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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 21, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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singing to "stand by me" during an event yesterday. the video has gone viral. a good chance it will appear on facebook later today. >> makes me want to groove. >> yeah. >> bye, everyone. >> "fox & friends" starts now. good monday morning. it's march 21st. i'm ainsley earhart. president obama arrives in cuba out a welcome. where were the cast-ors on the historic vfisit? only three people left in the race, where are the delegates in arizona and utah? >> i'm down to leftovers. i have lying ted, and i have john. >> but is senator ted cruz looking at a major upset over donald trump to take all those delegates tomorrow? we'll see. >> wow. the v.a. finally reveals a way for soldiers to get an
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appointment. hack your way around the system to see a doctor. is this really the best way to fix wait times with the v.a.? we'll examine it because mornings, especially this morning, is better with friends. busy three hours. >> we're talking about cuba, i said castors. castros. raul in charge there. >> he did not show up this morning. we have a lot to report. the president's got an historic journey. we've got the latest with the elections. arizona and utah go front and center. meanwhile, the president meeting with raul castro in hopes of improving diplomatic ties. >> his visit is the first by a president to cuba in nearly nine decades. >> we have details. kevin, what do you have this morning? >> reporter: hey, great morning to be with all of you. an historic morning at least from the perspective that the united states and cuba are finally making another step
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forward. now that has good -- good connotations, especially if you're in the obama administration. you've been trying to build a bridge between our countries. and maybe not so good if you're among the many in the cuban american community who really feel like this is ultimately lifting up a regime that has not been very good, especially on its record of human rights. now as you pointed out, the president arrived here yesterday. in fact, we have pictures of that, arriving with the first family. they took a very light tour of the city here in havana. and old havana in particular. we had a bit of arainstorm here. the walk wasn't as long or pronounced as they hoped. this is an important opportunity for the white house to try to bridge the gap between the two countries. listen to what the president told the staff in havana upon his arrival last night. >> everything we've accomplished so far, more americans coming to cuba, more engagement with the cuban people, civil society, faith groups, entrepreneurs, students, young people, new
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opportunities for the cuban people to improve their lives. it's all happening because of you. >> reporter: as we've also talked about at length, protests have been happening, not just here on the island but also back in south florida. a great many have been protesting human rights violations here. are you talking about the arrests involving the group and the large-scale protests not a surprise in south florida. and the contention from south florida, ileana ros-lehtinen, pointed to the president's policies in cuba and said this is exactly what we should not be doing. listen to what she said -- >> wants to make history, he's got a legacy list, checking off the list. gone to cuba, established diplomatic relations. what have we gotten in return? what demands have we placed on raul castro? >> reporter: ros-lehtinen not the only one in congress very critical of the administration's idea of trying to restore
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diplomatic ties with the cuban regime. another democrat, in fact, bob mendez of new jersey, said as much over the weekend, and we had a chance to talk with him. of course, we'll hear more throughout the day as we again track the president and the bilateral meeting coming up later today. we expect to hear from the president and raul castro sometime after 2:00. >> we'll see if we go reignite the friendship. thank you very much. >> thank you. four minutes after the hour. there was one person who did not show up to greet the president of the united states. >> raul castro was not there when the plane hit the tarmac and the president and first lady walked down the stairs. the leader of cuba was not there to greet them. >> think about. that the u.s. president hasn't been there since 1928. this historic visit. raul castro, not as if he doesn't go to the airport often. he's greeted the pope there, many other world leaders. >> recently, too. >> on the tarmac. when president obama showed up, him and his family and an umbrella. >> i mean, it's a great scene to see a u.s. president in cuba. the big question, what do they do to deserve this moment? did they reform within their country, deserve diplomatic relations with the u.s.?
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you could say, hey, you know, the sections haven't worked or have. they're in power, but in one way they have worked because south america and central america has not gone communist. there was a fear in the '60s and '70s that that would happen. >> the front lines of the cold war. no doubt. and were things done perfectly? no, everyone acknowledged they haven't been. people asking, what have they gotten starting with the leading republican contenders. this is first donald trump on the deal, whether or not this was a good deal to begin with -- >> he landed in cuba, and raul castro or fidel castro, but raul castro, who's the head of cuba, wasn't there to greet him. [ laughter ] >> folks, what are we doing? what are we doing? is that how it's supposed to work? one, he has his people call up saying, who is going to be greeting the president? if they say nobody, you don't go until somebody's there. then the head of cuba who was there for the pope, was there
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for other dignitaries that come in but wasn't there for the president of the united states. i mean, we are amateur hour, folks. obama should have turned the plane around and left. and i'm not knocking castro. if they can get away with the stuff, it's great. they might get a great deal. >> they could look and say, i don't see him, i'm turning away from washington. >> i see a snub when i see a u ? snub. and ted cruz's father, raul, was a dissident. in fact, kicked out of cuba by the batistas, the regime before -- batiste, the regime before the castro regime, a dictatorship, as well, before the leftists took off. ted cruz has a personal angle on it. >> he wrote an op-ed in politico. and i want to read a little, "political prisoners languishing in dunchgeons across the island will hear this message -- nobody
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has your back. you're alone with yourer torm t tormente tormenters. the world has forgotten about you. they will not be on tv rubbing elbows with the obamas. there will be no mojitos at the u.s. embassy for them. this is why it is so sad and injurious to our future that obama has chosen to legitimatize the corrupt and oppressive castro regime with his presence on the island." >> he says, i'm going to bring up human rights in the meeting, demand these people, you know, free the dissidents. i'll have a list, said the president. for the most part, he's been somewhat friendly with raul castro. they mandela's funeral, at his ceremony there, the stadium. he was friendly with him. they've talked before. >> they go on to talk about what's happening in the prisons. people are arrested for protesting human rights violations, for protesting the current regime there. they're thrown in prison. he goes on to talk about what's happening in the prisons. he says, we know there are hundreds of people in prison, behind bars. we know that those individuals
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are being beaten on a regular basis. he's basically saying, what kind of a message are we telling the people who are behind bars? >> we legitimatize the regime. americans have always been a beacon for freedom. just yesterday, first ladies white, the protest group we saw, those are the wives of men imprisoned by the cuban regime, cou actively fighting the regime. >> the president to see the cuban national team. we'll see what happens from here on in. more news. >> a continue to in politics today, of course. those -- candidates all getting busy and trying to get the party to unite behind them as they prepare for big votes in ute and arizona. >> kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c., with the latest on what to expect tomorrow. >> reporter: >> reporter: after tomorrow, it will be almost a month before the next republican primary or caucus. whoever wins tomorrow will get both the delegates and the bragging rights. they'll get to talk about it over and over without a new contest to sort of swoop in and reset the narrative. as the race stands now, in utah,
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it appears ted cruz has a slight advantage. he's leading in the polls. he has the support of mitt romney. not too long ago, romney was campaigning alongside john kasich in ohio. now romney says he will vote for cruz tomorrow because he believes that's the best way to stop trump. over the weekend, a group of protesters did almost stop trump from attending a rally in arizona by blocking off the main road to the event. trump did eventually make it. he held two rallies in arizona over the weekend before flying back to florida last night. >> now i'm down to two leftovers, i have two leftovers. i have lying ted, and i have john, okay. you have to beat your enemy, right? don't you have to? i will be the most presidential president this country has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. i can not beat him. boom. i refuse to wear the hat. >> today trump will actually be here in washington. he'll be speaking at apec.
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he'll also meet with nearly two dozen influential republicans. a clear sign that he's at least trying to unite his party and earn the support of the gop establishment. brian, pete, ainsley? >> thanks. he promises to make news at apec. a big speech. he says, wait will you see what my proposal is. originally his proposal was, i'm going to treat both sides equally and cut the best deal ever. >> a lot riding on tomorrow's election. arizona -- they are neck and neck, but the latest polls are showing, there haven't been that many polls. there haven't been any polls since marco rubio dropped out. but the polls before that showed trump ahead by like 12 or 14 spoijt points. >> right. in utah if cruz goes over 50, it's winner take all. arizona -- it could continue the race as is. if cruz were to get arizona, it could reshuffle the race. >> a lot of people say figure that happens, contested convention. >> the northeast, santa cruz nowhere, connecticut, pennsylvania, new jersey. >> geography has a lot to do
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with it. >> the largest winner-take-all state that's left is tomorrow. that's arizona with 58 delegates up for grabs. now let's talk about the v.a. >> the v.a.'s on the mind of a lot of arizona voters. the phoenix scandal started there. so the question continues to be, is it getting better. and presidential candidates have talked about it. you know, cruz and trump and others throughout. there was an e-mail forwarded to me recently which has been reported on wildly from a veteran. from the v.a. to veterans saying, hey, if you want to get good veterans health care, here's how to hack the system. meaning, here's how you circumvent the broken bureaucracy that doesn't serve veterans well. >> what did it say? >> it gives pointers to say, okay, we know the system doesn't work the way it should. here's how you can navigate it. >> it goes gaensz what you think the military should be doing. in the army, navy, marines, air force, you wait for orders. he says, here, you got to be more resourceful. >> absolutely. >> for example, if you want an appointment, in order to get it, do did right first thing in the morning or right after lunch.
3:12 am
>> and i read that, it didn't tell me anything i didn't know already. when i schedule doctor's appointment, i do that so i don't have to wait too long. >> sure. just like using v.a. kiosk is another piece of advice rather than waiting in line. the problem is that you're walking into hospitals with massive lines and using the kiosk instead. the third piece of advice is choose a different v.a. >> that's not as busy? >> or one that's not close to you. what you see when you add these together is inconvenience yourself to the benefit of the system. which is what i think has jumped out at so many people. the fourth was go to an emergency if you can't be seen on time. >> right. you know you'll get in. >> what health care system would e-mail its members and say, we know our system isn't good, here's how you circumvent -- >> right. >> it's not that the advice is bad, it's the fact that the e-mail is going out is a problem. >> to make our system work, we should toss to heather and say hello. you have a lot to tell us. >> hi. i do. good morning, everyone. this first weekday of spring, right? congratulations to that. good morning to all of you. we start with a developing story. a very serious one to show that
3:13 am
this war is all too real. an american marine killed in an isis rocket attack in iraq has now been identified. staff sergeant luis cardin, from southern california, and was just 27 years old. he joined the marines back in 2006. his unit was located at makmuir base outside of mosul. when isis attacked, eight other marines were hurt. the pentagon sending an undisclosed additional number of troops to the area in hopes of retaking the city from isis control. our prayers for his family, as well. developing this morning also joerv overseas, the paris terror attack suspect in custody after four months on the run may have been plotting to murder more innocent people. salah abdeslam telling investigators he had a network of people who were protecting him while he was on the run. he was captured in a raid in brussels. he said he abandoned his suicide vest during the paris attacks at the last minute instead of detonating it outside a packed
3:14 am
sport stadium. those are your headlines. a lot going. >> thanks. meanwhile, more troops heading to iraq after a marine is attacked and killed. under secretary joining us next. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love.
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3:18 am
undisclosed number of troops would be sent after an isis rocket attack, possibly unrelated over the weekend, that killed one marine and injured several others. this adds to the roughly 3,700 troops advising the iraqi army. is it enough to get isis out of mosul? joining me is the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, as well as iraq under george w. bush. his book is fantastic. it's called "the envoy: from kabul to the white house, my journey from a turbulent world," in stores as of today. ambassador, thank you very much for joining us. i thought about you right away as we looked to build up, put more troops back in iraq. what tell accomplish? >> i think the president is anxious that before he leaves office to have mosul liberated. he doesn't want the legacy to be that he inherited a situation with terrorism, that's going to be a lot worse now than when he found. he would like to get mosul liberated before he leaves office. that's why he will send more troops in. >> in the long term, if you do
3:19 am
not have a sunni presence to take back mosul, it's almost a waste of time, correct? this is solid she attacks's going to end up blowing up again. >> are you exactly right. i compare it to going after mosquitoes versus draining the swamp. the swamp is the sunni shia war that creates extreme circumstances, where terrorism and extremists grow. in the long term, to succeed against isis, not only do you need to defeat them militarily, but to have a political, economic, and security environment in which terrorism does not find a home to grow and to threaten the world from. >> ambassador, in the last chapter, you talked about the elements that a president needs to be successful. you saw reagan-bush and bush up close, you saw the turbulent world in which you're in the middle of. first off, you want the -- the next president has to be hands
3:20 am
on when it comes to major foreign policy decisions. >> yes. the book details a strategy and plan for the new president. the key elements, one, he has to assess the world. where are we? and second, determine some goals for the united states. >> we're not just reacting to events. >> exactly. we need to shape events. we need a long-term strategy and plan and need to stop pivoteding from one region to the other. we need to focus on three critical region simultaneously. >> they are? >> asia, the middle east, and europe, including russia, of course. we need to reform our institutions with our diplomacy, our development, ourn to make s elements. our power are as good as they must be to deal with the challenges we face based on a u.s.-led, u.s.-focused strategy. >> if you want to see up close
3:21 am
and personal how reagan was involved and more, it's in your book, "the envoy." thanks for what you've done for the country. >> take care. coming up, our next guest hit the streets and asked people, cops racist? the answer he got from white people will surprise you. don't go away.
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[ explosion ] dramatic video showing u.s. rockets taking revenge on isis terrorists in iraq. you see clouds of dust and debris filling the streets of mosul. an isis stronghold. this after the death of our marine last week. the terrorist group took control there in 2014. the p.c. police invading the marine corps? all marines being forced to undergo sensitivity training to
3:25 am
prevent "unconscious bias" as women start to enter combat roles. pete? with the black lives matter movement growing, our next guest wanted to know what is the sentiment in the white and minority communities regarding police? >> you feel like you go to harlem there would be justified rage against police? >> yeah. they hate cops there. for sure. >> reporter: do you support the nypd? >> yes. >> reporter: do you support the nypd? >> yes. >> of course. >> filmmaker and political satirist ami horowitz went to the streets of predominantly white neighborhoods in brooklyn and spoke with minorities in east harlem to find out their opinion of cops. he joins us now with what he found. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> it's my pleasure. >> it's a fascinating video. i encourage everyone to check it out. i want to play a first clip of white liberals in brooklyn and what they had to say about the police and have you react briefly.
3:26 am
>> i've seen videos, not necessarily in new york, where it looks like cops are out of control. >> they're greedy, and they're racist, and it's not just in new york. it's nationwide. >> becoming a police state, and they're doing whatever the hell they want. >> an epidemic of brutality? >> yeah. >> you think -- institutional racism in the police department? >> yes. absolutely. not just in new york, nationwide. >> yeah. >> and not just in the police department and -- >> the country itself? >> the country itself. i don't personally believe in making huge blanket statements. you know what i mean? >> is this what you expected? >> to be honest, yeah. this is kind of what i thought we were going to see. there's a whole notion of being purveyed and not just on the streets of williamsburg, but on the podiums of the democratic debates where you have hillary and bernie trying to outdo themselves on who can show that they believe are more sensitive to the fact there's this institutional racism in our country. and that the police department or the tip of that racist spear.
3:27 am
that's what we're dealing with. that's just -- what we saw there in williamsburg is a manifestation of that. >> it shows how far it's permeated for sure. what i love about the video is that you said, let's get another perspective, so you went to east harlem. put on a cops lives matter shirt, and you asked questions of folks there. let's see what found there. >> at the end of the day, people put themselves in certain situations. you feel me? it's their -- it's the police's job to protect. and you feel me, y'all life is just as valuable as ours. color doesn't matter. >> the way i see it, they saved my life. >> we all matter. >> how are you, ma'am? >> good. how are you doing? >> reporter: you support the nypd? >> i pray for the nypd every day. >> i pray for the nypd every day. is this what you expected there? >> reporter: the truth was, i didn't know what to expect. i like provoking people, i'm provocateur. i figured, if i wear a "cops
3:28 am
lives matter" t-shirt, it will get the juices flowing, see what the reaction is. it's rare in this business, when i'm pleasantly surprised. this was an example of being very pleasantly surprised. and it shows you the sbluabsolu disconnect between white america and what's going on in our inner cities. again, there's this notion being pedaled around the country that cops just -- you know, running wild in the streets of our inner cities, beating up and shooting black men. that they resent the police. and the reality isn't true. they understand the role the police play in the neighborhoods. they respect it and are thankful for it. it was a lovely thing for me to find out. >> so insightful. we want to play one last personal story that was shared from the video, as well, and have you speak to it. >> murdered over in -- >> reporter: i'm sorry to hear it. >> the cops, i can say, were a great help. >> you met a woman whose friend
3:29 am
was murdered. >> reporter: her brother. >> and she said she was thankful for the police? >> reporter: it wasn't just her, people gave me numerous personal stories about how they interacted with the police, how the police went out of there way to help. it was heartwarming. >> it was. and you know, when you look at the statistics, the nypd, 51% white, also 42% black and hispanic. this is a pretty representative force. when i watched the video, i was amazed and taken in by how grateful the people were. great work on this video. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks for having me on. >> coming up, take out the trash and get a free joint? in is happening. we'll tell you where. then, it's the movie everyone's waiting for. >> the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. god versus man.
3:30 am
>> i watched the trailer last night. didn't know what to cheer for. did you know one of the stars of the movie never read a comic book? so who was it? stick around. first, happy birthday to clinton eastwood's son, fellow actor scott eastwood. he is 30 years old today. ♪
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so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. ♪ it is your shot of the morning. you're taking a live look inside the bald eagles nest at the national arboretum in washington, d.c., where a second baby eagle hatched over the weekend. >> yep. people across the country now going wild over what to name the robin -- to name them. robin suggests the names liberty and justice. >> that's pretty. like that. >> j.p. has a suggestion -- >> chirping in with lex, short for alexander hamilton and kennedy. >> heather likes air force one and marine one.
3:35 am
send us your ideas. >> sadly, they'll fly away. unless someone tags them quickly, we'll never see them again. they'll blend in with all the other eagle populations. >> i'm sure they'll be tagged. >> why do you feel they might be in on that? >> i'll be on it. >> how cute were they? were you following them over the weekend? >> pretty cute. >> adorable. >> that was the power player of the weekend for "fox news sunday." that's how chris wallace ended the show, watching birds phase. >> i'm in a phase of life, i think we should name them finneus and ferb. >> that's on our no list at our house. the nests are enormous. >> you saying it's too big? >> too big for your house. too big for your living room. put them at the arboretum. all right. good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend. that high school basketball team involved in this incredible crash when their bus flipped off the highway after they were sideswiped, the players will return to the court on
3:36 am
wednesday. all 21 players miraculously surviving that wreck with nothing but minor bumps and bruises. that is simply incredible when you look at that wreckage. the bus was sideswiped when another driver spilled her drink and lost control of her car. the coach and the bus driver remain hospitalized today, but they are expected to be okay. thank goodness. hulk hogan headed back to the courtroom today hoping for punitive charges in his case against the gossip website gawker. last week, a jury awarded hogan a whopping $115 million for a leaked sex tape that was published on the gawker site. today's hearing could lead to an even bigger payout for the former www e star. the tape in question showed hogan getting intimate with a friend's wife. gawker argued it had a right to publish it and plans to appeal the case. going green for a little green? a cannabis club giving free joints to people who help clean up neighborhoods and parks in colorado springs. listen to this --
3:37 am
>> the law is the law, and when you're my friend or stranger off the street, you're 21 years of age and older, i can give you weed. >> yeah, man. more than 100 people came for the event. organizers say they want to clean up the city and the legal marijuana industry's reputation. forget bad santa. meet bad bunny. >> show us the easter bunny. the easter bunny throwing heads. the easter bunny [ bleep ] -- >> fists and fur flying inside a new jersey mall. a fight actually breaking out between the easter bunny and a man who was waiting to take photos with him. they end up rolling on the floor of the mall before the scuffle finally ends when secured try a bunch of times to break this up. like "real housewives." flipping over tables. >> the "real housewives" in bunny outfits. >> kids, let's clarify, not the real easter bunny. the real one is kind. >> sweet and nice. thanks. there's a problem when an
3:38 am
adult is in costume not on a holiday but every day. we came outside, it was snowing. officially spring if you check the caldor -- >> the second day of spring. >> winter is having the last laugh. check out the snow in times square earlier today. >> we're watching eggs hatch and snow falling. what a show! dusting coating the northeast. winter weather advisories are in effect from new york city all the way up to maine, which is far. >> boston schools aren't taking chances. districts keeping the doors shut today. maria molina is tracking what's ahead. hey. >> she could never take a snow day. >> reporter: across parts of eastern massachusetts and eastern maine, they're going to be looking at hefty snow totals, exceeding six inches in areas, and potentially up to a foot locally across new england. again, for new england, it is a bigger story, especially coastal areas. like you mentioned, new york stay a dusting. out here it looks quiet. the snow has already moved out. it's going to be across parts of long island where w see something snowfall acouples
3:39 am
couples, really -- accumulation, really across long island. the advisories stretching from long island to eastern new england including rhode island, massachusetts, and also eastern parts of maine where we have winter storm warnings out there because of the heavier snow tot totals and gusty winds. the system is a quick hitter, out by this evening across the region. you are going to be quieter weather moving on in. meanwhile across the western u.s., we have a new storm that's going to bring some heavy rain and also mountain snow from the california sierra to the cascades and even in the intermountain west. let's head back inside. >> thanks. this is the problem with having easter so early. cold outside. >> we've been over that. it's one of the most anticipated films of 2016. the faceoff of the century. two heroes turn on each other. >> tell me, do you bleed? you will! >> one of the stars of "batman
3:40 am
vs. superman: dawn of justice," talking about the blockbuster coming out march 25th. >> let's hear more from michael tamara with exclusive interviews from the premiere. >> i d. the new york premiere of "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice." the stars were out. i got to take in the movie. california me mr. opening night, guys. and for those of you who are confused as to how to superman and batman could be at odds, count myself as one of them, we caught up with the stars who explained what exactly is going on here. >> you got to see the movie. there's an hour worth of story that explains how we get to this place. you have to trust me that it makes sense. >> batman's going to have a problem with everyone. >> it's about us coming to terms with the necessity of the other. >> so they do kind of test up really well, and it's interesting how it kind of takes place. condition say a lot about this -- cannot say a lot about the
3:41 am
movie. the embargo on cuba is lifted but not on the movie. >> is robin talking? >> no robin in this yet. this is a setup for the justice league and -- this is warner bros.' attempt to go after "the avengers," with those movies. expect 11 movies between now and 2020 to come out with all the characters. you know, what i can say is the roger ales victim, tell me something i haven't heard or seen, the introduction of wonder woman of interesting, fresh, and something new. only took 75 years for wonder woman to finally get her own movie. she did it -- this is her big debut. >> that's great. are we going to see a clip of that? >> if you want to play hard to toss to. we can -- every once in a while. >> it only took wonder woman 75 years to get a movie, but you won't see it. next time. >> let me ask you, if you haven't seen the movies before -- >> this just in.
3:42 am
one wonder woman toss to another. >> and maybe not. >> in this movie it's a different version of wonder woman. she's darker. she comes from, you know, we're very loyal to her original story. but it's big shoes to fill. and i hope you're going to like. you know, it is two men have a fight, too much ego, then the woman arrives, saves the day, done. right? you'll have to go and watch the movie. i'm not going to give you any spoilers. >> we save the day. that's what happens. >> if you have not seen the others, you can see this. i brought my cocousin, anthony, alone. he explained the whole thing. it helps to have that. >> a lot of capes. >> a lot of capes. and tights. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. coming up, donald trump surprising the pundits by getting more evangelical votes than ted cruz. why? our next guest, the president of notre dame, has some fascinating insight. and how would you feel if
3:43 am
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3:46 am
donald trump and ted cruz vying for the evangelical vote ahead of tomorrow's primaries, and a pew research poll shows two-thirds of republicans think it is important to have a president who shares their religious beliefs. who will join them in the evangelical vote? joining us, president of notre dame university, father jonathan didn't -- dinkins, author of "the name of god is mercy." thank you for being with us. >> i want to correct you. i'm not the author of -- pope francis is the author. >> i'm sorry. i read it wrong. i have the book here. we'll be talking about it in a minute. the pope sent you to talk about
3:47 am
this. first, i want to ask you about the election cycle. we've seen punches and protests. we've seen -- seen so much this election year that we haven't seen in the past. what do you make of that from a christian standpoint? >> oh, it's complex. i -- it's hard for me, i'm not an expert in politics. there is -- there is deep divisiveness and deep negativity, deep anger in this country. and i don't pretend to an authorize. but i do think for those of us who have -- are christians, i think it's important to reflect on the mercy of god, the love of god, and what that means for our life. and perhaps to -- step back from some of the negativity. >> are -- i agree with that. isn't it -- is it interesting this year, we -- usually evangelicals go for the tea party or the person that is the most evangelical candidate. many say that's ted cruz. instead, more christians, more evangelicals going to the polls, they say, to vote for donald trump. >> yeah. you know, again, i'm not an evangelical, and i'm not an expert on politics.
3:48 am
i don't have much to say about that. but i do think religion should influence our votes. i think we need to reflect on what really is the message, the gospel. and how that can inform our political life. i do worry about the negativity, anger, and just the difficulty. >> let me ask you this, what is the message then for united states of america because voters are confused. there's a juxtaposition here, do you vote for the person that is going to necessarily follow the word and follow the bible? do you vote for the person that is best for the country? what do you look for in a candidate? this election cycle is totally different from anything we've experienced. >> it's complex. i think you have to evaluate your view of the nation and where we stand. but i think for those of us who share a faith in the gospel, i think we have to ask what would god ask of us. and i think the pope has some powerful reflections on that. >> let's talk about that. the pope wrote this book, "the
3:49 am
name of god is mercy." i love this because the wordomersy is so powerful. that's -- word mercy is so powerful. that's what i feel especially during holy week. god has shown us grace and forgiveness. i want to read an excerpt, "the pope says there are no situations we cannot get out of. we are not condemned to sink into quicksand. jesus is there. his hand extended, ready to reach out to us and pull us out of the mud. out of sin. mercy will always be greater than any sin. no one can put a limit on the love of the all-forgiving god. mercy is always greater than your sin." god'somersy is greater than sin we could ever do. >> that's right. the powerful thing about that line, the quicksand, is the more we find ourselves in quicksand, the more we struggle by our own efforts to get out, the faster we sink. we need to find a soild place. the pope is saying the solid place is the mercy and love of god. with this, the pope is talking
3:50 am
about the transformation of our hearts. he's not interested in changing our hearts necessarily. not in changing even our religion, but changing our hearts through an encounter of the love of god. that is what this pope is about. and it's spectrum. it's right to see him in the spectrum of >> thanks for what you do for our country and for the university. >> thanks, ainsley. >> you're about to find out. >>de as that instantly gives you
3:51 am
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3:54 am
the motion not to say the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the meeting, raise your hand. >> well there you have it. a new york town -- new york town planning board slapping a motion to recite the pledge of allegiance before meetings because it's quote, a total waste of time. it could raise first amendment issues. joining us right now is amy cohen, the planning board member who is making her personal mission to bring the pledge back. amy, were you shocked by the 4-3 decision against hearing the pledge? >> i was surprised. but, our board voted against the pledge of allegiance prior to
3:55 am
being on the planning board i worked as a police commissioner. we always said the pledge. i also serve on the new paltz democratic committee which is a town committee where we say the pledge of allegiance at all of our meetings. >> so the -- here's one of the members who voted against it. says hey, i'm patriotic but i want to get right to it. let's listen. >> it doesn't do anything. it's just -- i mean, it's just total waste of time, and it -- you know in one respect it's, it's a group pressure thing to make you agree with somebody. >> i love this country and i don't see any reason to say a pledge to it. i think that's opposite to the principles of this country was founded on. >> there you go. they love the country but not the pledge. your reaction, amy? >> everybody's welcome to their opinions. i respect all of our planning board members. however, i would like to say the pledge at the beginning of our meetings. i feel that it's a government meeting. and the appropriate thing would
3:56 am
be to open our government meetings with pledge of allegiance. this is the united states of america. >> and what do you say to people who go of course we're the united states of america, i don't need to say it every day. what's your reaction? >> well, they don't have to say it. but i would like to say it and they can do whatever it is that they do when others choose to say the pledge. i think it's our responsibility to set an example for our children. and i think it's a very small thing to spend 15 seconds saying the pledge. i know our veterans, our soldiers, our families of veterans, soldiers, and first responders, all appreciate it. and it takes so little time and it means so much to so many. >> right. thank you so much amy cohen, the people that voted with you, tom powers, adele rogers and you -- >> that is adele ruger. >> you guys are on that side. they did not have enough. thanks so much, amy. coming up straight ahead, she said she would never do it but now hillary clinton is going to give health care to illegals.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good monday morning to you and your family. it's march 21st. i'm ainsley earhardt. fox news alert chaos in the streets of cuba as president obama arrives for his historic visit, only to get snubbed by the castro brothers. ditched on the tarmac before his big day. first, they threatened to kill his son. now donald trump's sister, the target of a serious threat. have his opponents gone too far? >> yeah. can i answer that? i would say yes. and make me famous. those are the words this college student posted next to a picture of him flipping off a cop. this morning, the police department has a message for him.
4:01 am
one we can show on tv. mornings, by the way, are better with friends. >> probably not how you want to get famous, right? >> no. not the way i would choose to get famous. >> not your 15 minutes of fame there. >> huge two hours coming your way. we also got to tell you the president's made a historic move. >> absolutely. we've got a fox news alert for you this morning. chaos explodes in the streets of cuba as police clash with hundreds of pro-democracy protesters, calling for free speech. ahead of president obama's historic visit. [ chanting ] this morning many of those protesters remain in jail as the president sits down with raul castro in the hopes of improving diplomatic ties. >> his visit, the first by a u.s. president to cuba in nearly nine decades. kevin corke is live in havana with the details for us. good morning, kevin. >> good morning, guys.
4:02 am
88 years, to be exact. calvin coolidge the last sitting u.s. president to visit the island. president obama saying it only took him three hours to get here. whereas it took college like three days to make the journey. but times are obviously very, very different. and i'm not just talking about technologically. yesterday was the first full day for the president and the first family here on the island. they arrived right about 4:19 p.m. on sunday. now while mrs. obama has other exchanges with the cuban community, the president will be very, very busy meeting not just with the community, but also with cuban leader raul castro, and the cuban government. he was not met, however, by raul castro upon his meeting. their meeting, then bilateral comments and statements and a state dinner by the way all taking place later today and into the evening. now the first family did take a walking tour of old havana last night, despite moderate to heavy rainfall and very gusty winds. but as you pointed out, as we began this segment, it was not all smiles and handshakes on the island. the women in white damas e
4:03 am
en blancas drawing attention to dissidents. something the president is expected to talk about today. meanwhile in south florida, protests of the visit were heated as many in the cuban-american community accuse the president of supporting a dictator and legitimizing a regime that stole billions in property from citizens during and after the revolution. we expect the president and raul castro to make statements sometime around 2:00 this afternoon, and of course we'll be bringing that to you tonight right here on fox news channel. for now, back to you guys in the cool comfort of new york. >> it looks windy, cold, and wet there. thanks for being down there for us, kevin. meanwhile, as you know, president obama arrived and it was historic for him to land in cuba, in havana. but there's one thing also historic, the fact that there was no leader to greet him on the other side. raul castro, i guess, had his sunday filled up. or was it about the fact that the embargo hasn't been lifted and we're not going to give gitmo back? >> well it's been 88 years.
4:04 am
so i just don't think i can make it to the airport. i was there for the pope. i was there for other world leaders. but this one just can't make it. a clear signal. >> absolutely. donald trump was talking about that in palm beach yesterday. take a listen to what he said about this. >> he's landed in cuba. and raul castro, or fidel castro, but raul castro, who is the head of cuba, wasn't there to greet him. folks, what are we doing? what are we doing? here's how a thing like that is supposed to work. number one, he has his people call up, say who's going to be greeting the president? if they say nobody, you don't go until somebody is there. and the head of cuba, who was there for the pope, and he was there for other dignitaries that come in, but he wasn't there for the president of the united states. i mean, we are amateur hour, folks. obama should have turned the plane around and left. and i'm not knocking castro. i mean, if they can get away
4:05 am
with this stuff, it's great. they're making a great deal. >> he's saying that castro did get a great deal so he gets the prestige of america and possibly some infusion of capital, which is badly needed. but guess who agrees with donald trump? >> who's that? >> ted cruz. >> he sure does. >> you act surprised ainsley. >> well i read his op-ed this morning in politico and if you get a chance you should read it because he talks about the hundreds of people imprisoned there and he doesn't believe that president obama should be going there and meeting with the leader. but these individuals are beaten, he says, in this article on a regular basis. they're in prison protesting human rights, violations, and speaking out against the regime. you see the women in white. you were telling me earlier that a lot of their husbands are in prison. >> the ladies in white, the folks protesting yesterday are the wives of political prisoners currently in jail. what ted cruz said is this deal, them visiting legitimizes the corrupt, and ignores the oppressed. uplifts the regime that hasn't changed anything about how it does business, enriches the government-run corporations that
4:06 am
are there, crony capitalism, and the dissidents who are fighting for freedom are snubbed. >> meanwhile five minutes after the top of the hour it's also about money. >> it sure is. >> absolutely. and who better to bring in but our man stu varney from fox business channel. $7 billion. that's the approximate value of all the factory, mines, oil refineries and business operations that were stolen from u.s. companies in cuba when it was nationalized. you got the inside scoop on this $6 billion. what's to do about it? >> they owe us nearly $7 billion. this is because they seized all kinds of factories, and other assets, and all kinds of real estate. they seized that from americans, back in 1959. they've never repaid that dead. and now they're not going to repay it. this was never part of the deal for president obama to go to cuba. $7 billion from debts owed from a long time ago, because of the seized assets. all we're saying, all america is saying, well, we will talk about this.
4:07 am
>> we're not going to hold them accountable for it? we're not going to get that money back? >> i don't think we will. because "a," the cubans don't have the money. "b," a lot of the claimants have either died, disappeared or the corporations no longer exist. and "c," we're not really pressing hard for it. all our diplomats are saying is well, we will talk about this in the future. it's another example of us getting absolutely in return for this historic visit of the president to cuba. >> we understand the president is going to be meeting with cuban entrepreneurs today and then this will -- in theory, open up their markets and the cuban markets, our industry. >> wait a second. american companies can only invest in cuba as minority partners, along with the cuban government. so we can put our money in there but it's minority money. the majority of the companies which we create over there will be owned by the cuban government. >> so they're still state-owned businesses. so effectively our investment there enriches the castro regime. >> in fact, we are solidifying the economic structure of cuba
4:08 am
as it now stands. it is a communist nation. and this visit, without any terms before hand, this solidifies that view of the world. that economic organization in cuba. >> what has changed since december 17th when we decided to open up our embassy? >> nothing. i can't think of anything that's really changed. other than the president will visit. what have we got? what have we got for this deal? our president goes there, in a huge, symbolic event. what did we get out of it? >> so why do this? >> it's for president obama's legacy. that would be my opinion. if you don't get anything out of the deal, but the president does have this to add to his legacy, that's what we got out of the deal. >> he says that he'll have future leverage. will there be more economic leverage here with companies investing? i mean it seems to not have changed the political situation in places like china. why would it affect it in cuba? >> i don't think it will. if we are minority partners with the cuban government, on new ventures which are opened up after this meeting, if we're the minority partner, what leverage
4:09 am
do we actually have? i don't think we have very much at all. >> they're still leaving the country and still flooding our southern border even since the evidently this travel ban has been lifted. >> it's a historic moment but it doesn't mean much for us. >> stuart varney, thank you so much. >> we're going to watch you on the fox business channel from 9:00 to noon. >> 9:00 sharp. >> he's taking attendance. meanwhile, heather nauert is here. >> stop. >> love the accent. >> so sadly -- >> good morning, everybody. good morning, hope you're off to a good day. we begin with some headlines right now. another threat to donald trump's family. this time it involves his sister. police are now investigating a threatening letter that was sent to the home of judge mary anne trump barry. this after a package with white powder and a similar threat was sent to the new york home of donald trump's son eric. authorities aren't sure if the threats are connected. in the meantime donald trump has plans to meet with republican leaders today in washington in an effort to reach out to the establishment. this before he gives a big speech to a prominent american
4:10 am
israeli group. and brand-new poll putting texas senator ted cruz in first place in utah just one day before the state's republican caucus is held. ohio governor john kasich came in second with 29%. and current republican front-runner, donald trump, with a distant 11%. if cruz can win utah, and all of the state's 40 delegates it would certainly bring that one step closer to a contested convention in cleveland this july. and donald trump is ahead by a bit in the state of arizona. one is dead this morning, actually, one person is dead this morning after a failed robbery at a pennsylvania toll booth. listen to this. >> one civilian, one security guard deceased, one suspect we have concerned by a red van. >> pardon me, two are now dead. police say the retired state trooper clarence briggs threatened employees with a gun and tried to tie them up in a nearby office building. both employees escaped as an armored vehicle pulled up, and a
4:11 am
security guard got out. briggs shot one of the toll collectors and the security guard as he tried to get away with cash the troopers shot him dead. and a driver in the ukraine taking a rather absurd shotcut to avoid a traffic gam. surveillance video catching the driver going in reverse in the opposite lane narrowly avoiding several crashes. when he approaches the intersection he simply turns around and goes on along his way. all the other drivers could do was stand by and watch and hope they don't get hit. >> we had a ukrainian traffic watcher. it's amazing. >> yes. >> and i can't say i have not done that myself. >> i haven't backed up that far. but a little bit. >> what are you talking about? >> for the exit -- >> you've backed up on a highway? >> i think i probably have -- >> you have? >> maybe like pulled over on the shoulder and backed up a little bit and then went on the exit. >> we don't have a spot on that one? >> oh --
4:12 am
>> in long island you need a car. >> there are trains out there. >> i want to get a loaf of bread, get on a train. >> we've got to bring you out to the country ainsley. why have a car when you can have a horse? >> all right. 11 minutes after the hour. coming up next, she said she would never do it. but now hillary clinton is going to give health care to illegals. and sure dogs look cute, but did you know they can read your minds? puppy esp is real. >> yes. >> we are going to tell you about it. >> i predicted this. allergies with nasal congestion?
4:13 am
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4:16 am
we do not think the comprehensive health care benefits should be extended to those who are undocumented workers and illegal aliens. we do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. we know now that too many of people come in for medical care, as it is. we certainly don't want them having the same benefits that american citizens are entitled to have. that's first lady hillary clinton in 1994 saying it would never happen. no obamacare, or then
4:17 am
hillarycare, for illegals. but according to hillary clinton's daughter chelsea, mom may be having, hmm, a bit of a change of heart. >> it's so important to extend the affordable care act to people who are regularly working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citiz citizenship. >> the question is can we afford even more of your hard-earned money, taxpayer dollars, to give health care to people who are here illegally? gus fortella is executive director of the republican college national committee and joins us to weigh in on this. >> good morning. >> so my question is, how can she justify giving free health care to people who are here illegally, when "a," we can't even afford obamacare for the 14 million people that are here illegally. how can we afford to, to, to provide health care for them? and also, what about our veterans? we can't even afford to take care of them. look what's happening at the v.a. hospitals. >> absolutely. and you know what, ainsley? this is a clear example of his
4:18 am
pandering. hillary clinton will do anything to get elected. and you know what? she was against it before she was for it. and it's really, really interesting to me that now, in the middle of a very tight democratic primary she would go out and say this considering the fact that missouri, she barely won by less than a point. i mean it's very, very, very, very important for her to now carry hispanic votes because bernie sanders is closing in on her. and if it wasn't for the superdelegates that she has, the lead that she has with them, then hillary clinton would be in deep trouble in the democratic primary. >> gus we've seen her move to the left on a lot of issues. now on health care. this -- is this -- has she been hinting at this? or did this come out of nowhere from chelsea clinton saying hey, we're going to give obamacare to illegals, as well? >> well, i think she's been hinting at this. if you remember in 2003, you know, she was a u.s. senator for new york city -- or new york, rather, and you know, she said she was clearly adamantly against illegal immigration.
4:19 am
and in 2007 before she was getting ready to run for president she said she was against giving illegals driver's licenses in new york, and in fact, she went ahead and had her friend, the now disgraced former governor of new york elliot sfiter stop a bill in the new york legislature that would have done that. so, again, it's clear hispanderring, one, she needs this demographic to win the primary just like barack obama did in 2007 when he beat her. >> why does she need this demographic when they can't go to the polls to vote if they're here illegally? >> completely understandable. it's important she start working on this group, because after all, they are -- they compromise not necessarily illegals, but hispanic voters compromise a very, very, very big voting bloc for her, especially in the primary. it's a huge group to help barack obama, you know, get elected in 2007 and in 2008. >> and of course an important priority for the advocacy leaders of those hispanic groups. gus, thank you very much. executive director of the national college of republicans. thank you very much for being
4:20 am
with us. >> good to see you this morning. one of the largest cities in the south could lose its shot at hosting the super bowl over their religious beliefs? >> hmm. and make me famous. those are the words this college student posted next to a picture of him flipping off the cops. well, now that police department has got a message for him.
4:21 am
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4:23 am
a quick look at your headlines. the pentagon identifying that u.s. marine that was killed by an isis rocket over the weekend. here's his picture. staff sergeant louis cardin from southern california. he was only 27 years old.
4:24 am
his unit was located at the makhmur base outside of mosul when that attack took place. eight other marines were hurt. the pentagon promising to deploy an undisclosed number of additional troops in that area, hoping to gain the upper hand. brand-new images this morning showing the paris terror attack suspect abdeslam after his arrest in belgium. he's the man in white being led away by police. he had been on the run since the november paris attack where he abandoned a homicide -- his homicide mission. he is now vowing to sue a french prosecutor for revealing the details of his botched mission, claiming the information breaches the confidentiality of the investigation. brian? >> all right. make me famous. those are the words college student brandon mateo wrote to this picture of him making an inappropriate gesture to a north carolina police car. now he's getting his wish. when police found the post they responded with their own
4:25 am
challenging mateo to a ride gentleman long. the woman who issued that challenge, kristen hunter a public information officer for the greenville p.d. joins us now along with chief of the department. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> no problem. kristen, whose idea was this? >> well, it was actually mine. we were unindated with all sorts of messages and phone calls early friday morning from people who had seen this post. and so, we thought it was only appropriate to respond publicly, not just to brandon, but for our community supporters. >> police immediately when you see this gesture you might get your blood boiling. why did you react differently? >> you know, i think at this time in our profession we take a look at things a little bit differently. i thought you know, we could come after the young man, you know, through social media but that really wasn't the way to go. i felt, you know, let's take it a different way.
4:26 am
let's offer him a ride gentleman long and see if he'll take the challenge. >> what happened, kristen? >> well, we're still waiting. he said that he will consider the ridealong. we have not received a call from him yet. but, we genuinely hope that he will take us up on it. it was a genuine offer. it wasn't meant to embarrass him or belittle him. we really just want to help maybe change his perspective a bit. >> chief i think it's behind of interesting in the readout, it says, you know, listen you should not define someone's character on one bad decision, and you went on to say, you realize the person who drives that car spends a lot of time trying to infiltrate gang units and keep the entire neighborhood safe. correct? >> that's correct. he's one of our gang supervisors. and he's out there every night keeping our community safe, doing some of the most dangerous work that we send police officers out to do in our community. he has a great group that work with him, and you know, i just thought that if brandon had a chance to meet that individual, take a ride-along with him, his
4:27 am
perspective would change. >> this is not just your community, there's a lot of people with a misperception of what police officers are doing on a daily basis. is this the beginning of trying to change some of that? >> you know, i think that's a constant battle for us. it's something that we continually face, and we hope to change that perception for a lot of people. not just brandon, and as chief touched on, as well, you know, you can't judge somebody's character by one poor decision. so we certainly don't want to put all of that on brandon. just as you can't judge all officers on one officer's bad decision. so we're hoping to really get that message through. >> chief, you got a good response from what your response was, right? >> yeah, absolutely. you know, no trick involved, just ride along in the front seat this time, and let's look through the windshield from that direction, see what the officer does every day. >> trying to keep his neighborhood safe, he doesn't seem to get it. kristen hunter, and police chief mark holtzman, thanks so much. >> thanks for having us.
4:28 am
>> thank you. >> just know you're appreciated here. and most of our audience watching right now. and listening on the radio. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, this outrageous photo caught the cop's attention. two kids with their hands and mouths duct taped. but the parents say it was just a joke. really? peter johnson jr. puts it in perspective next. plus the easter bunny like you hope to never see it before. >> oh, easter bunny! >> so what brought this bunny brawl? we'll reveal it. [engines revvin] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
4:29 am
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♪ i believe it's time for me to fly ♪ >> this is your shot off the morning. we're taking a live look inside that bald eagles nest in washington, d.c. at the
4:32 am
national -- say the for me, brian? >> arboretum. >> and this is -- there's a second baby eagle that hatched over the weekend. >> yeah, it appears the eagle has turned around. unless the camera has. people flocked to social media to name them. so we asked you for your suggestions. pam tweeted nothing says usa like stars and stripes. >> i like that. >> nancy says honest and abe. >> freedom and liberty. >> and wallace writes i would name the eagles philly and delfhia. >> that's a guy getting pumped up for the gop convention. >> or an eagles fan. >> that could be it. >> i think most of the kids are in a tizzy about the convention. >> they are. >> they're already ready to go. >> 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> we're going to hand it over to heather nauert. brian didn't want to finish that. >> you are unforgettable my friend. >> good morning, good morning, everybody.
4:33 am
hope you're off to a great day. i've got a traffic story coming out of the midwest this morning. an indiana sheriff's deputy was shot dead as he served a search warrant. >> we've got shots fired. county 66 down. get the ambulance started. >> showing what a dangerous job they take on each and every day. 27-year-old deputy and another officer were shot after entering a suspect's trailer. cons died later at the hospital. the other officer still recovering. the deputy a three-ye leaves behind a wife and a beautiful young son. our prayers for their family this morning. >> what a tough day for law enforcement. religious freedom may be standing in the way of the super bowl. huh? there's a proposed bill in georgia that protects pastors of religious groups from providing certain services to same-sex couples, and that could cost the atlanta falcons their bid to host the super bowl in 2019 or
4:34 am
2020. atlanta's new stadium makes them a front-runner, but nfl commissioner roger goodell says the bill could change that. nfl owners, including the fal consequence owner, openly oppose that bill. and forget bad santa. meet bad bunny? take a close look at this. and listen. oh, boy. fists and fur flying inside a new jersey shopping mall. a fight breaking out between the easter bunny and a man who was waiting to take photos with him. it's not clear how this got started but somehow that bunny ended up hopping mad before security jumped in to break up the brawl. and call it puppy esp. but if you really don't like someone, your dog probably knows it and feels the very same way. there's a new study that found that your dog can tell what you think about others based on how you react. the dog then decides whether they're going to be friendly, or not. it's called social referencing.
4:35 am
so pretty much your dog always has your back. and anyone who is a dog owner has probably had that experience. when your dog doesn't like somebody, you know there's something going on there. >> the worst is when you introduce them and your dog is friendly and they growl. like, story. having a bad day. or it's you. >> right? >> does your dog bite? grr. i thought you said your dog didn't bite. that is not my dog. the pink panther. you have a million dogs. you have a million dogs. >> i have two great piren niece which was depicted in that video. special thanks to the video team. >> just for you i guess. >> all right we have some extreme weather to talk to you about. it is officially spring but winter it's not leaving without a fight. check out the snow falling in times square earlier. >> i guess i'll read now. >> you told me to check it out. >> it was a gusty coating in the northeast. winter weather advisories are in effect in new york city. but in new york city you already know it's winter weather. >> that's true. also in boston schools aren't -- not taking any chances or
4:36 am
they're chickening out as a minnesotan might say, keeping their doors shut. maria molina is here tracking what's ahead. maria? >> hey, good morning you guys. well this storm system could have been a lot worse. i mean if it set up correctly across the region and tracked just up the coast and stays correctly with the jet you could see some heavier snowfall totals. for right now it looks like a relatively weak system for most areas across the northeast. the exceptions are going to be across eastern parts of new england, including places like eastern maine and also massachusetts. that's where you could potentially see more than six inches of snowfall. again, but taking a look at the radar you can see it's relatively busy out there across parts of new england. and we do have winter weather advisories, and winter storm warnings in effect as well. and even parts of long island, by the way, could be picking up several inches of snowfall as well from the storm system. as we head into later on today and also into this evening, the storm system is going to be out of here, and behind it you're going to have that drier weather moving on in so that is some welcome news. meanwhile, across the western u.s., we do have a new storm system that's going to be moving
4:37 am
in, bringing in areas of heavy rain, and also some mountain snow across the california, sierra, the cascades, and also into the intermountain west and taking a look at your current temperatures, very chilly out there. in dallas, and houston, only 37 degrees right now. you're only in the 50s in tampa, florida, and 30s for you in atlanta and raleigh, north carolina. let's head back inside. >> all right. still cold here in new york. you know what? i don't want summer to come because i love your phrase, maria. wintry mix. i love saying that. wintry mix. >> you like saying that? >> maria, i'll talk to her on the break. >> yeah. >> thanks maria. >> you can wear white after this weekend. >> right. >> technically. >> i'll be in all-white. >> pete, tell me when she's done. >> okay, your turn. now you can read. stop watching the video and read. >> you're right. >> we just -- we just got -- we just got the new bigger iphone 6-plus and today apple is expected to announce a new, smaller iphone.
4:38 am
>> live from apple headquarters in kuper tino. clayton how is it feeling? >> oh, it feels like a wintry mix out here. wintry mixed bag. we're going to see a wintry mix of new gadgets today from apple hopefully here in cuppertino here in apple at the town hall where they roll out new products and software and announcements. apple over the past few years has made a play, of course, for the bigger iphone. the iphone 6splus and the a pad pro and they've scored correctly. because we've seen record sales for the iphone in the past few years. but today apple is going small, we think, with the new iphone se so a smaller version of one of their flagship phones so you can have maybe three to pick from. i know my co-host anna likes to jog with her giant iphone and she dropped it a few times. for those of you who like that kind of phone maybe going smaller is your new bag.
4:39 am
also a new ipad we hope today. the ipod pro that rolled out in the fall with incredible processing speed, and use with the apple pencil. so people who maybe don't want that larger ipad, maybe getting a new smaller ipad pro today in the 10 inch size. also, you know, apple behind these closed doors we never really know what they're going to do with software. they manage to keep a real tight lock on that. although eddie q last month from apple managed to let slip maybe an itunes refresh could be coming which a lot of people have been hoping for. you know the yew tunes software on your desk top which has gotten big and bloated over the past few years. we could see a major refresh of that. of course, this is all against the backdrop of the battle right now that apple is in with the fbi. and that is set to take place tomorrow in southern california in the courts. so i don't think tim cook is going to miss an opportunity to get up on stage today, maybe even at the opening of today's events, and talk about apple's stance on privacy, and how much respect they have for their users' rights to privacy.
4:40 am
again that is one day ahead of the big court date in southern california, apple versus the federal government. guys, back to you. >> how great for their users. but also, maybe against the country. who wants to stop the next terror attack. and also real quick, i hear that the iphone is not so impenetrable. there are some encryption experts able to beat this new software, is that correct? >> well, if -- they haven't told the fbi that, by the way. and the billions of dollars that we spend with the fbi, look, software can always be managed to be jail broken, gotten into. but apple's stance on this is look we're not wilding an encryption key that's going to let other people do that. if you're going to force our hand we need to battle it out in the court. it's something congress needs to take up, sit down and have a real gentlemanly discussion about the future of encryption in this country. this is an interesting debate for the first time or a legal debate being played out and americans are on either side of this issue this week. >> and everyone's got an iphone.
4:41 am
so they've got an opinion about it. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> i'm a fan of the small iphone. >> i want the bigger one. i'm with you, though, i think for -- we got to keep our country safe. that's more important. >> i know. that's the big debate. meanwhile, 19 minutes until the top of the hour. straight ahead. this outrageous photo caught the cops' attention and our kids. two kids with their hands and mouths duct taped. the parents say it was just a joke. so what will happen to those parents? peter johnson jr. will have an idea. for a limited time, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now!
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4:45 am
pump. and they call it the world's largest blind taste test and almost no one noticed the quiet rollout of kraft's new recipe for its macaroni and cheese. it's replaced artificial dyes and preservatives with natural ingredients like paprika and tu merrick. kraft heinz says its sold over 50 million boxes since the switch happened in december. college kids all around the country -- >> thank you, brian. this is a shocking story. this photo posted on facebook, igniting outrage, of course, and parents all across our country and capturing the attention of police in memphis, tennessee. look at this. it shows two toddlers with their mouths, and their hands duct taped. fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. he's here shaking his head. he's here to discuss this. >> wow, wow, wow. >> that's our reaction. >> i don't know whether it's more anger producing or more heartbreaking. but i think someone should go to jail. think should catch this person,
4:46 am
convict this person, and can this person. even if it's the mom. of these -- of these children. >> here are the facts. we don't know who it is. we don't know if it's the mom, dad, grandparent. we don't know. somehow posted this on facebook. >> allegedly a person named jaden just philly j baby. i don't know if that's a real name or not. allegedly a cousin has now weighed in -- >> saying it's a joke. >> supports that person. that it's a joke. it's a lesson learned. and that, you know, no problem. the children are safe. and unharmed. but, we do know from experience unfortunately in this country, and around the world, that a child can die in a very short time if its mouth is bound. >> right. >> with duct tape. >> when i see this picture i see these two precious babies that are helpless. they can't -- they look to their parents to protect them. that's the job of a parent. they're duct taped. their hands are duct taped and then i think about the pain to pull that off. the fear that's going through these kids' minds.
4:47 am
what do you do in a situation like this? do they remove the kids from custody? >> memphis police are now looking at it. the tennessee child welfare folks are looking at it. and absolutely, you know, the children could absolutely immediately be removed from the parents, or the mother, or the father, whoever took this photo. and then there can be criminal proceed beings against that parent with regard to the conduct. >> let me read a statement from the cousin. >> sure. >> i do want to say that the mother was on a local tv station in tennessee saying she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, she's the mother. this is a statement from someone who's being identified as a cousin to the family. our family and friends know the love that we have for all the kids in our family. it's just crazy that out of a whole lifetime they judge a person off of this one event. >> i understand. and i believe people can be redeemed. i mean, that's the message of the lord. but, is the person stupid?
4:48 am
is the person evil? is there some combination? can the person learn over time enough skills that they can really take care of these children? i hate, and i don't believe in taking away children from mothers. >> from the parents. >> that's the last thing that should happen. but when you see something so heinous, so bizarre, so strange, so sadistic, really, you say, can you really be a mother? i don't want to cast any stones at all. but when you see this, the first response is, someone who does that really doesn't know the difference between life and death, and they're not capable of taking care of a child. and they need to be punished in some way. whether it's some form of jail, or some form of treatment, or something. this can't stand in america. >> what goes through my mind is this is what they're posting and they think is a joke. what are they doing behind closed doors. >> you're absolutely right. it's the act, number one. but number two that you're going to go to the world and say this is funny.
4:49 am
these children are bad. this person said these children were bad. and we're selling them at 45% off, as it were. >> you talk about being redeemed. maybe as a country we can pray for those children, pray for justice. >> i will. >> and trust the investigators. >> as a mother you must be horrified by this. >> absolutely. we did reach out to the memphis police department for a statement and we did not hear back from them. when we do we'll pass that along to you. thank you peter johnson jr. for weighing in. well, this ain't your mom's ford focus. zero to 60 in less than five seconds flat and we're going to fire it up when we come back. but first on this day in history in 1975 frankie valli's "my eyes adore you" was the number one song in america.
4:50 am
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♪ >> well, the new york international auto show rolls into town this week. and all week we'll be previewing some of the hottest rides. here with us this morning, auto expert joins us to take a look at the slickest sports cars here on a monday morning. >> thank you, thank you. well we're kicking it off hard this week. sports cars on a monday. but it's snowing, right? so, the first question that consumers are going to want to know about all four cars today. do they drive in the snow? this is rear wheel drive, a toyota 86. and why is it an important vehicle to the marketplace? it's an entry level consumer performance vehicle. $27,000 starting price point. and it goes back to the original dna of the toyota corolla. so it's a beautiful car.
4:54 am
>> it is a beautiful car. >> and it's, you know, based off the sion platform which is going away and absorbing this into the toyota brand. great performance car for the entry level. >> it's got some oomph to it. >> you've got to start with the sports car. >> we've got a few more. >> let's make our way down. >> so now we're going to the next car. this is going to be a great one -- >> all right, heather, are you ready? all right this right here -- >> what is it? >> this is a 2016 ford focus rs. and why is this one important? all right we brought this to fox a year ago, it said prototype car in the marketplace. this is track ready. this is a $35,000 track ready car that you can put on -- >> it's a ford focus race car? >> ford focus race car. projected 350 horsepower with this thing. yeah. ready to hit the track. you can feel the seats. they hug around you. they're meant for racing on the track. this thing is a fire breathing dragon. and definitely a vehicle in the marketplace consumers are going
4:55 am
to want to take a strong look at. >> how fast does it go? >> it goes fast, let me tell you. this is a fast track car. >> all right. thanks. >> all right. here we go. brian, you get the best car, my man. >> i know. it's great to have a convertible in the wintry mix snowstorm. >> yeah. >> this is beautiful. >> in what way? >> 2017, this is the jaguar svr convertible. >> right. >> so what does that mean to a consumer in the marketplace? an affordable supercar. $128,000. now if you compare the segment, they're a lot more than that. >> okay. leather interior. >> right. >> the latest technology. and it moves like a rocketship. >> moves like a rocketship. carbon fiber inlays. of course you talked about the leather. 575 horse power under the hood. put it in dynamic mode. now go ahead and hit the exhaust. hit the gas. that's performance right there. this is a sub four second zero
4:56 am
to 60 car. >> can you get meet ainsley in the last car? >> i can. all right. ainsley, here we go. >> i didn't know brian had a car. brian i like it. it's beautiful. okay, hi, nice to see you. tell me about this beautiful car. >> this is a 2017 acura nsx and this thing is an exotic, beautiful car. >> it is pretty. >> if you start this car it's going to be incredibly quiet. >> should i start it? >> just hit the button. there you go. now it's started. three electric motors in this vehicle. so it's a hybrid vehicle. hybrid performance car. >> you like hybrids. >> ironically enough it's an acura. but made in ohio. right here in the united states. >> we like that, too. 573 horsepower. starting price $156,000. now competitive -- >> i can't afford that. >> look at a competitive segment, ferraris, lamborghinis. this is an affordable supercar. >> can you get pete out of my car? >> what are you doing?
4:57 am
>> loving it. >> all right. >> ainsley, i think you need a baby seat in the back. >> right. >> there is no back seat. >> oh -- >> come back tomorrow. back in a moment. we have another hour of the show. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
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arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. good monday morning to you and your family. i'm ainsley earhardt. chaos in the streets of cuba, hundreds arrested as president obama arrives for his historic visit only to get snubbed by president castro? >> first they threatened to kill his son. now donald trump's sister the target of a serious threat. have his opponents gone too far? i think they have. >> we've answered that. that is out of control. and hillary clinton will address the aipac conference sometime this morning. she's expected to take a swipe at donald trump. is that appropriate? answer that at home. it's a harder question. mornings are better with friends.
5:01 am
good morning to you and your family. it was snowing here in new york this morning on our way in. isn't it spring? >> supposed to be. >> it's the second day of spring. but all everyone's talking about despite the weather, the time zone you're in or the weather you're experiencing, everybody's talking about this election. we're going to be talking about that, too. because two other big races on the right, and two others on the left, begin tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> not much polling. so we have no idea what's going to happen. >> in the meantime, let's hand it over to our friend heather nauert. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day. we start out with a fox news alert. chaos in the streets of havana, cuba, as president obama arrives for his historic visit. take a look at this. the women in white, organizing a protest to draw attention to human rights abuses. many of their spouses are behind bars.
5:02 am
protests also happening in miami as a cuban-american community accuses president obama of supporting a dictator, and legitimizing the castro regime. president obama's scheduled to meet with raul castro this morning, despite the fact that the president wasn't there to greet our president when he arrived yesterday. an indiana sheriff's deputy shot dead as he was serving a search warrant to a drug suspect. >> we've got shots fired. county 66 is down. get the ambulance started. >> 27-year-old deputy carl kuehnes and another officer were shot as they were entering the suspect's trailer. kuehnes later died at the hospital. the gunman was killed in a shoot-out with the s.w.a.t. team. the other officer sergeant jordan buckley still recovering in the hospital at this hour. deputy kuehnes a three-year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and a young son. a tough day for law enforcement. developing this morning, brand-new images showing the paris terror attack suspect
5:03 am
salah abdeslam, after his arrest in belgium. he is the man in white being led away by police there. he had been on the run since the november paris attacks, where he had allegedly abandoned his part of the homicide mission. he was also allegedly planning new attacks while he was hiding in belgium. the 26-year-old is now vowing to sue a french prosecutor for revealing details of his botched mission. hmm. okay. and march madness not letting up. take a look. >> two to go. trip to the sweet 16. lays it up, it's good. it's good! it's good! wisconsin has won it! >> okay gang. you know i'm happy this morning, because the wisconsin badgers eliminated xavier on a buzzer beater 63 -- excuse me 66-63 to advance to the sweet 16. a third effort was enough to tip notre dame over stephen f. austin with just two seconds remaining. the fighting irish win it in dramatic fashion.
5:04 am
76-75. and everything is bigger in texas they say, even the comeback. texas a&m coming back from 12 points down in the final minute. it would take double overtime for the aggies to pull out a win. 92-88. and ainsley, you were talking to notre dame president earlier and congratulated him on that win. >> he was extremely happy. >> then he talked about the pope. >> yes, he did. the pope wrote a book. he was talking about the pope. i was watching the passion last night. were you up watching basketball? no, you weren't. >> i missed the passion but i taped it. >> i was definitely watching basketball. that shot from wisconsin -- >> pretty incredible? >> in front of your own bench. you could tell he knew it was going in. cool stuff. >> also syracuse with the monster upset after the monster upset with middle state tennessee. a lot of drama going on this march madness. but let's talk about -- >> one march madness to another. >> to the campaign trail. the gop candidates are busy today as they prepare for big votes in utah and arizona.
5:05 am
>> our own kristin fisher live in washington, d.c. with the latest on both those races. >> good morning, guys. two big contests, the arizona primary and the utah caucuses. trump appears to be ahead in arizona. but cruz has the advantage in utah. a new poll from y2 analytics gives cruz a 24-point lead. he's at 53%, kasich at 29%, trump is at 11%. utah's republican leaders are united to stop trump but divided on how to do that. utah's former governor is supporting john kasich while mitt romney is voting for cruz. >> if we nominate donald trump hillary wins. who wants to see hillary clinton as the president? then i ask every one of you to come out tuesday and vote for me. >> but trump's favored to win in arizona. a border state where immigration is issue number one.
5:06 am
>> now i'm down to two leftovers. i have two leftovers. i have lyon ted. and i have john. okay. you have to beat your enemy, right? don't you have to? i will be the most presidential president this country has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. i cannot beat him. he was so -- oh. i refuse to wear the hat. >> now today all three gop candidates will be here in washington to speak at aipac the powerful pro-israel group. the other big news is earlier in the day trump will also be meeting with a group of very powerful republicans. nearly two dozen of them right near capitol hill in a closed-door meeting. this is a clear attempt to try to unite his party and earn the support of the republican establishment. back to you. >> right. if that's indeed possible. kristin fisher, thanks so much. there's a lot of people who don't understand, since there's so little polling done in utah and arizona, a lot of people
5:07 am
have -- think there could be an upset in arizona, because everyone's so divided, and it's very hispanic. a lot of people look at some of his remarks as anti-hispanic. >> and cruz has a strong ground game where trump is relying more on the momentum. it is the absence of polling that really makes it a mystery. >> they have had two public surveys and trump comes in the 30% range in those two surveys. and 12 or 14 points ahead of ted cruz. so we'll have to see. that was before marco rubio dropped out of the race, though. >> all right. so let's talk about where the republican party is heading. how about this. on their own, is it true? the republican party is looking to form a third party? or split out and get behind a different candidate than the one the party's nominating process has put us through since july? >> you think that's going to happen? >> governor tom coburn and rick perry are two people who are okay by conservative standards. they might be the new hallmark to trump trump. >> here's what i don't get. there's two camps forming. anybody but clinton and anybody
5:08 am
but trump right in all these different places. if you don't like trump, why wouldn't you be all-in for cruz? since there's a guy in the race right now -- >> that's what he's basically saying. >> with a ton of delegates who is very conservative. people might not like him. people have camps but if you're looking for an alternative to trump why wouldn't you be looking at cruz? >> if he is trying to say that. fiorina's supporting him. rick perry is supporting him. going out stumping for him. there are former presidential candidates that -- >> the dipt of the anti-cruz sentiment from the establishment though. >> if you go for anybody but the winner of the -- of this primary process, you are voting for hillary clinton. senator lindsey graham says yeah, you're right. listen. >> we can lose an election but i don't want us to lose our heart and soul. if we nominate donald trump and he carries the banner of the republican party, given who he is and what he said about immigrants, about muslims and young women, we will not just lose the election, we've lost the heart and soul of the conservative movement.
5:09 am
>> hmm. >> i'm stunned. because regardless, has he been a politician? has he said things eloquently? as he said things that could be considered over the line? absolutely. but all along the process the republicans have come out and voted. and they've named a guy. if you don't like the guy or woman, you're more concerned about donald trump leaving the party. you made him take a pledge. now the party is leaving donald trump because he's winning. >> you have to listen to the voters. the voters are choosing -- trump is ahead. trump is the front-runner. with all due respect, lindsey graham, i love south carolina, i'm from south carolina, but you were getting hashtags like 1%. so you know, you look at donald trump's numbers and he's ahead. he's the front-runner. >> here's my thing, lind si graham endorsed ted cruz. ted cruz is still in the race. if ted cruz were to pull off wins in arizona and utah tomorrow and pick up over 100 delegates now it's even more of a race even though there are tough states for him coming forward. all this talk about the future, or some sort of third candidate or something else, i think gets
5:10 am
ahead of the fact there's still a contest. yes, trump is the front-runner but there is clear contrast -- >> bring up the fact that ted cruz isn't acceptable to a lot of republicans, too. >> is not or is? >> is not acceptable. right. we mention the people that were candidates that are supporting ted cruz. you also have to remember you have a few candidates that are endorsing donald trump, too. you have chris christie. and you have ben carson. >> mm-hmm. >> so -- >> it is telling that only two other senators have endorsed ted cruz at this point. it's mike lee from utah, and lindsey graham who is no fan of ted cruz. he said that about trump but said other things about cruz before. it will be interesting to see whether if things in arizona and utah cut his way. there are more establishment or conservatives that go to cruz, or will they go to trump? there's still a lot left -- >> -- if trump can start winning some of these people over. some of these so-called republican establishment like he's meeting with today. and aipac, will he make this historic speech that's going to make news like he previewed it yesterday. that will be later on today --
5:11 am
>> he keeps saying we've got to unify the party. we've got to unify the party and maybe that will happen. if he's the front-runner many people are saying the rest of the country's got to get behind him. many republicans have got to get behind him. >> and pundits george will and rich lowry also are looking for the third party option. >> there's a lot of camps. >> the clintons are reviewsing. meanwhile, 11 minutes after the hour. this story. first they threatened to kill his son and now donald trump's sister is the target of a serious threat. have his opponents gone too far? >> they have, brian. >> i'm going to say yes. >> then they take out the trash and they get a free joint? this is really happening guys. we're going to tell you where that is. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
5:12 am
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and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. all right the president right now is meeting with raul castro. he's doing it in cuba this morning and it's historic. his visit to the communist country is the first by a u.s. president in nearly nine decades. our last one was 1928. so the president of the united states arrived yesterday. it rained. raul castro not there. that's controversial. today it's going to be a walk-through, seeing some vintage cars. not because they like old cars, because we don't give them new
5:16 am
ones. >> people look at it as nostalgic and romanticize it. the reality is this is an island set back decades because of the policies of the people running that island. >> they can get an american fan belt but now we're going to establish some degree of trade. but the embargo remains. the president feels as though this is going to be an important time for him. people have to remember he's the first president in years to come by. the big question is what do we get in return for establishing relations? >> stuart varney said he is doing this for what you are mentioning, his legacy. he was on another network this morning talking about why he went to cuba. take a listen. >> the time is right. obviously, our intention has always been to get a ball rolling, knowing that change wasn't going to happen overnight. although we still have significant differences around human rights, and individual liberties inside of cuba. we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to prompt more change. >> i couldn't hear him because
5:17 am
of the water fountain. >> yeah. >> and the rain. >> turn that down. >> so the time is right. why is the time right? >> because president obama is in office. in his mind, right? there's been nothing -- no political reforms. no -- nothing -- no changes to dissidents who are in jail. you want to talk about guantanamo bay? you know where the gulags are? inside communist cuba where protesters are put in jail. over 1,000, either long-term or short-term were put in jail just in february. this is still a regime that cracks down on anyone who speaks out against the regime. the economic reforms will benefit the rich, the rich and well connected within the government in cuba. so right time means president obama wanted it. >> that's it. >> you were a guard in guantanamo bay. >> absolutely. we could see -- two different worlds. i mean, a lot of people wish they could come to guantanamo bay just like the people who left on boats two days ago to still try to get to florida to flee communist cuba. >> meanwhile raul cost row did not show up to greet the president on this historic journey. maybe it was because the embargo is still in place. we're not sure. but they will meet one-on-one.
5:18 am
that did not get by donald trump, though, when he saw the optics. listen. >> he's landed in cuba. and raul castro, or fidel castro, but raul castro, who is the head of cuba, wasn't there to greet him. folks, what are we doing? what are we doing. here's how a thing like that is supposed to work. number one, he has his people call up, say who's going to be greeting the president? if they say, nobody. you don't go until somebody is there. and the head of cuba, who was there for the pope, and he was there for other dignitaries that come in, but he wasn't there for the president of the united states. i mean, we are amateur hour, folks. obama should have turned the plane around and left. and i'm not knocking castro. i mean, if they can get away with this stuff, it's great. they're making a great deal. >> and he always points out, whether it's chinese dissidents in tiananmen square, the way the
5:19 am
chinese government cracked down or vladimir putin and what he's done he always points out the strong man and doesn't fault them but faults other people for not holding the strong man to account. >> he also tweeted last night, donald trump tweeted wow, president obama just landed in cuba big deal and raul castro wasn't even there to greet him. he greeted the pope and others. no respect. >> meanwhile ted cruz wrote an editorial today you know, his dad's from cuba. got out of there and said listen do you realize you just wiped the -- all the hope out of all these dissidents who are standing up for freedom? that might be in jail today. now it looks like they're in the family of nations. and they were forced to -- >> just like sitting down without preconditions with iran on the nuclear deal. they did the same thing. you legitimize a regime in cuba when you don't get anything up front before going there, and instead you -- and then you're barely meeting with dissidents who had to protest. the ladies in white who are the wives of these men who are in jail. and they don't feel like they have a voice anymore, as
5:20 am
american corporate money as stu varney talked about, can go into cuba. our investment goes to the regime. not to free market capitalism. this is still a communist country that cracks down on dissent. >> ted cruz says this is sending a message to the dissidents, to the people in prison, that the world has forgotten about you. >> waiting for the castros to die. they're still alive. even fidel has the longest illness ever. as they turn the page, but president obama only has a few months left. >> i guarantee they have a plan for the long term. >> straight ahead. next on the rundown. how is this for payback? brand-new video of u.s. airstrikes, so did we get the target? that's next. >> we did lose a marine. two of them this weekend. and our next guest hit the streets to ask people are cops racist? and the answers he got from white people will surprise you. >> i've seen videos not necessarily in new york where just looks like cops are really out of control.
5:21 am
>> they're greedy and they're racist, and that's just in new york, it's nationwide.
5:22 am
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and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. welcome back. military news for you. dramatic new video showing u.s. rockets taking revenge on isis terrorists in iraq. you can see there the clouds of dust and debris filling the streets of mosul after the death of a u.s. marine in an isis rocket attack last week. the terrorist group took control of that city in 2014. the pentagon identifying staff sergeant louis cardin from southern california as the victim of that attack. he was just 27 years old. his unit was located at the
5:25 am
makhmur base outside of mosul when the attack took place. eight other marines were hurt. and the p.c. police invading the marine corps? all marines now being forced to undergo sensitivity training to prevent, quote, unconscious bias as women start to enter combat roles. >> unconscious bias. fantastic. all right earlier we spoke to the director and political satirist who wanted to know was the black lives matter movement growing? what do whites and minority communities think about police? what he found out might surprise you. >> he asks folks what the impression is of how different communities to the police. >> in new york. >> you listen to bernie sanders, hillary clinton, all these black and hispanic communities are under siege from the police forces. so he went to brooklyn, hipster land and asked them how are minority communities affected by the cops. this is what folks, white liberals out in brooklyn had to say about how they think black
5:26 am
people view the nypd. >> i've seen videos, not necessarily in new york where it looks like cops are out of control. >> they're greedy and they're racist, and it's not just in new york it's nationwide. >> you come in a police state and they do whatever the hell they want. >> epidemic of brutality? >> oh, yeah. >> would you think there's institutional racism in the police department? >> yes, absolutely. >> not just in new york, nationwide? >> not just in the police department -- >> the country itself. >> in the country itself. i don't personally believe in making huge blanket statements, you know what i mean? >> all right so then he actually goes to east harlem to find out if those impressions were accurate. right? >> that's right. and that guy doesn't believe in making blanket statements after making a blanket statement. >> right. >> just one blanket. just one -- >> right. but as you said, he went to harlem and asked the very same questions of members in that community and listened to what they had to say. >> at the end of the day, people put theirselves in certain situations, and it's the police job to protect, and i mean,
5:27 am
their lives are just as valuable as ours. color doesn't matter. >> the way i see it they saved my life. >> realize we all matter. >> how are you, ma'am? >> good. how you doing? >> you support the nypd? >> i pray for them -- pray for the nypd every day. >> aw. sweet. >> he's wearing a cops lives matter shirt and he said i didn't know how identify be received. he was more surprised by how he was received in east harlem. >> and in the story it was interesting. they said we want more cops patrolling the streets. so the first time isn't you're coming with me, why did you do that to that car in it is more pro-active and when a guy is missing or a family has a kid that's -- didn't come home, they'll know exactly what he looks like and who he's hanging out with. but it's a personal risk also to an officer to go into a neighborhood that's considered at risk and go on your feet. >> absolutely. he talked about that, in fact there was a real personal story i think we've got a clip of a woman who had a powerful story about her brother.
5:28 am
>> my brother was murdered over -- >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> and the cops were really, i can say, a great help. >> wow. >> she said i really can say -- what's the last word? >> i didn't catch the last word. >> a great help. i mean, they were -- across the board on this interview people should go watch the entire clip. it's ami on the street. he lays it out interview after interview. if you look at the stats of the nypd, 51% white but also 42% black and hispanic. it's a very diverse force. >> i didn't have a problem with that. you know why? because it's implicit. the government says okay, if you're hispanic -- if you're hispanic, you're going to be treating the hispanic community more fair than a white guy would at the hispanic community. or a hispanic in a black community. they don't understand. let's put a black person there. the thing is if they're trained the same way i think that you can put people wherever they are. >> think about what you would do in that situation. you're going to help anyone. if they need your help, if they're screaming out because they're in distress. you're going to save whoever's
5:29 am
life it is. >> the crazy things of the description from the white guy was, the cops are greedy. why? because they work overtime? i mean -- do they get great dental benefits? greedy? you know our political leaders feed this. seriously -- >> it's all perception, right? not reality. >> bernie sanders acts like every black person is being arrested unjustly and shot to death by a white guy. >> and our cops deserve better for what they do every single day. >> we thank our cops and the men and blue and women in blue i should say. >> especially if i'm speeding and you pull me over. >> you deserved it. >> thank you. >> 31 minutes before the top of the hour. >> up next. we all know about the problems with v.a. health care. now the v.a. is telling vets to hack their own system. in order to see a doctor on time. that's the best they can do? >> then take out the trash and get a joint? this is really happening. we'll tell you where. not to go there.
5:30 am
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♪ i was born >> she's a mama protecting her young. it is the shot of the morning. the sun's coming up now on the bald eagles' nest at the national arboretum in washington, d.c. where a second baby eagle hatched over the weekend. social media is going wild. with people trying to name the new birds. and here are some of your suggestions. >> charlene wrote this on facebook, suggesting we name them liberty and belle. >> yes, i like that one. maria says they should be proud and freedom. >> and here's one from colleen who wrote in saying they should be named, i like this one, fox, and friends. >> the bird should be named fox? i love that. >> that's cute. >> put it this way, soon they'll be gone. and it won't matter. >> what do you mean going to be gone? >> unless we tag them. someone's got to get up in that nest -- >> you mean fly out of that nest? unless someone gets up there and tags them. >> you're really worried about this. i'm sure they're tagging them. >> i'd like to keep track of
5:35 am
them. >> move to minnesota. they're all over the place. >> really? >> yeah we've got an infestation. >> you know in the '70s we were out of eagles. >> i love it. >> we overcorrected. >> you never overcorrect on bald eagles though. >> doesn't that just warm your heart? as a new mom. a mama protecting her babies. is that not such a beautiful sight? >> it is. it's so sweet. >> it's so sweet. i love watching fox news sunday and chris wallace is doing a serious interview but there's a live bird cam in the right corner the whole time so you can watch this. it's fantastic. >> no one even told chris so don't say a word. he thought he was the focus. >> all right. >> take it away heather. >> hope you had a great weekend. we start with our headlines at 35 minutes after the hour. another threat to donald trump's family. this time it is his sister. police are investigating a threatening letter sent to the home of judge mary anne trump barry after a package with white powder and a similar threat was sent to the new york home of donald trump's son eric. authorities aren't sure if the threats are connected.
5:36 am
in the meantime, trump has plans to meet with republican leaders today in washington to try to mend fences with the republican establishment. before he gives a big speech to a prominent american israeli group aipac. also expected to speak at aipac, donald trump's potential opponent, hillary clinton. according to clinton's aides she'll use today's speech as a platform to attack the republican front-runner on everything from his reputation as a showman to his business record. well apparently clinton considers a negotiator kshs she considers herself to be a negotiator like trump to be a bad thing because he may be more open to brokering a peace deal and recognizing a palestinian state. we'll be watching those carefully. and going green for a little green? a cannabis club in colorado giving free joints to people who help clean up the neighborhood. listen to this. >> the law is the law. and whether you're my friend or stranger off the street, if you're 21 years of age or older, i can give you weed. >> more than 100 people in colorado springs coming out for
5:37 am
that event. organizers want to clean up the city and the legal marijuana industry's reputation, they say. >> and we've seen a whole lot of car chases but here is something that took us by surprise. cops chasing a stolen cement truck. what's even crazier, the driver is just 11 years old. this happened in minnesota. pete where were your kids? hope it wasn't yours. and started when cops tried to pull over the driver for speeding. the kid took off hitting a trooper's car. the boy eventually stopped, ran out of the truck where he was arrested, no one was hurt. at a friend's party over the weekend i tried to convince the dad our host kevin to take out the bulldozer for a ride. >> you're an adult. i'm okay with that. the 11-year-old in the cement truck? not a good mix. >> where was that? that was in new york? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. bulldozer in the backyard. >> doing a little work. >> seemed like a fun idea at the time. >> all right. thanks a lot, heather. let's talk about the v.a. and the fact is, they have not been straightened out.
5:38 am
not everybody's got a bad experience, pete. >> nope. >> but some people, the frustration with some people is overwhelming. and what's always interesting about this story, one of the many aspects, is that in the military, you're told to take orders, follow orders, and this is the way things are done. because of that, nothing ever gets done. when the service is bad, people don't call that audible to get done maybe like they would do -- >> yeah at the v.a. i think there's a sense that it's just going to happen for you. and what happened is an e-mail went out from the v.a. to veterans. i saw it myself, other people confirm it, if you want to get good care at the v.a. here are the tricks of the trade. the tricks and tips to hack the system and get good health care. because i think they say well you just make a phone call and wait. a normal health care system if you make an appointment you can count on that appointment happening. not so much at the v.a. there's tips that this e-mail gave out. schedule your appointment first thing in the morning, right after lunch. times that may not be convenient for you -- >> or be first or be the first after lunch. >> right. may not be convenient to you but
5:39 am
would be convenient for the v.a. or use v.a. kiosks -- >> instead of waiting in line. >> choose a different v.a., which basically means, drive further away -- >> if you're not getting good help at your local v.a. >> or walk in to the emergency room. you add these all up, they might be good advice, to be pro-active, but they're indicative of a system that doesn't put the veteran at the center. tells you to inconvenience yourself and leave the v.a. as is. that's why some of us have fought to fix the v.a. >> that's what you're doing on a daily basis. the v.a. says when they recommend you to the clinic, if you want to call yourself, don't wait for the v.a. doctor to set up an appointment for you, you find out, you make the call. >> so here's the point. they're really good tips to follow, for really anyone to follow. you always make your doctor's appointments in the morning or after lunch so you don't have to wait longer. here's the question, why do they even have to do this? the v.a. hospitals should all be up to speed and pristine and give good service to all of our veterans.
5:40 am
the fact they have to send this out, that is the problem. >> that's exactly right. the piece says you will fall through the cracks so keep calling or go to another v.a. facility. inconvenience yourself if you want the care. i think every american out there on the show knows our government should be given -- >> this is why a lot of people are supporting donald trump. they like his policy here. he keeps saying i'm going to help the v.a. hospital. >> we would like to know details on how, though. >> the devil is in the details. >> we don't need bigger, shinier hospitals. we need choice for veterans. accountability for the folks that are there. >> we need our veterans to stay alive. some of them are not even getting appointments and dying -- >> sorry, i'm just passionate -- >> i went to phoenix to cover this. i'm passionate about it. >> the one you don't have to yell at is pete. >> you usually have. so far. >> it doesn't work. >> straight ahead, his friends think he's a nut case. not because he voted for alabama in 2008. because now this former democrat who preached hope and change is turning to donald trump. it's michael goodwin and he's here to explain why. >> and you know her it you love
5:41 am
her, from destiny's child. but there is a lot that you don't know about kelly rowland. her story of hard work and inspiration. she's going to join us live in just a few minutes. there she is. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. try our newest flavor, asian bbq. available for a limited time only.
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5:44 am
seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto®. from bayer. all right michael goodwin was a huge believer in hope and change back in 2008. he's a democrat who happily voted for president obama. but now his friends are starting to question his sanity, because all these years later, he's thinking about voting for donald trump. in fact, his new op-ed, was the cover of "the new york post" and here's one of their tear-outs. frankly i don't blame voters. for supporting trump. they've had it with the vanilla men who play nice and quietly lose elections. i'll be delighted to support a more conventional candidate who has trump's courage and appeal but we don't always get to pick
5:45 am
our revolutionaries. and make no mistake, donald trump is -- is leading a political revolution that is long overdue. pulitzer prize winning columnist, fox news contributor michael goodwin joins us. you do say donald trump is weird, at first you wanted to go to can did, but the more you see the more you can understand. >> the thing that attracts me most to trump are his followers. i feel like i understand what they're talking about. they say they have been abandoned by both parties and they're right. the democrats speak for the poor. the nonwhite, the illegal immigrants, as well as rioters and looters, the republicans speak for wall street, the big banks, the chamber of commerce. who really speaks for the working-class and the middle-class? neither party. and these people i think are furious. they see the government tilting to take care of all of the contributors, or all the voting blocs, but they themselves are working, they're running up college debt, they're trying to educate their children, as i say, i grew up in a small town
5:46 am
in pennsylvania. these are the people who built the middle-class culture of america. they fought in the wars, they built the factories, they teach school, they coach the little leagues, and now they have been abandoned by their own government. >> and some of the people like you, that might go to trump, are the independents, and reagan democrats. that's the hope from the donald trump camp. >> right. look, he is speaking for these people. i don't know if that was his intent originally. but when you look at the people who are supporting him, they're very much the people who feel left out. >> what about the people like george will, goldberg, rich lowry who say absolutely not we're going to get our own candidate, i don't know what i'm going to do but it's not going to be trump. >> look, everybody is certainly free to support whoever they like. but i do think that newt gingrich is right when he says, if you are opposing trump, and basically you're not for cruz, then you're helping hillary. >> and they don't want that? >> well that seems to be the choice. i mean i think elections are always about a choice. and you know, you start with a big field, you start with all
5:47 am
kinds of -- it's like spring training for every baseball team they're capable of winning. here we are in the late innings now. you have to make a choice. >> real quick, did donald trump's camp reach out after you wrote that story? >> no, i've spoken to them before. but this is my feeling that i am getting more comfortable voting for him, because of the people who are supporting him. i think those are people who deserve a fair shake from our government, and i don't think they're getting it. >> and you feel like the democrats left you. you didn't leave the democrats? >> absolutely. i'm a registered democrat but not that kind of democrat. >> all right, michael. we'll talk to you on radio in a little while. 134 minutes before the top of the hour. you know her first from destiny's child. ♪ wishing you the best you are blessed ♪ ♪ happiness ♪ >> but there's a lot you may not know about kelly rowland. like where she came from. what she overcame. her story of hard work is incredible. but first let's check in with somebody else who's musically
5:48 am
inclined, martha maccallum. >> good morning, brian. happy monday, everybody. so we're getting ready for a big evening tomorrow in utah and arizona. also the candidates will speak about what they would do for israel today. hillary is up first. trump could face a walkout at aipac but he says wait and hear what i have to say there this evening. you may change your mind. the president gets a rainy reception in cuba, as the world waits to hear whether he will stand up for the oppressed and the imprisoned there and for capitalism. bill and i see you on a busy morning at the top of the hour coming up. testing, testing... 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪ ♪ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ ♪soul radiation in the dead of night...♪ ♪love in the middle of a fire fight...♪
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♪ ♪ say my name ain't calling me baby ♪ ♪ better say my name >> it was her destiny to make it big. >> and you know her from destiny's child. but there's a lot more you do not know about kelly rowland. and she joins us right now to tell you everything you don't know. >> so great to have you here. >> hello, hello. >> first congratulations. you just had a baby. >> i had a baby 16 months ago. >> you look fantastic. how is he doing? >> he's awesome. absolutely awesome. >> and you -- i'm a southerner and you're from the south. >> yes. >> you were born in atlanta? then moved to texas. what was that like? >> awesome. raised in houston, actually. i love houston. still love houston to this day. >> raised by a single mom. >> yes. >> we love her. i do not know how she did that. bless her heart. >> you know what? she's got a lot of strength, god bless her soul, i love my mom. and she's just was an awesome woman, yeah. >> the biggest thing you learned
5:53 am
from her that you're applying now as a mother? >> let's see, once -- just so much love. so much love. i feel like she just gave me. she did leave me with allergies. thank you a lot momma. i feel myself right now reaching for my claritin a lot these days. of course, it's allergy season. so yeah she did leave me with allergies. so i love you, mom, but thank you. >> talk about you growing up. your mom working all the time, right? >> yes. >> she was a housekeeper like a maid? >> yes, yes, my mother was a nanny. very hard-working woman. >> what was that like because you were home alone a lot, right? >> no, i wasn't home alone a lot. i was with my friends and we were studying and that was around our time that we were myself and the ladies when we were younger coming up in destiny's child, and we were named a different name back then. and we were focused on studies and we were practicing. >> so what was it like to be so successful, and to give that gift back to your mom? >> she loved it. of course.
5:54 am
>> she's not a nanny anymore? >> unfortunately i lost my mo h mom -- she just gave me some beautiful tools -- >> you lost her a month after you had her son? >> yes, yes. >> she got to meet your son? >> oh, absolutely, yes. >> now you're giving an opportunity to give the gift to other young women? >> yes. >> and tell us a little bit about the new endeavor that you're involved with. >> well i'm so excited. this will be my second year in a row working with bayer the makers of claritin, and i think what i love the most about this venture this time is the fact that they've partnered up with the boys and girls clubs of america. we're really, really encouraging families to get outside. you know, you think about the statistics, pardon me, the ages of between 6 and 17 and they're only getting 30 minutes of time outside. this is insane. don't you remember like not coming inside until the street lights came on? so we really have to encourage these kids to get outside.
5:55 am
i'm super close to the boys and girls clubs of america and i'm so happy that claritin has partnered with them. such a wonderful, wonderful organization. >> i know denzel washington does, as well. >> yes, yes. >> so many people that feel the same way i do. >> can we talk about your new show f >> absolutely. i'm so excited about chasing destiny. i feel like there's a serious void in the marketplace when it comes to girl groups. you think about girl groups and there's harmony and little mix. little mix i put together when i did x factor in the uk and i wanted to do this venture with my partner who is incredibly talented, very passionate man. and chasing destiny airs actually the 5th of april. you don't want to miss it on b.e.t. >> ten episodes. helping young girls -- >> i'm putting to the a girl group, yes. >> in the -- >> you are not going to be eligible, pete. >> i'm so sorry. but if you got a girl -- >> i don't. i have three boys. >> during the commercial break
5:56 am
can you teach me how to dabt? >> i can definitely teach you how to dance. if you need to know more about your allergies and symptoms logon to claritin's facebook page. >> back in a moment. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed.
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natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people. oh, we all remember her from sweet home alabama. well reese witherspoon turning 40 and this weekend she went back to her southern roots to celebrate. ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama
6:00 am
>> witherspoon joined keith urban onstage singing the lynyrd skynyrd hit during her birthday bash in california. >> you know you're having a big party when keith urban is your musical guest. >> taylor swift, kate hudson also stopped by to celebrate. bill: , a fk *. donald trump will meet with establishment republicans. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this sit-down is before donald trump addresses cpac. trump going on the sunday shows and delivering a warning to the gop, saying there will be problems if the c


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