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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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changes everything on fox news channel. the dow kind of flat, now kind of up. small things. enjoy them. "your world with neil cavuto" is beginning. stay with us all night, primetime coverage othe election should be fascinating. all right. this could be the night that, well, ruins a lot of promising presidential careers, or it could be one that ignites a couple or one namely. ohio is the focus with all the other races because it's in ohio that someone other than donald trump stands the best chance of emerging the victor. jeff is at a polling place now in north homestead ohio. >> reporter: i don't think it's too strong a word to say these voters behind me outside of cleveland hold the key to the presidential future in their hands. could it be john kasich?
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who we have pictures voting for himself. he said he was delighted to do that. he indicated the gloves may be coming off between he and donald trump going forward. john kasich said today, i'm not going to have a lot of stuff to say about this. but tomorrow i will have more to say. and he says he's going to win. listen to what he told reporters after he voted. >> i will be, however, forced going forward to talk about some of the deep concerns i have about the way this campaign has been run by some others. by one other in particular. but today is not the day to do that. >> reporter: it was the day, however, for donald trump to hit back at governor kasich. he said, quoting from a tweet now, in presidential voting so far, john kasich is 0 for 22. so why would he be a good candidate? hillary would beat him and i would beat hillary. that's not what the national polls seem to indicate, but
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that's another day. today, his political life is on the line. neil? >> thank you very much, jeff. there is another winner take all state that has enormous implications for the candidate who has to win it, not just ohio. i'm talking florida, 99 delegates up for grabs, the winner gets them all. this was a must-win for marco rubio, the young senator from the state of florida, for whom fortunes looked so good. does this hpen to florida a lot, confusion at the polls? steve harrigan with the latest in miami. hey, steve. >> reporter: neil, it does seem to happen in florida every couple of years and it's happening again. although officials are calling these minor hiccups. in central florida, they've run out of ballots in some places. some problems with electronic scanners creating lines in the switchover to paper.
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and the ballots being used still have 13 republicans on that ballot instead of the four who are now running and three democrats instead of the two who are running. and we've just seen donald trump is concerning saying his name is not on the ballot. election officials say keep in mind, florida is a closed primary. you have to be a registered republican or democrat to vote in the presidential primary. if you're an independent, they'll give you a local ballot for local issues but not a presidential one. that could be the source of the confusion. >> thank you very much, my friend in florida. that is a closed primary state, by the way. only republicans can vote. half of the states up for grabs tonight, it's anyone in. but in florida, one of those states, republican and republicans only have a chance to vote in that primary. >> you've heard of this contested map one way or the
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other. suffice it to say, if donald trump picked up ohio and florida, he is well on his way to winning the republican nomination, including the pace at which he would have to do that. he would have to pick up 42% of the remaining delegates if he wins both states. if not, it gets to be more like 70% of the remaining delegates. that's what a difference it can make. he split s them. it gets complicated, be as we go through the last half of this, it's going to get complicated. patrick, if i can begin with you, your take with what's at stake here if donald trump really pulled both of those states out, ohio and florida, then what? >> if he pulls both of those out and does well in the other states, which he should do, except ohio, that's winner take all, and that would be a different -- he's well on his
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way, i think, in terms of numbers of delegates. it will also lower the field. the argument is, once he's one candidate against another, assuming it's ted cruz, if that's the case or even kasich, you know, maybe they'll beat him, maybe they won't. for him it's an important night because he's been through this controversy crisis, and if he's on his way to the nomination, it is a chance for him to put the party back together and to begin to evolve his candidacy where he needs to do it. if he doesn't, we are probably headed to a convention in cleveland unlike anything we've seen in the century. >> i'm looking at this, there were three winner take all states tonight, florida, ohio, and illinois. you're donald trump and you're looking at all these states where you're favored to win in five of them. he already picked up the northern mariana islands.
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>> an early harbinger. >> that's why when you see donald trump's totals, 469, so we have the northern marianas, so 358 delegates remaining up for grabs tonight. but if he loses ohio, wins everything else, his math is still very favorable, isn't it? >> reporter: it is favorable. but there is an argument to be made by john kasich and even a little by ted cruz recently, that he's not on his way to securing the actual number of delegates needed. and so if john kasich wins ohio tonight, he's still -- it's not like he'll beat donald trump in a delegate count. he will still be far from it, but it will allow him to continue on in this race and he'll continue to try to peel off delegates in various states
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that are left in the calendar. but if donald trump is successful tonight, that will be a really big win for him moving forward. and that would mean that john kasich and marco rubio would presumably have to leave the race if trump beat them in their home states. that would make it harder for rivals to peel delegates away from donald trump. >> pat, how likely is that? you're donald trump, you play that math out? go ahead. >> remember, we have a number of other winner take all states coming. new jersey is winner take all. pennsylvania is winner take all. illinois is winner take more, by the way. that's if you get over half. >> i'm glad you pointed that out. it can work out to be winner take all. >> yes, it can. if you sweep the districts, because the delegates are being allocated mostly through the district level. and if you sweep those, you can
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do it in a state like, you know, some state it is you get 50%, you get all the delegates any way. >> which is what i meant to say. >> the point is, we have a lot of those contests. the republicans set their calendar to more of these winner take all. new york is another winner take more state. so if you're getting those kinds of numbers, if you're way ahead and you have a chance then to accumulate lots of delegates quickly. but the problemis, if he is one on one, ohio is really critical, but i don't see how kasich goes on if he loses. >> john kasich says he's done if he loses ohio. marco rubio says he'll fight on if he loses. >> reporter: i think that would be difficult for him to make the
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case, especially if john kasich wins ohio. rubio has been talking a lot in past days about the effort to stop donald trump and you could do that by perhaps rallying behind someone like kasich, i think someone like ted cruz would be less likely, but lots of people in the republican party and voters i talked to throughout the state here in florida have been kind of hoping for that kind of scenario. but i would also keep an eye out tonight for ted cruz who is campaigning and who has been cam paning in states like north carolina and illinois and hoping to peel away some delegates, especially when certain congressional districts, and he is keeping pace with donald trump so far. >> i agree with caitlin on that. cruz has been very smart how he's targeted the districts he wants to go after. he has a real organization. if you look at the advertising
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dollars he and his pacs are spending, super pacs, and they're devoted to making sure that any of the districts they want to pick. and i think he has a real shot, by the way, at missouri. the only state i worry about tonight, other than ohio being close, is missouri because santorum won it big last time. but we'll see what kind of reaction this weekend causes. i think there is a backlash probably -- >> he hasn't had any backlashes to deal with. >> it could be for him. but if we do go to the convention, it will be the first one where we go in where someone is trying to get nominated perhaps who didn't run in the primary. >> oh, here we go. >> that's only been since 1960. >> thank you very much for the history lesson. you guys are great. there is a democratic race going on, and hillary clinton was expected and is expected so sweep these events tonight. but need i remind you, it wasn't
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long ago she was up by 20 plus in michigan and expected to win that one easily. didn't happen. i'm looking at the list of states today. could something surprise her in illinois and ohio? we ale see.
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all right. could democrats be in store for a roughed up surprise, in other words, big states, manufacturing states, states that once had manufacturing. bernie sanders was trailing by 20 points in michigan.
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i'm thinking of illinois and ohio and wisconsin, some of these other big states that could go his way if the temperament is such that they've had it with trade deals. what do you think, dan? >> the polls show hillary clinton leading in all five states, but bernie sanders is within single digits to strike within three of them, ohio, illinois, and missouri. i think there's a very good chance he could win at least one, maybe eke out two or three. that would be a huge coup. it would show weakness of hillary clinton. bernie sanders has been saying that hillary clinton is a regional candidate. if he only wins in north carolina and florida, that continues his argument that he can only win in the south and he can win elsewhere, especially places that are affected by the manufacturing and these trade deals. i think the bernie sanders campaign continues. i would expect an upset somewhere. >> but she'll still accumulate
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more delegates. he doesn't only have to win, he has to start winning big, right, to deny her that nomination? >> he's going to have a hard time winning that nomination. the math is not in his favor. she's way ahead in delegate count and the super delegate count. >> those super delegates can always get deterred. they were with her eight years ago and one by one, and then by the dozens, they left her for barack obama, right? >> they could -- unless something huge happened, it's not clear how that shift would happen. even if he continues to win. but bernie sanders has an outside shot, say he wins 20 states or 20 contests in this nominating process. why can't he bring it to the convention, which i think he
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owes it to his he januadonors a raising all this money from historically large number of people, why can't he bring it to the convention and say i deserve a spot on this ticket and be a serious vp contender. >> do you think that will happen? >> there's an outside chance and it might be something she has to do if he continues to beat her in these old manufacturing states like ohio and missouri. i think he has a real argument, especially against somebody like donald trump who is making in roads with his argument against these trade deals. hillary clinton is not authentic on this issue, having favored nafta. she could stand to benefit from having a bernie sanders' voice. by staying in and winning contests, he's least making an argument for himself to be on the ticket.
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so she should stay in the race regardless of the outcome. >> dan, thank you very much. i want to bring in ed henry who is in lakewood, florida. good to see you, ed. what does it look like there? >> reporter: well, neil, in florida here hillary clinton may have her biggest victory. this is the biggest share of delegates up for grabs tonight for democrats, almost 250 of them. they're proportional, so bernie sanders can scoop up some of them. her problem is not the south, she's been running the table. it's the midwest. a bad blow to lose illinois if she did. sanders has been tying her to rahm emanuel. and those trade issues. clinton ducked a question whether she simply wishes all this would go away and she could focus on the general election tomorrow. and sanders is talking stuff about the road ahead and how long he's sticking to it. watch.
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>> that's not my choice. we are building up and as long as people come out and vote and nobody thinks it's done, i think the numbers are adding up in our favor. i think the number of delegates will continue to increase. so i'm going to keep working as hard as i can. >> i think if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just great here in illinois, missouri, and ohio. and hopefully north carolina, florida. i think that in the states coming down the pike, we have opportunities to win many of them. >> reporter: so to bernie sanders' point, tonight he's heading to arizona. one of the big primaries ahead for democrats and he's talking about staying in until at least california, june 7, sanders thinks he can win that state.
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neil? >> ed henry, thank you very much, there in florida. in the meantime, i want to bring you up to date on what mitch mcconnell had to say in a certain phone call with donald trump. yeah, they did touch base, but i'm not sure if it was the kind of touching base that donald trump welcomed. that's after this. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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donald trump called this morning. had a good conversation. i took the opportunity to recommend to him that no matter who may be triggering these violent expressions or conflicts that we've seen in some of these rallies, it might be a good idea to condemn that.
1:24 pm
>> all right. now, that was the majority leader mitch mcconnell talking about a conversation he had with donald trump on these violent episodes that kurd occurred at number of these rallies. paul ryan, the speaker, had urged much the same on the part of donald trump and for protesters. shawn, what do you make of this? ite these guys are lecturing donald trump. are they? >> no, not at all. look, we as conservatives, we think our policies are better, and i think we want to be out there in terms of our candidate presenting the best face for ward and talking about how we can grow our party, add more conservatives in, bring more people into the movement and while the left tries to disrupt
1:25 pm
us, we need to stay focused on bringing a positive message to our movement and keeping people engaged in the process. >> again, i'm just reading between the lines, but when it was the criticism of ryan, and ditto for mitch mcconnell, the concern was to say yes, there are these protesters, but they did put a lot of the onus on donald trump himself. how different is that from president obama saying much the same thing? >> i think we can all agree one of our greatest rights as americans is our ability to speak out. we just muse that right of free speech respectfully. people may disagree with you, people may agree with you, but you can co-exist. we can go out there and make the case for conservative values but we don't need to do it and
1:26 pm
incite violence. neil, i think it's interesting, because here's the interesting take. everybody is rallying around what happened and the fact is, number one, there was a professional disrupters that have come and done this. and the left has stayed silent. debbie wasserman schultz, hillary clinton, they've said nothing. when hillary clinton had a rally that said "i want to strangle carly fiorina." she left and the rest of the democratic party stayed silent. number three, last night they have this town hall with chris matthews who has said a litany of obscene comments, yet they've embraced a guy like that, and yet the democratic party has no problem embracing someone as racist and obscene as chris matthews or staying silent when something talks about beating
1:27 pm
carly fiorina, yet they're the first ones in line to condemn everyone else. all sides need to understand that what we need to do is freely talk about our policies and why they're better. >> that's the problem. i understand what you're saying, but when hillary clinton did go through the extra dimension of saying this is the type of thing that precipitates lynchings md the rest, it was out of control. so why would mitch mcconnell and paul ryan add to that by putting part of the onus on donald trump to keep things calm? >> i think as leaders -- >> what do you think he would have to do? trump has said, i don't have to do anything. i have not egged anyone on. it's these guys that burst into my events and are well coordinated attacks. >> right. and i look to someone like
1:28 pm
ronald reagan and other leaders that talked and created a sense of aspiration, that talked about a better america, a better republican party. we have to remember that the volume is turned up. >> do you think his volume is turned up, that he's got to bring it down, that donald trump has to bring it down? >> i think we all need to be cognizant, every single one of us. when you look at the folks on the right in the conservative movement, we're saying we can have a civil debate among disagreeing parties and interests. it's the left that stays silent. i find it funny that the conservative movement takes all the heat. but you see debbie wasserman sh schultz, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they embrace people like bill maher, chris matthews and they call republicans terrorists. they talk about lynchings. debbie wasserman schultz talked about republicans taking the
1:29 pm
back of their hand to women. they have no problem with over the top rhetoric. i'm not condoning it, but the democrats on the left are easy to point fingers and never want any of the blame. >> shawn, always good talking to you. crazy times, they are. you know, you always hear about the establishment versus donald trump and all that. i want you to hear from a guy that is not a fan of donald trump. but he's telling his fellow establishment guys, ease up, shut up, move on. stop it. he's next. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice... ...about my toothpaste and mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen.
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1:34 pm
>> what kind of reaction have you gotten to that? >> well, i've gotten calls from my friends, most of them like what i say. but my friends generally like what i say, but this was something that i think needed to be said. you know, we went to school in third grade and you had a class election, the guy with the most votes won the election. that's what we try to teach people. with what's going on in this campaign, especially guys like bernie sanders telling everybody that the game is rigged, by us not allowing the democratic process to work, we prove bernie sanders right, and that's probably the last thing we should want to do. >> and you are a john kasich supporter. you prefer john kasich of ohio. so you weren't really showing any political leanings this way, just to be care, right? >> right. i line john kasich. i like what he stands for.
1:35 pm
i like donald trump. i disagree with him on immigration. but nevertheless, if donald win the most delegates, he's got to be the party's nominee. >> what is the most delegates? this is where it gets into a sort of arcain kind of battle. if he doesn't have the 1237, he's not the nominee. he might have the most delegates going into cleveland, but he's not the nominee until he does. >> if he's 100 or so short and the next guy up the ladder is 500, he should be our nominee. >> anything over 1237 he would be the victor. even mitt romney has said he wouldn't interfere in that case. but there is a feeling, like a
1:36 pm
kabial in the establishment to stop trump even from that. >> i think it's wrong. i wish john kasich would have done better than he's done, although i am happy with the job he's done. but donald trump is the leader now, and if he's still the leader as this property unfiwin, he should be the nominee. >> just to be clear here, if i go into that convention with the most delegates, i think he was saying even if he didn't have the 1237, he was miles ahead of ted cruz say, it should be mine? what do you think of that? >> if it's clearly -- he's the choice of the rank and file of our party who came out and voted for him, yes, i think he should be our guy. >> what you're saying is he's technically not at that 50% plus one, you're saying he's close enough, give it to him?
1:37 pm
>> i'm saying he's close enough that we shouldn't gang up on him. guys made deals before that happens and i'm sure if he's 50 or 100 short, he would be able to get those 50 votes. >> on the second delegate, most of them can go anywhere. >> on the second ballot, the guy with the most delegates is going to win. >> not all the time. >> well, you have to have a majority no matter what. so the guy with whatever the number is, that will be the guy. >> peter, thank you. very interesting column. good read. good seeing you. >> thank you, neil. the central premise of donald trump's campaign is build thing proverbial wall.
1:38 pm
what ben stein was saying, you live in a gated community, right? and you were sort of say thing is a value and a benefit to a gated community. i'm oversimplifying, but why don't you explain? >> well, look, we live in a world that's full of crazy, wild, dangerous people. i happen to love the ones coming up from mexico and the hispanic areas. they're hardworking people. but there are a lot of crazy, wild people out there. we don't have any meaningful allies except for israel, and we would like to have the rest of the world walled off from us. that is what mr. trump is saying. let's make america into a gated community. i lived during the winter months in a gated community in california. it's great. we know who's coming in and out. we know there are not going to be dangerous people coming in and out and i think mr. trump is saying to america, we'll try to make you into a gated community
1:39 pm
where you'll be safe. it's not without appeal. people talk about trump as if he's a lunatic. what he's saying makes sense. >> but it bothers a lot of folks who say -- even in the republican party, he might be alienating latino voters who he seems to be targeting. he says no, he's just talking about illegals. it's very clear that's what he is saying, but it's sort of been morphed together as an anti-hispanic rant. what do you say? >> morphed together by the democratic establishment. there's so much talk about the republican establishment, and i don't know who is in the republican establishment. i would think i would be by virtual of age and my father and grandfather were prominent republicans. but i'm looking at the democratic establishment, trying to cut off debate, trying to keep donald trump from speaking.
1:40 pm
there's never been a case where a party has had an attempt to silence the other party's leading presidential candidate. that is an outrage. that is the real anti-democratic thing going on here. it's not trump that is the anti-democrat here. my childhood neighbor says mr. trump is a neofascist. he's the exact opposite. he wants government of, by, and for the people. it's the other side trying to shout him down. >> so we now know that you hang out with a lot of liberals. always a little suspicious of you to begin with. >> i don't hang out with him. i would, but he has more fancy tastes than i do. >> do you know right now, ben, or see any dangers for donald trump? if he has a good night tonight,
1:41 pm
he could be well on his way. you hear the establishment trying to make overatures to him kind of. >> i think they can get along and hug and i think mr. trump is a rising star. i think mrs. clinton is a falling star, trying to play race based, identity based politics. i have not heard a racist word out of that man's mouth. he wants a peaceful, calm america, a strong military. how is he going to pay for it god only knows, but i think people should be listening to him. he's not a ranting, blubbering fool. he's making a lot of sense, and i don't see what's anti-democratic about him. >> real quickly, we've heard mitch mcconnell today and before that paul ryan, urging restraint on the part of not only protesters at the trump event,
1:42 pm
but maybe mr. trump himself that he should be very watchful of that tone. what do you make of what they're telling him? >> i love mr. mcconnell and love every word he says and he's totally right. mr. trump should have said, when that guy walked out and that trump attendee punched him, that was totally wrong. martin luther king jr. said i'm not going to turn to violence. i think mr. trump should say, i'm not going to turn to violence and react the same way that the oppressors of freedom act. >> real quickly, have you ever not lived in a gated community? >> i live in beverly hills, california, most of the time, which is not gated, although it might as well be. when i was a child we lived in a perfectly nongated community,
1:43 pm
but it was very peaceful and wonderful. >> as would any community that would have you as a resident would be. thank you, ben stein. >> thank you. god bless you, sir. >> brilliant thinker. you know, we've got 71 delegates at stake in a state that no one is talking about, missouri. it's an important state. a crucial state. that's after this. you both havet driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
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remember that scene on saturday when someone grabbed
1:47 pm
donald trump by the foot, tried to storm the stage? well, authorities now have filed charges in federal court against thomas delamacino of fairborn, ohio, it is a misdemeanor charge, leading up to one year in prison. we'll keep you posted. so many crucial states here, but you have missouri, too. 71 delegates at stake, hillary clinton supporter and missouri congressman joining me here, emanuel cleaver, on the importance of that race. congressman, always good to have you. >> good to be here with you. >> hillary clinton is doing very well. the polls in that state, the lead has narrowed somewhat, and i'm guessing many in that campaign are getting a little concerned after michigan, when the polls were so wrong and bernie sanders won. do you see a possibility of a bernie sanders' surge as he gains on her? >> well, i think there is a
1:48 pm
strong possibility that he would win a couple of states tonight. missouri has historically been a bellwether state. that was kind of erased with obama. he lost it twice, then he won the election. but i think missouri is crucial. i think at least in terms of momentum, if there is such a thing in politics anymore. and it's a situation now where you just don't want him to win if you're a hillary clinton supporter, because he'll use that to propel him into victory in some other states. but i think secretary clinton is going to do quite well in florida tonight. i don't think there's any question. i think there's a very good chance that he will also do well in ohio. >> congressman, what do you make of what secretary clinton said about the tone of a lot of these donald trump rallies. you might have heard that the federal authorities now charging the guy that tried to storm a
1:49 pm
donald trump stage over the weekend. but she has likened him to the coarse language, the crude demeanor that reminded her that led to lynchings. do you think that was going too far? >> well, i think there's been a lot of descriptions of what happened last friday in chicago with donald trump that probably could very well not be used. in fact i think that it's not a wholesome thing for us to overstate what it is or understate. >> do you think she overstated it, congressman? that it didn't really help the debate? >> i think in an attempt to try to demonstrate how ugly it was, i think she used some language that may have been better useful in other situations. but nonetheless, it was not something that we all liked. but i think we're making a terrible mistake when people
1:50 pm
pile on donald trump on something like this. look, if i had my druthers, not one single democrat would interrupt anybody's campaign meeting. i don't think that's good. people have the right to protest, and i support it. but i would never, ever, ever have anybody connected to my campaigns going into another campaign, as i think we're getting down to the ugly. >> congressman, thank you very much. always good seeing you, sir. >> good to be with you. ever wonder why the governor of florida holds out on endorsing anyone? is he about to change his mind? rick scott, next. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving . why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today,
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why didn't you support anyone?
1:54 pm
they all came to you. you opted not to. why? >> well, i just wanted to rely on the voters. the voters are smart. they'll make a good decision. i didn't like establishment telling me to get out of the race in 2010. i don't like people telling people who they should vote for. >> we'll see. what i said so far is i'm not going to do anything before tonight. then i'll make a decision after that. >> all right. so rick scott, the governor there, not endorsing anyone. that has been rather perplexing to a lot of candidates there. too little too late. in miami where all the voting is going on, look at this. now he is wearing a tie and a jacket. when he was on espn, he looked like he was going to a pig roast. >> to see you. what's the latest? >> reporter: a pig roast? i'm moving into prime time mode for our award winning coverage
1:55 pm
on fox business network a little later on. i'll tell you the later. we've been told by officials, the turnout is in high statewide. we're in miami-dade. marco rubio expects to do well and quite frankly needs to do well to overcome the polling. in talking to donald trump officials, they think they'll do part in almost every other part of the state. they mentioned central florida, let me show you a map of the northern part of florida and bring the state of georgia into the conversation. the trump officials are talking a lot about north florida, citing the success they had in neighboring georgia. looking at alabama, believing that they can recommendly indicate that here in florida. we'll know in a few hours. the northern part of the state has seemed very important to the trump people. they think they have a big lead. they think they will win big.
1:56 pm
rubio is insisting to us that the public polls are getting it wrong. no matter what happens in florida, he is heading to utah to continue. >> he really means that. even if he loses, even if it is essentially over, he is going to keep going on. >> i don't know. that's what he said. we'll see. we'll be with him at florida international later today and he said it again today, that he's going to utah no matter what tomorrow. >> thank you. a lot of folks are ready to roll. how many will vote?
1:57 pm
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some of the biggest and most important business names, period. we're all working late for you. we know it matters. for you. that's the end. we've got you covered. we've got your back. we mean it when we say you matter. the others, not so much. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> it's a make or break day. the key states of ohio and florida that could reshape the race for both parties. donald trump and ted cruz are looking to pull away from the rest of the pack. marco rubio and john kasich absolutely need to come out on top of their home state turf, home turf to stay in the race. with more than a quarter of the delegates needed to clinch the party nomination up for


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