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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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yone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. what all this means with super tuesday 2 just days away. >> it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry. we're going to go to the polls on tuesday and we're going to be resounding victory.
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>> "justice" starts now. >> breaking tonight. the polls for convention voters in washington, dc have just closed. as donald trump holds another rally marred by protesters, this time, in kansas city. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine piero. when are you responsible for someone else's reaction? since when if you verbally lean right, are you responsible for the left's physical reaction? since when do you have the right to interrupt my right to listen to a candidate for the highest office in the land? this is america, not the soviet uni union. this is america. you cannot prevent me from
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speaking or listening. you cannot sensor speech. free speech is guaranteed. it's why our founding fathers made it their very first amendment to the law of the land. it's what distinguishes us from communist countries, and totalitarian regime. it's why people risk their lives to come here. your free speech, however, is not more important than mine. your free speech is the difference from mine. doesn't mean you're right and i'm wrong and therefore i must be silent. but that is exactly what the left tried to do in chicago last night and again, moments ago in kansas city to more than 25,000 who came to hear donald trump. some supporters, some undecided, some simply curious. others abject anarchists, yelling bernie, bernie, and responding to activist calls
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at #shutitdown. now, had protesters to disrupt the trump event. one, a sanders supporter, tony fitzpatrick, said he went to ask those in attendance to "please reconsider." really, tony? let's get this straight. tens of thousands of people waiting in line for hours, stretching city blocks and you take it upon yourself to have a discourse on the benefits of elected socialist almost communist candidate? and pray tell us, tony, who were you going to pick to have this discourse with? now, you have the right to protest. of course, you do. if you want to dissent, dissent, a blog, a tweet, put a sign on your front lawn. how about you just vote for
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someone else? but in a civilized society, you do not have the right to interrupt or sensor political speech. let us listen and make our own decision. but then again, tony, it's chicago. where kids playing in the park are so used to gunfire, they don't even react and as many as 57 people can be shot in one weekend. i know. i lived there. and you want to blame the dust-up on donald trump? even when protesters come for the specific purpose of creating chaos? so someone sucker punches someone else and then rightfully arrested. that's supposed to be trump's fault? a criminal law primmer, folks. words do not justify violence. you cannot defend assault by arguing verbal provocation. otherwise any man who battered a woman was saying he was
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justified because she mouthed off. and anytime you get 25,000 to 30,000 people anywhere unless it's to hear the pope, there's going to be disagreements. especially in a highly charged election year like this one. and by the way, ever been to a baseball game? a heavy metal concert ? people disagree and little marco in his desperate attempt to criticize trump said -- >> these words have real consequences. mr. donald trump has a big platform right now. he's the front-runner in the republican party and everybody is paying attention to what he's saying and these words have consequences, when you're president, even more so. >> words have consequences? well, maybe under sharia law when you say something considered offensive, but not in the united states of america, and not under our constitution. and by the way, marco, didn't
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you say your parents came from cuba to avoid a repressive regime? stop being so small, marco. americans have been angry for a long time. barack obama, the great hope and change unifier, is openly pitted the haves against the have notes. against the very public they defend. we've never been more divided. religion is being forced to act against their own religious principles. republicans characterized as wanting dirty air and dirty water. conservatives are blocked from speaking at universities. the left so distentorial they stop nothing to prevent free speech even in the cradle of education. black lives matter. occupy wall street. determined to disrupt our free discourse so that they can control the narrative.
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look. any course correction after seven years of hazardous charting would be difficult and up ending. the status quo like the establishment are petrified of donald trump to the point that they are willing to take action. the likes of which we have never seen in american politics. the desperation of the anarchists nothing more than an effort to suppress the protective rights upon which our republic was founded. this is america. you cannot stop us, and you cannot silence us. beware the sleeping giant. the silent majority of us. we will not be silenced. and that's my open. tell me what you think on facebook page or twitter. hashtag #judgejeanine. and just within the last hour, happened again. donald trump spoke at a rally in kansas city and disrupted several times by protesters.
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take a look. >> yesterday, in chicago, yeah. hello, darling. go home to mom. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. look at those cameras, the they way bend around. that's why i love the protesters. the only way we find out how much people are in these places are through the protesters. so i love our protesters. and we don't want to hurt the protesters, please. we don't want to hurt the protesters. >> joining me now by phone, donald trump's son, eric, an executive vice president of the trump organization. good evening, eric. >> judge, great being with you as always. >> thank you. eric, it's been a crazy 24 hours. your father last night made the
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decision to not continue with the event that was planned in chicago. why did he make that decision and do you think he made the right decision? >> yeah, i really do. i really do. but i find it incredibly sad. 25,000 people that waited in line for hours and hours to hear my father speak and then the passion at these events is incredible. and they were really not able to see it, obviously, because a couple people started chanting bernie and it's just very sad and then it's sad for our amendment freedom. it's just a very sad day for this country. >> and, you know, today in ohio, eric, i mean, i was frightened. you must have been frightened when that individual tried to rush the stage. your father talked about it in missouri a few minutes ago. are you worried about your dad's safety? >> listen, you have to worry, he's a great man. the one thing i'll say about my father, he's an incredible person. he is doing this to make a difference in this country
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because this country is going in the wrong direction. that's why. he doesn't need to be in this race. he could certainly be doing other things. he wants to make a difference in this country. when you see somebody trying to attack him, obviously, it worries you and there's a lot of crazy people out there. a tremendous amount of crazy people out there and i'm just glad it didn't get farther than it did. >> eric, your father. i mean, he is gathering audiences, the likes of which we've never seen in american politics. but he is so vulnerable in the sense he's right there in the open, you know, in the middle of everything. you're not worried? >> no. of course, you're worried. of course you're worried. you want to be with people and that's how he's been as a person. he likes being around the people. and i've stood by his side at 30 of these rallies and the love in the room is incredible and the love for america is incredible and the passion for his message is really, amazing. and it's sad to see people lash out. it says something about society.
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if i did that as a child, it says something about society people actively go into a room with the intent to disrupt and waste the time of thousands of people there for a message. and there are so many other ways to do this and i think you said this, but so many other ways to do it. but my father is a fighter and i'm so proud of him today for these rally is. it's amazing. today was a great day. >> what do you say to that your father incited this reaction by people? >> i think it's crazy. every single day, somebody asks my father this and that. you have hundreds of lunatics go into a convention chanting bernie, bernie, bernie and one media outlet anybody about bernie. so obviously, it's a one-sided argument. my father has done great things and he wants to win. he'd be an incredible commander in chief.
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and i really think he'll go all >> eric, why do you think people are reacting like this? what is going on out there? >> it's simple. he's going to win. he's going to win. the democrats know that he can beat bernie. the democrats know he will beat hillary. this is their attempt to stop him at this point. >> and do you see more of this ramping up by and, you know, ares was part of that as well, who participated in the bombing of new york city police department and, you know, it's only going to ramp up. and these people, there's definitely something wrong. anyone to go and waste people's time, they're a different type of people. you don't see trump protesters go into a bernie sanders rally and disrupting them. >> can you imagine?
6:13 pm
eric, can you imagine if the trump people went in and disrupted bernie sanders, how the reaction would be? you think it would be a little different? >> the media would crucify us. and quite frankly, they're placing the blame on us for this. it's very, very sad. it's very, very sad. somebody should ask bernie to disavow the people, not a single person to this point. >> interesting. all right. eric trump, thank you so much for being with us. >> great being with you, judge. >> take care. and the race for the nomination is not over yet. as the battle continues on the trail today. take a look at this. >> we're going to beat hillary clinton. i assume it's going to be her. we're going to beat her very badly. and we haven't even started on that one yet, but we're going to beat her very badly. we've got to do it, otherwise we're all wasting time, okay? and we don't want to waste time. >> donald trump as president, i believe, would be a disaster, but i think hillary clinton
6:14 pm
would be an even worse disaster and do even more damage to this country. but i'm not interested in settling for the lesser of two evils. i'm not interested in settling for the lesser disaster. >> bernie is a nice guy. combs his hair great. one of the best dressers in washington. never uses the word "huge." >> conservativism cannot be about anger or division but uniting our people behind the principles of free enterprise and strong national defense and driving to solutions. >> i've had people in the national media who have told me, if you really want to get attention, you need to start attacking. let me tell you, folks. first of all, you elected me to represent you. number one.
6:15 pm
number two. i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land to be elected to anything. >> join everybody who wants to fight for a better future, to get the results that we deserve to have, to build the kind of opportunities that all of us know we need. if you fight for me, if you vote for me, i can tell you this. i will do everything i can, every single hour of every single day to deliver results for all of you. let's go build the future that our country deserves together. >> my next guest is a washington insider who's worked for presidents ronald reagan and h.w. bush and also been a part of every gop campaign since mitt romney's run. my friend, charlie block joins me now. thank you for being with us. what say you about these events?
6:16 pm
have you ever seen anything like this? >> well, it's very unusual, but i've never really seen anything like the trump candidacy. and the reaction it's gotten. but listen, donald trump has been over the top in some of his rhetoric about minorities and sort of -- >> well, charlie. let's break it down. let's break it down. where is he over the top? >> ban muslims from this country. >> yeah, he said until we can find out who they are. >> well, look. debate that topic, that was my preface to saying, that's no excuse for, the radical leftist, lennonist group. and bill aers and his wife, b n berndean dorn who got their start in the '70s by trying to blow up the police and the
6:17 pm
capital. but try to kill a couple of policemen. nothing new, but these folks need to be disciplined by the police by the secret service. until the violence does not disrupt events. >> my sense and i just said, eric trump on the phone, my sense is it will only get worse. and the more people who go to these events, have you ever seen as many people packed into events in all your years in washington as we're seeing now? >> well, sure. you see it in general election campaigns all the time. and if the secret service is prepared and enlists enough local law enforcement to help them, they can close off the arenas to people who are and maybe they sneak in with trump shirts or something but takes more support from law enforcement, the secret service,
6:18 pm
the best in the world. they know how to do it. >> and trump thanked them, congratulated them. he seemed to be disappointed a few minutes ago about the fact that the guy was arrested and the judge just let him out. but we've got this second super tuesday coming. florida, ohio, big states. it looks like trump is going to win florida. should rubio drop out if he doesn't win florida? >> marco says he's going to stay in either way. it doesn't dramatically cripple him if he loses florida. i'm not sure he will lose by the way. he's closing fast. john kasich is going to win ohio and the small events going on today, donald is not getting delegates to speak of. this race is going to go to the convention. nobody will arrive there with the 1237 delegates and we'll have at least three, maybe even four candidates contesting a contested convention.
6:19 pm
>> here we go again. i'll tell you, charlie. it's going to be an interesting summer. charlie, always a pleasure having you on. thank you so much. >> thank you, judge. thank you very much. >> all right. so what are these donald trump rallies really like? tonight, i will talk with a man who's been on stage with trump and a few of them. he's also going to tell us why he thinks that donald scored a huge win this week with evangelicals. plus, can the donald put the nomination away with wins in florida and ohio on tuesday? larry is here and ready to give his take on one of the most hotly anticipated gop primary nights ever. don't go away. "justice" is back in a moment. >> super tuesday two. >> we're going to win, win, win. >> we want our freedom back. >> we have a real plan. >> the fight goes on! the fight for the nomination could all come down to this.
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breaking tonight. the countdown is on to super tuesday two and the stakes
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couldn't be higher. with me now to break it down. university of virginia center of politics director larry sabado. before we get to the second super tuesday or as it's called super tuesday two, today, we've got guam and dc and the northern mariannas and what else? >> that's it. the northern mariannas are democrats and guam and dc are republican caucuses and dc has 19 delegates. 16 of them will be apportioned on the results of this convention that we should get returns on tonight. and guam has nine. and look, we're in the situation, judge, where every delegate may matter. most of the best projections show donald trump either just below or just above the magic 1,237. so every delegate is going to
6:25 pm
matter. >> all right. and some of the washington, dc has not yet been called, but, you know, that should come in hopefully within the hour while we're on. but let's fast forward to super tuesday two. all right. so some polls are showing that donald trump is as much as, you know, 20 points ahead of rubio and some polls show that, you know, within a few points of each other. what do you think is going to happen in florida and can it change? is there anything that happened? did this dust up in chicago and calling off the event in chicago and the dust-up in ohio? will that make a difference? will it play in trump's favor? >> it easily could. that is the biggest piece of new information that voters will have going to the polls unless something else happens. you know, it's amazing, every day has so many events. it's hard to keep up with them all, but it can make a
6:26 pm
difference. a lot of republicans are law and order republicans and don't like what they're seeing. some are blaming him for it. we'll see what the republican voters buy come tuesday. >> what about, when you say the other candidates blame trump and they are. rubio has gotten his shots in and clinton. but here's the bottom line. i don't think trump supporters go in trying to shut down the free speech rights of the clintons or bernie sanders, and i don't see as eric trump said a few minutes ago, bernie sanders coming out to disavow the bernie sanders supporters who literally prevented 25,000 people who waited in chicago from hearing donald trump. >> my view on this is, this is another example of the complete breakdown of civility in politics. actually, probably in every sere of life.
6:27 pm
i think everybody bears some responsibility for it, so does donald trump. but i have to, for example, point to the audiences at the debates this year. audiences should be seen and not heard. sometimes, i thought i've been in the roman coliseum. the only thing missing were lions. and this all had an effect. it's dragging everybody into the gutter. >> i've got to tell you, larry. i've run for office five times. it is a blood sport. it is like being in the lion's den. and politics has always been rough and tumble, especially in chicago. but i'm offended personally by people trying to shut down the ability of other people to hear a candidate for president. i mean, is this going to change or is it going to ramp up? >> well, i certainly hope it will change. i fear it will ramp up. you're too young, judge. we were talking about this off air.
6:28 pm
but i am old enough to remember everything in the 1960s and i don't want to repeat any of that. i don't think many people who lived through the '60s want to. but we're on track to do that. we need to focus on this before it gets a lot worse and it will if we don't. >> all right. larry sabato. always good to have you on "justice." >> thank you. >> don't forget to tune in to fox news when megyn kelly and bret baier go to the polls in key states like florida, ohio, and illinois. we've got you covered here on fox. and still ahead, i'm going to break down all this with our political panel. featuring experts from both sides of the aisle. and next, pastor robert jefrs with the evangelical vote that
6:29 pm
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm julie banderas. killed a 3-year-old. 600 hurt and others forced to flee. the attack took place in the small town of taza also hit by a barrage of rockets. prime minister vowing revenge on the terror group. the militants will, quote, pay dearly. close to new york city, andrew cuomo saying they use sonar to find the sunken boat adding divers cannot swim down until it's located and deemed stable. one crew member was killed. two others are missing and presumed dead. the 90 foot boat crashed this morning spilling some 5,000
6:34 pm
gallons of fuel. i'm julie banderas. now back to "justice" with judge jeanine. fallout continued tonight after chaos and violent protests in chicago yesterday that forced gop front-runner donald trump to cancel the rally. with me, fox news contributor, "not all roads lead to heaven." pastor of the baptist church in dallas. good evening. >> good evening, judge. >> all right, pastor. let me just quickly get your take on what's going on in american politics today as it relates to the person that you think so highly of, donald trump. >> well, i think, first of all, i want to say a word about what's happening tonight with donald trump. i think, judge, we see the hypocrisy of liberalism on display. people who cry for tolerance are
6:35 pm
the most intolerant of beliefs they disagree with and liberals are first in line to restrict the first amendment rights of others. i want to say a word about these other spine leless. and what they ought to be doing is standing up and we are standing in sal darety with the first amendment rights. they are too weak to do that and why they're losing. the same people to restrict political speech they find offensive also want to restrict religious speech they find offensive, which would be a great concern to people of all faiths. >> you know, pastor, the whole concept of trying to shut down someone who is giving a message as if, you know, they have the right to do that is just stunning to me.
6:36 pm
but let's move on. let's talk about donald trump. i mean, you obviously, i know you can't endorse him because think highly of him. >> i do. >> and ben carson comes out and, you know, very religious guy, someone that people like. he's soft spoken. he's fair. he comes out and he supports donald trump. now, ted cruz, isn't he supposed to be the guy that people and evangelical and the problem people have with cruz. >> i think that the carson endorsement is a game changer. i think to have an intelligent committed christian like ben carson endorsing trump gives cover to a lot of other evangelicals who would like to vote for him but don't feel like they're selling their soul to the devil to do so and i think judge, you'll also find it takes the wind out of the sails of some of these vitriolic never
6:37 pm
trump people criticize the h-e double hockey sticks of me and other people who say that's not your best choice for sunday school director but great choice as president and as far as cruz goes, you know, i think what we're seeing right now is more than anything, judge, people want an outsider. and cruz, rubio, kasich, for all of their talk of being outsiders, they're part of the political system and i think this time around, people want somebody who doesn't look like, act like, or is a politician. >> all right. dr. robert evers, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thanks, judge. all right. and up next, two people who have a different take on the donald trump rallies than i do. marianne marsh and brad blakeman standing by. we'll talk about the donald, the gop, and the democrats. all gearing up for this big tuesday. don't go away. this is joanne.
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welcome back to "justice." you may have noticed i'm not in my familiar surroundings in new york. we are live in los angeles tonight where i'm on assignment and guess what? it's light out. all you new yorkers, it's california. anyway, breaking tonight. just days to go until super tuesday two and what could be the make or break in a moment in the race for the gop nomination? with me now, democratic strategist, marianne marsh and republican strategist and fox news contributor, brand blakeman, good evening. let's get it out of the way, because i hear you both disagree with me.
6:43 pm
you think trump is responsible for this dust-up in chicago? start with you, brad. >> i sure do. here's why, judge. i was in charge of major media events for president and presidential candidates. no way in hell i would put a republican rally on the campus of the university of illinois-chicago. there isn't a republican within five miles of that place. >> who was the 25,000 people who were waiting in line for hours? >> they had to travel in. but to have an event where protesters, all they have to do is roll out of bed and show up, organizing protests by walking down the block, trump was either asking for trouble or he wanted trouble. he has incited violence at his events and not only that -- >> wait, wait, wait. wait, wait. so what you're telling me, brad, is because trump chose a venue of chicago where i lived for almost three years, that he's at fault? what part of america isn't safe? should we avoid harlem?
6:44 pm
should we, i mean, that's crazy. >> no, it isn't crazy. no. when you're planning a political event, you plan it in places where you're going to have a good reception. and you're not going to have a good reception in the university of illinois campus. >> okay. all right. marianne. i get it, fred. do you agree with him? >> i have a little different take. i think trump and sanders both have a dilemma here. i think he needs to tell his supporters not to engage in violence and if they continue, his leadership will be called into question. and if he doesn't do that and they don't stop, people will assume he will use it for political purposes. >> okay, wait. sanders needs to disavow. marianne, agree? >> yes. you agree? >> absolutely. >> one thing straight. it's a trump rally. it's not trump's people who caused a problem.
6:45 pm
it's people yelling bernie who responded to #shutitdown and they clashed with his supporters. it's like me having a party at my house and other people not invited yell at the people in my house. why is it my fault? i live in the wrong neighborhood? i picked chicago? >> no. >> let me just say this. trump has the responsibility to use speech that is not inciting people to violence, telling protesters they're welcome because they're entertaining to him and putting a rally in a place no republican in their right mind would think of having. have it in dupage county or schaumburg. >> okay, i get the venue thing. let's move on. who's going to win tuesday in florida? let's start with florida. >> trump wins florida. that's all he needs to win. doesn't need to ohio to end up
6:46 pm
with the 1237 delegates he needs to win the nomination. by my count, a conservative one, even without ohio, he could come up with 1236 by may 24th and clean it up on june 7th where you've got three more win or take all. he's the nominee. i think he gets all the delegates he needs. it's wishful thinking on a lot of people's parts to think he won't. >> okay. brad, i want to ask you this. whether marianna is right or wrong, trump is 20 points ahead or 23, i think and other polls, single digits. let's talk about the fact you've got marco rubio telling people to vote for casish. how crazy is this? >> crazy. marco is likely to lose florida and kasich likely to win ohio but doesn't mean he's going to get the 1237 necessary because if kasich wins in ohio, there are other states in the northeast and in the midwest he's able, in my opinion, to pick up. trump is not going to waltz in.
6:47 pm
this is going to be a slog with three people in the race after tuesday and marco, i think, after he loses florida, is going to have to leave. >> yeah, but no one can catch trump. nobody can catch trump. it takes until may or june, but no one can overcome the election in delegates. >> it's very possible. >> let me get this, guys. donald trump made a call saying i'm not going to go there. there's a potential for violence and someone getting hurt. and then today he's in ohio and some guy rushes the stage, secret service is up there within a few seconds and then tonight he's in missouri and, you know, he was going to call in here but he's on a plane now. who's got that kind of energy? i'm sure he was petrified today and melania, his wife, was concerned. this guy has more energy and more determination. don't you think right now, he is
6:48 pm
as stronger as he's ever been, brad? >> it may be so. but i think he needs to take down his rhetoric. you have never seen ronald reagan or george bush speak in the kind of inflammatory statements that he's made. so it's up to him as the leader of the person leading in delegates to take it down a few notches. people need to calm down, both pro and anti trump in order for him to continue violence. >> marianne. last words? >> well, i think trump actually had a really good debate the other night and wouldn't better off if this didn't happen. if only helps him in the primary and close republican primaries. i don't think it helps him in the general election. >> interesting. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, judge. it's the commentary that blew up social media this week and has everyone talking. i'll show it to you next. stay with us. when you think about success,
6:49 pm
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last week's open viewed by as well as 30 million people online. i addressed my thoughts. language so horrible i can't even repeat on the air. so offended by trump's language but not barack obama's condemnation of those who cling to god and guns and donald trump's businesses? you, mitt, were a corporate raider who threw people out of work and sent jobs out of our country. and you don't like donald's temperament and judge? you couldn't even stand up to cnn's candy crowley. you couldn't get elected when the nation was ripe for a republican president. your reason to not support
6:54 pm
donald trump, you worry what you'll tell your grandchildren when they ask, why grandpa, didn't you stop donald trump? maybe you ought to worry about when they ask about your loss to barack obama. what are you going to tell them? will you tell them that you choked? we're fed up. we're sick of the lies, the bails, and the games you talk about. immigration. and yet no one has done anything since the last amnesty in 1986. while we continue to pay for education, medication, housing, while families like kate stien ly suffer behind back door budget hearings. you continue to fund sanctuary cities that thumb their noses at american victims. you talk about overspending in the government and the deficit, it's only gotten bigger. you take our money in the form of taxes, wasted away while you
6:55 pm
feather your own nest from bob dole to john mccain to you, mitt romney, and bush. the party elite cannot win. don't be small, mitt. remember our history. remember when we were fed up with the monarchy. be careful. be very, very careful. do not disrespect the man who makes sense to us, because when you disrespect him, you disrespect the will of the american people. and that's not a good place to be. >> and you can watch my whole open in the entirety by logging on to the facebook page. coming up, my tribute to a very special lady.
6:56 pm
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a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. before we leave you tonight, as the race for president gets uglier by the day, we were reminded this week of of the simpler, less divisive time in american politics. nancy reagan was laid to rest yesterday here in california. next to her beloved ronnie. this has always been one of my favorite pictures of one of the nation's most celebrated first couples. tonight i'd like to think that the former president is sitting on that bench ready to welcome
7:00 pm
his nancy home. rest in peace, nancy reagan. thanks so much for watching. see you next saturday. hi. i'm greg gutfeld or as i'm known in japan greg gutfeld. [ cheers ] >> yea! here's what's coming up. chicago protests friday night shut down trump rally. that ain't right. note for good exercise try flying a kite. what happens now on the campaign trail? will it get worse or will cooler heads prevail? i don't know. and does hillary have your trust to be president? isn't it a must? i've missed you, america. let's get started. i've got news twister in an hour. [ cheers and applause ]


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