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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: i'm sure producers are scrapping the plans and they will be adding dancing coming in and out of break. andrea: a disco ball. sandra: thank you so much, bret baier. >> good to be here. sandra: thanks, bret for joining us today. we're staying right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. and we begin with a fox news alert. the countdown to the polls that are closing in contests that reshape the race. >> donald trump picks up nine more delicates after winning the northern island caucus. >> the must have tools for terrorist. an encryption app allows isis to launch attacks here and abroad in total secrecy. and a stunning admission. the nfl said there is a listening between hard hits
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and serious brain injury. what does this mean for the future of the log? and a naked woman leads new mexico police on a wild chase on a highway. it is all "happening now". >> and we begin our second hour today with the results of super tuesday. not just the win of the day. in the marriana islands. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. trump won all of the territory's nine delegates and we now wait for the contest from florida, illinois, missouri and north carolina and ohio. here's where we stand. magic number for republicans, 1, 237. and donald trump holds 469 of them. and cruz has 370 and rubio 163
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and john kasich has 63. >> on the left hillary clinton has double the number of delegates and she is halfway there and sanderses has 580. ed henry in florida and we start with doug in ohio, another key state. >> reporter: rocky river ho on ohio. the turn out is heavier than in 2012. governor kasich cast his ballot in the township and someone had to assist him are for the electronic process. we don't know if it was a computer dmrich he didn't understand it. he spoke to members of the media and talked about how casting
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a vote for himself is a humbling experience. one of the hallmarks of his campaign from governor kasich is staying above the fray and not getting in the mud wrestling. and how it will not stay ha way. >> i will forced going forward to talk about the deep dinners i have about the way this campaign has been run by some others, by one other in particular it. today is not the day to do that. >> reporter: donald trump put in a visit to ohio last night and he had a rally outside of youngstown. and it was a rally unique in trump circles and there was not a single protestor to be seen there and no interruptions what so ever. police set up a curtain to the entrance in the airport there
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and asked all vehicle drivers for the id. and most of the attendees were buzzed in. trump tore in the kasich record on the trade agreement and transpacific partnership. >> remember when he was a congressman he signed nafta. it destroyed ohio. and now wants to sign tpp. it is worse. i have studied it so carefully. >> reporter: given the tight race between sich is sich and trump, we are trying to see how this is going to turn out. early voting results late yesterday. the talley of 400000 ballots. 187 plus were democrat and
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222,000 were republican. that suggest that the enthusiasm factor is higher on on the gop than the democratic side and who benefits, we don't yet know. >> that is what all of these campaigns are wondering, doug, thank you. in the meantime hillary clinton making a final push in north carolina and florida while senator sanders looks ahead to arizona. nearly 700 delegates up for grabs today. ed henry has more from there. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be in lake worth and palm beach this evening for what she called a victory party. the reason she is picking florida, that might be the only bright spot for her. she hopes to win florida and north carolina. but the midwest is trouble.
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bernie sanders is gaining in michigan and he came out of no where to win. he's doing it by talking about trade agreements that he long opposed and continues to hit that right up to the voting today, let's listen. [inaudible] there is differences about the issue that caused damage in the the midwest and all over the count row. that is the trade policy. i have opposed every one of these. >> reporter: clinton may not have helped her case in ohio when she wants to put coal miners out of business. her staff said she wants to help them find other professions.
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and that blew p up on her. she is suggest issing that bernie sanders' plans are pie in the sky. >> i have a plan for debt- free tuition and my opponent goes around talking about free college for everybody. there is a couple of problems with that, my friend. they have to get the costs down, they have been rising too much and if you say it is free, there is no incentive to control the cost. >> reporter: the sanders' strategy is to run the table in the midwest and clinton hopes to win north carolina and florida. she is leading with the delegates and florida has 248 at stake tonight. we are here are on bennies at the beach restaurant and it is beautiful p out here right now. >> it looks warm down.
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there couple of fellas in the bathing suits and it must be warm. get yours on. >> reporter: i will. >> it is decision day for marco rubio and john kasich. they will decide whether to forge ahead or call it quits depending on what happens in florida and ohio. daniel heningger. and erin blake at the washington post. daniel, you suggest that john kasich is going to win his home state if that happens. does that absolutely take the end of this contest all the way to the convention in cleveland? >> it makes it more likely if he stops donald trump and deny him 66 delegates there and if cruz wins missouri, we had portional
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primaries tis going to be difficult for donald trump to get 1, 237 delegates and we'll have a brokered convention. it hinges on ohio. if trump wins, he is undoubtedly going to take florida. he will be on a roll to the nomination. >> aaron, can donald trump take all of the contest? >> if he wins all five tonight, there is a strong case that he can and will. five very big states voting all in one day. a lot of delegates at one stake. more important than the delegates from tonight, that would be a lot give that most are win or take all. he would shut down momentum that the other cappedidates have. in john kasich can't win the
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home state or marco rubio can't win their own state. ted cruz would be the major obstacle in the future states in the contest. and cruz has shown himself to be a regional and wins southern states and caucuses outside of idaho. and tonight will be a strong statement for trump if he is able to win all five states. >> aaron, you did the math. if donald trump needs to win 60 percent of the remaining delegates to go to the convention with 1237 he needs? >> right. depe depending on the math. florida locks to go his way. he needs to win 53 or 54 percent of the delegates. that is possible given the fact he's winning most of the states.
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if he loses florida, he will have to get 60 percent of the delegates, possible but more difficult going forward. there is 1200 delegates here. and ohio is more than five percent of the available delegates and it is easy to see how big a state like this for donald trump going forward. and it is it a momentum thing. if he is winning every state in sight, it is hard to see how anyone can take that momentum from him and win all of the stat states. >> it doesn't appear that you will see a john kasich/donald trump pairing based on what kasich said this morning. and listen to this and what donald trump had to say. >> there's no way i would team up with donald trump. forget. it i am going to be the nominee and we are going to move across
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the country and bring people together with a record that i've had both in washington and in ohio, and a positive record and bringing people together and reminding we are americans more than anything else and feces these things that haunt us and pottinger us today. >> i think the governor is not so popular than i thought. he voted for nafta and that took a lot of jobs out of howard jarvis. and now pushing for tpp and ruin the industry. and look at what happens he's in. >> the governor sounds confident. >> governor kasich is popular in ohio. trump has been winning in the
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stateses with 35 percent of the disaffected republican vote. and i think by p making the pitch he heard him doing on nafta, mr. trump is trying to guarantee that he gets 35 or 40 percent in ohio. and he might be eckout a win over the popular governor there. kasich has accomplished a lot in ohio. if there is a favorite son, it is john kasich and if he does win, it suggests that trump is going to have weaknesses in places like ohio in the general election. it would open a vulnerability. >> we have one thing from you. if you are a democrat, you would be feeling pretty good of getting the white house. >> i think hillary clinton will get the nomination i think. and back to what aaron said in
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ted cruz in the northern states. i think cruz would have difficulty compoting with hillary and the purple states and i would not be surprised if trump did as well. if i am a democrat and look at this in the bloodless terms possible p. their way forward is looking good considering what is happening in the republican party. thank you both. >> thank you. >> we are just getting started here on america's headquarters. we want to bring you up-to-date on head lines, including a admission concerns the link between football and brain disorders. what the nfl is now saying about that. and if the republican nominee wins the white house, he will work closely with house speak per paul ryan.
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>> the speaker of the house, paul ryan has spoken to all of the candidates and received positive responses to the house agenda. >> trump called and you say we called him back and walked him and i spoke with ted, marco and john. i was on the budget committee as a freshman when john kasich was chairman. and i walked them through the agenda project and what our components and we got good reception from all four candidates, including trump. >> speaker ryan plans to support whomever will become the republican nominee. >> new information about the lingering affects of football after the players leave the
10:19 am
field. first time the senior officials in the nfl are admitting a link between football and brain disorders and they are siaying t exists. >> reporter: the nfl is admitting they buy in new research show the kinds of head injuries and cte. they have questions of how strong the link is. the top safety officer of the nfl was asked to react to boston expert research that finds it in brains out of 90 to 94 nfl vets she examined. and the nfl said certainly the research showed retired nft players are diagnosed with cte and so the answer to that question is certainly yes. but he would not therorrize
10:20 am
about what it would change in the game. and the reason it is hard to tell if the nfl player ares are getting cte there is no way to diagnose it in someone that is alive. they admit there is a big problem with brain injuries and the excutive director explained that "the nfl spent the last decade trying to convince the world the link was not real." and a lot of people have based a lot of their decisions on whether to sign their child. this will have legal implications, it is just about time. we could see the legal implications, soon. and now as the nfl admit the cte link. lawyers want that added to compensation as part of a 1
10:21 am
billion payout plan that is in place. >> peter, thank you. a very strange request caught on camera after a naked woman leads police on a chase. a 50-year-old woman made a run for it after crashing her suv. there was reports of a womans toing things out of her vehicle. the chase ends when she was hit by another driver. they gave her a blue tarp to cover her as she shouts johova h. she had whiskey and heroin and pills. they charged her with reckless driving. >> she was in serious.
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they are dealing with massive floods. and the wet weather is in the forecast for some of the day's primary states. and a major gaffe from hillary clinton when talking about libertarian where four americans were killed in the attack on benghazi. 't weigh me down. for the nutrition you wa without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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>> libya was a different type of calculation and we didn't lose a single person and we didn't have a problem in supporting our european and arab allies in working with nato. >> what do you think? >> that was hillary clinton defending the regime change in libya. and her claim that the u.s. didn't lose anyone failed to mention the attack in benghazi
10:26 am
where americans were killed. joining us is the former deputies. >> and david, i will begin with you. shaun smith and glenn, and ambassador stephens. how do you forget four dead americans. >> you don't. i interpreted them to be losing allies. was it a gaffe or mistake when donald trump used racist terms? that is a big, big deal. this is simply not even close. >> you don't mean to say that the deaths of the four americans are not a big deal? >> i said her gaffe lose others. i interpreted that to mean
10:27 am
alloys. she talked about all of the people she anyhow and how tragic and painful. of course, she's talked about that. >> she failed to mention that, david. >> you can't compare. donald trump said i can't wait to take it out on hillary clinton and attack hillary clinton. let's talk about donald trump and what he said. you are trying to make. it >> right now,oc, we are talking about hillary clinton and the race on the democratic ticket against bernie sanders. i toss to you mercedez. it is not her first gaffe. it is her second in several days and spent monday trying to walk back comments on coal. >> i will the only candidate which has a policy of how to bring economic opportunity to use clean renewable energy as co
10:28 am
in coal counterries. we'll put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> definitely not something to say when you look at states that depend on jobs. >> that's why she is strug lipping with the white working class and lost to michigan insensitivity to what the needs are the white working class. they are looking at trade policy and the case she mentioned about the energy policy and these are things that are not benefitting me. you have many democrats who are part of the working class attracted to don would trump or if they are liberal attracted to bernie sanders. >> david, 36 percent of the people who trust hillary clinton. she has a trust issue perception
10:29 am
or possible a problem that there. and she makes gaffes and tries to state in another way, does it not? >> hillary said in a honest way i felt. i am not the greatest politician and not bill or the president obama. and i think that is right. i think she is an excellent leader and incredibly gifted and when it comes to speaking in a crowd she would feel more comfortable be talking policy. this will not be the last time. she will say things that don't come off the tripping off of the tongue. like shakespeare. she acknowledged the loss of coal jobs. she wants to put them back to work. that is a fair point.
10:30 am
you have to give something. >> generation says of coal mienters in our country, david and her to say they are not, important and that she's going to decide their future is just wrong and that is why she is so disconnected to the working class. it is why bernie sanders is making inroads with the white voters. you know that. >> let's move forward on that. and i will let you comment. senator bernie sanders focusing on the midwest where voters in illinois and chicago and can he boast his campaign with the demographic in those states, he seems to think he can. >> i think he is alluding to michigan which i salute him for. i don't think the math will add up. all states are porportional and
10:31 am
in order for bernie sanders to win, he has to win big in big states from now on. and i don't see that happens to your point, will he win a couple of states, i will bet he does. but i will bet he doesn't win the nomination. >> hillary is the queen of the south and has a huge lead with super delegates and needs 35 percent of the remaining to win. she should win this nomination. >> and thank you both for joining us. love the conversation. >> i love mercedes. >> thank you. >> and donald trump makes the final appeal to voters, can anyone stop trump's momentum to the nomination? we'll have a live report from trump headquarters. >> and ted cruz looking to make
10:32 am
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republican front runner donald trump widening his lead. and clinched a win in the northern marina islands and ted cruz is trying to make this sia two man race. trump is leading the pack and cruz is less than 100 delegates behind. they are rounding it out with key contests. and that is following the cruz campaign in houston. carl cameron is live in trump headquarters in palm beach, florida. polls close in five and half-hours or so? >> reporter: they are counting down the minutes and delegates in trump world. he could run the table tonight. trump is working hard in ohio and time in florida. they are the two states where there are hometown favorites that may not be favored by the
10:37 am
voters. and for mr. trump, a win in ohio would amount a knock out. john kasich said he would not get out of the race. and in florida, growing buzz p that trump pulls off the win. and marco rubio disagreed and said our internal numbers are different and we will continue on after tomorrow and trump is looking and sitting pretty. and marco rubio perhaps not so much and he said that no matter what happens, he will go on and say that the polls are not right and just be patient. and he's trying to rally every vote he can to get to the ballot booth. >> i think a bunch of networks will have to ask pollsters for the money back. and i think a lot of people will be embarrassed and want refunds for the money. we are going to win florida.
10:38 am
>> the other u.s. senator ted cruz decamped to houston and making phone calls in the states that are voting. and making the argument that he will get delegates today. and running second in the delegate count in north carolina and illinois. cruz argues they are doing well. and he will get the two man race against trump he's looking for. and john kasich is, the ohio governor creating and boasting about cutting taxes and spending and creating jobs. and he's looked at quotes from donald trump and a principle with women repeating his criticisms of woman and kasich said when he goes to
10:39 am
pennsylvania, come what may he will criticize trump for the sexism and the way he talks down woman. listen. >> very concerned, i just saw a commercial, i guess it was last night of the comments made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? >> well, kasich is not making that criticism and holding it for tomorrow and a clear signal no matter what happens, he will continue down the campaign trail and it could be that way to the convention in july. >> can you imagine. you will be on the road forever, carl. thank you. >> reporter: if the end of the line is contested convention, it would be well worth the trip. carl, thank you. >> texas senator ted cruz will watch the returns from home state in texas.
10:40 am
he is not expected to win ohio or florida and that could make his path to the nomination more difficult. >> reporter: good afternoon. ted cruz is taughting the stroem of endorsement. now recognizes that he is the last man standing who can defeat donald trump. those endorsements include the nod from former candidatearly fiorina and mike lee. and mark levin and editors of national review, founded by william buck pley junior. but after tonight, more than half of all gop delegates, cruz may need to win 88 percent of all delegates to be up for grabs or pray for the contested
10:41 am
convention. and the senator assessed rather differently the math surrounding the contest. >> three of those. illinois, missouri and north carolina, we are neck and neck and effectively tied with donald trump. and the remaining two ohio and florida. we are surging powerfully. >> and as further evident of the gop establishment is coaulosing behind senator cruz. and those counting himself a cruz man is neal bush. john? >> james rosen reporting from houston. thank you. still to come, a big blow for isis. a top terror group leader is dead and who he was and why he is so important to isis. and how terrorist are are
10:42 am
misusing technology meant for our protection and what is done to stop them?
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"happening now" right now, the u.s. military confirmed the top isis leader is dead. omar the chechan was one of the terror groups in charge of ground forces. iraqi forces said he was injured in a u.s. air strike and later died from those injuries. and a dozen other isis fighters were killed in the same wave of a strikes. >> before paris. he was suspected of guying
10:46 am
european jihadis and the attempts were all foiled and one of them an iphone was confiscated and it was not useful in finding him because it was encrypted. >> we are told that the encrypted phone may have prevented you of getting information about the paris attacks. >> that is a theory that needs to be looked into. but to do so, we need to get bo that phone. i say all of these smart phone make justice blind because they deprive us of information. >> the fight against terror. and the challenge for investigators trying to get information from the paris attack ring leader phone. that is drawing comparison to the trouble that the fbi is
10:47 am
facing as they try to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone. and we'll have more from a senior fellow for sister government. and it seems like the encryption issue that is brought about by private companies threw a road block. it was always possible to get in the the bottom p of crimes with something as simple as a search warrant and encryption prevents that from happening. >> the french have a world class capability. and dgse. and that is formidable for the u.s. and the fact that they could not pick up on the chatter and they miss the signals tell you about the severity. it is not just apple. but facebook and wicker and
10:48 am
telegram. we have so many apps now. one operator had their own app and running off their own server. we are the good guys and we are blind folded and can't hear or see things. that is not a good position. >> osama bin laden tried to get couriers and personal messengers riding on mules to deliver messages. and that proved to be his undoing. the encryption thing is whole another. >> whole different thing. you and i were on the day after the bin laden raid and talked about the role of intelligence and you are right, they had somebody delivering information. he was avoided the electronics, but not the human. in this case i don't have to be there and you can't see it. that phone could be a treasure
10:49 am
trough or nothing in there. we don't know. we don't have an indication as to the value because of encryption technologies and this is a project going on, called going dark. where you can't lawfully look at and intercept it and it is totally dark. it is a double edge sword. people in america will say why didn't you stop the attack. when the wolf comes knocking at the door and the wolf will? what will be the response. i am not sure we can get to middle ground as soon as we need to. >> and issues go back decades. congress i suppose could make a new law demanding apple open the encryption system. but an outfit from another country or isis itself would not be governed by those laws. >> no.
10:50 am
i was glad, john, 24 hours before the terrorist attacks happened, i had the chance to talk to a special agent in charge of the field office in atlanta, the u.s. attorney. there are over 30,000 apps that the fbi itself has concern about. many of these don't come out of the country. there's 50 countries that would prevent ability for u.s. law enforcement and the intelligence communities to monitor the conversations. it's like passing a law that says you can no longer burn down the barn. lynch spoke at the conference a couple of weeks ago. john, there are 2 billion devices out there and growing every single day. >> voters in five states today
10:51 am
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hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. ben carson said he would preferred to endorse someone other than donald trump. plus is hillary clinton in danger of louisiana ohio, illinois and missouri? we'll spell out the issues she has in those states. why was the cruz campaign back in iowa this weekend and could the pennsylvania delegate be important on the g.o.p. presidential tour? joic
10:55 am
join me in a few minutes from now. >> first some extreme weather to tell you about. storms forecasted in some of those states where voters are casting ballots today, senior meteorologist janice dean is live for us in the weather center. love it when i can talk to you. >> same here, heather. we are dealing with the potential of strong to severe weather. we think it's going to come later on, so after people get on later from the pool. there's the past 24 hours. we're watching missouri, illinois and ohio. there's our primary states. florida and north carolina look good. our severe weather set up. that means we have our cold front, warm front and in between the two the sector for large hail, damaging winds and potential of isolated tornados. most of this coming into the later evening and overnight. just watching this region here parts of missouri as well as
10:56 am
iowa and illinois for the threat for strong to severe storms. there's your future radar. you can see it. hit or miss thunderstorms from missouri this afternoon. illinois, things start to fire around 6:00 p.m. for western portions of illinois and northern portions of the state and then it really starts to get going around 8:00 p.m. hopefully, people are voting right now and they'll be home safe in case the weather gets bad. there's your forecast today. looking good for florida as well as north carolina. it's these states, ohio, illinois and missouri. we'll be watching. heather, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> i think the alarms are going off in the weather center. another block buster deal for the late michael jackson. details in our final 30 just ahead.
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♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ in the final 30, today
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michael jackson's estate agrees to sell to sony for $750 million. the movie sold production works by the beetles, bob dylan and other nice acts. >> pretty popular collection. >> thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> voting is underway already in the five key states on this super tuesday. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. donald trump and ted cruz fighting the polls early ahead. rubio and kasich fighting for home state wins to keep their campaigns alive. ohio governor feels he's turning the corner. >> we all know by the fact that i ran a positive campaign or our team has run a positive campaign that there were probably missed opportunities to get attention early on. by continuing to run the race, the positive campaigns now starting to shine


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