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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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43rd president but voters set the stage for one of the klose presidential races in history 16 years ago today should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. or "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the beauty would be if we win florida and ohio we can go and attack hillary. no more attacking each other. >> i need your support tomorrow, pull your friends and neighbors out, to give me a chance to lead this country. this great united states of america. >> if we stand together as one, we will win this nomination and beat donald trump. >> tomorrow, 99 delegates to one person. it to be me and i need you to help it to be. >> all right. do or die for republicans and democrats tomorrow. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and this is "your world," and your world is all centered on a number of states
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that could decide the course of the race in both parties. a race right now that, when it comes to ohio for republicans, is as tight as a tick, with governor kashich and donald trump tied, again, tied. let's take a along at what is going nonflorida, where you have donald trump polling very, very well, in fact swampingly well. that's how big that margin is, over marco rubio. that doesn't mean it finishes that way but it could end the presidential run of marco rubio if it goes that way. he says maybe not. but we'll see. we have john roberts in tampa, florida, withrñ the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. at a donald trump event at&k4:2t convention center in downtown tampa. working the rope line after conducting a town hall meeting where he took questions from the audience and received a big endorsement from the attorney general pam bondy who is popular inxa the state of florida.
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florida should be trump's to lose, 19 points ahead in the real clear politics average. a couple of polls, maybe a week ago, showed rubio closing the gap but most polls since then have shown trump with what should be an insurmountable lead but rubio campaign insists he has come from behind before. where the contest is much closer in is in the state of ohio. a couple of recent polls show a dead heat between donald trump tv and john kashich, campaigning with the former governor of masts, mitt romney. romney saying she is not endorsing john kashich but wanted to come out because for mitt romney it's all about trying to beat donald trump. governor kashich suggesting if he wins ohio, he is going to continue to go on and win a lot of other states, including pennsylvania, not on the ballot at this point but, neil, he is vowing he will court challenge in the state of pennsylvania,
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vowing he'll be on the ballot when voters go to the polls. donald trump has substantial lead in all but im. there. looks like if you were to predict right now, donald trump would take four of the five, to the he has been blitzing the state of ohio and would like to pull off the victory.w.(?v hi runs the table he could make a convincing case he is the de facto nominee. pennsylvania, and obviously i had a spokesman for governor kashich's campaign on with my today and says he done think there's any there, there to the validity of the 2,000 people who signed to get him on the ballot. having said that, that's a big state as far as delegates are concerned. 71 delegates, i believe winner-take-all. i if kashich were to pick up ohio and not compete in pennsylvania, not be good.
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>> reporter: no. it essentially -- even if he wins ohio he will be the candidate who has the least delegates of everyone, save perhaps marco rubioáif rubio is shut out tomorrow. kashich would go into the convention with far fewer delegates than he needs to win. a lot of the candidates are trying to hang on until july, believing they can deny donald trump the 1237 delegates he would need to actually claim the nomination. they might be able to fight it out on the floor of that convention in cleveland. john kashich could have home state advantage there. so, who knows what could happen. >> think about it, he is from western pennsylvania, john kashich. >> reporter: i know how much you want to see it go to the convention thisvwtqi summer. >> oh, man, it doesn't get any better than that. one way or the other. john, thank you. great reporting as always. as john point out. mitt romney was busy campaigning
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with john okay -- kashich in ohio. >> america is counting on you, welcome a great governor of a great state, johntu kashich. governor. >> thanks, buddy. >> thank you. thank you. >> so, you have mitt romney campaigning for you in ohio, and mitt romney saying he is not supporting any one candidate but pretty much any candidate but donald trump so is open to degree same for other candidates not named trump. does he help or hurt you? anna says he helps you. ashley says he doesn't help you. why doesn't he, ashley? >> i don't think this ultimately does anything to help john kashich here. he has been running a strong campaign by himself and to have the guy who lost the 2012 presidential election, again issue don't think it does anything. he came out and give a blistering speech against trump that had no effect on the race. donald trump has gone on to win other states, more delegates, after that, and if anything, it
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made romney look a little petulant and immature, and i think a lot of republicans took issue with him coming out there in a very unprecedented way to come out against the front-runner. kashich on his own in his home state of ohio is doing very well and could disrupt trump's momentum when it comes to delegate counts if he does win tomorrow in ohio. and i think his record speaks for itself. he has strong crossover appeal. in 2014, won some democratic strongholds so i think the governor is fine by himself and that romney doesn't do much of anything for him. >> ann, the governor can argue i need all the help i can get, john okay sis, and mitt romney standad campaign with me, have at it. >> that's a great point. kashich is clear lay popular governor in ohio but you have to remember that for a large number of people who haven't been paying attention to every twist and turn of this race, they are
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waking in ohio today, realizing, wow, donald trump could be our nominee, and that's not something we want, and there are people who are wondering what can we do to stop donald trump, and i think that romney coming what you can do. if you're3kç going to vote for somebody other than trump, the person to support is kashich. that's a message that has been stronger than you've might think. n7ç lot of time the last few days outside of washington, talking to voters, talking to republican voters, who really trump might be their standard bearer, and really just getting worried about it and -- actually asking me what should i do? and i'm obviously not in a position to advise them but that's the kind of questions that republicans are asking, and so i think that romney does provide an answer for some of them. >> ashley, i hear that as well and also hear from people who you might not think would be donald trump supporters, investment bankers and doctors, who say, neil, truth be told i
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like trump. i just can't publicly say it. and so i wonder:ékq,d3 if that s of a candidate who has more support than is generally known. again, like that ronald reagan phenomenon. of him as a guy to support, but quietly they did, and apparently in droves. what do you make of that? >> that's totally truism think going into ohio, there might be some of those outliers there, and trump and kashich are neck and neck. some polls have kashich up. but die think at the end of the showing there in ohio, which again kashich should be leading bay larger margin in his home state if he is as popular as his record says in ohio. there are people that you're referring to, i talked to them as well in some reporting efforts and realize a lot of them are saying, i just want to back a loser, and that leads you to believe they would be supportive of trump, and they said, i just don't want to come out publicly and say that, but i
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would back the guy who can win, and i think at this point, a lot of people are, if anything, waking up to the fact it could be a donald trump nominee on the republican ticket and might be a little too late but if ohio is very disruptive, to trump's delegate count, i think they have 66 that come in winner-take-all tomorrow and that goes to kashich headquarters as argument -- he has anuargue. to stay in the race. pick up both florida and ohio, he would neat to get just 42% of the delegates remaining to be the nominee. losing both about 70% of the delegates. losing one, about 62% of the delegates. so it can change wildly just you have seen and heard about the violence at the trump gatherings. now, to hear the mainstream media tell it, that's all on trump. mike huckabee to tell us, that's
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all on the mainstream media making a big deal out something that is not the case.
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>> you seem to be hedging might be a strong word whether you couldú- back donald trump if he became your party's nominee. how do you feel about that? >> well, the fact i'm even asked about it tells you how i feel. he makes i hard if every day. >> a lot of things that have been said have created a toxic environment. >> rubio said that.
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it makes him think twice now as to whether he could support him as the party's nominee. where drew stand on that? >> well, i said at the last debate, that sometimes he makes it very difficult. i said it with sort of a smile. yeah, it brings to mind, as to what kind of a leader he would be. >> that was some of our live coverage this past weekend as we were chronicling the incidents at the trump campaigns. sure enough there was another one on saturday. john kashich and marco rubio telling me they're kind of hedging whether they would support mr. donald trump of. mike mike -- mike huckabee isn't having any of it you. don think this should be an issue here. die have that right? >> well, it shouldn't bet& becae everybody on that stage pledged they would support the nominee. even if it was donald trump. they may not like it. they may not agree with it. but they said they would do it. two days later, if the say issue
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may not-then its their credibility, not donald trump's on the line. >> you have people who would disturb that event -- not a lot -- and you contain it. they are -- some. donald trump's critics argue he spices it up and instigates it. you say what? >> i think that's very unfair. to say that donald trump is tryingp0ñkç incite silence, thaa criminal accusation. it's a criminal act to incite violence. of trying to encourage violence, you're accusing him of a criminal act, and i don't think that's true. the fact is, it's the classic, let's blame the victim for what happened to him. this is about left-wing thugs. that's what it is. speech for one they don't agree with, and the classic understanding in america is that
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] best ant dote to free speechat that you don't like is free speech you initiate. if you don't like what somebody is saying at a podium, get yourself a podium. don't shut down the voice you don't agree with. that's the dangerous thing in america, shutting down the voidses of people would you disagree with. on fox one said i believe in free speech. i don't believe in hate speech. i thought, who died and left grow charge to determine what is hate speech and what isn't. this is the really the insanity of the radical left. these are not peoplesñóoiw5 whoe thought through their positions. they operate with emotion, but with their brains turned off. >> two things, governor. were youly watching on nbc but too tired to realize it. and -- >> hardly. >> this is actually a serious question if you can work with me. you're very smooth with dealing with crowds and you have had
1:17 pm
your unruly protesters and all. how did you happen that kind of thing and our how would you handle it if you were donald trump? many say this isn't his instick dating. if you accept that. but that as someone who is on the brink of the nomination or could be he has to change his behavior, pivot, start acting more presidential, and engaging the protesters or fighting them or calling them out isn't the way to do it. what do you say? >> well, one of the things i've enjoyed doing when i get somebody trying to heckle me or protest me at a college campus or event, i've had code pink and other groups itch just say i want to thank you for being here. thank you for showing up and thank you for yelling at me, which gets everybody's attention, including the protester. and then with their mouths open-
1:18 pm
and that's theft and that's why you would be put away. does arch agree? and the claps would start from the crowd and it would be over. but everybody happens this stuff differently. but to blame donald trump for what happened in chicago, i find that offensive. not just for donald trump. i find it offensive to me as an american who believes that the fir amendment gives people the right to say things that are outrageous. bernie sanders says outrage just stuff every day. i don't think that the way to silence bernie sanders is to go and tackle him at his podium, or to drown him out -- >> they've have done that to bernie sanders, "black lives matter" stormed hisyç podium. you raised some very good points. >> let me ask you this, did they blame bernie sanders? for it? they did not.
1:19 pm
why are they blaming donald trump? it's a very different set of rules being applied to republicans than get applied to democrats and the liberals. >> i think that's a fair point. i if you're going to make a big deal of this stuff, make it for everybody. back with carl cameron in west palm beach florida and wants to clarify an earlier report. carl? >> it really plays right into what governor huckabee was just talking about. earlier two guys walked down the sidewalk wearing arm bands with a trump logo on them and said they were being passed out by the campaign and they were free and it had this feel of sort of fascist militant attire, and the trump campaign is not giving them out. these are a couple of guys who are trying to cast aspersions by what they're wearing as a prank. terrible sense of humor. and it is not the trump campaign. i said at the time it was very odd to see something like that
1:20 pm
sir4d]cñ everybody if accustomeo pins and bumper stickers and buttons and posters. yard signs. not arm bands. but the trump campaign is not, and there are some obvious critics out there trying to make him look bad by wearing these things around. i just want to make it clear the trump campaign andw]fybq mr. trd everybody else, voters particularly, that is not part of the trump memorabilia and things they're making available. these guys were trying to make trump look bad and we'll have no part of it. >> thank you very much. carl cameron in florida. we're getting ready on the democratic side for a bernie sanders rally in north carolina where he has been polling well. an update not so much on weather bernie sanders can win the nomination but what he has to do. not just win a lot of states. win them big and i mean big, p5 big.
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>> bernie sanders has to startf] racking up victories and some substantial victories. ed henry is in chicago with the latest on that. ed? >> reporter: the bottom line is hillary clinton poised for a big win in florida. a lot of delegates. but dead heat in illinois, and ohio close as well, and a comment hillary clinton made about coal workers might get her into hot water in the midwest. listen to this. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we're going to put a lot of coalminers and coal companies out of business. >> when it came down to whether
1:25 pm
you stand with corporate america, the people who wrote these agreements, or whether you stand with the working people of this country, i proudly stood with the workers. secretary clinton stood with the big money interests. >> reporter: quickly, the clinton camp is trying to clarify. they say hillary clinton meant she wants to help cole workers transition into new positions, quote, any suggestions otherwise are false. that's from the clinton campaign. you herd hearsay, we're going to put coal companies out of the business. that's the kind of line that might get her in hot water in the midwest. >> ed henry, thank you very much. out in matt perry, a pollster, and on the issue how bernie sanders turnshj@!n5ñ around to s advantage and tries to score some victories here because as i understand it, 'can'tf3ñ only jt win, even in states he was won big like new hampshire, with the awarding of super delegates, they gout out of there even
1:26 pm
steven and that's out -- not hoe wins. >> it's proportional. i will note that not only was the comment made about the coal companies -- could that move some votes but also i think secretary clinton said in things about fracking and ohio has made a comeback in some sections of that state has been based on flacking -- fracking. so little things said at the last minute that can change things. we'll find out tonight -- tomorrow, rather, when the see the numbers come in because the polling was so off in michigan, if it's like this in these other states, then it's going to be a real contest going all the way down the road. if it's a blowout in states like florida, where it is expected to be. i'mer in in tampa today, or other states where the odd according to the web site, give it 99%, if it goes that way there's no way the man can come back. >> you know, i know he is hoping for a rust belt state
1:27 pm
follow-through from his surprising win in michigan, and maybe these polls missed it. so ohio, illinois, pennsylvania, states that could argue that these trade deals that he bemoans and pounds in his appearances might resonate there, but even there he would have to do a lot of victory pileups. they'd have to be not even close to slow her momentum. right? >> yeah. they can't be just close to 51%, 52%. they would have to be of a margin substantially7aç higher,] noted the super delegates she has. that's something she has had in her back pocket all the way. the odds are still heavily in favor of hillary clinton getting the nomination. i will say, like i said, we have been waiting to see because some of those states, you just talk about, where a comment here or other states where the polling is off. could back more competitive
1:28 pm
race. >> any way if the stack us victories, bernie sanders, the process of stacking up victories be enough to at least slow and prevent her from getting the 2383 delegates she would neat to get the nomination? >> well, i don't think so. unless there was -- he would have to have some huge wins somewhere along the way. it but you and i both know, even in 2008, when barack obama and hillary clinton were doing battle, no one wrapped things up until the spring around may. so, thesege things are not wrapd up early on, they take quite a while. i would say that to the target number she needs to get in terms of delegates. hillary clinton right now is performing above the target number. if she can keep doing that doesn't matter if you a have these close but no cigar contests in the states. >> might have heard once or twice on this broadcast that people areav going out to the polls tomorrow.
1:29 pm
will they be affected by negative ads, particularly in states like florida and others where there are lot of these anti-trump ads, nasty ads.
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do nasty ads work? a lot of people want to take down donald trump are hoping and praying right now. pollster frank luntz has been examining that phenomenon. >> they're not working and they're spending millions of dollars over the last two weeks. they've been ineffective in ohio. they've been not particularlyw florida. we have got -- i brought one for you that's one of the worst. also one of the funniest. donald trump using some precise language to describe how he feels. let's take a look. >> i'm very highly educated. i know words. this [bleep] >> gets the nomination they're going to sue his [bleep] >> said he[bleep] ripping the [bleep] out of the -- what the hell are we doing? >> not going to raise that. >> the best words. >> you can tell them, go --
1:34 pm
[bleep] themselves. >> i love it. i don't know if you want to offer you viewers the exact words being bleeped. >> i have an idea. now, why don't you think an ad like that would resonate. >> we tested it and seen it live, and the reason why is that people who2vç are voting for trp know he uses that kind of language and don't care. people voting for trump are looking for jobs, for opportunity. they want to, using trump's slowing began, make america great again. it doesn't mean anything to them and they've seen trump now not just for the last few months but for years and expect this of him. it's a stupid ad. it makes me smile. i enjoy showing it to your viewer but has no impact whatsoever. >> what will? he seems like superman right now. short of kryptonite he is indestructible. what would register. his opponents pounced on the dustups at his events, campaign
1:35 pm
events, trying to make that stick. i maybe polls indicate it will. don't think. >> i think he will get stronger because of this. that conservatives do not like liberals upsetting rallies. they believe that the speaker has freedom of speech, not just the protester. so trump is actually going to chicago. makes it more difficult for him in the general election because independents don't like this rough and couple bell poll -- tumble politics. in term odd what works, only one thing and that is people who worked for him, particularly small businesses that have been hurt. most -- his changing of issues, his -- the language he uses, the attacks he makes, completely irrelevant, but does bother people if there are small businesses hurd by mr. trump and his -- hurt with mr. trump and his companies, thoseuç that wet bankrupt because they weren't pate. but i don't see candidates talking about that it and may not be in the evidence.
1:36 pm
>> does he win florida and ohio tomorrow? >> i thick it's a split. i think he wins florida. i think he loses ohio, and the state i tell you to watch, illinois. i think ted cruz has the potential to make that a very close race. >> interesting. very interesting. as you are always. frank, thank you verys much. frank luntz. >> that's a battle on tell democratic side who can tax more. if you're concerned about our debt, does more eye moye coming into -- more money coming into washington does that mean the debt goes away? we'll explore after this. vo: across america,
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all right. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both want to tax the rich more and both have ideas for the money, but if getting the debt under control is one of them, the math doesn't add up. to former democratic presidential candidate, dennis kucinich of what he makes of that. don't knowfg your views on this subject. just wonder what is the fair share that democrats are uniting around for the rich to pay more? if it isn't what it is now, 40%, maybe 45%, with medicarev>ñpkñ d related affordable care act tax, century taxes. what is it? the effective tax rate is 25%. before we start talking about a tax incase, we first should be talking about intelligent budgeting with respect to expenses and revenues. i think that it's so important that we evaluate federal
1:41 pm
government spending. when i first came to congress, at a meeting of the government oversight committee, the department of defense said hey had over a trillion dollars of accounts they couldn't reconcile and they have a thousand different accounting systems. we don't have a happen on federal spending. so get a handle on spending and then go to the revenue. find ways of increasing revenues by getting more people to work, and maybe rebalancing some of the tax burden for the middle class. >> my only issue with this when i hear it ban died about
1:42 pm
subsidize me sending my kid to school? >> we have to make some dramatic changes, and our federal spending policies that would constitution and reclaiming the ability to corner money which would enable to us spend the money into circulation so that young people -- every young person would be able to go to college. >> what i see when i hear this is i hear republicans talk a entitlements but dem cancrats doc about making sure the rich pay more but never proof the value of taxing them to the degree they do. so both parties are playing games. how do we stop it? >> just saying more taxes isn't
1:43 pm
necessarily a good idea. i think we have to do some intelligent budgeting, get our revenues and our -- >> neither partyer is doing that. neither party. but we also have to look to the future. i would love to see an america where more young people would be able to go to college. i'd love to see an american drs. >> we can't have a fume with $19 trillion in debt. >> and a federal budget that is approaching 4 trillion a year. but change our ñ spending priorities. stop going around the world looking for dragons to slay. we spend trillions doing that. come home, get people back to work and create more wage earners so you have more people paying taxes instead of just looking at limited amount of people making a lot and saying, let's sack them. >> the people who -- the means by which people can get jobs, their they provide everrers and the employers do. >> don't want to discourage people from being able to create
1:44 pm
wealth. we want to encourage that. here's an idea for you, neil. maybe it's time for a capital gains tax holiday. a one-time only, to bring those perhaps trillions of dollars back into the economy, people have been waiting and holding back. find a way to get more money in and be able to reach some of the programs that certainly would help this country go forward socially. >> not all crazy. you never are. dennis kucinich, always a pleasure. >> ' good to see you. sometimes when you watch the heated political coverage it make me think that some of you think i5n have buy aces. -- buy aces. really? after that's.
1:45 pm
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they say we all live in our own head. sometimes i wonder when it comes to political coverage whether that applies to our own buy buy evan evan buy -- some think i'm in the tank for trump, others insist i have it out for donald trump or cruz or rubio or kashich or sanders or clinton, you name it. hit a crescendo when is was providing coverage that included a donald trump speech in ohio, that like one the night before got a little rowdy. at issue whether trump brings out the protesters or the protesters come out and take it
1:49 pm
, you and cow colleagues come across as pro trump. he is a thug. steve, i always like watching you but lately i've come to change my mind. you're a butt and iq
1:50 pm
i watched you all morning as you fixated on your hero, trump. not once did you either bother to talk to or cover any of the other candidates. are you blind? no, are you? my god. i had both john kasich and marco rubio on during that coverage. maybe you missed it. let's just say some others were angry because they did not miss it. gloria via icloud. cavuto must be so desperate. be fair and balanced. there's wlichtenberg. thank you for muting trump and
1:51 pm
talking to marco rubio. how do you explain cutting into a very good donald trump speech for rubio. you're a hack, and a fat hack at that. tammy, you have the nerve to cut into a trump speech to faulk to one of the other loser candidates? you're a loser and a trump hater. wish you were dead. okay. ben and joe, this is why joe gave you a serious illness. he hates hypocrites. and karma, establishment boy. >> who are you calling establishment boy? kasi, now i know why trump does not want to go on your show. anyone with a brain knows not to blame trump for violence. would it kill you to at least posit the possibility that trump's fiery language might insight the protesters?
1:52 pm
no, you're too busy residing in trump's tush to ever get to the truth. enjoy the flames in hell, fat boy. well, you lose weight. hey, cavuto didn't you just sign a new contract at fox? does it stipulate you have to keep sucking up to trump? just asking. joe via g mail. come on, we know you love jack welsh. trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing. mr. welch is supporting ted cruz. mike, via neil you're a sellout, i used to think you were the best. you are completely against trump. stop blasting trump and blaming him for other's behavior, i did not think you were so ignorant. >> steve in washington, you
1:53 pm
always pride yourself to reaching out to all the other candidates. i don't care about the other candidates. i only care about donald trump. why haven't you once, just once talked to ted cruz? >> i have. several times. tipper in chicago, i remember you dismissing trump when he first announced he was running for president. i guess you were wrong on that one. no, i guess you were wrong. maybe because you missed this comment and many like it, when mr. trump first entered the presidential race. those of you who are going to dismiss the real estate developer who says he's worth north of $9 billion, do so at your own peril. this is a man who has risen from the ashes time and time again. but think what you will, ron in san diego, i have never known you to be anything but fair and professional, tell all these barbers go to hell. >> ron says you should all go --
1:54 pm
forget it, there's austin via hot mail. is he a smoker or a drinker? he's obviously anti-trump. well, two out of three. i had no idea. neil sounds like peewee herman the way he goes on and on about how much he loves donald trump, sickening. really? >> randy o via comcast, you just have to be the stupidest anchor at fox. am not am not am not. >> gerald r e-mails, recognize your errands, stop your support of trump. be a man and stop bashing trump. we both think you should resign for being smug. it's a difference -- tom is via just move down to nbc you're halfway there already. jim in birmingham, alabama. you said you remember 1968 well.
1:55 pm
you were only 9 years old. were you that aware of political unrest at that time? i am amazed. and so you should be, because that is the god gospel truth. i really was aware. it's weird, but having no friends it was easy to be mesmerized by the tv. i know what you're thinking, whether it was violence or signs of the budding nerd who would become a broadcast news superhero, i was just really into it. my parents worried a lot. to which donna writes the following. you strike me as a guy who wasn't very lucky with the ladies growing up, were you. all loser all the time. tell me where i'm wrong? on that case, sadly, you're not wrong. i can't tell you all the girls who turned me down for the prom before my mom blessedly said yes. but she insisted on being back by 10:00 p.m.
1:56 pm
now the point of all these e-mails is to illustrate the point that you see things through the prism of the bias or perceived bias you have. that is fine. since one candidate refuses to do this show, and other candidates get annoyed by fair and balanced questioning. i pick no favorites and bash no single fool. these comments have got to stop on pluto. back to earth and a lot more, including what we are doing and what we are planning. nonstop coverage of this, enough to tick all of you off or get all of you very, very excited. only on fbn, because we mean business. we're nerds. remember what i was doing at nine years old, preparing for all of this, that's been a long time coming. we have over 15,000 activities
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hello, everyone, it's 5:00 in new york city, this is the five. a wild weekend on the campaign trail as donald trump's rallies turn into chaos. several venues in chicago, the gop front-runner is dismissing critics who say he is to blame for the clashes. >> i have


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