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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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stick to the media, med we're back here next sunday as always, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. earlier today.
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he was here yesterday. and he'll be back again tomorrow. took questions from the audience. one of the people was keith moppen, father of matt moppen, who was kidnapped in being dad and later executed. keith moppen pretty much confronted donald trump over statements that he made last year that he didn't think john mccain was a war hero because he had been captured. >> i come here because you made a comment to john mccain that you don't think that captured soldiers are heroes.
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>> oh, no, i never did that. >> what i wanted you to do is just clarify that for me. and i know what you were doing. >> you know exactly what i was doing. but they are heroes, just so you understand, and real heroes, okay? >> trump was asked another difficult question. he picked a woman out from the audience, a native american who asked if as president mr. trump would apologize to native americans for the way they were treated. trump said if he becomes president, he would look into it, but he's not known as one who likes to apologize. >> so part of the story this weekend has been protesters showing up to his rallies. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: they continue to show up to rallies. don't forget what happened yesterday in dayton where that man jumped the barricade and rushed the stage, had to be taken down by the secret service. just protesters who show up in the audience. donald trump has made engaging with them almost a sport. earlier today in bloomi bloomine
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challenged a protester to come out and say something. watch this exchange. >> let's hear your voice. do you have any voice? i don't hear much of it. >> trump's opponents continue to be troubled by the escalation of tensions. here's what marco rubio said about it today in the villages in florida. >> we are now a nation where people hate each other. do we really want to live in a country where americans hate each other? if we continue on the road we're on, we're going to fracture at the seams. we are seeing images we haven't seen since the 1960s. >> that a veiled reference to what happened in chicago on friday night when donald trump canceled his event at the university of illinois.
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marco rubio not without protesters. they were protesting him for what they said was his absence from representing the state in the senate because he's been on the road running for president as opposed to going to the senate to do senate business. >> and around and around we go. the season is hot. so as we head into tuesday, less than 48 hours until the polls close, or start to close on super tuesday 2. five states. the stakes are very high this time around. 691 delegates up for grabs. on the republican side, 367 delegates. >> super tuesday 2. >> we're going to win, win, win. >> let's be prepared. >> we want our freedom back. >> we have a real plan. >> the fight goes on. >> a special election
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headquarters. march 15th. >> and we'll keep a close watch on two winner take all states for you in the gop race. ohio, where governor john kasich is trying to capitalize on home field advantage. don't miss a moment of the action right here on fox news channel, america's election headquarters. right now where we started this hour, we're monitoring the latest from two major terror attacks overseas. first that attack, a diplomatic source telling fox news the intended targets were likely americans led by a senior member of the obama administration. the gunfire broke out at a popular resort sending tourists running. witnesses describing the attackers systematically killing people in cold blood. 16 dead at least. most of them beach goers.
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brian yanis is following this for us. has anybody claimed responsibility for this directly for this blood bath? >> harris, you know, an al qaeda affiliate in north africa called al qaeda, aqim, has claimed responsibility for this attack, according to site intelligence group. there is no indication that americans have been killed in the attack, but a diplomatic source tells fox news the target of the attack was most likely a u.s. delegation led by the assistant commerce secretary. their group included u.s. embassy officials, college recruit foreign ministers the university of florida, all appear to be safe. six armed men attacked beach goers in three hotels, killing 14 civilians and two special force members, according to the
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ivory coast president. all six terrorists were killed. witnesses report seeing men with ak-47 rifles. in one heart brenching moment, a civilian describes seeing a gunman approach two boys on the beach speaking arabic. would have been the boys knelt down started praying. the other christian boy was shot and killed. the u.s. embassy asked all americans to shelter in place. >> so you alluded to the religious conflict. they were once one of the more stable countries in that region. but we've seen in recent years a bloody war. and now this. who is this group? >> aqim, interestingly, this group declared its support for isis in 2014 despite the fact that al qaeda and isis do not like one another. the group is an offshoot of al qaeda. just last month, a u.s. brigade
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general said aqim and isis are working more closely together and that aqim is really taking direction from isis. you've got smaller islamic militant groups, aqim, which is in algeria and mali. they are right now, they say, working together in connection as they vie for their spot there. >> and you and i have done research on this together. that testing ground for the scorpions that will do this kind of killing. they find a way to get together often. thank you very much. we're also following this act of terror. in the capital of one of our allies in the middle east, turkey, in ankara. officials say a car bomb exploded in the city's main square, killing at least 34 people, sending more than 100 others to hospitals. many in serious condition, we're told, at this hour. no one has officially claimed
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responsibility here, although the city has grappled with recent attacks from both the islamic state and kurdish militants. turkey taking steps, ordering now a ban on facebook and other social media platforms after users shared pictures online. and with the news breaking on those deadly terror attacks, americans at the center of at least one, national security at home and abroad swings back into the headlines and the presidential race. so coming up, i'm going to ask fox news political insiders the question voters may be asking. which candidate is prepared to lead the united states in these turbulent times? they'll join me on the "fox report" here at home base in a few minutes. we'll also talk about breaking down the big political weekend. we had contests in washington, d.c. and wyoming. and protesters disrupting donald trump's events, taking over now all of the candidates' narratives. and your scorecard for this coming second super tuesday. what are the major things you should look for on that pivotal day? hillary clinton, bernie sanders
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hitting the campaign trail hard. and they were talking trump today. >> it's not enough if you want to be president of our country to tell people who you're against, to scapegoat, to blame. >> the american people are not going to elect a president who
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right now, this just coming in. two suspects in custody in maryland. we've been watching this unfold for the better part of two hours. a police officer was critically wounded, shot. we knew that. now he's hospitalized. investigators say someone shot that officer at a nearby community center nearby the police station he was at in prince george's county. that's a suburb of washington, d.c. so some of these details are very freshtous. that officer, as i mentioned, in critical condition. the details of this case are not completely clear, but we're expecting a news conference in a
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short little while. we will monitor that and bring you the headlines that come out of it for sure. hillary clinton hoping to cut off the momentum of rival bernie sanders and picked up with his upset victory last week in michigan. sanders held rallies today in missouri and ohio. both states vote on tuesday. and are seen as his best chances to score some wins. but recent polling showing clinton far out in front in florida and north carolina. ed henry is live for us in columbus, ohio. bernie sanders was talking clinton, but also trump on the trail today. >> yeah, no doubt about it. he just wrapped up a rally behind me here at ohio state. several thousand people coming out. and that's important for him. this campus being part of his base. getting the young people, the college students to turn out on tuesday. yes, he's going after hillary clinton, but also going after donald trump. he's been claiming bernie sanders has been whipping up these protests at trump events.
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he called trump a liar, said he has nothing to do with stirring up the . he also told his supporters the real reason trump is mad is that show that sanders can beat him in november. watch. >> a candidate for president of the united states should condemn violence. [ cheers and applause ] not encourage violence. you don't go around and say it's okay to beat somebody up and i'll pay the legal fees. that is not what this country is about. >> important to note, though, on social media now for several days, pro sanders groups and people, including, which has embraced bernie sanders in this come pain, have taken credit for shutting down that trump event in chicago a couple days ago and have been saying they want to shut more down as well.
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sanders insists he has nothing to do with that. >> you know what's interesting, i always wonder what would this look like if hillary clinton couldn't count on a certain number of delegates called super delegates. anyway, she has been spending a lot of time in ohio. >> he certainly has tightened this race, according to the most recent polls. what he's really trying to do, as you suggested at the top, is build on momentum here in the midwest after that surprise victory a few days ago in michigan. and that's why hillary clinton has really been going after her base as well here. trying to turn out the african-american vote. she basically is saying she's going to come up big on tuesday. watch. >> i want to build on the progress we've made. i'm not interested in doing a big u-turn, like the republicans want. they want to repeat the
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affordable care act, one of the greatest accomplishments to get us on a path to universal health care coverage. i sure don't want to start over like my opponent does. >> so the bottom line is, to answer your question, yes, the clinton camp is nervous about ohio. nervous about illinois, missouri. maybe sanders can do well in the midwest. but the bottom line for her is that florida, she's got a huge lead. and so even if sanders sort of runs the table here in the midwest, there's almost 250 delegates at stake for dremocras in the sunshine state. she could really add to that total that is beefed up the super delegates. >> always good to see you, thank you. the gop could be in for a rocky summer. there's a chance none of the candidates will reach the number of delegates, 1,237, needed to clinch the nomination. so exactly what happens next? and what it could
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. i love to drill down like this. this electionen the, you've heard terms like brokered. observers have noted that could be a way to keep a frontrunner like a donald trump from collecting all the delegates he needs to get the nomination before the summer in cleveland. what exactly would that look like, and how could it go down? chief washington correspondent james rosen with a look. >> america's last contested convention was the democratic gathering of 1980 when forces loyal to ted kennedy, seeking to topple jimmy carter, forced a vote on the convention rules that would have freed delegates to vote for anyone they wanted on the first ballot.
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>> today, republican frontrunner donald trump is steaming toward the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the gop nomination. but what if he doesn't and no other candidate does either? on the first ballot, 95 candidates are bound to support the candidate they pledged. the share drops to 43%. on the third ballot, it's 19%. >> for the most part, delegates, they're the establishment types. these are coming from the state parties. and i've got to tell you, that these campaigns are already courting delegates, talking to delegates. they're making their cases to these different delegates. they're well aware that this could end up in a convention. >> four years ago, forces loyal to gop nominee mitt romney, who already had the nomination sewn up, secured changes to the convention rules, which among other things prohibited even the
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counting of votes of the first ballot for any candidate who had failed to win a majority of state delegations in at least eight states, a rule aimed at the time at blocking ron paul from being nominated. so far, donald trump has secured a majority of state delegations in five states. yet the romney rule also prohibited candidates who failed to meet that eight-state threshold from having their votes counted on subsequent ballots. >> some of these candidates may not have eight states but have a majority of the delegates. so i assume they'll change the rule. >> well-placed sources in the republican party told me that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is quietly leading an effort to explore ways to change the convention rules to deprive donald trump of the nomination. a spokesman for senator mcconnell told me "the topic regularly comes up, but the majority leader himself has convened no meetings for that purpose." in washington, james rosen, fox news. voters in two places made their voices heard in the race for the presidential nomination on the gop side this weekend. and they went overwhelmingly for ted cruz and marco rubio. details on the results and what
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it all means, how it could impact what's happening heading into critical primaries on tuesday. and donald trump's rallies are now being -- at least somewhat focused on by seemingly endless trail of people who go just to protest. the insiders will weigh in on what it all means and the potential fallout. and it isn't just him. it's other candidates. you heard john roberts talking about it. and stick around for after the "fox report" for our town halls with the candidates beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump on hannity. ted cruz on the kelly file. then 10:00 p.m. with john kasich goes on the record. and 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight, marco rubio on the kelly file. that's all coming up o turkey,
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their enemy. this is a moment fraught with peril. i just want to underscore how dangerous this is for the united states and the world. >> as you look at the candidates, pat, who handles this type of atmosphere among them? who are you watching for? >> i'm watching for all of them how they're handling it. this is a very dangerous moment. let's not forget about the iranians shooting off ballistic missiles that they're not supposed to, with graffiti on them saying wipe israel off the face of the earth. >> written in hebrew.
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>> we're in a very dangerous point. it's more than just what we're seeing with the debate, with trump and sanders and all the other candidates coming in. this is very -- we are in a real crisis of legitimacy here. we have 56% of americans saying they wouldn't consider hillary clinton. we have over 67% saying they wouldn't consider donald trump. both parties are trying to impose the establishment. and we have a people, as i said for the last two weeks, who are in control. they want their country back and they are very upset. we're talking about 60% to 70%. let me just say this. 72% of them say the people have been rigging the system, rigging trade deals, you've got 2/3
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believing that we're in decline. and people are really anxious. this is dangerous. >> john, i want to go to twitter for just a second. jm williams writes he's not surprised that rubio and kasich came in first and second in washington, d.c. >> well, i don't even know how much those results that you read had to do with what has happened this weekend. i believe that friday night, that spectacle in chicago and st. louis that afternoon was a turning point in the campaign, and that trump and the trump campaign has morphed into an unbelievably powerful force inside the primaries. maybe an unstoppable force, i don't know. but it is not a force for good. it is going low. it's the worst of mankind when the country wants the best. trump has allowed this to happen. let me finish. they talked a lot. i'm going to say a few things.
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as a republican, i cannot sit here and watch the republican party be taken over like the democrats were by a cult of personalities. donald trump's campaign is not a movement for any issue, any cause. it's not. it has become an unstoppable and very dangerous force that is preying on people's fears, inciting violence, lying to the press. this is not good. any republican who supports this thing is going to go down because of it. >> let me step in, because i've heard you say some of the same things that you're saying now about the democrats. >> i've never said that about the democrats ever in my life. so i don't know what you're talking about. >> i've heard you say things like, specifically, what you were talking about, just in terms of within the own party, and how some of the messaging might not be something that you would agree with. but let me ask it to you in a different way. i hear republicans say and all the way up into until just recently, isn't it helpful to
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have a candidate who would get all of the attention? it's always been the liberal media doesn't cover our frontrunners, blah blah blah. you have a frontrunner now who has captivated. is it somewhat shooting inside the tent for you not to support the process, at least and let the people decide? >> i believe in the process. and the process should ultimately work here, and hopefully it will work. but i don't think the press and what you're talking about is working properly at all. he gets a disproportionate amount of coverage. the other ones can't call up the "today" show. >> i think we're at a point where there are potentially, as pat suggested, divisive, dangerous causes and people going to do things that are really dangerous for our system. we have the capacity of bernie sanders, donald trump, hillary clinton, and ted cruz, all the candidates pulled together, as they should as americans and say stop the violence. come together.
1:36 am
we have different philosophies and ideas, but violence doesn't help us. we have global terror. >> we have violence outside of our country. >> and we need to tamp it down here to be productive as a nation. >> let's not all weigh this on donald trump alone. >> i agree. >> when you have organizing to disrupt his rallies and to infiltrate, or black lives matter, or others who feel that their job is to not just protest, which everyone has a right to do, but to enter his meetings, which was his chance to talk, and disrupt and be violent or to inspire violence. >> to provoke. >> provoke violence is terrible. let me just make a point. >> crisis of legitimacy. >> the system is -- this democracy can only work if the people believe that the
1:37 am
democratic process yields a legitimate result. if they don't, this whole system falls down. it's already precarious. the voters want to take their country back. and i will tell you, if this keeps up, we will have -- people are going to demand another choice. >> i don't mean to interrupt, pat. i was going to say, harris, because i've said it on here several times, that the president president of the united states is not yet in the race. >> i know, i've heard you say it. >> and i get a lot of questions about when the deadlines are coming. >> there is still time. we don't know if the next candidate, the next president would be a republican or a democrat or somehow an independent. that can be worked out. the point is, with the numbers we're talking about, and the actions in these campaigns, no one's trying to unite the country. >> when you hear donald trump and ohthers say they want to unite -- we saw priebus get onstage and say it's time to
1:38 am
come together. you saw house speaker paul ryan calling on every one of the candidates on the republican side, including donald trump. doesn't that give you some hope that they are pulling together? >> no. i think it was pat's first major boss george mcgovern who once said that when you run for office, if you criticize the voters, you shouldn't be running for office. even if they're not your voters. you work for everybody. to see a candidate castigating and saying go home to mommy and get a job, instead of what he should say is son, don't leave the hall. i want to talk to you and your family. i will get the economy working so you can get a job. >> i've never heard you this fired up. >> well, why not? the country requires it. >> when we come back, let's
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things got heated among the insiders. that's not breaking news. they often will dothat. so we're seeing on social media some response to our talk about the candidates going forward. let's get some thoughts about what we should be watching for going into super tuesday, too. >> sure. let me give you a quick summary. i'll star start on the democratic side. hillary clinton should win florida and north carolina easily. as pat suggested, she was in good shape in michigan and that didn't work out too well. missouri and illinois are very close. i think bernie sanders will probably be very close. could well win there. on the republican side, i think trump will win florida, lose ohio. >> can we step back to the democrats for a second. why do you think bernie sanders
1:43 am
is still winning? because she's scooped up all these super delegates. >> voters are very angry on the democratic side. the same points john and pat were talking about with anger exist on the democratic side but a very different set of solutions, particularly for economically distressed white working class union members and young people. i think that could drive sanders to two or three states. >> between now and tuesday, if i were sanders, i would hang rahm emanuel around her neck, the former -- i mean, really. one of her biggest supporters, an albatross in that state. i believe that ohio is very doable. >> even despite the fact that she's 20 points ahead? >> all i have to know is michigan, every poll -- >> can i just -- you guys are the polling experts. why are the polls so darn wrong? >> because the people doing them don't know what they're doing. they don't understand the model. they have too few interviews.
1:44 am
and they're too short. they don't bother to get any detail. this is being driven by a media and reporters who are too lazy, frankly, to go out and do any work. >> on tuesday, first on the republican side is some proof whether this thing that we talked about in the first segment, the violence, the changing of the tenor of the trump operation, are there consequences? does he get rewarded? >> thursday night's debate was great. >> and he met with ben carson -- >> so how can all that positive be negative? >> it changed in st. louis when he starts yelling at these protesters. >> i'm seeing a lot of blowback. reese says on twitter, i am shocked about john talking about the divisive rhetoric. entire donor class united against trump. she says it's a disgrace.
1:45 am
i say she. it could be a he. what do you say to that? >> i don't know who the donor class is and they don't like trump and that's fine. but i haven't heard any donor say i'd like to punch trump in the moutd. this level of discourse -- >> oh, my goodness. >>h. this level of discourse -- >> oh, my goodness. >> you hang out with him. >> i do. >> as a candidate for office, i don't understand something. when you go out, your job is to try to convince people to vote for you. you can play -- >> that's been working for him so far. >> you can play billiard politics. here's what that is. i will tick off african-american voters by having these demonstrations, drag people out, say nasty stuff about them, with the purpose of trying to get whites to vote for me. i can play that kind of politics. that may be going on here. >> you better have some evidence for that.
1:46 am
>> i don't believe that. >> i don't either. >> so we have a guy going up the stairs and a guy elbows him in the face and trump says i'll pay the guy's legal fees. what kind of signal is that? >> you can object to what donald trump said. he's not a racist. >> i didn't say he's a racist. >> oh, my goodness. >> let's understand one thing importantly. he has touched something that voters are looking for. he is the person who was attacking the political class, which is trying to take him. a terrible thing for him this weekend is he has a message on trade. and my guess is i don't think you can play it either way, but the republican primaries and having the obvious organized pro vak tours in this business are not -- the reaction is -- >> real quickly. >> they'll do better promoting
1:47 am
unity. >> i would never have guessed. >> we're critical of what trump's done. we just see it very differently than john with very different outcomes. >> what i hear you saying is the bigger sort of -- at 37,000 feet view of this, is that voters are angry on both sides. >> look, the democratic voters -- bernie sanders' people are furious and they should be at the rigging of the democratic process by super delegates, aided and abedded by the media. they shouldn't even be covered. >> we're going to come back and talk more. apparently we got this incorrect, so we want to get on the record with it. so there you go. with all of the town halls beginning tonight after "fox report." that is your lineup. that is your lineup. i think we had some of the
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let's get the viewers in on this whole thing. deborah hahn says tell the insiders millions of us are praying for a third party. >> pat, doug and i, we get along great, even if we're fighting tonight. >> speak for yourself, john. >> don't fight about being nice. >> because we respect each other's opinions. and on this opinion, we're all of the same opinion, which is the country is crying out for a third candidate to -- and i will steal pat's line. here's the line for this candidate. and it fits with a we're talking about tonight. i'm running for president, and i'm not running as a republican or a democrat. i'm running as an american. >> but can that person win? >> absolutely. >> you have all the money in the two opposite parties. >> it's a message. >> look at mr. bush. >> bloomberg isn't running.
1:52 am
he had a ton of money. >> i wish it was the right time for him. >> what you must have, though, is a candidate who speaks for the people and can lead the people. you know, this is -- i said about trump two weeks ago, this is an evolution. you've got to step up on this acceptability and change. this was a setback this weekend. even though i believe it's a lot of other people being involved. particularly a press that hates him. and wants violence for their own rati hate the press. >> we reported earlier that bernie sanders is seeing some of this, too. it isn't just donald trump. >> bernie sanders is doing -- let's be fair. he's doing the same darn thing. he's attacking donald trump. he's saying that donald trump is dividing. he's threatening to device himself. he deserves his share of blame. but the larger goal of a stronger america, which is why we want a third party, has to be served by the current
1:53 am
candidates, which means we need unity, we need consensus. >> i'm telling you, there's no time. you cannot tell voters there is no place for them to express their overwhelming belief that the country is in decline. >> let me make a prediction about this trump thing that is morphing right in front of us. it is going to end badly. i don't know how, whether he wins the nomination, i don't know. but i feel that this is a negative operation. and you need positive. >> if it looks like he's going to become your party's nominee, why not rally around him and get him where he needs to be? this is where i scratch my head. i think the democrats do this better than the republicans. so what's the answer? >> here's i think john's point. if trump continues to divide, he
1:54 am
may get the nomination, but he will so polarize the party and the country that it will be very hard with a 67% that won't vote for him to be electable. >> hillary's is above 50%. >> i understand, but he's more unacceptable. he can't make the election a referendum on her. >> you've got john kasich there, who likely will win ohio. >> i'm not saying that. >> i'm saying that. >> i'm not so sure. in light of trump challenging him. he was for nafta, for god's sakes. he's for common core. i'm not so sure about that. but i think he is obviously, you know, got the edge. but i wouldn't be shocked if trump won ohio. i wouldn't be surprised if trump won all five states. >> that would get him the nomination. >> the fundamental problem of evolving into a presidential candidate. the republicans understand one thing, harris. the leadership -- he is so
1:55 am
threatening, the power structures, the corruption in washington. >> this is trump. >> that they would rather have their party lose than have him break up their arrangement. >> is that how you feel? >> definitely. they feel that. but they also worry. >> and i hear the down ticket. but people are watching for this race right now. >> but it's march, folks. >> technically early. >> did i not say we have many turns to go in this? >> you did. >> we've got a break to get
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1:57 am
final thoughts, and i have a question. we've seen some endorsements recently. does jeb bush's matter? are you laughing? >> the last thing anybody would want is jeb bush's endorsement anywhere. >> why? >> he is political cancer, if you will. i know that's a strong statement, but it's true. >> that is a strong statement. >> the man who was going to be the unanimous choice to be his party's nominee. we don't even mention him. he's disappeared. and that's because he doesn't fit the country. >> reagan used to say the man doesn't chase the presidency, the presidency chases the man. the man, or woman, isn't in this race yet.
1:58 am
because these people don't measure up. >> so if donald trump doesn't get 1,237 before cleveland, ohio, this summer in july, what is the process, real quickly? >> they'll go to the convention. >> they'll change the rules. >> a total free for all. >> the democratic party is going to try to impose somebody instead of bernie sanders. >> both sides of the political aisle. we'll be watching it. >> this country is hang by a thread. >> i'm just going to say it. you all love each other. it got rowdy up in here. i'll see you on "outnumbered" at noon >> it is monday, march 14th. this is a fox news alert. ununprovoked attack a young police officer killed in the line of duty. what we have learned about the accused killers as they face a
1:59 am
judge today. >> final push gop presidential candidates taking direct aim at donald trump after a wild weekend of rallies and a last ditch effort to take him down before critical contests in five states tomorrow. >> deep south devastation. severe weather. we can have it from mississippi to north aericarolina. "fox and friend first starts rig drn -- "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am abby hunts man. >> i am heather childers. hope you thhad a great he can wouldn't end. we begin with struggling news fox news alert breaking overnight. an amtrak train packed with passengers derailed. five cars are toppled on their sides in kansas. >> the train was headed from los angeles to chicago when it went after the rails after midnight 20 miles west of dodge city
2:00 am
sending 11 people to the hospital. 128 passengers and 14 crew members were on board at the time. crews are working through the night to determine what went wrong. >> also breaking a maryland police officer gunned down in the line of duty in what investigators are calling an unprovoked attack. let's get to kelly wright who has been following the developments all morning. >> this shooting is under investigation. the unprovoked attack on them is devastating. 4:30 sunday afternoon is when it happened without any warning gunfire erupts outside of a community center of the prince george's police department in palmer park, maryland. a gunman opens fire shooting and killing officer jaki colson a four-year veteran and under cover narcotics


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