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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it could be a pivotal night in the race for the republican nomination. >> voters hitting the polls in five states, including florida and ohio. special coverage of super tuesday 2 starts right now. >> it's winner-take-all nearly everywhere in the battle for the when you say. five delegate rich states up for grabs. donald trump hoping to dominate and take insurmountable lead for the nomination. >> we are going to win states that no other candidate could think about winning. >> governor john kasich says ohio is his home state to lose. >> we're not going to lose. come to cleveland and be there for the results. >> while marcoqq rubio hopes his home turf isn't his last stand. >> we're going to shock the country. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida and it's going to give us the momentum we need.
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>> and ted cruz looks to keep wracking up delegates to stop donald trump. >> if donald trump is the nominee, he is a disaster. and the answer is to beat him. >> for the democrats it could be bernie sanders last chance to stop hillary clinton. >> in virtually every single poll we beat trump by a larger margin than does secretary clinton. >> join me in this mission. join me in going to vote. >> will this be the night that decides the races in both parties? special coverage of super tuesday starts now. ♪ >> less than 30 minutes from now theh first polls will close in winner-take-all ohio and battleground north carolina. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier voters in five states, including illinois missouri, and florida hitting the polls casting their vote for a nominee in what's being
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called the most decisive night of the campaign so far. >> at stake more than 1,000 delegates, including ohio and florida, which is winner-take-all for the republicans. in total, 367 delegates are up for grabs for the g.o.p. 691 for the democrats. right now on the republican side, donald trump has the delegate lead with 469. ted cruz right on his heels with 370. marco rubio has 163 and john kasich has 63. >> we've got fox news coverage to guide you threw the night. our panel is here in new york%p city. bill herman -- hemmer is drilling down tonight on some of the counties. carl rove and joe trippi. >> carl cameron live n. at trump headquarters palm beach. john roberts is at rubio headquarters in miami. doug mckelway is in ohio with the kasich campaign and ed henry is covering the democrats from clinton headquarters in palm beach. first, we start with a look
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at the exit polls with our own martha maccallum. martha? >> so let's take a look at some of these numbers. we have been poring through them. john kasich, obviously a political insider who is fighting against outsider donald trump. what do ohio republicans want the governor to do? he is doing extremely well with those who want an experienced candidate tonight. those who want an outsider, once again they go heavily for donald trump. take a look, have political experience, you get 43%. be a political outsider you are at 50% there. independents breaking more for john kasich tonight. and the working classv)ys=q m preferring donald trump. now, you have got a small number of democrats. this is interesting because donald trump claims that he could do very well with crossover democrats. we had a little bit of a sense of that as they went into the republican primary forum today. today they went for john kasich in ohio over trump so far. now, take a look at the independent vote, for example in missouri, another open primary here tonight. missouri is looking tight. ted cruz showing a bit of an
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edge there this evening in missouri as we look at some of these early indications. go back to ohio for a second. another group we have watched very closely. evangelical christians, look at this split 39% 39% between john kasich and donald trump who are fighting hard and slugging it out northward ohio tonight. big voting block in north carolina, of course. they are splitting their support the way we have seen it go in the past. donald trump at 41% and cruz very close to him in thatñc state as well in evangelical christians. let's just talk for a moment about the weekend. the brawls, the protesters, everybody wondering did they turn off voters? they did not. trump continues to have the highest number of those who say that his campaign is the most unfair, but that number did not really go up at all after the weekend, so it doesn't appear to have had much of an impact. finally take a look at this. this is a brand new question for our voters tonight. while republican voters tell us that they are mostly satisfied with the trump/clinton matchup come november about 4 in 10 say they would seriously
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consider a third party candidate if that were the matchup. among nontrump voters tonight that number jumps to six in 10 that say they would consider a third party candidate as this whole thing continues to get very interesting. on the of voters focused on honesty and they are feeling the berne 57% to 24%. on the same number it flip-flops for those democrats who want an experienced candidate and they heavily support hillary clinton tonight 82% to 17%. we are continuing to poor over these numbers here on the computer and see what we have got. we will bring you more as we get them. thank you. >> the candidates have a lot at stake tonight john kasich and marco rubio essentially have to win their home states just to keep going. ted cruz hopes this turns into a two-man race and donald trump looking to basically wrap things up with a sweep. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live at palm beach headquarters in florida. >> it's the march mar-a-lago
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golf club. they have it set up for guests and reporters. the campaign isq looking forward to returns. they are expecting a win in florida. they know ted cruz is hot on their trail right behind him if not in some cases with a little bit of an edge basedñ9 ) the last few days. one of the things they are really making a big argument on is that marco rubio has got to get out of the race. even if john kasich beats him in ohio, the trump campaign is making the argument because he is the sitting governor, because he has devoted almost all of his time there for the last couple of weeks even though it's a winner-take-all should he actually win there is a moral victory in it for trump for coming in strong which they expect that they will do. then there is the delegate math. the trump campaign is already pointing out that if rubio were to win his home state, he still would be in third place. and if kasich were to win his home state he would still be in fourth place. trump is going to come out with delegates in the states
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that are not winner-take-all and they believe that they are going to do very, very well in florida which will be the biggest delegate purse of all of them thus far. the trump campaign looking very confident tonight notwithstanding the closest of the contests in a couple of places with ted cruz. bret? >> carl, thanks. >> turning to the democrats hillary clinton is hoping to reclaim momentum after bernie sanders upset in michigan. two rust belt states illinois and ohio among those voting today. the delegate race is not even close. mrs. clinton more than doubles bernie sanders. ed henry is live at clinton headquarters at pa4/x beach florida tonight. ed? >> unlike the complicated matrix on the republican side about ohio and florida different candidates. it's very simple strategy for both camps on the democratic side tonight. bernie sanders wanted to continue that momentum.,gpr&c @&c@ following on michigan he wants to take ohio, illinois and missouri. clinton counting on north carolina and a vote of nearly 250 delegates here in the sunshine state tonight. here is where it might get
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interesting. the clinton camp in the last sv moments has sent out an email that i have gotten to voters in ohio saying that they think they have a shot of winning the buckeye state. polls are very tight. and they are urging people not to give up and get to the polls here in the final moments. if clinton were disrupt the sanders strategy and win ohio tonight and he does not sweep the midwest that could give her a major boost because as you say she is already having a big lead on the delegate map especially because of super delegates those party bosses who are largely going with her and not sanders.%h megyn? >> ed, thank you. >> we're going to bring in our panel now. experts here in new york. dana perino, former white house press secretary and co-host of the five.2á tucker carlson editor of the daily caller, dana loesch host of dana on the blaze tv and talk show host radio america. juan williams fox news political analyst and co-host of the five and brit hume fox news senior political analyst. brit your thoughts tonight?
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>> well, we are going to know as we talked about earlier a lot more about whether this race comes down to the convention or whether donald trump is able to wrap it up earlier it doesn't seem likely that anybody else can get to the magic number before the convention, except for trump. but a lot depends on how well ted cruz does tonight particularly in north carolina illinois, and missouri. if he can rack up some serious delegates in those three states, what happens in the other two states is much less important to him and really in a sense to trump because cruz then becomes a serious contender and remains alive at least mathematically for the possibility of passing trump, which could even mean that they poet get to the convention with a massive delegates but only a plurality in both cases neither of them has it and that would be interesting. the question with the other candidates is if kasich wins tonight then where does he go? he has 60-some delegates. if marco rubio loses tonight as before this night poll suggests he will, he says he is going on to you talk or somewhere tomorrow. i don't imagine he has got
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anything going. and there you basically have it. i mean, it's down to the two, and, you know, it could -- if trump does, you know, as well as he hopes tonight, he could be well on his way. >> you don't buy the kasich argument that he becomes the establishment choice and somehow gets to the convention and convinces them that he isjl the consensus candidate? >> look at it this way bret, you would have a huge block of delegates for trump and a huge block of delegates for cruz and smaller block of delegates for kasich even if he does miraculously well between now and then. is that convention then exposed heavily of those two candidates turning to john kasich? i think not. >> i want to get back to juan on the democratic side in a second. i want to stay with you staying on the republicans dana. your thought now on what this looks like for marco rubio who says he will stay in if he loses florida tonight and given what we are seeing so far in the numbers and brit said we saw in the polls leading up
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today. >> since the republicans have gone from 17 candidates down tot four. you can imagine if you took the best qualities of all four of those candidates and looking at the exit polls you put them all together into one candidate and you would have a sewer winner, winner, -- sure winner. marco rubio is doing well with young people and hispanics. if you look at what the future of the republican party needs, you have to bring in more young people and you have to appeal to more hispanics. it's estimated that whoever the g.o.p. nominee is for 2016 needs to win 40% of the hispanic vote. so the republicans have a long way to go when it comes to that. i think that in -- they think they have a chance to go to utah. but i also think that tonight if it doesn't turn out for them, they will make some tough decisions. i'm not for one calling for anybody to drop out of the race, but the pressure on them to do so will be huge and the money will probably start to drop off. >> tucker, trump is looking to run the table. >> yeah. >> but his path to 1237 gets
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bumpy if he doesn't win ohio. >> pretty bumpy. and itçç looks -- i think winning ohio is going to be pretty tough tonight. i also think it's going to be pretty hard for a candidate with fewer dels to get the nomination. it's mess no matter what happens. what's interesting to me is i think trump has had a bad week. everyone has piled on him. almost no republican office holder is like him. a lot of money spent against him. he is not a very disciplined candidate. look at. so numbers out of florida. here is what we know about trump in washington who supports him? poor and poorly educated white voters. yet, by these numbers trump has won among non-cuban hispanics. he has won. he has beaten rubio college educated voters by 20 points. i don't think the explanation is in his theatrics in his campaign. his message might have something to do about it what is the message people who never went to college but among educated, non-cuban hispanics. it's an inte"4jng question. >> the person not getting a
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lot of ink today leading up to this race is ted cruz. everybody has been focused on what is going to happen to marco rubio in florida and john kasich in ohio. ted cruz has been working illinois illinois and north carolina, if he does well in those states it's all about the delegate count. >>8#h# absolutely, megyn. he barn stormed through illinois. handful of events in missouri. flying to north carolina. and while everybody has been focusing on the battle for second place or if kasich is going to get ohio, he has been quietly laying groundwork. he has been building up his apparatus, building up an army so to speak. i think missouri is going to be incredibly close. i'm interested to see if missouri goes to cruz because his campaign manager is from missouri, jeff roe sort of the joke is roe if you can't deliver missouri to cruz, what does that about you? he is on the carpet as well. i'm interested in seeing what happens in the midwest because the midwest states make it all the way up from[ minute down to texas. minnesota, of course, going to rubio.
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those states have rejected donald trump. there is this wall, a big beautiful wall you could say that's right there in the middle of the country that has rejected trump and they have gone for cruz or minnesota's case rubio. >> quickly juan, on the democratic side it could be an interesting night for bernie sanders and the question is adding those delegates on the democratic side. >> adding them to a certain extent. i don't think there is anybody who in doing the analysis and runningv, ñ through all the possible perspectives on this thinks that he is going to catch up with hillary clinton at this point. she has got such an advantage among the super delegates. even among the delegates tonight, you look at it and what you see is that he -- his best prospects places with a lot of rural white liberal voters, places like missouri maybe even illinois. he gets delegates but he doesn't get enough delegates to really catch up with her. and in the delegate states where it's winner-take-all florida and ohio, she looks pretty strong. that's out of the question. i would add one point on the republican s/ after all the violence, after all the
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negative ads from the establishment republicans trump still looks strong. >> just before we get off the democrats and move on, so what are woe looking for tonight. you know, if the conventional wisdom is all right, this is kind of fun but she is going to win. does it matter at all on the dem side? >> yes, it does. it matters for a couple of key things. i think she has not been the best candidate. let me be polite. and given helper weaknesses as a candidate you want to see where she is underperforming. remember sanders did very well with black voters in michigan where he had the big upset last week. so, how is he doing with black voters in a place like ohio? all right? and, also, don't forget, independents those swingx voters. sanders wins those big-time. big-time. s did he continue to do so? are woe seeing a pattern that had diminish her going forward so people will say you know what? she is a limp candidate. we have got to have her but gee-whiz. >> could be a long road. panel, thank you. >> counting down to the first poll closing of the
4:16 pm
night. we are moments away from results in north carolina and winner-take-all ohio. the big question there can governor john kasich hold off donald trump and win his home state. >> then at 8:00 p.m. eastern thee more states close including florida also winner-take-all. will it be marco rubio's last stand? we have an all-star packed night ahead. we will talk live with bill o'reilly chris wallace karl rove, sean hannity and many more. live coverage from america's election headquarters continues next. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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about 10 manipulates away from the first poll closings of the night north carolina and ohio, both closing at 7:30 eastern time. take a live look ate polling places just outside cleveland and in charlotte for the last-minute voters are filing in. bill hemmer is standing by over at the billboard with more. >> good evening, bret, nice to see you in north carolina let's start there. they moved the calendar up this year so north carolina matters. it's not winner-take-all but 27 delegates on the line -- 72 delegates on the line here. charlotte and mechanic lynn county. raleigh. if ted cruz is going to have a good night in north carolina he has to run up the store in wake county.
4:21 pm
south carolina went for trump. virginia also went for trump. is he in purple again. and tennessee to the west went for trump as well. up here in ohio, polls close there in a couple of minutes. so much to study in this case. mahoning9i county, youngstown, that's a battered economy blue collar workers. they got so much attention over the last seven days alone. watch what happens in mahoning also cuyahoga county. it is three to one democrats in cleveland ohio. that's the county seat for cuyahoga. bret remember two years ago when job kasich won re-election in ohio. evidence came on the air and the first two words out of his mouth were cuyahoga1s county: he won that county with the re-election of 52% county wide, which is an extraordinary number for a republican in that part of the state. just a neighboring states that have voted already kentucky about a week ago 10 days ago went for trump and also michigan seven days
4:22 pm
ago tonight also went for trump. so that gives you a sense of the geography and what's moving around ohio and north carolina where polls close in 8 minutes. bret? megyn? >> thank you bill. >> want too4 bring in the campaign cowboys chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday" who is joined by karl rove former senior advisor to george w. bush and joe trippi campaign manager for howard dean. >> thanks, megyn the campaign counsels are back in cowboys are back in town. ohio closes in 7 minutes. really big night for this state in super tuesday 2. in terms of kasich vs. trump which is what the race seems to be on the republican side what county are you going to be looking at in ohio. >> hamilton county southwest corner of the state. best county for mitt romney four years ago. you would assume if kasich is going to beat trump in statewide, is he going to have to run pretty darn well pretty close to 48% 9%
4:23 pm
of the vote that romney got. >> that's a big area8zlb for kasich. if he underperforms there he could conceivably lose? >> it's dangerous. if you look at the northern kentucky counties right across the river suburbs of cincinnati ted cruz did well there in the kentucky primary. this may also give as you clue as to strategic voting. are people voting for the person they think is most likely to beat trump in thecm state? >> joe, on the democratic side again very close between clinton and sanders in ohio. what are you going to be looking at? >> butler county. it's a county that reflected what the state. >> just north of hamilton in the southwest corner? >> yeah. it's republican county but it tends to reflect what happens in a democratic primary statewide. in 2008, clinton boat -- beat obama there she won statewide 53% 45%. black vote about half of what the percentage is statewide. i would suspect sanders has to beat her by 10 points in this county to be having an
4:24 pm
impact and be able to win statewide. >> let's take a look big-picture at tonight and talk first of all about the republican side. let's assume that the polls before tonight were right. trump wins florida kasich maybe squeak out ohio. where would that leave this race? >> well we have had -- going into tonight weyj have 1105 dels -- delegates who have been elected. trump is leading among them 469 for him over ted cruz with 369 and rubio with 150-some and kasich with 63. you addá$n up the nontrump there is 646; 469 646. to get to the magic majority he has to sweep tonight and win a significant number, if not an outright majority of the delegad wz from here to there. and it's going to be difficult to do so. it's going to be difficult for anybody to walk into cleveland with a majority. >> and on the democratic side joe, how much -- if he were to too well in those american states, missouri,
4:25 pm
illinois ohio, how much could bernie sanders slow down hillary clinton's march to the nomination? >> it would be good if he wins them but the problem with our proportional vote for delegates is this isn't about who wins the most states anymore. it's about who wins delegates. if she is rolling up big wins inkg florida and maybe north carolina, if he wins those three states closely he may have a big night in which we all talk about three big wins for him but it doesn't get him anywhere near -- nt actually gets him further away from the nomination. >> final question about 30 seconds left, karl. campaign reality. if rubio performs as poorly as it looks like he is going to according to the polls he keeps saying i'm going on to utah. will he? >> hard to see how he can do it. he has run admirable race but if he loses his home state particularly why the margins that the real clear politics averages pointed to hard to say to your contributors and donors and supporters let's go on from
4:26 pm
here. >> tough game you guys are. in see television news much less competitive. >> not that at -- not tough at all. >> back to you at the anchor desk. >> okay. we are only moments away from polls closing in battleground north carolina and winner-take-all ohio. >> nearly 140 delegates combined are at stake for republicans in that state. we should have some results for you. oh a tease at the break. >> race call coming up. ♪ ♪ ÷ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa.
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it is 7: 0 p.m. in ohio where the polls are now closed and fox news exit polls show governor john kasich is currently enjoying a slight lead over trump in the buckeyem0state's republican presidential primary. too early to say whether jank would hang on to win home state which would be the first victory of this campaign. also too early to project a winner on the democratic side where hillary clinton is currently leading bernie sanders, according to fox news exit polls in ohio. >> similarly, clinton is ahead of sanders in north carolina where polls have also closed. although again it's too early to project a winner in that election. on the republican side, trump is slightly ahead of rival ted cruz in north
4:31 pm
carolina although we will need more data before we can declare a winner in the tarheel state. >> let's go back to our panel, tucker carlson, dana loesch and joining the panel dana and also steve hayes senior writer for "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. steve, while i have you let's start with you. what we are seeing so far the tight race in north caroli ohio. coming in we would have expected a tightt race between trump and cruz in north carolina, missouri and illinois. the tight race in ohio seems to be consistent with the kind of polling that we were seeing from john kasich. i think the real question is if john kasich goes on and wins ohio, a how close does donald trump come and b what does john kasich do then? i mean, there is some suggestion that he is going to park himself in new york. that he is going to move and try to spend some time in the northeast to make himself available to those
4:32 pm
voters. but what's the strategy? what's the long-term strategy? i think when kasich speaks tonight, i would expect to hear more of that from him and, also, to hear him maybe turn and start taking some shots at donald trump. he hasn't done that much to this point. he indicated in a brief press availability earlier today is he open to doing it based in part on the ad that was run using trump's words about women. the question is does he do that in his speech tonight. >> he says he is going to think about it he has some things that he might say answered wasn't aware of a lot of the comments about trump. meanwhile, he was standing right up there on stage when i asked trump about all the comments. you should have been paying attention. >> kasich has made odd comments over the course of the campaign. i remember at new hampshire at an event i was covering where he said he was going to slow his life down in response to the kinds of problems he is seeing in the country. meanwhile he is in the middle of a presidential campaign. it was a little hard to believe that he hadn't heard some of these things that were featured in this ad before. i think he is using the ad
4:33 pm
as potentially turning point. pivot from to talk about donald trump. >> we talked about the message of donald trump. in michigan it really hit home the trade issue. in ohio, it's a similar demographic. >> that's right. >> but you are also facing a governor that has 80% approval rating. >> a very popular governor. i mean, look, take three steps back. the nominee at this point is going to be trump or 4 cruz. how could it not be? i know nobody in washington believes that or wants to accept it. it's a populist year and it's going to be practically impossible to install someone who is not one of those two guys. what do they have in common? i think it could be cruz. cruz has shifted pretty dramatically his message in the last three months. both of them have very skeptical over trade t@5qmand they're both very anti-illegal immigration and trump -- both cruz and trump have questions about illegal immigration. those are the messages on the republican side. not endorsing him. it seems like that is the lesson. so, if you are the republican partywg and people %
4:34 pm
in washington are talking about creating a third party in response to trump or cruz perhaps the easier course would be to adjust the party's message to conform to the desires of the demonstrable desires of its voters. that seems like maybe the easier route. >> dana what do you see of the so-called establishment types getting behind ted cruz as we heard lindsey graham say a couple weeks ago that we establishment folks are going to have to plug our nose and go for him because they find trump so unacceptable. >> i find that statement historical like lindsey graham has to be prevailed upon to p0# his nose in order to get behind ted cruz. they are both outsiders but in different ways. ted cruz is an outsider because he is very straight, no chaser, article one section 8 strict constitutionalist and he stood up for that in the senate which has, of course, provoked the ire of a lot of senators. donald trump is a senator in a different way. sort of an outsider but he has been part of the system. is he a lifelong politician who now this is the furthest
4:35 pm
he has ever gotten running for elected office. then it goes down to what tucker said. it's a populist year. some people they just -- they want a sledge hammer to use against the establishment and i think they want to hurt the establishment. they don't want to do it slowly. this is a sprint not a marathon to them. they feel they can do that better, some of them, with trump. so gosh, i don't know where it's honestly going to end out because it's still anybody's game. even florida is out of the equation. >> if you look at these exit polls, kirsten there aren't a lot of people who seem to be concerned about the general election race a+ov this moment. their concerned about the message and what they're hearing and which candidate they want now. >> right well, i mean you are seeing two different things on the republican and democratic side, obviously. i think on the democratic side you see people who first of all have already made up their minds. most of them made up their minds maybe a month ago. you are not seeing a ton of late deciders. also people generally happy with whoever they end up with. like they said if hillary is the nominee and they are a
4:36 pm
sanders voter they are probably going to vote for hillary. she might have trouble with turnout with young people but ultimately people aren't as unhappy. they aren't as dissatisfied. on the republicaó÷ side you are seeing a completely different thing. you have two groups of people. people pro-trump and people who are anti-trump. pro-trump people are all in with him. very consistently the people who are dissatisfied and angry and against trade and want an outsider and then you have the people who are looking for anybody who isn't trump and who will stop trump. that seems to be a very set -- that's the way the table has been set. >> what about this notion, brit, of a possible third party that the exit polls are showing that 3/5ths of those who did not vote for donald trump would seriously consider a third party candidate. do you believe that? >> i think that number is probably correct. but if a third party is going to emerge, it8ñ better -- whoever is organizing it better get busy because you have got to get on ballots and raise money and find a candidate. who is going to do it? mike bloomberg said is he not. he could have financed it himself. as time goes on, the
4:37 pm
prospects of a third party candidate may diminish because of time. >> would they have to pick one of the guys who already lost? >> that's certain lay possibility. keep this in mind tonight if the loss in ohio for kasich or a loss in florida for rubio is curtains it, will be interesting to hear how the candidates -- what the candidates say. rubio says is he going to go on to utah. nobody thinks is he going anywhere if he loses florida. but, will eventually he suspend his campaign? will he end his campaign? that's an important question why? why? because these delegate rules are arcane and complicated and it's not clear whether if you end your campaign your delegates are still bound to you on the first ballot. in some states there are laws about this. in other states there are not. it's a complex question. it's not too soon to start thinking about the fact that we may pretty soon be covering things about the arcane delegate rules about how you get out and if you get out and whether your delegates are still bound to you on the first ballot. >> because somebody king makers with the amount of delegates they have. >> if it's a close race see
4:38 pm
the democratic party is a whole other deal. they have all the super delegates who constitute a real point of leverage. in the republican party they are like -- basically start out with about 165 or 170 unpledged delegates and so the question then becomes whose delegates get unpledged when they drop out. and it's not entirely clear. this is the kind of thing we may well be reporting on and soon. if stay awake through that you are better anchors than iúc am. >> suspending campaign. why do they say that? but this year it may actually matter that word. >> exactly right. >> panel, thank you. ohio governor john kasich as we have been talking about in a fight in ohio right now with donald trump. kasich hoping for a good night tonight in his home state. his camp saying the election map going forward is in his favor if he can defend his home turf. doug mckelway live at kasich headquarters outside cleveland in beread ohio.
4:39 pm
doug? >> that's right bret. murphy's law. whenever you toss to me that band starts up. finish they will stop as well. i talked a lot today about how the kasich campaign is exceedingly optimistic that they are going to5#i(q win big tonight here in ohio. if that happens and we're starting to see some indications that perhaps they are right there are some factors that are going to play very heavily here. in exceedingly rare move, the state g.o.p. party chairman and the g.o.p. establishment in the state of ohio endorsed john kasich. that's a really unusual thing to happen in a g.o.p. primary.+>b normally they stay out of it until a general election. more important endorsement than you would get say from celebrity sports star like the coach of ohio state or from the state's newspapers. all of the major ones which endorsed kasich. it's exceedingly important because they have the infrastructure in place the ground game in place. people who can go door to door and send out fliers, things of that sort it was in place.
4:40 pm
john kasich took tremendous effect on that. kasich neutralized the crossover vote. i spoke earlier today and yesterday how he won 51% of the union vote. that means democratic vote in his lastrf gubernatorial vogt race. back to you. >> cue the band, we will come back soon. >> i think it adds something. i sort of like it. >> whenever he started talking. >> we need to have one of those in here. john rich. >> or the cowboys somebody. >> two states down, three to go. don't have many calls. not like two states down in terms of polls closing and polls in illinois, and missouri and north carolina. >> coverage from new york city rolls on.
4:41 pm
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4:44 pm
the polls in two states are already closed. it's too early for a call in ohio or north carolina on both sides. and we are just moments away now from polls closing in the remaining three states we are watching tonight. illinois missouri, and florida. florida, of course, by far the biggest prize of the evening. whichever republican candidate takes the sunshine state takes all of its 99
4:45 pm
delegates. eyes on marco rubio as florida comes in. we wait for the florida to close. will he pull off a win in his home state? joining me now laura ingraham editor and chief of life zet. your thoughts on tonight? >> rubio is clearly not going to win in florida. it would be shockingb if he did at this point. i was listening to the conversation earlier. i thought tucker made some really great points. everyone is making great points. tucker's point about what the g.o.p. does now. let's say trump loses ohio but maybe single digits, he wins florida. maybe he wins in north carolina maybe trump -- maybe cruz wins in illinois and even in missouri, going forward, kasich cannot win the nomination. he has to win 110% of the delegates, even if he wins in his home state which would be great for him but he won't win the nomination with just that many delegates. what is the goal here? is the goal to beat hillary clinton. if the goal was to beat hillary clinton in the end i think a lot of these republican candidates have
4:46 pm
to figure out where their leverage is. you know, doing a deal at this point whether it's cruz with kasich or whether it's cruz with trump or trump with kasich, avoiding this blood bath at the convention where you deny the person with the most delegates the nomination, i think that's going tomí be really tough for a lot of people who swallow a lot of the supporters for either cruz or trump. one of thosedr get the nomination, i don't see what the point of all of this is. people exercising their leverage now when they have it is probably a better thing for everybody. >> we go into that convention in cleveland with donald trump fewer than 1237 the necessary number needed, and it's open game. i mean, you have one ballot, two ballots. you have people that can move around. you're right, if the person holding the plurality doesn't eventually get the nomination, you could have a lot of people walking out. >> yeah, and think about it. who is going to write the platform? usually the nominee has a hand in determining who the
4:47 pm
keynote speakers are what's the order of the speakers? i mean, those are small things but symbolically they say a lot about the direction of the party. so, when tucker was saying maybe it's time for the party elders to listen to whatgf the people want, whether it's trump or cruz or a combination of their views or maybe some of what kasich says is a good idea, it seems like the party has to get closer to where the people are on some of these issues and be less concerned about in a way who the vehicle for those issues are going to be. no one is going to get everything they want in this. and i think even if trump were to win the nomination, people like mitch mcconnell and a lot of these establishment figures are going to have leverage. maybe it's picking the vice president. maybe it's -- we have got to help us on the secretary of state. the idea that everybody is going to get everything they want that's just not going to happen. i don't think so. >> quickly laura, you are saying a major shift in some of these items. i mean, trade that additionally, the republican party has been free trade and talking about it differently than donald
4:48 pm
trump and bernie sanders talk about it. >> i think the facts are what people are honing in on now. what happened in michigan? what happened to the jobs there what types of jobs are being created in this new economy? do we have jobs created today that can employ all of these out-of-work people in the inner city america? what kind of country do we want to live? is china's rise good for the united states of america? or should would he be more competitive vis-a-vis china? i think it's good that we are starting to talk about it regardless of what the outcome is. it's a good debate we arefi finally having in the g.o.p. >> laura, thank you. >> great to see you. >> donald trump is hoping for a clean sweep tonight that could put him in unstoppable path to the g.o.p. nomination. florida and its 99 delegates could play a crucial role. >> but what if the republicans get to cleveland without any candidate having enough delegates to clinch the nomination as we were just talking about? analysis on how that could all play out next.
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
so if donald trump fails to win both ohio and florida, the odds of a contested convention in july become a real possibility. this is the delegate count as it stands right now.
4:53 pm
donald trump is in the lead but still well short of the 1237 he would need to win the nomination outright. joining me now to discuss it ezekiel miller whose -- zeke miller who is a political reporter for "time" magazine. good to see you. if trump wins florida tonight but not ohio, what would he have to do to avoid a contested conventi?;or is it avoidable? >> for him to avoid a contested convention, megyn he would need to start hitting well above 50% of the delegate count going from now until june 7th, which is the last primary race which is california; sniewj big delegate day. he needs more than 50% of the available delegates coming out from here. he is probably not going to get that tonight. that's a hard thing to do. >> why is that hard to do? romney was polling more than that although there weren't many people in the race. >> there weren't that many people in the race. we have seen donald trump in the national ceiling at 40% to 43% ceiling in national surveys. that's keeping him from the
4:54 pm
delegates. he has a very strong challenge from ted cruz and john kasich certainly coming at it tonight assuming john kasich wins in ohio. he is going to stay in the race. they are not a rick santorum type campaign at this stage four years ago. they are going to be running very focused delegate campaigns to take off strategic delegate districts to keep him from 123 12k3w4r-7 you think if he loses for ohio tonight we are headed for contested convention. >> certainly the probability is there probably greater than 50% chance that he won't have that magic number. does that mean games or negotiation at the convention? probably not. if he is short 20% 30%, 40 delegates, nobody is going to bother going through a condition tested convention, multiple rounds of balloting. >> what about just the argument we heard from laura ingraham the party shoulded listen to the people. you heard tucker carlson say that too. there is this notion if you have a plurality going into the convention but not the majority as the rules require, you know, you are denying the will of the people by opening it up to a
4:55 pm
second ballot. >> certainly that's the way we are going to see whoever has a plurality make that case. the alternate way of looking at that which is the way the cruz campaign has start to do spin it is he have a majority of people who don't want donald trump who voted for somebody else, let's let the delegates go through. follow that through to fruition. that's why it matters how far donald trump would fall from that threshold to see if is he 100 to 150 delegates short you could make that argument that a majority of the republican voters want somebody different. but if is he really close it will be very hard to make that case and mount a real challenge. >> the delegates that are bound to these candidates now they are bound first ballot. if they go to the second ballot can they abandon the delegates or is there any sort> in florida 99 delegates that's a big chunk potentially go to donald trump tonight. they are bound for three ballots. so that's a nice cushion for donald trump and a lot of other states it's only the first ballot. in other states it's
4:56 pm
until -- indefinitely until the candidate releases the delegates or drops out. so there are state by state specific rules. that's something a lot of the campaigns are looking at now sort of trying to catch up on arcane minutia. that's something nobody pays attention to until it matters. >> you have got to go woo the delegates even if they're pledged to somebody else. a chance doesn't make it on the first ballot, remember me? i don't care if i'm your second choice here i am. >> we are starting to see hot delegates are. tha by state parties and convention. you are starting to seat cruz campaign and trump campaign make sure pledge to somebody else first one go somewhere else. zeke thanks. >> thank you. >> stay tuned polls closing. keep it here.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
it's 8:00 on the east coast, which means polls have now closed in three more states including the crucial state jt florida where fox news projects that donald trump will easily beat florida senator marco rubio in that state's republican presidential primary. this is a potentially campaign ending blow to rubio. on the democratic side fox news can now project that hillary clinton will easily defeat bernie sanders in the sunshine state. according to exit polls and early vote returns. in missouri exit polls show trump and rival ted cruz locked in a close contest in that state's republican presidential primary although it's too early to project a winner there. >> however trump is slightly#hs ahead of cruz in illinois according to fox
5:01 pm
exit polls again too early to project a winner there. also too early to project a winner on the democratic side where clinton and sanders are in a close fight in illinois. in missouri's democratic presidential primary sanders is currently enjoying a slight lead over clinton although again, we will need to see more data before we can project a winner there. >> let's bring in bill o'reilly host of "the o'reilly factor" here on the fox news channel. bill, your thoughts on this evening. >> well, it's no surprise that trump won in florida. marco rubio is an interesting guy. i think he will9 be back but he is done for now. i wouldn't be surprised tomorrow if he makes an announcement that he is suspending his campaign. the reasonable i think trump won in florida is because he comes across as more authoritarian, not authoritative, authoritarian. and i was thinking about this all day today what happened to rubio rubio. i'm not so sure rubio did anything wrong. it's that he just couldn't overcome the perception that
5:02 pm
many republican voters”[have that you need somebody from the outside number one to punish the republican establishment. but, more importantly to take it to hillary clinton. i think the turning point in this race for trump was when he attacked both hillary and bill clinton a few monthshrpc ago, when they start wanted the sexist stuff. he just laid them out. i think a lot of people saw that and said, you know what? this guy can punish as well as win. and in this angry age voters want a punishment along with a victory. >> you know, bill, the rubio people are saying private live they thought the $50 million that was spent on attacking rubio early on really hurt them. they thought that the fact that rubio never won early so that he was painted as a loser really he never got off the ground. >> you know what? i don't think0c it was so much that. he had a few missteps but everybody does. i mean, if you look at marco rubio's controversies as
5:03 pm
opposed to donald trump's controversies, not even in the same universe. i just think that this age there are enough republican voters and i put the number at between 33% and 40% who avenger. and they are going to vote for the avenger no matter what happens. so rubio's not an avenger. jeb bush wasn't an avenger. john kasich is not an avenger. cruz a little bit more. and i think he will emerge tonight. it will be cruz versus trump. >> so as you look at the map and as you look at the delegates and we are talking about all of the getting to 1237 ahead of the convention, how do you see it playing out? do you see this contested convention developing? >> i don't think that trump will have enough to give him the nomination. that. so, if trump were to win ohio tonight over. over. but if he loses ohio, he is not playing a strong west of
5:04 pm
the mississippi as he is east of the mississippi. all right? so if he loses ohio, i think that he won't go in with enough delegates. but he certainly is going to go in with a majority of them and it will be a brawl. >> yeah. and the question is can ted cruz be the alternative to donald trump? does he gain traction in those later states to be the an tri -- anti-trump. >> trump is a phenomenon and cruz is a hard core conservative there are a lot of hard core conservatives out west. it is a race. it's a race. it's not like florida where trump just overwhelmed rubio. i don't think cruz is going to be overwhelmed. so there will be a competition, but -- and if kasich wins ohio, then you have a little bit more because kasich will stay in and hope that he picks up the moderate states like pennsylvania and new york, things like that. so you can't predict
5:05 pm
tonight what's going to finished and that trump is going to emerge even stronger tonight than when he went in. >> bill, as always, thank you. we will talk to you a bit later. >> all right thanks, guys. >> well, senator marco rubio apparently not getting the news he was hoping tonight in florida. john roberts is live at rubio headquarters in miami. john? >> good evening to you megyn. can't be too much of a surprise for marco rubio. as i mentioned a couple hours ago in all the polls that had been posted regarding the florida preferences of the voters here over the past year on real clear politics, marco rubio has led in none of them. he has been close in a few but it at the beginning and then donald trump. marco rubio right now at home was watching the results come in with his family. it's our understanding that he will probably come and address his supporters who are here very soon. can you hear them starting to chant because they see us up on the screen. when it was announced that florida had been called for donald trump kind of all the
5:06 pm
air went out of the room it was something that they expected. now marco rubio supporters their worst fears have been confirmed. now marco rubio faces difficult decision. unlike john kasich said he would pull out of the race if he didn't win in# ohio. he told me this morning he is 100 percent commit to do staying in the race. they announce he had would go to utah and off to california for fundraising. but we have heard that many, many times from campaigns in the past. they just don't want to say that it could possibly be over at least while people are out there voting. we will find out in a little while what marco rubio's intensions are. but as bill o'reilly was saying a second ago by almost every analysis i have ever heard and following politics for the number of years that i had it really would be very difficult for him to go forward after losing his home state. that's a big blow. and particularly only 136 delegates. what could the future hold for him.
5:07 pm
run for governor in 2018 as rick scott's term is limited. work for another company and take another shot >> john roberts, thank you. let. >> let's go back to our panel. dana perino, you know, you look at the ads rubio spent $8.2 million in florida. anti-trump ad $7.4 million. trump only spent 2 million. comes out a big winner. >> don't forget, there was $30 million of ads spent against rubio earlier on by the right to rise pack jeb bush's pac. that was a defining situation for marco rubio. yet, they were still able to emerge to be in the top four. i think this year is obviously not his year. a great man remarkable. i actually do not think that they will go on to utah. and i don't know what he will do next. i don't know if he even wants a@ future in politics. but, remarkable story american success story of
5:08 pm
cuban immigrants come to americaste)d and their first generation in america citizen and marco rubio gets up to be a presidential candidate and comes in at the top four, that's a remarkable story. they have a lot to be proud of. if i can also say the young people their enthusiasm for marco rubio was very real, so that is an opportunity for some of the other candidates if they want to try to capture that enthusiasm, they have to do it quickly those young people are going to be very disappointed. >> also remarkable night for donald trump. florida, he was ahead in the florida polling all the way since august. you look at that real clear politics. every single poll said trump, trump trump trump trump, since august. still, this was rubio's home state and he is the beloved hometown son especially down in the miami region and yet trump had it in the bag and he won easily tonight. >> it grieves me to think of some of the most more items see tomorrow blaming rubio or campaign for humiliating loss it is humiliating they
5:09 pm
will say rubio should have done this or done that they are wrong. if you and i would design the perfect presidential candidate was marco rubio. the problem is the message. they are not for openj borders. open gang. he tried to finesse it. did he his best. he couldn't get away from it in the end. citizens united, which we imagined was going to define american politics, make money turns out to have played no role at all. no matter how much money have poured in against different candidates, that's not the deciding factor, wepdénl need to rethink campaign finance reform after this. >> brit, you look at exit polls, people want outsider, they don't want anybody on the inside. it's overwhelming, marco rubio was painted as an insider. >> successfully so, even though he was elected as a tea party favorite and upset an establishment figure in florida to win that race. i will never forget the "fox news sunday" debate that chris wallace held between charlie crist who was
5:10 pm
favored at that time and marco rubio and marco rubio just mopped the floor with the guy and he has basically almost not been heard from since. i think that people in florida may have thought that marco rubio this man they installed in the senate was just getting started in the senate. and he basically abandoned his post in the senate by skipping nearly every vote over the'k past year and i don't think that endeared him to florida voters. i this think there may have been in their eyes a young man in a hurry factor that contribute to do their feeling okay, marco we love you but we would like to see you earn your spurs before we start elevating you to the white house. that that may have figured into this. while i think tucker's main point about money and its effect on this race is well-taken broadly speaking, dana's point is right as well that the money spent against him by jeb bush and by others, i mean, he was as widely attacked as anybody in this race, certainly more so than donald trump. i think to some extent that helped to can you say him down to size. you know i thi.83 o is a tremendously talented young man. if he wants a career in politics and i kind of hope he does because i think he
5:11 pm
has a lot to offer it's there for him. he might want to go out and make money because he hasn't had any. he has been credit i see sized for the wayfñ)gñ he handled what money he did have. >> other question what will marco rubio do he was starting to teeter if he could get behind the nominee of the donald trump. >> now we are getting back to what he does with his delegates if he announces the suspension of his campaign. >> ted cruz says i will support trump if he is the nominee because i'm the manual of my word. john kasich and marco rubio the last couple of days has started to wobble a little. there is a question about what do they do? what is their next move. >> let's assume we have this race that goes all the way into the convention and two candidates with large but not a majority of the vote, large pluralities what people like marco rubio and john kasich do then and how they handle this and what can be offered to their delegates will become important.
5:12 pm
and that will be a tremendous story to cover. very interesting. we're not there yet. >> panel, thank you. we are looking live at rubio headquarters there you see the florida senator who has just had a big loss here in his home state. he was hoping for a big win there. he said whoever wins will be the nominee. let's listen in. >> first of all, thank you all for everything. i want to begin -- i haven't had a chance to speak to him yet but i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory big victory in florida. [crowd booing] >> no, no, no.3a guys, we live in a republic and our voters make these decisions and we respect that very much and it was a big win. i want to begin by thanking all of you here today. i want you to know that i am the beneficiary of the best group of supporters, the hardest working people i have ever been associated with. i'm so grateful to you guys, thank you. [cheers and applause] not just here in florida. not just here in florida but around the country. >> we love you marco. >> i love you too.
5:13 pm
[cheers] i want you to know that you worked as hard not just here but all over the country. i want to talk toiy people in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and in the great state of minnesota where i won and territory of puerto rico and washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] all over. we have a great team. i'm so grateful for all the help that you guys have given us. i just want you to know that there is nothing more that you could have done. you worked as hard as anyone could have worked. we worked as hard as we already could. america is in the middle of a real political storm and tsunami. we should have seen this coming. look, people are angry and people are very frustrated. it really began back in 2007 2008. with this horrifying. [shouting] >> don't worry he won't get beat up at our event. [crowd booing] >> people are very
5:14 pm
frustrated about the direction of our country. [chanting marco] >> thank you. people are frustrated. in 2007 and 2008, there's what a horrible downturn in our economy and these changes to our economy that are happening are disrupting people's lives. and people are very upset about it. and they are told that, you know people aredr angry, they are frustrated, they are being left behind by this economy and then they are to against illegal immigration that makes you a bigot. and if you see jobs and businesses leaving to other countries you have no right to be frustrated. they see america involved in the world and americans spending money and losing their lives and they see there is very little gratitude for all the sacrifice that america makes. people in this country are tired of being looked down upon. tired of being sold by
5:15 pm
self-proclaimed elitist that they don't know what they are talking about and they need to instead listen to the so-called smart people. i know:÷ all these issues firsthand. i have lived paycheck to paycheck. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i know what it's like to have to figure out how to find the money to fix the air conditioner that broke last night. i know my parents struggled and i know millions of people that are doing that. i know immigration in america is broken. no one understands this issue better than i do. my parents are immigrants. my grandparents were immigrants. jennette's parents were immigrants. i live in a community of immigrants. i"auá the good, and the bad and the ugly. i have battled my whole life against the so-called elites, the people who think that, you know, i needed to wait my turn or wait in line or it wasn't our chance or wasn't our time. i understand all of these frustrations. yet, when i decide to do run for president i decide to do run a campaign that was realistic about all of these challenges. but, also one that was -- one that was optimistic about what lies ahead for
5:16 pm
our country. i know we have a right to enforce our immigration laws but we also have to haveíe a realistic approach to fix it i know that we are living through this extraordinary economic transformation that is really disruptive in people's lives. machines are replacing them. their pay is not enough. i know it's disruptive. but i also know this new economy has incredible opportunity. i know america can't solve all of the world's problems. but i also know that when america doesn't lead, it leaves behind a vacuum and that vacuum leads+qc to chaos. and most of all i know firsthand that ours is a special nation because where you come from here doesn't decide where you get to go. that's how 44-year-old son of a bartender and a maid, that's how i decide that, in fact i too can run for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]j u so from a political standpoint from a political standpoint, the easiest
5:17 pm
thing to have done in this campaign is to jump on all those anxieties i just talked about to make people angrier, make people more frustrated, but i chose a different route and i'm proud of that. [cheers and applause] that would have been -- in a year like, this that would have been the easiest way to win. but that is not what's best for america the politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, they are going to leave us a fractured nation. they are going to leave us as a nation where people literally hate each other because they have different political opinions that we find ourselves at this point is not surprising. for the warning signs have been here for close to a decade. in 2010 the tea party wave carried me and others into office because not enough was happening. that tea party wave gave republicans a majority in the house. but nothing changed. in 2014 those same voters
5:18 pm
gave republicans a majority in the senate and still nothing changed. and i blame some of that on the conservative movement. a movement that is supposed to be about our principles and our ideas. but i blame most of it on our political establishment. [ applause ]=heeç a political establishment that for far too long has looked down at conservatives as simple-minded people. looked downç at conservatives as simply bomb-throwers. a political establishment that for far too long has taken the votes of conservatives for granted and a political establishment that has grown to confuse cronyism for capitalism. and big business for free enterprise. i endeavored over the last 11 months to bridge this divide within our party and within our country because i know that after eight years of barack obama this nation needs a vibrant and growing conservative movement and it needs a strong republican
5:19 pm
party to change the direction now of this country or many of the things that @re going wrong in america will become permanent of many of the things makes us a special country is are gob. america needs vibrant movement. one built on principles and ideas, not on fear, not on anger, not on preying on people's frustrations. [cheers and applause] conservative proovment that believes in the principles of our constitution, that protects our rights and limits the power of government. a conservative movement committed to the cause of free enterprise. the only economic model where everyone can climb without anyone falling. a conservative movementd4 that believes in a strong national defense and a conservative movement that believes in the strong judeo-christian values that is the for immigration of our nation. [cheers and applause] but we also need a new
5:20 pm
political establishment in our party not one that looks down on people that live outside of the district of columbia. not one that tells young people they need to wait their turn and waited in line. and not one that's more interested in winning elections than it is in solving problems or standing by principles. [cheers and applause] and this is the campaign we have run a campaign that is realistic about the challenges we face but optimistic about the opportunities before us. a campaign that recognizes the difficulties we face, but also one that believes that we truly are on the verge of a new american century. and a campaign to be president, a campaign to be a president that would love all of the american people. even the ones that don't love you back. [cheers and applause] this is the right way forward for our party. this is a right way forward
5:21 pm
but after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. i take great comfort in the ancient words which teaches us that in their hearts humans plan their course but the lord establishes their steps. [ applause ] soé9 yet while this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message about oure, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. [cheers and applause] and how can i not? how can i not? my mother was one of seven girls born to a poor family. her father was disabled as a child. he struggled to provide for them his entire life. my mother told us a few years ago she never went to bed hungry growing up but she knows her parents did so they wouldn't have to. she came to this country in 1956 with little education
5:22 pm
no money no connection. my parents struggled their first years here. they were discouraged. they even thought about going back to cuba at one point but they persevered. they never became rich. i didn't inherit any money from my parents. they never became famous. you never would have heard of them if i wouldn't have run for office. yet i consider my parents to be very successful people. because in this country working hard is as a bartender and a maid, they owned a home and they retired with dignity. in?[ this country they live to do see all four of their children live better off than themselves. and in this country on this day, my mother, who is now 85 years old was able to cast a ballot for her son to be the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
5:23 pm
and so -- [chanting marco] >> and so while it is not god's plan that i be 2gtár"ent in 2016 or maybe ever and while today my campaign is suspended. >> come how far america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people do not givela'ú in to the fear. do not give in to the frustration. we can disagree about public policy. we can disagreeri about it vibrantly, passionately, but we are a hopeful people, and we have every right to be hopeful. for we in this nation are the descendents of go-getters. in our veins runs the blood
5:24 pm
of people who gave it all up so we would have the chances they never did. we are all the descendents of someone who made our woe are the pilgrims of pilgrims. settlers. men and women who headed westward in the great plains not knowing what awaited them. descendants of slaves who overcame that horrible institution to stake their claim in the american we are the descendents of immigrants and exiles who knew and believed they were destined for more and that there was only one place on earth where that was possible. this is who we are. and let us fight to ensure that this is who we remain. for if we lose that about our country, we will still be rich and we will still be powerful but we will no longer be special. >> we will keep fighting. >> so i am grateful for all of you that have worked so hard for me. i am grateful to my family and my wife jennette who has
5:25 pm
been phenomenal in this campaign. [cheers and applause] to my four kids who have been extraordinary in this campaign. [cheers and applause] and i want you to know that i will continue every single day to search for ways for me to repay some of this extraordinary debt that i owe this great country. and i want to leave with an expression@q of gratitude to god in whom's hands all things lie. he has a plan for every one of our lives. everything that comes from god is good. god is perfect. god makes no mistakes and he has things planned for all of us. and we await eagerly to see what lies ahead. and so i leave tonight with one final prayer and i use
5:26 pm
the words of king david because i remain grateful to god. yours o lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty. indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth. yours is the dominion, o lord and you exalt yourself as head overall both riches and honor come from you and you rule over all. and in your hand is power and might and it lies in your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone. may god strengthen our people. may god strengthen our nation. may god strengthen the conservative movement. may god strengthen the republican party may god strengthen our eventual nominee. and may god always bless and strengthen this great nation the united states of america. thank you and god bless you all. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> senator marco rubio he launched his presidential campaign one year ago tomorrow ends it in miami tonight.
5:27 pm
suspending his campaign officially saying in this speech that it was a campaign that he said was hopeful and optimistic and forward-leaning and that that is not the mood of the g.o.p. base right now. at one point during the speech he was interrupted by a heckler itiw appeared a pro-trump supporter. rubio said in response that's okay, he won't get beaten up here. clearly making reference to recent events on the campaign trail. marco rubio never once led in any poll in his home state of florida and tonight we will -- will lose that state in big numbers to donald trump. he is saying he has plans for the future. he didn't lay them out but right now he is ending a campaign that many thought he was going to be the alternative on the establishment side. tonight, that ends.cñ >> talk to do him many times about whether he was running a campaign that was considered too optimistic for 2016 and 2015 america. and this had been identified early on was he angry
5:28 pm
enough? was he tapping into that feeling of the voters? and he said all along he want to do hold on to thatñkvé÷ optimism and wasn't going to abandon that message tonight he left by sayingh3he ran a campaign that would love all of the american people, even if they didn't love you back. saying we were on the right side but we won't this year be on the winning side and urging folks do not give into the fear or the frustration we, he said, are a)1;9 hopeful people. >> tough to hear in that speech how he is going to get himself to supporting who could be the eventual nominee donald trump something he said was getting harder by the day a few days ago. we will see if he does get there right now his campaign is suspended. he won in minnesota and puerto rico. he obviously has a poll of delegates and as we talked about that could be key as we get to the convention in cleveland. >> we'll talk about this with our panel in a moment. we want to bring this to you because it happened while senator rubio was speaking. fox news can now projected that hillary clinton will beat bernie sanders in north
5:29 pm
carolina's democratic presidential primary based on our fox news exit polls and early vote returns. now, combined with her florida victory mrs. clinton has now completed a sweep of all southern states in this race. >> let's go back to our panel. tucker your thoughts. >> well, first on the democratic side, i find it just looking at the numbers here the margin of victory for bernie among voters under 30 is north korean. this is 90%. hillary clinton is almost certainly going to be the democratic nominee. this has exposed a basic weakness in the hillary#& campaign that i think a smart republican campaign could beings plot. as to rubio i thought it was very gracious speech. it was certain lay speech that hit evangelical christian notes in a way that i haven't seen him do on the stage quite so assertively. it was interesting and great. the question is does he get behind trump? and that is really the question for the entire republican -- i hate to word it is in fact an establishment. the elected republican
5:30 pm
leaders in washington. they have laid down a marker calling trump not just unacceptable but a racist and sexist and describing him in ways that make it i think impossible for them to support him long term or any time. what does that mean exactly? i don't know the answer to this. but i think it's march 15th. it's late. we are getting to the point where the party is going to figure out what do we do with this guy and cruz who they also don't like. people are either going to have to eat crow or doing something else with their vote. that's the story of my lifetime politically and it begins now. >> dana, the other question is if he does not get behind trump does he get behind cruz oré0 perhaps even kasich who has the lowest delegate count at all but could you see that happening? because people had talked about this last week when rubio wasn't doing very well in the polls in florida the possibility of a so-called unity ticket, that he would go to ted cruz and they would unite and they would bring their factions of the party together. he has nothing to offer ted cruz now. i mean, he has got some delegates to the convention i suppose. what do you think the odds are of that. >> rubioens voters in
5:31 pm
louisiana, for instance, went to cruz. they didn't go so much to trump. which is why trump and cruz ended up breaking even in louisiana. this is evident in a couple other states. they gravitate naturally. if if rubio is not a factor they gravitate toward cruz it would be viewed as complete utter betrayal if he were to go with donald trump the never trump movement started with the rubio people. now the question then becomes is he going to coalesce? is he going to unite? are they going to have that ticket? i tell you megyn a cruz rubio ticket, if that's something that they ended up deciding upon as a deal or that support would so invigorate so many people who are battle-worn going into these states. it still is a contest between trump andq cruz. the math is still there. cruz could very well get this and he may get that without rubio support too. that was a great speech by rubio, by the way. and i think that there is room for unity. i think he is a great candidate and i will end with this, too. he is young. is he a great candidate. i realize that there are a lot of people, gang of eight
5:32 pm
was his poison pill. but the frontrunner for the republican party right now has so far much more to forgive than marco rubio does. and i hope people consider that. >> the night is early juan. obviously the big story so far, this huge win for donald trump, 99 delegates. another story developing though is ted cruz performing well in these other states. he also performed we should look in florida pretty well. >> right. >> in florida where he opened 10 offices. and now his goal of it at least without marco rubio has succeeded. >> well, i think it looks better for cruz rightf i don't see that cruz, rubio as a potential quite yet. it will be interesting to me if that's what develops. what strikes me first and foremost here is i think the democrats feared marco rubio than any other republican down the line in a general election race. young, attractive, spoke to the diversity of the nation. very optimistic and positive. almost reaganesque in that
5:33 pm
sense. people thought boy it might be tough to beat marcoo rubio, especially if you gave him florida. remember, florida having a lot of electoral votes. they thought that would be tough. now, if you come to the potential for some kind of merger i agree with you brit, when i was listening to marco rubio just now talking about don't give into fear and frustration it sounded to me like he was preaching against donald trump. he said he didn't get through to donald trump tonight. he wasn't able to make the call. i wonder what would have been said because trump had a wonderful night. i mean trump said i'm going to win big. trump won big. let's not make any mistake about it back to cruz, cruz now has the path as the alternative to donald trump. what does that mean in the voters' mind. we will find out especially as you go west. as you go west you more toward people who really want the conservative values but maybe are not as heated and passionate as we have seen so far especially in the south and the midwest. >> that seems to be shaping up to be one of the questions of the night bret if this becomes a two
5:34 pm
man race, if john kasich wins ohio and this becomes a two-man race not involving kasich. he will still be in it if he wins ohio. the delegate count suggests trump vs. cruz, right? >> no doubt. >> what happens when it's down to just two? >> obviously that's what we are all expecting now. then the question arises can either of them get to a majority? it doesn't look that way -- it looks less and less that way as time goes on. cruz will be able to do better without two other candidates in the race going forward. kasich obviously will try to do something. he will come out and say the whole world has changed. i think we can take that with whatever salt we choose to. let me make a point here about marco rubio and his decline here. the gang of eight bill is widely cited as a turning point for him from which he could not recover. that may be so. however, the exit polls tonight areé thing they have showed on every other primary and
5:35 pm
caucus night which is that when people are asked to rate immigration and three other issues as their top one, the others being economy/jobs terrorism and government spending, immigration comes in last every time. and not by small margins. very small fractions are saying immigration is top issue. in illinois 9% so far in the exit polls in ohio 8%. in missouri 11%. in florida 12%. so how do you explain how this immigration, which has been such a big issue such a focus of donald trump's campaign has worked its way in into people's thinking? it feeds into their sense about the issue that invariably rates by far the economy. people are concerned that immigrants are keeping them from getting better jobs, are stealing their jobs and that's how that comes out. the other issue, of course, which i think is a twin issue of this is the issue of trade. do you see that showing up in the question about how people feel, what does trade
5:36 pm
do? does it take away your jobs or make things better? creates more jobss away jobs. takes away jobs as winning in every state tonight as it has in the past. so that's -- that issue is very very important. >> we have to head to a break. deign any -- dana, quickly your thoughts. >> conventional wisdom turned on its head. up until last week marco rubio was listed as the one most likely to win in november. there was a shift last week where then donald trump then and so for a long time the hillary clinton campaign and the democrats would say our biggest concern is marco rubio going forward. now marco rubio is÷ not a factor so the democrats are going to have to recalculate quickly. >> panel, thank you. >> we are just getting started. donald trump a big winner as we talked about in florida. marco rubio suspending his campaign. governor john kasich in a battle to win his home state and senator ted cruz battling it out with donald trump in9x missouri and
5:37 pm
illinois. >> we still have a big night ahead. a look at the exit polls and more with the campaign cowboys as america's election headquarters continues. stay with us. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with
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5:40 pm
. breaking news out of america's election headquarters right now.
5:41 pm
governor john kasich and donald trump in a battle to win ohio. that race too close to call right now. meanwhile, too big news conferences set to get underway. donald trump will be speaking after his big florida victory. hillary clinton will be speaking after victories victories in both florida and north carolina. this just in a rubio policy advisor tweeting out it's time for all rubio supporters and all conservatives to unite around ted cruz. >> that's7y significant. and we'll talk more about that with our panel in just a moment. first, we want to get over to bill hemmer who is keeping an eye on some of the key areas in tonight's race. he is over at the billboard. hey, bill. >> good evening megyn. a lot to go over here. go to florida and show you how trump did down there. it's all purple except one exception. this is orlando. 40% of the vote in orlando florida, this is tampa. 40% of the vote for trump there. go up to jacksonville devol
5:42 pm
county 96% reporting. trump is 87% of the vote there michael dade rubio's hometown he did well. 62% of the vote there in miami-dade. the rest is all trump. look at the panhandle flip over to georgia purple along here as well. one exception rubio here. also in the state of alabama. same story that we saw earlier. it is purple. it is trump in the southeastern part of the united states florida has been decided. what's going on in ohio? this is very, very>h interesting. trump is in purple. kasich is in tangerine orange, we will call it orange here. 17% reporting. lock where trump is doing well. southeastern ohio coal country, kentucky, west virginia steel country along the border there with pennsylvania. that's where trump is seeing his strength and then kasich central ohio into northern ohio. this is part of the reason why we c!su call the
5:43 pm
buckeye state. down here in hamilton county this is cincinnati. not enough for the vote in just yet. by the way there was a traffic accident reported 4:30 earlier today. the judge in ohio ordered that these four counties butler warren, clermont and hamilton, the polls would stay open an extra hour 7:30 eastern local to 8:30 eastern time. we are past that marker. can't call the state. franklin county here. this is columbus. it's where john kasich works. it's where he lives. not enough of the vote reporting there in franklin county. up here in cleveland cuyahoga county, again not enough reporting just yet. from cuyahoga county. for kasich or trump. quickly i will show you why we can't call north carolina. you have got 31% of the vote in here. this is wade county. this is where ted cruz want to do do well he is doing well up 10 points on trump. that's rally that's where cj
5:44 pm
31% reporting it's too close to call in the tarheel state. that's where we are right now. tangerine orange. >> pretty. >> what saying about the traffic accident. i thought wecj had traffic cameras on the map i was getting excited. >> going high tech. did you see the box campaign and you in the middle. that wax exsirting. >> go over to the cowboys low tech, chris wallace karl rove and joe trippi. >> we have no traffic report. we have readout. you have been crunching the numbers in ohio, karl. you think a good night for the governor. >> i think so. trump is doing well i ó appalachian. the eastern region of the state and along the ohio river. what we have gotten so far are the initial returns. meaning these are the early votes and in the early vote there is roughlyrx margin for kasich. he had the support of the republican party which turned out the early vote. but, on the other hand, in virtually every instance the exit polls have showed that the person who has won the vote in each one of the
5:45 pm
contests earlier has tended to be not trump. and so if kasich goes in to this with having one looking like is he doing early vote up by 10. if on election day the same trend is there and that's a big if, we don't know it yet, this could be a good night for john kasich in his home state of ohio. >> put yourself in cruz campaign manager. bad boy of missouri politics. dolls he want kasich in this race or not? does he want it to be a two-man race, trump and cruz or does he think the more the merrier and more opportunities for other people to vote and stop trump? >> you have touched on the two schools. one theory says to have a lot of people out there flood the zone. i tend to think that's probably accurate. >> well, let me interrupt to you say karl rove right again john kasich, fox news can now gffqdct that john kasich will win his home state of ohio. congratulations, karl. >> well, hopefully. >>!- ou get ohio right this time. >> hopefully by more than 911 votes. let's wait just a while.
5:46 pm
look, i think back to your question. i think there is something to the multicandidate theory. because, look, look at the contests coming up. we have a bunch of western states where ted cruz is probably likely to do well. we have a lot of northeastern states where he hasn't been doing well where john kasich has done well. so you have got cruz who could cover utah and arizona and montana and you could have kasich who could challenge trump in places like connecticut and delaware and. >> and all in their own way. doesn't get cruz to majority it does keep trump to hisym majority. >> gets us to contested convention. in chaos is opportunity for the little guy. in non-chaos. >> that's actually been my motto. in chaos is opportunity for little guy. >> there we go. >> joe let's talk about hillary clinton. she is rolling up some big numbers in north carolina and florida. >> absolutely. and i look at this thing and you look at she has rolled up 480,000 vote lead on bernie sanders just in
5:47 pm
florida. the entire 2008 election against barack obama she had 400,000 popular vote lead. she is doing more thangg that in one state tonight racking up a 73 delegate lead on him when you award him what's likely to come out of florida and north carolina. >> wait, she is picking up net 73%. she has wydened her lead by 73%. >> shows you the problems bernie sanders has. when she gets big victories in places like florida or mississippi, north carolina, and then even when you look at the exit polls he may win some of these other states that are out there tonight, but, if he does, theying are. >> let me interrupt you for a moment. man, this is a very action-packed cowboys. fox news can now project that hillary clinton will win the state of ohio. >> that's my point. you look at states that are really critical in big election. big, big swing states. they are ohio, virginia, florida, north carolina. guess who is winning all of
5:48 pm
those. and wins three of them tonight. it's not that bernie sanders isn't doing well, he is. but, she is actually rolling up a very stunning set of victories. >> karl, joe, thank you. ohio, thank you. back to the anchor desk. >> well, i will tell you what, we are going to take off. >> we're just going to leave. you guys take over. and good calls very nicely done out there. >> big news for those of you who may have missed it at home. john kasich has won ohio's primary tonight as has hillary clinton with big news there on both sides. and that was one of the races that we had been watching tonight and could help determine the future of this entire race. >> a live look now trump headquarters in florida. donald trump set to hold another news conference. the last one was very interesting. and this one could be, too. a big florida win. his second home. we'll be right back.=
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
welcome back everybody. as you can see, fox news has protected that ohio governor john kasich will binwin the gop
5:53 pm
primary in his home state tonight. john kasich predicted he would. turns out he has held on to his home state for his first victory in this gop campaign. in moments, we expect to hear from donald trump who has won florida tonight, a key state in the republican primary. and we expect him to have a press conference where he ole take to that lectern there and take questions as well as offer remarks. >> joining us now, newt gingrich. he was 2012 republican presidential candidate and a fox news contributor, as well. mr. speaker, thanks for being here. your thoughts? donald trump's big win in florida and john kasich pulling it out, 66 delegates in ohio. >> it was a life or death victory for kasich. he's a very popular governor about 80% approval. got re-elected by carrying 86 out of 88 counties. this gives him a new burst of life.
5:54 pm
i'm inclined to go with karl rove's analysis having kasich work states like pennsylvania connecticut, new york while cruz focuses on states that are more compatible with his background may be the best possible chance to slow trump down we'll know better later tonight. the final outcome in illinois and missouri are almost as important as the outcomes in florida and in ohio. however, what you can say for sure is that the nominee is going to be named either donald or ted. now, kasich can play a major role deciding which of those two, and rubio can by suspending his campaign. but it's hard to imagine we'll get to this end of this particular process and not have shrunk the options to be either trump or cruz with a possibility that trump will win it all. >> you don't buy the contested
5:55 pm
convention where you can go to a second and third ballot and the person who brings the party together is not one of those two? >> i think it's insane. you live in an age of social media and television. millions of people will have voted. you have two really strong personalities. trump and cruz are not exactly shrinking violets. the idea somebody is going to push those two aside? my hunch is they would probably join forces to block any third person from emerging just out of sheer anger. these are both anti-establishment fundamental reform disrupt the system candidates. they're not going to turn this over to somebody that represents the establishment. kasich has a role to play and if he suddenly got really hot, if he won pennsylvania and connecticut, he'll be head-to-head with trump in new york. then maybe he edges back in. but my hunch is he's the balance between the two dominant
5:56 pm
characters. >> mr. speaker, do you foresee the to-called establishment ever getting behind ted cruz? they said they don't like donald trump. they hate ted cruz. they might like john kasich. but what does the so-called establishment do? >> i asked somebody this afternoon, do you think the senators dislike ted more or fear donald more? the person just broke up laughing. this is one of those strange, historical moments where each of the two strongest candidates have enormous strengths and fundamental weaknesses. i believe that the bush super pac, for example, spent more money attacking marco rubio than it spent attacking trump. that made sense for bush but that was irrational because trump is the person that was ultimately the threat to the decisive old order.
5:57 pm
you can imagine how big a threat trump is. i just think people in washington are hiding and having a long drink and after night a number of them may decide they need a new career. >> there's been a lot of predictions coming in whether the gop is facing a crisis tonight. do you buy that? >> the party has a very good healthy crisis. marco rubio, in his speech had a very good section there. i thought it was a very good speech on his part and reminded us what an attractive person he is and he will be back. he has a great future. but the point where he said look in 2010 the voters sent a message they gave the republicans the house, things didn't change. in '14, they gave republicans the senate. things didn't change. cruz and t natural, legitimate consequence of conservative voters being fed up with the washington
5:58 pm
establishment. >> yeah. mr. speaker, thank you for being here. >> thank you. coming up donald trump and hillary clinton both set to speak moments from now. both candidates having some big wins tonight. >> much more to come from america's election headquarters. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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welcome back. hillary clinton is making her remarks after winning the states of ohio florida, and north carolina tonight. let's take a listen. [ applause ] >> and i want to congratulate senator sanders for the vigorous campaign he's waging. [ applause ] now, today, all of you, in the states where contests were held voted to break down the barriers that hold us all back so every one of us can share in the promise of america. you voted.
6:01 pm
you voted. you voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday. tomorrow where all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. [ applause ] because that's how america can live up to its potential, too. now, we need you to keep working. keep volunteering. keep contributing at [ applause ] please please join the 950,000 supporters who already have contributed. most less than $100 because our campaign depends on small donations for the majority of our support. we can't do this without you.
6:02 pm
so if you've been waiting for the right moment now is the time to come join us. [ applause ] you know tonight it's clearer than ever that this may be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetime. the next president will walk into the oval office next january, sit down at that desk and start making decisions that will affect the lives and the livelihoods of everyone in this country, indeed, everyone on this planet. now, i know the easy decisions don't make it to the president's desk only the hardest choices and the thorniest problems. i saw president obama wrestle
6:03 pm
with the decision to send navy s.e.a.l.s of osama bin laden, to fight for the affordable care act and so many more. and so our next president has to be ready to face three big tests. first, can you make positive differences in people's lives? second can you keep us safe? third, can you bring our country together again? [ applause ] now, make differences, making differences in people's lives comes first, because americans everywhere are hungry for solutions. they want to break down the barriers holding them back. so we can all rise together.
6:04 pm
ask any parent. you'll hear nothing is more important than making sure their kids have a good school and a good teacher, no matter what zip code they live in. they deserve a president who understands that when we invest in our children's education, we're investing in all of our futures. and young people young people across america struggling under the weight of student debt find it difficult to imagine the futures they want. and they deserve a president who will help relieve them of that burden and help future generations go to college without borrowing a dime for tuition. you know grand parents who worry about retirement deserve a president who will protect and then expand social security for
6:05 pm
those who need it most. not cut or privatize it. [ applause ] families deserve a president who will fight for the things that our priorities at home but too often aren't priorities 234 washington. affordable child care paid family leave and something we have waited for long enough. equal pay for ewomen. [ applause ] and above all, above all, hardworking americans across our country deserve a president with both the ideas and the know-how to create good jobs with rising incomes right here in our country. and i am absolutely convinced that we have the tools to do
6:06 pm
that. that's why i've laid out a program to do what can be done. more good jobs in infrastructure. more good jobs in manufacturing. [ applause ] more good jobs in small businesses! [ applause ] more good jobs and clean, renewable energy. [ applause ] good paying jobs are the ticket to the middle class, and we're going to stand up for the american middle class again. we're going to stand up for american workers and make sure no one takes advantage of us. not china. not wall street. and not overpaid corporate executives. [ applause ] now, look look of course every candidate, every candidate makes
6:07 pm
promises like this. but every candidate owes it to you to be clear and direct about what our plans will cost and how we're going to make them work. that's the difference between running for president and being president. [ applause ] and i'll tell you -- >> hillary! hillary! hillary! >> let me tell you that the second big test for our next president is keeping us safe. we live in a complex and yes, a dangerous world. protecting america's national security can never be an afterthought. our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it.
6:08 pm
engage our allies, not alienate them. defeat our adversaries, not embolden them. when we have a candidate for president called for rounding up 12 million immigrants banning all muslims from entering the united states -- [ crowd boos ] -- when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. [ applause ] and yes, our next president has to bring our country together so we can all share in the promise of america. we should be breaking down barriers not building walls. we're not going to succeed by divide thing country between us and them.
6:09 pm
you know to be great, we can't be small. we can't lose what made america great in the first place. and this isn't just about donald trump. all of us have to do our part. we can't just talk about economic inequality, we have to take on all forms of inequality and discrimination. together we have to defend all of our rights. civil rights and voting rights. workers rights and women's rights. lbgt rights and rights for people with disabilities. and that starts by standing with president obama when he nominates a justice to the supreme court! [ applause ] our next president will face all these challenges and more. you know running for president
6:10 pm
is hard but being president is harder. it is the hardest, most important job in the world. and no one person can succeed at the job without seeking and finding common ground to solve the problems we face. if we work together we can make a real difference in people's lives. if we reach out to treat each other with respect, kindness and even love instead of bluster and bigotry, if we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down there's nothing we can't accomplish together. so please join me in this campaign. every vote counts. every volunteer hour counts. every contribution counts. eight years ago, eight years ago on the night of the ohio primary, i said i was running for everyone who has ever been counted out but refused to be
6:11 pm
knocked out. for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up. for everyone who works hard and never gives up. well that is still true. our campaign is for the steelworker i met in ohio on sunday night, who is laid off but hoping to get back to work. it's for the mother i met in miami, whose five children haven't seen their father since he was deported. she dreams of a day when deportations end and families are reunited on a path to citizenship in america. and sit for the mothers i stood with in chicago yesterday, who have lost children to gun violence. they're turning their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement. let's stand with people who have courage, who have resilience.
6:12 pm
let's stand with everyone who believes america's best days are ahead of us. for all of our challenges i've never had more faith in our future and if we work together if we go forward in this campaign if we win in november i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday! thank you all so very much! [ applause ] >> and a delighted hillary clinton live in florida, celebrating a big night for her campaign. as you heard her reaching out to steelworkers and other working class voters and aiming her message squarely at the republican front-runner donald trump, which we have heard her do before. want to get right to some analysis now. joining me now is david plouffe.
6:13 pm
great to see you tonight. is this it for bernie sanders realistically? >> well he may go on but her delegate lead was impenetrable before tonight. so he may stay in there's a series of caucuses but he's not going to net a lot of delegates. so tonight, she intensified her general election message against donald trump. >> we talked months ago, and you did not perceive donald trump as a threat in the general election to the democrats. you were predicting it could be catastrophic for the republican party. you changed your tune a bit on that in recent days. where do you stand on it now? >> he's unpredictable. he could lose in an epic landslide. that could cost senate seaters. but he's bringing new people out. he does have appeal to blue collar voters and he'll run a very unorthodox campaign. i they that will be very hard
6:14 pm
for the clinton campaign because he will be in their face every day, and he's running a very unconventional campaign. i think with cruz it's a more predictable race much more within the boundaries of what we're used to. i think trump could lose by 12 14 16 points but he could make it close. >> what do you make of marco rubio dropping out? folks pointing out that he was the one hillary was most afraid to run against. >> it just wasn't his year. i still believe john kasich would be the strongest candidate. i don't see a pathway to the nomination, but i think he would do very well not just in the midwest but virginia and florida. but trump and cruz it may be like choosing between hemlock and cyanide. but that is what this is coming
6:15 pm
down. it probably is good for john kasich to stay in but cruz might say he just wants this one on one. he wants his chance against trump for the next three months. >> as somebody who has run against hillary clinton successfully when barack obama was challenging her for the nomination in 2008 what do you see as her big weaknesses? >> listen turnout is going to be huge. even before bernie sanders' emergence, i was worried about younger voters. the obama coalition that led him to the white house twice is the obama coalition. it's not going for gifted easily. so she will have to work very good to each get the african-american latino turnout. and after eight years of a democrat in the white house, there will be voters open to a change. i think they would have been open to a kasich change. so that will be the big challenge. and listen trump is creating a lot of enthusiasm out there. i don't want to overstate what
6:16 pm
the difference in turnout means but there's a lot in the republican primaries and caucuses. so that's a big warning sign and you better address it. >> how do you get more exciting? you generate excitement from your base. >> right. i think the contest itself will help. trump, again, i think he's unpredictable and he may overperform a mccain and romney in certain segments of the electorate. i think what she tried to do tonight is raise the stakes but no doubt the enthusiasm is an issue. that's one of the reasons we won twice. she's going to have to figure out a way. that's where a race it may be a comfortable three, four-point win turns into a dead heat. >> david plouffe, thank you, sir. let's bring in bill
6:17 pm
o'reilly. bill i want to get your thoughts on that speech we just heard from hillary clinton. a lot of targeted statements. really aimed at donald trump. >> well first of all, i was surprised that secretary clinton painted such a bleak picture of the country when we've had a democratic president for seven years. it's like i'm going to do this this this and this. well why hasn't it been done already? if i'm the opposition i'm going hey, you're saying that president obama is the greatest president or whatever you're running an obama third turn and then you say, everybody needs to be fixed. so what is that all about? number two, i don't think anybody should underestimate hillary clinton. she is one tough lady. she is as tough as trump. so if it's going to be trump versus clinton, it's going to be some brawl. it will be a different kind of
6:18 pm
style, but hillary clinton is not going to fold under the barrage of donald trump. lit be interesting to see how, and she's going to paint him as a bigot, as a sexist as all of these "ist" things and he's going to come back and say, hey, look you're corrupt. this is what trump is going to do. and you've always been corrupt and here's why. and bing bing bing. so right away it's nasty with a capital "n." >> let me interrupt you. we see john kasich taking the stage in ohio. >> kasich! kasich! >> hey, listen listen everybody, let me -- hey!
6:19 pm
[ applause ] you know when you went to college in the 1970s you appreciate a good peaceful protest every once in a while. you do. [ applause ] first of all, you know when you're in the arena, and you are struggling and you leave your family to go out on the campaign trail and deliver a message to america because you believe that you -- you believe that you are the best qualified person to be the president of the united states and you put it on the line and your family puts it on the line and i want this crowd here tonight to give a great a
6:20 pm
great response to a very very great, talented and fine united states senator marco rubio for the effort that he's done. [ applause ] tonight, we arrived in cleveland and we went to a restaurant. we thought we could kind of sneak in and grab a quick meal. and when we walked through the restaurant people started to cheer. my reaction -- please don't do that, because you're going to make me cry.
6:21 pm
but to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people about the great state of ohio. i love you. [ applause ] >> kasich! kasich! kasich! >> you know when i became governor of ohio i went to new york and i met with some of the rating agencies things were bad. we had lost 350,000 jobs. we were $8 billion in the hole and our credit was hanging in the balance and they told me we're about to cut up your credit card and give you a new one where you can't buy as much. i said you don't understand ohio. you don't understand ohioans.
6:22 pm
so i can't wait to go back again. we're now up 400,000 plus jobs. we're running a $2 billion surplus. our pensions are secure. we've cut taxes by more than any governor in this country and we are leaving no one behind. not the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the working poor. and i don't know whether you can actually serve a meal of words. but i would like to go back to those credit rating agencies where they can learn to eat their words about doubting ohio, huh? [ applause ] you know, ladies and gentlemen look my whole life has been about trying to create a climate of opportunity for people.
6:23 pm
as my father carried that mail on his back and his father was a coal miner, i just was told by my cousin my father was the only one to graduate from high school. the other three barely made it out of the eighth grade because they were poor. you know as i've traveled the down country and i look into your eyes you want to believe, you want to believe again that we can have job security. you want to believe again that wages can rise. you want to believe that your children are going to have ultimately a better america than what we got from our mothers and fathers. that's the great american legacy that our kids will be better than we are. [ applause ] and i want people in ohio to know as i think you do i want
6:24 pm
people around the country to know that i understand these tough issues. i grew up in these situations in that little blue collar town and in my mind's eye, it's the need to forget the politics forget the pollsters, forget all of the focus groups, because you see i represent you. it is my job to look at these situations and these problems and to listen to you. and it's my job to go fix them. if that means at times i have to take some heat that's just the price of leadership in america, okay? [ applause ] i want you to know the campaign goes on. and i also want you to know that it's been my intention to make you proud.
6:25 pm
it's been my intention to have young people all across this country watch somebody enter into politics even though i labored in obscurity for so long people counting me out, people in ohio saying why don't they ever call on him? we get all that. but we put one foot in front of the other, and i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. [ applause ] >> you know, the challenges that we have we can go to washington
6:26 pm
and in the first hundred days fix these problems with the shock and awe agenda that can pass. i think we can rally the people in washington because i'm going to remind them that before we're republicans and democrats, we're americans and we have an obligation to the people. but i really, really, really believe this and want you to know this, and many -- maybe in many respects this is why i've been given a chance to stand here tonight and have earned a victory. you know the lord's made everybody here special. i've been telling people this across the country. nobody has ever been made like you before and no one will ever be like you again. and young lady you're here in a moment in time and your job is to find that purpose that you
6:27 pm
have. your job is to live life a little bigger than yourself. your job is to be the center of healing and justice and hope in whatever way we can. if we're a schoolteacher, we give up money to change lives. if we're a nurse, we work 15 extra minutes when we're dead on our feet because we want to assure a family that things are going to be okay. and if we -- [ applause ] and if we are a neighbor that means that widow, who was
6:28 pm
married for 50 years, no one calls anymore, you want to change the world? you take her to dinner saturday night. she'll wear that dress she wasn't worn in six months. i trust you to do it. you see, what i learned as a boy, what i learned from my mother and father is that the spirit of america rests in us. it doesn't rest in a big-time politician the big wigs. you hire us to go do the job, plain and simple. to create an environment of economic growth and opportunity. but that's not where our spirit is. our spirit is in us. believing that through our efforts in which ever part of the world that we live that we can change the world, that we can carve out a better future. that we can realize that those special gifts given to each and every one of us in here are something that we can use to heal the world. we're all part of a giant mosaic, a snapshot in time all of us
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
because, you know i think we all know that conservative principles can work that common sense can work. the shifting power and money
6:31 pm
influence from that big place in washington and moving it to where we live empowers us. that's the direction for our country. that is the direction for our country. [ applause ] and finally, and finally, i want you coming out on the road. i want you continuing to do what we've been doing all over this country. i'm getting ready to rent a covered wagon. we're going to have a big sail and have the wind blow us over the rocky mountains to california. here's what i want you to know. we've to the one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states! thank you all very much. and god mess you. >> governor john kasich of ohio said he would win in his home
6:32 pm
state and he did. you heard him saying he won't take the low road to the highest office in the land. the question tonight is what road is there for him ahead? is there any road at all that would have him at the top of the ticket or is this a different kind of play? in the meantime we want to bring you this news that developed as he was speaking. fox news can project that donald trump will defeat ted cruz in north carolina's republican presidential primary, according to the early vote tallies. so we shall see what that means. this is one of those states that's proportional. so the question will be what is the final tally and what is the final delegate split in the state of north carolina? >> it looks like ted cruz will pick up a number of delegates there, as the state splits. one thing to point out about john kasich he is now 13 of 13 in ohio elections. he has never lost an election in ohio. he said he was going to win tonight. he did. as you mentioned, the question is what path lies ahead for this
6:33 pm
nomination? as we wait for donald trump to join us dr. charles krauthammer. your thoughts on the eving? >> i've never been trump's warmup, so i'll try to rise to that occasion. usually chris christie does that these days. i'll try to take his place. i think it's clear. several of the novels have now been written. on the democratic side it's really over. this is really no way that is conceivable that hillary is going to lose this in the normal way by delegates. it's either an act of god or an act of the fbi head that would take it away from her. in the absence of those, it's an interesting story that's going to have effects in the future. sanders is going to leave a legacy. but it's over as a matter of who is going to be the nominee. on the other side it's equally obvious. it's en either trump or cruz. the likelihood is there's not
6:34 pm
going to be decided before convention unless there is a deal made behind the scenes. kasich i thinkbc9u survives as a possible kingmaker. rubio retains his delegates. possibly when the numbers they have could be the decisive difference in whether trump or cruz is the nominee. it will be one of those two. it's inconceivable it would be anybody else. so i think a lot has been clarified. and one other thing is rubio will have a place in the future of the party. obviously it wasn't his year. kasich is going to have a place in this year, as well. but he's not going to be the nominee. >> charles, there is a question whether it is still possible for trump to win this outright. i mean, if you look at the numbers we've seen so far, donald trump does(pañ not appear --
6:35 pm
it does not appear he will exceed 50% in any state tonight. he's only exceeded i think 45% it was just reported in four states. and according to the math we did earlier he would have to get about 60% of the vote from this point forward to win this thing outright. having said that the numbers are far worse for ted cruz. >> that is true. and i think if trump comes within 100 delegates of the majority it will be given to him as a matter of a course. it's like a three-foot putt. you give it to him, you don't ask about it. but if it's larger than that even if he comes out ahead of cruz, i think there will be a legitimate argument to be made that if you get a coalition, say he takes on a kasich as his running mate he gets his delegates he goes over the top, or rubio, i think that's a legitimate -- that's not
6:36 pm
stealing a nomination. that's going by the rules. you need a majority. trump said it's an arbitrary number. it's not. it's moanknown as a majority. it's 50% plus one. he would have to really run the table from now on in some states. and the one thing i think might cheer a cruz is that trump continues the pattern, in all of these states of winning among those who have decided early. but being defeated just about every state tonight except florida among the late deciders. which indicates that there are people out there still wavering and they tend not to come into his catch. >> charles, if it's a big tournament, those three-foot putts are not gimmes. but there are 22 contests remaining, 14 are closed primaries. donald trump did very well in a closed primary in florida
6:37 pm
tonight. but as you look at utah where senator mike lee endorsed ted cruz, other places that perhaps line up for the conservative wing of the republican party. could he make a run? >> absolutely could make a run. it will be interesting to hear his speech here tonight. look, it's between cruz and and i think idealogically, cruz is a true blue conservative. some would say too conservative. and that might hurt him in a general election. but nonetheless, he's a constitutionalist, he knows his policies. well practiced. it's all open. he's not hiding anything. trump is a populist. until recently, he wasn't a republican. it's hard to say even now if he is even a conservative in the traditional sense.
6:38 pm
so the republican party will be decided whether it wants to continue to be the conservative party or whether it will take a chance with populism. it's almost a one on one, you have kasich in there, who complicates it to some extent although you can argue he's a different kind of conservative. that's going to be the decision of the party. it's not at all just personality. it's not just insults and add homonyms. it's ideas and they're going to decide it. >> charles, thank you. up next donald trump as we await his press conference down in florida. and chris stirewalt and howie kurtz on the on side side of this break.
6:39 pm
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fox news can project that donald trump will defeat ted cruz in the illinois republican presidential primary, according to exit polls and early vote tallies. missouri, too close to call at this moment. we are still looking at that as you see in the bottom of the screen, you can see the number of -- or the top, 22% in and there you separating the two, 69,000 to 65,000 for ted cruz. we're awaiting donald trump's press conference as he has done
6:43 pm
numerous times now. he doesn't do the traditional speech. he brings out the press conference. i don't know if chris christie will be there tonight or not. >> trump did not know the last time either. joining us now is howard kurtz and chris stirewalt. so stirewalt, let me start with you. trump has won florida. he's won illinois. missouri is still too close to call, although he had the lead there. >> it's close.?q >> lost ohio. but could he -- if he does well in illinois and if he wins missouri, could he make up all the delegates he lost in ohio to emerge tonight as the super victor on course to 1237? >> i don't want to nerd out but -- >> why should tonight be any different than any other night? [ laughter ] >> the way illinois works is it's mostly by congressional districts. so what we're looking for now, as the more conservative part of
6:44 pm
the state comes in and there's more coming in for ted cruz can he take some of these delegates away? if donald trump rides across il illinois tonight and wins all those congressional districts, this is a blowout win for him. that's 69 delegates. enormous. so that's big for him. but i would say this. you see now tonight the hardening resistance the never trump, the hardening of that resistance.+j >> where? >> you see how the splits are going in the counties and the state, and you see how in north carolina for example, cruz's performance in north carolina his delegate split there. his delegate split in missouri and the split there. you could see how hard it would be for trump to win outright and you head to a convention with trump in first place, with a lead on cruz but cruz in a clear second place with kasich behind him, and then rubio still holding some cards.
6:45 pm
>> howie? >> if trump won florida and ohio, we would be saying this race is over. but it still looks like a big math for trump. >> in states where he fought hard. >> marco rubio was a guy who many in the press would emerge as the establishment alternative to donald trump. he was on the cover of "time" magazine as the republican savior, but he's out of the race now. so we're down to two anti-establishment candidates. donald trump, the billionaire, who many are desperate to stop. and ted cruz even though he's a united states senator is running against the washington cartel. many of whom don't like him. that tells you where the electorate is. these are the two plausibledh nominees for the gop? >> what role exactly does he
6:46 pm
play at this point? >> the enormous annoyance to ted cruz. john kasich who has this sort of way about him, is going to be ted cruz's annoying uncle, who is going to keep ted cruz from locking up these numbers. now with a win in ohio he'll keep rolling on. he'll get to wisconsin which is a state he could win -- >> does he not take any from trump?k(q >> no. i don't think the kasich -- >> they can be a little more mpn!te on positio >> they can both poach some democrats but when you hear tone and style of kasich which is love and tears and the weeping and the joy versus donald trump, these are very different. so what kasich will continue to do is deny cruz the chance to be the one true heir
6:47 pm
to the traditional republican party. he will annoy the heck out of him. >> maybe it was all that crying and love stuff. >> exactly. >> everybody has had that uncle, come on. howie there's no overstating what a big night this is for donald trump. he stole florida away from the hometown. he was winning all along, but marco rubio should have won that state by according to many experts and yet he won, he performed well in illinois. he's performing well in missouri. and there's no question it was a huge night for him. >> florida wasn't even close in the end. we've gone through wave after wave with donald trump, saying this alleged misstep is going to hurt him. we went through the last few days, the chicago rally with 3 violence, many people criticized his rhetoric doesn't seem to have hurt him at all. he won illinois. ted cruz's selling point is he is the only point that has
6:48 pm
repeatedly beaten donald trump. he hasn't done it lately. >> how does donald trump unite the party to increase his margins to over 60%, which he might need to win this outright? >> we have seen repeatedly in the last debate where trump acts more presidential doesn't talk about little marco and lying ted. and i think you see him reaching out more to the establishment, some members of whom/x are looking to make their peace with him. but now the question is whether or not he has the discipline to stick to that with basically ted cruz as his main competitor. it's clear they don't like each other very well. >> ted cruz said he has zero interest in being trump's vice presidential candidate. great to see you. >> we are waiting for donald trump. he is going to havebéit another one of those news conferences, as you look live down there in florida. a lot of flags, pointing out about john kasich
6:49 pm
governor walker, governor jindal, governor christie. governor kasich is the first governor to finally win a state tonight.u+tr(t&háhp &hc% interesting after all of the preview of this race you thought the governors would outperform everyone. we'll be right back after this short break. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment.
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6:53 pm
looking live in florida awaiting donald trump, the bigger winner tonight so far. as we wait for that let's bring in sean hannity, host, of course of "hannity." your thoughts on tonight so far? >> well if there was any doubt i'd have to say about this being an insurgency year this is it. i mean donald trump by the end of tonight might have won between 18 or 19 of the 29 state that is have gone forward. john kasich i was watching his speech. a friend of mine. loves him dearly. doesn't have a mathematical chance to get the nomination and the person competing on any level is ted cruz and he has as of tonight six of the 29 states that have been competed in. so you know i'm watching and listening to what a lot of people are saying and it seems like that a lot of people want
6:54 pm
it to go to the convention. if the person with the most delegates and votes taken away from them i would predict the supporters walk away pretty sure. >> for the people saying hey, listen there are rules getting to 1,237 -- >> 100%. >> if donald trump negotiates to 1,237 just short, that gets -- he becomes the nominee. ted cruz would likely try to battle the way there and then try to set up some coalition to get to the magic number. right? >> listen. all agreed but by any objective standard this was a very big night tonight. there was only one candidate that competed in all five states tonight and that was donald trump. ted cruz is competing well in three of the five states. marco rubio not in any of the states and john kasich won one race out of 29 states. that's not the path to the nomination. what i find is there's analysis going on and how to stop and
6:55 pm
defeat trump. you have the establishment side but they don't like ted cruz either and then you have conservatives that view hey wait a minute he is the constitutional conservative in this race and donald trump is new to the conservative movement or more of a populist conservative. i think the big story out of the campaign so bret the establishment is lost and they've been beating badly and rather than being introspective, thinking of ways to anger people more instead of realizing they caused a lot of what's going on here tonight and throughout the nights. >> let's stipulate. this is a huge night for donald trump. that's the number one thing and talking to conservatives all the time on your radio show and show here and there are some who are directly behind ted kruds and they believe -- >> 100%. >> and believe he is the guy to take the conservative mantle going forward and not konsconvince that donald trump is a complete conservative. what do you say to those folks tonight? >> keep fighting. look. by my math if it goes the way i
6:56 pm
think this night will go, you'll have donald trump needing 54% of the delegates going forward. you'll have ted cruz needing about 65% to 69% of the delegates going forward and kasich would need like 102%. he is mathematically out of it. it is a two-man race and as you go forward you have to realize one thing has happened. republicans have been weak and feckless and broken promises on immigration and spent way too much money, a core principle of the party and never repealed the aspects of obamacare with the power of the purse. all of those have factored into a race where people are fed up with the establishment republicans. any attempt at a convention to take this nomination away from the delegate winner and the popular vote winner in the primary is going to end in an unmitigated disaster for the republican party.
6:57 pm
>> sean as always greet hear from you. >> by the way, i noticed you're not giving me a three-foot putt playing golf. >> never. come on. >> everybody gives a three-foot putt. >> i'll give it to you. looking live at donald trump taking the stage now. as his family gets on the stage with him. >> thank you very much, everybody. this was an amazing evening. this was a great evening. they just announced north carolina. i don't know if they've announced illinois yet but we're leading by a lot so i think they're going to announce it. florida was so amazing. and i want to thank our friends northern marianis islands and picked up nine delegates this morning. very early in the morning. that's a lot, nine delegates. i just wanted to thank the governor ralph torres. great guy. chairman atta fantastic man.
6:58 pm
and that was a very nice start to the day. that i can tell you. many things have been happening over the last short period of time. cnn was very nice. they came up with a poll. the poll said 49% to 14% and 15%. we just had one from the economist just came out. 53%. and it's sort of interesting because i was watching the news a little while ago and one of the commentators who i'm not particularly fond of but these are minor details but said donald trump doesn't get over 50%. because i'm at 43%, 45%. actually now according to the economist i'm at 53%. i have to explain to the people they don't understand basic physics, basic mathematics, basic whatever you want to call it. when i don't get over 50%, we have 4 people. right? we have four people. do you understand that? so when i get 53% in this one as an example, i had 53%, and that's with 4 people that's an
6:59 pm
amazing achievement mathematically when you can get over 50%. so some day. some day they're going to understand. some day when we take it all they'll understand. but it is really ridiculous. i want to thank my family. my boy eric and don, they've been working so hard. ivanka and jared have been amazing. ivanka is home right now. in two minutes i'm going to call him. about ready to have a baby. i don't know. sort of thing we've been thinking about that now for a while and ivanka is helpful and jared is amazing and just great. i want to thank barren for putting up with the fact i never see him anymore an i want to thank barren. i never see my barren and it is his birthday on sunday and very happy about that. it's tough. we're going going away. he goes when are you coming home daddy?
7:00 pm
i said well in about two and a half weeks. it's tough. traveling all over the place. it is really amazing. yesterday i went to ohio youngstown. we had an incredible crowd and just amazing people in this country. we have so so many great people. we will some day and in the not too distant future if i win. i have to be honest with you. apple and all of the great companies making their product in the united states. not in china. vietnam. and all of -- and we're not going to be losing our companies. you know our companies are leaving our country. rapidly. rapidly. whether it's carrier air conditioning whether it's ford whether it's eaton. i was in cleveland and eaton corp. is leaving and so many companies are leaving. and frankly, i'm disgusted with it. i'm tired of seeing it. and there's no reason for it. it's just gross incompetence at the highest level. we should not allow it to
7:01 pm
happen. pfizer great company. pharmaceutical company. they're going to ireland. and there are so many more. corporate inversions. people can't get the money back into the country because the politicians can't get along. they can't make a deal. everybody agrees democrat and republican. everybody agrees the money should come back. there's $2.5 trillion outside of this country. everybody agrees that the money should be here. and the politicians for three years haven't been able to make a deal. and we could make a deal. there's an example of something that you could do. if i sat down with a few of the senators a few of the congressmen, you could make a deal on that in ten minutes if you knew what you're doing because everybody wants to do it. and companies are actually leaving our country to get their money, not only because our taxes are too high, which we're going to lower, by the way, but companies are leaving our country in order to go and get
7:02 pm
money that's their money because there's no way of bringing it in. so we've got to -- got a long way to go but i think at some point it gets done. this is very exciting. this whole process. we started, i was one of 17 people. senators governors. i've had such great support. dr. ben carson the other day endorsed us. great guy. great guy. wonderful man. and chris christie endorsed us. that was so incredible. and today, pam bonndy came up and endorsed us. she was great. she is truly wonderful. a truly wonderful woman and the job she's done in florida is incredible. you know so many we've had such incredible support. paul ryan called me the other day. tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell today. we had a great conversation. the fact is we have to bring our
7:03 pm
party together. we have to bring it together. we have -- we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody's writing about it. all over europe. all over the world they're talking about it. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many many more people. i'm looking at the polling booths. i'm looking at different polling booths around the country. where it's up. and the lines are four or five six blocks long and the woman -- one woman was in there for 40 years been working the polls and she said we'd have two people here three people. now look at the line and the line looked like it was, you know long. it was really long. five deep and long. and it's just a different thing. we have a great opportunity. and the people that are voting are democrats are coming in. independents are coming in. and very very importantly
7:04 pm
people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. i want to pay my respects by the way, to todd palin. sarah sarah's husband. she was making a speech on my behalf and fantastic. everybody loves her. and what happened is he was in a very bad accident. he is tough add nails. will be fine. i want to pay my respects by the way, to todd and sarah. so our theme when we started and melani and i came down. sit down everybody, please. we give you seats. you don't have to stand. i'm looking at all these people. corey, good job, corey. good job. and hope and our whole -- our
7:05 pm
whole squad. right? so when this began melania and i said got do it. she was so supportive and been supportive. it is amazing. we have to do it. we came down theesque lay or the and it was about trade and borders and what happened is pretty quickly after that and we were -- we shot right up. i shot right to the top of the polls and have been leading in the polls almost from the beginning. without fail. we went up in june. most people said i'll never run. he's just going to have fun. he's having a god time. this isn't necessarily -- i mean i'm having a good time. you know? i'm having a very nice time and working hard and there is great anger. believe me. there is great anger. one of the broadcasters was saying is there anger? i said to him, i'm supposed to say, no there's not. we love the way things are working, the deal you made with iran. it's wonderful. you give them $150 billion.
7:06 pm
we get nothing. we love all the deals. trade deals are wonderful. you lose $500 billion a year with china. we lose $58 billion a year in terms of imbalance. it's a total imbalance. we don't make good deals anymore. we don't win anymore. as a country we don't win anymore. and they asked, is there anger from your people? i said there is anger. they're not angry people but they want to see the country properly run. they want to see borders. they want to see good health care. they want to see things properly taken care of. they want our military rebuilt. our military is in a very bad state. they want it rebuilt. very very importantly an they want the second amendment by the way protected and protected strongly. and that's going to happen. and you know what they want so badly? they want our veterans taken care of. our veterans are treated so badly.
7:07 pm
so we started and something happened called paris. paris happened. and paris was a disaster. that was -- there have been many disasters but it was paris and then we had a case in los angeles where it was in california where the 14 young people were killed. and it just goes on and on and on and what happened with me is this whole run took on a whole new meaning. not just borders, not just good trade deals and making the best trade deals you have ever seen. we have the smartest people in business and these people are going to be negotiating our deals and they're the best in the world. we have the best business people in the world. we're going to have such great deals. we'll do so good with trade and the border. but it took on a whole new meaning and the meaning is simple. we need protection in our country and that's going to happen. and all of a sudden the poll
7:08 pm
numbers shot up. and i'm just very proud to be a part of this. i think we are going to go and we're going to do a lot of trips over the next month and i think we will have a great victory and i think more importantly than anything else we are going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military. we can't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them. we don't win -- we don't win at trade. china, everybody, japan, mexico vietnam, india, name the country, anybody we deal -- anybody we do business with beats us. we don't win at trade. we're going to win at trade and make our country rich again and make our country great again. and we need the rich in order to make the great. i'm sorry to tell you.
7:09 pm
so so i'm going forward. we had a fantastic evening. i never would have thought this could happen. i'm waiting for a result that will be successful also. but to win the states that we won and to win by the margins and especially look this is my second home florida. to win by that kind of a number is -- is incredible. it's record setting. and i have to -- and i have to say it. i have to say it. that number one i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough. he's smart. and he's got a great future. he's got a great future. but i have to say, and nobody has ever ever in the history of politics received the kind of
7:10 pm
negative advertising that i have. record record record. by the way, mostly false. i wouldn't say 100% but about 90%. mostly false. vicious. horrible. they say it was 18 million the first week. meaning last week. and 25 million. it added up to over $40 million. and you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up. i mean it's been an interesting experience. last week adam scott won at trump national doral and a lot of folks saw that. i'm watching. well television screens all over. down at this gorgeous green at doral and everything is working beautifully and then a commercial comes on. the worst commercial. i'm with these wonderful people
7:11 pm
from cadillac and all these top executives. and i'm saying look over there. look. don't watch it. you don't want to watch it. i'm saying don't -- isn't the grass beautiful? look. look. don't watch it. and they came in waves. one after another after another. and it was brutal. and then adam comes and handsome kid from australia. one of the greatest golfers in the world. made an unbelievable shot on the 18th hole to win the tournament. a great champion. and we're giving him the award and just before -- we break for a commercial. we'll be right back with our great champion from australia adam scott. and her's the commercial. i said no! and it was, two of them. two of them. oh what a day that was. what a disaster. what a disaster. unbelievable.
7:12 pm
so again, i just want to congratulate everybody. that is really interesting process. it is an amazing process. it's very tough. but it is a -- by the end, if you get to the end, you can handle a lot of things including pressure. that i can tell you. there's nothing like it. lies, deceit viciousness, horrible reporters. horrible people. sure some are nice. some are nice. some really disgusting people back there i have to tell you. and i just want to say we're going to go forward. and we're going to win but more importantly we are going to win for the country. we are going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. we'll have great victories for our country. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you. >> and a big night for donald trump. celebrating with his fans down at mar-o-lago florida, and the
7:13 pm
road ahead. the winning the country will do. what a great night he's had commenting on the media. a favorite thing to do. pointing out that he'll get over 50% if there are not 4 people in the race and saying no one, no one has ever come under the kind of negative advertising barrage that he's come under. talking about what it was like to see the advertisements on television while he was trying to entertain business folks and you can feel for the candidate on that one but it's all part of the race i guess. want to get back to the panel who's here with us now. >> dana tucker. dana juan and brit. >> no, steve hayes, too. >> we kicked him out of the studio. so no news conference dana. but an interesting message. >> i think he was -- i think it was smart of him to keep it shorter tonight. just the contrast of his victory speech tonight compared to hillary clinton's, very interesting to me because she
7:14 pm
won arguably proportionally as well as donald trump did and yet the words at the end of the speech sounded like if you -- anybody else saying them sounds inspiring but she's saying them sounds so angry and you can understand where's the joy? you just won. be happy. you have donald trump with the contrast and someone saying i won, it's great, he is laughing. you know? he's you know telling everybody, i don't care what you think about me or my campaign manager that's been accused of man handling a reporter. gives me a him a shout-out. david pluf said it was a wild card. i don't know what will happen. >> he doesn't sound like the other candidates or act like them. this has baffled the republicans, obviously. what is going on? look at. inside joke going over here with the panel. we want in. what are you laughing at tucker? >> no one's ever seen like this. no one alive has seen a candidate like donald trump. he is an animal.
7:15 pm
he is just completely unleashed. those people are disgusting at the back. calling the reporters disgusting? corey lewandowski, right next to me. under criminal investigation. he is just an animal force. he is just all in. not endorsing but explains the opposition to him. when's real threat. an actual threat to the livelihoods of many republicans living in washington. the striking response though to me republicans said from the beginning, we don't like him because he's a conservative and true he is not. he's rewriting the republican economic program, for example. you saw him just do it. there's a conservative in the race. it's ted cruz and yet they haven't rallied around cruz in the way you expect. if the complaint with trump is ideological, there's an obvious answer. he's the senator from texas. checks every box. a constitutionalist sincerely. why aren't they rallying around him? so interesting and deeply revealing, i think. >> dana? >> i think and i have said this
7:16 pm
before i think people just -- they want a brawler. i think they want somebody who they want to fight and fighting is great but we need -- you said he is an animal. he is a nonspecific animal because he gets up an says well we're going to win so much. we're going to make america great, you're tired of winning. i feel like i heard the same acceptance speech and shorter. i think we heard this last tuesday. i don't -- it's the weirdest thing and to tucker's point, too, you have a conservative candidate now. i mean it is for all intents and turnpurposes a two-man race. i don't know if people think it's comfortable than be free. i don't know what it is. that's one of the -- that's the only thing i can think of is that that's what this leads to. populism is not conservative. just because you're a populist doesn't mean you're a conservative.
7:17 pm
i don't know what's going on either. >> i was thinking about trump and we can look at this and say, a couple of things. one is you know, he seemed to come out of nowhere. and that you know that he -- first of all, a huge step for him tonight to win what at least three of these, possibly four. it makes the contested convention seem quite a bit less likely now. and the mystery of trump is read the electorate better than anybody. the pros in the race. successful governors galore. all the candidates smart. ted cruz has a very well organized campaign and plotted this from a long way off. nobody's said he's run a bad campaign and yet trump read the electorate better than anybody. one more thing i think is important. think of the barriers to entry. what business men call the barriers to entry for a nonpolitician in a presidential race. the first, biggest one, most important one is name reck og
7:18 pm
nis. he had that barrier crossed from day one. not only did more people know who he was from the television program and decided despite the tone and perhaps because of it they liked him. he came in and we didn't know it. i didn't know it certainly. it was a big head start and seeing play out going on. and he read the electorate better a message they liked. tucker suggested earlier and a bigger head start than we ever knew. >> juan after the break. more with the panel. donald trump winning florida, illinois and north carolina. we are still waiting on missouri.
7:19 pm
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7:22 pm
well we just heard from donald trump down in florida. a big night for him. let's go back to our panel. juan your thoughts tonight? seems like donald trump is on his way to the nomination. but as evidenced by some of the things said on this panel, there's a lot of disparity in the party about how to get together. >> there sure is and i think if you paid attention to what he said at the very top, talking
7:23 pm
about the endorsements he's had. he referenced carson christie palin. and then he talked about the calls. the calls coming from speaker paul ryan from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell he is suggesting that he is the one able to unify despite he's a polarizing figure in the party thus far and obvious the party is torn maybe not ir rep bring but you have that to the message he delivers which is i'm subject to a lot of negative advertising. i don't know if you had this response but when he was talking about did golf tournament and negative advertisement, i thought he was going to say poor marco rubio. he is subject to so many negative ads from the bush campaign chris christie and now from me. no he said me. that he donald trump has been the one when's been vilified unfairly. i think he is in the midst of trying to reinvent himself, recreate himself an i think
7:24 pm
that's why he didn't take questions tonight. i don't think he wanted to be up there and wanted to have a calm quick presentation. stand apart from what he's been doing in the past. no elbows for his fellow republicans. he didn't take a shot at kasich or cruz. he's simply saying now is a new moment in terms of this process and he may be right. >> the notion of trump complaining about the media coverage is something because recently he was subjected to attack ads by the our principle's pac going after him but for the most part in this race the republicans were going after each other and leaving donald trump alone. his media coverage has been -- saturated the air waves. there was a stat that just came out saying in the last month alone trump earned media coverage of $400 million worth, meaning you get yourself on tv and don't pay for it. get yourself coverage on the tv and what john mccain spent on the 2008 campaign. the reality is that trump's ability to control the media has
7:25 pm
been a huge weapon for him in this race. >> and some things have broken his way so when the protest happened on friday night in chicago, that then dominated the news coverage for three days because there was nothing else going on and three days before super tuesday that donald trump is in the news and persuasive that wasn't fair and he has a right and does things with hyperbole and speaker paul ryan called me. speaker paul ryan called all four of them to talk about the house agenda and only call that you have ever heard about in the media is made to donald trump. >> to trump's point, that anti-trump group spent roughly $13.5 million in these states over the past few days. let's bring in "washington times" columnist charles hurt and a.b. stoddard. your thoughts on the acceptance speech and victory tonight?
7:26 pm
>> i agree it was really different -- wasn't a press conference. set up like one and then just i got to get in and get out really quickly, nice funny, happy. definitely have his campaign manager there and give him a shout-out as he's never done before to affirm i guess his loyaldy dyty to him and really did the usual, the polls are up. i've broken 50%. people don't understand. i'm unstoppable. i thought it was the right thing to do. he didn't want to open up avenues of controversy or negative discussions about protesters or anything. just keep it short and sweet. talk about how grateful he was for the victories. it is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. i mean this -- this is a moment and i think trump knows where the party's going to have to decide whether or not they're going to you know hitch a ride with cruz or kasich. the kasich people will make a
7:27 pm
huge argument that he has the best numbers against hillary. the best experience and on and on and very uncomfortable time for the republicans who are never trump, never trump. and so it's an unsettled thing where trump still knows the's people to very hard to stop him from getting 1,237 delegates but his win tonight was really huge. at the end of the night and tomorrow morning, we're going to see more stats here on delegates but he had a very huge sweep not only in states but the counties and delegate math and makes it -- definitely an emboldening evening with him but with kasich winning you have people who struggle between cruz and kasich if they don't want trump and drag it out and be cloudy for a while. >> a.b. folks are saying that hillary clinton, you know she may be happy because marco rubio dropped out and marco rubio had great odds against her in a general election matchup.
7:28 pm
but we talked to david pleuffe earlier, who got barack obama elected twice. his warning was don't underestimate donald trump and doesn't envy hillary having to run against him because he is so unpredictable and so unlike anything we have ever seen before. >> right. really for hillary who -- and david was talking about has to go after this obama coalition. it is hard for her to duplicate and replicate it. there's bernie supporters anti-trade and going with trump. you have seen that in polling. the's crossover there. donald trump has new voters. the secret weapon is going after people who never have voted and been part of the system and felt disillusioned and disconnected and now engaged. i really believe that he has a chance to bring in a new swath of voter that is will makes general
7:29 pm
election campaign against him very difficult. >> steve hayes, your thoughts on tonight and how this shapes up and going forward? >> i think this was as good of a performance by donald trump as we have seen. i thought his speech was reasonably gracious. i do think corey being in the picture given the events of the past week business troubling and will cause people to raise additional questions. that was a good speech and good night for donald trump. if the illinois delegate count looks like -- ends up like it looks like it might, that's a good night for him. but let's also be realistic about where donald trump is with respect to the party. there was a question on the exit polls tonight about whether voters in the republican primary would vote for or back a third party candidate given a choice between hillary clinton and donald trump. in these states and the numbers are pretty striking.
7:30 pm
in missouri 43% said that they would consider seriously a third party in north carolina it was 39%. florida it was 30%. illinois 43%. ohio 42%. those are staggering numbers. and you have people who object to donald trump and the candidacy for a wide range of reasons. >> yeah sure. but there isn't that candidate. there is no candidate, no third party candidate, at least not yet. >> there isn't. time is short. >> it would almost certainly hand the election over to hillary clinton. >> i don't necessarily agree with that. you have to look at the two candidates. they're unpopular recent "the washington post" poll found 56% of americans said they couldn't register voters and vote for hillary clinton. 67% said they couldn't vote for donald trump. so it's not at all clear to me third party candidate couldn't be successful in this environment but time is short and i think people rallying around ted cruz and people in the non-trump category rallying to ted cruz and a serious look at the viability of the cruz
7:31 pm
going forward and whether it's possible to keep donald trump from getting that 1,237. >> how does donald trump, charlie, make amends win over that percentage of the party, that 40% to 60% of the party, depending on which poll you're looking at that says no and some faction says never and they don't seem to even like him? it's not even a question of no not my first choice. it's no never. >> well i think that you know he does have a lot of work to win over those voters in the republican party. he has never been able to break 50%. in fact i think only one primary has anyone been able to break the 50% barrier on the republican side and that was marco rubio in puerto rico. but so yeah. it is a challenge but it's a challenge for any of the republicans, especially if it's a republican that gets picked during the convention. >> that's a good point. all facing that battle right now in terms of numbers. >> we are awaiting senator ted
7:32 pm
cruz to speak. we'll bring it to you live here on fox news channel. as america's election headquarters continues rolling on. from the moment they wake up doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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7:36 pm
that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to reensure this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people do not give in to the fear. do not give in the frustration. >> as i've traveled the country and i look into your eyes you want to believe. you want to believe again. that we can have job security. you want to believe again that wages can rise. you want to believe that your children are going to have ultimately a better america than what we got from our mothers and fathers. that's the great american legacy that our kids will be better than we are. >> a lot of big news tonight. senator marco rubio just heard there suspending his campaign and governor john kasich winning his home state, a must win. donald trump already picking up wins in three states and a lot
7:37 pm
of delegates. meantime we are waiting on missouri. still too close to call at this hour. between donald trump and ted cruz. and as we mentioned, ted cruz is about to speak pretty soon. probably waiting on this result. >> we want to bring back the campaign cowboys. chris, carl and joe. >> thanks megyn. you saw those numbers in missouri. 41.8 to 41.2. as you look at the ariaeas of the state outstanding, do you have any feeling trump or cruz? >> right now trump is leading by 3,400 votes. i wouldn't be surprised if that lead didn't grow. there's one precinct in city of st. louis and looks like the early vote. that trump took and then in the county the suburban area and again leading in about 400-some odd precincts out and that's a big chunk. where cruz did well springfield, all that vote is in. right now, it looks like unless
7:38 pm
there's a dramatic change in the pattern of voting we've seen -- >> more trump votes coming in. >> that would be my guess. >> democratic side same areas are out. and those are good areas for hillary clinton. sanders has a 9,000-vote lead right now. at least on the numbers i just looked at and i wouldn't count him out but when you look at when's likely to come in i think she is going to grow. she may pull out missouri as well. >> i want to pick up on something i'm not sure we talked enough about tonight. a big night for donald trump but it is a very big night. he came in tonight leading cruz by exactly 100 delegates. at this point, with some delegates still not determined how much has he increased his lead. >>? >> he is at 216 above cruz. 619 to 393. that's with no -- >> it's 226. i don't want to -- >> i'm sorry? >> 226. >> sorry. >> he's more than doubled the delegate lead.
7:39 pm
>> no delegates awarded yet in missouri and not all awarded in illinois and with a handful of delegates left to be awarded in new hampshire. >> here's the point to get at. may not get to a majority and we talk about it being a two-man race and he is now over 200 delegate votes ahead of ted cruz. that's a substantial number. >> that is true but at the end of tonight there will be 1,463 delegates selected. right now he is sitting at 619. he's got some room to go before he gets an absolute jorlt and look we have had conventions in the past and which somebody's nominated and did not lead on the first ballot who's trailing somebody else and it's been a long time but it could happen again. >> as you look at the states still out there, do they tend to line up more for trump or for more cruz? >> first of all, remember midwest of them are proportional.
7:40 pm
of the remaining, i think 217 are winner take all. the rest proportional about 250 or hybrid and look. a bunch of them are in the northeast which you would tend to think would be available for a kasich. could be competitive there. some of them western states. they're likely to be inhospitable to trump. look at tonight. he won in precincts in florida that are, you know sort of northeastern retitiree, won in north carolina. american sort of redneck missouri. winning those counties. he won in the appalachia region of ohio. so he's shown an ability to compete in a lot of different places inside the republican primary. >> only one of the candidates who competed on the republican side in all five states and did well in all five states. back to you guys. >> thank you. and here you can see carly fiorina speaking at ted cruz headquarters. she's endorsed him. you can see her warning up the crowd there and we should be
7:41 pm
hearing from ted cruz momentarily. he's yet to win a state tonight and his eyes are on missouri. an outright win was flot vided to him tonight. donald trump winning north carolina winning illinois. both states in which ted cruz hoped to be competitive and now we'll see what happens in missouri and wait to hear from senator ted cruz himself. >> we'll be back. >> more from the panel next. (boy) ma, pa - why do we settle for cable? (mom) because we're settlers and that's what we do. (girl) but with directv and at&t
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and we are back now as ted cruz takes to the microphones down in houston, texas. his hometown. let's take a listen to what he has to say. >> isn't carly extraordinary? such a tremendous leader. and i got to tell you, she terrifies hillary clinton. hillary tosses and turns in her jail cell thinking about her. tonight was a good night. tonight we continue to gain
7:46 pm
delegates and continue our march to 1,237. and after tonight, america now has a clear choice going forward. let me say a word about marco rubio. marco is a friend. he's a colleague. he ran a strong optimistic positive campaign. his story, the son of a bartender, the son of a maid who fled cuba seeking freedom is powerful it's inspirational. marco's story, his passion inspires me. marco can paint a picture, can weave a tapestry of the promise of america like nobody else. and his presidential campaign inspired millions across the nation. i congratulate marco and
7:47 pm
gentlemen jeanette on the tremendous campaign they ran together. to those whorted marco, who worked so hard we welcome you with open arms. with gratitude and with hope and with a positive vision together for our great nation. we welcome you to join us along with remarkable leaders like carly fiorina, like governor rick perry and like all of the republicans. who are uniting behind our campaign from mike lee to mark levine "national review." starting tomorrow morning, every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have a
7:48 pm
plausible path to the nomination. ours and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once not twice, not three times but nine times all across the country from alaska to maine maine. and going forward, the choice is straightforward. do you want a candidate who shares your values or a candidate who has spent decades opposing your values? the mainstream media, the network suits who make the
7:49 pm
decisions want donald trump. as the republican nominee. that's why they've given him hundreds and millions in free advertising because they're partisan democrats ready for hillary. and they know that donald may be the one person on the face of the earth that hillary clinton can beat in the general election. but the media aren't going to decide this election. the voters will. and here's our vision for america. it's an america with a brighter future. it's america with greater opportunity. for our kids and grand kids. it's an america with more liberty and more safety and more security. it is america that is greater tomorrow than it is today and than it was yesterday. this election will focus on three critical issues.
7:50 pm
jobs, freedom and security. as president, my number one priority will be jobs. turning around the stagnation the misery of the obama/clinton economy. you know it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can print that on a baseball cap. it's if you understand the values that made america great in the first place. the heart- the heart of our economy is small businesses all across the united states of america. if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of
7:51 pm
obamacare. we will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we will reign in the epa and government regulators that are killing small businesses. and we'll end sanctuary cities and welfare benefits for those here illegally. and there are wages for people across america. young people coming out of school with 2, 3, 4, 5 job
7:52 pm
opportunities. too many politicians focus on washington, d.c. to the lobbyists, to those like donald trump who buy influence and those like hillary clinton who sell influence, washington is the center of the universe. but we understand that isn't right. together, we will make washington less relevant in all of our lives. we'll fire government regulators and repeal job-killing regulation. and together we will take the boot of the federal government off the backs of the necks of small businesses across the
7:53 pm
country. it's not about the cronyism and bailouts that far too many republicans and democrats have done over and over again to benefit the rich and powerful. instead, less government is more freedom. higher wages and a better standard of life for all of us. the second critical issue in this election is freedom. two debates ago, donald trump promised all of us that he would compromise with harry reid and chuck schumer on replacing
7:54 pm
antonin scalia. let me be clear to the people of united states of america. will not compromise your liberty. i will not compromise your right to keep and bear arms. and every justice i appoint to the court will be faithful to the law and ferociously protect the bill of rights for your children and for mine. the third critical issue is security. for seven years we've abandoned our friends and allies and have shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. donald trump promised to be
7:55 pm
neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be clear, as president will not be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. and anyone who cannot tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, who cannot tell the difference between israel and islamic terrorists that seek to murder us that raises questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. donald trump says he will keep in place, i will rip to shreds the iranian nuclear deal on the
7:56 pm
first day in office. over seven years, president obama has weakened and undermined the military. we have seen it with jimmy carter who did the same thing and in january, 1981, ronald reagan came into office. what did reagan do? he cut taxes and pulled government off the backs of the necks of small business. we saw millions of high-paying jobs trillions in new government revenue. he used that money to rebuild the military bankrupt the soviet union and to win the cold war. i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorists. we're going to repeal obamacare, pass a flat tax, lift
7:57 pm
regulation, stop amnesty and we'll see millions of high-paying jobs trillions in revenue that we will use to rebuild the military so it remains the mightiest fighting force on the face of the planet. tomorrow we have a choice a clear and simple choice. enough with the washington corruption. enough with the deception to use the benefit of the government at the expense of taxpayers. together, we can turn things around. if we stand together and remember common sense, free market principles that built america, the constitutional liberties that built america, once again, standing together we can have morning in america.
7:58 pm
now is the time for all of us to want a brighter future to come and stand as one, starting tomorrow morning there is a clear choice a clear, direct choice and for everyone that wants to see a brighter tomorrow, we welcome you to our teams. we welcome you with open arms. thank you, and god bless you. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> ted cruz in his hometown of houston texas, delivering much of what we have heard from him before, delivering a message about how he's going to abolish
7:59 pm
the irs. less government not more condemning cronyism and offering a hit on donald trump and hillary clinton, suggesting that donald trump has been buying influence for years and hillary clinton has been selling it. so far, this is not the night ted cruz wanted. he had a chance in north carolina, he had one in illinois, he continues to have one in missouri which is a race still too close to call. two of the three have gone to donald trump, ohio won by john kasich in which ted cruz didn't have a choice and florida, donald trump was the victor. so we wait to see what happened in missouri but just so you know they're proportional. if ted cruz wins in missouri it's going to be pro portional. what does it mean for the race? he showed no signs of getting out.
8:00 pm
john kasich just retained a couple people to help his campaign who have expertise in a contested convention. my colleagues here on the anchor desk with me bret baier, he left. now, we bring you the kelly file. the two front runners move closer, well come to a special live 11:00 p.m. edition of "the kelly file" everyone. bret was here but he's off at a bar i'm going to meet him later. as mentioned it was a big night for donald trump who proved victorious in florida, handily beating senator marco rubio, leading to marco rubio's exit from the race saying he suspended his campaign. governor kasich fended off truck


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