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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tune in tomorrow for super tuesday 2 starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll bring you the results, huge night. could determine this whole thing. stay tuned for a late night "kelly file" at 11:00 p.m. see you then. this is a fox news alert. i'm carl cameron in miami, florida, where less than 24 hours donald trump is looking for a one-two political putaway punch in the winner take all states of florida and ohio and trump had a big lead in florida polls for a couple of weeks and on the verge of knocking out marco rubio in the home state and trump's campaigning aggressively in ohio where john kasich led most polls and because he is the governor and close to the people in the organization there, he is favored to pull off a reasonably good day. ted cruz, second in the delegates and in the numbers of
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states focusing on missouri and and then there's marco rubio who in florida has said if he loses his home state he will not leave the race and campaign in all 50 states until the end. listen. >> we now have candidates that say, to the people come to their rallies, if someone heckles me and you punch them in the face, i'll pay your legal fees. we now have candidates that say if you heckle me, they used to wheel people out on stretchers. you have to be honest, correct and truthful and say whatever you want to say. >> reporter: rubio's been pounding donald trump and kasich says if he loses his home state he will get out of the race. i'm carl cameron in miami. now it's time for "hannity." >> welcome to "hannity." left wing radicals are directly to blame for inciting violence at donald trump's rallies over the weekend.
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on friday and they to recalls forced trump to cancel the scheduled event in chicago over security concerns. they were encouraged by the likes of the unrepet ent terrorist friend of obama bill ayers and posted a video on twitter saying we shut trump down. beautiful gathering of anti-racist youth. he is not the only one. left wing group endorsing bernie sanders for president also took credit for what took place in chicago on friday. is soliciting donations for more chaos of donald trump events. on saturday, a man reportedly said he's a bounce supporter took a step further trying to rush the stage and trump was speaking. secret service was forced to intervene. here with reaction, author of "the new york times" best-seller duplicity, a former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, mr. speaker, sort of like the same left wing i'll use the wing
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fascism that we see on college campus campuses. there was a piece today. condy rice, other people shut down, denied opportunities to speak because they're conservative. seems like the same thing's happening here. thoughts? >> well, look. first of all, the actions friday night clearly were left wing fascism and you're exactly right. i'm really saddened by any republican who wants to blame trump. donald trump wasn't the reason, for example, that as you point out condy rice is canceled. ben carson is cancelled on the campus. ali is canceled. the fact is you have this entire movement of fascism which is saying, if you don't agree with me, i'm going to shut up the right to speak. i'll intimidate you, bully you. and they're terrified of trump because he seems to be strong enough and dynamic enough to take them head on. but it's worse than that in the news media. you have on msnbc, rachel maddow
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suggesting for trump to go to chicago, cleveland or st. louis is provocative because of racial incidents in the three cities. now imagine an american television figure suggesting that a presidential candidate shouldn't visit chicago, cleveland or st. louis. this is madness. and i think we have some obligation to say to the news media, you need to get off this trump bashing and report honestly. not just in the presidential race, but on the campuses what is happening. >> you know, you have all these reports, george soros, funding groups like moveon and black lives matters and then occupy wall street. and all of these groups now seem to want to coordinate and they're fund-raising off it because to create as much chaos as possible. monmouth did a poll in florida. 22% more likely to vote for trump as a result of what happened in chicago. how do you interpret that? >> well, i think the numbers
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will go up because i think people realize that the sources of confusion and chaos are left wing fascists who want to impose their way of life on us, they want to impose their values. remember, the first really big test case was scott walker as governor of wisconsin who had a key moment when he had thousands of people in the capital, people sleeping in. he had people occupying the state capital. lost the election fair and square. they lost the election for the governor. they lost the election for state representative. they lost the election for the senate and their reaction was to take it to the streets. and try to browbeat the governor and legislature against what they had promised the people of wisconsin to do. i think if you see trump win or cruz win, if either one goes to washington and brings real reform, you're going to see these kind of militants willing to go out and do everything they can in the street to try to stop
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what they're losing at the ballot box. >> i'm going to put up a montage of incendiary language of the left. saying donald trump said this or donald trump said that. but, you know, remember barack obama said they bring a knife, we bring a gun. get in their face. remember he said that in a 2008 election. here's the amazing thing. here's an unrepet ent terrorist domestic terrorist friend of the president part of what happened in chicago on friday night. that's bill ayers, part of the weather underground that bombed the pentagon. the capital. new york city police headquarters. he is a part of this. nobody seems to want to ask obama and the democrats about the president's relationship. he began his career in that domestic terrorist house. that to me is such a big story. not a few words uttered by donald trump. why was the president friends with an unrepetant terrorist is
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a bigger story to me. >> what you will discovery and a reporter said to me today totally off the record and in danger of losing his job saying it publicly, never seen the elite media as totally frantly hostile as they are to donald trump and the danger for the elite media, cbs news or msnbc, you name it, they'll alienate the average american, they're seeing when's happening and they're beginning to put the pieces together from college campuses to madison to what happened in chicago. >> yeah. >> i think that's going to be a real problem for the news media. >> i thought we were always taught by the left never blame the victim. for example, you had the unabomber in the hut. al gore's book was in there. did he inspire the unabomber? that wouldn't be fair. any number of examples where left wing words do not cause
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people -- you cannot say that words are causing people to be violent. but that's the narrative. that they're trying to -- seems that there is a narrative that they're trying to advance that donald trump brought this on himself. which is the most intellectually dishonest argument i think i have heard in this entire race and pretty crazy up to this point. >> you know, gandhi said, first they ignore you. then they laugh at you. then they fight you. then you win. early on the news media wanted to ignore trump and then they wanted to laugh at trump. now all of a sudden they're realizing he may become the republican nominee and might win the general election. and that has them so frantic that they're prepared to cover anything in a biassed way in order in the last desperate steps of trying to stop trump and that's what you're seeing. the fascist left can do whatever it wants. it will have as the ally much of the american news media. >> i'll roll the video again.
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this guy bragging on twitter this something was going to happen, this guy has been -- was released hours after he tried to attack a presidential candidate. could you imagine the indignation and outrage if he tried to attack hillary or bernie sanders? you know, i'm having a hard time. i mean, he literally jumped over the barricade and literally tried to get to trump. now he's being heralded on cnn as a great hero. >> right. and that's because you have an entire block of people in the media who are so paranoid about donald trump that they will rally around anybody who does anything to try to stop trump, even if it is totally un-american, totally illegal, totally violates the system and this is a very big moment for the american people. >> all right. we have to take a break and more with newt gingrich after the break and he's going to weigh in on is the establishment
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organizing to prevent donald trump or ted cruz from winning the nomination? also tomorrow, super tuesday, "fox & friends" will break down the numbers. >> damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. >> i need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. i want you to talk to them whether they're independent or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them and get in their face. >> they bring a knife. we bring a gun. the left claims donald trump's divisive but for decades liberals using vile rhetoric to tear the country apart. reaction. plus ohio vote earls head to the polls tomorrow. governor kasich will join us to explain and he thinks it's a great idea to have a brokered convention. he and will disagree on that and more as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." voters will head to the polls in north carolina, ohio, illinois, missouri and florida and northern mare anna islands. super tuesday 2. a lot at stake. joining us now to break it down is heather naurt. >> great to be back. we have a lot to go over. a lot at stake for super tuesday part 2. in florida, and ohio, not only
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do both states have winner take all delegate systems but last stand of sorts for two republican candidates. first senator marco rubio needs to win his home state to keep the candidacy arrive and polls show donald trump with a commanding lead in that state. according to the brand new monmouth university poll, trump is at 44%. rubio 27%. recent nbc news/wall street journal" marrist poll, the margin between rubio and trump with trump at 43% to rubio's 22%. trump's lead is so large now in florida that earlier today he decided to pull up stakes in the sunshine state and head to youngstown, ohio. locked in a political dogfight of governor kasich there. ohio is a must win for the governor. according to that same monmouth poll, i mentioned a minute ago, governor kasich leads mr. trump by five points with 40% of the vote to trump's 35%. the nbc news/wall street
7:15 pm
journal/marrist poll with kasich up by 6 points. quinnipiac has them dead even at 38%. if donald trump can somehow pull out a win in ohio and pair it with wins in florida, illinois and missouri, where he's leading in the polls, tomorrow could be a defining moment in that trump campaign, potentially giving him the momentum he needs to win other contests and potentially the gop nomination. >> all right. getting really interesting. >> for sure. >> going fast now. heather, thank you. all right. back with us now, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. here's the interesting thing. mitt romney is doing robo calls in ohio for john kasich, calls in florida for marco rubio. >> i think it's kind of silly for the old republican establishment, the past, to try to get together at a time when tomorrow night you watch. almost 80% of the delegates are going to be either trump or cruz. and the nominee's going to be i
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think either trump or cruz. i don't think there's any path for anybody else after tomorrow. and candidly, i think that romney's robo calls hurt rubio and kasich because it sends exactly the wrong signal. you don't want to be the nominee of the old order, the nominee of the team that lost and that's exactly what that is signaling and if you watch in florida from the day that mitt got involved, rub rubio's got in more trouble and i think john kasich if he asked me, i wouldn't accept that kind of endorsement, not about mitt romney as a person but just because the old order is repudiated in this election. >> here, the path to convention chaos. that was in politico. 15 dirty trick it is establishment can use to stop trump or cruz. elites discuss how to stop trump. get this, all he has going for him is a lot of votes.
7:17 pm
so if rubio stayed in after losing florida and the polls are right, isn't he staying in to siphon off ten or 15 delegates here and there and even if kasich wins ohio, he doesn't have a path to get the nomination and isn't on the ballot in pennsylvania. >> they have a path to be -- not to be negotiators with a block of delegates and totally legitimate. but the people are going to negotiate with and this will be well before the convention. right after the last primary. the two people are going to negotiate with are ted cruz and donald trump. there's not a third person and i guarantee you if ted cruz and donald trump thinks some totally illegitimate person not in the debates, not in the primaries or paid dues tried to show up, the two of them would get together, guarantee that they were the ticket and run over everybody else. i mean, nobody's going to be able to take on these guys if they decide to be a team then let anybody else, you know, who
7:18 pm
hasn't paid the dues. be clear here. who gets the nomination will have been through a long, grueling, difficult process. right now you have -- >> rubio stick around and come in and say, well, he is the consensus guy. look. i've seen a lot of dirty tricks in my life. >> can't be the consensus guy -- i know but two guys with 80% of the vote are called donald and ted. >> all right. i understand. >> now if -- i mean, one of them could turn and pick up the other two guys and that guy is the nominee. trump wrote the art of the deal so hopefully he is doing it. cruz is a very good negotiator. he is trying to do it. that's legitimate. but there's not going to be a third person. it's not possible. the entire party would rebel if somebody tried to do this. >> good to see you. it's funny to watch the establishment have a meltdown in front of the entire country but that's what's happening. thank you for being with us. next tonight on habit --
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>> damn night dick cheney's heart's a political football. we ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. >> i need you to talk to your friends and your neighbors. i want you to talk them whether they're independent or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them and get in their face. >> all right. the left has been using this divisive rhetoric for years. obama said if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun. we'll expose blatant rhetoric. the polls show that ho no governor kasich in a tight race of donald trump in the buckeye state and he will be here to weigh in. also sheriff david clarke one on one, head to head with a trump protester of illinois straight ahead. pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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agitators have started disrupting some of his cam rain rallies but what democrats won't tell you is this. they're the ones who have been using divisive, incendiary language for decades. just a little reminder. >> no, no. not god bless america. god damn america. that's in the bible. for killing innocent people. god damn america for treating the citizens less than human. >> white folks was in the cave when we had built empires. we learned to admire them but they knew to admire us. we built pyramids before donald trump ever knew what architecture was. >> will not bow to those who refuse to accept obamacare as constitutional. >> let's have dirtier air, dirtier water as their plan. less people with health napping
7:23 pm
people 30 people in the whacko right. why doesn't he just go at these people? >> the republican health care plan is this. die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly. if you get sick. >> we are for cutting spending, reforming the tax, reforming the entitlements and not negotiating with people of a bomb strapped to their chest. >> damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. kick it around and stuff it back in him. >> talk to your friends, your neighbors. whether they're independent, or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them and get in their face. >> also remember back during the 2008 race then-senator said about republicans they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun because from what i understand folks in nilly like a good brawl and i have seen eagles fans. here with reaction, contributor
7:24 pm
laura ingraham. attorney, commentator, robert guster. it speaks for itself, laura. everyone trying to blame trump for a few comments ignoring the multitude -- i can go on for hours with this talk of the left. >> that was like a walk down memory lane. you know? remember they were going to blow through the old folks home and the commercial of paul ryan with the old lady off the cliff. >> yeah. >> i mean, so, we're just supposed to i guess put up with all of this and, you know, turn the other cheek and it all's just forgotten. but we remember back in 2009 during the tea party rallies, remember an occasion of a guy i guess had a tea party flag in houston, this was in 2011 i think. he charged some democrat rally and of course roundly condemned in the press as he should be.
7:25 pm
shouldn't charge a democratic podium but the shoe on the other foot they react incredibly swiftly against the conservative protesters and there's know equivalent lens with any type of violence at rallies. the double standard is so clear and -- >> let me go to eric. >> watching this it's obvious what's going on. >> so the president sat in wright's pews for 20 years. buddy is ayers. he was at the rally. of course, let's see black lives matter invited to meet with the president and then al sharpton and all the incendiary comments goes to the white house and hangs out with obama. they bring a knife. i bring a gun. really? >> he was speaking of debates. let me tell you something, sean. you're picking on -- >> picking on. picking on. >> chanting, that was a couple of clips out of hours and hours -- >> of hours of tape. pigs in a blanket. fry 'em like bay condition.
7:26 pm
>> seen in many, many years. >> really? >> what the gop has done is propelled him to the point where he has spewing this information -- >> donald trump's to blame for somebody attacking him? >> when you have a candidate -- >> wait a minute. here's a left wing fascisfascis >> that's an okay. >> doesn't want conservatives to speak, condy to speak. ben carson to speak. laura, you have seen this. i've experienced this. throwing pies at ann coulter and bill kristol and pat buchanabuc >> since the '80s and one thing that's obvious in the campaign is that the issues that are really upsetting people, trade, immigration, i know black lives mattered, they have their issues and i understand those, as well but, where's the conversations of about how to make people's lives matter? have things gotten better in chicago? last time i checked the murder
7:27 pm
rate was almost double what it was exactly a year ago. 105 murders as of last week in chicago. double the same period of a year ago. so i'm glad the left is really upset about violence in chicago finally because as far as i can tell real violence is perpetrated on the poor and the impoverished and frankly the abused in society. more than anyone else and that's happening in chicago under democrat rule for years and years and years. and suddenly, trump comes to town and like, oh, this is violent here in chicago. i mean, come on. who cares about what issue now and are they debating it? >> you have a candidate endorsed by the kkk. >> that's not true. that is a lie. >> he did not want to do that. i disavow it. i disavow it. >> how many times he have to disawe vow it to please you? >> a man who actually assaulted an african-american man at a -- >> wait, wait. one point at a time. when's the difference between -- wait a minute. i totally -- he disavowed.
7:28 pm
what did president obama ever do? disavow jeremiah wright and bill ayers. >> a hate group. >> bill ayers, he started his career in the home of a domestic terrorist. >> that is what's -- >> bombed the pentagon, the capitol and new york city police headquarters. >> in to trump's rallies making them go out and hit somebody in the head. that's what's making them assault a woman at a rally. come on, sean. we should be better than that. the gop should -- >> laura, last word. to really not talk about the guy that he started his political career at home, bill ayers, oh, he's just a guy in the neighborhood and just happened to sit on boards with him, do speeches with him, start the political career in the guy's house. >> the radicals on the left get a free pass, always will. that's how it goes. most disturbing thing is other republican candidates seeking to as rahm emanuel liked to do, never let a crisis go to waste.
7:29 pm
trump maybe should change the rhetoric, but don't menace women and children with the middle finger going up or epitaphs lining up to go in to a rally and all over youtube. okay? they're menacing women and children. stop doing it. you can criticize trump but let people go to rallies and hear different points of views. i thought that was america. >> limit racist. >> i agree with you. tomorrow, the polls and ohio governor kasich joins us to talk about whether he has a path to the gop nomination. and later tonight -- >> these are rebellions and brought on by riot starter who is show up at the things to create chaos. this is a threat to ordered liberty in the united states of america. >> sheriff clarke unloads on the left wing agitators disrupting donald trump's rallies and goes head to head with a protester tonight as that and more continues on "hannity." see me. don't stare at me. see me.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good evening. russia ordering most of its forces to withdraw from syria. the decision by president vladimir putin comes as the laumpl of syrian peace talks in geneva. president obama spoke to mr. putin earlier today about the next steps in implementing the ceasefire that took effect late last month. investigators are now taking a close look at the condition of the track following the derailment of an amtrak train in kansas. national transportation safety board says the train wasn't speeding. at least 32 people were hurt, two of them critically. no relief in sight for flood ravaged louisiana and mississippi. emergency officials are keeping a close eye on the pearl river saying it crested at 21 feet this afternoon. they say places like slidell and pearl river reached historic levels. i'm kelly wright. now back to "hannity."
7:36 pm
this is a guy who came in to ohio when things were tough, when there was a $8 billion, $8 billion budget gap and he turned that around and turned it into a surplus. when you were losing employers and losing jobs every month, he turned that around. 400,000 jobs been created. and he also has a little part of his resume that says he was in washington for a while. worked with the armed services committee and so you look at this guy and unlike the other people running he has a real track record. he has the kind of -- the kind of record that you want in washington and that's why i'm convinced you will do the right thing tomorrow. >> all right. that's former 2012 republican presidential candidate mitt romney on the campaign trail with governor of ohio john kasich. joining me is contender governor john kasich. well, it sounds like an endorsement. only problem is he's doing the same thing for rubio in florida. exact same thing.
7:37 pm
robo calls for you in ohio and for rubio in florida. and i've always liked governor romney. i really do. i think he would have been a great president. but it's disappointing because there seems to be an orchestrated campaign to prevent the two leading campaigns getting to 1,237. your reaction? >> well, look. we wanted mitt romney to be here. he was the standardbearer four years ago and the people to support me from arnold schwarzenegger to the coach at ohio state, former coaches trus l, we wanted mitt romney to be here. republicans like him. and he's in here to tell people to support me in ohio and i'm pleased to have him. and the fact is that tonight i'm almost at my doorstep. i'm here in the hometown and i'm going to tell people about, you know, when romney said about improving the economy of washington and improving the
7:38 pm
economy, you know, in the state of ohio and taking that and going back to washington. >> i have -- you did a good job. balanced the budget. a did good in ohio. i have disagreements with you over immigration. you tell him what he said about marco rubio in florida? to me this is an effort by people that want to prevent either cruz or trump from getting to 1,237. and you said to me that you think it would be great, it's exciting if it goes to the convention floor. here's my question. if trump or cruz has the most delegates and most votes and say you come in third place, do you think you would -- you should have a right to the nomination as much as them? >> you got to -- you know, the fact is, sean, we keep talking about smoke-filled rooms and everything else. >> sure it is. >> i was there in '76. no. i was there in '76. how many conventions have you
7:39 pm
been to? >> a lot. >> i was there in -- have you been to the presidential convention and seen a fight where w the delegates? >> you are not answering my question. i asked a simple question. >> i'll answer your question. look. when you take a test, if 90 is a "a" and end up at 85 or 86, that's not a "a." . obviously if you're close to it, you have a big advantage in a convention and i understand that. but you know what? we don't know how it ends up because we have 1,000 delegates get to be picked. >> i agree. i think it should be fought that way. >> say i beat of them and i don't have the magic number, we're going to the convention. but i don't -- i would not say because i have more than them i should get it. i have to win the delegates to be the nominee. >> in other words, if they're saying vote rubio here and kasich here and cruz here and this person here and in other words to prevent somebody from
7:40 pm
getting 1,237, yeah, they're allowed to do it. i believe in freedom of speech but to me it's create a big fight on the convention floor. you said it would be an education for our kids. i would argue that if the number one vote getter and delegate getter gets denied the nomination the supporters will bolt. they'll never vote in the general election. do you think i'm wrong? >> yeah. i do. i think that republican party will be united when we leave the convention because we'll want to beat hillary clinton and a consideration to take into consideration is i'm the only one in anyone running to beat her in ohio. the other aspect of it is i didn't tell my people to go vote for somebody else. i'm not involved in any games -- >> maybe in ohio. >> but i didn't -- they asked me people for me in florida vote for somebody else? no. i'm running for president. >> i'm not saying you're a part of it. could i ask one last question?
7:41 pm
>> let me -- i haven't had a thing to say. you're asking all the questions and speaking. >> you know what it's like to host a show. you've done enough hosting. >> i feel like i'm in a debate and i don't get called on. when's your last question? >> if you come in third -- >> yeah? >> other people had a lot more votes and delegates to you, do you think you should be up for that nomination at that point? >> sean, i'm not going to get into projecting. we'll see when we get there. >> how about donald trump in third place? if he comes in third. >> sean, i'm not going do get in projecting when's going to happen. this is the craziest election that we have had in decades. and i'm taking things a day at a time. look. i'm running for president because i have the experience, the record and the skills to lead this country. i'm not interested in any parlor game or electing a class president. i'm interested in being president of the united states because i know how to handle international affairs and what it takes to fix the economy.
7:42 pm
that's why i'm running for president and will run to the very inch of everything that i can do. so i don't want to get into, you know, what about this or what about if that happens? i'll take care of ohio and then on wednesday going to pennsylvania. i'm going to travel across this country and i'm going to campaign. you know, in a way in which i'm finally heard and i believe i'll be the nominee. how do you like that one, sean? >> listen. i've never you to be shy and not surprised. >> i love you, man. but take it a day at a time. thank you for giving me a chance to be on. >> we love having you. governor, it's always a pleasure. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sir. sheriff david clarke is next and a man that protested outside the chicago trump rally friday. that passionate debate is straight ahead. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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welcome back to "hannity." left wing agitators taking credit for shuting down donald trump's rally in chicago on friday night. here is program coordinator for the college of complexes and a member of the chi socialist party charles padock and protest ds outside the venue where trump and the rally supposed to take place. also in studio, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. look. you have every right, charles, to protest. you have every right to free speech. nobody would ever deny you that. i make my living with free speech but this is the problem.
7:48 pm
now you have groups of people that seem organized and funded that want to shut down and silence opposition speech like we have seen on college campuses around the country. i would expect as a socialist, you would be a free speech guy and you would want donald trump to have the right to speak as i'm sure you love bernie sanders speaking. >> i don't think we have time to get into the case law of free speech. which possibly doesn't exist to the extent that we'd like to think. and no right is exercised in the absolute. >> okay. >> however -- >> that's not the point. i don't see conservatives on college campuses when liberal marxist socialist radicals are giving speeches and stopping them. and i wouldn't support it. and the point is you have every right to protest but why deny the tens of thousands of people that wanted to hear him speak? why would you do that? >> i'm surprised that you
7:49 pm
republican national committee and the other candidates for president haven't acted in this regard and it's up to the citizens to put an end to this inflammatory hate speech. >> inflammatory hate speech? like obama saying get in their face, get in their grill? when he was -- >> i'm aware of that -- >> you mean that kind of speech? >> i -- >> if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun? obama said those things. >> you know, if you wish to discredit mr. obama, i don't perceive that to be the case. >> he said it. i have the case. or black lives matter or any of the groups. sheriff clarke, let me turn to you. look. i'll give everybody the right to free speech. this was one was an attack on trump to literally attack him physically. the guy's become a media darling now. but this is on college campuses around the country. >> without a doubt. you know, sean, everything is
7:50 pm
ass-backwards in the country right now. rioting is called protesting. cops are the bad guys. crooks are the victims now. everything that's said when one wants to express themselves through approval meter. that is totalitarian movement. it's very stealth. okay? i know who the people are. i have seen it. haters, you have criminals, you have organized labor, and there is a spattering of well intentioned people that are pushed up front, in front of the camera as they do their dirty work. this is an attempt to shut down free speech. these presidential activities are part of our democratic process. the people in chicago have every right to participate in this election process and they were denied. >> i think that is the point. now, we've seen the murder rate
7:51 pm
skyrocketing in chicago. if this is happening in your county and your town, your city, milwaukee, what do you do? >> what do you mean? >> how is the best way to handle it? >> they're rights have to be protected too. these folks aren't showing up to protest. if they want lessons they ought to go back and see how dr. martin luther king did. he didn't subscribe to these tactics what i would do, the goal, the people that want to hear this candidate get to hear it. it denies these people their rights of speech. so i would do everything i could to arrest those individuals if large numbers. get them out of here so this rally could be held. >> i guess that is the point,
7:52 pm
charles. does it bother you that you participated in a rally with a unrepetent domestic terrorist by the name of bill ayers? quoted as i wish i did more? a friend of obama's, does it bother you that that is the type of person you're associating with? >> there are multiple organizers and organizations that are responsible for it. i categorized it as good citizenship. these are young people who are -- >> next time you're going to give a speech, i will stop you from speaking. how would you feel? >> i'm proud of them for standing up and speaking out. >> with an unrepetent domestic terrorist?
7:53 pm
part of the weather underground? you're proud of that? >> he's not the central figure. there is no bureaucracy behind that. it's a collective effort. >> collective effort? >> these are people of like mindedness who got together -- >> to shut down free speech. >> to silence opposition. >> there are advocates, not authorized in the work place, even. >> this is a total taryn movement. they know have you to control the language. they know trump is a threat to their moving in and disrupting our rules under law and the rule of law and trump and other republican candidates are a threat to that. this is is not an attempt to engage in peaceful protest.
7:54 pm
all right? this is chaos this, is disorder. this is a disturbance. and it's getting in people's face. you want them energized to vote for you. >> are you going to endorse him? >> probably not. but -- >> we're just out of time. >> sheriff, great to see you, appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate. >> you have a book coming up. i just got a copy of it. proud to have you on when it comes out. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, we need your help, a very important question of the day, next, straight ahead. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. welcome back to hannity "so who do you think is responsible for the protests at donald trump
8:00 pm
rallies?" that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us and hope you have a great night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [crowd booing] >> the far left stalking donald trump and his supporters trying to provoke violence. helping them out. we will explain it all in the talking points memo. >> you will not call for ratcheting back the rhetoric? you will not call for it? >> i'm just expressing my opinion. >> should mr. trump dial back some of his confrontational verbiage? charles krauthammer on that. >> why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> is he a senator. >> hmmm. [crickets chirping] >> watters on whether the folks know anything about what's happening in the political arena. >> if liberals are so creative why can't


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