to vote. but it still takes two hours to get from the back of the line to the front of the line where i am now. so that's why this is not over yet. we've got 19 delegates up for grabs. only three to 8,000 people expected to vote. a small number of people voting for a relatively large number of delegates. >> in terms of like bang for your buck if you're presidential campaign. whoever shows up here today is like 50 people voting for delegate in texas. >> reporter: dc is typically a place where establishment candidates do very well. historically speaking, candidates like marco rubio and john kasich tend to do very well here. but i tell you what, i've seen a lot of people waiting in this line wearing stickers for donald trump or for ted cruz. and a lot of people who say they don't mind waiting two hours in line because for the first time in a very long time, their votes
2:33 pm
actually matter. arthel? >> okay. good job. it's buzzing there. thanks so much. fox news is the place to be for super tuesday, part 2. we will cover the story throughout the day and then bret baier, megyn kelly will bring you the results as they start to pour in starting with complete coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern. that is all right here on fox. and i'll be anchoring 1:00 a.m. in the morning after megyn and bret. so stay up with me all night if you want. if anybody ever had that thought? both the republican and democratic presidential candidates are reacting to the campaign chaos that we've seen over the last 24 hours. "voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir" less than like this. last night at that trump's rally. his rivals are holding him at least partially responsible. the democratic candidates are hitting harder, emhillary clinton. she called for unity by evoking the massacre in charleston, south carolina, pointing to it as an example of how our country can overcome our divisions.
2:34 pm
so can this campaign move forward in a more civil manner? joining us to talk about this is democratic strategist and republican strategist for the huckabee, 2008 campaign and former aide to georgia congressman. welcome. >> thank you. >> donald trump blamed bernie sanders and hillary clinton and supporters. you got they're on twitter claiming some credit. activists agitators as you know, who intentionally plan to disrupt these rallies. do you think that criticism is fair? >> i don't think it's fair at all. we have a long history of peaceful protests. the problem here is donald trump. he likes to deflex from the real issues. the real issues are his own staff members have assaulted reporters. he called for violence. he said, i will pay for your legal bills if you go after these people. this is the rhetoric that comes out of hits mouth. so he doesn't want to take responsibility and act
2:35 pm
presidential for the consequences of his actions. the problem here is that he's creating a riot scene at these events. he wants his supporters to go after the peaceful protesters. some of these protesters were muslims who were literally praying at the events just to show that muslims can be peaceful. they wanted to make a point. they wanted to make a statement. just that they're not being heard, but they're being disrespected. they're afraid in donald trump wins the nomination and possibly the presidency, they'll be marginalized and attacked and we'll be back in a scary time in history in america. >> those people we saw on the floor throwing punches. the guy on the stage wasn't doing it peacefully. >> he was attacked. >> how do we know that? he punches back and one guy went up, maybe the same one, appeared to go right up on the stage and the security came up. but kevin, what about her point? he's talked about punching back against the protesters, taking them out on stretchers and saying he'd pay for the legal bills. how about the rhetoric of mr. trump in this campaign
2:36 pm
inciting this type of violence? >> yeah. we're looking at the situation. it's not either or. it's not who is at fault. it's both and. first of all, the types of people that show up to protest, this is the types of people that are looking for a fight, because you know that you're not gonna change anybody's mind at an opponent's rally. so on one hand the democrat protesters are at fault. but on the other hand, donald trump does have to do something to tone down the rhetoric. the types of things he's saying is inciting answerer and it's not doing anything to tone it down. >> what should he say? what should he do? >> he can't help that these other people are showing up at his events. what he has to do is say, hey, we're winning. he's all about winning. he has to say if we're winning, why don't we don't down the rhetoric and decide to treat them a different way. right now donald trump is the only person that can get ahold of his supporters and really influence them to stop being so aggressive at these events.
2:37 pm
>> at the same time, kevin, some would say it's the protesters, the left wing agitators being aggressive. >> i think they both are. that's the problem. right now the level of rhetoric has gotten too high in our country and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are not doing anything to stop it. hillary clinton, her sticker is saying fighting for us. she's all about fighting. i think rubio, cruz and kasich are right -- >> what about that fighting phrase? >> i think we know what frighting means. fighting for rights. listen. >> she's talking about fighting. >> well, i think that what's going on is that you have a segment of the population that feels disempowered. they're feeling hurt by the words coming out of donald trump and they're looking to call attention to that. so what better place than follow the cameras. the cameras are always following around donald trump. so they want to voice their objection to the way he turned this campaign into a circus.
2:38 pm
legit maying racism. allowing people to say things in the open that we've moved on from that era in america. i think both republicans and democrats can agree that we are past the racist time in american history. but he's bringing us back to that time and he's making it legitimate for people to say these things and for a white man to punch a peaceful protester at a rally? that's not who we are and who we should be and that's not the type of presidential election that we should be demonstrate to go the rest of the world, who eventually has to work with us. those are muslims, people in africa. those are gonna be gays, they're gonna be women. these are all people he's going to have to work with. guess what? i don't think they're going to show up and talk to him if he's elected president. >> what about that? what's your sense on the other side? >> i think one of the things that's leading to this, she's talking about people that feel like they're overlooked, left behind, counted out. those are a lot of the people that are supporting donald trump, whether we like it or
2:39 pm
not. he's tapping into people who have felt their voice doesn't heard. he's got to say we've heard i couldn't voice. we have to turn down the rhetoric. but the types of voters she's talking about that feel disenfranchised, many of them are looking at donald trump as their answer because they feel like the obama administration of the past eight years has not listened to what they want and what the american people want. >> there certain israeli a lot of frustration out there. we're beginning to see it erupt and hope it will be toned down and if people want to protest, to stand there. take a stand quietly. both sides have the right. >> who is going to cover that? >> we'll be here. >> it's not to complain about airline service. but those grievances usually come from the customers. why some pilots are now sounding off about their company and bringing their complaints to the very top. our next guest explains what it could mean for business.
2:40 pm
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it's time for a quick check of the headlines. at least five people were killed in the deep south after those torrential rain triggered devastating floods in louisiana, arkansas and parts of texas. rescue teams are working around the clock to try and save people trapped in their homes and cars. new york city, one person was killed and two remain missing after a tug boat crashed into a barge on the hudson river. authorities say the tug boat sank, spilling 5,000 gallons of fuel into the water. overseas, large scale military dlls are right now underway in south korea. u.s. and south korean troops are doing exercises despite the continued threats of retaliation from north korea.
2:45 pm
american airlines pilots are airing their grievances about recent changes to their country. they merged with u.s. airways about two years ago and now the airline's pilots union is issuing a letter to the ceo saying they're tired of having to apologize to the customers for unsatisfactory service and also calling out what they call a toxic company culture. scott is here, financial reporter and author of "more money please." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> all right. so american airlines pilots, they're trying to get pay increases since the merger with u.s. airways and to clear up claimed breaches of their new contracts, and the pilots are embarrassed about their rides in the sky. tell us what's happening. >> ultimately, the pilots are frustrated that this integration process isn't going faster. two careers into the merger, the company says the complete integration will take five years. any time you have two major companies merging, you'll have these type of head winds.
2:46 pm
that's two airlines, two sets of airlines, all under one. we saw this in 2010 when crew nighted merged with continental. over six years later, there are still head winds. american airlines say they have paid 3 1/2 billion dollars towards increasing the wages of pilots, they put $3 billion toward upgrading the interior of the airplanes themselves. so again, this is a process that's going to take time. but the pilots are certainly frustrated. >> yeah. they're frustrated because they want their rides in the sky to look good for the passengers. updating the airplanes, et cetera. but they have to get their money as well. let's move on. spirit airlines. if you flown it, you know it for its inexpensive flights. many places. they're going to be adding nearly 400 daily flights, to 55 destination, latin america and the caribbean. so spirit airlines, they want to maintain the low fares, but they want to make sure the airline runs smoother, reduce delays and
2:47 pm
lost bags. how are they planning to do this? can they do it? >> ultimately the spirit model surrounds offering customers a very cheap price, but making them pay for some of the perks that we take for granted on other airlines, like leg room and overhead space, drinks and even printed boarding pass, although if i'd call those perks. but still, spirit airlines says they're going to rely on technology, reduce the numbers of planes in the air so if one breaks down, they are easily swap out. they're trying to chang their reputation that they're littered with delays and stressful experiences and sort of put them a little more on par with some of the other carriers while still maintaining those cheap fares. >> they want to kind of decrease the number of flights during high peak travel hours. they need to take notes from southwest airlines and jetblue. they do it well, i think. but none of the airlines get it right all the time. not just spirit.
2:48 pm
so what if you are a passenger, how can -- what's the best way to complain to the airlines? how do you file a complaint and get it paid attention to? >> that's the thing. look, you can certainly fill out a form online, on the airline's web site. detail your experience, how many hours you sat in the air waiting for the plane or how bad the service was once you were on the plane, or how many hours you sat on the taxiway waiting to get to a gate. and then the airlines can respond within a few days and offer you some sort of something, whether it's money, additional airline miles. >> it's never enough. >> exactly. it's never enough. what you want to do is once you receive something, call up and ask for more. i just had this experience. i took a one hour flight that ended up taking 12 hours to get home. >> where were you going? >> i was going toronto to new york and i ended up having to take a flight from toronto to boston and then boston back to new york. the whole process took 12 hours. >> what happened from toronto? >> well, there was bad weather in new york, some snow.
2:49 pm
it wasn't exactly the airlines' fault. but still, they only offered me $50. my argument was 12 hours in the airport was worth more than 50. so i got them up to $100. if you can't get more money, maybe you can get more miles or young grade on your next flight. think of other ways beyond just $50, $100 to allow you to get compensated for the inconvenience. >> what about blasting them on social media? that seems to get their attention. >> yeah. that's another way because then ultimately when you'll find is they'll want to take the conversation private to avoid the negative publicity. but certainly if you sort of bombard them with tweets and a lot of these airlines have special accounts for complaints, that's another avenue you can go to get your money back. >> so 12 hours? were you fit to be tied? i would have been a hot mess. >> that was after a 13 hour flight from japan. >> i've had that flight from japan several times. i'm okay with that. toronto to new york, 12 hours? i would have been a hot mess.
2:50 pm
okay. i have to let you go. thank you. >> thanks, arthel. >> you just complained about it on the foxews channel. he doesn't need to tweet. >> good point. >> we'll be right back.
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most of us don't really want to spring forward and lose an
2:54 pm
hour of sleep later tonight. you're definitely not alone. 13 states are considering laws to change daylight savings time. bryan llenas has the details on this from our new york city news room. hi. >> reporter: as most americans brace for losing an hour of sleep this weekend, some corners of the country with considering new moves to eliminate daylight savings time. they're considering bills or resolutions wants to go change daylight savings time. but there is no consensus to how. half want to issue permanent standard times. the other half wants to create permanent standard times. california asks to abolish changing clocks twice the year. it approved, the state could join hawaii and most of arizona in choosing not to observe daylight savings time. in massachusetts and rhode island, they want to go even further, is ceceding from the
2:55 pm
eastern time zone. >> we would stay in a perpetual state of daylight savings. welt be equal with new york, approximately eight months of the year and four months of the year we would be one hour ahead. >> reporter: daylight savings time began during world war one, primarily to conserve energy by reducing the need to use artificial lighting in buildings. it also reduces traffic accidents. but some experts and studies say contrary to popular belief, it does not save electricity and, in fact, it's bad for our health. >> in the spring when we spring forward, there are more heart attacks, more strokes, more workplace accidents all because we're giving millions of people jetlag at the same time and there is -- there is not enough benefit in the fall to make up for it. >> reporter: the journal of sleep medicine says it takes up to three weeks for people to adjust to the time change and more than 81,500 people have
2:56 pm
sent petitions to congress via the web site, end daylighttime, demanding an end to the time switch. eric? >> at lst as long as we can still fall back and get that extra hour in the fall. >> reporter: in the meantime, we're out an hour. i'm not happy about that. >> all right. see you tomorrow. arthel? >> let's crunch time in the race for the gop nomination. donald trump looking to seal the deal with another round of victories on tuesday at marco rubio and john kasich's try to keep their white house hopes alive. carl cameron with the latest in minutes. stay right there at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. candidates for president are fanning out across five states three days before voters head to the polls. it is a vote that could cement the race leaders positions and maybe bring an end to at least one quest for the white house. hello. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news room, election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> hello. i'm eric shaun. republican frontrunner donald donald visiting cleveland for a rally there where he spoke out about the event in chicago last night that was canceled as we all saw over the threat of violence and, of course, we witnessed that it did erupt in some sporadic mayhem in the crowd. >> we have 25,000 people coming


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