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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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"the kelly file at 9:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump on "hannity" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have speeches from aipac, with a special night of coverage on the fnc. that is fox news channel. judge, great to have you. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you, judge. harris: melissa, let's roll out of here right on into "happening now." where he will spoke alongside president castro. >> it is the first trip to cuba by a sitting american president in nearly 90 years. history in the making. an american president on cuban soil first time in decades. what will be the fate of american base of guantanamo bay? >> plus, europe's most wanted
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man taken alive months after the paris attacks. what can he reveal about isis' plans and a financial smack down after hulk hogan is awarded over $100 million on a sex tape. did the jury just put a price on the first amendment, it is all "happening now". >> but we begin with presidential candidate gearing up for the white house. the the fight for delegates and nominations are for real and a bigger battle could be in the works. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. it is game on for front runners in both parties. hillary clinton's campaign
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laying out a general election strategy and donald trump is setting his sites on her. heading for a clash this fall. >> political reporter for the daily boast and elizabeth harington with the washington free beacon. elizabeth, you can already see that hillary clinton is starting to target donald trump. she didn't mention him by name in the speech this morning. but so manied to target his positions. is it going to be a hillary versus trump race for her? >> i think so and i think her super pac and campaign are telegraphing they are going to start targeting trump. i don't think the democratic playbook is going to work with trump. trump is unlike a mitt romney in
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2012. democrats were successful in bringing out. os and clients and brand him as out of touch and didn't care about the typical american voter. trump is the master of branding and you will not be able to brand him in that way regardless of the true facts of his fast business failures, that does not matter. the trump name is success and i think people are attracted to that and if they are looking for an outside i to shake things up in washington, trump has the brand and democrats like hillary will not be able to brand him in another way. >> in the meantime, hillary has the pesky canditate bern sanders to deal with? >> we are seeing a protracted problem he created for are the
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clinton campaign. i remember talking to college students in iowa and them telling me they would not support hillary. they saw the contrast so stark they couldn't get their heads around supporting hillary. and so the reality hillary clinton rather than going full trump, she can't do that. instead had to focus on the protracted and slow bleed of the sanders campaign. it has taken away time and energy. and important to bear to mind the impact. >> the playbook that typically might be run and used against
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donald trump. many of his republican rivals found that out to this point? >> exactly none of the typical attacks work. and in priority usa, supporting clinton saying they are going to attack trump for offensive comments. one of the appeals is that he's politically incorrect. and the defensive comment might be with woman and they are democratic women and he would not rely on him to support him. those attacks are not new. candidate after candidate has gotten branded by trump. that stuck. and in the coming months he will throw out what sticks on hillary. and has a good opening position. branding her dishonest and
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untrustworthy. and the advantage for him going forward is looking for those attacks to brand hillary as dishonest and untrustworthy. >> she had the opportunity to go after him in front of apeck. she seemed to think that he is not trustworthy or reliable ally. why doesn't she go after donald trump with more vigor? >> they know as soon as she goes after him hard-and-fast, soon is as she rips his character and credential, the trump camp will q31pñwu back hard. it is what trump does. and in the past the folks that trump went after had a poor
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record. remember perry? he dispatched with a vocal critic handily. and trump will be willing to make comments that others will not make. he will talk about her husband. and hit below the belt if you will. and the democrats are not well equipped to respond to. and it is listening to the speech. she is approaching trump in the opposite. refers and alludes to him and not hitting him directly. his approach to her will be different. it is fascinating to watch. >> it is an unconventional to a general election of hillary clinton versus donald trump it will be unconventional as well.
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>> if it is a trump versus hillary election fight it. and that is states that will be in play. you can see trump's popular uponity with the blue collar workers and pennsylvania and michigan and ohio and all of these states are in play for republicans in general have written off in the past 2 or 3 decades. that will make it interesting and we point out with the polls, the clinton camp has a lead over trump in the hypothetical polls. but it is important to remember they are hypothetical. voters are are not looking at it. and the fact that trump is an unconventional candidate and i think that those polls will
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tighten a lot if it is a trump versus hillary fight. thank you, both. "happening now" right now. south korea condemning aggression to the north. north korea fired five ballistic missiles in the sea just days after north korea launched a missile. and gregitalcot has the latest from washington. >> confirming to fox news that north korea launched a short range missile today. this as north korea military runs through its open war games. it was shooting off the real thing. they were fired in the direction
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of japan. the range is 125 miles. this follows the claims last week from north korea, that it tested a reentry nose cone from a war head. sdwrieshgs he heard the threats from north korea to hit the u.s. mainland with a nuclear weapon. and two midrange launches last week and defense officials telling fox news however, that the second of those two missiles launched last friday shortly after liftoff broke up in the hermit kingdom. the u.s. official heading the north corridor policy for the state department said that north
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korea should refrain from provocative activity. they are meeting with counterparts to coordinate new sanctions that are slapped on pyongyang. and north korea doesn't have a monopoly. the massive war games involving the united states and south korea military fores will continue through the end of next month. they highlight a mission targeting kim and the leadership of north korea. that is something that the regime department like to which. >> and greg, live for us, thank you. a fox news alert. president obama and president castro are meeting behind closed doors in havana at this hour. they are meeting for the first time on cuban soil earlier this
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morning. you saw it live here on "happening now". they are scheduled to it speak later this hour. and we will bring that to you live as soon as it gets under way. >> a manhunt may have landed on the terrorist just in time. why our next guest said this is no time for authorities to rest easy. plus shifting gears to the hulk hogan sex tape lawsuit. he was awarded 115 million and on the verge of getting more. we'll have the verdict in the case. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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year old clarence briggs shot and killed two tollbooth workers. it happen west of the capitol of harrisburg. briggs was then killed in a shootout with the police. new details on the terrorist suspect in custody. abdeslam was planning new operations from brussels and we learned he might have had another accomplice in the attack. a 24-year-old whose dna was found in an address. they are urging the public to help track him down. they will talk to michael. you have dealt with this kind of thing a lot. prospect of terror, it happen in new york obviously. but to read the details and
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capabilities of isis in placeses like paris is frightening to a civilian like me. nsome of the things that startled the people was the size of the network. that event is over and find out everybody involved in that. and that is no, there is a bigger network out there and in addition to which, we know that so many people are traveling overseas to get to syria and iraq. french intelligence estimate is 600 people. that is just in france. and that goes to a question of resources. do they have enough people to monitor the individuals? >> if you have 600, you need 10 or 20 guys? it is it a challenge of a show 24 and ncs. and it can happen like that. we have camera systems that we
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track and it doesn't work that way. and a net of surveillance on an individual takes 11 or 12 different people. and multiply that times a thousand targets and it is a lot of work and resources and frankly france never put that kind of resourceses toward it. and theabilities offousing encrypted cell phones and communications that authorities have not been able to crack. we could wake up tomorrow and have a paris- style massacre. >> we learned that their capability, it is not a ragtag group out in the middle east and take over territory. they are expanding and they have an arm using for operations overseases. and they are sophisticated and communicating in a way hard to make surveillance and going at
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the core of europe. they received advice, don't go after targets. don't go after iconic sites. go where you can. and kill them all is the advice they are getting from the leadership. >> when americans wonder why an isis sympathizer opens fire on a christmas party that explains why. that is the mindset. >> the intelligence committee focused on that element. they are looking for random attacks. the tapt was used in the vest. >> it is a peroxide mixture and
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the challenge of that, it is unstable as you are preparing it and proven it be in isis in particular. and what we are seeing, they trained folks to be able to utilize it. and the guy in connection with abdeslam's arrest is mastered the bombing? >> that is a problem early on. and al-qaeda is separated from isis and we knew folks that went over to isis and trained those folks. whether it is it getting on a plane and doing what they call vehicle born explosive devices. this is the challenge. if you have that capable and how dew track it or stop it.
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that is part of the problem here. >> michael balboni. ominous words, thank you. >> the u.s. military identifying the marine killed by an isis rocket. how his hometown is honoring him today. apple, live on the growned with the company headquarters with all of the details. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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>> a southern california community mourning one of their own. the sergeant was killed over the weekend when isis militants launched a rocket back on a base in northern iraq. here is the details.
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>> reporter: the sergeant cotton is the first u.s. service man to be killed in iraq since last october. he died when his unit was hit by rocket fire. it happen in a coalition base in northern iraq and close to mosul. it remains under the control of isis fighters. they are assisting iraqi forces in wresting control from that city to isis. and the base is expected to serve as a staging area for an iraqi- led assault on isis positions. peter cook said "this is the second combat death since operation inherent resolve and it reminds us of the risks our
10:26 am
men and women in uniform face every day. >> he was awarded three campaign medals and three sea service deployment ribs. he was remembered and honored in his southern california home town. >> we know that liberty is not fro and it costs something and seldom do we see what it cost and today we were reminded what it costs. >> several other marines were wounded in the attack and currently are being treated, heather? >> the fire base had only become operational a few days earlier. >> reporter: yeses, it was a recent addition to the fight against isis, yeah. >> thank you very much. >> hillary clinton calling israel security nonnegotiatable
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and taking swipes at donald trump without mentioning his name. and hulk hogan awarded 115 million in a sex tape lawsuit. that is not the end of the story. we'll talk about how much money he might actually see out of this. canned cho
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>> well, hillary clinton taking
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a detour speaking at a pac convention in washington d.c. clinton saying if elected president she will take a firm stand for the defense of the israeli state. ed has more for us. >> reporter: i am in phoenix and hillary clinton head back out here to the campaign trail. you are right. she's trying to drum up among the american jews and pro israeli lobby and doing along the way slamming donald trump. she went through a long list of things she would do as president and suggested that trump's rhetoric would not be predictable and steady in supporting allies like israel. >> we with need steady hands and not a president who is neutral
10:32 am
on medicine and pro israel on tuesday and everything is negotiatable. my friends israel's security is nonnegotiatable. >> reporter: donald trump will respond and he will spoke before the pashgs conference. interestingly hillary clinton acting like she is not in the democratic primary. he's campaigning here in arizona and idaho and utah. and saturday, voters dealing with this in washington state and that's where sanders was last night and he's making it clear he is trying to beat clinton. >> we need real change in the country and i do not believe that real change is going to
10:33 am
come from a candidate like secretary clinton who receives millions of dollars from wall street. >> reporter: clinton has taken such a large lead over sanders she has the luxury of looking past him and laying out the battle lines for a general election match up about trump. >> thank you, ed. hulk hog an's lawsuit. the jury returning to consider punitive damages against gawker after awarding him an i- popping $115 million for gawker posting a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife. 115 million authorize.
10:34 am
more than he asked for. and he could get more today. what do you think will happen? >> i love when jury's got it right. this is a case of privacy versus the first amendment and gawker's defense was so week. i can't imagine where we do something in the privacy of our bedroom and suddenly finds itself on line and that's okay? never. and that's what the jorwas saying. will they reward punitive damages, you pet. >> it is it interesting to me that the jury's are finding huge advantages to privacy. erun an druce and then this. more are and more people are protective of their privacy even though they are putting it out on soeshl media. we'll see
10:35 am
punitive damages. >> will the jury decide those punitive damages. and gawker may have to release the documents? >> they have to it. and that's something most corporations have to do. they say they don't have the money for all of this. >> in terms of how the jury came to this decision. what impact the former editor. he got on the stand and made a joke about child pornography. you think that was in the minds of the jury? >> it department help gawker. gawker's defense. if you are a celebrity and you talk about your sex life, anything that ensos from there is public property and that is not the case.
10:36 am
if you are in the privacy of a home and no idea that you are recorded. the only person to say yean or nay that is up to you. >> one thing though. two other court found that the first amendment ruleses. gawker department have to take it down. and the appellet courts tend to be first amendment protective and jurors are privacy. >> and gawker saying not only are they going to appeal, but there is evidence that of not introduced that shows that hulk hogan knew it was being made. >> the best friend refused to testify and took the fifth and that evidence that hulk hogan
10:37 am
knew never came in. and this award was so high, it exceeded the bounds of what you expect and sometimes cases are put down because of that. >> you think the jorwas aware it happen. and why they put it so high? >> you have to prove the damages. and as heather alluded to earlier. it is to punish you and nothing to do with the damages hulk had to prove in court. >> and what does this mean for other faces down the road? >> it is great. it will have a chilling affect on reverge porn and sell intimate moments for money. and if there is no market to sell it, that doesn't get sold. >> and you will see more invasion of privacy lawsuits.
10:38 am
the juries award that. and you know the number they put on is ahigher one. >> will this impact or hurt the first amendment. >> people agree that the first amendment doesn't protect this. but the court first would not take it down. the first amendment is a bed rock of our constitution. and it will be a licensing act throughout all of these cases. >> apparently people can't use common sense and what should or not be free speech. >> what you do in private, okay. >> jon? >> a fox extreme weather alert nouchl the cal end uponar said it is spring and i wouldn't know it in the northeast. and snow making a messy commute. and areas in new york city
10:39 am
getting a dusting of snow. and they are live in the fox extreme weather center with more on that. >> you were not mad at me? >> no. >> you are one of the few that likes the snow. it is not out of the question to see snow in the spring time and we may see more. 10-15 below average. hence we saw the snoi snow and still snowing in parts of maine. the wind chill is down. and look at last 24 hours. we saw snow? dc and philadelphia and new jersey and connecticut and massachusetts. and still seeing it snow across main. andentious ventually it will exist the coast and we'll get a warm up. we say good by to the storm tonight.
10:40 am
and we'll see temperatures on the rise for the northeast. and then watch the next storm system. we have primaries and caucuses tomorrow. it will move in to the west and we'll be concerned about caucus voters in id ho and utah tomorrow. this could be a story. this is significant moving in the west. arizona locks good and monitoring utah and idaho and this will bring a severe threat of weather. and large hail and isolated tornados. and a lot of spring skieres loving. it >> california can still use the moisture. >> silver lining there, myself fro. >> pouring snow when i was there. no accumulation. but plows were are out. >> unexpected in new york.
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>> right now russian aviation officials are unclear how much information they can get from the black box from the crashed boeing jet. it killed all 62 people on board. the black boxes are so severely damageded. experts are unable to read the data. it exploded while trying to land. several other airplanes had trouble landing due to strong winds. exercise as medicine?
10:45 am
some doctors saying that physical activity will replace traditional medicine. that would urge doctors to try exercise. and the new reare exceptedations are part of the effort to stop the over use of pain cullers and drugs. we brought in dr. kevun campbell. and addressing disparity in care. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. this particular effort to prescribe exercise over medication. and there are certain ailments that we are talking about. >> it was amazing. if we have high blood pressure or diabetes or over weight. a little bit of exercise goes a long way. you can lower cholesteral by exercising regularly. >> and how does that contribute to your overall health.
10:46 am
and almost every system is able to improve or do better when you exercise. it is a $150 billion disease. and we can prevent a lot of chronic disease. >> yeah, and live longer. >> exactly. >> and in terms of regular physical activity, what specifically would you prescribe for people? >> you know, the cvc recommends we exercise 150 minutes a week and you get out and walk ten minutes a day, you have got it and progress and move to weight and interval training and get you off of the couch and burn calories. >> should you jump straight into it immediately or maybe slowly
10:47 am
progress in >> great point. one of the first things to do meet with your doctor and get an understanding of what your health status is. and is it safe to exercise and let your doctor choose what type of exercise to do. >> when we talk about prescription drug abuse, how big is that problem in the united states? 70 percent of all americans take at least one prescription drugs and we are a quick fix society and that speaks to the fact that exercise before pills go a long way. >> and how does that impact cost of health care to an individual or hospital or provider? >> the cost of exercise is almost nothing and free to walk
10:48 am
outside and free to choose a better diet, only 350 billion are spent when 70 percent of the americans own drugs. seniors over 65, 10-15 pills and it is hard to keep up and very expensive. >> if you have chronic disease, don't diagnose yourself. go to a doctor first and we are not saying exercise would solve it. >> that's right. it doesn't mean you will need no drugs. but you might need less. you might exercise and lose weight. ndr. kevin campbell, thank you and that doesn't sound bad to me. >> why donald trump will have prime real estate on pennsylvania avenue, no matter
10:49 am
what happens in november. and apple revealed its latest gadgets today. we are live in california with that.
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donald trump about to hold a press conference an wrapping up a meeting with dozen or so influential republicans in our nation's capitol. and he reveals the name of some of his foreign policy team. we'll talk about that. plus, hillary clinton attacking trump in her peach at apac today. trump, ted cruz and john kasich all expected to be there tonight. and what caused a retired state trooper to hold up a toll booth collector and why are three people dead? join me for "the real story" at the top of the hour. president obama meeting with cuban leader raul castro behind closed doors in havana as part of the president obama's historic trip to cuba. the two leelders expected to be on that stage live. they will speaking after the meeting at any moment. we'll keep you posted. apple headquarters and the
10:54 am
tech world buzzing today as ceo tim cook unveils some new additions to apple's family of i-phone and i-pad devices. fox business network's jolene camp is live in cupertino, california. >> reporter: that's right. new products coming out of apple headquarters here today. but the elephant in the room is the fbi and the deputy of justice. ceo tim cook immediately addressing that when he took the stage. here's what he had to say about the hearings in riverside, california, tomorrow. >> we just did not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government. but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> reporter: and that was the ceo of apple talking about the i-phone 5c being used by the shooter who helped kill 14
10:55 am
people and injure 22 in san bernardino last december. meanwhile, they were wasting no time. they continue to unveil new products. a refresh on the i-phone of sorts. it's the i-phone se. this phone cheaper. it's four inches. it is a smaller phone. and it's there to appeal to people who have not yet upgraded their joerks fine or ever purchased a apple product before. it has 12 mega pixel camera, apple pay and a longer battery life. it will be $399 and will be available march 31st. other headlines, a lighter i-fad pro will hit the market along with an apple watch that is cheaper. they've dropped it by 100s. and apple never actually how many watches they have ever sold. they have lowered the price. you do to math on that. we are looking at this river cy hearing starting tomorrow regarding san bernardino. and we just want to show you a poll right now about how the
10:56 am
american people feel about whether or not apple should unlock this phone. according to a new york times cbs poll 50% of americans believe apple should unlock it. 458% say no. >> cupertino, california, at the apple unveil. thank you. speaking of the researchers are asking people on the internet to help pick a name for a new boat. the front-runner in the contest is so simple, it may surprise you. the final 30 up next. ♪
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time for our final 30. bill murray feeling the pain of march madness. this was the actor's react after xavier lost on auto buzz beelter, 66-63. his son luke an assistant coach for xavier. a new research boat in britain on track to be crowned
11:00 am
with a literally name. boatie mcboat face is currently leading an online poll for naming the new vessel. real story starts now. we start out right now with a fox news alert. and we are awaiting president obama to give his first remarks since wrapping up meetings with cuban president raul castro in havana, cube a. hello everyone, this is "the real story." it's part of a three day visit by the president to a communist nation, the first by a sitting president in nearly 90 years. we'll bring the president to you when they come to the podium. another fox news alert for you on a busy news day. we are awaiting donald trump to give a press conference following up a busy day for him. he met with a group of influential republicans in o


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