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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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his nancy home. rest in peace, nancy reagan. thanks so much for watching. see you next saturday. hi. i'm greg gutfeld or as i'm known in japan greg gutfeld. [ cheers ] >> yea! here's what's coming up. chicago protests friday night shut down trump rally. that ain't right. note for good exercise try flying a kite. what happens now on the campaign trail? will it get worse or will cooler heads prevail? i don't know. and does hillary have your trust to be president? isn't it a must? i've missed you, america. let's get started. i've got news twister in an hour. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> audience, yes! let's welcome tonight's guests, shall we? they had to buy his baby clothes at the big and tall store. it's wrestler and our big news correspondent. that's his real beard. and she's so bright, children are told not to stare directly at her. it's jillian turner former national security council member in the bush and obama administration and a fox news contributor. he's more shocking than a hair dryer dropped into a tub full of electric eels. sit down. it's gavin mckin ness. a new movie called creative control now in some theaters. she's as bubbly as champagne because she's been drinking it since noon in the parking lot. joann nosuchinski. and last but not least, she puts the ms. in misery. national review reporter kathryn
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kemp. boo! [ cheers and applause ] >> sorry. i'm sorry. all right. so it's just another typical friday night in america. fistfight festival erupted in chicago after donald trump canceled a rally where raucous protesters invaded the arena. organizers feared violence. i'd say the fear was well-founded. police arrested five people during isolated brawls. so who are these people protesting? >> fox news. >> fox news. >> fox news fox news fox news. >> can you say something? >> fox news. >> i think he's got a future as my ring tone. >> fox news fox news fox news fox news. >> that's my phone. anyway, i apologize. sorry i interrupted you, protester. please continue. >> i'm here because i'm proud to be a chicagoan. chicago does not like donald trump and his [ mute ] ideas. >> that's college today.
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>> what can you say? yes. reporter said the protesters were a mix of bernie sanders supporters, black lives matter and move on.gorg. but to me it looked like a face-off between skin ard fans and interns. ask them what they're doing here and why. >> what were you here tonight to do? >> i'd rather not answer that question. >> so these protesters won't express themselves on camera but they will happily silence everyone else. the media described the protesters as peaceful after the event was shut down. the message, you'll get peace if you shut up. the left suppresses speech through disruption. they will preach dialogue unless it happens to involve you. shouting we won after silencing others only says you're you're a wimp. it helps trump not the protesters exposing the intolerant p.c. movement in full
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glory. trump had this to say today. >> we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us, folks. we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. we have a right to speak. i mean, we are law-abiding people. we're people that work very hard. we're people that have built this country and made this country great. and we're all together. and we want to get along with everybody. but when they have organized professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. we've got to fight back. >> you see how white his background was? clearly a racist [ laughter ] >> his opponents say this. >> when you have a campaign that affirm atively encourages violence, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty -- >> there are consequences to these words.
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there really are. presidents and presidential candidates cannot just say anything they want. >> frankly, donald has created a very toxic environment. >> what was the question? anyway, here are my thoughts. yeah, i saw the fights at the rally over and over and over again. i saw more of this guy than i saw my family the entire year [ laughter ] >> it's bad. but the fact is we keep seeing the same footage because we happen to like it. more so than a john kasich town hall which got knocked off tv for this. that aired later, but the most restrained candidate running gets bumped for behavior seen during spring break. so where should you stand in all of this? are you for trump? are you for the protesters? should trump be blamed or should bernie sanders since many of the protesters back him? i say everyone's at fault. the protesters more so because they came probably for a fight. but this lady didn't help. >> you have the right to aaccept pell. you have the right to free speech. you always have the right to -- >> slug a guy? >> you have a right to go into a
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closed private event and you get what's coming to you. i do not condone violence. but if you go into an environment where you're interrupting 13, 14 times, do you expect a hug or kumbaya? >> oh, marosa. this is my problem with trump. i don't want a white house where washed up reality show minions actually have a voice. i do not look forward to gary busey's take on entitlements or sin bad's policy suggestions for syria. also, bill ayers was there. he's a terrorist. he tried to blow up americans. was he there to preach nonviolence? that's like jeffrey dahmer preaching develveganism. why do protesters who seem to despise hate seem like bill ayers to love violence? because they are good and we are
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evil. did anyone see this coming? >> it could get uglier and we don't want it to get uglier. we're watching tempers flare everywhere. not just between left and right, between right and right. and until we actually kind of like speak honestly about what's going on, it's going to get bad. >> right guy. [ laughter ] >> pretty good-looking, too, i might add. i think he works out. anyway, i'm thinking cooler heads better prevail soon or it's going to get worse. really worse. [ cheers ] >> all right. i want to start with you, tyress. you were a bouncer for snoop. >> bodyguard. >> bodyguard. >> bouncer. >> same thing. >> sounds like intern. >> you were his intern. >> executive protection if you want to be cool about it. >> okay. so i'm sensing a pattern here that seems to be getting worse. am i right or am i worrying? >> no. it's about to get ugly. >> yes. >> i think people are angry, people are using trump as the
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vehicle for their -- i don't even think it's about him. the protesters -- they're not really protesters. they're invaders. because when you protest something if i don't like greg gutfeld i will take a sign and sit in the front row right there and be like i don't like greg. and it's my right to do that and you can do your show. you're sensitive. you'll probably be upset but i can protest it and it's cool. but me coming over your desk and going like that while you talk, i'm invading your space. eventually you'll go stop taking my desk. then i'll say what did you say to me? then we're going have a fight. and i'm on tv, maybe i should do that. but the message is lost. and it's not protesting. >> yeah. that's true. >> it's not protesting. >> by the way, i enjoyed it when you did that. it was kind of like a nice little thigh massage [ laughter ] >> julian. tyress makes a good point that we keep showing this stuff. we keep deploring it and
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deploring it and showing it and showing it. should we ignore it? >> it's a catch 22 for the media, as much as i hate these blame the media for everything argument, i think we have the same argument in the foreign policy community. we have terrorism. should we air the videos of the beheadings and the threats from isis or should we not? this remind me of that a little bit. because it's like are we promoting this by talking about it? i think the media ultimately has the responsibility, though, to show the american people in this country what's happening. and that's what happened here. kudos, it pains me to do it, but kudos goes out to the trump campaign though for making the right call last night and cancelling the rally. and gaining even more exposure as a result. >> think how much more exposure they would have had if they had gone forward with it and people were beating the crap out of each other all night. >> i think it helped him in a big way. >> if they just blurred out the heads of the guys on the tv, the brother who was ducking in the glasses and doing things? if his head's blurred out? he doesn't get any attention. >> exactly.
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>> we see what happens. next town the guy might be like my blog's not going to get any hit points not going to see my face on it. that's what it's really about. [ applause ] >> what about people -- yes. but what about people whose heads are already blurry? have you thought about them? and how offensive it is to them? >> you'll save money on the tech. >> you unblur their heads so they're unrecognizable. gaffe v gavin, dressed nattily as always. >> natalie portman. i get that a lot. >> whenever there's a movement there's extremists, right? i can't be a hypocrite. i went after occupy wall street all the time for the assaults and the molestations. i feel that i have to call that out when it happens, even in events that i might favor, correct? >> correct. well, these people are way bigger cretons than occupy wall street. they had one defedefecater and
7:11 pm
of idiots. but these are clear morons. >> look at the fights. it was all the protesters. i saw some idiot standing in front of the cops like this with their hands up going in your face, pig. you go, that's what we want, dummy. but you might as well eat big mack in front of ronald mcdonald a num num num. i'm eating a big mack. yeah, i made that. >> my problem is that when there is a movement and people sense that there's power, it brings people together that are looking for power. she seems like somebody that sees this as an opportunity for herself and she says stupid things. >> i think we all see the opportunity in everything. like tyress was saying, when you can get that extra blog hit or get that exposure, you're going to do so. but which makes it obvious that this is not about the protest. again like tyress was saying, it's about -- i don't know.
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taking that opportunity and really just like running with it. and seeing how far you can go. because really, if they were trying to just stop a speech as soon as they did they would have left. >> that's true. >> but it no longer became about that. they just wanted to stay because they wanted more exposure. >> it was like a carnival atmosphere. i think i coined that phrase. cat, you were part of the barbie riots of '72. how does this compare? >> i'm not that old. although the protesters i kind of get it. i was a little jealous of trump. because that's a lot of attention. i would love to have people that would text me back, you know? let alone get to have that many feelings about me being somewhere. when i watch that, though, it looked like twitter in real life, right? >> yeah. >> that's been going on on twitter all this time. and it just happened right there in front of real life. and it was amazing. and i was watching it all night in my apartment. and definitely because i care so much about the history and not because i didn't have any other
7:13 pm
plans [ laughter ] >> and i was going to watch "new girl" otherwise. so definitely not. >> yeah. you know what, it's weird. when there's something like that on, it makes being alone watching tv like work. >> that's right. >> i'm actually doing something. >> i'm researching, i'm not crying, i'm researching. >> i'm not going to those german web sites over and over again anymore. >> no. there's commercial breaks. >> well yeah, i do that as well. we've got to take a break. up next, absolutely nothing about donald trump. but first, what did the president say about donald trump? i bet it wasn't something complimentary.
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he's not to blame for trump's acclaim. on thursday president obama, if that's his real name, laughed off the notion that he's responsible for the republican crackup. instead he took a shot at me. >> many of the information outlets, social media, news outlets, talk radio, television
7:18 pm
stations, have been feeding the republican base for the last seven years. a notion that everything i do is to be opposed. >> no joke. it took him almost six hours to answer that question. here's more. >> what you're seeing within the republican party is to some degree all those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where somebody like a donald trump can thrive. >> and you thought ben carson took his time. that was like therapy. speaking of which, donald trump talks a lot about making america great.
7:19 pm
i'm going to be helping him. others are going to be helping him. >> so carson endorses trump and the media was all over it. but that wasn't the most significant trump endorsement this week. that came from charles evers brother of medger evers, the civil rights icon murdered in 1963 by a future kkk member. though not everyone was okay with it. watch this reporter try to shake evers from his opinion about trump. >> your support of him is raising a lot of eyebrows. why did you decide to endorse donald trump? >> first of all, my real reason, he's a business man. >> and saying he really didn't know about white segregationists, white supremacy groups, does that concern you at all? >> not really. because let me tell you. most whites in this country have a problem with black folks. and you know that. >> are you at all concerned about the tone of this campaign or some of the things that donald trump has said and the way that he has said them? >> i don't agree with everything that mr. trump has said.
7:20 pm
naturally i don't like the negative stuff that any of the candidates are saying to each other. but i think he's the man that's for us. >> so gavin, i love that segment because it's like she's interviewing a space alien. so wait, you're an older black man endorsing trump. what is this? and she wanted to like rip off the mask to find oh, my god, it's actually a robot! [ laughter ] >> you know what he reminds me of when anne coulter said our blacks are better than their blacks. this is a 94-year-old man. barack sounded like katharine hepburn in "on golden pond" making fun of me in the media. this is a 94-year-old going i don't agree with everything he said. but there's inherent racism in this country. the guy was perfect. >> i have to say, tyress, i look the at that back and forth. i thought he was actual lit future and she was the past. like he had no -- he wasn't interested in the old stereotypes of like you must --
7:21 pm
blacks must be liberal. >> not just that. i think there was maybe -- you see in like "law and order" and stuff where they brief the witness and he gets on the stand and sir and then he says the exact opposite? she's like no, you said that he was a racist and that you know -- no no, it says right here, sir. sir. the transcript. and he was like no. they missed the whole point and mr. charles is the man. >> yes. >> but he doesn't like women. so when she was talking to him and he's like yeah, you know. how long this white woman going to talk with me. because really that's the real issue. i like trump. he's cool. he's going to get us jobs, get me a sandwich. that's exactly what that interview was. and just barack real quick? barack is just like me. when something that maybe i did, maybe i didn't do. he's like oh, look. that trump, yeah, look, i'm leaving in six months, y'all. i got to pack. i got things to do.
7:22 pm
>> i don't think he packs. i think other people pack for him. >> yeah, yeah, trump, got it. okay. call hillary. get off me. like that's really how i feel he felt. >> jillian, does he have a point, president obama have a point? i actually think he might have a point. >> i think he had a point about the fractured nature of the republican party in this election cycle absolutely. they're making the liberals, democrats, look kind of homogenous and unified by comparison. when is the last time we saw the parties like this? trump has been many things, but he's been called many things that he's probably not. but he's definitely polarizing for the gop. i don't think anyone's going to argue that point. >> i think he really is the right wing obama, the way obama was polarizing to one side, trump is doing the same but in an entirely different way. cat, did any of these endorsements influence your voting or were you too high to notice? [ laughter ] >> i was not high.
7:23 pm
i had plenty of ability to not notice things without being high. like i said, libertarians going to write in myself. i know i am the best for america hands down. but i really did like that. a lot of charisma both those people in the endorsements. a lot of real charisma there. excitement. >> i think you're being sarcastic. i am being sarcastic. >> i just wanted everybody to know. >> by the way, donald trump giving us jobs not how it's supposed to work. the government's not supposed to give us jobs. that means he's going to make the government bigger. i don't want money coming out of my taxes to build border wall beauty or build jobs. i need to explain to him how the economy works. i need to explain it to all of you. >> i think you do. last word to you, jo. what do you make of this? >> i do blame obama for the gop fracturing because i'm a millennial and i blame obama for everything. >> yeah, good. >> he's very responsible. and i think that carson's endorsement is a huge deal. i feel like people aren't giving
7:24 pm
it as much attention as it deserves. everyone's been saying mr. carson's such a nice guy. oh, i feel bad. he's so great. he's so nice. >> yeah. >> so i think that matters. he needs that right now, trump needs carson. and we're going to be seeing a lot more of carson, i think, along the campaign trail. >> it is amazing. because trump had called him pathologically damaged. and as someone who is pathologically damaged, i'm offended that he throws that term around. >> what was the most shocking to me about the whole carson endorsement of trump was what donald trump said after he announced his endorsement of him which was, we had a great conversation last night and we talked about education. and i think he's really -- he cares about education. so i'm going to make him secretary of education. like that's how you choose your cabinet? i talked to this guy at starbucks the other day and he knew a lot. i'm going to call him. never talk to anyone at starbucks. you know, like anur-long conversation and now he's going to be in your cabinet? >> hey, look.
7:25 pm
i put people in my cabinet without even talking to them [ laughter ] >> hold on. if judging by the rate of speed in which ben carson was talking, talk forg an hour, i would have gave him anything he wanted. you can be secretary, vice president. please let me get up out of here. >> an hour he made three sentences. >> oh, yeah. you're education. you've got it. let's go. >> i would put ben carson in my cabinet just to tell me bedtime stories. it's like mr. president, it's time for bed. yes, bring dr. carson. and he comes in with a little book. >> he's like a singing infomercial. >> i love him. >> he wears gloves. >> and you wake up and your liver's been removed. it's in an ice box going to guatemala. >> with a really long note explaining the joke. >> exactly. all right. still to come, dental floss that can read your mind. not today but eventually. but first, hillary, her benghazi lies and e-mails. it's the toilet paper stuck on her shoe that she'll never get off. stick around.
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during wednesday's dnc debate that nobody watched, hillary clinton refused to say if she'd quit the campaign if she were indicted over the e-mail mess. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> for good ness sakes. that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> she's an american treasure like norman bates' mother. she'll still run but will benghazi be her achilles heel. she's fighting against the benghazi victims families who call her a liar. jorge ramos played a video of pat smith whose son shawn was killed during the benghazi attack and asked clinton to respond. >> you know, look. i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost at benghazi. and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son.
7:31 pm
but she's wrong. she's absolutely wrong. >> wow. that will help her trustworthy numbers. wow. but clinton continues to campaign. and pat smith still waits for answers. here she is the day after the debate. >> mrs. smith, what could she do -- should she do now? >> come -- i want to speak to her personally. and i want to be able to ask her what happened. and i want her to be able to tell me what happened. i don't believe she's got the guts to do that. as madelinalbright said there's a special place in hell for people like her. and i hope she enjoys it there. >> yep. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jillian, what did you make of her benghazi response? >> here's the thing. when we talk about the u.s. and libya's relationship and benghazi, i worry that we're a little bit losing sight of the
7:32 pm
forest for the trees. if i said that the right way. >> i think you did. >> i think. what i'm trying to say is, it's tragic, obviously, that ambassador stephens our ambassador to libya lost his life in 2011 and the three other americans. but what's much more tragic is the fact that we intervened in this country to depose a sort of militant dictator without any plan for the aftermath that was to come. and as a result, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in that country. it's verging on being a failed state as was pointed out in a congressional hearing last week and it's created a global refugee crisis where up to something now like 4 million people from libya and iraq and syria. >> that's the real crime. >> that's the real crime here. that's what we should be focusing on in congressional hearings. that's what the administration should be talking about. that's what the press in the briefing room should be asking them about every day. yes, it's a tragedy that again four americans died. but look what's happened in the
7:33 pm
last five years. that's the real tragedy. >> cat, i see you waving. >> yeah. i mean, she could at least act like she cares a little bit. she was smiling a little bit when he was asking her the question. and then when she said she felt sympathy it kind of reminded me of the same kind of sincerity and passion as a kid thanking a grandma when she gives him socks for christmas, okay? she was like, look, i have a great deal of sympathy. like thank you, nana exactly what i wanted. why would this woman lie to make it up just for sun or because she's mentally ill. accusing her of being mentally ill or being a complete sociopath. but she's very -- look. oh, can't believe they died and i have to talk about it. like so get it together, lady. act like a human being. i dare you, hillary, to act like a human being. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> all right, jo, she's kind of in a bind, though.
7:34 pm
because if she admits she lied then she's screwed. but then she's also screwed by saying this poor mother lied. by the way, the audience booed that question when it was first happened and she smirked. >> and in a he said she said between a politician and the mother of a vet who's no longer with us because of either her incompetence or her lie, like who are you going to believe? >> yeah. >> obviously it's the one who's in the position of victimhood. and that's this poor mother who just wants answers. and i feel like that's what happens is the voter then sympathizes and empathizes with that mother because we all have someone we love and care about as opposed to this woman who's seeking public office. you know what i mean? you can't really compare -- you can't compare the two because you're always going to side with the mother. >> yeah. let me ask you, tyress, is she equipped to be president? i mean just from like overall would you vote for her? >> no. hell no [ laughter ] >> and i tell you. for no other reason than just -- listen. i've known some shady characters in my life.
7:35 pm
and believe it or not, i've been accused of a lie or two. and my facial expressions are pretty much the same thing. someone's hitting me with some facts and yeah, well, i feel sorry for her but she's wrong. you feel sorry for what? what are you sorry about? the loss of life or the fact -- and everyone's missing the whole thing. your assistant has been given immunity. let's go back to "law and order" again. they make the deal when they got the dirt. >> yeah. >> and when she was asked a question would she step down or whatever? what she's going to hope is happening, i'm sure she's got a great team and as long as she's doing the numbers that she's doing for the democrats this is going to be dragged out. >> yeah. >> you know what you're right about the base. it remind me of the second half of the show "the first 48" when they get the suspects and they're all like -- >> this face right now. >> i think i saw you on "the first 48". >> right. >> yeah. all right. coming up, critics say trump reminds him of 1930s germany. and they know because they were
7:36 pm
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7:41 pm
of -- >> adolf hitler -- >> can all stand on this stage competing and asking for your support. >> that is nuts. especially for donald who's a pretty nice guy. >> thank you very much. great honor. and go outside. we have coffee and drink. enjoy yourselves. thank you. >> hit letter would never offer you coffee and drink. this hitler crap is getting old. as old as a nazi hiding in argentina. so far here is my hit list. louie c.k. calls trump hitler on facebook. bill maher calls trump's rallies hit alreadiy. president obama was compared to hitler by hank williams. a teacher once asked students to compare president george w. bush to adolf. and bush sr. once compared saddam hussein to hitler, too. michael fox said michael bay emulated hitler on the set when michael jordan grew a mustache
7:42 pm
people accused him of bringing back the hitler look. fidel castro once said ronald reagan was as bad as hitler. gadhafi said american was the new hitler. stalin was once compared to hitler with his weird seems like a lateral move. "newsweek" writer alexander nazarion compared ted cruz to hitler in a tweet. it's funny how you can't spell his name without aryan. jet magazine once compared barry goldwater to hitler. nixon was compared to hitler so often i lost track. lyndon johnson's great society was compared to the hitler regime. a washed up comedian once called adam corolla a nazi. glenn beck compared both al gore and mayor bloomberg to third reichers. angela merkel is now being called a new hitler. kind of sad. and finally, kanye west once compared himself to hitler, saying he was more hated than adolf during a concert. i guess that makes kim
7:43 pm
kardashian eva braun. maybe this is all human nature. when you don't like somebody you compare him to something worse to get others to feel as as you. this leaves one question. before hitler was lit letter, who did people compare people they hated to? was it rasputin, genghi i is, khan, caligula. bill o'reilley? not that old. find a new comparison. use me. whenever you want to smear someone simply say you're no better than gutfeld. if they know who i am they will be offended. if they don't know, then they truly are worse than hitler. [ cheers and applause ] gavin, any thoughts on hitler? >> yeah. i'm not going to -- i'm sick of beating around the bush. i hate hitler's guts. i would like to go back in time and go up to him when he was a baby in the crib and just go
7:44 pm
[ mute ] you! [ laughter ] >> we're going to end that segment. we've got more stuff coming up like this hard-hitting story. a new report says the millennials are turning their backs on cereal. joann and kathryn investigate this seriously troubling trend. but first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's show is sponsored by hiphop hemorrhoidal cream. you've got 99 problems but an itch ain't one. hiphop hemorrhoidal cream today. thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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current trend monday is that it is national cereal day, and i missed it because i was handing out scarves to the elderly. and it is 10% sales falling for cereal, and the problem is that lazy millennials, because 40 percent in a recent study is that they called it too much work for breakfast. and it is like my third nipple fyi which does nothing but gross
7:49 pm
people out. >> and crunchy biscuits are made with delicious ingredients. >> fight the morning crave. >> and yogurt. >> breakfast, the most important meal of the day. >> cereal used to dominate the morning market, but it is slipping away, and what went wrong? we spoke with some self-absorbed millennials to learn more. >> do you eat cereal? >> no. is it because you are a lazy millennial and you don't want to wash out the bowl? >> yes. >> it is because it is too hard to carry the full bowl down thestairs to the basement where your parents still live. >> no comment. >> that is a yes. >> and you are a millennial, and how do you motivate yourself to wash the bowl after you eat it? >> i don't wash it. >> you just throw it away? >> i let my mom wash it. >> typical bernie sanders' voters? >> yeah. >> and how should we get more people to eat cereal? >> we should explain it is so
7:50 pm
healthy, and i don't need any time for the cereal, because i throw it in a bowl, and milk, and i'm good to go. >> and if there were more cartoons on, would you eat more cereal? >> well, maybe -- >> hey, you a grown man, and you should not be watching cartoons. so clearly the millennials are down on cereal. so i kidnapped -- i mean caught up with a cereal expert. do you prefer a cereal? >> well well, i like a sugar cere cereal. >> how many bowls do you like to eat? >> six bowls a day. >> do you think that will help you to grow big and strong? >> that is a can question that i cannot answer. >> and a lot of people have cereal with milk. >> it is better without milk. >> okay. what should it be? >> water mixed with mustard and sugar. >> okay. on a scale of 1 through 10, how special is it? >> it is not special at all. >> frosted flakes, tony the
7:51 pm
tiger, and do you think that he should get a little bit more buff? >> yeah. he is not ripped enough. >> of these two, cinnamon toast crunch and honey nut cheer e owes, which do you want? >> cinnamon toast crunch. >> wrong answer. >> cherrios. >> look, this is working out perfectly. if millennials don't like it, and they todon't love it, we turned to the man who knows all about it, the oracle of cereal. >> i wake up in the morning, and if anybody can save cereal, i think that if anyone can save cereal, it is me. part of it is the right cereal for the right person. tell me about yourself. >> i'm a, i'm a -- >> okay. that is enough. i want to the try something with a little nutritional value. this is not rewarding, but later on in life, 50 years are from now, you will feel the benefits.
7:52 pm
>> if i make it. >> and in the short term, there are none. >> and go ahead, put it in your mouth and let it go in and do not use your tongue. not too much tongue. >> light and chrrisp. >> somewhat of a match here? >> yeah, it is not too overwhelming, because i get overwhelmed easily. >> and could we see waking up every day for 12 years, and just having this? >> well, 12 years, i don't know where i will be in 12 years, and probably not on this earth. >> and i have been following your career, so probablyt not so far. and now, this one, you fill up the bowl where you say -- well, i was hoping that you would be more careful. >> okay. sorry. i went for it. >> that is at lot of loops. >> you feel that there is a bounce in the step, and some things make sense now? >> well, slightly. effervescent. >> yes, right, but that is more of a cert's commercial. and now, pretend i am not here, and see what i have taught you and what you are have learned.
7:53 pm
okay. and? >> amazing. >> i think that we made cereal great again. >> okay. whoa! my work is done. >> thank you. >> really, really, ugh! >> go ahead, and this is so goo good. >> all right. come up next our audience are trivia contest. if the they paid attention to the show, they could win useless items they never need. stick around. when you think about success,
7:54 pm
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7:58 pm
and name the sponsor of today's show. >> kellogg's. >> no. what about this guy over here? >> the hip-hop cream. >> hip-hop -- >> hemorrhoids. >> you have to share the alligator. >> nicely done. >> all right. second question. i'm going come to you here, and all planets in the solar system orbit in the same direction, and which cereal did jane and kat eat in the report. >> cherrios and fruit loops. >> yes. >> yes? >> yes. you get the two-headed monster, and remember when dr. ben carson said that there were two donald trumps. well, there you go. and saving the best for last.
7:59 pm
name a person that i listed that had been compared to hitler. a, whoopi goldberg, and b, lyndon johnson and c, greg stop touch i touching me, and d, president george w. bush. >> trump. >> that wast not on the list. >> oh, i am sorry. >> but that is all right. where are you from? >> ireland. >> well, you know what you win anyway? you win this special -- can everybody get that? >> it is unicorn meat. i don't eat it. i have a special fondness for unicorn, and so i would never eat their meat, and don't say anything. and when you take it back on the plane, they are going to be pulling you aside, and they are going to be doing quite a search. >> i'll blame you. >> blame me, please. sir, thank you. and a quick programming note, i will be on a special edition of
8:00 pm
the vibe tuesday at midnight eastern time as we are going to recap the primary reports from florida, illinois, and north carolina and missouri, and good night. thank you to my guests. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. welcome to a special edition of special report, i'm bret baier coming to you from gem theater in downtown detroit. in a moment, the first of two democratic candidates are going to take the stage at this town hall, but first, we'll check the stories making headlines today. >> former new york mayor -- >> live from the headquarters i'm leah gabriel. marco rubio winning the contest in washington, d.c., and he picks up ten delegates, and kasich will get nine


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