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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 13, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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stick to the media, med we're back here next sunday as always, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. just 48 hours to go from the high stakes winner-take-all contest that could make or break a republican candidate's campaign. sunday they are pulling out all the stops on the campaign trail. donald trump holding a rally at this moment in bloomington, illinois. close eye is being kept on the front-runner's campaign after the chaos witnessed over his rallies. senator ted cruz trying to close the gap between him and donald trump. senator marco rubio and governor john kasich they look to try and earn victories in their home states of florida and ohio to keep going. hello everyone.
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welcome to "america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> ine' arthel neville. bernie sanders trying to build momentum after his surprise win in michigan, looking to wram up more delegates to gain more ground on hillary clinton. we have fox live team coverage ed henry is in columbus, ohio, covering the democratic race, but we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts, live in westchester, ohio, with the latest on the gop race. john? >> reporter: arthel good afternoon. donald trump will be appearing later on this afternoon, 2:00 here north of cincinnati, a republican area in butler county, awaiting for him in bloomington, illinois, to get started. donald trump has declared a rhetorical war on the protesters try igto disrupt his event. he's been calling for them to be arrested by the police, even he is threatening to file criminal
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charges against them and what happened yesterday morning in dayton, ohio, has taken this to a whole new level. this man jumped a barricade tried to rush the stage forcing the secret service to leap onto the stage to protect donald trump. protester tried to threaten the candidate. with that is doing now it gives trump a new platform with which to denounce the protesters and on "fox news sunday" trump justified asking his supporters to go after these protesters at events. >> there were two people in the audience, they couldn't find them, they didn't know where they were but they had tomatoes and they were going to chuck them at me, being hit in the face with a tomato is not exactly so good. so before i started my speech i said folks, you have two people out there tomatoes, if you see them, do whatever you to to do to them, i don't care. you know what? i think i'm totally within my rights to say that.
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>> reporter: but the protesters are not backing down. last night in kansas city trump was interrupted a number of times inside the event but the scene outside the theater was much more chaotic. hundreds of protesters crowded the streets when they would not disperse, police unloaded on them with pepper spray to try to get them to finally move. of course this is a rich tradition of political protest here in the united states of america, but the fact that a lot of leftist organizations are organizing these protesters not just to express displeasure with donald trump but to shut down his events as happened in chicago raised questions what are first amendment protection and what is merely trying to eradicate free speech. debate that will continue arthel as the protesters and donald trump continue to go at each other. >> how are things looking for tuesday's contest? >> reporter: well, donald trump leads in most of the states. john kasich here in ohio has either a lead or even up depending on the poll you look
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at. in florida donald trump is 20 points ahead, also holds a lead in missouri enillinois. looks like potentially he could have a very good night on tuesday. we'll find out shortly arthel. >> and by the way, john roberts, thank you and reminding viewers we're waiting for donald trump to begin a rally in bloomington, illinois. he's speaking nower' not going to roll on it, we'll show you this is bloomington, illinois, trump's rally. of course there's addressing the chaos to his rallies in the recent days, if he makes news we'll go to it. in the meantime i want to talk about the democratic candidates in the midwest. they're making last-minute pitches. bernie sanders holding a rally this hour at his high school in st. louis and later tonight he and hillary clinton will take part in a town hall at ohio state university. ed henry is live from columbus, ohio, with more from there.
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ed? >> reporter: good to see you, arthel. i am the campus of ohio state university. you mentioned there will be a democratic forum tonight but before that, after his stop in illinois, bernie sanders will be coming here to the campus, obviously young people, college students a key part of his base. we'll get to him in a moment. hillary clinton working it as well. she's at an african-american church this morning, trying to make sure she gets african-american voters out, she's in the cleveland area. last night she was in youngstown and irish pub o'donnell's having an early st. patrick's's celebrate and the front-runner suggested a pint of guinness might put her over the top on tuesday. listen. >> we're going to work hard. we're going to work really, really hard, and this will get us through. >> reporter: we'll see. bernie sanders pushing hard. he won michigan a few days back, surprised a lot of the pundits,
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surprised the front-runner perhaps hoping to build on that momentum here in the midwest. this morning he did a tour of some of the sunday morning talk shows and was suggesting that he is better suited on the democratic side to take on donald trump in a general election, and believed in the long run a lot of top democrats are going to shift from clinton to sanders. watch. >> virtually all of the polls have me doing better against trump than hillary clinton. i think a lot of those super delegates who are today pledged to hillary clinton say what's mes important is defeating trump or the republican nominee. bernie sanders is the candidate to do that. we're going to swing over to bernie. >> so ohio one of these big battlegrounds coming tuesday for both parties, bernie sanders trying to show he can get people on camp thus afternoon, a show of force in the basketball arena behind me. down the road the football field, they love to play on saturdays, get about 100,000 people in the stands. he's not going to get a crowd like that but hoping to see some
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turnout today also. >> indeed. ed henry good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. there's lots of reaction from president obama criticizing some of our allies in the persian gulf and in europe, describing them as "free riders." it's a much talked about long interview in "the atlantic" magazine entitled "the obama doctrine." some are eager to drag the u.s. into sectarian conflicts that sometimes have little to do with united states interests. he hit saudi arabia especially hard saying that country needs to learn to "share the region with its enemy iran." the president defending foreign policy approach in the article and concludes by saying "barack obama is gambling that he will be judged well for the things he didn't do." for reaction to the obama article, ambassador john bolten joins us, a fox news contributor. first, ambassador, what is the obama doctrine?
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>> i must say i read the entire article twice in fact. it was an arduous journey. there are a lot of words in it, no doubt about it. the. the is never short of words but when i came to the end of it, apart from a few specific references, i couldn't tell what the doctrine was, and i would say this. i thought for somebody who prides himself on being a deep intellect and after seven years plus of being president, it was a remarkably superficial analysis, a lot of on the one hand, on the other hand, the president is a deeply nuanced person, but you know, it's the kind of thing that you read in newspapers that passes for analysis. i was actually surprised at how simplistic most of it was, including some of the things you mentioned a moment ago about sharing the region between saudi arabia and iran, and a number of other examples. >> what are some of the examples? what exactly does that mean if it talks about the red line with
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assad. it talks about as i said riyad sharing the region with tehran. is that possible? >> it's not and i think it shows that he doesn't understand what has been motivating concern among the arab states of the region ever since 1979, when the ayatollahs and islamic revolution took over in tehran. it's not like when the shah was an ally of the united states, the saudis major oil suppliers were allies of the united states. they were not in conflict at that point. they are today because of the ideology of the regime that dominates iran. but there are a lot of other examples, too. the president, for example, said he understands that there is in effect a faction within islam that's radical and dangerous and the most remarkable thing is the president says he doesn't like to talk about it publicly because americans may get it wrong. in other words, i'm so much smarter than the americans, i
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can't be honest with them because god knows what they'll do if i say what i actually believe. he talks about american hubris, and american self-righteousness that he alone basically for seven years has restrained. i mean, is narcissistic in many respects but with no rational for being narcissistic because it was so superficial. >> he criticizes britain. the libya bombing was a mistake, puts it at the feet of nato and here is a vote from ellen duncan, a conservative mp. do you think this is fair? this is a member of parliament, of one of our strongest allies saying "obama leaves iraq in a mess, disengages from the mideast, does nothing in syria, libya or palestine and then blames us," meaning britain. "not much of a legacy." he kept us out of a war. we don't have mass numbers of u.s. troops or young men and women gloid in the middle east which is what exactly isis would
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want. >> i don't think isis will want that if we were effectively taking them apart. i think what the president has done has allowed the middle east to descend into chaos. libya is a perfect example. his critique of david cameron and nicolas sarkozy then the president of france, he counted on them to do more after gadhafi was overthrown. where was the united states? we turned our back on libya. that's the principal reason libya descended itself into anarchy and ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in benghazi in september of 2012. the president has a remarkable way of finding others who are responsible for the things that go wrong on his own watch. >> this morning jeffrey goldberg was on "face the nation" and said basically the president felt that libya was his iraq and the lesson of all this is don't get involved. is that a proper foreign policy, do you think? >> well, that's obama's policy
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up until about half a page later when he explains why you do get involved. that's part of the problem with this article, which was written as if it were by a white house flack. the president's got it all different ways, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the third hand. that's why at the end there's very little there there, in my view. >> what should we do as we go forward in the middle of this presidential campaign, what do you see happening in the middle east and how do we deal with all these issues that have not been resolved? >> well, i think for the next period of time until the president steps down in january, he is not going to do anything of any consequence, and i think the anarchy will continue to spread, so i think a new president's got to do some things quickly at the front end, beginning with the inaugural address as reagan did so effectively in 1981, to make it clear that we are going to protect our interest in the region. we are going to protect our friends. we're going to stand against iran support for terrorism. we are going to take effective
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action and put a coalition together that really does something about isis instead of simply talking about it. unfortunately, there's a very long list and it's going to be very hard to do. i think compounded by what will happen over the next ten months or so. >> ambassador john bolton thank you. i urge our viewers to pick up "the atlantic" to read this article for themselves and see some of the insight and some of his views which is causing quite a stir this morning. ambassador, thank you as always. >> thank you, eric. >> arthe? this is a fox news alert, reports of several attackers opening fire on a popular beach resort in the ivory coast. it happened just a short time ago. witnesses say they heard gunfire and saw people running away from the beach. now, we are told that there are multiple casualties. it's unclear who is behind this attack. we're monitoring the situation on the reports of gunfire at the grand-bassam beach resort in the ivory coast and will bring you
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more information as soon as it becomes available. meanwhile back here at home there's been torrential rain taking its toll in the deep south. louisiana getting some of the worst of it. look at the scene in covington, city surrounded by rivers. the downpours, man, oh, man, causing the floodwaters to go up to people's steps and their roofs. lots of folks had to flee their homes this weekend. janice, are we going to have any relief? >> we will but we have to get through today unfortunately and we have seen over two feet of rain across areas of louisiana, mississippi and arkansas. we have the potential for more heavy downpours today and things start to dry out. however, in the short term, more flooding potential for these areas that have been affected by flooding, and not only that but the risk of severe weather today over much of arkansas, into mississippi and louisiana, and
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tennessee. so we're watching this area for hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. for tomorrow this shifts in towards the mid-atlantic with the potential for strong to severe storms and i also want to point your attention to tuesday. this is kroo ushl fcrucial for states. illinois and ohio the risk for strong to severe storms a developing situation we'll be watching from the fox news extreme weather center. winter storm advisories for the west coast, several storms moving n the potential for flooding here as well as rough travel this weekend and into early next week, with some cases seeing over three feet of snow, and four to six inches of heavy rain, so that's going to be an ongoing situation across the west, and then some of this energy is going to move into the central u.s. current temperatures across the board here feeling like springtime, and a lot of these states, ohio river valley, across the south and the mid-atlantic, 60 in new york but again eric and arthel we'll watch for the potential of severe weather not only today
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but on super tuesday as well in some of the primary states so that's going to be a big weather story we'll be following. >> i see how that could affect the turnout potentially. janice as always thank you. >> you got it. tragedy at an alaska tradition. man is arrested for running into people taking part in the iditarod race, what the suspect says he was doing before the crash. and donald trump and senator bernie sanders are trading jabs over who is to blame for all that campaign chaos that you're seeing right there at donald trump's events. is the debate over the protests distracting from the larger messages of their campaigns? (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware.
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. time for a quick check of the headlines. the german wings co-pilot who flew the jetliner into the french mountain was using antidepressants at the time of the crash last year. report released said the medications and sleeping pill were found in the system of the pilot. six skiers killed and one injured by an avalanche in the italian alps. 15 skiers were on top of the mountain when a cascade of snow tragically came town for them. and authorities in alaska
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arrested someone driving into the sleds of the iditarod race. the suspect said he had been drinking and did not remember the crash. it killed one dog and injured two other dogs. donald trump's rowdy campaign rally is getting increasingly violent and now the fighting isn't only taking place in the crowds. it's causing a new wave of name calling between trump and bernie sanders. trump accusing sanders' campaign of planning the protest at his rallies. sanders arguing that's not true and neither is anything else that trump said. >> bernie sign professionally made, bernie sign, you know, bernie, our communist friend, who is running. >> trump really is a pathological liar, a lot of what comes out of his mouth has nothing to do with -- i guess he also called me a communist. >> susan is chief congressional
9:22 am
correspond end for "the washington examiner." the two sound bites there's no substance, just name calling, but two specifically to the rallies and what's happening do you think the outside organizations have shut down the protest that have grown violent in recent days? if it's determined to be the cause what should happen? >> absolutely, black lives matters and both participated in these protests and have incited some of the violence we've seen at the rallies. i think that the media really should take a closer look at the cause of the violence at the rallies. i think what we're seeing now in the press is that these trump rallies are turning violent and out of control. we have to look at why. the people showing up to see trump aren't starting the violence. they're perhaps reacting to the protesters, though, who show up there. there are two sides to this issue.
9:23 am
the question is, who is responsible? you see as you pointed out trump is trying to put some of the blame on bernie sanders because some of those protesters were holding up bernie sanders signs and some were chanting bernie sanders' name at the end of the chicago protest so there's some truth to that and of course sanders doesn't want to be held responsible for this. he wants to make it all on trump's shoulders and say look, he's a pathological liar but the truth is that the people coming to start the problems at these trump campaign rallies are from liberal organizations, people who don't like donald trump. it's not just people showing up to see or hear what donald trump has to say. they have a right to hear what donald trump has to say and he has a right to speak and talk to the crowd without being interrupted. on the other hand, people can argue that trump has contributed to this. with his own rhetoric. >> let me ask you there, i see where you're going with this, susan. whether or not donald trump
9:24 am
incited this out of control atmosphere, as someone who wants to be the president of the united states and could very well end up being the republican nominee, how should donald trump handle this matter going forward? >> the absolute most important question here is how does he react to this? it's on his shoulders now. does he continue to say well, i'll pay the legal fees of people who hit protesters or he says we're going to fight back. we need to fight back and he uses the kind of rhetoric that gets the crowd thinking along those lines or some people in the crowd, a small number of those people or does he take a different stance. i've covered many campaigns where protesters have stood up and shouted and the candidate on the stage, be it president obama or one of the other front-runners for the republican nomination in the last cycle, none of them used that kind of rhetoric. they had a calming approach. and i know that people are talking to trump about that. you can hear it in his attempts to tone things down a little bit. and i think he's really actually
9:25 am
at a bit of a crossroads at this moment, arthel, where he has to decide am i going to tone things down a little bit, act as you say presidential or just ref it u rev it up. his base likes the fight back attitude. the premise of his campaign is fighting back against some of the things that he believes have led to the decline of the united states, fighting back against people who attack him, punching back twice as hard. that's probably what has helped contribute to his popularity. but how far do you go with that? do you take it so far people think your campaign is going off the rails and that's the moment we're at right now. >> susan, how has the tamber of the presidential race affected the political process? has it fired up people to get involved who otherwise might be apathetic or does it discourage democracy, some americans could possibly think it doesn't matter
9:26 am
who i vote for? the establishment always gets its way. >> yes, that's another great question. where is this going? are people going to be so disgusted they don't want to show up because they think it's a big mob scene and they don't want to hear any of the candidates and just completely turned off by the process? that's a great question. it remains to be seen. you look at trump's support and he never quite breaks above the 40s, 30s and 40s and you wonder if the reason is that people are just not willing to embrace him as the front-runner, as their nominee because they watch these rallies and they think what's going on here? there's something very unsettling about this and they're not willing to fully embrace it. so i think that again is another excellent question. >> susan, we have to leave it there. always good to talk to you. >> thanks, arthel. >> eric? >> arthel, it's a deadly disease that impacts millions of us. coming up, we'll talk about colon cancer and some of the ways that you can reduce your risk and you can start with a
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