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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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stress, because when your cortisone level goes out of whack, you know what, i'll put it on my facebook. >> cut down alcohol, protein, salt, carbs. save your liver. >> no chips for today. >> no. >> thank you for watching. one day after major clashes at trump events out west, donald trump heads to florida today for a palm beach event tonight. while his rivals criticize the tone of his campaign. >> i also have pointed out at times when i thought his language was inappropriate, like if i don't get nominated, there's going to be a riot. i mean, what kind of talk is that? plus, president obama leaves the white house within the hour for cuba, starting a historic trip to the communist island. you're looking live at havana. kevin cork is standing by with more on the president's visit, and we'll talk to a top cuban-american in congress who is none too happy about this trip.
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and millions of christians around the world celebrate palm sunday, including pope francis at vatican city. we'll bring you more images from the start of holy week. good sunday to you. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> and i'm shannon bream. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. well, another round of contests is coming up for those who would be president. less than 48 hours from now, voters will go to the polls in arizona and utah. on the republican side, trump will see how his hardline message on immigration plays with voters out west. while ted cruz and john kasich hope to make up for a little bit of lost ground. for democrats, the state of idaho will also be in play. bernie sanders is looking to rebound after his resounding defeat last week, while clinton tries to extend her delegate
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lead. we have fox team coverage. dan springer's standing by in phoenix covering the democratic race. but first, we go to peter doocy in salt lake city, utah, with the latest from the republicans on the campaign trail. hello, peter. >> reporter: hi, shannon. and it's been really interesting to see out here in the west how the remaining republican candidates are tailoring their messages, especially here in utah, where the mormon vote is such a big part of the electorate. at the start of the weekend, donald trump made quite a splash when he questioned whether or not mitt romney, who says that he's going to vote for ted cruz here on wednesday, is actually a mormon. and the businessman trump was not done. here is his latest jab. >> i call him the leftovers, right? two left. we have two people left. you have lyin' ted cruz. he's a liar. lyin', he's a liar.
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lyin' ted cruz. he holds that bible high. that's why the mormons aren't going to give ted cruz a victory, because the mormons like people who don't lie. >> reporter: cruz had called trump out for bringing romney's faith into the race and into the discussion, and cruz has been touting the former nominee's support here, where romney remains really popular with a lot of republicans. now, ted cruz has also been stumping with utah's senator, mike lee, who is also the first senator to support the cruz campaign, and cruz invoked lee's name a few times yesterday in front of a very friendly crowd that went wild when cruz floated this possibility about that supreme court vacancy. >> and i do have to say, mike lee looked pretty good in a robe. >> reporter: very interesting to hear that. then there's john kasich, who's been hitting the trail hard here in utah as well. he's been asking voters to think ahead instead of think about the primary process, really, and
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imagine which of the republicans that are left would be the most stable commander in chief, something that he is conceding he can only do with a convention floor vote. >> i know this is kind of a crazy one, but who actually could be president of the united states? i think that kind of matters, too. so, i see the convention as nothing more than an extension of this whole political process. >> reporter: and even though the caucuses are just two days away, all quiet on the campaign trail here in utah today. the things you just heard from those remaining republican candidates could be the last thing utah caucusgoers heard before they make up their mind. shannon? >> peter doocy live on the campaign trail. thank you, peter. for bernie sanders and hillary clinton, 131 delegates are up for grabs in contests in utah, arizona, and also idaho. after bruising defeats in last week's primaries, bernie sanders is, of course, hoping to catch a break as he campaigns hard on
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immigration reform. we saw that yesterday in arizona. meanwhile, hillary clinton is sending out a powerful surrogate to the campaign trail as she takes today off. dan springer is in phoenix with the latest on the democratic race. hi, dan. >> reporter: yeah, hey, leland. and hillary clinton has had a big lead in all the polling done here in arizona. in fact, the average has her plus 27. but that is not deterring bernie sanders. he continues to make his pitch here in arizona, campaigning hard over the weekend. in fact, yesterday he had two campaign stops, the first one down by the mexican border. he has been very critical of sheriff joe arpaio and his immigration policies, calling him un-american. sanders promised to go even further than president obama in making illegal immigrants feel welcome. later in the day, sanders drew a big crowd of more than 3,000 in phoenix. he gave his standard stump speech and said if it's a low turnout, hillary clinton will win, but if it's a large turnout, he wins. >> that is what this political revolution is about.
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it is involving people, many of whom have given up on the political process to get involved, to stand up, to fight back. >> reporter: arizona's the biggest prize for the democrats on tuesday. 85 delegates, winner take all, and sanders needs them all. in fact, he needs two-thirds of all remaining delegates to get the nomination. mrs. clinton will not be in arizona today, but her husband will be. the former president has rallies in tucson and phoenix today and another event in the state on monday. sanders has moved on to the next big democratic prize, which is washington state caucuses next saturday. 118 delegates up forabs, and that should be very, very friendly territory for sanders. he has raised more money in the city of seattle per capita than any other. he's had huge rallies early on in the campaign in seattle and elsewhere in the state, so he hopes to do well there. leland? >> dan springer live in phoenix.
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thanks, dan. fox news election 2016 coverage continues throughout the day and also on monday night. bret baier hosts senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich. that's 6:00 p.m. eastern for "special report." then at 10:00 p.m., republican front-runner donald trump is on "hannity." and of course, on tuesday we'll be following primary turns with a special edition of "america's election headquarters." that starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. so, how is the current political tone impacting not only the 2016 race but also hot-button issues on capitol hill, like a pending supreme court nomination? senator susan collins of maine joins us live from colby college in maine. senator, thank you for being with us today. >> my pleasure. >> i want to start by asking you what your take is on the current political tone, the climate out there on the campaign trail? >> well, it's certainly the most unusual political year that i've ever seen. i was a very early supporter of
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jeb bush. i never would have guessed that he would have been knocked out of the race so early. so, this is a very unpredictable year. >> there's a lot of heat out there, a lot of back and forth, a lot of passion. it's the same kind of thing now we're seeing on capitol hill with regards to the nomination of merrick garland, the chief judge of the d.c. circuit, to be elevated to the u.s. supreme court. you have said that you would meet with him. and you do think the gop should move forward. i want to play a little bit of what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had to say today about that idea. >> we think the important principle in the middle of this presidential election, which is raging, is that the american people need to weigh in and decide who's going to make this decision, not this lame duck president on the way out the door, but the next president, next year. >> senator, it sounds like you obviously have a different take on this situation. why? >> i obviously have a great deal
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of respect for the republican leader, but you're correct, that we see this situation differently. the constitution makes very clear that the president has the right, indeed, the duty, to send a supreme court nominee to the senate, and then the senate can consider that nominee and either consent or withhold our consent. i believe the process works best when we follow the normal order, and that's why i will be meeting with judge garland the first week of april in what i hope will be a one-on-one, in-depth discussion of the issues. and i believe the judiciary committee should hold the kind of in-depth hearing and vetting that the judiciary committee does very well for judicial nominees. >> you think if the shoe was on the other foot, if there was an outgoing republican president and the democrats controlled the senate, do you honestly believe that they would give a nominee the same kind of consideration
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that you're willing to do? >> well, certainly, both parties have been guilty of playing politics with supreme court nominees, and it has often been contentious, even when it's not in an election year. certainly, you can quote from vice president biden and from certain democratic senators who have said things that are very similar to what the republican leader is saying now. but from my perspective, the process works best, whether it's nominees or legislation or treaties, when we follow the normal order and each of us carry out our responsibilities. >> a number of your fellow senators have said they do see value in at least having a conversation with judge garland. others have said that they see no point in it because his nomination, they don't intend, will move forward at all. will you try to lobby additional gop senators to at least have a conversation with him?
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>> this is a decision that each senator has to make for him or herself. for my part, i have found on all of the supreme court nominees that i've sat down with and had one-on-one conversations -- and i've done that with every single previous nominee -- that i learned a lot about their judicial temperament, about their integrity, their background, their qualifications, their experience, their fidelity to the constitution and their respect for the rule of law. those are the criteria that i want to explore with judge garland, and they are the criteria that i've always used. >> if i'm right, he was the first federal judge that you voted for back in 1997 when you were a new senator. many years have passed now that he's got a record on the d.c. circuit and other things for you to explore. quickly, before we're out of time, what's the primary concern or question that you'll have for him? >> well, i want to make sure
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that he's very respectful of the separation of powers. i've been very concerned that president obama has engaged in executive overreach over and over, and that's going to be an issue that i will explore with him. he's had 19 years on the d.c. circuit, so there's a lot of material and a lot of vetting that we have an obligation to examine. >> all right, senator collins, we very much appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, this week the supreme court is going it hear yet another case tied to obamacare. this time, it is another religious liberty case involving the affordable care act's contraceptive mandate. our legal panel is going to debate both sides of that a little bit later in the show. leland? fox news alert. president obama left the white house just a few minutes ago for cuba. he will be the first sitting american president to visit the communist island in nearly 90 years. his trip is bringing both cheers
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and jeers, depending on where you stoond the warming of u.s./cuba relations. cuban kevin cork is in havana with more on the president's trip. kevin? >> reporter: hey there, lucky. good afternoon from beautiful havana, cuba. as you point out, the president and first family en route here to the island, first time in nearly 90 years for an american president. and this is an enormous opportunity, not just for the cuban people, demand particular, their leader, raul castro, but also for the president of the united states. and i know you and i have been talking about this for about 15 months or so, but the truth is, the president and his staff tell us that he's been working on this virtually since he ascended to the presidency back in 2008. white house press secretary josh earnest this week said it's the exchange of commerce and culture, and yes, people, that will have an enormous impact not just in the u.s., but hopefully, on the lives of the cuban people. >> by deepening those ties and solidifying our efforts to
10:14 am
normalize relations between our two countries, we can bring about the kind of change that we have long sought on the island nation of cuba, and in a way that ends up being good for the american people and for the american economy. >> reporter: now, clearly, there has, as you pointed out, i think rightly so in your lead-in, there's been some pushback, especially among some members of the cuban-american congressional coalition. we heard earlier from ileana ros-lehtinen and have had an opportunity to exchange conversation with bob menendez of new jersey, a democrat, who says despite the best efforts, no matter what happens between now and when the president leaves office, it simply won't make a difference in the lives of the people living here on the island. >> you need to challenge dictatorshi dictatorships, because dictatorships don't just give up power or change their ways, especially after 55 years of enjoying the benefits of dictatorship. they're not about to do that. >> reporter: now, here's what we expect the president to talk about in his comments. it's not about trying to make
10:15 am
cuba change into something that is more american. it's about giving them more opportunities, and hopefully, that will increase ties between our people, and we're certainly looking forward to all the exciting times, this as the president and first family make their way here. we'll have live coverage for you here on fox news channel. back to you. >> looking forward to it, kevin. thank you, sir, and enjoy the sun in havana. >> speaking of folks against this, shameless concession is what lawmakers calls president obama's changes on u.s. policy in cuba. coming up later, mario diaz-balart will tell us why he thinks the president's trip is a very bad idea. just one day after an isis rocket hit and killed a u.s. marine and seriously wounded several other marines in northern iraq, an announcement that more u.s. forces are heading now to that region. according to a statement from the u.s.-led coalition, a detachment of u.s. marines is headed to iraq to support iraqi forces and coalition ground
10:16 am
operations. the u.s. marine was killed yesterday when a rocket landed near his position 75 miles southeast of mosul in makhmur. the name of the marine has not been released. belgium's foreign minister says paris terror suspect salah abdeslam told officials he was planning to "restart something" from brussels. authorities say abdeslam suspected of coordinating the logistics for the november attack in paris, is so far cooperating with them. investigators are taking his claims seriously because they found weapons and a network of people around him in brussels. fox news reporter garrett tenney will join us later in the show with an update on that developing story. coming up, a doomed passenger plane's flight data recorders have been uncovered, but will investigators be able to get any data from them? we'll have the latest on the crash of that dubai airliner in russia. plus this -- the first day of spring ushered in by flowers
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blooming, birds singing, as were mil millions of you, as you can tell a winter weather advisory parked across the eastern part of the country. janice dean has the forecast, coming up. plus, the three remaining gop presidential candidates of course are getting ready for tuesday's contest out west. we'll tell you how the path of the nomination looks. our political panel weighing in.
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an update for you on the fatal flydubai plane crash in southern russia. investigators now say the flight's cockpit voice and data recorders are badly damaged, and it's not clear what, if any, data can be retrieved. the plane nose-dived early saturday morning while trying to land at a russian airport near the ukrainian border. the plane exploded, killing all 62 people on board. russia's air safety investigation agency says it could take weeks to determine the cause of the crash, but hurricane-force winds are thought to be a factor. officials say the plane circled the airport in high winds for almost two hours before the crash. ahead of tuesday's primaries, ohio governor john kasich defending his decision to stay in the race amid a lot of
10:22 am
calls for him to drop out. but with talk of the possibility of a contested convention, does kasich really have anything to gain by leaving the race at all? talk show host garland nixon and shawn noble with american encore join us now. shawn, first to you. ted cruz is trying to establish himself as the only viable option to trump, and he says, essentially, a vote for kasich is a vote for trump. is he right? >> i think he is. i can't imagine many kasich voters being -- if kasich was out of the race, voting for trump. they might vote for cruz, and i think that's why cruz is saying you have to get out of this thing and make it a two-person race. kasich doesn't have any reason to get out. he's not going to win any more contests and probably not any more delegates, but i think he's counting on the fact that cruz will prevent trump from getting on the majority as they go into cleveland. and the miscalculation for kasich is that it's going to do him no good. he's not going to be the consensus candidate coming out of the convention, if we even
10:23 am
get there. i think this aul depends on what happens here in arizona on tuesday. if cruz does not beat trump in arizona, this is over, trump will have the nomination. >> all right, we'll get to that in a minute. sticking with kasich, shawn, the democrats have got to be loving this, if this continues to go on. >> oh, absolutely. there's no question that they're -- and garland, i'm sure, is smiling right now. but keep in mind that democrats have a little bit of their own problem, because bernie's not getting out, either. he's here in arizona yesterday. he said it's not fair to the voters for him to get out, so he's going to stay in this thing and create a little bit of a thorn in hillary's side for weeks and maybe months to come. >> garland, how is this -- it seems to be an unusual time as this is going so late into the primary season with these, to use shawn's term, serious thorns in the front-runner's side. >> yeah, and i think what's going on is because we are right now in an atmosphere where people are on both sides are so
10:24 am
antiestablishment. and what's interesting is the republican front-runner's antiestablishment and the democrat front-runner is very much an establishment candidate. so, i think it's going to go a long ways because a lot of people don't know once actual candidates are established, nominees are established, how their particular -- how the followers of those who lose are going to react, and that's what's interesting about this. >> it seems interesting to me, garland, the issue of electability is not really playing out that much, especially on the republican side, as you see this john kasich says, hey, look, i am the most electible. and there are certain polls that say he would do best in a matchup against hillary clinton, but it doesn't seem to be resonating in any way, shape or form. >> yeah, i think there's a lot of frustration. i think a lot of voters right now, based on the fact that the crash of 2009 happened, that there's a recovery in most working and middle class people feel they weren't able to partake in the recovery. i think that the issue now is people feel kind of hopeless and aren't really worried about
10:25 am
electability, because i think a lot of people i hear that call into my talk show feel as though if they get the same type of candidate that they've always been getting, there's not going to be enough change to matter to them. >> shawn -- >> well, the other thing is that the idea of electability is kind of out of the window, because the math -- if trump is the nominee for the republicans, the map on this, the electoral college map is completely different than normal. and you'll see a lot of strength for trump in places like the upper midwest, the rust belt, which completely upsets the whole democrat game plan. so, this is a year that we've never seen. i mean, this is completely unprecedented. there's no conventional wisdom. the playbook has been thrown out the window. >> it would appear as the only thing that everyone has been correct about in this election cycle is being wrong about something. every pundit i've talked to seems to have gotten one call or another wrong. sean, garland, appreciate your insights and analysis. we'll talk to you, and enjoy the time in arizona, sean.
10:26 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> all the best, guys. shannon? all right, you are looking live at the white house there and also, we understand, the president is on his way, making his way to cuba for his historic visit. we will track that and keep you up to date. and it is officially the first day of spring! there is air force one waiting for the president, as you can see, on a gray day. we understand the president is motorcading over and arriving there. you see it now. versus taking that quick helicopter flight they often do from the white house. but you can see them rolling in for what is going to be a very significant trip, thawing of relations between the two countries. some people really not happy about it, some celebrating. we're going to talk to one of those coming up. leland's going to have a great interview. >> you have to think about the change in u.s. foreign policy that has happened under this president and the idea that a sitting united states president was going to head off to havana, cuba, is pretty unbelievable. >> even five, ten years ago it
10:27 am
would have been unthinkable. there have been decades of really strange, almost nonexistent relations between these two countries for many different reasons, but now you are watching live as the first family gets ready to board air force one to make what will be a game-changing visit. and there are those there who are hoping the president and pressuring the president and calling publicly for the president to meet with dissidents, to meet with those who have not been treated kindly by the current cuban government. but you know, the white house is saying this is the first step as they reopen these diplomatic relations. there you see the first daughters there as well, getting ready to board. what a spring break! >> yeah. where did you go for spring knwlak well, i went with my dad down to cuba. what's interesting, as we watch this happen, though, is you think about how much has gone into this trip. it's about 15 or 16 months in the making. remember, it was december of 2014 that you had the big thawing of relations. and the white house has been pushing so hard for this.
10:28 am
and inside the white house there were so many debates about what is the united states going to get from cuba, what real concessions will they get, when it comes to human rights or those kinds of things, that the president will be able to show up in cuba with some real tangibles, rather than just giving the cubans this huge platform. >> and there you see, the first family, the president, the first lady and the girls, and i believe mrs. obama's mother is with them as well as they say good-bye and prepare to be wheels up on air force one for this once in a lifetime trip to havana, cuba. >> and kevin cork is picking up the story there as the president lands. >> by the way, it is officially first day of spring. >> ooh. >> but here's a word of advice for you out there, don't put away your winter coats just yet. depending on where you live. our own janice dean is standing by. >> shannon, i give you permission to cover your ears when we talk about the forecast. how much snow will you get? we will certainly discuss it when "america's news headquarters" continues after the break. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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live pictures right now as air force one taxis out, joint base andrews, for a historic trip, destination havana, cuba. a major change in u.s. foreign policy. this is the first time a u.s. president has visited the now communist island in nearly a century. and a lot of folks are hotter than the caribbean sun about his visit. one of them, the new jersey state police colonel. he's upset, because where president obama is headed, cuba, still provides a sanctuary to a woman convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper back in 1973. >> it's a slap in the face if we refuse as a country to make them part of the negotiated settlement to normalize relations with cuba. yes, i think it is. >> mario diaz-balart is the son of immigrants to america and
10:34 am
also a congressman from southern florida. he joins us from miami. congressman, nice to have you with us, sir. fair to say that as we watch the president's plane taxi out for a trip to havana, cuba, that you and a lot of other cuban americans feel betrayed, or is that word too strong? >> well, leland, it's really interesting. i notice that he's taking, in essence, the entire family. this looks less of a foreign policy trip and more of a, i don't know, like a quasi religious pilgrimage -- >> spring break, maybe. >> -- to the only totalitarian dictatorship, anti-american dictatorship in this hemisphere. so, there are about 120 countries that the president has yet to visit, allies, friends, folks that would love to receive the president. and yet, he takes his entire family on what, again, seems to be almost a pilgrimage to the one remaining totalitarian dictatorship, anti-american dictatorship in this hemisphere. it is, frankly, a tragic and a disgusting and horrific day for
10:35 am
the united states, and frankly, for the entire world. >> interesting that you note the first family on the plane. >> yeah. >> it's not often that the president takes everybody on these foreign trips. also interesting that he's spending two full nights in cuba. it's rare for him to spend two full nights on the road, does it occasionally, once did it in israel, a very close u.s. ally. a lot of questions about why he's spending so much time there. as we watch the plane taxi out, take a listen to the administration's defense of this trip. >> there are surely more issues that we have to work through, including this issue related to criminal fugitives. but by deepening those ties and solidifying our efforts to normalize relations between our two countries, we can bring about the kind of change that we have long sought on the island nation of cuba, and we can do it in a way that ends up being good for the american people and the american economy. >> so, as air force one appears to be taking off for havana, congressman, does the administration's logic on this make sense?
10:36 am
is this -- if the president goes down there, we give them trade dollars and everything else, is cuba suddenly going to become a beautiful island democracy? >> you know, i had a conversation in public in a public hearing with secretary lew, treasury secretary lew, and i asked, what is the administration asking from the castro regime in return for all these concessions? and he couldn't give me one thing that the administration is asking for. so, this is not a negotiation, this is the president of the united states giving everything, every concession he can possibly come up with to the castro regime, asking nothing in return. again, not even asking for it. look, there -- as you just heard, there are about 80 fugitives from u.s. law, cop killers who are harbored by castro. the president doesn't believe it's important enough to ask for that. there are indicted members of castro's armed forces for the murder of americans, and the president doesn't believe it's important to demand that. the president has asked nothing in return for all these
10:37 am
concessions. again, this almost looks like a pilgrimage, where he's taking the entire family. this is not foreign policy in the interests of the cuban people or of our national security interests. this is a president of the united states trying to bail out the cuban military. >> let me get a question in here in terms of, you say it's not in the best interests of the cuban people. if you look at the way the american people feel, not necessarily about the trip, but about normalizing relations with the united states -- back in july, so roughly, six to eight months after the december deal with cuba in 2014 -- all in all, do you approve or disapprove of the u.s. re-establishing diplomatic relations with cuba? 73% of americans approve on that. the number's also pretty high, 73%, 74%, in terms of do you approve of lifting the embargo. so, in some way, is the president realizing the american view of cuba has changed and we have issues with other
10:38 am
countries? we do business with them, why not? >> well, it's interesting, but if you then ask a simple question to the american people -- do you know that they're harboring about 70 fugitives from u.s. law? do you know that there are terrorist organizations that are based and are protected within that island? do you know that they've sent illicit arms to north korea against u.n. sanctions? do you know that they have murdered u.s. citizens in international air space and that there are convicted members of the cuban armed indicted, i'm sorry, members of the cuban armed forces? if you duel actually put the facts out there, the numbers change rather dramatically, which is why in congress, we had a vote last year in the house where we had 270 votes to not only keep the sanctions, but to strengthen the sanctions, because the facts are what? the facts are, it is an anti-american dictatorship. there's not been elections, free elections, in almost 60 years, and the president has taken his entire family to hug and to embrace castro? he should be hugging and
10:39 am
embracing those who are struggling for human rights, not those who have blood on their hands. >> yeah, and there's a lot of questions in terms of whether the president will even be able to meet with any of the dissidents down there, who's going to hear his speeches, all those kinds of things. congressman, certainly an issue close to your heart, which you are passionate about. thanks for coming on and sharing your views, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> all the best. shannon? in the battle over replacing late supreme court justice antonin scalia, the majority leader of the senate is digging in on the nominee. our legal panel is debating what's next. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+.
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10:44 am
plans to offer the contraceptives without the employer's direct involvement. well, is that acceptable to both sides? apparently not. mark ramsey is with the beckett fund for religious liberty, representing little sisters of the poor, a group of nuns challenging the mandate. and elizabeth wydrop, president of the constitutional accountability center. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you, shannon. >> great to be with you. >> mark, the government says sign the form, you're out of the process. why isn't that good enough? >> government's so-called accommodation still takes over the little sisters health plan. and the real question for the case is not about the form or a signature, but it's about why the government exempted plans covering 100 million other people but won't except the little sisters of the poor. and the government says that its exchanges are perfectly good for getting care to all those on the people, and it really just needs to use them now instead of crushing the little sisters and stopping them from caring for the poor and elderly in the
10:45 am
country. >> elizabeth, what about that argument because there are organizations grandfathered in under other agreements with regard to the affordable care act. so, why wouldn't the administration step forward and say, okay, where we have orders of nuns and groups like this, we will make a different exception to them? >> you know, to be clear, no one is trying to stop the little sisters from caring for the poor and carrying on their important work. no one questions the sincerity and importance of the religious beliefs being asserted here, which is why they have been accommodated. as you mentioned at the top, there is an accommodation in place that prevents them from having to provide contraception coverage. what they're asking for here is truly unprecedented, which is to be absolved themselves from participating in providing contraception coverage, which they believe to be sinful, but also to prevent third parties who do not believe that providing contraception coverage is sinful from in working with the government, providing that in a way that is wholly separate from the organizations that are petitioning here, and that is unprecedented in our nation's
10:46 am
history and untenable in our country's faith. think about the conscious objectors, who say it's sinful to participate in the war effort, but you can't prevent a third party who doesn't have those beliefs from being drafted in your place. >> mark, is there enough of a separation there? because i know the nuns believe they are still a party to this in some way, but they've suggested possibly letting those who do want contraceptive options, to send them through sort of one of the federal exchanges or another way, which would completely divorce them from being connected at all. >> yeah, sure. elizabeth's description is unfortunately just untrue. the government is insisting on using little sisters health plan. if the government would just do it themselves, then the little sisters would walk away and have nothing to do with this. that's always they've asked for. elizabeth actually filed a brief last year at the supreme court explaining how those health care exchanges are a fundamentally important way to get people access to affordable health insurance for all people. and all the little sisters are saying is, congratulations, government, you won your case last year, you convinced the supreme court that you can have
10:47 am
your exchanges. now, please just use them and let us go back to taking care of the elderly and poor. and elizabeth says no one wants to stop them from caring for the elderly and poor, but let's be clear, elizabeth's position is that the government can fine the little sisters $70 million. what do you think's going to happen when you take that money away? who's going to take care of the elderly poor when you take $70 million away from that ministry and make the sisters give it to the irs? there's no one else lining up to take care of the elderly poor and watch with them until they die. >> elizabeth, i want you to respond to those points and have the final word. >> yeah, i think that's a legal mischaracterization. i understand that that might be how they feel the situation works, but that's actually how it works. >> how does it work? >> the government gives independent authority to work with a third party that is separate from the little sisters themselves and provide the contraception in that case in a way that is fully consistent with the way since our nation's founding that religious liberty
10:48 am
has been accommodated. the supreme court in discussing this very accommodation hopes that it strikes the right balance between respecting religious liberty, providing for the important governmental interests and providing women the health care to which they are entitled under the law. >> all right, we'll have to leave it there. we'll watch this debated with eight justices at the supreme court on wednesday. i'll see you both there. mark and elizabeth, thank you for your time. >> take care, shannon. >> thank you so much, shannon. >> leland? the pope kicked off holy week in vatican city. we're going to tell you who pope francis had some choice words for. lineup monday -- >> we're going to win, win, win. >> let's be prepared! >> a critical night for both parties, and only one network has fair and balanced coverage. >> all the way to the nomination. >> we want our freedom back. >> the fight goes on! >> bret baier goes one on one with john kasich and ted cruz. greta and eric trump with
10:49 am
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pope francis led a procession through st. peters square to usher in holy week that leads up to easter. the indifference some showed jesus in his lifetime. >> it may officially be the start of spring but winter weather wants to hang around longer. janice dean knows how i feel about this is at the fox weather center. janice, i know you're the messenger. >> i'm the messenger and, again, you have permission to go like this -- la-la-la-la -- through the whole weather report. not feeling like spring. 40s on the map here, 51 in
10:54 am
dallas, 49 in memphis. a little nor'easter that will set up across the northeast coast. the good news is we're not dealing with a huge blockbuster storm. the bad news is, yes, we're going to see snow into tomorrow morning's rush hour. let's time it out. you can see the snow setting up across portions of delaware, up to new jersey, philadelphia, new york, long island, connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. and the bull's eye for storm is going to be across new england and southeastern maine where you could get upwards of 6 inches of snow. so for you, d.c., a big goose egg. that's good news. it is going to be cool for the next 24-48 hours. an inch or two for philly up to new york. boston, you could get upwards of 5 inches. portland, 4 inches for you. and then southeastern maine is where we could see upwards of 6 inches of snow. now it's not too late to get snow. it typically we see the last measurable snowfall on this day. boston a little further out
10:55 am
there. for fiphiladelphia and d.c. it a little late in the season. shannon, looking ahead, a very nice forecast for the midweek as we get into the 60s and 70s. back to you. >> listen, i'm so happy that d.c. for once gets nothing. it's a great, great news and we love your weather. >> that's your present. >> thank you. happy spring. >> you're very welcome. speaking of spring, march madness coming up. the story of how a little basketball led to a whole lot of march sadness. we'll be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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♪ it's my party and i'll cry if i want to ♪ ♪ cry if i want to ♪ you would cry too there's no crying in baseball, but basketball is a very different story. this sobbing saxophone player got teary after her kentucky wildcats lost to indiana in the second round of the march madness tournament. i'm not going to say what it says on the script now. the weeping wildcats brings back memories of last year's pouty player. she performed on "the tonight show" and song some free taylor swift tickets. "tonight show" and taylor swift tickets. >> when you go viral, everybody knows who you are, i feel for them. i've cried over a college team
11:00 am
before. >> that is an admission. >> it is, true. that's it for us here in washington. >> we'll leave you with the eaglet cam, bald eagles that just hatched. there they are. mama eagle. >> adorable. until next sunday. >> bye. i'm chris wallace. europe's most wanted man is captured alive. what will they tell authorities about isis plots against the west? we'll have a live report from europe and we'll ask the white house chief of staff denis mcdonough what it means on the u.s. war on terror. then the showdown of the president's supreme court nominee. >> i fulfilled my constitutional duty. now is the time for the senate to do theirs. >> this nominee is not going to be considered. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says judge merrick garland won't get a hearing or a vote. the white house argues the


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