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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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our wall-to-wall coverage starts 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll take you late into evening as results come in. again tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern here fnc. thank you to mr. lou dobbs, our one lucky guy. watch i am tonight on the fox business network. "happening now" starts right now.
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of donald trump in advance of the voting. ted cruz is making the argument that donald trump is not a good republican candidate and citing his financial support in illinois for the former governor and others with thousands of dollars donated to democratic candida watch this. >> have y'all ever had a moment and sitting at home and give seven grand to blaingo. like what is going through your mind. just how rich that you have 50 grand and i can think of nothing to do but give it to rahm
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emmanuel to hammer the people of chicago. >> reporter: what he saids as if mystified by it all. and then you have john kasich, the governor of ohio tied in a latest poll and he said should he lose his home state unlike marco rubio, he will dropout of the race. kasich believes he will pull off a huge victory and has been be critical. this is a candidate who is focused on positive policieses and not name calling. given the weekend violence he complained and warn withed the american electorate. >> leadership is not dividing people and a toxic environment and we blame one group because of the failure of another or the success of another. this country is about us coming
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together. this country is not about us tearing one another down or having fist fights in a campaign rally. that's not what america is. >> reporter: here is marco rubio. it will be be a shock or surprise and that's what he's promising. >> tomorrow is the day we will shock the country and do what is done. and win the 99 delegates here in florida and give us momentum we need. >> reporter: in the case of marco rubio, he's worked hard in the run up. early voting has been underway and now topped 2 million votes. since the early voting began it shattered records. it suggest that marco rubio's is courting the early voters and
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might come back from what polls suggest is a huge deficit. but donald trump may not have the organization or ground troop that marco rubio does, it is indisputable that the vigor of the supporter system self propelled and whether or not they are voting early we'll find out. it is likely in the case after state thus far. without real effort by the organization are coming out of devotion for the billionaire developer. we'll send it back to you in new york, jon. >> we'll watch it tomorrow, carl cameron, thank you. you heard new polls out by the mommoth university. kasich is leading the pack in his home state but donald trump has 35 percent.
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ted cruz and rubio 15 and 5 percent. and in the ohio democratic race, hillary clinton holding a lead over bernie sanders 54- 40 percent. clinton has an edge with minorities and sanders has the support under the age of 50. senator sanders holding rallies in ohio and missouri and hillary clinton has events in illinois. and ed henry is live for us for the latest from chicago. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you, heather, you are right. bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum going. and illinois is a battleground and he upon wants to build on the surprise victory that he had in michigan. hillary clinton pushing back and exploit her edge with minorities. she was meeting with immigrants and talking to them and going
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after donald trump. and behind me wrapping up a rally with a plumbar's union and push back against bernie sanders. sanders is coming on strong, listen. >> i don't want, but it me, i compel everyone to come out and vote tomorrow. we have to have a big vote tomorrow that can send a strong message th message. >> it is between secretary clinton and myself. you want a candidate who will stand up to the billionaire class and tell them they can't have it all, we need your help. help us the way you can. we know you don't have a lot of
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money. >> reporter: love trump's hate. all about trying to focus on the general election. sanderses saying not so fast. even if he does well in the midwest, but clinton could win in north carolina and has a big-league in florida. any gains he makes in the midwest, she can wipe out and do better with a big victory in florida. midwest and florida, tomorrow. >> all right, ed henrow, live with us in chicago. thank you. meanwhile donald trump's rallies are become rowdy affairs. he is dismissing the criticism of fuelling the clashes. he is here in a north carolina event with new jersey governor chris christy. >> the press is calling, oh,
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there is such violence. no, you know how many people are hurt in the rallies, i think like basically none, other than than somebody got hit once. there is no violence. and you know in chicago, we cancelled because i didn't want to see a huge group of people formed and we have 25,000 people and they gave me credit, chris, rather than having the rally and having fighting. supporters of donald trump want to see america be great again. that's what it is. and it is simple. and rather than fighting in chicago, i did a good move and decision. i don't want to see anybody be hurt. we were given so much credit for that decision. no one was hurt and the problem went away.
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>> talk about this with the publisher of "campaigns and elections" magazine. one poll had governor trump tied with kasich. but the marist poll put kasich up five points and for anyone who is a faction of the party they take heart? >> this is it for the antitrump forces. they cannot allow trump to come out winning both florida and ohio. if they are able, let's just take it as a given that trump wins the state of florida. given all of the polling and numbers it looks like he will. if kasich can win the state of ohio, it makes it easier for the anti- trump forces in the gop to start laying out a case of a compelling case that this is
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going to be decided in a contested connengz in leave leave. that relies on donald trump losing one of those states tomorrow. if he boats kasich in ohio and takes those delegates and 99 from the state of florida, it becomes mathematically to deny donald trump the delegates he needs in the nomination and much more difficult for the anti- trump folks in the party to lay out a compelling case it should be taken to cleveland. >> major headlines in regard to the violence that erupted at some of his rallies. he is saying he is not to it blame for that. listen to this. i don't accept responsibility and i don't condone violence in any shape.
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>> pretty quick summation there. and there is a lot of observers said president obama was to blame for the violent attacks against police officers in ferguson and place likes that. and president obama said that is not me. and does ted cruz have to accept some of the blame. i am sorry donald trump, forgive me. >> yeah, when you look at what donald trump said about the tension erupting in his rally, some of the violence, there is a real stubbornness on the part of donald trump. he will not accept responsibility or even talk about the need for you know, him to take the stage and perhaps ask his supporters to tone it down a bit. and no one is suggesting that donald trump should accept protestors disrupting his rallies. and i think it is fair on the
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part of a presidential candidate not to it actively encourage his supporters which donald trump has done to physically retaliate against protestors and folks that disrupt his rallies. that is not unreasonable display of leadership and it is a fair criticism. >> shane deapril, thank you. >> and still to come, al-qaeda strikes again and launching a deadly attack in a popular resort overseas. and now a bulletin about a possible attack here at home. respiratory and 3% back on gas... nce of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way.
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>> todd palin has been seriously hurt in a snow machine accident. he is now in intensive care. sarah palin cancelled an
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appearance with donald trump and returning to alaska to be with her husband. todd known as a professional snow mobile racer. he won the iron dog four times in alaska. that is a 2000 mile race on snow mobile. he was seriously hurt and now in intensive care after a snow mobile machine accident last night. we'll bring you more on this. and right now. homeland security raising the possibility of a terror attack targeting hotels and conference centers in our nation. that is after two attacks overseas and killed dozens of people in turkey. and kathryn herridge is live with us on this troubling report. >> good afternoon. it is a highly fluid situation
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with two diplomatic sources said it was western diplomats and there is disagreement whether it was a french or american delegation. it is claiming responsibility for the weekend attack on twitter. it was en route to an ivory coast resort. and masked men shouted allah is great. there was a meeting when they staged an attack in january. that is a conference here in washington about the group's capabilities. >> we are paying close attention to groups like al-shabaab and al-qaeda which is recently shown brutal attacks that it, too, remains dangerous.
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>> the ten page bulletin warns that hotels and conference centers are attractive targets for al-qaeda and isis because it produces economic damage. there is lone wolf shooters and provides car bombs. and nothing in the bulletin does not say an iminant attack. but there is a warning on line of a paris- style attack in the united states. and that is a national counter terrorism tracking center with fbi participation, heather. >> sounds like it needs to be taken seriously. thank you. >> kasich and rubio campaigning hard in ohio and florida. will the home state advantage
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authorities in kansas say that 29 people have been taken to hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries after an amtrak train derailed in the morning. this is five cards on the sides and two others off of the tracks entirely. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it derailed and the train had 128. and they have a team to investigate the derailment. we're going to be in good state
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and win the state and all is said and done a thousand delegates yet to go and go to the convention. it is so crazy and don't know what is going to happen in strong shape. >> this is john kasich winning good about winning his state. and donald trump doesn't have him on the defensive. but he admits his supporters must get out and vote. kasich and trump are tied. a washington d.c. marist poll shows kasich ahead. and let's bring in our political panel. mark, a radio shoeft. and julie a fox news contributor. he has to win ohio if he has a prayer of going on. will he do it?
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>> depends on the polls. what could happen is that he doesn't win. it is that kind of year. never let a crisis go to waste is not only democrat, but republican, too. kasich will bring in romney and we'll know if that is too little too late. and rubio is falling off the pace. and kasich has to win not only for himself but keep things in line elsewhere. >> julia, i want to show you a poll regarding ohio. just out a short time ago, and trump is widening his lead over rubio. he has a 17 point advantage over rubio who is the hometown favorite sun compared to an eight point a week ago. many of the people who approve of the job rubio has done in the current position, are still
10:28 am
backing trump for president. first of all, how do you explain that? they like the the job marco rubio has done but want to vote for trump as president p. >> maybe they want to keep rubio in his current job. it is impressive to have a senator from a home state or statewide official losing by large margins. florida is essentially donald trump's other home. and marco rubio had to make a decision as to whether he would go to florida, potentially lose his home state and therefore go on and run for governor two years from now. or dropout and get behind kasich or cruz. he made the decision to go all the way to florida. but what is his future after tomorrow night when he has to drop out. >> there is another poll out
10:29 am
that shows a bigger margin for donald trump, something like 24 points. it doesn't look good for marco rubio in florida. can he continue to limp along if he doesn't make a better showing than these numbers suggest here? >> his interviews over the last couple of days look defeated and that seems to be tired again. and getting back to the bigger issue why trump is, both sides, republicans and democrats and liberals and conservatives love reality tv a lot. and that is drama right now. and if it is going back to conventional politics, this ain't the year. >> he tried to be another version of donald trump and didn't seem to work for him. he was at a meet and greet in
10:30 am
jacksonville, florida and he talked about name calling and violence at rallies. >> i understand that if we solve our problems we can be great. the 21st century is made for us. and we americans can do anything. we have proven that over two century and now the time for this generation to prove it as well. tomorrow we have a chance to make a powerful p statement for the country. the republican party will not allow itself to be high jacked. >> that message would ring more true if he hasn't delved in the name calling. >> look at marco rubio over the last month. first chris christie gets him in the last debates and setting back rubio. and rubio decides to out trump, trump. and talking about hand side and
10:31 am
pant sweating. his reputation as an adult is viserated and outtrying to outtrump, trump. that is who trump is, he is a juvenile bull i and marco rubio is not and pretended to be. and now he's trying to get credibility back. it is too late. people don't trust you the way you reunvent yourself. >> governor kasich hasn't participated in the shening ans. and he will take it to an open convention. move on.p org, will stir tup no matter who is the candidate. >> it is fascinating business. >> bernie sanders surprised in michigan. you never know. >> polls can be wrong.
10:32 am
>> millions are bracing for severe weather with the northeast and south is. flood warnings remain in effect for parts of louisiana. >> it is up in the air. you don't know what you have left behind going to still be there when you get back.
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>> florida wrapped up ten days of early voting as millions surged to the polls and get
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their voices heard ahead of the decisive primary contest. steve harington has more on that. stove. >> john, if the early vote is indication, we could have a record turn out. under 2 million people cast their ballots in florida and 1.1 million are registered republicans. and that is a number of new voters as well. and the final push in the state and marco rubio starting the day in the north and work withing his way down the 95 corridor. and as for the front runner donald trump and then in boeka ratton and arrived by helicopter and has a rally in tampa and over the weekend bikers rally for trump. we asked them why they support donald trump.
10:37 am
>> he says what he wants and truthful and represents what i believe in. >> it doesn't really matter. trump, he's from our neck of the woods and i think he might shake things up. i think he is shaking it up. >> trump has a double-digit lead here and decided to cancel the event in miami. instead he will be campaign nothing ohio. >> bikers for trump, steve. who combuchlt right now the president of brazil and the country prepares to host the summer olympics. and they are calling for the president to be impeached for fiscal mismanagement.
10:38 am
and a massive investigation at the state run oil company. fox extreme weather alert and emergency officials in louisiana and mississippi have their eye on the pearl river that decides the two states and would reach 21 feet sometime today. in louisiana flood warnings are in effect. there have been six deaths and damaging nearly 5000 homes. senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center. >> we are seeing flooding typical of a tropical storm or hurricane. inches of rain in a matter of hours and look at storm totals, two feet in parts of louisiana and the rain subsided and moved on. the rivers are rising.
10:39 am
you can see the rain shifting eastward. and we'll see period of days of drying out which is great news and talk about the threat of severe weather. we can see large hail and damaging tornados and for tuesday, we have primaries going on in illinois and missouri and ohio. and we have threat of severe storms and large hail and isolated tornados. this is going to be a story to watch. this is severe set up for tuesday and a cold front and warm front and all of the ingredients there for the potential of strong to severe storms as people are going out to vote. we are watching missouri and illinois and ohio and florida as well in there and we are not expecting bad weather for florida. i am concerned about illinois starting early in northern illinois. and that is going to be ongoing
10:40 am
throughout the day and night time. and western portions of ohio, we'll get more severe weather but later on. this is something we will be watching early. and weather can affect voter turn out. and tuesday forecast. we'll watch chicago and illinois and ohio for the rest of the state. missouri, you look okay. hit or miss showers and parts of carolina look good and florida not too bad. forecast for illinois and ohio, watching it carefully and the flooding in the south, the good news, is john, florida waters will subside this week. >> unbelievable. >> janice dean, thank you. >> still to come, an alleged isis supporters stands trial. it is a first time against anyone providing support toisis has gone to a journey.
10:41 am
here is also this. a fishing boat obliterated in an explosion. this was not an accident and nor was it an attack. we'll explain.
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thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? test. test. test. test.
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test. test. test. but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges >> right now, check this out. illegal fishing put to a stop by a big bang. indonesian authorities blasted the viking, seizing it for poaching the sea bass. it is the last group of ships for illegally fishing aroundantartica. there blew it up to make other
10:45 am
crews think twice. >> jury in arizona considering the case of the man who provided guns and ammunition and motivation to isis followers in an attack in garland, texas last year. the case marks a crucial test for the justice department. the doj, has not yet convicted anyone who allegedly participated in the planning of the terrorist attack. here is the legal panel and former prosecutor and attorney. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, alexander, lay out the prosecution's case for you. can you hear he? >> i think weigh might be having audio issues with her. diane, we'll start with you instead. if you are representing ka ream.
10:46 am
what would you do to defend him. >> the informant has a lengthy criminal history and charged with assault and kidnapping and likely facing a sentence is. that is enough for the defense attorney to discredit inform apt in the case. the federal government uses informants who are charged with crimes that are trying to have their defense reduced and that person will say going to get the sentence reduced. that will discredit the witness completely. i have had several witnesses that testified against co-defendants and the attorneys put my clients through the ringer and they should. >> i wanted to ask you before we get to alexandria. i know she joined us now.
10:47 am
if he is insistent to testify in his own defense can his attorneys do anything about it? >> certainly. we have a right to testify in our own. and this is alexandria will tell you that. and just because we are scared in terrorism, does not mean we have convict. >> you are right to be be presumed innocent. >> but there is a lot of evidence against him. lay out the prosecution's case for us. >> hi, heather, it is nice to finally join you. the prosecution proved the case in this instance. they said in the beginning of the trial, there would be proof that kareem was the motivator and trainer and he was the bank roller for the terrorist attack. now, we don't just have a convicted felon coming forward and testifying.
10:48 am
but we have two young children who have no reason to lie and they are telling authorities that kareem told them that he was interested in strapping a bomb to himself and trying to teach them to radicalize to islam and become terrorist themselves. that's what essentially they were telling authorities. and the prosecutions did a very good job of laying this out. i think it would be a hard sell to the jury to prove otherwise. >> what charges does he face diane? >> charged with conspiracy. and that is going out to the didn't with other two men that are involved and i don't know how they prove that without eyewitnesss. and he denied his involvement from the start. and i have the most tremendous respect for fbi agents, and just because they are fbi agents,
10:49 am
doesn't mean they are always right. we think he lied and therefore guilty. >> and the two individuals he provided the gunfire to died in a shootout with police. there are 16 islamic defendants who are facing charges for participating attacks in the u.s. we have to wrap it up. thank you. >> thank you. >> new concern that a voter passed law. there was a spike in crime. we'll tell you what is happening next.
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hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. live events from all time four gop candidates in our hour coming up. mitt romney makes his first appearance on the trail with
10:53 am
governor john kasich. we'll bring that to you live as well as events with trump, ted cruz, and moib. plus, ted cruz saying there is one scenario where he can envision no longer supporting donald trump. what is it? and new analysis on interesting common characteristics that trump supporters share, including the type of home they live in, to their time in holiday. the real story on all of that just minutes away. right now, there are new concerns that a california law intended to reduce crime rates might be having some unintended consequences. claudia cowan has details live from elsa receipto, california. >> reporter: john, california is under court order to reduce prison overcrowding and proposition 47 passed in 2014 was the latest policy to tackle this issue. many in law enforcement say prop 47 is the reason some crimes are up. >> in the past year and a half
10:54 am
we've seen an increase in theft related crimes including robbery, burglary, identity theft. >> reporter: police across california say they are frustrated by the voter approved initiative that reduced felonies to misdemeanors. supporters of proposition 47 thought it would free up money for public services and boost public safety. according to one analysis the law has saved the state roughly $100 million. >> that will be money that goes into prevent and treatment at the local level. >> reporter: the washington post called prop 47 an experiment in mass forgiveness. thousands of felonions have been released and given the chance to live lawfully. >> people's lives are torn apart because they make a mistake. >> reporter: in many cities robbery and other property crimes are way up. while supporters say studies show only a small percentage of inmates have returned to prison.
10:55 am
politics and prosecutors maintain the law's leniency makes their job tougher. >> if they don't face prosecution they are likely to commit additional crimes. >> reporter: proponents admit that the law's full effect on crime rates remains to be seen but john police across california say they are still waiting to see had you the money saved will actually fund services and programs that go to reducing crime here in california. >> claudia cowan in elsa receipto. still to come, fire balls and bond fires. why some people are celebrating. we'll show you. the final 30 up next. ♪song: "that's life"
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ want to take you back to
10:59 am
this past friday night and shou show you how a couple hundred of supporters of west point kicked to have weekend at the historic union league club in midtown manhattan. gather willing for the annual founder's day celebration. the society was kind enough to invitemy to emcee. founder's day celebrates the wisdom of our founding fathers like washington and jefferson who established the u.s. military academy at west point more than two centuries ago. all over the world west point chapters get together this time of year to celebrate that institution and the leaders of character it produces. to you parents just an aside, if you have kids heading to college in the next couple of years you owe it to yourself to encourage them to look at west point. it is bar none one of the best colleges in this country. >> you know that firsthand. >> well, my eldest son went there. >> looking dapper in the video. >> thank you. thank you. they were -- very kind of them and we raised money for a good
11:00 am
cause, too. >> about how much did you raise? >> i don't know the total but it was one of their biggest events yet. and we raised money for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine's club in new york. >> that's wonderful. >> yeah. >> good to see you spending your time will. thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. congrats john. all four republican candidates holding events this hour as tensions are running high on the campaign trail as you can imagine. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. this is "the real story" today. accounts making that final fush for votes ahead of probably the most important super tuesday of all. senator ted cruz is speaking just outside of chicago today. governor john kasich trying to score a win in his home state of ohio. donald trump and marco rubio are holding rival events in the senator's home state of florida. let's begin with john roberts live at a trump rally in tampa. hi, john. >> reporter: gretchen, good afternoon to you. we are here at e


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