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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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dating before deciding to settle down and get married. >> that's not the right number. do you know what the right number is in. >> what? >> priceless. we're back at midnight. "special report" right now. welcome to fox news world headquarters in new york. the central for the primary season contest. welcome to super tuesday. the sequel. voting in a handful high delegate states could go a long way toward derrelling whether the race to the top of the respective tickets continues on in earnest or becomes a matter of playing out. my colleague is going over the exit polls. >> for the big night all around. we're talking to voters in five states as they exit the polling places, including the two winner
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take alls. florida and ohio. remember, let's look at ohio first. the governor says it is win or go home. the irnlds are voting to be. keep in mine, kasich at 41%. trump at 38%. cruz at 16 and rubio, 2%. there he has spent very little time there. he did get some big name endorsements. what about class? white voters in the rust state. trump has the advantage. 47%, kasich at 35 and on down the line. a lot happened in the closing days. mitt romney was out on the trail for john kasich. rubio told his supporters that kasich would be the best to stop violence there and violent
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protesters which were center piece in the trump rallies. how if any did this affect race? let's take a look at the late decide here's closed their books on the decision in the closing days. they are breaking for john kasich. 54%. 28% of those late deciders cast their vote for trump. another home state race. let's swing over to florida. and marco rubio has called this a must-win. how is he doing with the key groups? the seniors, the sunshine state has more of those than any other state. they will not touch the social security benefits. the program will be kept going. and seniors, no surprise. marco rubio is getting more than half the vote among hispanics. plus, those of cuban descent are
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even stronger. now, floridian republicans feel betrayed by their party from what we're seeing in the polls. clearly something that has been driving this election and it is a factor in florida tonight. 62% say yes. they do feel betrayed by the republican party. 35% say no, that's not the case. and there's more. voters think that rubio and cruz are the most honest and trustworthy. about the same say this of trump. yes, trump is 48%. on the honest and trustworthy. you can see the number. we've got a home state race by the kraigt side. hillary clinton born in illinois. and tonight the big prize. who are independents backing in illinois? they're going for bernie sanders. 72%. a large margin there. hillary clinton at 27% in the state where she was born. let's look at black voters.
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they max their enthusiasm for hillary clinton. clinton is a 66%. he is getting a little larger than we've seen in the past. with those who want to continue president obama's policies. as we've seen, those with empatsy. and those who are concerned about incoming inequality. we have a the love numbers to go through but that's a few of what we're looking at. >> thanks. with so much riding on today's voting, most of the candidates and their team are limiting their public events while they analyze the results and determine where to go from here. ed worthy is in florida. hillary clinton has some explaining to do. we begin with chief political
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correspondent carl cameron in palm beach where donald trump will ten his usual practice of hosting a news briefing. hoping to catch most of the delegates. >> there will be guests at his golf club as well as some invited friends and family. and since he had a blowout win in the nevada caucuses, every single victory night, trump has purposely held his victory night events here if florida. >> the national front-runner is looking tow a all 99 delegates. he begins having picked up nine dalgs in the mariana caucuses today and started on the talk shows saying the establishment is reaching out to him. >> they're already calling. i have the biggest people in the party. i'm not sure when they use the
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word establishment, what that means. >> mix mcconnell was urged to reach out. running second is ted cruz who return to houston for a rally and spent the afternoon calling into national and conservative talk radio. cruz is focused on north carolina, states with large blocs of conservative votes. >> i think we're in a strong position in each of the states. north carolina, missouri, illinois, we are neck in neck. we are essentially tied with donald trump. >> trump has won the most states and territories. and he has the highest number of delegates. cruz with 370. marco rubio is third with two states plus puerto rico. and kasich is winless with 63. rubio may be in for the toughest night of his career since trump is favored in his home state. >> i don't look at the number. a bunch of networks will have to ask pollsters for their money back. >> john kasich cast a ballot for
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himself in his home state of ohio and plans to head to pennsylvania tomorrow. unlike rubio, kasich says if he loses his home state, he'll fall out. after seeing a list of remarks about women, kasich said he'll take issue with it tomorrow. >> very concerned. i just saw a commercial, i guess, it was last night, of these comments that were made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? >> the ant-trump super pac is running an attack ad with women repeating trump's insults. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real comments from trump about women. >> trump says he cherishes women. >> what's not yet clear is whether protests and occasional violence will create a back lash for trump or his critics. >> in winning all nine delegates from the northern mariana islands, trump has satisfied a
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2012 republican committee rule that says any name put into nomination has to have one, a majority of the delegates in eight states. them that rule is not binding. they will have a meeting prior to the convention as well as in april. it will be up to the rules commitio to decide whether that rule stays in place. whether they revise it or remove it. >> carl cameron live in palm beach. thanks. >> house speaker paul ryan says it is no accident that there has been violence and disruption at the rallies for donald trump. >> there is a concerted effort by peel in the left to disrupt the rallies. to disrupt these events. that needs to be condemned. having said that, i think as candidates, all candidates have an obligation to do what they can do to try and provide an atmosphere of harmony. to reduce the violence. to not incite violence. >> president obama also weighed in on what he called the vulgar and divisive rhetoric that is
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too often seen as the new normal. >> i suspect that all of us can recall some intemperate words that we regret. certainly i can. while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it. >> the president went on to say, corrosive behavior can undermine our democracy and our society. on the democratic side, if hillary clinton wanted to infuriate her opponents this election season, she could not have done a better job than she did during a town hall event last night. tonight, clinton and bernie sanders are fighting over 691 delegates. chief white house corn correspondent ed henry. >> this may be her best turf. while bernie sanders is hoping at least to shut her out in the midwest. >> bernie sanders is hoping to
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run the table in illinois, missouri and ohio. and is already heading to arizona tonight while talking tough about winning other big prizes ahead like california in june. >> the states that are coming down the pipe. we have a great opportunity to win. of them. >> it will be particularly embarrassing for hillary clinton in the short term if she loses her original home state of illinois. back to sanders tying her to the deeply unpopular mayor rahm emmanuel and long term as she digs in for a battle that she never expected. questioned about whether she could move to the general election tomorrow. >> i think the numbers are adding up in my favor. i think the number of delegates continue to increase. >> in fact, the numbers are adding up for clinton. it was. likely wins in florida and north carolina, the math will get even better. without super delegates, she is only leading sanders by just over 200 pledge delegates.
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with the bagging of the party, she is well on her way to clinch the democratic nomination. yet clinton continues to struggle to put sanders away and is not helping herself with self-inflicted wounds. such as last night at the msnbc town hall where she compared the differences between syria and libya and breezed right past the terror attacks. >> libya was a different kind of calculation. and we didn't lose a single person. >> that ignores the fact four americans were killed at baeng. and it is at least the third gaffe for clinton in three days. after nance yip reagan's funeral on friday, she praised the reagans. then this comment did not play well in middle america. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> sanders slimmed up last night when he suggested he ran as a democrat, rather than an independent for media attention. >> the problem is trump, is that
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they would not have me on the program. >> sandalers is sticking around. that may be why we're now hearing various name being floated for vp. the labor secretary, these are people who are very popular on the left who could deal with the lingering problem for clinton. working class voters. >> ed henry, live in florida. thank you. primary voting is not exclusively about the presidential races. republican house members from illinois and ohio are facing strong primary challenges. so is illinois democrat bobby rush the on person who ever defeated president obama. on the senate side, the democrats are preparing to target republican seats in illinois, ohio, and north carolina. a stunning revelation tonight about the potentially disastrous lack of cooperation between federal agencies. in the wake of last year's san bernardino terror massacre.
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our correspondent is in washington with an unbelievable stoish. >> authorities race to uncover evidence about who helped in the isis inspired terrorist attack in san bernardino, they quickly zeroed in on farook's friend, enrique marquez. they sent a team to sbem him at a scheduled meeting he and his wife mark rhea, a russian immigrant, had at a immigration office. that team was turned away. not even allowed into the building. a blunder blamed today on a u.s. salt lake city cis employee who want to check on his boss before letting them in. >> how can you explain that the officer in charge wouldn't allow the agents in there when they're saying, you could have a potential terrorist we opera certain protocols. do we need to look at our protocols to make sure those
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misunderstandings don't occur? >> that is something we may need to do. there was never an attempt to prevent them from what they needed to do. >> marquez and his wife never showed up for the meeting fwufl clash of those who are supposed to be on the same team is troubling. especially as enough evidence eventually piled up to charge him with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. for allegedly providing rifles and gunpowder of pipe bombs to syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. >> we do forget, law enforcement, the confusion, the chaos that was going on in san bernardino. we had immediate conversations when it came to my attention. >> there was another problem the day after the attack. they wouldn't give federal agents the critical ailen file with details about enrique's life. all they would let them do is take a picture of a picture of
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her. the file was eventually turned over but this was hours after the public learn the primary suspects were a different husband and wife team. >> peter, thank you. president obama's inability to access and assess the situation in russia, much of the middle east on display. his administration now a major shift of foreign policy from russia concerning the syrian civil war. a conflict in which the effects are being felt all across the region and into europe. kevin corke fills us in from the white house. >> the world pays attention to what we say and do. >> president obama's remarks on capitol hill clearly reflect his concern for the way the world views our current, some might say bruising political climate. what is less clear is how concerned the commander in chief is about the perception of the american role in syria. especially after the announcement down there.
3:16 pm
>> i believe the goals set out has been in large part fulfilled. >> putin was able to maintain power until another russia friendly leader take its place. >> filling a power vacuum. >> the on that significant was gaining from the north and the south and the east. the russian intervention reversed that. >> that they were able to muscle their way to achieving their objectives has rankled some lawmakers on capitol hill. the arizona senator john mccain saying in a state, the administration consoled it southwesterly the mantra of, there is no military solution. rather than facing the reality that there is a clear military intervention in syria. why are the russians giving up now? russia's sagging economy and lower oil prices are a factor. also, the war is fairly unpopular there. perhaps more importantly, it
3:17 pm
gives the russians the appearance of trying to improve relations in the west even if they stepped on president obama's objectives to get there. >> clear will you now that we're moving into discussions about what the shape of syria will look like, russia will have a seat at the table. >> meanwhile, john kerry called russia's latest move an important step in the process toward peace. >> this is a moment to seize. not waste. we have at this moment the ability to finally take a step toward ending this war and the blood shed. >> we learned today from secretary kerry that he sbegds to travel to moscow sometime next week. at which point it is expected he will discuss with his counter part the cessation of hostilities. >> more fallout for the president's interview in the atlantic. president obama described saudi arabia as a free ride order american foreign policy and then criticized what he saw as
3:18 pm
riyadh's funding of religious intolerance. what's the responsibility from the kingdom? >> it was swift and unambiguous. no. mr. president, we're not free riders. that come from a former figure, the prince saying in an open letter. they have done their part. not only did they have the humanitarian crisis, gifgs as many as he could. they feel like they've done their fair share. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thanks. president obama is reversing his decision about oil drilling. he said he will no longer have the plan off south carolina and georgia. the interior department said it is in response to strong local on that significant and competing interests with commercial and military ocean
3:19 pm
uses. late this afternoon, hillary clinton tweeted her support, quote, relieved atlantic drilling is off the table. time to do the next right thing and protect the arctic too. the former e. parx official who resigned over the flint, michigan crisis, about what she could do. susan headman said she did not learn that water from the flint river was not being properly treated until 14 months into the project. meanwhile, another epa official questioned whether flint should be given more money because it was diverting funds to other expenses. the branch chief, debby reading, shams she already knows all this. i'm not sure flint is the community we want to go out on a limb for. stocks there were down
3:20 pm
today. ? some big news in washington, d.c. the metro public transportation system will shut down all of its trains at midnight until at least early thursday morning for safety checks. officials are concerned about fire risks from electrical cables. the federal government said it will stay open but workers are welcome to take unscheduled work. >> we look at the voting going on. we'll look at the do or die situations. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service,
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let's check in on the two campaigns in need of a win tonight starting with with a could be marco rubio's last stand. tonight's florida primary may not make his presidential hopes come true but could it very well break them. at least for this cycle. tonight in miami, good evening, john. >> good evening to you. if marco rubio doesn't win his home state, it will be a disappointment for him but it won't come as much of a surprise
3:25 pm
if you look back at all the florida polls that have been posted on real clear politics in the last year. marco rubio has led in all of them. it was jeb bush in front and since then, donald trump has had the lead. if the latest polls are any indication, rubio could get clobbered in his home state biffle most analysis, that would likely end his campaign. but rubio is vowing to fight on. emearlier today he plans to be in utah to campaign. >> we'll be in utah campaigning. i just want to get some moment-up with florida on top of the 10 or 11 we pick up this weekend. >> so we won't hear you come out tonight and say you're suspending. >> we are moving forward. but we'll win florida. >> many republican yits have pointed to rubio. he said he regrets doing that. if you take a look at the date,
3:26 pm
a it didn't seem to hurt him that much. in many states, rubio won the deciders. in the end what may have hurt him the most was not winning the early states. winning creates its own momentum where losing drags the campaign down. in the end, it may be that his message was not the message people were looking for at this particular time in america's history. now for the ohio battle and what's going on. let's to go my colleague who is there. to say that john kasich is confident he will win ohio is an understatement. he says it as if it is a foregone conclusion.
3:27 pm
take a look at this statement. it reads, john kasich's position is a dominant force in the gop race and strengthens every day. a win tonight will reset the race. it on to say that he has more newspaper endorsements in ohio than any other candidate. the problem for kasich is simple math. having won no states before, it is virtually math mat cal impossible to get the delegate threshhold to get the nomination. when you query him about that hard, cold reality, he side steps the question. >> we'll be fine. wee continue to accumulate delegates. and march madness. home court. we will be doing well in places like connecticut and new jersey
3:28 pm
and new york and then we're going to hitch up a covered wagon and going west. >> another obstacle is many of the states that lie ahead often registered republicans can vote in them of it has the effect of cutting off many moderates who came over from the democratic voters. >> a loud but empty celebration there at kasich headquarters. getting ready, i guess, for tonight. when we come back, a deeper dive into the delegate situation and what could happen tonight. what that means down the road. this is a live look at a chicago polling station. a location where votes are being cast and the proportional contest in illinois.
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welcome back. we wanted to lay out a blue print of how donald trump may be able to get to the 1237. the delegates needed to get to the nomination. he has 469 delegates. that includes from the north mariana islands, the territory that voted overwhelmingly for that trump. they gave him all nine islands. let's say tonight trump wins florida. winner takes all. ohio, 66 delegates, he also wins in illinois, missouri and north carolina. these are proportional. trump has been going about 43, 44%. he would get a proportion of those delegates. that would leave him 745 delegates. he would need 483 to get to 1237. that is 56% of the remaining delegates, the remaining states. these are the states that have yet to vote after tonight. the interesting thing about that, there are six states that are winner take all. you have new jersey, delaware,
3:34 pm
you have arizona, montana, south dakota, and nebraska. those are all winner take all. so he could get to 56% considering if he played in those states and won all the delegates. let's run the number another way. starting at 469. let's say he wins florida. ninl delegates. he wins illinois. he wins missouri. he wins north carolina. again, proportional. but he loses ohio. winner take all. 66 delegates. that puts him at 679 delegates. he would need 549 to get to the magic number. that's 63% to get to the remaining states. it is a bit of an up-hill climb to get to 63% of the delegates and that is why john kasich and the others say they still have a chance. coming up, we'll have the panel analyzing all of today's news ahead of the big votes and the polls closing.
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if we win ohio and florida, then everyone agrees it is pretty much over. >> there is no way i would team up with donald trump. forget it. i'm going to be the nominee. we'll win ohio. >> i think a lot of people will be embarrassed tonight and will want refunds from the money they spent on these polls. we're going on win florida. >> we are seeing million of support here's had been supporting marco rubio and kasich came who are uniting behind us. >> the sights and sounds from the campaign trail today. let's bring in our expanded panel. britt hume, juan williams, colu colu columnist with the hill.
3:40 pm
and charles krauthammer. we have the first wave of exit polls. we've been getting into it. >> there's nothing in the trends of these exit polls would lead to us believe that there is going to be some staggering upset tonight. on the issues there's a lot of consistency of people's feelings on the issues. so we can probably surmise that donald trump will do well. we can suggest that ted cruz has a chance of a good night which is what all the polls leading up to tonight have suggested. john kasich may survive the night. we will know, bret, i think when all is. and done, a lot more about this serve. the overarching question of when trump can make it to the convention with enough to be nominated or whether he will
3:41 pm
fall short of that and who night convention turn to. that if not he. we'll be closer to the reaction tonight. if marco rubio doesn't win florida, he is saying no matter what he is going on to utah. something tell never path is tough to sell. >> if you listen to what he says, emma number thing that i think would be thrown back in his face. there is some question about what happens to his delegates. depending on how that's answered might determine on whether he suspends or gets out. to britt's appointment about trump getting to 1237. if you believe after this, we're likely to be looking at
3:42 pm
effectively a two-man race between ted cruz and donald trump, you look at missouri. cruz beats trump 50-41. north carolina, cruz beats trump 50-43. ohio, trump beats cruz, 46-38. so if you're the cruz campaign and you want to get this to a two-man race. that's your argument. we're beating him in some places head to head. but you also need a win to stop donald trump in ohio. >> absolutely. and i think whether kasich stays in or not, i think it won't affect the cruz campaign effectively after tonight. maybe not arrive with a majority. if they have pluralities, it will be large ones.
3:43 pm
even without the one-on-one work kasich, let's say he stays in. let's say he does well and rubio doesn't. he will take a few of the delegates away from trump. in that sense he helps cruz. to me, of course, the lead indicator was a result in the north mariana islands. i think the way that goes, you really get a sense of -- i asked him myself. what's happening in the south islands? do we even own them? i suspect they're probably japanese. that to me is a leading indicator. >> let's play this ad. it is an ad by the group, the super pac that is the never trump group. >> real quotes from donald trump. how about women? >> you have to treat them like -- >> this is how donald trump talks about our mothers, our
3:44 pm
sisters, our daughters. >> i have seen it. and it was a romney deal. who ran one of the worst races in the history of presidential politics. a lot of sour grapes. if you look at the women's polling, leaving the booths, i'm leading by a lot. >> if you look at the exit polls, for example, in florida, north carolina, not illinois but missouri. he is doing pretty well with women. >> he does better with men but he is doing sufficiently well with women. it doesn't look like a huge gap. at least according to the exit polls we're seeing. this is about a $35 million ad. so a big buy by the anti-trump forces. some call them establishment. if you look at the past few primary caucuses, late deciders were getting split up. trump had the early vote. especially people who voted
3:45 pm
absentee. would that make a difference tonight? specifically in the state of florida and what we can see, that hasn't played out. >> charlie, i laid out the delegate map. and there is a chance that these other candidates prevent trump from getting to 1237. the necessary delegates needed to clinch. it is an up-hill battle to get 65% of the delegates remaining if he loses ohio. >> but it is easier going forward than it was previously just because of the winner take all terms, assuming the big states going forward. but that said, obviously, marco rubio can stay in the race if he loses florida if he wants to. there is no path to him getting the 1237 that he needs. and it would be difficult for kasich or cruz. so the only hope is to deny trump the clean victory there.
3:46 pm
then they set off the problem i've been dealing with for weeks. it was a brutal ad. so effective. i couldn't believe republicans had actual it together. but i think that one thing that is important to remember, and donald trump is not doing, he is obviously performing much better among men than among women of but his gap with women is smaller than the gap that hillary has with men. and i think that's an important thing to probably keep in mind. and this is with the onslaught of negative ads hitting trump. your path to retirement... may not always be clear.
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sometimes, you know, the public reporting of polls, you know, somebody might say well, you know, my candidate is so far ahead, i don't need to come out. everybody should come out. there is so much at stake in this election. >> in michigan, people started coming out of the
3:51 pm
woodwork. there was a huge voter turnout. we won. and tomorrow here in north carolina there is a large turnout. a very, very, very large turnout. we're going to win. let's do it. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton today talking about the way forward as you take a look at the democratic delegates up for grabs tonight. the map here, florida, illinois, ohio, north carolina, missouri total delegates at stake for democrats 691. and then the delegate count as it stands right now, you see delegates one and then the all important democratic side super delegates, which produces a big lead for hillary clinton. their magic number is 2383 on the democratic side. we're back with the panel. juan, it looks like bernie sanders is going to compete in a few states tonight. that could be problematic.
3:52 pm
>> it is problematic. >> for hillary clinton. >> right. the real problem for hillary clinton is that he has momentum coming out of michigan. the question is whether or not tonight he can repeat in some of these rust belt states and specifically we are looking at ohio right next to michigan but we are also looking at illinois. and may even by extension, bret, missouri. his best shots right now we would say would be in missouri and illinois, you know. but right now it looks to me from the early exit polls clinton is pretty secure going through states with large black populations. i'm thinking here florida. i'm thinking north carolina. and, again, i'm coming to a state with big cities like cleveland, ohio. but, remember, that you are also looking here as we consider what sanders can accomplish tonight. you are looking at his results with black voters. remember, he won 30% of black voters in michigan. he had never won more than 15% before. he did extremely well with independents but,
3:53 pm
specifically, with young people. and here i'm giving a little bit but let's say under 45, he wins two thirds of those voters on the democratic side. so, will he be able to repeat? that's the question. >> brit, you know, her supporters, hillary clinton supporters say he could have a great night. and is he just not going to have the delegate math to get to the nomination. >> i think that's correct. i mean, if you take the delegates she has won so far where she has a lead and as you did in the charted a in the super delegates, 467, was that the number, to some huge advantage. plus the fact as juan was suggesting there her hold on the affections or at least the loyalty of minority voters, who are such an important part of the democratic electorate is so strong that you have to -- you would have to create a whole bunch of new states huge numbers in order tore bernie sanders to have a chance. i think this is one of these races where he will win a lot of delegates. he has raised a lot of
3:54 pm
money. he can stay in this indefinitely. it just doesn't look like there is any way he can possibly beat her. >> charles krauthammer? >> well, i think that's exactly right. this is -- the pattern is repeated in every state that we have had this now for six weeks. he has a lot of trouble with african-americans. it is true that in the north he gets about twice the percentage of african-americans as he does in the southern states where is he way down there in sort of the teens. that's why he did well in michigan. he gets about a third. but, none the less, if you can't get over that, you are not going to win any kind of significanãway. he does have a chance to come out fairly even in some of these upper midwest states because he is overwhelmingly popular among the young and among whites. that will get him threw and allow him to go all the way to the convention. but, as you say, the math isn't really there in any
3:55 pm
way. i think she is secure but she is going it be dragged through this in a way that will not let up until the convention, and that, for her, is going to be a real big problem. a, because it prolongs it. she gets a lot of negative publicity. and, also, because it's exhausting. she may be exhausted by the time she becomes a candidate. >> quickly, she has had some gaffes recently, the coal minors saying that a lot of coal miners in coal companies will drive them out of business. that]# raised some eyebrows in coal country. talked about libya saying not losing a single person. she was talking about the original campaign there but benghazi, obviously they lost people. she had to walk back the nancy reagan statement. >> look, i think we have seen from the beginning of the launch of her candidacy from this time around she is a crummy candidate. she didn't do well with the book launch. she has made a series of mistakes ever since. you have see in exit polls these things continue to nag her. her candidacy is bumping along against this
3:56 pm
74-year-old socialist. if you look at missouri, for instance, on the honest and trustworthy question which bunch, most important issue to democrats in missouri, she loses 83% to 17%. those numbers aren't changing. sometimes they change on the demographics of the states. states with large minority populations tend to be more forgiving of her or give herbert marks on that. these are problems that are matter what happens all the way to the convention. >> all right, panel. thank charlie hurt, i owe you some time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we are just beginning our polls tonight. the polls closing in parts of florida in ohio north carolina at the bottom illinois and missouri. get ready 3z what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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it could be a pivotal night in the race for the republican nomination. >> voters hitting the polls in five states, including florida and ohio. special coverage of super tuesday 2 starts right now. >> it's winner-take-all nearly everywhere in the battle for the when you say. five delegate rich states up for grabs. donald trump hoping to dominate and take insurmountable lead for the nomination. >> we are going to win states that no other candidate could think about winning. >> governor john kasich says ohio is his home state to lose. >> we're not going to lose. come to cleveland and be there for the results. >> while marcoqq rubio hopes his home turf isn't his last stand. >> we're going to shock the country. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida and it's going to give us the mom


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