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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record"a&m ♪m' tonight, "on the record," millions of votes and hundreds of delegates all up for grabs. the fight for florida is sizzling. and the two leading state, donald trump and senator marco rubio are both here. tomorrow, five states will hit the ballot box as senator rubio tries to keep his white housezeuutj alive. for donald trump, he is hoping the trump train keeps chugging along and backing up wins. right now donald trump 757, speaking to fans in front of if right now. just before getting off the plane though in vienna, ohio. donald trump called from on board the plane to go "on the record." >> i get along with everybody. you have to get along. they everywhere showing me the head of the airline, wonderful guy, mr. trump, this is this, and this is that and here we have. this and we have spas for
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the people. i said this is beautiful. he goes no, no, no, no, no. this is just temporary. the real airport is being built over there and points 40 cranes building the most incredible airport. then i get back on my plane and i land at laguardia with potholes all over the place. right? we are becoming third world. you look at what's goingqq on here is the story, folks some of the important you have to vote tomorrow. [cheers and applause] if you have a headache, if you're dying, i mean, if you are dying, if you just went to your doctor -- although that would cost too much because obamacare. we are repealing and replacing obamacare, that, i can tell you. [cheers] if you go to your doctor and he tells you it's over. it's just done.
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you're done, you are going to be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter. get out tomorrow and vote. think about your children. think about your family. get out tomorrow and vote okay? you've got to do it. it's a movement. it's a movement like they haven't seen. i will tell you what the cover of "time," four times in the last couple of months. take a look. that's what they are writing, the single biggest story in politics today, in the world, is what's happening. >> "on the record" will continue to monitor that trump rally. we8éñ bring you back if trump makes news. but will tomorrow be the final push trump needs to put serious real estate between his opponents and him. just a few moments ago before he stepped off that private plane, crump donald trump went "on the record." donald, nice to talk to you. >> greta. >> so, donald, today governor palin was campaigning with you. do you know anything about the condition of her
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husband, todd? he was in a snow machine accident. >> he was, a pretty serious accident. it was really -- she was very concerned. and he has some badly broken bones and ribs. is he a tough cookie. you know that he was pretty badly hurt. >> and any idea of how long he is going to be in the hospital? we heard intensive care which always is so alarming when you hear that. >> you know todd. you know whatever it will be he will do it for less. is he a tough guy. and a great guy. and he will be fine. but he had a very bad accident. >> so, big day tomorrow. >> it is. >> how are you going to do in ohio? >> well, i'm h'qe. i just landed. in fact, we have a massive crowd waiting right outside. as sooni'm finished with you wee going to get in that crowd. make a speech. it's a big hanger. i'm getting off the plane right into the crowd. and i think we're going to do well in ohio. you know, you have a
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governor that frankly a lot of things have happened that have not been good. now, they had the one asset where they struck oil. they happen to be on top of oil, and that's helped them but now that oil is down. they have got a lot of -- they lost a lot of business. ford left. some different businesses left. i was in cleveland yesterday, and so many businesses have left ohio and other places in our country by the way. they have moved to mexico. and that's not good. and you know, frankly he approved nafta. he wants to approve tpp which is going to be just as bad as nafta, maybe worse. a lot of bad things going and is he very weak on illegal immigration. >> the polls in florida you have up double digit which is good news for you. bad news for senator marco rubio. in the event that he loses tomorrow night, do you expect to have a phone call from him and do you expect he will get on board to support you? >> well, i would think so. he is a nice guy. he is a nice guy. i mean, i
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for me. they know i'm strong on immigration. is he not. there is many, many different factors while florida is looking so god. i also create thousands of jobs in the state of florida. i have invested a lot of money there durrell country club. i own some things in florida. it's an interesting place. thousands of jobs inq$u$e state of florida alone they are really successful jobs. marco has been very, very weak on immigration. he is into the whole amnesty things which florida is absolutely no good. he really hasn't shown up to vote in the senate. i mean, he has one of the worst acontinue -- attendance records to the in the united states senate. that's not fair to the people of florida. >> blowing hot or cold. do you expect to be attending the next g.o.p.
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debate. >> i know nothing about another debate. i was told that the last one was our last debate. i actually know nothing about it somebody told me they would like to do more debates and, you know, the networks like]pgg that because they are making a fortune. they are getting3e&/u great ratings if i'm in them. >> i should tell you it's our debate so you don't have any plans either way? is that what you are saying? >> i don't know. i know nothing about it right now. i just heard that somebody had announced they want to do another debate. i don't blame them. the debates are getting phenomenal ratings. not the democrats. the democrats are getting terrible ratings. the republican debates you are getting phenomenal ratings. i don't blame them. i have to look into the time and place and everything else#. because i really know nothing about it. >> vladimir putin today announced is he pug -- pulling the main part of his military out of syria. if you were president of the united states, what would you be thinking or saying or doing or not doing tonight with that news? >> well, i think it's good that he is doing it and i would be very happy. but i think as far as i'm
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concerned, greta, it's good and a lot of people are surprised that he is doing it expects expensive. at some point he is probably sayingçá?
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rallies. and these people came in.+é you know, every once in a while we will have somebody stand up and use horrible language and sometimes even start to fight. the people that go to my rallies are very peaceful people. they are upset with the way our government is run because it's run incompetently. i mean, on trade, on military. we don't win anything. so they are very upset. but, you know, these are people that are great people. what happens is you have disrupters going there. and they kauai cause a lot of the problem. you know, if you look at what we have done, we have had the biggest rallies by far. thousands and thousands of people these are friendly people. they are great people. they are not troublemakers at all. >> thank you very much for joining us. they sty everyúidñ candidate. good luck, we will be following it tomorrow,ánakz sir. greta. >> on frida thousands and thousands of protesters took to the streets of chicago and some going inside the arena to disrupt trump's rally, forcing himl
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the event. those protests, much smaller numbers, continuing this weekend. and even today as trump too. fox news correspondent doug mckelway is inside the trump rally. doug, what are you seeing? >> well, greta, i may be speaking a bit prematurely because the rally is still underway there has been absolutely no violence here. no protesters here. we sort of got a sense of that. i may be speaking prematurely as you watch people come into this hanger today, you could see that there were probably no protesters among them. these are salt of the earth people rural white people from rural, ohio. you didn't seel any college students coming in here. most people are wearing some form of trump re gail i can't. there may be a couple among the crowd here but we have seen no evidence of that yet. adding to that, the security here at least from the last trump rally that i saw you at myrtle beach, south carolina. security has been massively stepped up here. i brought my briefcase as i
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carry with me at all appearances, and the secret service went through it with a fine tooth comb, every single pocket of that briefcase was closely examined. i haven't seen anything like that since going to the defense ministry in tel aviv. in addition, before trump's arrival here. one of their spokes men takes to the p.a. says if this is a peaceful rally. if you see any protesters here. wave your trump sign overhead. call the authorities. don't take matters into your hand at the same time. they are yelling build that wall. i thought it was a protester, but it is not. the crowd here tonight suspect smaller than we have seen at other trump rallies it may be because this is a rural area. also take into consideration the real clear politics average of polls for the first time today has governor john kasich out ahead of trump so we will watch that very closely it could be a very good oman for governor kasich, the one guy who has the big o, big
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mo, i should say in ohio is governor kasich. back to you, greta. >> that's great news for governor kasich. doug, thank you. we will continue to monitor this rally in ohio for news from donald trump. and for senator marco rubio it all may come down to tomorrow. senator rubio banking on a big win in his state of florida to keep his 2016 hopes alive there are 9 delegates up for grabs. is winner take all. >> tomorrow we are going to shock the country and do what needs to be done. we will win the 9 togethers here in florida. [cheers and applause] >> it's going to give us momentum we need to go into arizona and utah and4m beyond. what's at stake is too important. all these elections are important. what's at stake in this election is the definition and the identity of our country and of our party. >> but a brand new quinnipiac university poll of likely florida g.o.p. voters has donald trump way ahead.
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trump has 46% and senator rubio has 24 points behind trump with 22%. and just a short time ago, senator marco rubio went "on the record." >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. nice to see you. >> well, it's a big day tomorrow. i'm curious what you think about early voting and absentee voting what impact it will have on your strategy and your results tonight. >> well, in florida, every year that's gone by, little voting has been a bigger and bigger part of the electorate. as much as 55% of the votes are cast before election day. continue. we will see tomorrow what happens. we feel good about the early vote. we have worked hard and have a lot of strong supporters throughout the state that have already voted. i'm doing everything -- the only thing i know how to do is work hard and keep pushing forward with our message and see what it leads to. we feel positive about it. >> do the polls drag you down? the elephant in the room. right now donald trump is way up in the polls in florida.
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does that somehow weigh heavily on you or not? >> not on me. first of all, polls this cycle have been crazy and way off. both in michigan on the democratic side. virginia and other places on the republican side those polls are not accurate. there is not a 20 point gap peer going on. but they are irrelevant. m4j4(p&c@ tomorrow when they actually count those votes. that's the one that i can do something about. that's what we are working on every day. very busy 10 days here working as hard as can you imagine. we feel good about what's that's turning in to tomorrow. >> if you -- if it's a close second. three points off the first place winner. what do does that do to your campaign. >> we don't get 99 dels. florida is winner take all. it's not proportional. the winner takes 99 delegates. i honestly believe that the winner of florida tomorrow is going to have a real advantage moving forward to getting to the number of delegates you need to get the nomination.
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the ideal outcome in this race is to have a candidate that can get to 1237, that the party canit coalesce around. the problem that we have is that the person closest to that number now donald trump is not somebody the party can coalesce around. why you are in this unusual situation we face. >> i was being polite. i realize it's winner take all. are you going to drop out. if you don't take first place, are you going to tie your horse to john kasich's card or to senator ted cruz? what's your plan? >> yeah, well, our plan is to be in utah on wednesday and continue to campaign hard. i have never said that my campaign is built on the outcome of any specific state. especially the way it's going now. but or the way it's turning out and all these delegates being apportioned4n out. we had a nice win in washington, d.c. this weekend. we picked up some more delegates i believe in wyoming. we expect picking up delegates tomorrow in multiple states.
4:15 pm
our plan is to continue to move forward. right now i will be honest with you i am focused on what i can do the next 24 hours to make sure i get these 99 delegates in florida. it would be a huge booths to our campaign moving forward. >> you said about coalescing behind donald trump. do you think the party cannot coalesce behind donald trump if he is the nominee? >> i know we can't for a couple reasons. one, is he not a conservative if you took the positions donald trump has on policy and his name was john smith or ron williams, whatever you want he would be called a rino. he would have no chance. yableg there are lifelong conservative activists and others find his stance on issues acceptable. it has to be on principles not how nasty you can be. he is not a conservative. republican party that uses profanity, who has offended virtually every group imaginable, who insights, i believe, followers of his at rallies to perhaps take violence and you have seen that even from his own
4:16 pm
campaign staffers there no way in the world that donald trump will ever coalesce the republican party and that means if he is our nominee that to me is unacceptable outcome. >> he is not the only one that has had protesters. have you had some protesters there is a video from january 4th where you have a little shoving. you don't have thousands in the street in chicago i mean that's sort of the process70 when people run from fofs you get a few protesters. that's the first amendment, rude as it may be. >> absolutely. it's not that you don't have protesters. you have never seen me tell my crowd why don't do you something to them physical and if you get charged with a crime i will pay your legal fees. you haven't seen me how protesters in the good old days used to leave on stretchers. you have never seen me talk that way on the contrary. everyone has a heckler. i'm not excusing their behavior. he is specialtily what you saw in chicago on friday night. these are radical, left-wing groups. offensive paid protesters, professional disrupters and this is something you see from the left. i'm not talking about
4:17 pm
chicago. i'm talking about the general tone of the campaign and what it is doing to our country. do we really want to live in a country where everybody hates each other? where we can't have a debate about political?ç issues? even a passionate debate because everyone literally hates each other. that's where we are heading in our discourse it is dangerous for the republic to continue down this road. leadership is not about saying what's on your mind. leadership is about leading. about acknowledging people's fears and anxieties,"= describing to them how we are going to make it better. not preying on anxieties and fears and making it worse so they will vote for you out of fear. >> and there is much more with my interview with senator marco rubio, including his plan for vladimir putin. and that's straight ahead. and viewers, now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. will tomorrow's primary decide the 2016 g.o.p. presidential nomination? tweet "yes" or "no," using #greta and we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. but it's not all trump and rubio. all four remaining g.o.p.
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presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country making a final push ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday 2. fox news carl cameron is live in miami. carl? >> hi, greta. west palm beach, actually. and for if there mr. trump as marco rubio said, the winner of florida may end up being the eventual nominee and that is exactly what the billionaire developer is looking for tomorrow. trump has been pushing all over the country with huge rallies in all the states voting tomorrow. with this the first of the winner take all states, he has an opportunity to really build a lead, one that would be very difficult for him to be caught should he actually pull off the big victory. mr. trump has not backed down from any of the criticism. he today put out a statement talking about how the fayetteville north carolina sheriff's office is thinking about charging whim incited
4:19 pm
ago riot. the trump campaign put out a statement it's not trump doing this it's people in the audience because there is such great anger out there. ted cruz running second to donald trump is trying to figure out where he can pull off a victory tomorrow because almost all the polls suggest that trumpk advantage. cruz while is he in second place in many places is he sort of out of reach. marco rubio has to do well tomorrow he knows that as you found out in his email -- in the interview just a moment ago, he says he will continue to campaign regardless of the outcome, but there will be tremendous pressure on him to get out of the race, the idea being that somebody else has to begin to collect delegates in order to give him a serious run for his money. john kasich in ohio. the other state with a winner take all first tomorrow. kasich has bh8á?ñ leading the polls there. and it is worth noting that governors are closest to the states and organizations. senators spend time in washington. they are elected every six years. governors are elected more frequently and in touch with their state daily.
4:20 pm
kasich has been criticized for having spent several months on the campaign trail but he has a very strong organization there and if he pulls off a win,5 his argument is he will end up being the consensus republican who can actually take on trump when we get to the convention in july in cleveland where the republican national committee is beginning to ramp up for the likelihood of a contested convention to win the nomination on the first ballot. greta? >> carl, thank you. russian president vladimir putin pulling the main part of his troops out of syria. how would a president rubio deal with russia? senator rubio will tell you next. also donald trump's rally in we will take you there live coming up. huh.
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we are just hours away from floridians hitting the voting booth and now more from my interview with senator marco rubio. >> assuming that you are the leader, you are the president, you wake up today and it is what it is, the state of affairs in syria and you hear that vladimir putin is pulling out what he calls his main part of his military from syria, what do you make of that and what do you do or not do? >> well, what i make of it is that their engagement over the last few months in targeting the non-isis rebels has allowed the assad regime to make significant gains and retake territory and they have probably reached the point now that they believe given the gains they have made the assad regime has finished the job of retaking the country and power. i anticipate of course they will keep their naval base but they will probably also
4:25 pm
leave preposition some aerial assets as well which is what vladimir putin always wanted was an aerial air force presence in the region. my sense is that it will probably be partial lay cosmetic withdrawal of prepositioned forces because assad has probably consolidated enough of his gains to leave the status quo for the significant period of time moving forwar@2 war? hundreds of thousands of people have been reported dead. i saw a number from a thousand to 14,000 children in the civil war killed. what happens to sort of the civil war on the ground in syria? line is the assad regime has specifically targeted sunnies. those sunni communities are never going to return and certainly never going to live under assad again. i don't think syria as a nation state will ever be the same again. i don't know how you have a country where sunni and shia will be able to live together again as long as assad is in power. he hasn't just killed. he has gassed and used.and
4:26 pm
barrel bombs against civilian populations triggering the fastest exodus of people since world war ii. irrespective of the civil war and its conduct, have you left behind the conditions for continues strife now and the foreseeable future. another -- if it's not isis some other radical group take ahold of these sentiments and have foot hold in syria for the foreseeable future. that means more instability in the middle east. >> thank you. and good luck tomorrow, sir. >> thank you. thanks, greta. >> winner take all states tomorrow and those results could make or break presidential campaigns. will we see any big shockers? we take to you those states next. also, huge crowds gathering for donald trump rally. and we are monitoring the event. we will bring you there live coming up. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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4:31 pm
and everybody is looking a little tight on both sides. because of what happened in michigan trump is taking object governor and the governor is fighting right back. >> it seems like in the last polls that the governor and donald trump are neck and neck. the governor has enjoyed great popularity in that state. it was 71% when he was reelected but did he have a pretty lousy opponent. i concede that who seems to be doing better tonight? is there any way to predict it or too close. >> oh, boy. i think it's too close to call. i think it could go either way. but kasich has been out on the trail with mitt romney today. and making a strong case for his economic record here. he is hooking to win and his believe believe that he can do it tomorrow. >> is ohio doing better under governor kasich? >> i would say that there are those who believe, yes, that he has really overseen
4:32 pm
a stronger economic push here. he balanced the budget. there are those who don't like governor kasich but, on the republican side, i think he has strong support. >> all eyes on ohio tomorrow because that's going to be a big one. thank you, julie. >> sure. >> and now to the sunshine state where it is also winner-take-all; fox political reporter craig is live in tampa. the numbers don't look good for your senator and look pretty good for donald trump. what do you think? >> they look very good for donald trump. the good news for marco )qin fact, nudging up. reason for that marco rubio has been squatting on his home state of florida for better part of a week, crisscrossing his state. making himself accessible and bernanke the shoe leather. his numbers are moving up. especially since cruz and kasich not spending much
4:33 pm
time here except the night of the debate. all of the polling we have seen including one just out today shows rubio is down some 18 points. and keep in mind, that more than a million republicans have already voted. maybe 40% to 50% of the vote is already in before voters head to the polls tomorrow. >> all right. attorney general pam bondi who has actually been a guest many times "on the record" here endorsed donald trump today. does that mean anything, do you think, to the florida voters? >> well, endorsements are not carrying a lot of weight in this cycle, but it certainly carries some weight. so this is closer than the polls suggest that could in fact make an interesting difference here. what was very telling, i think, to a lot of republicans is that pam bondi had not endorsed until today and did not endorse senator rubio. governor scott has not made endorsement. governor bush has not made endorsement. now with the endorsement of bondi to the for rubio but for trump, a lot of republicans are paying attention to that and reading into it. >> craig, we will be watching your state like i
4:34 pm
told julie we would be watching ohio. thank you, craig. >> thank you. >> and in illinois, 69 g.o.p. dels and 182 democratic delegates are on the line. fox chicago political reporter mike flannery is live in chicago. what's the latest there? >> well, i think two points are worth making real quickly, greta. number one, only 15 delegates are given to the winner on the republican side who wins the decide vote. 54 delegates on the republican side are chosen in each local congressional district. and there was something that happened here friday night connected to that debacle of a trump rally that got cancelled it reflects some lack of organization and lack of detail work by the trump campaign. he could suffer as a result of not having a really good ground operation here. illinois is a state where you need it. >> now, the mayor, rahm immanuel, a democrat and worked in the clinton white house in the 90's, has he endorsed secretary clinton
4:35 pm
or senator bernie sanders? >> he did that aló long time ago, but he has beenq?s÷ kind of mia. he hasn't had a public schedule for several days. only making, you know, brief appearances. bernie sanders, greta, has been campaigning against rahm immanuel and he told me the other day, i interviewed him on saturday in a sit down and sanders told me i don't want rahm immanuel to endorse me even in the fall should i be the nominee. he said he represents the wall street wing of the party. i want him to steer clear of me. >> and, of course, i should note that illinois is also the birthplace of secretary of state hillary clinton. it's going to be interesting watching your state tomorrow as well. mike, thank you. so, who is going to have a big showing in the show-me state? missouri will hand out 52 g.o.p. delegates to tomorrow's winner. the springfield political reporter is in springfield. john, who is going to take your state? >> it's a toss-up right now.
4:36 pm
we haven't had a lot of polls in missouri, but the ones we have had show that the race is going to be very close. cruz=ñ looks to be mounting a challenge to trump here. he was in town on saturday night. night. while trump was infwh over the weekend. is senator marco rubio and governor kasich, do they have any chance in that state? >> i don't think so. we saw a poll that came out friday had them both polling at 9% and 8% compared to trump's 36%. and cruz's 29%. so, no, i think they have a hong way to go. >> any impact on the neighboring state of illinois, the protest on friday night or not? either good for trump or against or bad for trump? >> i think folks were watching it. but i think the folks here have sort of made up their mind one way or the other. i don't think it will impact them. >> what's the big issue there?
4:37 pm
>> down here in springfield, there is a lot of evangelical christians. i think they are looking at that and i think a real big question will be who picks up the support from ben carson who cropped out of the race a bit ago. he was very popular here. whoever can appeal to those voters will stand a very strong chance in this part of the state. >> of course'q endorsed donald trump. we will see if he carries any weight there thank you very much. and, of course, "on the record" will also be closely watching the race in north carolina. a huge number of delegates are up for grabs there 72 delegate also be distributed proportionally. and, the democratic race could see another big surprise tomorrow. senator sanders is surging in the state where secretary clinton was born. that's next. also, donald trump, just wrapping up a rally in ventriclena, ohio. see me.
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>> i'm going to fight for american labor. i'm going to fight for working people. i'm going to fight for good jobs. >> what this campaign is about is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming our country. >> if we all do our part, if we all are committed to building not walls, but knocking down barriers. that's what we have got to do. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. [cheers and applause] >> that was former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders today out on the campaign trail. and tomorrow, when super tuesday 2 is all said and delegates will be handed out.
4:43 pm
last week senator sanders' surge shocked the former secretary and won big in michigan. was secretary clinton in trouble or just a political wakeup call. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in chicago. he had? >> good to see you, greta. as you mentioned a moment ago, this is one of hillary clinton's home states. of course, illinois, arkansas. as well as new york. she is now in a dead heat here. and that's why she was in chicago today. to activate his base. is he here in chicago tonight as well. he is going to be speaking at a small college. look, i was with him yesterday in ohio. at ohio state. he had several thousand people. this is his base. is he trying to turn ot. out. you are right he shocked the points in michigan last week. came back to win by a small margin. is he hoping to get momentum here in the midwest. hillary clinton has largely swept the south. tomorrow we have on the calendar north carolina and florida. when you mention those 700 delegates a big share of them are in florida. 248 to be exact.
4:44 pm
hillary clinton has been up double digits there for a long time. if she can win there, even if bernie sanders gets several victories here in the midwest, it might not matter that much in terms of delegate math. hillary clinton already getting a pretty big lead among the pledged delegates. there is that separate category we have been talking about. super delegates, party bosses who have their own vote. hillary clinton is running away with that right now. what sanders is hoping is he can get some more momentum here in the midwest tomorrow. maybe do better than those super delegates to donald jump over to him if they think he finally has the momentum. but for now, clinton is clearly in charge. greta. >> he ed, thank you. ohio and florida are the big prize tomorrow. can donald trump sweep them both? that's straight ahead. when heartburn hits
4:45 pm
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we are going to do something so special but most special of all we are going to start winning again. we will win at every level. >> america continues to lead in the world without wasting money and throwing itq< away somewhere. >> i am convinced the most long lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty, who stand and fight for the constitution. >> we cannot afford another four years like the last eight years. [cheers] >> that is why we must tqpñ in november. but to win in november, we
4:50 pm
must first win now. >> the g.o.p. candidates making their last ditchw]z efforts before voters in five states make their all-important picks tomorrow. the battle for florida is on. and in ohio it is a razor tight race. only one can win. thrord political panel is here abc rick klein and "weekly standard" john mccormick. tonight i just interviewed senator marco rubio and feel bad for him. he has worked hard and i think that tomorrow he is not going to do well according to polls. then what happens topx$ him or key upset donald trumpmh tomorrow? >> well, the polls would suggest that he is in a really bad spot right now. his campaign is going to say they are going to soldier on. functionally there is no path forward. the pressure will be him to get out of the race if it happens and coalesce behind john kasich if he wins in ohio. the fact is these are their home states and they put all their chips on it. even if john kasich had won some states which he hasn't ohio would be a must-win. marco rubio has won three contests so far.
4:51 pm
he needs to win in the worst way to be part of this conversation. the best case scenario for these guys is going to be the contested convention. it's already become next to impossible for any of these candidates to surpass donald trump's delegate lead. >> if john kasich doesn't win his state tomorrow is he still a player in the contested election. >> it all depends. very complicated in the rules whether you still have control of your delegates going in or not. i think if he is down 154 delegates he definitelya wouldn't. two imlimmers of hope tomorrow in florida would be this niche began polling failure last week where bernie sanders was down 21 points and he ended up winning that state. and the fact that a lot of the polls are showing him down maybe, you know, high double addition but a few have been in the single digit area. so, maybe those pollsters are right and can he close the gap. obviously the polls don't look good. but that's his biggest hope for tomorrow is to look at the pollings from last week and think hey maybe it will
4:52 pm
happen again. >> do the polls meanening for donald trump. they all have hecklers. senator marco rubio didn't have protesters he had one or two hecklers. everybody has that do the protests mean anything for anybody. >> it's an ugly scene. undeniably in the a goodening to have violence. we didn't havee violence it was a peaceful protest. >> that wasn't chicago. but earlier in the week there was the punching incident. >> there's that. i don't mean the insult inside. those are crimes, actually. >> that's right everybody is going to exercise their first amendment right. he is incite the crowd norman reacting to protesters at#,5s times. he might pay the legal bills of the gentleman who coal cocked a protest last week. is it a problem that it going to hurt him in the primaries? no. you are seeing thenãother candidates coalesce and saying this is ugly and
4:53 pm
being fomented. >> we saw aí÷ video in front of the politics in chicago. that was the only incident that i saw and i tip my hat to the chicago police trying to manage those crowds. that was the only thing we saw when, of course, that's what gets shown often. >> it's a problem for two reasons. morally wrong are in anyone to go out and say that they might pay the legal fees of someone who punched a rowdy protester in the face. imagine how conservative would feel a tea party got. >> punching one someone is a crime. >> donald trump says he is considering paying the legal fees of the man who sucker punched a rowdy protester in north carolina. imagine if we f. obama said that about a tea party punched in the face there would be outrage. >> rick and john, thank you both. >> thank you, greta. >> who runs straight into danger? i will explain off the record next.
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. i don't need to tell you over the past few years the secret service has taken a beating by the media. and, well, they is deserved it they have had scandal after scandal. drinking in holland. fence jumpers making it all the way into the white house. gentlemen, while it is only a couple bad apples it did stain the organization. i'm sharier it was verykñ painful to all the many good men and women who serve in the secret service with great honor doing their jobs. some even risking their lives. so, time to flip the narrative. check this out. this is the secret service on saturday racing toward a presidential candidate in when that candidate, donald trump was nut in danger by a protester who rushed the stage. yes, they were doing their jobs. but, think about it. think how fast acting and it takes great courage to run toward danger plus shield another person with your own body. that's what they did. i confess i don't have that kind of courage. do you? so i hope you will join me tonight and tip your hat to the secret service.
4:59 pm
letting them know, yes, we saw it. it was great. job well done. and thank you. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and it's time for your campaign flash. donald trump in vienna, ohio, just wrapping up a rally in front of his boeing 757. no protests disrupted the trump rally but our doug mckelway said the crowd started to thin about 30 minutes into the speech. jennifer gone john kasich trying to whip up a hometown crowd holding rallies o. mitt romney joins him earlier in the day. senator marco rubio holding a rally in west palm beach. that's tonight's campaign flash. will tomorrow's primary decide tomorrow's to 2016 presidential nominee? 37% say no. 63% say yes. twitter every night and if you don't have twitter, sign up. it's free. make sure to follow at
5:00 pm
greta. that's all for now. don't miss fox special news coverage of super tuesday 2. we will be back wednesday 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [crowd booing] >> the far left stalking donald trump and his supporters trying to provoke violence. helping them out. we will explain it all in the talking points memo. >> you will not call for ratcheting back the rhetoric? you will not call for it? >> i'm just expressing my opinion. >> should mr. trump dial back some of his confrontational verbiage? charles krauthammer on that. >> why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> is he a senator. >> hmmm. [crickets chirping] >> watters on whether the folks know anything about what's happening in the political arena. >> if liberals are so creative why can't o


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