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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to sell to sony for $750 million. the movie sold production works by the beetles, bob dylan and other nice acts. >> pretty popular collection. >> thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> voting is underway already in the five key states on this super tuesday. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. donald trump and ted cruz fighting the polls early ahead. rubio and kasich fighting for home state wins to keep their campaigns alive. ohio governor feels he's turning the corner. >> we all know by the fact that i ran a positive campaign or our team has run a positive campaign that there were probably missed opportunities to get attention early on. by continuing to run the race, the positive campaigns now starting to shine through like a
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b beacon. >> fox team coverage in our new york city studio looking at the voter break down for us. steve in florida, ballots already being counted there. michael emanual in phoenix where bernie sanders is getting an early start. let's begin with john roberts live from miami. hi, john. >> gretchen, good afternoon to you. it's nice and a relief to not have to be standing out in the snow doing this. i'll tell you, tonight's race, ohio and florida are the ones who lum the largest. they are the ones that have the potential to change this race like the other three contests. ohio governor john kasich said he'll get out if he loses ohio. florida senator marco rubio is resisting the idea of pulling out saying he's headed to utah tomorrow regardless of what happened. if he does lose though and polls going into today suggests he could, he'll come under enormous
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pressure from ted cruz and john kasich if he steps aside. rubio insists he has a path to the nomination even if he loses here. >> the hope is at some point you'll catch momentum and the party starts to unify around you. the answer is this is a very unusual political year. no one is on pace. not even donald trump to get a majority of delegates. no one tells you how this winds up. >> rubio and kasich has taken sharp aim on the campaign trail and expressed concerns about the level of victory his campaign has attracted. he'll have a lot more to say about that if he survives tonight. >> i'll be going forward to talk about the deep concerns i have and the way this campaign has been run by some others. today's not the day to do that.
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>> i'm building things up in my mind. i'm thinking. >> here's the thing. if trump wins ohio and florida, the republican establishment has a choice to make. they either have to get behind trump, cruz or find some way to keep us all dragging out until they get us to the convention floor and then do something about it. could be a complete mess. >> nice analysis. thank you. team coverage continues now from steve whose live from a polling station as well. steve is in miami today. hi, steve. >> gretchen, florida election officials are talking about potentially a historic turnout already in the early voting. 2.1 million ballots cast. when you go around to the polling records, you get a sense among the voters of excitement. i came to vote.
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>> he's going to need the late breakers especially in heavily cuban towns like here. they're going to shock the world tomorrow despite trailing by more than double digits in most polls. as for the front runner, dond trump, we expect to see him in palm beach at 9:00 p.m. for a press conference tonight and three miles away, hillary clinton in west palm beach. she'll likely be celebrating a big victory. polls have her way ahead of bernie sanders in florida. back to you, gretchen. >> all right. abunch of number crunching there too. steef, thanks. let's go talk about hillary
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clinton, shall we. she's fighting to hold on her lead in other states. she was well ahead of the polls. that was before bernie sanders came closing in. now he's focussing on the states hoping to score more upset victories like last week in michigan. michael emanual live in phoenix, arizona. a lot of people are saying why are you in phoenix, arizona? >> legitimate question, gretchen. bernie sanders jumping ahead to here in phoenix to rally supporters and watch returns. sanders has been spending part of his primary day in chicago. he told supporters he's feeling optimistic in those five states. sanders have five rallies in four states and mocked hillary clinton without using her name. >> there was once a candidate who was the anointed one who was inevitable. today she is not so inevitable.
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>> sanders has hammered hillary clinton for her support of free trade deals over the years. it was an effective attack in michigan and his team believes it will work. in north carolina sanders says free trade that been a job killer for the textile and furniture industries. >> what america wanted was obvious. what they wanted was not to have to pay people in north carolina or ohio or vermont a living wage. what they wanted to do is to shut down factories in america and the case of north carolina your entire textile industry. >> sanders is trying to reassure democrats he can get it done. he can be the nominee if there is a big turnout in those five states tonight they'll be watching for some surprises here in phoenix.
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we use to work down here. >> you know it well. columbus here in the middle in franklin county. there's where john kasich is from. that's where you get the majority of your votes. that's union vote, lost jobs. all that stuff. something interesting, two states that boardered ohio have already voted. i don't know what this means. when john kasich came out and
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changed his tone towards donald trump became interesting. look at the counties that boarder ohio. trump won half of them. cruz won the other half. in all of these, john kasich finished third. in a third one he finished second. the reason i bring that up is because you know tv markets bleed into other states and you get a lot of television coverage and news coverage for the sitting governor of ohio. i have no idea what that means. just an interesting antidote. >> we're going to talk later on about kasich's turn in his approach to donald trump. let's move on to illinois and missouri. >> not a lot of polling in either state. nothing like florida or ohio so far. illinois more polling than missouri. trump appears to have a lead
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right now. illinois is not win or take all. does ted cruz have a chance? missouri kind of screwed things up. they got out of order. when it was all added up, sanatorium was a winner. he won in iowa and kansas and he won his home state of texas as well. if you pull out quickly on the bigger math, this is cruz's country here in the center part and maybe has missouri or illinois throughout tonight. neither winner take all. >> okay. let's move over to the southeast coast again. north carolina is not win or take all but it's a lot of delegates. >> it is.
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we'll see how to proportional break down goes. rubio hasn't campaigned here a lot. neither has kasich. you would think it was a two man race. if that's the case, three states have voted that boarder north carolina. trump is in purple. every county that boarders north carolina he has won. tennessee, come on. >> come on. >> come on, tennessee. come on volunteers. there we go. every county in eastern tennessee, trump. same for south carolina as well. every candidate boarders north carolina. if you figure some of that bleeds over, trump could have a good night in north carolina, we'll see. >> bill, great analysis. >> clear? >> yeah. thanks so much. you can catch bill. it all starts here on fox 6:00 p.m. eastern. cruz keeps saying he's the only
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candidate who can beat donald trump. could it be john kasich who has a chance to go toe to toe with the front runner? >> i will be, however, forced going forward, to talk about some of the deep concerns i have about the way this campaign has been run by some others, by one other in particular. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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and terrorist back in november. police in brus ls say the suspects are chasing. streets are blocked off and skooms are locked down in that neighborhood near the homes of several people tied to the paris attacks. they're still to be done with. let's go back to politics now. ted cruz keeping his eye on ohio today. yeah, i'm going to say that again. ted cruz keeping his eye on ohio holding campaign events in the delegate rich state even though the media rode him off there. >> the media is trying to say cruz, you need not come to ohio. we've decided in the media that we're either giving it to donald trump angie harrell john kasich and we don't care which is which. >> national spokesman for ted cruz for president. it's great to have you back on the real story. it's not really just the media, is it. it's the polls that say realistically can ted cruz
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really win ohio? >> well, you know, the polls in the state of main said donald trump was way ahead by 17 points and both donald trump and ted cruz went to main and both asked for the voters there and ted cruz walked away with a victory. it was a three way tie. ted cruz went there and asked for votes. the only way we win these states is by going to those states and asking with the degree of humility and offering a better alternative to the candidates. >> it makes sense when you look at it that way. i guess the next question is the mission of three of the four g.o.p.'s who are not trump is to try to stop trump momentum, wouldn't it be better for cruz to support kasich in ohio and ted cruz might win missouri or some of it. >> these are i
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theories by people in political science 101 class or the media or elsewhere but the real world doesn't work that way. it's arrogant for candidates to assume they can tell their supporters what to do and they'll do that. >> i hear ya. >> the way we beat donald trump is by winning in these states and we only have the opportunity to win when we fully engage and go there and ask people for their support and allow them to make their decision. we're asking for support in the district of columbia and everywhere. >> i get what you're saying about that. we don't want to stop people from doing what they want to do. it's important to go out and voice your opinion and that's called voting. i guess when you look at the numbers realistically, that's one of the theories that analyst have had. i want to move on to this. could it be that your candidate ted cruz would suffer the same fate mike huckabee and rick
11:18 am
sanatorium last time around but then when you move up to the northeast and the west that cruz won't have the same kind of evangelical following there? >> yeah, this is one of the things misperpetuated. ted cruz is a regional candidate and can only do well in the south and bible belt. he came out and won in the state of maine and alaska and in the state of idaho. these are not southern states at all. he's really wanted a variety there and that's a type of republican candidate we need to unite the republican party into the november collection. >> all right. all the best to your candidate. great to have you back. thank you. how the election can change for whichever candidate wins or
11:19 am
loses the big buckeye state. the results are open and the polls are going to have a huge impact on the race. are you voting today? are you in one of the five states and if you are, send us your pictures. i would love to show you voting with your mug shot today at the end of the show. send them on in. i have asthma...
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back to politics now. high stakes as governor kasich battles trump for the
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presidential win. >> kasich can't make america great again. your governor is totally overrated and hasn't done a thing. without oil you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union, believe me. >> despite the race in ohio, kasich doing his best to ignore trump's rhetoric. >> any of you ever seen me getting out of control i want you to take me aside and i want you to say remember what you told us at that press conference. >> new hampshire senator is a kasich supporter. that press conference with kasich is telling. it's the first time a couple of things happened. he said he hadn't noticed the negativity and controversy of donald trump until recently and number two he said moving past ohio i'm going to have to take a closer look at that and you know, i may have to say some
11:24 am
things about what donald trump has said. why did your candidate change his stance on this today? >> well, it's not really a change in stance. look, the riots, the violence, the fighting, that's taken the news by storm and was on friday. john kasich was campaigning friday, saturday and sunday. what he's saying is he didn't go back and look at all the things that donald trump had said not just over the last few days but last few months until recently. even that clip you just read, he says things that aren't true. less than 5% are in the industry. when he doesn't have the facts, he makes things up.
11:25 am
>> i guess when i heard him say this is the first time he heard this. i guess moving forward, let's say it's good news for tonight. moving forward, does that mean we're going to see john kasich go negative? >> i don't know. we'll see. governor kasich has talked about the fact the health care plan doesn't add up. obviously, he has no experience balancing dujtss and covering taxing. you can do it in a way and john kasich has in a way that's serious and presidential that will command respect from the allies around the world instead of putting us in a negative light. there's also a difference in achievement and record and success.
11:26 am
no one in this campaign has the success of john kas kirks ch building jobs. >> he said if he doesn't win tonight he'll get out of the race. then there's discussion on pennsylvania. >> we have a full campaign scheduled for the week ahead. pennsylvania, utah is all part of the plan. john kasich is going to win ohio and illinois and i think that will underscore the fact no one is going to get to this convention with the majority of delegates and what they're going to be asked to do is choose the candidate, the republican to carry the standard and beat hillary clinton in the fall and no one has run stronger than john kasich. that is the key to victory. >> if he doesn't win his home
11:27 am
state, he's still staying in the race. >> ben carson said he would preferred to endorse someone other than donald trump and that he was told he had a role in his administration if he gets there. new details on that. it was a scene of campaign chaos just a few days ago and now a lye look at chicago as voters cast their ballots there today as well. could hillary clinton lose what use to be her home state tonight. ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. bottom of the hour. super tuesday. live look now at voters in ohio. st. louis missouri and of course illinois also taking to the polls today. donald trump cancelled a rally friday night. they confronted each other. illinois not a win or take all states. the candidates are battling it out to the share of the delegates. mike live in the windy city today. mike, whack we expect there today? >> well, you know, gretchen, if there's going to be an upset in illinois, anticipate that will be on the democratic side and that's because black lives matter and other minority groups are out demonstrating not
11:32 am
against donald trump but hill cr -- hillary clinton. there is an organization which has reportedly hired a plane that's going to have a sign over the city. demonstrators are showing up at the polling locations. he's right on hillary's heels. >> sanders is going to continue to win states and she's going to drag him alodge all the way to the convention.
11:33 am
>> the most pop ewe lis county in the state. gretchen. >> has there been an impact on the republican side for the demonstrators shutting down the trump rally friday night? >> the gut reaction i want to give you is it galvanized people to show up and vote for trump. we're not seeing that with the numbers. possibly because of cruz's behavior. he seeks fertile ground in both illinois and missouri. he's been barn storming between the two locations and in doing so, at least in illinois he has closed the gap from nine points to 6.5. kasich is trailing. a lot of word of buzz. hearing it on talk radio a bit. trump has all the thunder. the turnout is up above 2008. one poll worker used the word wo bonkers to describe the polling activity.
11:34 am
>> hillary facing hostility in illinois where she was born. meanti meantime, she's facing backlash about libya. ed henry live in lake worth. that sounds like clinton had another gap. >> what's interesting is she tries to defend secretary of track. he says something that seems to try to wipe out. >> we didn't have a problem. >> remember, a couple of days
11:35 am
ago at another forum she wanted to eliminate an added business. this one obviously much more serious. we didn't lose anyone in libya. >> yeah, sanders big strength suppose to be in the midwest. can he really beat clinton in her native state of illinois? >> well, she has several home places, i guess. illinois has become a dead heat and this may be the rom emanual factor. sanders has been very effective at tying the unpopular mayor to clinton. the bottom line is if sanders runs the table, it's going to show this is a much longer, more protracted battle than clinton expected. so the math is still going to be good for her. this momentum might be on sanders side and losing the home state of illinois could be a big
11:36 am
blow. >> all right. are you the only guy there in a suit and tie. >> i am. they're telling me to take it off because it's hot. >> wow. >> okay. i'm jealous you're down there on the beach. ed, have a great day. >> all right. for more on this, let's bring in simon, president and founder of clinton campaign adviser. larry o'conor host on the mall and editor at large on all right. so let's pick up where we left off with ed. simon, let me start with you about hillary's gas she had and what might happen now up in some of these states tonight. >> listen, it's likely she wins north carolina and florida. what happens when these three other states have demography more like michigan, we don't know. it could be a late night and a dramatic night last week when
11:37 am
bernie bonn michigan. i think we're going to know a lot more about more parties tonight. there's some evidence that the candidates are getting tired. this has been a grueling six weeks. it's been a compressed calender and hillary made a few mistakes in the last six days and they're all going to rest tonight. >> i don't know if forgetting the ambassador and three other dead americans is blamed on being tired. >> larry, the direct quote is we didn't lose anyone in libya. >> i know. it's going to be pretty tiring to be president of the united states too. so she better get her act together. they had all the candidates. we won't just target. yeah, i will target hillary clinton. are you kidding me? this is the same woman by the way who called the mother of one of those fallen heroes in bbenga liar.
11:38 am
she is so craving she'll say whatever she has to to win. she barely ekes out a win in illinois. they've barely said this is a big victory. no one's going to buy that. michigan, ohio, illinois, these are rough belt states democrats have to win. missouri, meanwhile, she's raising up these dixie states. the republicans could nominate sanders. it doesn't matter she's winning down there. >> let's move on to this. ben carson confessing he didn't really want to endorse donald trump but he offered a roll in his administration. he said i didn't see a path for john kasich that i liked. is there another scenario i would have preferred? yes. he went on to say i would be doing things in an advisory capacity. i'm not revealing any details because all of this is very liquid. when you endorse somebody, don't
11:39 am
you stick with it. don't you say my heart is into this and i'm behind donald trump. he's now saying he wishes he could endorse another candidate. >> ben carson feels like a mr. magoo sometimes. he gets very confused in a hand with politics. it is amazing how many mistakes, talk about gaps, right. this guy has been a gas machine since the endorsement on friday. it reminds you getting endorsed by somebody could be a double edged sword. they bring stuff but could bring stuff you don't want. carson has brought a lot of ridicule to the trump campaign. >> it was interesting because when they had the press conference together trump and carson said i'm going to have him do something on education because he's an expert on that. no doubt he's had a ton of education. you have to to become a neuro surgeon. brilliant guy. i'm wondering what does ben carson know that we don't about
11:40 am
what he would be doing in a trump administration. >> you know, gretchen, i like to say presidential endorsements are the fruit salad of life. >> i found that before. >> ben carson is one of the most unique individuals i've seen in the political arena. he's a likely incredible guy. he's doing exactly what people who love donald trump love what he does which is tells it like it is. doesn't speak like a politician. he answered the question honestly and people eat that stuff up. i don't know if it's going to hurt donald trump to be honest with you. i asked my morning radio show about it today. is this helping or hurting donald trump and everybody said we love dr. carson, he's helping do donald trump. >> okay. that's what we've seen this time around. we're all watching tonight. simon and larry, see you next week. a lot of people streaming into the polls in the five states today as you can see on your
11:41 am
screen there. donald trump getting hit with words about women. listen to this. >> i can be more presidential than any president the united states has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. i don't think i can beat honest abe. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. my man, lemme guess who you're wearing... everyone's lookin' red carpet ready.
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shep around smith on fox news. three years ago time magazine called marco rubio the republican savior. today his campaign seems to be circling the drain. we'll talk about what went wrong and what that reporter calls marco rubio's three big mistakes that just might seal his mistake. shepard smith reporting begins top of the hour. >> back to the real story.
11:45 am
new york times breaking down what it calls the geography of trumpism. what variables surround the places that support donald trump for president. the stronger predicator tested is the high proportion of whites without a high school diploma. next biggest predicator is respondents that answer americans. little more than half of trump supporters are living in a mobile home and trump territory showing stronger support for segregationist in the 1968 election than the rest of the country. so while donald trump does well with males, does he do as well with females? there's a new attack add now against him featuring women reading actual trump quotes about women. here it is. >> you know, it really doesn't matter what they write as long as you've got a long and beautiful piece of pleep bleep. >> that must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.
11:46 am
>> senator majority leader mitch mcconnell offered advice moving forward. >> he called me to reach out and we had a good conversation and i mentioned to him that i thought it would be a good idea for him no matter who starts these violent episodes to condemn it and discourage it. >> joining me now is chris collins, republican from new york and trump supporter. it's interesting to look at this attack add coming out now about women and having these women use phrases that i guess donald trump has said about women. do you think it will be effective against your candidate? >> no, gretchen, let's face it. this was donald trump the entertainer pretty much ten years ago on a howard stern show. what you're seeing is the energy of donald trump as a true leader whether in florida or other elections already. his support is energized because everyone knows when donald trump says america first he's going to
11:47 am
secure our boarders and get our jobs back. he's so believable they look at the trump organization with women in very top positions. donald trump's actions speak way louder than the words when it comes to how he's treated women within his own organization. >> that's a great point. i guess what i'm hearing now and my next question is earlier today one of his spokes person says that's a tv character he says those things and just now you as a support says the same thing yet when ben carson endorsing trump said there's two donald trumps, donald trump said no, there's only one donald trump. is that going to be the campaign line going forward? there's the presidential candidate and the tv character? >> i think going forward and tonight after donald trump wins ohio on top of a double digit win in florida and he'll be our
11:48 am
pru sump tif nominee he'll defeat hillary clinton. she has her own questions to answer whether it's benghazi or hillary or whether it's her e-mails and that will be the ship we'll have and donald trump, i think, you're going to see him moving forward hopefully after tonight as our nominee on the issues because he'll have the nomination block out. >> one of the big states today where he's neck and neck with the ohio governor john kasich. kasich had an interesting press conference where he would have to change his rhetoric. he also spoke about the anti trump add. listen to this. >> i've been very concerned, i just saw a commercial i guess last night of these comments that were made about women. i have two daughters. >> how do you answer that? >> well, there's no question a,
11:49 am
i'm from new york where politics is a blood sport and i've been in it 10 years now and desperate politicians, desperate candidates do desperate things and you're seeing everything but the kitchen sing thrown at donald trump. >> wait a minute. you're saying john kasich is being desperate saying he doesn't know if he wants his two daughters to hear these words about women? >> it's true. what we're seeing in some of these debates we wish wasn't happening. in politics today, these things come out. they come out in primaries and generals and city counsel races for god sakes. it's negative advertising, desperation politics and a sad day that's what politics has dropped to in america and fasten your seat belts when it comes to what's going to happen in november. >> that's the understatement of the century, i think.
11:50 am
i want to point out that pack that put out the add spent $5.3 million on air against trump so far. not sure it's made a huge difference. we'll have to see. >> look at florida. look what they spent in florida. >> a lot. millions. maybe it's one of the first years that the negative adds don't effect the front runner. great to see you. >> you too, gretchen. >> whcould a pennsylvania delege be one of the more important people on the convention floor? we have the real story convention delegates if, if it comes down to cleveland, it's looking like it could. you want to hear, this part of the story. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
11:51 am
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presidential candidates are reaching out for voters. right? but at the same time a shadow campaign is now under way reaching out for delegates going to the convention, in case there's an open contest. trace gallagher with more on this shadow convention. i love a good mystery. what'd you find out? >> the shadow campaign as you said under way in case none of the gop candidates get enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee and it becomes a contested convention if that happens, gretchen here's the way it works. the 2,472 gop delegates would take a vote at the convention in cleveland. on the first ballot most of those delegates are obligated to support whichever candidate won them during the primaries and caucuses. makes sense. but on the second, third, and fourth ballots many states allow their delegates to vote for whoever they want. so in essence, they're double agents because they can switch their loyalties at the drop of a hat. and that's why the campaigns have people in key states trying
11:55 am
to sway those double agents. for example, donald trump won 36 delegates in alabama. so alabama really is off the table because all of those delegates, they are forced to support donald trump throughout the race. no changing. but the 40 delegates that trump won in georgia only have to support him on the first ballot. so if there's a second ballot, a third ballot, they can choose whoever they want. the campaigns then see georgia as a prime zone to steal delegates. so they kind of flood the zone. then there's wild card states like pennsylvania, which has 71 delegates. but 56 of the 71 are unbound, meaning they're free agents, they can vote for whoever they want. so you can bet the campaigns have representatives in pennsylvania trying to sway those delegates. also keep in mind there are no rules against cutting deadlines to swing delegates. so maybe campaigns offer to toss in maybe a few travel perks, pay the travel expenses. and finally, when push comes to
11:56 am
shove, none of the candidates if they can't reach that magic number of 1,237, that's when the party bosses, they jump in and they can adjust the rules to support the candidate they believe will best suit the party. that is when the real chaos could begin. >> yeah. get out the boxing gloves. trace gallagher, thank you. what's the good news about this blood sport of politics? my take coming up. testing, te. 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪ ♪ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ ♪soul radiation in the dead of night...♪ ♪love in the middle of a fire fight...♪ ♪ ♪honey gotta strike me blind... ♪somebody gotta save my soul...
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12:00 pm
away just a few months ago. and as we wait for the next contest, the general election will be here soon too. from today just 237 days until all of america votes. thanks for being part of the real story. your pictures tomorrow. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and today voters could finally end the questions about the republican convention. if donald trump locks up florida, ohio, and the majority of the other delegates, the nomination could be a cinch to clinch. but if he fails, well, then it's anybody's game. all four republicans say they're in it to win it. and the head of the rnc says he's prepared if this comes down to a contested contest. >> it would be a challenge, but i think it can produce enormous interest and ultimately a winner. >> it certainly would do that. and the kasich campaign appears to be counting on that sort of showdown. >> when i win ohio, it's a whole new ball game. i mean, we're going to be off to a convention. and i think at a convention they're not going to pick the --


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