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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 20, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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good question, media buzz at fox nice to have you along for the ride. we can also continue the conversation on twitter. we're back here next sunday. 11 and 5:00 eastern for the latest buzz. we start with a fox news alert and the countdown to the next republican showdown. this time it's in the southwest. the presidential candidates facing more pivotal contests in arizona and utah with voters in those two states going to the polls 48 hours from now. and also in idaho for the democrats. hello everyone, welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm arthel neville. let's look at the standings. donald trump is in the lead with 678, more than half of what is needed to kplinch the nomination. senator ted cruz is next with 423 and governor john kasich
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with 143 delegates. peter due see is in utah near salt lake city. peter? >> reporter: what we've been seeing this weekend is donald trump swung through the western states where protesters who have now evolved in to trying to shut down his events doing their best to deny him the rit auto to speak in their support and deny his supporters the right to hear him in their state, both utah and arizona. and the issue that gets the protesters fired up the most is immigration. but donald trump is not backing down. >> we don't have a border. we don't have a country. remember that. we don't have a country. it's tremendous crime. it's tremendously bad for jobs and our economic development. >> and you heard it there. the crowd last night loved it. ted cruz has been pitching himself as similarly strict on illegal immigration with the big
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difference being cruz his ideas are dpeeply rooted in conservative ideology than trump. crowds have been excited by cruz stump speech. >> we're going to stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities and enwelfare benefits for those here illegally. >> reporter: but there is one republican left in the race who sounds completely different on immigration. that's john kasich, who has been campaigning hard in utah as well arguing that it would be impossible to deport people who are here illegally, which is the backbone of the cruz and trump platforms. this is what kasich said just this morning. >> the idea that we're going to go into communities and yank people out of their homes and leave their kids on the porch crying? that's not what we're going to do. that's more promises that will never happen. and the people will become more cynical. i don't make promises by and large that i can't keep.
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i try to keep what i say. and i'm not deviated from this position at all. >> reporter: and kasich continues to be very candid about the convention floor scenario being his best shot at winning the republican nomination. you don't hear much talk like that from trump and cruz who keep telling voters at their stops, everywhere they go, this time in the western states that they each have a clear path to the nomination before that. >> peter ducey live in taylorsville. the democratic presidential candidates will be gearing up for big contests of their own on test. bernie sanders and hillary clinton preparing to go head to head also in arizona and utah, with the addition this time of idaho. a total of 131 delegates are up for grabs. dan springer is live in phoenix on the democratic contest. >> reporter: in the single biggest prize for the democrats on tuesday is right here in arizona with 85 delegates at
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stakes. the winner will get them all. hillary clinton has the biggest lead in the polls, 24 points by the poll that i saw. that hasn't deterred bernie sanders. he had two events here yesterday. the first won down by the mexican bore door nogales where he promised to expand the policy of president obama making it easier for the illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. sanders held a rally in phoenix with over 3,000 supporters. he spoke approximate the importance of a heavy turnout. he also hit mrs. clinton with a familiar attack. >> i don't have to worry about some billionaire or wall street guy calling me up because we don't have their money, we don't want their money, we don't need their money. now secretary clinton has chosen to go another route in terms of
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how she raises money. she has several super pacs. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads sanders by nearly 300 delegates. and she is over halfway to the number needed for democratic nomination. she's not in arizona this weekend but bill clinton will be here campaigning on her behalf. he has events in tucson and phoenix today. sanders meantime has moved onto the next democratic state up for grabs. that's the caucuses in washington state next saturday. 118 delegates at stake there they will be proportionally spread out. it's familiar and good territory for bernie sanders. he held huge rallies in washington state earlier in the campaign. >> dan, we'll stay on it throughout the ta. thank you. arthel? another fox news alert now. this one overseas a. bus
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carrying students crashes on spanish highway, killing 14 people, and injuring 30 others. the bus appeared to have hit the right-hand side barriers of the highway, then cart wheeled across the road before slamming into the central fence and landing on its side. it happened in the northeast part of the country. the bass was traveling between valencia and barcelona as the students were returning from a fireworks festival. investigators are looking into the cause of that crash. >> tragic. meanwhile back here at home, two sheriff deputies were shot while trying to serve at search warrant at a trailer park in russiaville indiana. sergeant buckley is in critical condition. and deputy jones remains in critical condition. the suspected gunman was found dead inside the mobile home hours after the incident. authorities say they don't know whether the gunman was killed in the shootout or if he took his
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own life. a new chapter in america's relationship with cuba. president obama and the first family gearing up to depart the white house and start their historic trip to the communist country. president obama will become the first u.s. president in 88 years to visit our neighbor just 90 minutes from florida. kevin course isive there from havana with the details of the trip. >> reporter: hey arthel, even closer than 90 minutes. just 90 miles from where we are standing right now to key west never to florida. yet sealingly worlds apart not just historically but culturally. and president obama and castro are trying to bridge that gap. as the president prepares to make his remarks here to the cuban people this is an enormous opportunity for raoul castro to change the way the united states
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is seen here on the island. that is a tall task. as you can imagine the president and the folks speaking for the white house are excited about this chance in particular to raise the issue of human rights once again. we talked about that this week with if white house press secretary josh earnest. and here's what he had to say. >> it will be powerful for president of the united states to land air force one in havana and get off the plane and spend a couple of days meeting with leaders in the cuban government, speaking to the cuban people, and speaking to people who have been victimized by the cuban government for their political views. >> reporter: now as you can well imagine, there is a great deal of hope, maybe a little bit of skeptici skepticism, too, among the cuban people. certainly that was our experience this morning, arthel in walking around and talking to cuban nationals here about the president's visit. meanwhile, there is a ton of skepticism back in the states n washington especially on capitol hill. one of the people perhaps most skeptical about this journey is
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the florida representative. >> president obama himself once upon a time said, as you enclench your fist, we will extend a helping hand. well, raoul castro has not enclenched his fist. in fact, he has tightened it up. >> reporter: clearly, the passions run high, especially in the cuban-american community. yet if you talk to younger folks they could not be more excited about the possibility 6 our two nations finally moving forward and coming together perhaps unlike at any point certainly in my lifetime. we're certainly looking forward to seeing how this plays out. we will be here and bringing you live coverage throughout. >> we will be looking forward to your reports. thank you so much. will the historic visit really change anything in the castro controlled hardline? john blt billton joins us. ambassador, do the white house
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claims that the policy and trip will usher in a new more open era for cuba? will it? >> no. that's just as delusional as the rest of the president's policy. let's start with the symbolism of today. today is palm sunday. the cuban people are very religious. you can see this when the pope comes to visit. you can see the outpouring of support and emotion. the castro brothers are communists. so of course they welcome the idea that barack obama would come on a palm sunday. it's -- the insult is to the pooub cuban people. maybe nobody in the white house realized it was palm sunday, which would tell you something. or maybe they did, which would tell you something else. to me it goes downhill from there. the president said initially he would not be to cuba until there was an improvement from the human rights climate there. not only has there not been an improvement. things have been going in the wrong direction.
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more people have been put in jail than have been released. from the cuban point of view, from the koss troe brothers point of view, this whole thing is simply to get an economic lifeline because of the troubles that venezuela, formerly under the chavez regime had given to them. it parallels what happened in the 1990s when they needed an economic lifeline when the former ally in the soviet union collapsed. the president gave it to them, and we got zero in return. >> that was not what was supposed to happen. they freed 50 or so political prisoners but arrested 300 more, and the president is supposed to meet with dissidents. and tragically nine more cubans dyed on the high seas trying to escape to our democracy. what about that? >> i think the president got taken to the cleaners dip ho matticly once again. the castro brothers know they
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need external investment and trade. but they control the economy of the island very closely. for example, essentially all of the hotels in cuba, which tourists frequent are owned by the cuban army. we had stories today of american hotel chains signing deals with the government of cuba. congratulations to those hotel chains. stockholders take note. your management is teaming up with the army of cuba. congratulations. >> so in this kay way we are spending more money and pouring it into the castro coughers. what about the 70 or so fugitives. hijackers, murderers, convicted hurders, accused murderers, there is a $2 million bounty on her head, she killed a police officer and escaped the united states. o could there be a prospect of
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willie morales or joanne chesse marr or a revolutionary waving to the president of the united states as they go by in the motorcade? >> i can't wait what the president is reported to say to raoul castro about these wanted american stints. you know, if you were really negotiating with the castro brothers with their dictator ship to exchange diplomatic representatives one of the cards the united states should have played was give us back the 70 americans who are wanted for crimes in the united states. that's a precondition to you, castro brothers, to get the legitimacy of our diplomatic -- >> why didn't we do that. >> that was not part of the deal at all. because they are among the world's worst diplomatic negotiators. because they are ideologically driven they they it's the
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american embargo and the oppression of the cuban people. they are living off liberal guilt feelings. i think this is one of the most embarrassing trips that an american president could ever take. >> finally, the state department says they are in discussions about these fugitives. do you think they have given them a free pass, they will never be brought back here for justice? >> we'll see. but my guess is in the discussion that barack obama has with raoul castro and there is a page in his briefing book, he will come to it and say, you know, i have to raise this issue of the 70-plus americans wanted back in the united states. i'm just raising it with you. now let's go on to the next item. that's what he is going to do. then john earnest will come out and say the president made a strong pitch that these people needed to be returned. i mean how gullible do they think we are. >> all you have to do is go on the new jersey state police webb, njps dot a organize and
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the paris terror attack suspect that was nabbed after the four month manhunt in wrusels is talking to investigators reportedly telling them he was planning to quote restart something from brussels. that raises concerns about possible new terrorist attacks. bellian officials are taking the claims seriously because they foind a stockpile of weapons
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along with the suspect. and that he had a network of support around him in brussels supporting there is a terrorist system in place in europe. the man was arrested curing a raid in brusest. he has been charged with murder in connection with the dead will he paris terrorist attacks back in november. back to politics now. republican party leaders are reportedth reportedly devising a plan to deny donald trump the nomination. gop leaders will try to persuade delegates to move away from trump leading up to the convention. if all else fails a third party may be presented by the gop brass. governor john kasich saying antitrump forces should back him instead. >> there is going to be two considerations.
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one who can win in the fall. i'm the only one who can. and then there is a second issue. i know this is a crazy one. who can actually be president of the united states. i think that mattersed to. >> alex pap as joins us. talk to us more about this 100 day plan. who is behind it? how effective can it be? can it work? >> i did reporting on this last week when there was a group of conservatives who got together in d.c. to talk about options on how to stop donald trump. to them, he is an existentialtial threat not only to the party but to the conservative movement. it's about stopping donald trump. it looks like there are several tiers here. it seems by the way they realize they are not going to be able to convince republican primary voters to not support donald trump so they want to stop him through strategy and gamesmanship coming up to the
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convention f. they can't stop him votingwise they are going to try to talk to unbound delegates and try to convince them not to vote for donald trump at perhaps a contested convention. if that doesn't happen then they may have to go to a third party. >> if there is a third party delegate brought in what action might that trigger amongst donald trump supporters and everyone who pledged to stand behind and vote for the republican nominee, whoever he or she might be. >> i think trump supporters try to burn down the rnc. obviously i'm kidding but of course there would be a huge revolt. and also at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters there is the guest news they could possibly hope for, the fractured conservative republican base. >> i asked you w.h.o. how does that look to the people? >> you ask them, there is populous movement here. one candidate gets more votes than all the others and another
9:23 am
gets the nomination of the party. i'm sure there are plenty of people that aren't going to like the way that looks. >> try this one on, if the third party candidate is someone who is not popular with the people, thus won't be able to meet the democrat candidate does that signal perhaps that the gone establishment is willing to sacrifice the people's voice by way of votes in exchange to holding on to principles that the people voted goence in the primaries and caucuses? >> yes. i think there are conservatives out there to say you know what, if this leads to hillary clinton being president, that may be better than donald trump and ruining the republican party and the conservative movement. how interesting that mitt romney says he is going to vote for ted cruz in the utah caucuses. ted cruz and mitt romney are not the friendliest of people. they both publicly criticized each other.
9:24 am
>> mitt romney said i'll vote for him in utah but not in the end. >> but it's amazing that -- if somebody had told you six months ago that mitt romney would say i'm voting for ted cruz i don't know if anyone would have believed you. >> is this plan more about conserving the conservative party? if so, what does it say about what is happening inside the gop has a whole? >> it shows you it's completely crazy right now. very tumultuous inside. and there are a lot of people that think donald trump is a threat to the conservative movement. what they stand for, their policies based off of their philosophical believes they think if donald trump becomes president it's about his gut, not philosophies that encouraged him to join the republican
9:25 am
party. >> alex papas, we have to leave it there. >> tomorrow, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will be on special report with bret baier at 6:00 p.m. later, donald trump will be on hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern. on tuesday our special election coverage all night. voters in arizona, utah, idaho heading to the polls. bret baier, martha mccallan leading our coverage. and i'll be taking over the live coverage -- you know when they say continuing coverage all through the night? that's myself starting at 1:00. so i'm bringing the coffee. a n tuesday. concerns growing nationwide as lead contaminated water is being reported in schools throughout the country. how bad is the problem? and new research shows that exercise can actually play a role, they say, in prevent be capser. coming up, we'll tell you how. the doctors are here. "sunday housecall" is straight ahead, here on the fox news channel.
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i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> i'm eric shawn. welcome. joining us, dr. marc siegel, the author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> and dr. david samadi chief of robotics surgery at lennox hill hospital. >> good to see you. >> we are going to start with something in the headlines. growing concerns over lead-contaminated water. new reports are showing the problem is more widespread than the crisis in flint, michigan. dr. siegel, how do you know if you have lead in your water? and how bad is this health emergency for your country? >> it is a bad emergency. yo


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