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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. i'm kelly wright. welcome in. >> i'm julie banderas. good afternoon. topping the news this hour on fox, an intense battle for votes. republican presidential candidates campaigning out west ahead of next week's contest in arizona and utah. nearly 100 delegates are are up for grabs in the two states. our live report in just a minute. angry anti-trump protesters erupting this saturday. demonstrators taking to the streets in new york city, also in arizona, protesters blocking a major highway leading into a trump rally. plus, the federal government stepping up its efforts to fight growing problems with addiction
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to opioid painkillers across the country. we'll take a close look at the new cdc guidelines. we are awaiting senator ted cruz's rally in provo, utah. many polls show the texas senator is very popular with mormon voters there. meanwhile, a day after campaigning in utah, gop front-runner donald trump is holding rallies in arizona today, while ohio governor john kasich meeting voters at a town hall event in utah. state is holding its majority take-all caucuses next tuesday with 40 delegates up for grabs. steve doocy is live in utah with the latest. peter, what's going on? >> reporter: and there was a trump rally here in utah last night that -- there were a lot of questions about what were going to happen. it was the first friday night rally since the problems in chicago, and it was peaceful on the inside. but outside, there were some
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protesters intent op just shutting the entire event down like the folks in illinois had done the week before. and some of them charged toward the venue and tore down a security at the present time. that brought the riot police out to forcefully defend the front entrance. they pushed protesters and producers and reporters all back onto the street. it was a tense few minutes as authorities struggled to maintain order amongst some of the very aggressive agitators. the event was pretty late at night, though so, the crowd eventually dispersed without further incidents so, that makes things in arizona so early in the day a little trickier. elsewhere in utah, john kasich campaigning hard, trying to win his second state. >> first of all, records are fair game, okay? that's fair. but, you know, going underneath and using perm attacks, calling people liars or whatever that we've heard or, you know, we might have a riot if i can't get
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the delegates at the convention. you know, frankly, i don't think that's the way we ought to be conducting a campaign. >> reporter: then there's ted cruz. mitt romney's announced he's going to endorse ted cruz or rath they're he's going to vote for ted cruz, not endorse, here in utah, and looms large just about over every other candidate event. i asked senator cruz about an hour and a half ago if he thinks romney's support is watered down because he's been backing whoever has the best chance to win, whichever state is voting that day, and cruz said this. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, the only way to beat him is to stand united behind our campaign. >> reporter: at the trump rally last night, there was a long line of supporters of mr. trump's who were not able to get in. i was speaking to several dozen of them over the course of the night who are saying they are
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very disappointed with mitt romney for the tone he took with his takedown of donald trump. they say they used to like mitt romney, some of them used to volunteer for his campaign and when he was in charge of the olympics here, they say they're very disappointed with the way romney inserted himself into the race just before tuesday's caucuses. back to you. >> steve doodeuc peter, thank y. several hundred protesters marching on donald trump's home turf gathering near trump tower in new york city to protest the republican presidential front-runner. many people waving signs there in the crowds, playing drums as they take their messages across the big apple today. brian is live in with more on today's action. hey, there, brian. >> reporter: hi, julie. this was a crush trump rally that started on facebook, organized there by at least a dozen groups like a black lives matter group and a group called cosmo poll tan anti-fascists.
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this was 1,500 to 2,000 protesters that started here on pretty much in columbus circle, new york, and then began to march towards trump towers. now, it did get tense for a few moments. take a look at this video. as they were marching from columbus circle towards trump tower they started pushing with police. it appears some of the protesters wanted to get onto 6th avenue. p police were not having it. they did not want anybody on the street blocking traffic. they wanted people to stay on the sidewalks. there was some pushing, there was some shoving and some mace sprayed in some of the eyes of the protesters who were asking for water to be put on their eyes. as they continued to walk towards trump tower there were arrests that were made, a few arrests that we saw on camera, and then after that the crowd began to disperse, the police strategically really dispersing this crowd and then they ended up coming back over here to columbus circle. their message was very clear.
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they really had things like donald trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay. that was one of their channels here. they said no kkk, no trump, not in the usa. this is the kind of sentiment we had here. muslims, hispanics, minorities, whites, it was a very eclectic group of 1,500, 2,000 people, about a three-hour rally in the heart of new york. >> in new york city, thank you very much. all right. overseas, europe's most wanted man now out of the hospital and in custody. 26-year-old salah abdeslam is one of the suspected terrorists in the paris massacres. we're also learning he apparently wanted to commit a suicide bombing at the paris stadium, but he backed out. police in brussels shot and captured him along with four others after a four-month international manhunt. benjamin haw joins us live from london with the very latest. benjamin? >> reporter: yeah, hi, kelly. that news just coming in, salah
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abdeslam told investigators he wanted to blow himself up in paris the same way his brother did but he changed his mind and today he's been formally charged with helping a terrorist murder. this follows a dramatic day in which he and four others were captured in three different raids in the brussels district of mozambique. two have been charged with hiding criminals and one with participation in the terrorist murder. during the operation, abdeslam was shot in the knee. dramatic footage shows the moment testifies taken from the apartment and bundled into a car. france will request extradition as soon as possible, but his lawyer has announced he will fight that. last night forensic teams scoured the raided apartment and will be searching for any accomplices hoping abdeslam might give information on other jihadis or terrorist cells. heed been on the run for four months since the paris attacks in which 130 were killed. he was the ho gistics guy who planned much of the operation, apartments, cars, and hotels, and has told belgian investigators during the summer
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before he traveled around europe to pick up other attackers and that he bought hydrogen peroxide to make the explosion. the police were timed off after he called a friend for help, that that friend called the police and he gave the cell phone number that abdel slam was using. that's how they found him. getting him alive like this is an intelligence gold mine. belgian police are on high alert in case associates try to flee after him. big things happening. >> benjamin, big things indeed. the people living there must feel a sense of relief. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm sure they do, but some are still out there. >> benjamin hall, thanks. julie? a "fox news alert" now, the pentagon confirming the death of a u.s. marine killed by an isis rocket attack in northern iraq. it happened at an iraqi base just south of the isis stronghold of mosul. a u.s. defense official telling fox news several other marines were also hurt in this attack.
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this, by the way, is the second american serviceman to be killed while fighting isis since combat operations began in august of 2014. another "fox news alert," a dubai airliner crashes in southern russia killing all 62 people on board. russia's emergency ministry says the plane clipped the grown with its wing before catching fire. the fly dubai plane was carrying 55 passengers and seven crew members. officials say both flight recorders have now been recovered at the crash site. there's no official cause at this time. airline officials say terrorism is not suspected so far. but it's been noted that wind were gusting near hurricane level at the time. president obama renewing calls for senate republicans to consider his nominee for the supreme court. the president using his weekly address to tell gop senators to put politics aside and give judge merritt garland the respect he has earned by giving
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him a hearing. republicans warning democrats not to, quote, seek to further divide our nation, end quote, by using the supreme court fight for political purposes. here's more from washington. >> reporter: simply put, the white house isn't taking no for an answer, and all week they've been playing out their strategy for getting merritt garland a confirmation hearing. that will be a tall order. republican leadership said any nomination from president obama is essentially dead on arrival and that the next president should fill the opening on the supreme court. democrats argue that republicans are abdicating their constitutional duties by refusing to even give garland a hearing and a vote. in various ways, both sides are using d.c.'s go-to strategy accusing the other one of playing politics. this time with the supreme court vacancy. we saw that again today in the weekly addresses from both the white house and the republican party. >> this is precisely the time we should treat the appointment of a supreme court justice with the
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seriousness it deserves. because our supreme court is supposed to be above politics, not an extension of politics. >> reporter: the question now is what choice the president and the democratic leaders will make. with will they. >> jim: us in doing our jobs on behalf of the american people, or will they instead seek to further divide our nation by turning the supreme court process into a blatantly partisan back and forth? >> reporter: you can get used to hearing these kind of arguments because this fight is expected to carry on all the way through the election. after that, though, a handful of republicans have hinted they could change their opinions, particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders win the election. >> we have to look at this in a lame-duck session in november. i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merritt garland than a nominee that hillary clinton, if she were president, would put forward. >> a small number of republicans now say they're at least willing to meet with garland after the
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senate's two-week break, but they're quick to point out those meetings will only be as a courtesy. julie? >> garrett tenney reporting from washington. >> cthe director of the cia get grilled on capitol hill. and spring starts tomorrow. say good-bye to winter, although it's supposed to snow tomorrow. what a confusing mess. the northeast is actually bracing for one more blast from old man winter. i'm going to welcome old man winter back. >> spring has sprung. ted cruz wants governor john kasich to drop out of the gop race. is that fair? considering kasich's big win in ohio. our political panel weighs in. >> we have a very direct path to 1,237 delegates to winning the nomination outright, and that's what we are campaigning hard to do.
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time for a quick check of the headlines now, a rare saturday testimony on capitol hill today from former cia director david petraeus. the house benghazi committee questioning petraeus for several
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hours. lawmakers requested more time even after initially questioning him in january. petraeus was cia director at the time of the 2012 terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans. and while this winter was a lot better than last year, well, that is if you're not a skier, sunday will not feel like the official start to spring for people all along the east coast. a storm is expected to drop several inches of snow starting tonight. talking about storms, a political storm. senator ted cruz says the three-man race for the gop nomination should be whittled down by just one more. cruz is calling for governor john kasich to clear the way for a contest between him and donald trump. listen. >> and at this point, it is clearly, the voters have decided it is a two-man race. it is between me and donald
1:18 pm
trump. we're the only two candidates with any plausible path to win the nomination, and at this point kasich's role is essentially as a spoiler, a vote for john cacic a vote for donald trump. >> joining me now, alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show. both are fox news contributors. >> thank you. >> ted cruz calling john kasich a spoiler, and john won handedly ohio. kasich says he should still be in. is he a spoiler? >> look, john kasich is gloria swanson insisting to mr. demill he's ready for his close-up. there was something before a little while back, but now it's over and he need to be let out of the mansion. he'll insist he's still relevant. he isn't. the fact of the matter is there is no numerical way for him to get there. there is a way for both mr. trump and mr. cruz.
1:19 pm
he is in there because of ego, to some degree, imagined being crowned by mr. deyp mill at the conventi convention. votes that go to casing are votes that go away from one of the other two candidates. this is something the voters on the ground should decide. we don't want an open convention. whoever the nominee has to have a legitimacy that an open convention won't allow. >> john kasich says, wait a minute, records are fine, you can talk about records, but talking about his ego and things like that. he's saying name-calling and putting me down for something less is not really good, that he should stay in. alan, what do you think? >> look, john kasich should stay in it. we may even have a brokered convention. ted cruz has said i have the pathway to -- he would need 87% of all future delegates in order to get the nomination. trump would need 60%. it's not a lock for anybody, and anything can happen. john kasich -- who is ted cruz to tell john kasich to get out?
1:20 pm
of course he'd like a one-on-one with the donald. >> but to his point, larry sabato in his crystal ball has said even though numerically donald trump has been winning most races he does not have the numbers to go forward with those 1,237 delegates by june. if that's the case, many observes say we could be moving towards a contested convention. >> that's becoming more of a possibility, but not only has mitt romney, ho who has incentered himself into this, saying ted cruz is the only way forward. marco rubio says ted cruz is the only conservative in the race. that's certainly a slam on governor kasich. interesting thing for mr. rubio to say. at the same time, there are 65% of people who haven't been voting for mr. trump. once this narrows down, there very well could be a coming-together and that's where people have to start making those choices as we get into these later -- >> rubio and romney thought they could win too at some point. turned out not sob to right about that. if you want to talk about --
1:21 pm
>> we have to look for the general election, it's my humble left-of-center view that if the republican party really wanted to win, they'd have a much better shot with john kasich than either ted cruz or donald trump. i think many of the party are very concerned either of though two get the nomination. >> if you can't even get the votes of your base, you're not going to win the general election. the republicans, up until this past super tuesday, which is not even counting that, 5 million more republicans came out to vote than they did in 2012. and more of those white working-class democrats, those reagan democrats, are crossing the aisle again. that's why either cruz or trump, both outsiders, are so fright tong the democrats and why alan colmes wanteds a contested convention. >> let's bring in another factor, senator lindsey graham, of south carolina, who does not get along with senator ted cruz. he is also pushing for senator ted cruz, but he says if something isn't done about the front-runner, donald trump, we could be seeing or he says we
1:22 pm
could be seeing the end of the republican party as we know it. >> that's pretty overstated to see the emd of a party. i'm sure the grand l party will not grand right now but it will survive this. it won't do very well with donald trump at the head of it. i know the word establishment has come under disrepute, but to simply say the establishment republicans who want nothing to do with donald trump, they're begrudgingly come around, will have to probably vote some with clothespins on their noses, they don't want this guy to be their standard-bearer. >> what grant said was a we know it, the party as we know it. and you know what, maybe that's the entire point. maybe with the world on fire, a terrorist army roaming the earth, heading into another recessi recession, 94 million americans off the work roles, horrible dynamics within the inner cities, riots, extraordinary situations that americans are facing, maybe it's
1:23 pm
time that things as we know them should be changing. >> that's the problem. for republicans to win this election, they have to prove that everything you just said is true, that we're in horrible shape, the economy is terrible, people are out in the street. you have to prove somehow we're in much worse shape than under the bush administration, which is not true. >> millions more democrats and republicans voting. the american people on the ground believe there needs to be a change. >> there's a pox on both parties because the problem in america is not just anger and uncertainty, it's also a lack of hope. >> and leadership. >> and leadership. therefore, both parties and both candidates have to step up and do something that will, one, bring america back to as donald trump said -- >> i disagree with the contention there's somehow a lack of hope. i'm optimistic about this country. i think we're in much better shape than we were. we don't have to bring america back. it's not being great again. we're great now. >> a lot of people disagree with that, especially the 94 million people out of work. >> we ended on disagreement about the agreement. remember, fox news is america's
1:24 pm
election headquarters. this monday senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will be on "special report" with bret baier starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you watch that. later that night, don't miss donald trump on hannity at 10:00 p.m., another must-see tv. and don't forget about our special election coverage this tuesday when voters in arizona, utah, and idaho heading to the polls. bret baier, bill hemmer, and martha mccallum leading our coverage that night. the action begins 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. senator bernie sanders hard at work this weekend stumping in two states ahead of upcoming primaries. we'll take a look at how the democratic race for president is shaping up. and russia is pulling its forces from the battlefield in syria. so what exactly is putin's end game, and what does this mean in the fight against isis? captain chuck nash shares his thoughts next.
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palmyra, but u.s. officials say russia staged no air strikes in syria in the past week. so what gives? meanwhile, isis is claiming that it had killed five russian soldiers in fighting around palmyra in recent days as retaliation, and all this comes just days after president vladimir putin ordered the withdrawal of most russian forces from syria. retired navy captain chuck nash, our fox news military strategist. maybe you could try to make some sense of all of this, because on monday, vladimir putin pulled thousands of troops out of syria, then thursday russia claims to have conducted some 25 air strikes against isis. why the continflicting messagesd actions from moscow regarding its military presence in syria this past week? >> first off, you can't really trust anything the russians say. we've got pretty good eyes on the air space over syria from turkey and also from airborne platforms flying in iraq. so we have a good idea what's going on in syria, and if they were conducting air strikes i'm
1:31 pm
pretty sure we would know about it. the real thing here, julie, is that vladimir putin has played this thing like a stradivarius. he went in with a limited incurrings with a clear set of objectives, which was to stave assad regime and put the momentum and the military effort back into the government forces, which he has done, and now he's minimized the cost, the risk, and the complexity of that operation by withdrawing some but not all of those troops. he's done a pretty good job. >> isis is sayi ining it retali by killing five russian soldiers in palmyra. so, i mean, is this the shades of crimea where russia said it had no troops when they were clearly there, the so-called freedom fighters, were actually russian soldiers? >> well, that could be. they could have been special operations forces that got trapped out or, you know, the other group that's a bigger liar
1:32 pm
than the russians is isis. so you've got two sets of liar, and this goes back to the old conundrum. if a roman told you that all romans were liars, would you believe him? so right now it's a mess on the battlefield. it always has been a mess. and you have less than good sources reporting because we don't have people on the ground. >> ian bremer, a foreign policy analyst, writes in his regular "time" magazine column that putin has achieved a couple of goals by declaring mission accomplished and reducing russia's risk. one, he's reminded assad that syria needs russia more than russia needs syria. two, he's also denied the u.s. any possibility russia might get caught in a quagmire in syria. what long game could putin be playing, do you think? >> i think what he's doing is he already transmitted the message not just to the folks in the middle east and north africa and in syria but to the nato alice, and that is that russia's back and russia is not afraid or
1:33 pm
intimidated to act in their best interests when they see those interests being challenged. so he got that message out from a strategic stand point. the other thing that he's done is now he's going to say it was the russian forces who established the conditions where peace talks can take place. so he now stands on the world stage as the peacemaker going into geneva because his drops were the ones who put assad back on the move again to solidify the western side of the syrian country. and what you're probably going to see coming out of geneva is an agreement if they get an agreement for a federalized syria where you'll have assad and his on the west and the sunni in the middle and then both sides can go against isis of course with the kurds. that would be the third group. >> what should the u.s. and russia, assuming that we can trust russia, which we cannot, but in a perfect world, what should these two countries do moving forward? and should part of the plan
1:34 pm
involve toppling the assad regime? >> i think toppling the assad regime is out of the question at this point. i think once a final solution is established or at least the first steps to a final solution are put in place, i.e. peace talks, and you start to negotiate the borders, the internal borders of the new syria in this new federal sereia, at that point, you can hold elections in the western end of the country and then assad will have to stand for election. the russians, they want to just keep a foothold on that mediterranean coast. the ports there. that's what's important to the russians. whether it's assad or someone else friendly to the russians, they really don't care, as long as it's someone friendly to the russians. >> so then what's the point of a multinational peace treaty? >> because the more you drag the, quote, international community, which really doesn't exist, but people like to pretend there's such a thing as
1:35 pm
an international community, but once you get more people involved in it, then supposedly you have more people who will want to see this move forward and will want to guarantee the success. really it's going to come down to the russians and the united states and the warring factions inside syria. and oh, by the way, some of these warring factions haven't agreed to any of this. so we'll have to see how this plays out. there's a lot pob done yet. >> retired navy captain chuck nash, thanks for your insight. >> my pleasure, julie. senator bernie sanders is campaigning in two states this weekend. today he's in arizona, where he's opening to cut into hillary clinton's sizable delegate lead in today's primary. kristin fisher is live from our d.c. pure row with more. >> reporter: after winning all five states in last tuesday's primaries, hillary clinton is taking the weekend off. tomorrow bill clinton will be in arizona chelsea clinton in los angeles, but hillary clinton won't be pack on the campaign
1:36 pm
trail until monday. this is one more sign of just how confident the clinton campaign is that their candidate has a lock on the democratic nomination. but bernie sanders is showing no signs of slowing down, today holding two events in arizona, one in phoenix. the other right by the border where he again attacked not clinton but donald trump. >> trump's labeling of mexicans as rapists and criminals repulses all americans of good will. mexico is our neighbor. to insult an entire nation is not befitting of anybody, let alone a candidate for president of the united states. >> sanders says he has zero intention of dropping out, but clinton has almost double the amount of delegates as bernie sanders and it appears president obama may finally be ready to take side. "the new york times" is saying
1:37 pm
that the president told a group of voters privately it's time for a group to coalesce around clinton. caucuses in idaho and then alaska, hawaii, and washington state. sanders typically does well in caucus states, so he's focusing his attention there. but even if he does well in all of those states, clinton's delegate lead has almost become ip surmountable. kelly? >> but sanders says he's going to hang in there till the very end. >> he does, and he said it again today. >> all right, kristin. thank you. the federal government taking new action to help fight growing problems linked to opioid pap killers across the nation. the new cdc guidelines next. [al] ♪
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a well, the centers for disease control and prevention issuing new guidelines in an
1:42 pm
effort to curb growing rates of addiction to opioid painkillers. >> the agency recommends doctors prescribe the pap killers for one week at most p and suggest chronic pain not be treated at all with the drugs. meanwhile, under a new law, doctors here in new york state are now required to issue digital prescriptions to help reduce errors and fraud. let's bring in dr. knee that radcliffe, private practice m.d. and anesthesiologist. this is a very disturbing problem. you look at the fact that more than 250,000 people have been impacted by this and some of them dying through fatal mistakes because of opioids. >> these responses are in response to a national outcry. this is a problem. there are 40,000 americans that are dying every single year. this is something we can no longer ignore. these are leaving families behind. there are 2.5 million americans facing opioid addiction. we can no longer be quiet about these. we need drastic, radical changes
1:43 pm
to address this problem. >> this is the first time the government has stepped in and is essentially telling doctors enough is enough. what is the government basically telling doctors to do, not prescribe this unless you're a cancer patient? >> dr. thomas freedman made an announcement when these were released. he said this is a momentous decision. every time a doctor prescribes narcotics for pain. this can change somebody's life. what they're trying to do is gear it towards primary care physician who is prescribe about half of the 259 million opioid prescriptions every single year. this does not deal with the cancer patients or those at the end of life. they want them to think twice about what they are prescribing. they want them to know that this is a problem that can impact them for the rest of their lives. >> has it become a common place for doctors to just prescribe these opioids because they think it's going to be the most helpful or the most expedient in terms of dealing with that illness? >> well, patients come in to doctors for relief. they want treatment. and doctors, we train for over a
1:44 pm
decade shgt and other health care practitioners. we want to help our patients and we want to treat their pain. the problem is these medications, what we have in hand can cause addictions, they can cause people to die. we need to balance the benefits versus the risks. what we are seeing is that pain medication such as opioids are not helping people in the long run for their pain or their life function. we need to look at other methods such as epidural injections, need to look at physical therapy, so there are other options. these current guidelines for the centers for disease control are talking about dosages, they're talking about duration of time not to exceed seven days, and they're talking about how to monitor afterward. this is important. this is a radical step. we'll see plenty more along the way because this is a problem. we're no longer going to be silent about this. >> i think this does open the door for an important discussion when it comes to our nation and popping pills because i think more and more people are growing so dependent on, you know, their solution to pain or to any little tiny medical, you know,
1:45 pm
issue, whether it needs it or not, is to take medicine. but the doctors are the ones that are responsible because they are actually doling out these prescriptions. at what point does medical malpractice put a stop to it? in all honesty, it is irresponsible for a doctor to prescribe opioids knowing there are these death risks, and you have to weigh the pros and the cons. why are the doctors giving out these prescriptions? >> this is a convoluted topic. like i said, when a patient comes in, i want to treat them, i want to help them. what we have in our hands have been these opioids, which were marketed to doctors as a nonaddictive drug, marketed to hospitals as nonaddictive, but we're seeing that is not the case. >> doctors know they are addictive. >> we are learning that. >> we've been talking about this for a long time. this is not new that opioid are highly addictive and have terrible consequences if abused or not taken properly. >> that's why these guidelines are being put in place and we'll have several more. we need joempl education.
1:46 pm
the government has stepped in. public health officials. we no longer want to be silent. this is a national plague. >> a proactive approach would be for the doctors themselves to re-educate themselves about opioids and the dangers that they pose so that they're more knowledgeable about what they're putting or what they're giving to their patients. >> and that's absolutely right. >> all right. dr. nina radcliffe, thank you. >> thank you. the international space station gets a special delivery. three new crew members we'll tell you why one as a chance to enter the record books. ♪ this is ground control to major tom you've really made the grade ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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now for a look beyond the headlines, here is author and journalist, liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> tomorrow barak obama leaves for a three-day visit to cuba. the first by an american president in 88 years. in these few months left of his term, mr. obama seems to have entered a hall of mirrors, where his every move is magnified and distorted. 15 months ago he insisted it was time for normalization with cuba. and he then set about insuring
1:51 pm
us that our new communist friend is good for america. does he mean cigars or baseball players? both of which will be more available. to sweeten his trip, the administration has announced a series of regulations that include making it easier for americans to visit cuba independently, establish as routine direct flights from here to there, and perhaps most important, allows banks to do business using u.s. dollars. don't get any idea that the embargo established by john p. kennedy is gone. to do that, mr. obama will need congressional approval and that's not likely. meanwhile, he trims the embargo here and there to accommodate cuba. that much has -- not much has been said about the imprisonment of political dissenters, although it's reported since the obama breakthrough, castro's
1:52 pm
gonna squads are picking up the pace on arrests and beatings. missing from the white house publicity mill is any mention of joanne kazabar, the black liberation army activist. she murdered a new jersey state trooper in 1973, escaped from prison, and fled to castro country where she remains. some may squirm in their chairs watching images of an american president paying homage to the castro state. does he truly believe that cruise ships and hotel chains will triumph over an iron ideology? like most communist countries willing to engage the west, cuba's economy is shattered, a far cry from the promises fidel castro made in his robin hood days. meeting the great fidel is not on mr. obama's schedule, so his brother, raul, will do the honors. but don't be surprised if the hero of the revolution
1:53 pm
materializes. mr. obama insists he'll choose political dissidents, not anyone hand picked by the regime. let's see. recognizing cuba, of course, is one more chapter in the president's memoirs, a distillation of the basic anticolonial animus that drives him. he chooses trade and commerce as the root to cuba's return to the international stage. to paraphrase one of cuba's political prisoners, the same hand that mr. obama shakes signs the death warrants. the soyuz spacecraft took three new crew members up to the international space station. they include two russian cosmonaut and jeff williams. by the end of his six-month stint, williams will have beat out scott kelly to become the american who has spent the most time in space. the space station now has six
1:54 pm
crew members on board. from song bird to jail bird. a convict makes a last-ditch effort to impress the judge before sentencing. ♪ i want to say i'm sorry ♪ ♪ for the things i've done >> there is his 15 seconds. we'll show you how the criminal serenade worked out i he you .
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
sometimes simply saying sorry isn't enough. ♪ i want to say i'm sorry ♪ for the things i've done ♪ and i'll try and be strong. >> i love watching the faces behind him. they don't even seem to be phased whatsoever that this felon bound for jail is there
1:59 pm
singing an apology in fronts of them in the style of a adele hit song "hello." but it didn't seem to do much good. but the judge did sentence him to 17 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon. she commented on the song later, saying the convict was, quote, obviously a talented young man. >> so does that mean sing sing? >> i don't know. i don't think so. 17ies is what he's going to sing to. >> remember, fox news is america's election headquarters. this monday senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will be on "special report" with bret baier starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. later that night, don't miss donald trump on hannity at 10:00 p.m. and don't forget about our special election coverage this tuesday. voters in arizona, utah, and idaho heading to the polls. bret baier, bill hemmer and martha mccallum leading our coverage of that. all the action begins at 6:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> that is going to do it for
2:00 pm
us. "the o'reilly factor" is next. i'll see you on the fox report live. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling are this special edition of the factor, election 2016. is the never trump movement only helping hillary clinton? despite facing onslaught of attack ads by g.o.p. establishment groups, donald trump has dominated the republican field racking up delegates with one primary win after another. so, is it time for the anti-trump forces in the g.o.p. give up and rally behind the frontrunner? it clearly bothers trump that he has been laughed at and dismissed and played down for so long but in


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