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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  March 13, 2016 1:00am-3:01am PDT

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rest in peace, nancy reagan. thanks so much for watching. see you next saturday. . protesters yet again dodging the donald on the campaign trail as another event gets underway this hour. i'm julie banderas. good evening, everyone. this is the fox report. a rally this morning in ohio repeat lead interrupted by protesters and then at one point, the secret service had to intervene. had one protester apparently tried to rush the stage. cell phone video from the rally outside dayton shows security hauling the protester away as you see there. all this, of course, coming after the chaotic scene we just saw 24 hours ago. confrontations both inside and outside a planned trump rally at the university of chicago that was eventually canceled by the
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trump campaign. that was then and this is now. let's take a live look at kansas city, missouri, where donald trump is set to take the stage any moment now. all seems quiet. but that's inside. the mayor urging protesters outside to stay peaceful. one group organizing on facebook promising to turn out hundreds of people to, quote, shut down the event. we're going to monitor this for you throughout the evening. so keep it here on the fox report for any developments. meantime, others in the republican field weighing in on the recent violence from last night. and suggest trump's angry rhetoric is to blame. here is marco rubio and john kasich weighing in. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment and a toxic environment has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. >> the more outrageous things he says, the more coverage he gets. i think everyone here bears some responsibility for what's happened to election and
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politics in america today. but we've now reached a point where it is acceptable to basically not just be angry, but to take that ager and say anything you want against anyone who disagrees with you. we are head not guilty a very bad direction as a party, as country, as a conservative movement. >> and while all this is going on, don't forget there are actual nomination contests to talk about as well in wyoming and washington, d.c., guam and the northern mariana islands. carl cameron kicks off our live team coverage for you tonight. carl, both rubio and kasich are in a do or die situation in their own home states in ohio and in florida. how are they coping with that? >> reporter: well, when you factor in daylight savings time, we are now less than 72 hours to some of the polls beginning to close on tuesday night. indeed, the clock is definitely ticking for both of them. for marco rubio, florida, a must win state, his home state. it's been said for years that if a presidential candidate can't win at home, they're not going to win nationwide.
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that is very much the type of threat he's looking at. even though marco rubio has said he will continue on and has already promise to do head to utah after tuesday's results, he is very much involved in this. and frank lee, aggressively going after donald trump and saying that all of these candidates, if you're inciting or encouraging or tolerating the presence of a violent tone in your supporters, you're ultimately responsible. here is one of the ways he put it earlier today. >> when you're out there telling people, oh, there is a protester in the crowd, throw him out. beat him up. when you're out there having supporters sucker punch people and afterward saying they wish they could kill them and you don't disavow that kind of thing? you are encouraging what we're seeing in american political discourse. >> reporter: now, ohio governor john kasich, who is having a live events right now, has been barn storming across the buckeye state with just the same sort of fight for his own survival, even
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though he has said if he does not win, he will drop out of the race. kasich has been very, very attentive to a positive message and has tried to avoid a lot of the name calling that the other candidates have made the hallmark of this race. but not kasich. until really these outbursts in the trump campaign from the angry voters who show up and that has become now part of kasich's rhetoric. he's shown absolutely no intention to stop it. he's talking mostly about policy and bringing people together and uniting. but because of the nature of this race, all of the candidates in these last two days have spent a great deal of their time talking about trump's rallies. julie. >> what about candidates leading in the polls and obviously those are trump and cause. what about them? >> well, donald trump has suggested that organizations like black lives matter, move on, the clinton campaign, the sanders campaign are responsible for sending in these
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demonstrators to disrupt and deny his supporters their first amendment rights to listen to donald trump and be heard themselves. but what trump is also doing is going directly after john kasich in ohio. he spent many, many months pounding marco rubio. now trump's emphasis is on ohio, recognizing it's a critical state in the general election and beating the sitting governor would be a huge opportunity for him to show his ability to compete in the fall and he's doing it by going after kasich's record. watch. >> your governor, i don't know if you know this, nafta has been a tremendous problem. your governor when he was a congressman, voted for nafta. you've got the highest budget increase of any state in the united states. now, here's the story. you got lucky. right. you struck oil. but now the price of oil is down. you're down and wait 'til you see what happens to ohio in a little while. it's going to be a big problem.
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it's going to be a big problem. he's now in favor of the transpacific partnership. it is a disaster. it's going to ruin your car industry. >> reporter: kasich makes the argument that he's created 400,000 jobs while he's opinion governor, that he's cut taxes and spending, and yet, trump is not backing off. as for ted cruz, while marco rubio has actually encouraged supporters in ohio to vote for kasich in order to stop trump, what cruz is saying is if you really want to stop trump, you got to defeat rubio and kasich. watch this. >> you're thinking about supporting marco rubio or john kasich. both good, honorable, decent men. but at this point after election after election after election,
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it has become abundantly clear that none of them has any path whatsoever to beating donald trump. so if you had or are supporting someone else, let me say to you, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, come join us. we welcome you on our team. >> reporter: fairly remarkable to hear the frontrunner and the man in second place both in the delegate count and the number of states won going after the two candidates who are trailing them and it's clear that both cruz and trump are trying to whittle this down so it's just a two-man race. and they both think they can anilate the other at the polls. the clock is ticking, julie. less than 72 hours before the polls begin to close and we find out who wins the super tuesday 2 that lies ahead. >> kind of a nail biter, huh? thank you very much. carl cameron. donald trump blaming bernie sanders supporting the violence
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at high school rally, although supporters that apparently let loose last night. sanders responding with a statement that reads in part, quote: as is the case virtually every day, donald trump is showing the american people that he is a pathological liar. obviously while i appreciate that we have supporters at trump's rally in chicago, our campaign did not organize the protests. what caused the violence at trump's rally is a campaign whose words and actions have encouraged it on the part of his supporters, end quote. meanwhile, sanders and hillary clinton, the campaigning in the midwest ahead of major voting contests on tuesday continues. ed henry has more from cleveland, ohio. so ed, what is clinton's focus in the battle ground state of ohio? >> reporter: julie, right now it's all about african-american turnout. that certainly helped her in the deep south. now she's trying to bring that to cleveland here. she was speaking at this african-american church a short time ago at a town hall meeting
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and she wants to turn out the vote because bernie sanders is making a charge here in the midwest, especially after his big victory in michigan. just a few days ago, he's trying to build on that momentum. clinton trying to stop it. but interesting, rather than talking about sanders, she kicked off her remarks here going after donald trump. watch. >> if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. it should not need to be said, but america belongs to all of us. >> reporter: she went on to say that some of these events, campaign events, it's almost like throwing matches on gasoline and she charged that trump is guilty of political arson. julie? >> donald trump accusing bernie sanders of organizing the protests at his rallies. how is sanders responding to
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that? >> reporter: well, as you noted a moment ago, he put out this written statement and sanders was tough on trump saying it was nonsense, he didn't organize any of it. we should point out, is out saying they're trying to shut down trump groups. that doesn't prove that bernie sanders is directing it. but none the less, some of his supporters are out there promoting this. and has endorsed bernie sanders for president. what he's trying to do is focus on beating trump in november. watch. >> the american people will defeat donald trump because they understand and we all understand that bringing people together, black and white and latino and
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asian american, gay and straight, men and women, people born in this country, people come into this country bringing people together. trump dividing people up. >> reporter: that's the important context here on the democratic side of the race, that both clinton and sanders want to jump on trump because that really rallies the left. and they're both trying to turn out liberals ahead of tuesday's big votes in places like ohio, here, florida, other places in the midwest as well. sanders bottom line is behind clinton on the delegate math. he'll have to come up big tuesday to start catching up. >> he sure is. ed henry, thank you very much, in cleveland tonight. a reminder, fox news is america's election headquarters and tomorrow republican presidential candidates donald trump and ohio governor john kasich will be sitting down with chris wallace on fox news sunday. check your local listings for times. and of course, we will have your
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tuesday night covered as the caddor candidates duke it out for delegates. our coverage hosted by megyn kelly and bret baier begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. and right now early results are coming in from the contest in wyoming today. who is taking the lead? that is still ahead. plus, dc voters are making their choice for the republican presidential nomination. but it's not your typical contest. we'll explain when we go live to our nation's capitol. >> she's a very small number of people voting on a very large number of delegates. in terms of bang for your bucks, whoever shows up here today is like 50 people voting for like 50 people voting for delegate in texas
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fox news alert. new info now from the gop contest taking place tonight in
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wyoming. with 19 of 23 precincts reporting, cruz is ahead with 68%. rubio second, 23%. and trump falling far behind in third place with just 5%. but this contest is a little unusual. it is a three-step process. here is how it works. because step two set to wrap up less than an hour from now as the state wraps up all 23 of its county conventions. 12 district delegates are up for grabs today. then next month the state convention will hand out another 14. so when it's all said and done, wyoming will then dish out 26 delegates in all. plus three so-called unbound delegates that can vote for any candidate. you really do have to be a political expert to understand all of this. republican voters gathering meantime at a hotel in downtowns washington, d.c. today casting their ballots in one of the season's more unusual nomination
1:17 am
contests. the gop labeling it a convention, but it basically works like a primary with only one polling location. the candidates vying for 19 delegates there, only four less than the entire state of new hampshire, which is more than 100 times the size. kristen fisher is reporting live from downtown washington. what has the turnout been like at this one polling station? >> reporter: this line has been like this since 10 a.m it's truly been nonstop. when the polls close here, three hours ago there was a line that stretched outside for two or three city blocks. i still can't see the end. people that were in the line are still voting. so it certainly feels like turnout is very high. but i'm told it's actually kind of deceptive and here is why. this is the first year, the very first time that this has only been one precinct. this is the only place in the
1:18 am
entire district of columbia where dc registered republicans can come to vote. they're all packed into one place, which makes for a very long line and a fesssive atmosphere. but it's estimated 4,000 people will have actually voted here today. to put that in perspective, there were 6,000 in 2012. so those numbers, if they turn out to be right, would actually be down. but the republicans that i spoke with that came here to vote today are very excited because they feel like for the first time in a very long time that their votes are actually going to matter. julie. >> kristen, who is favored to win once they tally up all these votes? >> reporter: well, it's tough to say because there were actually zero polls conducted in the district before today. historically dc, a lot of the people have establishment ties.
1:19 am
romney won. mccain. candidates like john kasich and marco rubio historically are set to do kite quite well. you can never count out a trump or cruz, especially in this election. but none of them have even campaigned in the district. dc's gop executive director told me earlier why he thinks that is. listen. >> as much as they want delegates from dc, because i think they are now trying, as much as they want delegates from dc, i think some are like, do i really want to win washington, d.c.? it's seen as establishment country. so i think as much as -- there are candidates who want to win, they are sensitive to the establishment label that dc carries. >> reporter: so once all of them are counted, they will be given out. i just saw the end of the line,
1:20 am
it should be wrapping up very soon. back to you. >> i hope you're right. i can't imagine all those people in one polling station. that's crazy. all right. kristen fisher, thank you. thanks. and of course, we will have the results from the dc contest tonight on fox news on "justice" with john jeanine. stay tuned right here on fox. more election coverage coming your way as early voting comes to a close in florida. how things are shaping up ahead of tuesday's all important pivotal primary. the arrival also of daylight savings time, leaving many of us with a not so sunny disposition. we'll look at the growing effort to ban the time change all the lexus command performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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race. one dog killed, three dogs hurt when basically an attack happened during the iditarod trail sled dog race. investigators are saying a snowmobiler intentionally drove into two teams about halfway into the iconic race. the first team escaped with just one dog hurt. jeff king's team was attacked next. king, by the way, is a four-time iditarod champion. his three-year-old dog, nash, was killed. two others were injured. both teams intend to finish the race. alaska state troopers are investigating. many of us will be hitting the snooze button tomorrow on account of daylight savings time. this as a number of states look to eliminate the practice of springing ahead and falling behind. bryan llenas has the story. i would like to protest daylight savings time when it comes to losing an hour. what are some of the states proposing as an alternative to daylight savings time? >> reporter: getting rid of it
1:25 am
really. but actually on sunday the clocks will move forward and you will lose an hour of sleep even though you'll get an hour of daylight of the while 13 states are considering some 22 bills or resolutions to stop the practice of daylight savings time. they want to stop changing our clocks two times a year forward, one hour in the spring and back one hour in the winter. the new bills call for one time year round. makes sense, right? half the bills want to establish clocks to be set to permanent standard time, that's wintertime. the other half of the states want to create permanent daylight savings time. california has a bill to ask voters to abolish the practice of changing clocks twice a year. if the bill is passed and approved by voters, the state could join hawaii and most of arizona in choosing not to observe daylight savings time. in massachusetts and rhode island, they want to go further getting out of the eastern time zone and going to atlantic time. >> it's we would stay in a perpetual state of daylight
1:26 am
savings. we would be equal with new york, approximately eight months of the year, and then four months of the year we would be one hour ahead. >> is your head spinning yet? more than 81,500 people have sent petitions to congress via the web site enddaylight savings time and then to the time switch. >> why are people so against it? >> besides losing sleep. one t doesn't make sense to have all these different times. two, they say it's actually bad for your health. daylight savings time began in the united states during world war one, primarily to reduce electricity and light use in buildings and increase productivity. but studies show it's minuscule savings at best. but those against it say it affects productivity and bad for our health. listen. >> in the spring when we spring forward, there are more heart attacks, more strokes, more workplace accidents all because we're giving millions of people jetlag at the same time. there is not enough compensatory
1:27 am
benefit in the fall to make up for it. >> reporter: the journal of sleep medicine says it takes up to three weeks for people to adjust to the time change. >> i will say one thing. it's nice to have more daylight. it's nice to actually be at 6:00 o'clock, 7:00 o'clock in the evening and there still be light outside. >> reporter: i like that. but it's complicated to me. just stick to one time. >> it does. bryan llenas, thank you very much. >> take care. an i.t. worker with access to hillary clinton's private server opening up to investigators. what could the new information mean to the federal investigation into clinton's e-mails? plus, protesters interrupting donald trump rallies multiple times today, including one man who actually rushed at trump while he was on stage. >> yesterday in chicago, we had a little bit of a problem. we came, we were not allowed to exercise our first amendment rights
1:28 am
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i'm julie banderas. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. donald trump holding a rally right now in kansas city, missouri. it was expected to begin at the top of the hour. but as you can see, the podium there on the left of your screen in kansas city is still quiet. it's empty. outside groups are starting to gather. both protesters, some of whom are holding signs that say hug a democrat. and supporters who are heading into the rally.
1:32 am
this follows violent protests that forced donald trump and his campaign to cancel a rally yesterday evening in chicago. and another incident today in ohio where a man rushed the stage before being stopped by secret showing a man rushing the stage, getting very close to donald trump. but ultimately secret service grabbed him and kansas city at that event happening right now, there is an anti-trump to 35,00e
1:33 am
were at the university of illinois campus event. the back and forth between protesters and supporters just became too heated. and donald trump canceled the rally out of talks. he said he did not want to see anyone get hurt. there were five arrests made but >> thank you very much. just three days to go to the critical florida primary and a lot of voters are already getting in on the action. early voters coming out in droves to make their choice for the republican nomination. the stakes are very high. 99 republican delegates up for grabs in the winner take all primary. steve harrigan is live in coral gable, florida. what's driving voters to the polls early? >> reporter: julie, it's been really eight days of steady, early voting here in record numbers across the state. poll workers have told us they've never seen numbers like this over the past ten years.
1:34 am
some people are saying they're coming out early to avoid possible long lines on tuesday. the primary day. but others are saying it's been the emotional nature of this race. the fighting, particularly on the republican side that has gotten them interested enough to come out early to vote. >> sometimes it's frustrating when candidates don't speak up and candidates don't show emotion. so -- i actually think that it's a good thing that they're fighting because it shows that they have -- that they really want this. >> reporter: already before today, 1.7 million floridians have voted early. by the day's end, it could be over 2 million that have voted before the primary has even begun. >> never do i remember people this excited about voting and getting to the polls. who is ahead in early voting there? >> reporter: the latest fox news poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead, 25% higher than marco rubio. trump is going to be in polka raton tomorrow and rubio is
1:35 am
still working desperately to win his home state of florida. really crisscross, start not guilty the south this morning, moving to the north. he's in the swing area of the center of the state tonight. so despite a pretty large gap in the early voting favoring trump t looks like the two leaders will battle for this state and its 99 delegates until the very end. >> it seems the polls are all over the place because some are showing that there is a smaller gap between the two. i guess we'll have to wait 'til tuesday to see which poll is correct. >> reporter: right. >> reporter: steve harrigan, thank you so much. less than 72 hours until those polls start to close on super tuesday 2. five states and one u.s. territory hit the polls. hundreds of delegates up for grabs in the republican and democratic races.
1:36 am
>> do not miss a moment of the action all here on fox news channel, america's election headquarters. and new details emerging in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the former state department worker granted immunity by investigators, is essentially laying out a road map of how her private server was actually set up, as well as who had access to the system. that according to a source close to the f.b.i we are also learning the f.b.i. is, quote, extremely focused on the 22 top secret e-mails deemed too damaging to national security to publicly release under any circumstance. we'll continue to be watching this story. but for now we're going to go to donald trump as we've been wait ing for him. he's at his rally. let's listen for a moment. >> have been -- they're record setting. wow, look at all these people.
1:37 am
look at all that press. look at that. look at that. we love you. we love you. we love you, missouri. we love you, missouri. we love you. i could do it as though i came here, but then i wouldn't be legit 'cause i know it as missouri and we like it. so thank you all. thank you all for being here. so we have a big, big day coming up on tuesday. and i think it's going to be hopefully record setting. they're talking about what's happening all over. all over the world they're talking about it and it's been such an honor. but they're talk being it as a movement. we're going to take our country back. we're going to make america great again. [ cheering ]
1:38 am
and we're gonna beat hillary clinton. i assume it's gonna be her. we're gonna beat her very badly. and we haven't even started on that one yet. but we're gonna beat her very badly. we've got to do it, otherwise we're all wasting time, folks. okay? and we don't want to waste time. we don't want to waste time. i will say this, look, i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting up my own money. you know, these other guys, they're all subject to whatever the people that put up the money, will it's a pac, they're all subject to these people. they put up the money, believe me, that's the people they listen to. i call them the bosses. they are the bosses. so with me, you're the boss and that's the way we're gonna have it. [ cheering ] so we've made some stops and we made some speeches today. we had incredible crowds. we had incredible crowds. we went to cleveland.
1:39 am
we had 27,000 people in cleveland. and we went to dayton and we had 20,000. we had it in a hangar and i didn't have to get out too much. i walked out the plane. it was unbelievable. massive hangar packed. the people came forward and something interesting happened. did you hear about what happened? not so good. not so good. he just said won't happen here. who knows? you got to be careful. we need strong courts. we need strong laws. we're not playing on the same field. so should i talk about that or not? do you want me to talk about what happened? see, that's the nice thing about not using teleprompters and not reading speeches, which would be so much easier. would be so much easier. boy, would that be nice. you get up, you read a speech. you read a speech.
1:40 am
you leave 25 minutes later. next. no good, right? that's no good. by doing it the way i do it, number one, there is a lot more enthusiasm, more energy to quote jeb bush. but a lot more energy, and you can talk about things that happened 25 minutes ago. you know, when you're writing up speeches, you can't do that. some day i'll read speeches, but i really don't like doing it as much. but i do have something i'm going to read, which i think you're going to find interesting. so i was in dayton. it was an amazing experience. we had great crowds. we had a great group of people. it sounds like you have a couple of protesters back there. the hell with them. is there? i don't know. either they're protester or great fans, right? but in dayton, so everything is
1:41 am
going well. the crowd was really well behaved because as you know, in chicago, we had a real problem. get him out of here. get him out. get him out. i think they're bernie's supporters. i think they're bernie's support ers. and a little bit less hillary. you know, hillary was saying, donald trump has to stop the rhetoric. he has to stop it. and my people are great. it's these people that are the problem. [ cheering ] so they're bernie's supporters. i'll tell you what, though, the police are so great. thank you, police. we love our police. we love our police. they do such a great job.
1:42 am
they do such a great job. so anyway, yesterday in chicago -- hello, darling. go home to mom. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. look at those cameras the way they bend around. they'll do anything for a shot. that's why i love the protesters. the only way we find out how many people are in these places is through the protesters. so i love our protesters. and we don't want to hurt the protesters, please. we don't want to hurt the protesters. so here is the story. in chicago, in chicago we had an interesting day. we had 25,000 people replying. they all wanted to be there. fortunately, we could call them, we could get them. what happened is we had very professional, very
1:43 am
professionally organized. the signs were made. quiet. the signs were professionally made. bernie, you'll have to check, it's probably the same location. get him out. get him out. get him out.
1:44 am
thank you. you know, it's really amazing. you know when you think about it, you see this, disrupter, bad people, so bad for our country. so bad for our country. people have no idea what's going on. so, so bad. so bad. do we have a good time at trump rallies? does this happen with anyone else? man. unbelievable. here is another one. here is another beauty. get him out. oh, bernie. bernie. it's another bernie sign. get out of here, bernie. get out of here, bernie.
1:45 am
it's another bernie sign. get her out of here. out. that's a bernie supporter, folks. got the bernie sign. were you put in here by bernie? get out. out!
1:46 am
(chanting usa). >> get her out. get her out. where are these people coming from? unbelievable. where are they coming from? unbelievable. all right. thank you. any other protesters in the room?
1:47 am
any others? they'll wear out. they get tired after a while. they get tired. that was the bernie -- she had a bernie side, a big professionally made bernie sign. you know. bernie, bernie, our communist friend who is running. what a horrible thing. so those are bernie signs right off the printing press and they put them in. he's not doing so well anyway. i guess it's going to be her. but we'll see. take care of them. get out of here. you know, if we do that to one of their rallies, you know what happens? front page how bad we are. okay? front page. we do that to one of their
1:48 am
rallies, to bernie or to hillary, and they would say, isn't that terrible, the press, the dishonest press. they're the most dishonest people in the world. they would say isn't that terrible? isn't that terrible? get her out of here. get her out. you notice they're all single? they're all singles. one here, one here. all right. unbelievable. exciting, though, right? isn't it exciting? i mean, supposing this didn't happen, it really wouldn't be the same thing. don't we agree? wouldn't be quite the same. okay. let's go.
1:49 am
come on. let's go. look, everyone is so excited. you want to sit down? i love you people. all right. okay. are they out? are they gone? watch. after a few minutes, another one will pop up. it will be a bernie person. oh, would i love to run against bernie. do you remember -- wait. do you remember when the two young women came up and took away his microphone and he went to the back like a little oh, they took away -- that doesn't happen to us, folks. that doesn't happen to us. so we were in chicago yesterday and it was amazing. we had 25,000 people coming and we had disruption, the disrupters. that's all they are. disrupters. they really came. you had ayers there, not a lot
1:50 am
of people that you would like, but i sort of want to like everybody. but these were absolute disrupters. and rather than go through the wh and rather than go through the process, i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. i've got plenty of time. i mean, we're in no rush. anybody in a rush? we're in no rush. we're in no rush. all right, yeah, get them out. get them out. get him out. oh, look at those cameras they're shooting. isn't that nice? get him out. thank you. okay.
1:51 am
anybody else want to stand up? all right. >> get them out of here. get them out. get them out. boy, this place is packed. you know we have thousands of people outside trying to get in. and these people are taking their place. it's not worth it. we have thousands trying to get in. get them out. anybody else?
1:52 am
boy, that's a lot of people up there. thank you, everybody. thank you. unbelievable. unbelievable what we have to put up. what we have to put up with. you and me and all of us and we're trying to make this country great again and it's really hard with people like this, i'll tell you. you know, when you think about it, we want a strong military. we want protection. we want to take care of our vets. think about it. we want a good home, a great family. we want education. we want great health care. we want all things. what's to argue with, right? we're looking for the same thing as them what's the point of doing that they do. they're disrupters.
1:53 am
the reason they're doing it is because there's never been anything like this happened before. you know what, folks? we're going to take our country back from these people. we're going to take it back! these are bad, bad people. and we're going to take our country back from these people. [ crowd chants usa ] >> we are going to take our country back from those people, those people. they do nothing. they do nothing. we're bringing to bring it back and make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great again. and you know, they're treated very gently. very, very gently.
1:54 am
i told the police i knew there was going to be problems here. they said why don't you cancel, i said no, we're not canceling this time. not going to cancel this time. and i told the police, you have weak people and they're going to protest. they're going to stand up as individuals because they don't have enough to do it as a group. be very, very gentle when you take them out, all right? so the police are doing that. are they all out so far? any new ones to stand up? anybody want to stand up? i'll tell you, there's nothing so interesting as a trump rally, right? we are going to have -- and i'll stand up all night and we'll do this all night. and you know what? it's interesting. because we have thousands of people outside that want to come in. so i know you probably have a few more. they'll stand up at -- they
1:55 am
always pick the right time. here's a good point, he wants to make boom, they stand up. we're better off if we don't say anything, because you hear that weak voice up there? that's a protester. it's actually when all of the room goes there they are, there they are, now i have to stop. whereas that voice, you can't hear it, it's pathetic. okay. but yesterday in chicago, 25,000 people coming. we were going to have 15,000 people outside, speakers set up, 10,000 inside. we called them disrupters. i call them not protesters but disrupters. they all had professionally made signs, they're holding them up. it says bernie on them. good old bernie. you know, he was a lousy senator for a long time, all of a sudden he runs. he didn't do a damn thing in the senate. and you have hillary, you have some hillary signs up. and hillary frankly, let's face it, you look at what's going on
1:56 am
in the primaries. you look at -- they're down 35%. that's no excitement whatsoever. the republicans, you know what? we are so far -- millions and millions of people are showing up at the polls to vote. thank you. for it's for me. it's not -- i'll tell you what. it's not for little marco. and it's not for lyin' ted, okay? not for lyin' -- the biggest liar. this is the biggest liar i have ever seen in my life. it's not for marco, it's not for ted. and it's a great honor. i want to tell you, it is a great, great honor what's going on. yeah, get them out. get them out. get them out. these people -- and then you know what? then the audience gets rough with them and the press says how dare they, how dare they. try not to get too involved up there. don't hurt the person. don't hurt the person.
1:57 am
see, i'm not a nonviolent person, did you know that about me? nonviolent. try not to hurt the person, thank you. thank you, police. the police do a good job. look at this -- look at the abuse our police are taking from this person. no, look at the abuse they take. boy, oh, boy, we'll have to go back about 15 or 20 years i think, folks, because what we're doing in this country now it's not working. i want to tell you. not working. it is not working. now, you know, just organized nonsense. just nonsense. you know, we have a first amendment right. we have a freedom of speech and we're not allowed to do that because of this garbage right over here. we're not allowed to do that. but we'll do it because we all have a long time together. that's okay. we'll do it. okay.
1:58 am
>> you're defending us! >> i'm going to defend you. believe me i'll defend you. if somebody like hillary gets in, you won't be defended. it will get worse and worse. they'll end up with four more supreme court judges and you'll never recover as a country in a million years. we have something happening with us now, millions and millions of people are going to the polls that have never gone -- they're going out and voting. on the republican side, by the way, as i said, democrats down 35%. bernie doesn't inspire, it's a little group that want a free lunch. that's all it is. that's all it is. and hillary has zero inspirational quality. ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
1:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
hi, friends. good morning. sunday, the 13th of march, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. trump taking his protesters head on. >> hello, darling. go home to mom. go home to mommy. you know what, folks? we're going to take our country back from these people. we're going to take it back! he's a bad, bad -- these are bad, bad people. >> who is organizing these left wing disrupters? we take a closer look. and a scary moment on stage when secret service agents surround donald trump. [ audience boos ]


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