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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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with the wealthiest people in the the world. >> you're the odd man here. bye. >> thank you very much, anna. great to hear the people of florida. >> it will be a big day. >> absolutely. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. keep watching fox. we'll be back at 6:00 a.m. with the results. bill: good morning. it's make or break in the race for the white house. this is the winner-take-all edition. by this time tomorrow the republican field could look very different, as we say good morning. 3:15, ides of march. martha: i'm martha maccallum. you have ohio and florida, the first winner-take-all states. donald trump and ted cruz looking to pull away from the rest of the pack and make this a definite two-man race.
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but marco rubio and john kasich very have different plans in mind. each of them wants to win their own states and stay in the race. with 367 delegates up for grabs anything is possible. >> we are going to win, win, win, you will be so proud of your country again. >> our campaign is the tomorrow campaign that has beating donald trump over and over and over again. not just once, not just twice, but 9 times. >> we can expand the american dream to reach more people than ever before. >> you have got to get out and give me a vote so i can continue to run for president of the united states. bill: byron york is live in
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tampa. you have been in florida for days now. ways your sense of the state, byron? >> it looks like it's trump's to lose. he's up 18 points in the real clear politics of polls. he seems to be acting like he has got it in the bag. he has only had one rally and one town hall in the last week. marco rubio is camped out in florida and says he's got to shock the world with a victory. bill: trump canceled a rally last night and decided to stay in ohio instead. it looks like the buckeye state is a coin flip. >> extremely close. if you look at the last two polls, two of them were tied and in four of them john kasich has
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a slight edge. but we don't know what effect mitt romney's visit had. we don't know what effect this last-minute rally, trump canceled a miami election rally to go to youngstown, over high oh. so it's not clear how it will turn out but it should be close late night. bill: we'll not forget about missouri, and north carolina and illinois. >> til now and missouri are not winner-take-all states. but they are winner take most states. the winner can gain and advantage over everybody else. ted cruz has been campaigning hard in those states, hoping he can make his mark those states. north carolina is a little different. trump has a big lead. but it's proportional state. even if he wins, he doesn't pick
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up a huge net gain in delegates. bill: do you want to make a guess where we are in 24 hours? >> i think we are still in a race. we talked after the early states and super tuesday states, and now today. i think the race continues after this. especially if john kasich can take ohio. i think the anti-trump forces can say we are still alive. if trump takes florida and ohio, he will argue he has put it away. but the anti-trump forces will be doing the math saying they can still get to the convention keeping him below the 1,237 he needs to clear. bill: byron, enjoy the day live in tampa today. martha: the biggest prize is florida. the pressure is especially high
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for marco rubio. phil keating live outside a polling station in miami. he says he believes it all comes down to florida. reporter: it could be indicative of the future of rubio's candidacy after tonight. he has been parroting that line, it all comes down to florida. voting under way in florida, it has been for two hours in most of the state. some last bids, hialeah, florida is the largest concentration of cuban americans in the state. as for the candidate himself. home state cuban-american senator, he traversed the state making stop after stop to his hometown of west miami where he scrapped the stage, instead opting to stand in the bed of a
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pickup truck and using a bullhorn to address supporters and make his case. polls this cycle have been crazy. michigan and the democratic side. there is not a 20-point gap here going on. but very relevant. reporter: as for trump, he held a big rally yesterday afternoon up in tampa. sarah palin running up the crowd. florida's attorney general, pam bondi, the highest woman elected in the state. she dropped her endorsement yesterday for donald trump. that boost be the billionaire businessman. it's a winner take all state. 99 delegates on the line. but the democrats, 214 delegates. it's likely hillary clinton and
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bernie sanders can both pick up delegates in florida. > martha: in terms of early turnout. donald trump has put a lot on at in big numbers. reporter: 2.million registered republican and democrat floridians have voted early for the republican side. more than twice voted early just four years ago. we spoke with voters in hialeah this morning. they tell us all the negativity so far is not to be proud of. >> rubio? i'm going to vote for him. on the republican side i like what he many saying and proposing opposed to the other candidates who don't like trump's whole thing.
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i don't like ted cruz either. >> she won'tific the whole thing we are going through, it will take time. reporter: both rubio and clinton will be here in south florida to watch the vote come in. martha: rubio taking a shot at the frontrunner when he spoke to gretta. >> the idea of the race is to get to the 1,237 delegates. the problem is the one closest to that number is not someone the party can coalesce around. martha: we'll talk about how he plans to handle that unusual situation at the bottom of the hour. bill: on the map for the next two hours we'll show you a number of different imings. we'll show you anecdotal evidence that will suggest what may happen later. three state have voted around
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north carolina in the primary. one of them is virginia. donald trump is in purple. he won every county that borders north carolina. in the eastern side every county that borders north carolina voted for trump. in south carolina every county that borders north carolina has voted for trump. florida votes today. alabama the same story. every county for trump except decatur county. trump has won 43% of the
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delegates so far. if he loses ohio but wins florida he would need about 51% of the delegates from here on out. if kasich wins ohio he need to win every delegate for the rest of the board today and he still will not get to 1,237. that's when you start talking about contested conventions. martha: when you look at the numbers, it seems like the other three are in to be spoilers. we are going to talk to reince priebus and get a feel for what their plan is if these guys get their way. bill: we have the cruz numbers, too. martha: it's all about the delegate race. where do things stand now? donald trump in the top spot with 460 delegates. ted cruz is at 370.
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marco rubio third at 163, and john kasich is in double digits at 63. but those numbers will change dramatically tonight. fox is the place to be for all the action. our coverage kicks off at 6:00 with special report. bill and i will join you at 7:00 with election results, polling numbers and all that good stuff. harris: hillary clinton raising an eyebrow with this comment at a town hall. >> libya was a different kind of calculation, and we didn't lose a single person. bill: what about benghazi. a few other comments that are getting attention. we'll debate it fair and balanced. martha: republicans battling it out for the sunshine state. we'll speak with rick scott to talk about the biggest prize in this contest.
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>> what does today mean for the nomination. expert analysis on deck. >> i can be more presidential than any president the united states has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. i don't think i can beat honest abe.
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>> it really puts things in perspective and makes you appreciate your time to get donald trump elected president. martha: that's sarah palin in florida. palin telling the crowd her husband todd is recovering in an intensive care unit. he suffered broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, leg and snow injuries and collapsed lung after a snowmobile accident. despite all that, doctors say he's expected to make a full recovery. bill: polls are now open, 99 delegates. winner take all. governor rick scott is with me. welcome back to america's
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newsroom. why has it been so hard for you to endorse someone? >> let's go back. if you remember back to my race in 2010, i was the businessperson never having run for president. people were saying get out of the race, you are upsetting the apple cart. i trusted the voters and the voters made their choice. i think they will choose based on jobs. we turned tour economy of around and added a million jobs. but job creation is still the biggest issue in the state. bill: there were rumors a week and a half ago that you were going to endorse donald trump. why the resistance. are we sitting here tomorrow morning when you will endorse someone? >> i'm not going to do anything until after today. we'll see what happens tonight.
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it will be an exciting day in florida. florida elections have a dramatic effect on the national elections. our polls are open. bill: i tried to pull it out of you and i was unsuccessful. talk about early voting. i saw a number, 1.1 million absentee votes. what are the millions now? >> we have 1.2 million absentee. 900,000 early voting. so we have a big turnout. it looks like we'll have more votes -- we have 12 million registered voters. we have a bigger percentage than in 2008 which is the last time we had contested republicans and democrats. it looks like a bigger turn out
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today. bill: on the map i'll show our viewers how you can break down the states. it's been this way for 16 years if not beyond. southeast florida, rubio hopes to do well here. tampa, daytona beach. jacksonville and the panhandle which could go big for donald trump. what are you saying? what are you feeling? what's your sense for how the state goes today? >> you followed all the polls. i remember my races. i had to do extremely well in the northern part of the state to win. broward county is a tough one for republicans to win. i had to do well from the i4 corridor which is a significant portion of the population. what's important to me today is no fraud, no irregularities.
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i'll be none forego with our secretary of state to make sure there is no issues. i want everybody to vote but i want to make sure there is no fraud. bill: what happened to marco rubio's campaign? >> senator rubio is a good friends. we got elected at the same time back in 2010. bill: that's where we go to color bars. it's 9:20:00 on the clock. that's when the satellite trucks go out. martha: i wanted to hear what he had to say. bill: that rubio thing will be a big story tonight. rick scott, thank you, sir, wherever you are in tallahassee. martha: another vote is in the state of ohio.
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governor john kasich seeking a home state victory. he says he will win tonight in ohio. what happens there when we come back. bill: in a moment, ted cruz, the senator trying to pick up a few more states. will he gain more support from fellow members on capitol hill? >> illinois right now, donald trump and i are effective live tied. we are neck and neck in the state of illinois. this clean was like, pow!
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it added this other level of clean to it. >>
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martha: russia is withdrawing
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most of its forces from syria. russian president vladimir putin announcing the move monday. the u.n. security council viewing the announcement as a quote positive step. benjamin hall is live in london. this surprised a lot of people. how significant is this move? reporter: back in september when russia went into syria it took the world by surprise. almost as soon as president putin announced his departure russian planes started leaving syria, planes that flew 9,000 bombing raids. the russians always claimed they were targeting terrorist groups but most of the strikes were against moderate trained by american forces. it's interesting to see how it
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will affect the peace talks in geneva. peace talks come on the fifth anniversary of the syrian conflict and the main sticking point is assad himself. syrian government refused to dozen his removal. but the latest move by putin. he can not always rely on russia to keep him in power. russia intends to keep some forces in the country and it will continue attacking terrorist groups so it remains to be seen how genuine this departure is. bill: a big day in the buckeye state. hamilton county, corner of the state, a lot of republican votes. john kasich needs to win at home.
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will the swing states swing his way? martha: marco rubio, we'll speak with the florida senator coming up next. >> the conservative vote has to be about principles, not how angry you are. with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at bill: ohio could cash in political fortune or it could be the ruin to others today. john kasich and donald trump neck-and-neck. if he falls short, it could be the end for kasich. he has said as much. in black lick, ohio, how are things looking in that polling station? reporter: thing are very busy. turnout is very heavy. we are in franklin county. very, very busy here.
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a lot of enthusiasm. the race is the tightest on the gop side. governor john kasich has been spending a lot of time in the state of ohio. he's joined by the former mississippi governor. kasich has yet to claim a victory and he has been lagging behind in the delegate count. he's depending on a big winner-take-all win to keep his campaign alive. donald trump shifted his schedule to make a last-minute stop here. he canceled a rally in florida to hold a rally in youngstown, ohio. >> we are going to win, win, win. you will be so proud of your country again. tell your friends, vote for trump, i promise you i will do such a great job. you will look back 10 years from
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now, 20 years from now and say that's the single greatest vote i ever cast. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. we can't unite america by dividing america. reporter: we'll see if the voters give hip the win he's looking for. bill: can bernie sanders take ohio from hillary clinton in 2016? reporter: we'll see. she was leading in the polls ahead of the michigan primary and ultimately bernie sanders got that victory in michigan. we'll see if that can happen again in ohio. we spoke with voters and they were all over the map. so it will be interesting to see what the voters of ohio end up ultimately doing when thing are counted. there were 400,000 absentee
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ballots filed ahead of time. we'll see what the voters today have to say. >> my whole life i have been told being humble is a virtue. and now being humble is a weakness and being vain and self-absorbed is somehow a virtue. martha: that's marco rubio in florida. polls are leaning heavily toward donald trump. senator marco rubio joins us now. >> good morning. martha: you sort of went back to yourself in a way to being more humble and being focused on foreign policy. people said you had a strong debate the other night, though
6:34 am
you didn't go after donald trump. now looking at the numbers, are you worried that the strategy was too little too late? >> no, i think a lot of people will be embarrassed tonight and will want refund from the money they spent on these polls because we'll win florida. and we feel optimistic about that. my message has never changed. my message as always been a message of optimism. have i taken on donald trump? absolutely. i think he's destructive to the republican party and the conservative movement. i ran for office before donald trump got in. i was running for president before he got in this race. i'm not running against donald trump, i'm running for president. but we'll address issues he raises of course. martha: mitt romney got into the
6:35 am
discussion, there was a huge amount of money that went behind ads. i know you don't believe the polls and you may be right. tomorrow it may be all the polls in florida were wrong. but it look like none of that money has changed the dynamic in what we are seeing tonight. >> we have been doing this interview for a couple minutes. so all this coverage you get certainly helps him in terms of the obsession the media has with him because it helps with the ratings. as the president of cbs said donald trump may be bad for america but he's good for cbs. which is fine. but what's at stake is the country and the future of the conservative movement and the party itself. we have to decide who we are as
6:36 am
a party before we go to the general election and ask the american people to vote for us. i'm a conservative candidate, and i have ideas to back up that conservatism. if we back up those ideas we'll have the greatest era in a new american century. i hope that's what voters buy into in florida. martha: you said you don't believe the party will coalesce around him. you don't believe that will happen. if after today you don't win florida. what is your plan. will you drop out? will you stay in? what's your plan? >> our plan is to continue forward. my plan has never been built on winning in one state. we would love to go into utah and arizona with the momentum of a win in florida. there is nobody on pace to get 1,237 delegates. the ideal outcome is to have
6:37 am
someone not named donald trump coalesce the party with 1,237 delegates and defeat hillary clinton in november. no one is on pace to do that. not even donald trump. if he's the nominee he won't be able to unite the party. our goal is not just to win, but to prevent a hillary clinton presidency would be bad for this country. martha: you have said over and over again it all comes down to florida. >> it's important. florida has 99 delegates. that's a lot of delegates. it won't alter if we stay in the race but it will be helpful and a huge boost to our campaign. it comes down to florida because it's the single largest award of delegates we have had up to this point. it's an enormous prize and one we want to win. martha: a lot of people have
6:38 am
said it's math math i canally i am d it's mathematically impossible to get to the number. when i say what is the plan. do you see this coming to a contested convention? will you hang in there and hold on to your own delegates no matter what so you have some chips you can play in cleveland this summer? is that the intention? >> that's not our plan. that's not ideal outcome. if you went into a convention where there is no clear nominee, i think it would be tough for the party to win. there will be followers of the other candidates that feel like there was a back room deal. the ideal way for someone to win the nomination is for someone to get the majority. we are living in an unusual election cycle. it's very difficult to imagine that happening.
6:39 am
i hope we are wrong and it goats in a different direction. about half the delegates are still to be awarded. we'll see what happens. martha: you have gotten points all along for speaking so the knowledgeably about what's going none the world. donald trump said recently that 27% of muslims are radical. that they are radicalized muslims. what do you think of his efforts to understand that part of the world and what's going on? >> i don't think he understands it. but, you know, isis has nothing to do with donald trump or what he says. there is the reality. the reality is we have a radical jihadist problem on this planet that needs to be defeated. they have affiliates in a dozen countries and they need to be defeated. what percentage much plus limbs in the world are jihadists?
6:40 am
i don't know. even if it's 1% or 2% you are talking about millions of people. we need to address this threat. if not it will continue to grow and eventually it will reach us here in the homeland. martha: we thank you very much for being here today. we'll see you soon. all the best to you. >> thanks. bill: look at the market we are lower at the open. the dow closing well above 17,000 monday but we are off triple digits in trading today. hoik was talking about libya monday and said something she is being closely looked at because of that. we'll tell you what she said and we'll debate in a moment. martha: things have gone the
6:41 am
nasty at several donald trump rallies. are things getting too out of hands? we'll talk to the frontrunner spokeswoman. >> christianity, islam, buddhism, they have all taught us and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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bill: hillary clinton is well ahead in delegates, but a comment about libya is getting attention today. she said this about libya and the northern allies in africa. >> libya was different kind of calculation. we didn't lose a certain person. we didn't have a problem supporting our european and arab allies working with nato. bill: benghazi has been a major
6:45 am
problem in her leadership. gentlemen, good morning. matt schlapp will be matt, matthew littman shall be matthew. matthew, we have been trying to get you to new york forever. and here you are. what's going on with what many would describe as slip-ups? >> i would have preferred it if you asked me how great hillary is and why she is doing so well in the campaign. on the slip-ups, i think what she was referring to was the actual invasion of libya. obviously she knows what happened with the ambassador and the other folks there which is terrible. i don't consider that as a
6:46 am
slip-up. if you have listen to her whole statement. it's obvious what she is talking about. >> matt, how did you read that? >> sometimes hillary clinton is in an alternate reality. when people think of libya and america, they think of the fact our ambassador was assassinated. for the secretary of state at that time who lied about it when it happened. covered it up immediately by saying it was about a video, for her to not be complete lir -- t, completely four-square about it, the buck stops with you. bill: i think matthew may be right on this count. she was talking about the initial invasion by the u.s. air force. this from columbus, ohio sunday. listen to the tail end.
6:47 am
>> i am the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key in the coal country. we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. bill: that was a town hall in ohio. you know the folks in southeastern ohio were listening to it. this is friday at nancy reagan's funeral. >> you have may remember how heard it was to talk about hiv-aids in the 1980s. because of people in particular mrs. reagan, we started a fashion fall conversation. bill there are she had to go a long way to take that comment back. a lot of people were ticked off. these other comments, i don't understand it.
6:48 am
>> on the coal comments it's its apparent coal jobs are going away. they are being replaced by clean energy jobs. that's the way america is going. i have no real explanations about nancy reagan and . i don't know why she made that comment. she is still the favorite in the democratic party race. it looks like she'll be running against donald trump. she is up by double digits against trump in almost every poll. bill: stay on the topic here. the nancy reagan comments, the coal miner comment. in a statement you are trying to win. >> on the coal jobs, they are running the coal industry out of business. we have coal companies going
6:49 am
bankrupt left and right and laying off tons of workers. and those workers are not being replaced. if you are in coal country you are under attack by the obama administration and the epa. that was a big mistake in ohio. these people don't believe they are going to get some kinds of green job. there are so many nice things to have said about nancy reagan. she had a long full life. and this is where you wonder what's going on with hillary clinton. she seems to not be tracking and getting it right. i think it was -- she was off on this. bill: this would show the challenge she would have in a general election, yes or no. >> i have to correct matt. 43 of the last 49 polls have hillary beating trump. >> live in polling world. that has nothing to do with what we are talking about.
6:50 am
we are talking hillary clinton has to sharpen her act. >> but she is winning. bill: matt and matthew, thanks. martha: it's make or break day. donald trump trying to pad his delegate count. ted cruz trying to catch up. marco rubio and john kasich trying to stay in the game tonight. bill: ohio, is it the last stand for governor kasich? kasich said win or go home in ohio. >> it's down to four. there is only six people in the whole country that could be president. is always blue.
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but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. martha: there is new criticism for the president's signature healthcare law. a report shows americans have fewer options today than they did in the past. rich, what have you found out about this? reporter: this report deals with the choices americans have when they are shopping for health plans on the obamacare exchanges. it's a report issued by nebraska republican senator. he claims there were 307 understand companies offered
6:55 am
through obamacare last year. this year there are fewer than 20. the report also claims every state has fewer insurers offering plans than they did in 2013, the year before obamacare exchanges began. and 36% of the counties in the u.s. have only one or two insurers. he says that drives up the cost of insurance and that he blames on obamacare. martha: what does the administration say about that. reporter: they claim he's making a false comparison. the administration says nearly 9 in 10 returning obamacare customers can choose this year from three insurance companies. the administration says on average they, choose from 50
6:56 am
plans in their counties. you look at united healthcare, it's considering leaving the obamacare insurance market because they say it's too costly for them. bill: will tonight be the start of donald trump's run for the general election? if trump wins florida and ohio the delegate conversation may be over. brit hume on whether mr. trump can be more presidential. >> you will be proud of your president. you will be so proud of your country.
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. . . .
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martha: it is underway. voters going to the polls on super tuesday. casting their ballots in five key states across the midwest and in the southeast today. the stakes are very high. everything is on the line for several candidates, as they fight to stay in the race or leave the competition far behind. welcome, everybody, brand new
7:00 am
hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. how are you feeling. martha: great, how are you feeling? bill: candidates face a fork in the road, voters deciding a race for nomination. looks to be another big night for donald trump but scuffles with protesters at his rallies his reaction to them once again raising questions about temper ment. >> said provocative things when protesters interrupted his speeches. that is okay for a businessman to do, but not for potential president. donald trump must make transition from trying to get there to actually being there. in the beginning of the campaign his flamboyant rhetoric got him attention and support. now he is very viable presidential contender, thus his presentation carries much more weight. martha: joined by brit hume, fox news senior political analyst.
7:01 am
good to have you in new york as always. something exciting is happening. not spring quite yet. not spring quite yet in this whole race. a lot of people looking for tonight. book to the comment by bill o'reilly in a second. he told us moments ago, no matter what he will stay in. he thinks utah and arizona have some promise and that he doesn't think that the party will ever coalesce around donald trump. >> he may be right about the that. this night, martha, will tell us a lot about whether donald trump gets to the convention simply with largest number of delegates but not a majority or whether in fact he can move ahead and capture the majority of the votes and win the thing outright ahead of the convention. looks as if he will win florida and marco rubio can say he will stay in and he can stay in but e state, in situation like this is probably fatal to his hopes to ever win the nomination.
7:02 am
and trump wins florida and the largest share of the delegates in illinois and missouri, for example, it won't matter if he loses to kasich in ohio very much because he will capture such a decisive chunk of delegates at stake tonight. martha: all of the candidates said they would get behind the haven't all republican candidate whoever it is. >> right. martha: john kasich said i will, but i think it is going to be me. he expects to win tonight in ohio. this morning he said in an interview there is no way he would ever get on a ticket with donald trump. does that surprise you, he said that. >> it doesn't surprise me particularly. they don't like sure man-likesque statements where you say never ever. nobody ever for president announces while running for president they would be prepared to settle for vice president. that is one of the things they do. i don't know how much -- depend on what trump does. donald trump seems if he is
7:03 am
prepared now to tone down the insults, and to begin to act more like a president but if you saw that the last debate it did knot appear that he had done a lot of homework you might expect at this stage of the race to inform himself about details of issues. even thinks that 1237, the 50% plus one number of delegates is random number. of course it is not. it is what you need. so he seems at times underinformed. i think that can be remedied. the question, will boater to do it? so far doesn't seem he has but if he does and more conciliatory, perhaps make it easier for people saying never, never, not necessarily to join his ticket and support him in the general election. martha: we paid the sound bite from bill o'reilly last night and he got into it with charles krauthamer in the interview as well bill was basically saying now it is time, trump needs to
7:04 am
become more presidential we've been hearing for weeks and months he is capable. he told greta once he could change. >> absolutely anything. do you believe it? do you think that the trump that you see is the trump that you get or you think there is some sort of character evolution that is going to happen? >> well he is a television personality and television personalities are often able to play different roles. this however is a little different because the presidency, like no other job in the world exposes character. if it is in your character to be kind of a roughneck and to not be deeply informed about the details of issues and lash out at opponents and to get mad and be belligerent, that will emerge. so whether trump can make adaptation to kind of a person where we expect to see in the white house i think remains to be seen. i think it would be difficult for him to do so. martha: what about the party? we'll talk to reince priebus for
7:05 am
a little while. john kasich said he will hang in there. ted cruz would love for both of them to get out. he wants head-to-head. he has won some states. how does the party deal with this? >> i have no idea how the party can deal with this. think about it, just game this out for a moment. let's assume trump wins outright. all the polling we have by which donald trump purports to sit much store, the polls, suggest that he, almost he alone among remaining members of the field would lose to hillary clinton. the fear in republican officeholder ranks that not only would he lose, there would be this massive landslide that would wipe out any chance of republicans holding the senate and house of representatives could fall as well and back to one party rule, that the people that support trump would not want. if he goes to convention with only plurality, though a very large share, largest share of delegates and those who, and the other delegates coalesce around somebody else and that person,
7:06 am
whoever it is gets nominated and trump loses out as convention, what do you think voters will do? they will rebel. that leaves the republican party once again with a key element of its potential constituency taking a walk. so either way you slice it, just those two, there are other scenarios, neither of those scenarios looks good for the party. martha: those trump supporters would never say -- >> i'm okay with cruz. i like ol' marco after all. martha: brit, thank you so much. see you this afternoon and throughout the day. bill: we've been waiting on this picture. this is westterville, ohio, thaq is john kasich about to votex> today. [inaudible conversations].
7:07 am
bill: winner-take-all. 66 delegates on the line. even if we mentioned this last hour. even if john kasich wins ohio, he would need to win every delegate from this point forward and still he would not be at the magic number of 123, hence the discussion with martha and brit about the contested election, brokered convention, contested convention come cleveland, ohio, in mid-july. just waiting to see if we get a comment from him. john kasich spent a lot of time in new hampshire, finished second. spent a lot of time in michigan, did not win that state. finished second in vermont. second in new hampshire. second in massachusetts. in one state can he reverse his fortunes today? we shall see.
7:08 am
want to move to north carolina quickly. voters heading to the polls there, 72 republican delegates up for grabs. it is not winner-take-all. jonathan serrie live in charlotte. you know the state. how is north carolina looking in this campaign? good morning there. reporter: bill, as you point out north carolina unlike ohio is not a winner-take-all state. delegates are handed out proportionally for both parties. over the weekend ted cruz was campaigning in north carolina, courting evangelical christians, very important voting bloc here in north carolina. but donald trump has been able to cut into this key conservative voting bloc in other states but he is hoping to do the same here. listen. >> i said to the group of pastors and ministers, i said look, we, if i win, we're going to work really hard, we're going to get rid of that restriction because christianity should be able to have some power and some strength. [applause] they shouldn't be shy.
7:09 am
they shouldn't be -- i really mean it. things can be said about christianity if you say it about something else, you can't even think about saying it. it is not growing to happen anymore, folks. reporter: overrecent days we did not see john kasich or marco rubio campaigning here in north carolina although they say this is an important pivotal state. both of those candidates focusing on campaigns in their respective home states of ohio and florida. bill? bill: talk to you throughout the day. thank you, jonathan serrie in ohio. go back to kasich in ohio where he is voting in westterville. this is nan next dote tall. one of the states has voted already. one of them is kentucky. these counties here all get media market exposure from cincinnati. they get a lot of john kasich news. all three of these counties went to ted cruz. all three of those counties
7:10 am
john kasich finish third. by the river, john kasich finished third in those counties as well. do go to michigan. they border ohio. trump won all three of them. kasich finished two in two of the three and gets a lot of attention from ohio. across the border from toledo and you get a lot of media market coverage from john kasich. what does all that mean? hard to say. all anecdotal. kind of put the pieces together. i mentioned last hour about the ted cruz. he has won about the 34% of delegates so far. if he wins every state today, he would still need 619% of the remaining delegates to get to the magic number of 1237. shows how everything comes back to the state of ohio based on polling we have seeing, if trump
7:11 am
loses ohio, game on. but if he wins ohio, you can see how he gets the nomination. martha: only real avenue shaking up this applecart at this point is do something at the convention. bill: if he loses there correct on that. that is where you get the conversation with rubio, kasich and cruz as well. martha: watch everything that happens this evening. fox is the place to be for all of tonight's action. our coverage kicks off 6:00 p.m. eastern. "special report" begins with bret baier. bret and megyn will air the coverage this evening. bill and i join you with the billboard and exit poll information as that comes in. all of that we'll get to you this evening. what a night it will be. stick around for that. in the meantime you've got bernie sanders who has been barnstorming the midwest cutting into hillary clinton's lead in several key states.
7:12 am
keep close eye on democrats tonight. we saw bernie upset in michigan. can he do it again tonight. bill: no charges against donald trump of this campaign incident in cumberland county in north carolina. first here is the candidate's reaction to the news a bit earlier today. >> tell you who they should charge, these horrible protesters go in there looking for trouble. these are people that really, they're agitators. they're not even protesters. bill: before we go to commercial, john kasich now speaking in his hometown of westterville, franklin county, columbus. >> what do you say to donald trump today? >> you will not ruin my day after i voted for myself for president. i have nothing to say to him. >> a lot of work today, governor, how do you feel. >> we feel great. we're going to win. it is terrific. do i seem like i'm nervous or up tight? >> what does it feel like to vote for yourself for president?
7:13 am
>> it feels, i learned you need to vote for yourself because if you don't you could lose. it felt very nice. i mean it's a long road for me and i'm, i am very, very hum belled by the campaign and experience and the attention you know, attention and success can be very, very dangerous if not handled the right way. i try to check myself all the time to make sure i'm handling it all the right way to be appreciative of the opportunity and -- >> john, at that.-- >> can finish? [laughter] >> how your faith stablizes you with that? >> well, look, i mean it is all about keeping your feet on the ground. all of the opportunities that you have are really a blessing and great and that's, that matters and everybody here this
7:14 am
is our moment in time. before we know it we'll all be gone. we do the best we can while we're here. but you have to watch all the time when you get a lot of attention because you, you know, proverbs say unguarded stranger is person's greatest weakness. i have a lot of good friends around him. >> you were in your hometown last night doing a rally. big day for you and your neighbors. >> yeah. >> what are you hearing from, what did you hear from them last night? what did they have to say about your bid and having to come home and talk to them? >> i think people are proud. you know, it is really interesting because i've been asked do you regret the fact that you've been so positive in the campaign? and we all know that by the fact that i ran a positive campaign or our team has run a positive campaign that there were probably missed opportunities to get attention early on.
7:15 am
but by continuing to run the race the positive campaign is now starting to shine through, like a beacon all over the country and as a result of that, it tells you do the right thing, even when sometimes, first of all i was never tempted to go negative. that was never ever a temptation. in the third debate that's -- i was first one to challenge donald trump for his position on immigration and ben carson's position on medicare. >> how -- >> can i finish? sometimes i take time to -- >> a pause. >> and, but, running a positive campaign has been really, really good and i think my neighbors have been proud of me. i know my daughters are and my wife. i will be, however, forced, going forward to talk about some of the deep concerns i have
7:16 am
about the way this campaign has been run by some others, by one other in particular. but today is not the day to do that. i've been very concerned, i just saw a commercial, i guess it was last night, of these comments that were made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? we'll have more to say about that. but that is going to be, not designed to be negative as much as it is to point out things that i've seen are deeply disturbing in this process. i think i have a right to do that as a candidate. in terms of rolling around in the mud, that is not where i intend to really ever go even in the fall election. >> governor -- >> what is next after ohio. after you win? >> we're going to pennsylvania tomorrow. >> governor you've been teasing saying more -- >> i am not teasing anything.
7:17 am
i will have more -- >> is it strategic decision? >> we don't do a plot lot of whole strategic things about what i say. i say what i want to say it. i don't know. i'm building things up in my mind. i'm thinking. >> why are you -- >> you weren't aware of these things before? >> i really was not. i really wasn't. i know, i think you even asked, you know, jake said something in the debate. i'm not really paying that much attention to that. it took for me to see the friday video and then i actually, 48 hours ago, asked chris to give me a list of all the quotes, which i had not really seen before. you know things move fast in a presidential campaign. you don't really focus on -- i focus on what i'm going to be doing at my next event. i'm focused on who is winning the golf tournament that i'm interested in. and that is about it. i mean i don't really focus on
7:18 am
what somebody else is doing in some other campaign. so it was really first time that my eyes were really opened. which meant i was probably like a normal voter to be honest with you. >> why you do you say you were the first one to take on donald trump in the first debate? by that point scott walker and rick perry -- >> maybe they did. >> carly fiorina had her interaction with donald trump. >> that was different thing. that was sort of name-calling. i brought up the issue of immigration right down here in westterville. you hadn't been assigned to the campaign yet. they didn't know we existed. some of you were down there at the rally, remember that, before the debate and in all seriousness, that is when i started to point out, you know the differences on immigration. again that was when ben carson basically said we don't have to have medicare anymore.
7:19 am
so, but look, i'm just saying, this was not something i ignored but in terms of what i saw on friday night, and what i've seen since then, reading these quotes, it's taken me to a whole another level. >> why are you waiting -- don't ohio voters have a right to know? >> no what? >> know what you're really thinking? >> the people will know, when i feel i want to say something, then i will say it and that is the end of it, okay. i don't parade on -- operate on somebody else's timeline or schedule, including reto events. i react on my timeline and my schedule. when you're governor of 7th largest state, you learn to be cool about things. >> you think, governor, people will ask for a democrat or republican ballot? will they switch parties during this election. >> one lady told me she was. we'll see. one lady told me, she didn't know.
7:20 am
where which were, youngstown, lady made plea some hard-boiled eggs. i wish i could vote for you. i'm a you can witch tomorrow. she said i will. i will call my sister. >> governor has pete rose talked about endorsing you? >> haven't talked to pete rose but arnold tweeted some school stuff out. i guess he sent something out today telling people that they need to vote. that was cool. earl bruce and jim tressel, urban meyer. that is pretty cool. when i win here today, maybe i can get barkley to finally come over. i would like to travel with the round mound of rebound. >> thank you. >> thank you all. hey, just tell you one other thing. in all seriousness, let me tell you one other thing. it really is pretty amazing, where i came from, we all hear these stories, you know. but the stories could be about you too.
7:21 am
this one just happens to be about me, to have started here and, as an aide, all the way back to nixon and all the way back to church and all the way back to my family and come in here today and have to vote for yourself for president of the united states, it is pretty remarkable. but you know, at the same time i say it i just want y'all to understand, if any of you ever see me, and i, i had apologized to somebody here just the other day because i wasn't, didn't respond as appropriately as i should have, if any of you ever see me getting out of control, i want you to i can me aside and i want you to say, remember what you told us at that press conference, okay? because i just want to be a good guy. helping my country. that is all i really want to do. okay? thank you all very much. >> what do you have to say to your volunteers?
7:22 am
bill: very interesting comments directed towards donald trump. in last 24 hours john kasich taken a different tone and approach toward the republican front-runner. very popular governor of ohio. ranked about 80% approval of among republicans alone. last re-election campaign, won 86 out of 88 counties. remarkable record. today his political life is on the line while he and donald trump go head-to-head. martha has more. martha: let's bring in katrina pierson, national special woman for the trump campaign. >> good morning. martha: good morning to you. you were listening to governor john kasich along with us. some polls show your candidate and donald trump and kasich tied right now in ohio this is the first time we have heard negative comments about donald trump from john kasich. he said i got to tell you, there are things that i've seen from this candidate i find deeply disturbing. the mudslinging, i have two daughters and he said i'm going to speak out about this quite a bit the more. what do you think about all that?
7:23 am
>> this falls right in line with the establishment. martha, we have seen even the attack ads, war on women issue, everything else that liberals throw at republicans. we're seeing establishment republicans do exact same thing. so i'm really not surprised, kasich someone the establishment was really hoping to be in the person in this forced contested convention. this isn't fooling anyone, martha. everyone knows that the left will not play nice. they want a candidate that will stand up to fight for them. we've seen what is on full display over the last week and that is donald trump. martha: so some of the things we are starting to see in this campaign no doubt you will also see in the general campaign. >> yes. martha: there is an adjust came out that strings together women who are speaking words that donald trump has said about women. it is getting a lot of play on the internet. what do you think about that? because clearly that line of argument will come at donald trump if he is, if he is the front-runner and he is the candidate? >> of course it will and we
7:24 am
fully expect that. i think any republican could fully expect a waged war on women, particularly with hillary clinton running. but i really don't think this is going to be a problem. a lot of those statements is what mr. trump made as television character. so i don't think that some of that is going to stick. everyone knows who mr. trump is. that's why they're having a very hard time, spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to redefine who mr. trump is. he has been in public eye for decades. his negatives are baked in. people want a strong leader, period. that is why he is winning today. martha: let's play a little bit, we're looking at video from yesterday on the campaign trail, video from bill o'reilly last night and some words, almost of advice that he had for donald trump and i want to get your thoughts on this let's play that the. >> sure. >> donald trump is an an intelligent mans but he is unfamiliar waters. he has never been through anything like this before. he would be wise to tone it down a bit, to fully explain his
7:25 am
positions, to hire advisors who can articulate his vision and to conduct himself with restraint. martha: what do you think, katrina? >> i think over the course of the election cycle since june, martha, mr. trump has been navigating the waters, not being a politician before or political candidate and not being restrained by a lot of these so-called advisors who take the personality out of the candidate, what makes them not so genuine. which is another reason why some people love mr. trump but i do think mr. trump understands he has acknowledged even with bill o'reilly there are things he could alter but there are some things he won't alter because he will not be bullied by the left or the right or anyone else for that matter. martha: i think you're absolutely right. we've seen so many candidates who get overmanaged and who basically strip their own personality out of themselves. we've seen it not serve them well as all. clearly that the past equation worked very well for donald trump so far but in terms of advisors on things like foreign
7:26 am
policy, we talked to brit hume a little while ago and we talked with marco rubio earlier, a lot of people feel that he was going to announce who his foreign policy advisors are, give people a sense of confidence that he is working on that side of the equation. when will he do that and is he? >> he is absolutely and they are working on that. there were some other policies that we are working on because we want to get some more policies out there. we feel it is very important. we have a lot of people, martha, every time we release a policy, mr. trump hold as full press conference you still hear pundits and anchors in the media say, donald trump doesn't have specifics when he had a full press conference but he is definitely working on more foreign policy and putting out those advisors. you will see that very soon. martha: katrina, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. martha: good to have you with us today. bill: as we were watching there, john kasich finished talking with reporters a few moments ago. the question is whether or not he is changing his tone about donald trump.
7:27 am
we'll talk to a spokesperson for the governor of ohio, can he win his home state? we're about to find out together in ohio. martha: senator ted cruz is in second place now with delegates. he has about less than 100 behind donald trump. can he gather enough support today to make this a two-man race? >> we're the only campaign that has beaten trump over and over and over again. we've beaten trump not twice, not three times, but nine different times literally from alaska to maine, and states all in between.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
♪ bill: news of the moment in ohio, john kasich appears to be in a coin flip for his home state. yesterday he was on the trail with mitt romney. a newcomer for kasich in ohio. moments ago we heard his final argument and much of that was directed at trump, who earlier today, trump did, trump said a few hours earlier about kasich
7:31 am
in ohio this. >> he is 22-0 in terms of losing. he has lost every single state that he has been in. he is in favor of common core. he just come out in favor of amnesty and open borders. i think the man is just not very popular. i really don't. >> no way i would team up with donald trump. forget it. i'm going to be the nominee because we're going to win ohio. bill: communications advisor, spokesman for the kasich campaign. how are you doing today? good morning there. >> we're doing great. thanks for having me. bill: did you hear john kasich in franklin county a moment ago? >> yesterday. bill: were you just by his comments directed at donald trump the way we were? >> not really. i'm struck by the fact he is that genuine guy, what he is feeling at the time. he is becoming increasingly disturbed and tone and tenor of the trump campaign. he doesn't think we can repair
7:32 am
america, get americans working again by tear like like we did in ohio. not a raised fist but open hand to bring people together. people who know john kasich best, ohio voters, have stark choice between john kasich and donald trump. we know they will vote for john kasich. bill: it is march 15th. he has yet to win a state. i think four second place finishes, maybe three second place finishes, a third in michigan. is it too late for him to change this dial? >> no, we don't think so, bill. the field has been extremely crowded up until now. now is just the time when people are getting a good hard look at john kasich, see his record of achievement and job creation, working with ronald reagan to end the cold war. bringing people together, of cutting taxes and cutting government spending and streamlining reforming government like he did in washington and like he did in ohio.
7:33 am
this is man who has 79% approval rating amongst republicans in state of ohio. he won 86 of 8countys. so as people get to know john kasich they like him more and more. that is why he is rising in national polls. why late deciders are coming more to his candidacy. we'll see more surge of support for kasich going forward. bill: if you crunch the numbers, and kasich wins ohio, and wins every other delegate from this point forward, that is how many is online today, 367, but the magic number is 1237 as you know. if he wins every delegate he still does not get to 1237. so, if you think about that for a moment, it is his grand play the convention in cleveland and a brokered one at that? >> no. i think he has talked about an open convention and the magic number is the the majority of the delegates at convention in ohio come this summer. that process is set up to allow the party to choose the best
7:34 am
nominee that they believe best represents the party and can best defeat whoever the democrats offer come november. we believe that will be hillary clinton and kasich -- bill: so you're open to that? you're open to that? >> governor kasich is talked about that remember, bill, john kasich is just getting out a good platform and donald trump has not secured majority of overall votes. most republican voters are not voting for donald trump. they're going to have their chance. bill: i wonder is the party ready for that? >> we'll see. i think there is growing disturbance amongst a lot of people, not just in the republican party but across the country it is time to move past the division. i don't think donald trump nor hillary clinton is going to be able to do that. it is time to get past all this. time to get our country working together again and that kasich is the one that can do that. bill: i mentioned the comments referring to donald trump a moment ago. i want to play a little bit of that and get you to respond to this. >> sure. bill:
7:35 am
>> i focus on what i'm going to be doing at my next event. i focus on who is winning the golf tournament i'm interested in and that's about it. i don't really focus on what somebody else is doing in some other campaign. so really the first time that my eyes were really opened. bill: so what he was saying there, is that it is the first time he has paused to consider the words of donald trump. and i think it comes back to the question i asked you a moment ago. why now? and is it because some internal polling numbers suggest that he's, he's in trouble in ohio today? >> no, not at all. the polling shows that we're ahead, bill, and we're going to win ohio. i think that is just governor kasich being professionally candidate and we're missing mist on this campaign trail. he does tell the truth and does call it like he sees it. he is getting a sense what is at stake and kind of tone and tenor this campaign has taken. he has certainly witnessed on
7:36 am
the debate stage and vitriol and name-calling and mudslinging. he has not chosen to go there. he refused to take the bait. that helped him. in the last debate other three candidates were acting presidential. another thing to act presidential and another thing to be presidential. that is what john kasich is doing. bill: he was with us yesterday, the issue of trade and immigration, specifically in ohio when it comes to the economy and jobs. >> sure. bill: is that the pair of achilles' heel for him? >> not at all. john kasich has brought, helped bring auto working jobs back from mexico to the state of ohio. he was in dayton earlier this week, last week, opening a brand new manufacturing plant that is a chinese company bringing lots of jobs to ohio and american workers. so he believes in free trade but fair trade making sure we're standing up. on immigration he does believe in securing the border and making sure we're locking our
7:37 am
doors and windows at night but he also believes we need reasonable way to fix this problem that is not divisive. bill: he also said if he doesn't win his home state he will drop out. no reason to go forward. >> that's right. bill: we heard a comment moment ago his next stop is pennsylvania. we will see if that happens tomorrow. trent duffy. thank you, sir for your time in washington. appreciate it. >> what will happen tonight? will the republican front-runner all but wrap it up with a clean sweep or will the possibility of a brokered convention loom even larger? rnc chairman reince priebus joins us with some questions he is going to answer about that coming up live next.
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martha: super tuesday again, folks. today's contest will help bring the republican primary race into clear focus perhaps. here is the delegate count as it stands right now. donald trump is in the lead with 460 delegates. followed by ted cruz who has 370, marco rubio at 163, john kasich who you just saw voting in ohio for himself is at 63. on the table for republicans, 367 delegates. the magic number is 1237. so we're a long way from there, about halfway after tonight. reince priebus, the chairman of the republican examination knit tee. good morning, reince. >> good morning, martha. martha: marco rubio says if he doesn't win florida, he is staying in the race. he thinks utah and arizona are good possibilities for him. we heard from john kasich moments ago, he said he is moving on to pennsylvania today
7:42 am
regardless but he expects to win ohio. there is no sign anybody is packing it in. are we going to see a contested brokered convention here potentially? >> first of all, brokered is the not correct word. you can use the word contested or open convention, multiballot convention. look, it's possible. i think tonight is going to obviously be a pretty good indicator of that and maybe not even. it just depends where the delegates fall down the line. you don't know what intervening events can occur. hard to predict the future obviously. go ahead. martha: let me ask you this, if two of these candidates have delegates and don't release the delegates, how does that work? how long can they hold on to the delegates and if they see donald trump is not getting to 127 and they want to prevent him from doing that, what are their options? the. >> to answer your question basically, if a candidate
7:43 am
doesn't drop out they generally hold on to their delegates and generally the delegates stay with the candidate and are bound on first ballot. i say generally because each state has different rules what keep as delegate bound to each of the candidates but it is safe to generalize and say, if a candidate doesn't drop out, they keep the delegates. martha: why you hear candidate talking about suspending their races. >> but, suspension, if a candidate says they suspend, then their delegates are generally released an unbound. so the candidate can't say quit, suspend. that doesn't work. they would actually have to claim they're not dropping out, we're in the race and then the delegates stay bound. but any other kind of words about suspension or quitting, the delegates generally become unbound. martha: john case sake also said today he has no intention of getting on to any ticket with
7:44 am
donald trump. ted cruz obviously is second in this race with his delegates. the question becomes what role do you play, what role does the party play? people say well the party wouldn't put up with that or the party will do this or that. it is not clear how much power the party has in the process at all? >> the process -- we don't have power -- is of all if we start to say you should get out or stay in, the fact is it is not up to us. it is up to the people out in the states and the delegates at the convention of the power we set the parameters, we set the rules. today we have winner-take-all states because we set the rules. we set the parameters. we run the convention but most importantly what a competent national party does, who is registering voters today in florida? who is hiring black, hispanic and asian engagement employees across the country? who is buys the data and building the database? that's us.
7:45 am
without us, we'll go through embarassment of not being prepared for an election to win on the ground and mechanics. you want to know what we do? it is a lot of things to be prepared to win and none of these candidates are going to be able to win without the rnc being prepared for the election. but that's what we do jobs. >> absolutely. these candidates have all said on the debate stage that they will ultimately support the candidate of the party but there are musings and rumblings to make it sound like they won't. >> well, look, is that, i think all of these candidates are true to their word that they will support the haven't all nominee of our party. we've always been able to come together. i think we will obviously have to come together and there will be time for that process to take place. you know, whether it's posturing oar whatever, i'm not sure but they have all given their word they will support the nominee.
7:46 am
i expect that to be case but i don't know who the nominee is going to be. martha: no, nobody does. >> none of us do, we really don't. martha: the last contested convention that produced a winner was fdr in 1932. so does it concern you if it goes to contested it is very difficult to produce a winner for the general election? >> well, first of all i think it is very difficult to use those kinds of statistics because number one, it is so incredibly rare and number two, you can't analyze that without understanding politics about what was occurring around those scenarios. certainly 1976 was a unique time in american history and it really can't be used as an example -- martha: but it was ultimately contested. >> that's right. so one ballot. >> if you're concerned you can not produce a winner to the republican party -- >> no, no. martha: if there is knock down, drag out at convention in
7:47 am
cleveland? that is the question. >> no. we moved convention seven weeks sooner. if it were to happen, that is hypothetical, we have candidates who believe they are on pathway to the majority of the delegates but we're sort of hypothesizing here. no, i think you could absolutely win. i think it would be enormously interesting. the reviews would be off the charts. it would be a challenge but i think it can produce enormous interest and ultimate lit a winner, because when you look at hillary clinton, her numbers are in the ditch and americans don't trust her. in spite of drama and intrigue i think we're in great shape. martha: reince, thank you very much for explaining some of that to us. good to see you today. you'll be watching close as anybody tonight. we'll see you later. thanks a lot. bill: we have breaking news. watching this now. this is brussels belgium. this is what we understand. there was an anti-terror raid that might have been tied to the attacks in paris of november. roads are now shut down.
7:48 am
a live look at anti-terrorism police gathering around after what appeared to be a high-speed chase. after a raid in southeast brussels that left a policeman injured. then there was a car chase. police had raided a home in the forest area of brussels, not far from the molenbeek neighborhood where a lot of the jihadists moved in and out of brussels, belgium, paris and back, syria some of them and back, shots had been fired a policeman injured. one or two at least men fled in a car south of the city. we're waiting to see what comes of this. we'll let you know when we get more headlines from there. clearly an issue to deal with today in brussels, belgium. in the meantime jon scott dealing with two hours of greatness coming up starting in about 12 minutes. how are you sir, this morning. >> thanks for the lead-in, bill. we'll keep eye on the situation in brussels and super-duper
7:49 am
tuesday in ohio, and florida today. could be make-or-break for marco rubio, john kasich, even bernie sanders. we have live team fox coverage and analysis. the latest on the hulk hogan versus gawker case. incredible new testimony ahead. it is on "happening now." bill: great to see you, jon. what about ted cruz, somewhat quiet, battling in second place in many of these states. does he have a chance of gaining more support from the republican establishment? great question. we'll debate it next. ♪
7:50 am
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♪ >> we are saying millions of supporters who had been supporting marco rubio, who had been supporting john kasich are uniting behind us.
7:53 am
because if you don't want to see donald trump as republican nominee, if you don't want to hand general election to hillary clinton, if you don't want to see that, i continue to urge all republicans to continue uniting behind our campaign. bill: ted cruz is calling on mainstream republicans unite behind him and help him stop donald trump. john holmes, former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell and doug. good morning to both of you. cruz, if he wins every state today still needs 61% of the remaining delegates. tough to do but not impossible. here is on a ted cruz or donald trump were to be the what would happen. >> if you see trump win or cruz win, if either one goes to washington and brings real reform you're going to see these kind of militants willing to go out and do everything they can in the street to try to stop what they're losing at ballot box. bill: he was referencing what we
7:54 am
watched over weekend. josh what do you think about that? is he on point or not? >> i don't know, there will be liberal opposition to any sort of conservative reform. the bigger issue when you talk about ted cruz or donald trump, you heard ted cruz go out make sort of a unity pitch across the country for republicans to get behind his campaign as the alternative to donald trump's. the problem with that he is uniquely failed messenger, flawed messenger for that message. there is awful lot of republicans who feel like set first republican to throw them overboard if he thought it could get them a little further doesn't road. what you've seen is dramatic split amongst republicans. you have a lot of anxiety over the front-runner in donald trump but a guy who is running second, there is a huge split where people think he is not any better. bill: you wonder, pending results today where all those people are tomorrow. that will be a really interesting conversation. doug, back to the point of newt gingrich, there are delegates on the line for
7:55 am
republicans, 367 today, is he right about the left throwing everything they have into the streets of america to raise a ruckus and stop a cruz or a trump? >> well, let's first of all remember that the people he referred to as militants are americans and, i think we shouldn't forget that. and i don't think there is any evidence of what newt gingrich is talking about. look, if a republican were to win -- bill: friday night didn't do it for you? what we saw in chicago? >> protesters, protesting event. bill: that and the fact, that and the fact there is clear evidence that it was organized and pushed. go. >> most protests are organized. i don't think protesters deserve to go to an event get punched by spectators. let's put that aside. i think you have, every campaign has events where there is protesters. there will be opposition to ted cruz or donald trump presidency. the end result for republicans though i think this nightmare scenario where josh has pointed out, dealing with two people
7:56 am
they don't really like at establishment level. ted cruz has done everything he can to piss them off in turns of shutting down the government. calling josh's old boss a liar on the senate floor. i don't really see how that is unifying, unifying figure. bill: it is cable. watch it now, gentlemen. we're short on time. josh, i need a quick answer. if it is cruz and trump who does the establishment back? >> you know what? i think it is real open question. honestly at this point, we mighr candidate before you get to that choice where ted cruz sult matley the guy people go with. bill: i will take that as a dodge. we'll bring you gentlemen back. we'll clean it up next time. thank you, josh. thank you, doug. talk to you soon. >> thanks, bill. bill: martha. martha: florida, ohio, north carolina, missouri, and illinois, the big states we're going to be watching tonight. we have some answers perhaps in the early hours of tomorrow what happens next coming up.
7:57 am
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bill: how did you feel about that? martha: we have been through two hour. we are ready for tonight. we'll do exit polls in these state. bill: big night. see you tonight. martha: have a good day. [♪] jon: sometime we call it super tuesday 2. in five state voter are head together state in key primary that could be a game changer for the white house. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather


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