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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. candidates for president are fanning out across five states three days before voters head to the polls. it is a vote that could cement the race leaders positions and maybe bring an end to at least one quest for the white house. hello. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news room, election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> hello. i'm eric shaun. republican frontrunner donald donald visiting cleveland for a rally there where he spoke out about the event in chicago last night that was canceled as we all saw over the threat of violence and, of course, we witnessed that it did erupt in some sporadic mayhem in the crowd. >> we have 25,000 people coming and they really stopped these
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people in terms of our first amendment, freedom of speech, a terrible situation. i have to tell you. and it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry. we're gonna go to the polls on tuesday and we're gonna be resounding victory. >> there is no doubt some tensions have been rising among his supporters and his critics. putting his team onlert. take a look at this video. occurred at a trump rally captured today by a supporter as mr. trump spoke. >> i guess i have to do it myself or -- >> ho! >> as you can see, one protest, identified as 22-year-old thomas of fairborn, ohio. he tried to rush the back of the stage, startling mr. trump. of course, that forced the secret service team to leap into action. three of the big we knower take all states when it comes to delegates, florida, ohio and illinois. 37 delegates are up for grabs
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today. the district of columbia, wyoming and the u.s. territory of guam, all holding their primary elections. coverage begins with carl cameron who has been traveling down the highway bit by bit this afternoon. he's heading toward tampa and that's where we see him, a little more progress toward that city. carl, what about the battle in the state that you are in? >> reporter: the battle that really has come down to marco rubio versus donald trump. obviously it's the florida senator's home state. so beating trump is really in many ways, a matter of survival. and donald trump today has once again had his event disrupted and he's essentially saying that the anger that his campaign has tapped into is being provoked. he at one point today suggested it was bernie sanders and hillary clinton plants who have been disrupting and causing all these problems. and saying that he is now the conduit for the nation easinger
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and he's just an expression of it. in his words, a messenger. watch. >> i really appreciate you being here. this is our final push. you know, all over the world they're talking about what's happening, the momentum that we have, it's a movement. they're calling it a movement. it's not me. it's you. i'm a messenger, believe me. i'm just a messenger. people are fed up with what's going on. >> reporter: well, trump's rivals are sort of fed up with him suggesting that it is his rhetoric and h policies to the extent that he's fleshed them out that are provoking things. marco rubio has laid things out in very, very stark terms today, suggesting that if donald trump continues to succeed, it will not only hurt the party, but it will hurt the nation. watch. >> this goes beyond partisan politics. this goes to the core of our nation, what we look like. what our kids are going to be like. it's ripping our country apart. it's ripping our party apart. and it's going to ultimately
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hurt us very badly in the next few years if we move in this direction. >> reporter: obviously marco rubio spent much of the last year and a half casting himself as an aspirational candidate. he engaged for a brief time in the name calling with donald trump. a few days ago, abandoned that. it embarrassed his kids. and he said it wouldn't happen again. trump continued the rhetoric and the rest of the field is condemning him for it. >> carl, florida is the biggest prize on tuesday. but you got ohio, governor kasich's own stomping grounds. what about that state? >> reporter: kasich said if he doesn't win the buckeye state, he'll stay home. not like rubio. and kasich makes the argument that there has to be responsibilities taken by the candidate so that the kind of rhetoric that donald trump has been offering is not only unpresidential, it's impolitic and really causing problems. ted cruz takes a somewhat different view. while he denounced the rhetoric,
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saying it's very aggressive and it is inciting this type of anger, he also makes the point that organizations like black lives matter and move on have been essentially crashing the trump rallies and picking these fights. and makes the argument as trump has, that all of the candidates have the right toree speech, as do their voters and that these protesters, these demonstrators are violating that and looking to pick fights. certainly those groups wouldn't argue. they believe that the only way to stop that type of rhetoric and the politics that goes with it is to fight, which guarantees that things are gonna continue. if john kasich doesn't win ohio, he says he'll drop out. marco rubio, by contrast, says even if he doesn't win florida, he'll continue to run in all 50 states all the way up to a contested convention if necessary. and one of the things that was very much on the sidelines of the last debate that took place in miami a couple nights ago was an awful lot of rnc officials talking about the plans and preparations that they intend to
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make in order to get ready for just that, the possibility if not likelihood that no delegate will reach the necessary number and will have to decide the nominee at the convention. something that hasn't happened in decades. >> move was tweeting about basically canceling that trump event last night. so it may continue despite those calls not to. thank you so much. arthel? >> polls are now closed for early voting in the florida primary. thousands casting their votes in person or through the mail ahead of tuesday's crucial contest. 99 delegates are at stake for the gop candidates in the winner take allstate. steve harrigan is live at a polling place in coral gable. >> poll workers who have been out here for ten or 15 years have never seen anything like the numbers they're seeing. already across florida, 1.7 million people have cast early or absentee ballots. when the totals are final t could reach 2 million people.
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it's been a steady, organized process so far, the tate days of early voting. a number of voters we talked to said they're coming out early because they fear there could be some long lines on tuesday. >> we've all been incredibly busy and we want to do get here before the lines. in the past we've stood in line three, four hours. >> i early voted because i saw how important this election was, even as a primary and other states and i see like the big lines. i think it's better to finish before the big lines start. >> reporter: the latest fox news poll, donald trump has a commanding lead among thearly voters. a lead of 25% over marco rubio. trump will be in boca raton on sunday. as for rubio, he's really making a tremendous effort, a desperate effort, crisscrossing the entire state today, stopping in the south and north and winding up tho evening in the villages in the key swing area of central florida. really making a push for political survival.
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of course, keep in mind, the stakes are extremely high on the republican side in florida. it's winner take all. 99 delegates. arthel, back to you. >> stakes are high indeed. thank you very much. steve harrigan. the democratic candidates have been working hard on the campaign trail this weekend ahead of tuesday's contest. hillary clinton is in ohio this weekend after making a quick stop in st. louis earlier. bernie sanders has been chasing the youth vote, hold ago rally at the university of illinois. mrs. clinton heads into tuesday leading senator sanders in the delegates, as you can see by a wide margin. frontrunner has 1227 to senator sanders 576. ed henry is live in cleveland, who has been covering the clinton campaign on this today. ed, what is the focus of mrs. clinton's campaign in the battle ground state of ohio? >> eric, good to see with you that delegate lead. she's trying to slow bernie
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sanders' church in the south. she's speaking in an african-american church. she began her remarks today talking about donald trump and everything you were discussing with carl cameron about these rallies, the protests, violence. here is what she said. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. >> reporter: but in an ironic twist, as she finished those remarks at the protester stood up and started shouting at her. secret service had to take him out. he was taken out without any further incident. he never got close to clinton. but it's a reminder that at many of these events, you can't control who those protesters
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are. eric? >> we saw in the punches being thrown at the trump rally last night, some protesters ripping up the trump signs and that sort of thing. today mr. trump accused senator sanders and clinton supporters of being behind this. how is the senator and the clinton campaign responding to this? >> reporter: well, sanders is not happy about it, but is out on social media saying let's disrupt more trump events and remember, move on endorsed bernie sanders in this race. trump today flat out accusing sanders of sort of stirring up these protests. a little earlier sanders talked about how he wants to face trump in november. watch. >> we will defeat trump because the american people understand the community, the sense of helping each other, supporting each other, trump's selfishness, most importantly i think, the american people will defeat
3:11 pm
trump because they understand that every religion on earth, christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, all understand and teach us that love trumps hatred. >> reporter: now, sanders also put out a written statement calling trump a liar and saying that the vermont senator has nothing to do with stirring up the protests. eric? >> all right. ed henry reporting live from ohio. the next version of super tuesday, i guess you can call it super tuesday 2.0, just three days away. take a look at the map. 358 republican delegates on the line in five states. missouri, illinois, north carolina, as well as the two big prizes, florida and ohio. one u.s. island territory offering nine delegates in its republican caucuses and as always, we are on it. megyn and bret will begin hosting live coverage at 7:00 p.m. and i'll be here with
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heather childers starting at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. i'll have my cough cree and dingdong -- coffee and ding dongs ready to cover the election. i can't wait. a powerful storm dumping heavy rain in ports of the south causing massive flooding across the region. rising river waters threatening people. at least three deaths have been confirmed so far in louisiana alone. meanwhile, a strong weather system also moving into california, which is where will carr is live in our west coast bureau. >> reporter: these storms have been both dangerous and deadly with at least five people being killed across the region in the south over the past couple of days. there has been record-setting rain. in your home state of louisiana, the governor declared a state of emergency on friday after there was more than 24 inches of rain in some parts, two feet of rain that left roads impassable, cars
3:13 pm
submerged. hundreds of people forced from their homes. one local police chief summed it up well. he said he hasn't seen rain this bad in nearly three decades. storms also pounded mississippi, arkansas, tennessee, alabama, and texas. looking west, we had vivid pictures that show the impact of el nino-related storms that hit northern california, a dot truck was on its way to clear a mud slide when it was hit by a second mud slide. it was almost pushed over the side of the highway. thankfully the driver was okay. others tried to navigate through several feet of water after roads turned into rivers. some people had to hitchhike rides in inner tubes. another picture you can see damage to a home after a large redwood came crashing down on top of the house. while it's been quite dangerous, there is still parts of california, especially central california, that really need all of that rain. that's because a large swath of the state is still in an exceptional drought.
3:14 pm
arthel? >> thank you very much in the l.a. bureau. eric? >> what's next for the south and the mid-atlantictates? janis dean is here with the forecast in the fox extreme weather center. what do they expect? >> will said it. over two feet of rain across the south. this is the type of moisture that you receive with a hurricane or tropical storm. and this is not the case, although we have abundant moisture from the gulf of mexico. there is the future radar. we have a couple of systems moving in with the potential of an inch, maybe two inches of rainfall the next 48 hours. any more of that will act as runoff and the potential for more flooding. we have flood watches and warnings in effect. on top of that, tomorrow we have the threat for severe weather, including hail, isolated tornadoes across this vulnerable area. the west will also touch -- will touched upon that. we have dozens -- several systems moving into the west coast, bringing much needed rainfall. but the potential f flooding, as well as up to three feet of
3:15 pm
new snow for the higher elevations. again, this is going to cause travel problems and, of course, flooding concerns over the next 24 to 48 hours. then we have a new system moving in next week, which we will of course watch very carefully. there you can see the forecast precipitation. some cases, two to four, circumstances inches of rain and upwards of three feet of snow. very warm across the east coast, ten degrees above average. a lot of these areas, a taste of spring and speaking of spring, spring forward, my friends. yes, we'll lose an hour of sleep, but we'll see a lot more daylight. back toou, eric. >> i love this when you have such a smile and you're so optimistic. we will see an extra hour. >> we have to be optimistic. >> thanks. arthel? >> when we come back, calls are mounting for the state department to classify the brutal killings of christians by isis as genocide. how soon a decision could come down. what it means for the u.s. response to the violence.
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hillary clinton is turning her focus to ohio this weekend. she leads bernie sanders by some 20 points in the buckeye state. but after her surprising upset in michigan, the clinton camp may not be taking polling for granted this time around. exit polling in michigan showing clinton has major strides to make when it comes to white working class voters. also with young people in the midwestern and mid-atlantic states. joining me now is mayor of miami beach a a hillary clinton campaign supporter. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. mayor, i laid it all out. you've got 66 delegates up for grabs in ohio. even with the strong 20-point lead, how does hillary clinton avoid another michigan surprise? >> well, i think with secretary clinton is gonna do what she's done for 35 years in public office, she's going to fight for the middle class.
3:21 pm
that's what she does. she's for the working class. making sure that our country is not two americas, that it's one country, where everybody has opportunity. specifically to your question, when we talk about the industrial midwest, it's very important for her to make sure, which she is, that understanding that she's about bringing jobs back to our country. she's about making sure that our people are trained properly for the new economy, the innovation economy, and of course, making sure that we have the ability to export products from these areas which will create tremendous employment. i think when it comes to ohio, that's really crucial and i know the secretary has been doing this for many years. it's very important to her. >> okay. secretary clinton is leading the delegate race by far, 1227 to senator sanders 576. she has said all along that she did not want a coronation. still, this has been a more protracted contest than most likely the clinton campaign anticipated. can you tell us why, mayor? >> i think first of all, having senator sanders in the race has
3:22 pm
been fabulous for the democratic party. no question. i'm an entrepreneur. having competition creates even a better product for everyone. when you listen to the dialogue on the democratic side during the debates, it's all about who can help america more. that's what it's about. and i think that's opinion a very positive thing. we anticipate highly confident that secretary clint olympian win the nomination and believe she will be the next president of america. but bernie sanders has helped the party and the country. >> so mayor, apart from trying to capture the young voters, what are the greatest remaining hurdles facing secretary clinton once the campaign begins to shift focus on the general election, as you just mentioned? and what's the plan to jump over those hurdles? >> think most importantly, secretary clinton is about the future. as i said about having one america, not two americas. and i believe that the young people will begin coming towards secretary clinton had they start
3:23 pm
look at the issues, separating both parties. we expect them to join the campaign, to join the fight. remember, she's about the future, secretary clinton. and the young people are about the future. they're about an innovation economy, not a socialist economy. we all want more ubers and googles and facebook and secretary clinton is the face of that future economy, which i think is very important to all the young people in our country. >> taxi drivers don't want uber, but that's another subject. we'll keep moving. finally what, do you make of the pockets of violence that have crept up at the trump rallies? >> i think it's mightily unfortunate. as you know, when you're a divisive candidate, when you're about skate separating our country, creating more division in our country, those things happen. and it's sad. we don't want to see it. and i hope in the general election if donald trump is the candidate, that this will be a good civil debate where we can talk about the various ideas on both sides.
3:24 pm
unfortunately, i'm not sure that's going to be the case. but i can tell you that secretary clinton is a unifier and clearly very different than what we see coming from the republican side. >> speaking of donald trump, then i will let you go, are you preparing for -- because there is donald trump the businessman, who sits in the board room and makes deals. and then there is donald trump who is at those campaign rallies going bing, bing, bing and call people names. which one will show up to face hillary clinton? >> well, i anticipate you're going to see both donald trumps. there is donald trump, i inheritd hundred million dollars from my dad and somehow i may have made a little bit more money with it. then, of course, there is donald trump who has no plan, but he wants to make america better. of course, secretary clinton says you want to make america better as opposed to making it great again, she believes it is great. we all believe it is great. i think it's going to be a tough, contentious race if it is donald trump. she's not going to get into personal attacks.
3:25 pm
she wants to talk about bringing america together of the all the various things we can do to unify our nation and make it better for everybody. i think there is going to be quite a difference. i don't think you'll see any personal attacks coming from secretary clinton. >> we will leave it there. mayor, clinton surrogate, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> what about donald trump and all those protesters? how will this campaign go forward after we saw that outbreak of fighting on the floor last night in chicago and the one protester who today rushed the stage as trump was speaking? this happenss the republican frontrunner is calling on his rivals to unite behind him. is that possible? coming up, we'll talk about what it will take to keep the campaign going and the republican party.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news from america's election headquarters. donald trump taking the stagen cleveland today ahead of ohio's primary on tuesday. it's where he's in a tight race with rival governor john kasich. >> trump picked up where he left off african sell ago planned event in chicago last night. protesters packing the uic pavilion where trump was set to speak, sparking fights both inside and out. now the latest from chicago. matt? >> reporter: hey. the big question is what caused donald trump to cancel his rally last night in chicago? we've seen his rallies across the country becoming increasingly rowdy. people getting ejected, thrown out, what have you. so what happened last night? what was the game changer? we've seen these stunning visuals of tens of thousands of
3:31 pm
protesters outside of the arena and those making their way inside. we have a fox news reporter who follows trump around the country. he was there and told me it was the first time that he had seen protesters and supporters going back and forth so much, the situation became so escalated that there was the potential for danger. so donald trump's campaign says they decided to pull the plug. there was an estimate of 30,000 people there. donald trump did say he had some law enforcement advisors who told him that it was probably good idea to cancel that rally here in chicago. out of fairness, we spoke to illinois state police, campus police and chicago police and they say they did not advise his campaign to cancel it. they didn't even speak to anyone from his campaign and felt they could have kept it safe. however, there are some visuals out there and video that suggest otherwise. of course, there are other donald trump events across the country tonight and tomorrow. we have people there, there are some reports of things happening, disturbances. and we will keep you posted on that. arthel, back to you.
3:32 pm
>> okay. thanks. we're going to go from illinois to ohio. john kasich there, the governor, addressing a rally in mansfield, ohio. he's trying to maintain his lead over donald trump and take that state, winner take all delegates state on tuesday. let's take a listen to the governor for a moment. >> and stop double taxing them, lower the corporate rate and give jeff gorman an incentive to build nor equipment in here so our workers can have more productivity and higher wages. let's bring the corporations back to america. what's interesting, folks, is yesterday -- was it yesterday? i can't remember -- we were down in dayton. you can't believe this. you can believe it. you know how some of these candidates talk about how all the jobs are going to china? >> the governor picking up one theme of donald trump, about all those jobs going to china.
3:33 pm
mr. trump, governor kasich's opponent, says it's time for the party to come together behind him. but of course, his rivals say not so fast. those events, the troubling one, pretty disturbing. we've seen over the last 24 hours, certainly have mr. trump's opponents distancing themselves somewhat from him after the violence erupted at that now canceled rally in chicago. marco rubio and governor kasich even suggesting today they may not be able to support trump if he indeed does become the nominee. soan the republican party unite? seenor editor joins us now. they all signed that pledge to support the republican nominee. if mr. trump is nominated, is it conceivable that either rubio or kasich could break it? can they come together? >> it certainly doesn't look like they're close to coming together. there is still, as we should take a little bit of a pause here and wait i think for 72 hours, i think in 72 hours there
3:34 pm
will be some clarity here. if marco rubio does not win in florida, more or less game over fo him. if john kasich does not win in ohio, he says game over for him. at that point, if it is game over for those two men, then it becomes a two-person race and then i think is when donald trump can really say it is time to get behind me, unite behind me. but i don't think the republicans are ready. i spent a lot of today at the district of columbia republican convention. clearly there is no sense of unity at that gathering. it's a small gathering. only 16 delegates at stake. but the factionallization in that room was very intense. and there were some senior people, senior republican establishment people officials and bush 41 and bush 43 administrations who still live in the district, who were running that never trump organization. they were giving out the never trump stickers and they are nowhere close to saying they're
3:35 pm
ready to fold their tent. >> so it seems like there is some fissures. in kansas city, there is a donald trump rally. police talking to one protester. it's unclear at the moment if the person or some of the protesters there were potentially there may be arrested or if they were or at least they're being talked to for some reason. talk about -- let's reflect for a moment on what we've seen over the last 24 hours. we've heard rhetoric, saw the punches being thrown. we've seen the secret service on alert. today a man in ohio, it 2-year-old man allegedly rushed the stage as mr. trump was speak not guilty dayton, ohio, causing the secret service to jump into action. what are we seeing? how did this start? what do we do? >> i think what we are seeing is a late realization or later than you or i or what many people who have been following this race
3:36 pm
from the start for six months, eight months, a year now, have realized, which is that donald trump is drawing a passionate crowd at both extremes. and he has not, he, mr. trump, has not, according to his critics and it seems pretty clear, he has given some voice to disavowing the violence, but his critic woulds say not nearly enough voice to disavowing the violence. and passions -- it's getting to be a real sort of crunch time in this election and the passions are getting out of control. >> what do you say about the protesters, some potentially from and others going there purposely and intentionally as agitator, disrupting his freedom of speech, doing this for the camera, trying to disrupt the republican party and the whole process? look, i was watching last night. it's like 72 in miami? we remember that.
3:37 pm
what are we seeing? what do you say to those who blame the protesters? >> they have a point as well, that clearly this is orchestrated by some. there are some that it's organic passion that's spilling out against trump and there is some that as you describe, quite accurately, that are orchestrated to try and get on came, to try and generate a new narrative about trump being -- i haven't heard the word fascist used, but i'm guessing that's the kind of rhetoric coming out from the move on folks. and they are -- because we're all covering it and paying attention, they are succeeding somewhat at this point in changing the narrative and in making a news story about donald trump. now, will this work? this is the oldest line between you and i and arthel and all the times i've been on is every time we think that something is going to undo donald trump, it does not. in fact, it makes him stronger.
3:38 pm
i'm not sure that this isn't going to be another case of that. >> yeah. it probably emboldens his supporters. we'll see 72 hours from now when the voting starts tuesday. and we'll see it later on today as we get the election results. thank you. >> thank you. >> arthel? >> david, eric, a lot is certainly on the line, as we were just days away from critical primaries in five states, including the all important winner take all contest in florida. and ohio. and what a win or loss means for each of the republican candidates. that's next. plus, the obama administration could declare isis attacks on christians and other relious minorities genocide as early as next week. what would it mean in terms of the u.s. response to the crisis some cash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the
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florida and ohio's winner take all contest are the top prizes. many polls show donald trump leading in the sunshine state. but in ohio, it is expected to be a dog fight between trump and the state's popular governor, john kasich. betsy wood rough is here, a reporter for the daily beast here to break it all down for us. hi, betsy. >> good to see you. >> let's start with florida. let's start with the gop florida primary. trump at 39.9% followed by rubio's 25.2. cruz 18.2. kasich, 8.6. you've got donald trump with a 14.7 spread. so i ask you, why is senator rubio behind in his home state and is there anything he can do to bridge the gap and maybe even seek out a win there? >> i think i would say he's behind probably the same reason he's hyped in other states. this is an example of him really struggling and to be totally
3:44 pm
fair, he's doing better in florida than in a number of other states. that said, florida is familiar territory for trump. his mara lago is there. they both kind of have strong connections to the sunshine state. that said s possible that rubio could still beat trump? certainly. in this election, literally anything is possible. but it's going to be tough. >> trump calls florida his second home. okay. let's go to ohio. rcp average there, trump 36.5. kasich 34%. cruz 16.3. and then you have rubio at 7%. it's tight there. ohio, trump has a slight lead over governor kasich. but that is supposed to be where governor kasich makes his strong showing. why is this race so close as well? and how do you see it playing out? >> i think it's close because kasich is really well liked in the state of ohio.
3:45 pm
he's doing way better in the buckeye state than he's doing anywhere else in the country right now. he said if he doesn't win, he needs to drop out. which is a sober minded and realistic events on his part. part of the reason is he's always done very well in ohio. the republican party is supporting him. his approval ratings are nearly 80%. meanwhile, rubio's in florida are less than 50%. ohioans know him, they like him. he has a midwestern demeanor. he understands the state politics really well. certainly toss-up for them. while it's possible trump pulls out a win, it's also plausible kasich does. >> let's go to the democrats in ohio. the rcp, real clear politics average has clinton at 57%. sanders 37. 57-37. secretary clinton has a commanding lead of 20 points in ohio. but it has a similar voting bloc as michigan and an upset that senator sanders, we saw he beat clinton in michigan.
3:46 pm
can clinton avoid another surprise like that, betsy? >> she shouldn't be taking any chances. they're the demographics are similar between michigan and ohio. they both have very strong union presences. they're both whiter than the rest o country tends to be, which where sanders does well with white voters on the democratic side. and the polling in michigan was historically bad. it's totally plausible the polling in ohio will be as bad, too. so she has to be careful with this up with. can't take it for granted. >> i don't think she's taking anything for granted. anything can happen in this race. betsy, i have to leave it there. but it's really good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> don't forget fox news is the place to be for super tuesday, part 2. we will cover the story throughout the day and then megyn kelly, bret baier will bring you the results as they start to pour in, starting with complete coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. arthel, christians have been executed, beheaded, raped and enslaved by the radical islamic
3:47 pm
terrorist of isis. now there are demands that the obama administration officially brand all this wanton killing as a genocide. coming up, we'll tell but a new report from the knights of columbus that detail just how bad these massacres are. will it be enough to make the u.s. act those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try,
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the state department is facing mounting pressure to label those attacks by the radical islamic terrorism isis that are targeting christians as an official genocide. a new comprehensive report from the knights of columbus sheds more light that exposes the continuing atrocities. detailing information about the murders of more than 1,000 iraqi christians, along with horrendous first person accounts of beheadings, rapes, and enlivement and torture. what do we do? executive director with the foundation for the defense of democracy. mark, the white house has been saying -- this is a quote -- that the legal determination has not yet been reached to call this a genocide. first i guess that must be true and if so, why? >> well, the white house has been punting on this because they don't want to make this determination because a
3:52 pm
determination of genocide means they're going to have to actually act to defend the middle east christians from extermination. but there is a march 17 deadline impose bid congress when they have to act soon. >> what do you think they'll do? >> hard to know. it's very rare for a white house to actually impose this genocide designation while a conflict is ongoing. it happened in 2004 under george w bush with a conflict in sudan. the facts are the facts. religious minorities, christians of the middle east, are being exterminated by isis and something has to be done. >> let me read one paragraph from the report. to go through the report, it's on the knights of cluck bus web site. i would urge our viewers, you get these chilling first person accounts. women, mothers, wives, of when they come in and grab their husbands. just stuff that we thought didn't happen today. it is time for the united states to join the rest of the world by naming it and by taking action
3:53 pm
against what is required by law. isis' activities are well-known. reconciling, rape, torture, bombings and the destruction of religious property and monuments are in somannor instances a matter of public record, murder of christians is commonplace. many have been killed in front of their own families. mark, what do we do? what can the u.s. and administration do to try and stop isis? is it even possible to try and stop this potential genocide from even continuing? >> the obama administration has, unfortunately, for years turned a blind eye to the ex termination of christians. the only christian community in the middle east today that is safe and secure and thrive something the christian community in israel. and other christian communities around the middle east after 1,000 year history are dwindling and some cases disappearing. the obama administration can set up safe havens and use full resources of the u.s.
3:54 pm
government, military, legal resources to protect the people. the first step is call it what it is, which is a genocide. and it is the extermination of christians, of the i can't zerowatery, turkmen and lost past due for this administration to use its moral force, political force and military force to defend the christians of the middle east because we will wake up one day and there will be no christians left there. >> the president has been resisting this. hillary clinton wants to set up those safe zones. the safe humanitarian corridors. for example, in syria. so why do you think the president has been not taking action on this? obviously concerned about american lives and american boots on the ground and getting us into another war. >> i think he doesn't believe that there is a direct threat to u.s. national security interest represented by isis. i mean, i think a is a delusion, clearly syria and iraq under isis, under assad have become a hotbed of extremism. terrorist attacks in france. terrorist attacks in the united states. the millions of refugees that have been now weaponnized that
3:55 pm
are flooding into europe and neighborhoods in the middle east. so you've got a serious american national security challenge. the president has walked away from that and we're having to deal with the consequences. >> congress has set this deadline of march 17. five days to go. so we'll check back with you in five days and see what the white house decides. genocide or not? mark, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you.k, >> we'll be right i back. go . become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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st. patrick's day celebrations kicking off early in chicago. >> they hold the annual dyeing of the chicago river. you can see they did it today. large crowd of spectators gather to do watch. chicago marking the holiday all weekend long. officials holding the 33rd annual st. patrick's parade today. more parades planned for tomorrow. st. patrick's day is actually march 17. look how green it is. >> i noticed behind the live shot, it's like that river is green. the chicago river is green. they did it early. oh, yeah. spring forward tonight. before you go to bed, set your clock one hour ahead. got it? >> that means we get one less hour of sleep. >> but more daylight. that makes me very happy. i love daylight. >> that means our noon show tomorrow -- >> don't, don't. >> okay. i won't get into that.
4:00 pm
>> i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaun. julie banderas is up next. stay with the fox news channel with the fox report. stay with us as we cover the election. >> thank you for joining us. protesters yet again dodging the donald on the campaign trail as another event gets underway this hour. i'm julie banderas. good evening, everyone. this is the fox report. a rally this morning in ohio repeat lead interrupted by protesters and then at one point, the secret service had to intervene. had one protester apparently tried to rush the stage. cell phone video from the rally outside dayton shows security hauling the protester away as you see there. all this, of course, coming after the chaotic scene we just saw 24 hours ago. confrontations both inside and outside a planned trump rally at the university of chicago that was eventually c


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