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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we blame, bernie sanders, trump, move or the protesters. more will happen when others will jump the stage and try to makeñt a name for themselves. thank you for being here today. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in florida and ohio. who of the biggest prizes in tomorrow's primaries. a couple of contests that could either help trump lock up the nomination or bring us closer to a floor fight at the convention. meantime, trunk looks to downplay his trouble at recent rallies. hurt at our rallies? i think like basically none other than maybe somebody got hit once. >> yep, plus, ted cruz questions after donald trump, accusing him of giving money to our blogo, blagojevich, and bernie sanders is making a serge. we'll look at whether hillary
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clinton has cause for concern. let's get too it. first from the fox news deck, it could be one final shot for some of donald trump's rivals to put up or shut up. voters across five states tomorrow have a chance to nearly guarantee that nobody else can win the g.o.p. nomination. and at the same time they can send some of donald trump's competition packing. at stake tomorrow, more than a quarter of the delegates needed to win the nomination. the primaries are in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and ohio, and the polls suggest it's ohio where donald trump is the most vulnerable. a survey from quinnipiac university shows him in a dead heat with ohio's governor, john kashich. the governor says he will drop out if he doesn't carry his state. a similar for marco rubio in florida, where analysts say a loss could be a campaign killer. if the latest mon mouth university poll is right rubio's cause is hopeless.
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it shows the trump lead in florida has doubled. now topping rubio bit 17 -- by 17 points. rubio doesn't believe the numbers and is hitting hard at trump. >> the republican party is the home of the conservative movement. and it's nott+hz,[ the home of r and frustration, not the home of politicians who try to take advantage of what is wrong in people's lives. >> donald trump is so confident he will win that he called off a rally today in florida, to campaign in other states. but that does nose mean he's laying off historying rival. >> he's little, liddle, little. little marco. we have to brand people a certain way when they're your opponents. >> if tom's results end the rubio and kashich campaign, it will all come down to a two-man race, donald trump and ted cruz. today cruz is stumping nonstop across illinois. latest polls he is closing the
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gap. today ted cruz went afterk0(rpte front runner in, like 'king donald trump to our blogo. >> donald trump gave $7,000 to rod blagojevich. that's a7)ñi] fairly remarkable legacy for a republican candidate for president. >> our researchers confirm, trump did donate seven grand to blogo, the former illinois governor who flew in and starred on trump's apprentice show. isn't that nice? that was were blog yo went to prison for among other things trying to sell a u.s. senate seat. donald trump has defended his donations to democrats, claiming he gets along with everybody. we have team fox coverage, doug mckelway in ohio where john kashich is defending, and steve harrigan, and john roberts is in úzb,p hello, john. >> good afternoon to you, shep. i'll do my best golf commentary
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because donald trump is on stage behind me and i don't want to interrupt][w3 the proceedings because people tend to yell at me when you do that. he received a big endorsement from. rubio and con kashich hayes been focusing on their statesle trump is focusing on all five states in hopes to run the table and the protests have only made his stronger, he almost toys with the protesters. one yesterday in illinois, he gave a protester the opportunity to shout out what his beef was. the protester didn't take him up on that offer. drive wedge between voters but says that's an awful lot of anger out there. >> without doing the!?z0" polity correct answer, everything is peaches, i said we're very
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upset, we're very angry with the ware our country is being run and we'll make changes. >> john kashich and marco rubio not buying that explanation, kashich believing that donald trump is intentionally trying to create a toxic environment out there in this campaign. >> we're hearing now from some on their pledge to support him if he wins the nomination. they saying they might not? >> yeah. marco rubio and john kashich suggested they may not. kashich has been the most overt. might not be able to support trump. marco rubio saying, well, it ted cruz was asked the questione today and said he gave his word that he is going support trump, and his word is his word. listen. >> when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. now, i don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee. i think we elect hillary clinton and we destroy the country;a?[;f donald trump is the nominee. and that is why we are working so hard to beat donald trump.
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and we're going to beat donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz just soft pedaling his criticism of donald trump and still trying to attract his voters, and tomorrow the only way to win is togyn as many delegates he income illinois, missouri, and north against donald trump. >> we were surprised to see sarah palin there. sarah palin there. we ò( p because she needed to see her husband in the hospital. what happened? >> reporter: she was supposed to do a solo event at the villages north of orlando but cancelled husband was in a accident and was in intensive care. tampa. i asked the campaign about it. they played very coy whether she would appear here. they were trying to build up anticipation, but after introduces chris christie, i believe she is on her way back to alaska to tend to her
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husband. i. as of this morning two million floridians have already voted, ahead of tomorrow's presidential primary. that's according to the florida state division of elections. and analysts predict that by the time the polls close tomorrow, florida could see a record turnout. team fox coverage continues. steve harrigan in miami. steve? >> we certainly could be heading for some records on tuesday if the early voting trends hold up. some florida counties report they have gotten three to four times as many early voters as they had four years ago. the past ten dives early voting, we talked to voters,s' who say they're disappointed with the tone of the campaign, others are thrilled and fascinated for the first time by the fighting. one thing both sides agree on, they feel compelled to vote. >> it's disgusting. rhetoric, the low level rhetoric going on, that i wish i had some other option to do than what's
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been presented so far. >> the voice of our nation and we have to decide who is our next president so it's exciting to sign up and know i'm of the president. >> reporter: the biggest line wes saw in early voting were one hour long. that could change on tuesday. one aspect to keep in mind on the republican ballot there will still be 13 names despite the fact that just four candidates are still running. >> thank you. mitt romney just hit the presidential campaign trail for the first time in this election cycle in support of john kashich, the governor's home state of ohio. that's where john kashich faces a contest tomorrow that could make or break his white house bid. governor romney said this is not an endorsement. he is just out to help anybody but donald trump. >> you look at this guy, and unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. he has the kind of record that you want in washington, and that's why i'm convinced you're going to do the right thing tomorrow.
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agreed? >> the poll shows john kashich and donald trump are locked in a dead heat in ohio, and mitt romney has already come out against trump, calling him a phony and fraud. john kashich has promised he will win ohio, no matter what the polls indicate. team fox coverage continues. doug mckelway in youngstown. hello, doug. >> reporter: everything that john kashich has been banking on from that victory -- or that strong second place showing in new hampshire on february 1st february 1st washing to get through the south intact and make it back home to ohio where he says, as you just said, he expects to win. very, very confident, state where he has been a successful and popular governor, so confident is kashich he took time out from campaigning to indull can knowledge -- indulge in a game of bruce bochy. -- he says if he wins7 ohio he could block trump from the 1,237
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del galteøiuv- needed to snare e nomination. i asked him if that means he is banking on a contested convention so he gets the nomination. here's his response. >> i am not running to block anybody from anything. i'm running for president because i have the foreign policy experience and the domestic experience and success. that's why i'm running for president. i'm not running to block anybody but the math is real. >> reporter: a key here this blue collar manufacturing vote across ohio. take, for example,downstown. this is the most blue collar community i've ever been in. between the years 1960 and 20, 60% of the population at steel plants shut down in the face of foreign competition, lost 40,000 its tax base. steven miller, donald trump's senior adviser, said that john kashich's support for the
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transpacific partnership with doom manufacturing in ohio, and that while be the neglect knell counters in the last election he got 51% of the union vote in this county he won in the last election and won lucas county and cuyahoga county, very strong democratic counties. so anybody is trying to make a predict about tomorrow here is basically putting on a blind fold and taking a whack what a piñata doll. >> it's not all about florida and ohio. when it comes to delegate math we've look at how illinois and missouri can add up to big victory. that's coming up on this monday afternoon. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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12:15 pm
çá% maintaining 54 delegates are handed out by congressional dis win a certain district you get all of that district's delegates and as a rule the person who wins the state, usually wins the vast majority of congressional delegates. in other words, be very unusual for donald trump to win the state and then lose all the congressional districts. congressional districts, delegates are split up. but missouri has a winner take all trigger. if the candidate gets 50% plus a single vote, that candidate would then get all 52 of missouri's delegates. right now the poll shows trump running ahead in both illinois and missouri. very important for him. >> what happens if trump loses one or two of those states? >> reporter: this is why illinois and missouri are sow
12:16 pm
automatically stays on track for the nomination process. in fact, if6ñ he wins both of those states, he could lose ohio and would still only need 50% of all remaining delegates to hit that magic number of 1237. very do-able. if he somehow lost florida and ohio, trump would then need to win 63% of all remaining delegates. a much tougher hill to climb. still, he would be the favorite and of course if he wins all four of the states we just talked about, it's pretty much over because the math says that nobody would be able to come back and beat him. >> that's clear now. trace, thanks. if donald trump does sweep the contests it will be harder for republicans to stop him in any way because it could give donald trump the majorities of delegates awarded so far. that important. and the washington reporter for the "associated press" says tomorrow could be the defining moment in the race for the republican nomination. that reporters is live next.
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tomorrow's political contest could put donald trump on the clear path to the republican nomination if he wins big, but if he doesn't it could be a while before we know how the republican race will play out. according to reporting of the "associated press" trump could earn a majority of the delegates awarded so and a half if he sweeps tomorrow's contest. let's look at the current delegate count. candidates need at least 50% of them to clinch the republican nomination, about if trump cannot win all of tomorrow's contests it could make it tougher for him to earn a majority of delegates by the end of the primary season and that raises the possibility of a contested convention. steven is a washington reporter for the "associated press" and route that analysis. nice to see you, thank you. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> what will you be watching
12:21 pm
most closely, the most important thing? >> well, the most important thing is florida and ohio, because if trump can win florida and ohio, those or two big winner take all states. that voted has awarded delegates proportionately. even the losers get delegates. makes it lard to get a majority you need 50% plus one to claim the nomination, and ohio's winner take all with 56 and florida's winner take all with >> interesting to see that marco rubio is telling his supporters in ohio, go ahead and vote for trump -- vote for kashich up there. that's just fine. have you seen things like that before? >> i've not seen things like that before but he is looking at the delegate math. marco rubio is getting just 15% of the del galts awarded so far. there's no realistic path for marco rubio to get to 1237. john kashich is only getting six percent of the delegates, but if they both win their states they can stop donald trump phenomenon
12:22 pm
debting to the 1,237 delegates nomination. i ran some numbers. if trump loses ohio and florida, even if he wins the other winner take all states, there's only nine total. he still would not get to majority of the delegates so they could stop him if they were able to beat him in both states. >> the latest polling suggests difficult. from the most recent survey out of quinnipiac, i reef, he has 16-point lead. >> yes. a more likely scenario could be trump wins florida but loses ohio but in ohio it's a very close race with kashich, including some polls have kashich ahead. if that happens we're back where we areblright now. trump would still be well ahead of everyone else, however he wouldn't be above the 50% margin. so move on to the next winner take all states, and next big one up is arizona next week. >> if he doesn't get that magic number 50,% pluss one, then the
12:23 pm
party steps in, whoever that is, and begins. i guess that means paul ryan and what happens exactly? >> well, that's the issue. i talked to a lot of experts, from the people who know the system well and have been around a long time, and no one really knows what happens, because you think about you go to a convention, trump will have the most delegates but if he doesn't have a majority of the delegates -- what will happen, who are 0 going to be the brokers. once you have the first ballot and let's say the doesn't get the majority on the first ball lat, delegates are free to do whatever they want but who is going to tell them what to do. other candidates can ask supporters to vote for a certain person they don't have to. it would be very chaotic. >> regarding florida, does your reporting give an indication what happens as it pertains rubio? something he did, the turn he took 0, just the trump effect or
12:24 pm
some combination? >> well, i've seen a lot of reporting surrounding when he decided to go negative on trump and get personal, and that seemed to backfire on him. in fact he even apologizedun for it and said he embarrassed his children. so he was could go much better in florida before that, and seems things have gone south since then. >> it is your sense by the end of the day tomorrow or the wee hours of wednesday we'll hear a clear picture here and that candidates will start to make some big decisions. >> we'll have a clear picture if trump either wins florida and ohio or loses both. if it's a separate and he wins florida and loses ohio, like i said, we're right back where we are today with him not quite g]ç getting 50% but still if he wins the remaining winner take all states he could get above it. so we would be right back where we are now. >> notg0p@ bad spot for donald trump because more people in no? >> well, depends. so, in the proportional states,
12:25 pm
most of the states that are yet to vote, will award delegates proportinally. it's hard to get a majority of the delegates when they're lose. so it depends. donald trump will say, whenever anybody drops out, my support goes up. everyone talks about average uniting against me but his point is when somebody drops out, his support goes up. >> rewriting history books. steven from the "associated press." thank you for the time. appreciate it. >> right. thank you. nice be here. >> trump says his rowdy rallies are all about love, and as his rivals say he is to blame for the choose. -- the chaos. the democratic raise -- race could see another big surprise. new polls sober any sanders is surging in the state were where hillary clinton was born. details on that straight away from the fox news deck. we asked a group of young people
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. police arrested three brothers in killing of a cop in maryland. happened yet÷ outside 0 a police station in landover, ten miles from washington. the officer, jacai colson, the police chief says the shooter wanted to die in a battle with cops. officers shot back and injured him. police expect him to survive. an amtrak train jumped the tracks in kansas this morning. investigators say the wreck left dozens hurt two critical. a u.s. official says the engineer noticed a deformity in
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time for the top of the news. no matter what you may sheen, there is no violence at donald trump rallies. that's according to donald trump. who today said his massiveoryyy rallies are actually lovefests. over the weekend, trump's rivals accused him of fueling the violence broken out at his rallies. in chicago on friday the chaos was so bad that trump cancelled. today trump blamed the media for twisting things. ed henry is live in chicago following the democrats. first carl cameron in patch palm beach florida. what have you seen?
12:32 pm
>> reporter: trump calls them lovefests, some folks have been hospitalized. but trump support ires unbelieve blue devote. determined, passionate, and growing in number, and every time there is a controversial or violent potential crime -- there have been people charged with crimes and misdemeanorses -- they dig in even further. we're here in west palm beach, florida, and a moment ago we melt añ couple of guys who were walking down the sidewalk and had trump arm bands. it's not the kind of thing you normally see. çj#yñ stickers, t-shirts but arm bands is a fairly new phenomenon in american presidential politics, and so is donald trump. so, they are -- his supporters are fed up and cynical and angry about american politicians, and when donald trump says he is not one and he will do things differently, they believe, even
12:33 pm
though many of them, many of the folk wes have seen them at rallies and talked to them, they do know that sometimes he is at least shading the truth if not twisting it, and yet they believe that if he is the president, he'll make a difference, and that is why the trump train1ñ( continues to roar forward. >> the polls, if you believe the polls, john kashich is the only one who has a shot of winning anything tomorrow besides trump and that would be his home state of ohio but kashich hasn't won anything else. why does tomorrow matter? >> reporter: it's really quite remarkable. donald trump with a big delegate lead over almost 100 delegates more than than his nearest rifle, ted cruz, has the opportunity to run at the table except for ohio, one of the most important states for republicans in the general election, as goes ohio so goes the nation, so republicans really want that. so it's a strange sort of twist of political fate that the one candidate who has not won a state, has the potential to
12:34 pm
upend trump tomorrow. and today kashich was campaigning alongside mitt romney. mitt romney came out, not an endorsement but campaigning with him. today donald trump is campaigning with sara palin and of all the other candidates, including ted cruz, it is quite possibleúñmi] that the only guyo can beat trump would be john kashich, who, after all of this time with his first state -- win his first state, and tomorrow when the fights are tallied and the five states plus one territory that will actually cast ballots are completed, it will be more than half of the delegates selected. meaning the race is more than half wear completed and john kashich could have beaten donald trump and be the only guy to win tomorrow. he'll be very far back, and we'll have -- will have less than half delegates remaining and could still take into may if things continue the way they are with no candidate able to clinch they actual nomination with the
12:35 pm
necessary 12,000wo,=im plus -- 0 plus delegates and actually go to the convention as'oe6e the presumptive front runner and nominee. remarkable and it is not over yet. >> no, clearly not.çk3ç carl, thank you so much. live down in west palm beach. bernie sanders could be on track for more upset thursday the midst if the polls are right this time. he is now two points behind hillary clinton, and the real clear politics average of the latest surveys in illinois, the state where she was born and grew up. the real clear average has hillary clinton up by eight points in ohio. right next door to michigan where sanders pulled off a surprise last week. florida is the biggs state up for grabs tomorrow. but in between taking shots amount each other, sanders and clinton are going after donald trump and both claim they have the best chance of beating him come november. team fox coverage continues, ed henry in chicago. what are the candidates doing to make the final pitch before
12:36 pm
tomorrow? >> reporter: well, hillary clinton was behind me a short time ago at this local plumbers union in chicago, trying to turn out her base. withthat she was with hispanic voters near chicago, and the point is, you're right, that bernie(iç sanders appears poiseo maybe win illinois, ohio, maybe add that to some of his other wins like michigan, but since democrats award delegates proportionally, hillary clinton could come in second here and walk away with the delegates. so she is not giving up these mid-western states and she made it clear chev is fighting for every vote. watch. >> we are going to work until literally the polls close to try to persuade as many folks across illinois to turn out and vote as we can, and you know what? people need to vote as though their future was at stake, because it is at stake. >> reporter: and so you see that chaos on the republican side, on
12:37 pm
the democratic side, it's much more defined. yes, bernie sanders may get some mid western states but inif hillary clinton loses near ohio she could make up for it with big delegate counseleds in places like florida. >> starting to sound like sanders is looking past clinton and toward november. >> well, he is trying to. obviously he has to catch up to her first to get the nomination but the case he is making now, (çwvç democratic voters, look, e has got more excitement, more enthusiasm. i was with him at the ohio state campus yesterday. several thousand people. the kind of crowd that hillary clinton never gets. it's not translating all the time for him into votes but the case he is making is come november, if trump is on the republican side, democrats need someone who can turn out the vote. watch. >> virtually every single poll, we beat trump by a larger margin
12:38 pm
than does secretary clinton. [cheering] >> so if you want a candidate who will defeat trump or some other republican, you are looking at him right here. >> reporter: so this is his point, bernie sanders to say he is the true progressive in the race. so far it's gotten him some wins about still far behind in the delegates. >> look human being says she can beat trump and added a new twist at the forum in ohio last night. >> reporter: on cnn. the met e met rater was tressing her and she said, i've gotten calls from world leaders who are telling me, i'll take the rare step, she said, over getting in at the fray of american politics. usually foreign leaders don't do that. and endorse hillary clinton if it will help stop donaldq1(w3 t. jay tapper pressed and said give us some names. she said i'm not going to do that now. we're keep nath reserve. so we don't know if it's true
12:39 pm
but hillary clinton feels confident if she gets the nomination she will roll out all kinds of endorsement coming this fall and summer. >> we'll have more on the democratic race in a moment. why some analysts say a long fight for the nomination could help donald trump. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal.
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the longer hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the nomination, the better for donald trump. that's the pseudo consensus from analysts. they point out trump can use the same attacks sanders is using if it's trump versus clinton in november. let's bring in heidi, a senior political reporter for "usa today." so the longer that continues, the better for trump. >> not too off the wall conclusion to draw. when you look at the big arguments resonating in these industrial rust belt states they're, one, that clinton is in
12:43 pm
bed with wall street and taking a lot of campaign donations from big banksbaç and moneyed intere, and, two, that she supports some of the trade deals that a lot of these midwestern manufacturing states feel have hollowed out their job base. so, these are the two things that sanders is actually escalating in terms of his attacks on hillary clinton, and these are thing that donald trump has been saying all along as well. when you talk to people, it's real. it's anecdotal. shop floor union guys saying i like bernie sanders but may vote for donald trump. it's on those issues which i really emotional and the industrial midwest. >> recording the democratic primary, for bernie sanders, what states look best to you? him out in florida and north carolina. the delegate numbers to keep this kind of draw, but he is coming up in the polls in both critical ohio and clinton's home state of illinois and as we saw from
12:44 pm
michigan, you can't draw conclusions from these polls until people have had their vote. so it's possible that he could doesn't, like ed said before, because democrats award their delegates proportionally he could fight her to a draw and have the justification to continue this fight on and on and on for the next several weeks and say this will roll momentum into additional states like arizona. >> there is a path for him actually to win the nomination? >> i don't want to draw that conclusion just because i feel like so many mainstream media people get beat up for calling who is -- ruling certain people out but the math does not look good for him. even if he wins in these big industrial states like illinois and ohio, she is going to beat him in terms of delegates because she is winning by such big margins in states like florida. >> that said, he clearly wants his message, his more progressive message to continue to be piyic@@ of the process, ad this is serving him not so badly
12:45 pm
along the way. is there something that hillary camp could offer to him to make this kind of go awayço;w3 earlir than it would otherwise? >> i think they'll have to. >> like what? >> specific my what that is, other than just not backtracking on things she has made commitments on. we know she has been -- shifted her position on trade. once todd the transpacific partnership the gold standard, and i think he is really going to hold her feet to the fire, especially a convention setting in terms of keeping her commitments, not only throughout the general
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
ers f5ep.
12:48 pm
lxc than 3,000 people, serious flooding in the southeast. russian president vladimir putin ordering his military to start leaving syria. this came out nowhere. washington says they had no idea this was about to happen. the kremlin claims it's a move to help bring peace. really? get the story behind the story coming up. constipated?
12:49 pm
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a deadly suicide bombing in turkey's capital is complicating the proxy war in syria between the united states and russia. america is siding with turkey and kurdish forces in the battle against the islamic state but turnish officials plame a kurdish terror group for the attack and turkey has retaliated. nobody has claimed responsibility for the car bombing in turkey and some ims to show you in our slide show this afternoon. investigators say the bombing near a line of bus stops yesterday, killed more than 35 poem and wounded more than -- wound more than 125. here you can see people carrying an injured victim out on a stretcher and a senior turkish officials say investigators believe there were two bombers, one a woman. you can see the awful damage there this final image, firefighters at the scenca% spraying water on what is left of a car, though it's hard to tell it's a car. the bombing in hanukkah -- in
12:53 pm
-- we heard vladimir putin is order his soldiers to leave syria. the actual motive here is really less clear. russia started hitting targets inside syria last fall, supposedly with the intention of stopping terrorists, but u.s. officials have said that the kremlin has helped out the dictator, bar shark al-assad by hit his enemies. a group said 470,000 people have here. what are the analysts saying are the possibles why the kremlin is doing this? >> i special with the fox news national security analyst and says tis class county putin doing his by surprise and says he reason president putin is already achieved what he wanted from his military intervention in syria. >> his political objective, his military objective of
12:54 pm
removing the threat to the regime on the ground, and the trajectory im -- extra tee judge impact on the region, which profound, replacing he roll the united states has held in the region for 50 years. live successful. >> i should point out that russian forces aren't completely leaving syria. putin still has a naval base in tardiff and has an air base and president putin says those will continue to operate. >> of course. we're hearing an american accused of fighting for the islamic state in iraq has turned himself? >> that's right. this reportedly happened in iraqi government-held area of iraq and an iraqi kurdish general says the palestinian american turned him in this morning. look at video of kurdish forces taking him. >> where are are you from. >> united states. >> now, a source says his name is mew ham -- originally from
12:55 pm
virginia and trying to make his way to turkey. todaypc a spokesman for the stae department say they're trying to confirm this report but added this. >> we have been very lee if you go to fight for a terrorist organization, then you're a terrorist. and then you do that at your own peril. >> a senior u.s. defense official tells our pentagon correspondent, jennifer griffin, the u.s. military is, quote, not interested that this is just, quote, another isil, as far as 1rou co, shep, referring another acronym for isis. and it's unclear if the united states will tick him into custody. >> a look back at day in history right after this. t to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card,
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if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. >> hikers spots a coin on the ground and picks it up. good move. one of the5p;+zñ rarest coins in existence and nearly two thousand years old. 2,000 years old. >> yes. a woman was hiking in the gala
12:59 pm
lee region in israel and came across an object. 24 karat gold and so rare. on the front side is a symbol of caesar augustus, the coin was minted 100 years after his ring. she gets a certificate of appreciation for concerning it in. >> wow. too bad. lillian, thank you. on this day in 2000, george w. bush and al gore locked up their parties are nominations in an election that would good to the supreme court. bush and gore swept primaries in the south but the general election ran into some problems in florida. state officials initially claimed burk the winner by just -- bush the winner by 537 vote us but there was controversy where the ballots confused voters, and then came the recount and hanging and dimpled chads. finally a among after the election day, the supreme court upheld florida's result, making george w. bush the 43rd
1:00 pm
43rd president but voters set the stage for one of the klose presidential races in history 16 years ago today should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. or "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the beauty would be if we win florida and ohio we can go and attack hillary. no more attacking each other. >> i need your support tomorrow, pull your friends and neighbors out, to give me a chance to lead this country. this great united states of america. >> if we stand together as one, we will win this nomination and beat donald trump. >> tomorrow, 99 delegates to one person. it to be me and i need you to help it to be. >> all right. do or die for republicans and democrats tomorrow. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and this is "your world," and your world is all centered on a


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